The Kid Gloves Come Off | The Daily Show

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • The Daily Show highlights young people taking an outsized role in politics, including teen activists from Parkland and kids who challenged Dianne Feinstein on climate change.
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  • kervin Dinard
    kervin Dinard 18 hours ago


  • Anthony Kennedy
    Anthony Kennedy 2 days ago +1

    I'm in love with Trevor noah

  • g. kiss
    g. kiss 3 days ago +1

    Until these kids some of them, who are the families of political Senate employees, mixed with the kids who went to the school's that had gun shooters , But what about the children that were killed by the system of justice that says they are here to protect and serve. Our police officers have killed more children of color than the student gun killers the "domestic terrorist" looks like to me this small group of kids is only doing a generational update of being in control of guaranteeing the next generation of kids of the NRA a a "no worries future" I would have believed that these kids were legit, but until everyone is included in the causes to be rid of gun violence ..... to late to send your kids to pull the wool over Americans eyes now we get the real message ..... NO ONE IS SAFE 😤

  • Chi Chang
    Chi Chang 4 days ago

    So ashamed that they're California's senators 🙄

  • Marjorie Johnson
    Marjorie Johnson 5 days ago

    Trevor asked the students about going back after ....there is no going back to how it was...their childhood was stolen..gone forever.

  • Noel Bockholt
    Noel Bockholt 6 days ago

    feinstein is an ass !

  • crazeechickee11
    crazeechickee11 6 days ago

    Honestly, I can't wait for the day that people stop asking kids who get involved in politics if they 'really think they can change things' and tell them that 'there are thing that are outside of their control.' These kids ABSOLUTELY know that politics are in their power and that they can and WILL make things change, it's time to stop acting like they don't know what they're doing when the consequences of a fascist government are directly affecting their lives!

  • Rufus Black
    Rufus Black 8 days ago

    racist alert... nobody cared as long as it was young black kids... cindy dies and now...NOW they want my guns...gtfoh

  • Asmi
    Asmi 12 days ago

    7:00 dont insult children please

  • Asmi
    Asmi 12 days ago

    youre making me cry

  • naven205
    naven205 12 days ago

    8:45 another example of how age doesn’t always make you the wisest

  • Freddy Richter
    Freddy Richter 13 days ago

    Ethan Sonneborn? That is not a very common name. Is he anyhow related to Martin Sonneborn? ( german politician as member of Die Partei, satirical comedian, currently part of the European Parliament)
    Because a 14-year-old running for gouverneur does certainly sound like something Martin Sonnneborn would arrange...

  • EloquentTroll
    EloquentTroll 13 days ago

    As a queer Millennial I love the next generation, they're louder, more leftist, and gayer than ever before. We need to nurture and protect these future firebrands! I'm still betting we're going to die in the hellfire of boomer's greed and incompetence.

  • Andethidial bubabibub
    Andethidial bubabibub 16 days ago

    10yr Olds who repeat what their parents told them and upload this stuttering shit is not a political view..

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 17 days ago

    But I hope that kid win the governorship

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 17 days ago


  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 17 days ago


  • MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)

    Even universal background checks can't get through to our corrupt officials. They're far too busy taking bribes to care about other people being shot.

    • MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)
      MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) 13 days ago

      We have only one major political party in this country, the Bribe Party. the rest is just window dressing. They all take bribes from the highest bidders; the rest of us can all go to hell, as far as they're concerned.

    • Anon54387
      Anon54387 14 days ago

      Dems are too busy catering to criminals to keep the violent, even the repeatedly violent, among us in prison

  • Skull Skills
    Skull Skills 18 days ago

    3:02 those two are my role models

  • terrestrial bioluminescent

    old people who destroyed the planet shouldn't be outliving the children who fall victim to school shooters, tho in a way it sounds strangely karmic

  • Kid Gio
    Kid Gio 20 days ago

    I love that peak resistance so much 😂😂😂😂

  • 綠色大師
    綠色大師 22 days ago

    the kid is wrong !!! Everything is gonna be ice ! The solar minimum will affect a lot our planet

  • Kk Why tea
    Kk Why tea 22 days ago

    Gen X? Isnt it gen Z?

  • lovewhofear
    lovewhofear 22 days ago

    Why cant old people fix our problems? Cuz you can't solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

  • I Make No Sense
    I Make No Sense 23 days ago

    Communism kid has all the right ideas except the communism one.

  • MartialDuartist
    MartialDuartist 25 days ago

    Fuck those kids

  • francois williams
    francois williams 26 days ago

    USA is a hopeless case...just give kids more guns yawn...

    • francois williams
      francois williams 14 days ago

      @Anon54387 When??

    • Anon54387
      Anon54387 14 days ago

      When school kids did have guns, and legally so, we didn't have these problems.

  • NoxTheZombie
    NoxTheZombie 27 days ago

    Youth lets get that age limit removed for running for office.

  • Patricia Arroyo Estevez

    Old people actually don’t give a damn because their gonna be dead by the time shit gets really serious

  • Rigo Jr
    Rigo Jr 28 days ago

    Cortez was 28 when she became a Congress women young people are running and winning

  • Megan Larson
    Megan Larson 28 days ago

    8 minutes in and it’s crazy

  • Hashmi
    Hashmi 28 days ago

    when bunch of kids are mature than the babies running the congress...

  • Tricia Jackson
    Tricia Jackson 28 days ago

    Still a valid code, screenshot and register!

  • Нера Босански analizator bosanac

    Green new deal is amazing policy.

  • Нера Босански analizator bosanac

    Emma is amazing. Her speeches makes me cry and I don't even live in USA.

  • Elizabeth Spain
    Elizabeth Spain Month ago

    Not going to lie, my mom went through a phase about vaccines, but that was because my doctor was lying to us about the vaccines and protocols when it comes to vaccines. She said that I was behind on 6 required vaccines, that I did not get. After I changed doctors, that doctor said I was all caught up with my vaccines and that the other doctor was incorrect. The reason that other doctor was pushing vaccines that I didn’t need on me was kinda insane. I, myself, don’t like vaccines because I always get sick one way or the other after I get them, but I only get the ones I really need because it’s important.

  • Maria pereira
    Maria pereira Month ago +3

    0:15 Gen Z*

  • Zelda Pere
    Zelda Pere Month ago +5

    At 0:15 sorry man we're Gen Z, not Gen X
    Gen X were before the millennials

    • jb jones
      jb jones Month ago

      Zelda Pere oh good catch

  • Griselda Pereira
    Griselda Pereira Month ago +5

    I respect the show for showing how kids protested against guns which is great, and expressing it's gratitude, but it's actually Gen Z not Gen X
    Gen X were people born from 1961-1981
    Gen Z is 1995- 2019

    • Cupcake Love
      Cupcake Love Month ago +1

      1 1Zel1 1 it really isn't about credit tho, I'm just proud these kids took a step to make change

    • 1 1Zel1 1
      1 1Zel1 1 Month ago

      Griselda Pereira thank you honestly I find it offensive coz gen z deserves the credit for their doing

  • Royal R
    Royal R Month ago +2

    I remember that day. My school did punish those who walked out because it was a threat to their safety.
    You know, because some who knew about it could come by the school, AND SHOOT THEM

  • Tyler Speegle
    Tyler Speegle Month ago

    The country is for the people by the people. Kids are people too. Nuff said

  • Sepiso LaTanya-Marie Ililonga

    So basically we haven't even fucked y'all up yet. Finally a reason to be happy that y'all young bastards called me "grandma"! Something for my 47 year OLD ass to look forward to...

  • Mia P.
    Mia P. Month ago

    As a teenager who's lost most faith in humanity this is wonderful to see and it helps me regain a little hope. I just want to be happy and theres a lot of things making it hard for that to happen.

  • Andres Oñate
    Andres Oñate Month ago

    i find funny that people say you are too young to protest, or to be involve in politics when most of the biggest more succesfull politicians, liders, and conquerors in history started their political ambitions and trayectories from their 16 to their 20, or even younger in some cases. Alexander the Great rule on Macedonia been 16, and just a couple years later his father died and he not only became ruler, he created one of the first, and biggest empires in human history, same with napoleon on his 20s, same with Julio Cesar, etc. but hey, they where to young to get into politics and protest. What Happends is that adults fear young people beacause even tho they are more easy to manipulate in some cases, they are much more open minded and can be far more efecte when they get together, and the Us its is an example, or they think most of the colonial revolutionaries rebels where people in their 30s and 40s? in a time when you could bareley live to your 50s or 60s. Come on...

  • PopKitKat Games
    PopKitKat Games Month ago +1

    Wrong generation, my parents are from generation X (1960-80s) Fact check!!

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    Thats the future tucker carlson and Michael Moore right there

  • LadyWinter13
    LadyWinter13 Month ago

    "How are you the most childish person in a group of actual children?"
    Hoo, boy, you should meet my parents. I lost my childhood because someone had to act and think like an adult, and they certainly couldn't.

  • Angel Langdon
    Angel Langdon Month ago


  • Jose Lozada
    Jose Lozada Month ago

    Every one was a child once.. that's when ignorant adult forget.. life as a human is about surviving the earth....

  • Jose Lozada
    Jose Lozada Month ago

    Your the bomb Trevor so funny

  • Judith Morales
    Judith Morales Month ago

    How come the parents/guardians of the shooter never take any of the blame ?

  • Martel Lara
    Martel Lara Month ago

    Gun laws only take guns away from law abiding citizens

  • aSmallDot
    aSmallDot Month ago +6

    69 different gun control measures passed?
    *Smacks lips* nice

  • Crash Loaded
    Crash Loaded Month ago


  • Nicholas Machen
    Nicholas Machen Month ago

    Why has America not change yet. El Paso, Garlic, and Dayton shootings are not enough I guess, what politics are basically saying. We need to have an actual leader who listens to the people and isn't a America only person. America is not the whole world.

  • Vang Yang
    Vang Yang Month ago

    I am against mass murders whether they are people of color, innocent people especially kids. But I rather have my AR in my home to protect my family. What would you do to protect if your guns are taken away and the bad guys broke into your house with gun and you got nothing? Bad people will find ways to get guns to do bad things. We need better way of screening people who commit mass killings. We need their friends, brothers or sisters, or Facebook friends to help the police stop the person before he go out to kill innocent people.

  • Jonathan studios
    Jonathan studios Month ago

    If your 18 you can run for president

  • Jonathan studios
    Jonathan studios Month ago

    The reason trump canr ban trevor is that it whoud start a civil war
    And I whoud be stuck with the enemy

  • Jonathan studios
    Jonathan studios Month ago


  • Olivia Cold
    Olivia Cold Month ago

    2:54 I'm I the only one who thought of David Dobrik when he said 420