Can You Beat Fallout 3 By Only Attacking With V.A.T.S?

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • When Fallout made the shift from a turn-based RPG to a 1st or 3rd person RPG, many feared that the ability to target specific parts of an enemy’s body to attack would be lost. That mechanic returned in Fallout 3 as a sort of companion to the more modern first-person-shooter gameplay. But what if you wanted to play Fallout 3 as if it was like one of the classic Fallout games? Can You Beat Fallout 3 By Only Attacking With VATS?
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    Can You Beat Fallout 3 By Only Attacking With VATS? (in text form)
    I was going to name myself Action Boy based on the perk, but I felt Vault Chungus better represented my goals for this playthrough, I played around with my character a bit, and started assigning special points. Using only VATS to attack means that having as many Action Points as possible is crucial, which is why Agility is at 9. Intelligence is useful for leveling up faster which can let us more easily get certain perks that improve accuracy when using VATS. Because there are no weapon restrictions, somewhat evenly distributing the remaining points is a fairly safe strategy.
    Vault life was pretty good for a while. There was a celebration in my honor, I got to end a bug, and take a test to determine whether my life is fun or filled with misery. I cheated on that test and chose Repair, Melee Weapons, and Small Guns as my skills, and it was time to escape the Vault. The first issue with VATS that I noticed is that it’s a finicky system. Sometimes when you activate it the game has a set time figuring out what target you’re trying to… well… target. It’s like Lag had a love affair with a blind otter and their child is VATS.
    I pretty much ended everyone I could within Vault 101 to both level up faster and get their supplies. The big downside to attacking with VATS is that you’re pretty much defenseless while you wait for your Action Points to regenerate. That’s not too much of a problem in one-on-one fights but when you’re working with multiple enemies it’s a good way to drain your supply of Stimpaks.
    Outside the Vault, I leveled up, but the points into Small Guns, Sneak, and Science of all things. You don’t start getting the VATS perks until you’re a few levels into the game, so the early perks are all about boosting stats. I mean, that’s what like 90% of the perks are, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. I took the long way to Megaton, discovering signs and whatnot, and things got off to a phenomenal start when my Pip-Boy was broken. The 10mm Pistol is my best weapon and it’s equipped, so it’s not a huge deal. I tricked Moira into buying most of my trash. I tried to sell her my copy of Raid: Shadow Legends, but even she’s not stupid enough to buy that. I couldn’t even pay her to take it. I did get myself some useful supplies though, somehow hacked into Moriarty’s terminal while he was using it, was as respectful as I could possibly be to Gob, and left to explore the Capital Wasteland.
    My first stop was Super Duper Mart because why not. I ended a few creatures on the way there, bugs and dogs. This Wastelander presented himself before me with a gift he didn’t know was for me. Two Hunting Rifles.
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