Wings of Europe - Airbus family flight

  • Published on Dec 26, 2017
  • Group flight of the whole Airbus airliner models.
    Music: Ramin Djawadi - Mhysa (from Game of Thrones)
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Comments • 26

  • cryoman94
    cryoman94 Year ago

    When will we see the Boeing series?

  • chimai001
    chimai001 Year ago +2

    Really great company! I just love Airbus planes:)

  • Shamir Muhammad
    Shamir Muhammad Year ago +1

    Are you working on a Boeing series? I'd love to watch that from you. Your videos are well researched, easy to watch and your sense of humour is perfect dude. Love this. You're my new favourite channel and I'm getting worried that there's less and less new videos from you to watch. ADD MORE VIDEOS! haha.. Great work! please keep it up. If you have a patreon account, I'd love to support this work.

  • Super Yaw
    Super Yaw Year ago +6

    Omg the most beautiful and best family of aircrafts ever!!! All hail AIRBUS

  • rhytdm115
    rhytdm115 Year ago

    Hey where is my A340/350/380 video ?

  • Fuse_Stxr
    Fuse_Stxr Year ago

    What if they come out with an a350 neo

    • Martin
      Martin Year ago

      fusedchalice I like the way you're thinking

  • Ahmad Shumayal
    Ahmad Shumayal Year ago +8

    It's like Boeing is the villain here.

  • iRx Destiny
    iRx Destiny Year ago

    good bye a340

  • degorovi
    degorovi Year ago +2

    Happy New Year to all fellow aviation enthusiasts.

  • d4
    d4 Year ago +2

    Obviously the Boeing a380 is the best

  • Sadistic Veigar
    Sadistic Veigar Year ago +2

    I think this'd be better titled "in production airbus airplane flight" - No A300, A310 or A340

  • LordLauderdale
    LordLauderdale Year ago

    Are you reposting official airbus channel videos ;)?

  • larry robinson
    larry robinson Year ago +1

    That's bad ass!

  • drainage systems
    drainage systems Year ago

    Great video, man!

  • Frank Galeon
    Frank Galeon Year ago +4

    Watching this multiple times) Airbus is the best!

  • ScribCase Team
    ScribCase Team Year ago +5

    This song is from Game of Thrones?

  • Skyships Eng
    Skyships Eng  Year ago +21

    The last video of 2017. We'll meet again in January. Happy New Year!)

    • LukeRM
      LukeRM Year ago

      Happy New Year! Thank you for your videos, I really enjoy watching them.

    • Flyer Killer
      Flyer Killer Year ago

      Happy new year, everyone!

    • Trash4Cash
      Trash4Cash Year ago

      Awesome video)