Meat Loaf 3 Bats Live

  • Published on Aug 28, 2016
  • Artist: Meat Loaf
    Album: 3 Bats Live
    1 All Revved Up With No Playe To Go
    2 Paradise By The Dashboard
    3 Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
    4 Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)
    5 Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)
    6 I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
    7 Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are
    8 Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through
    9 The Monster Is Loose
    10 Bad For Good
    11 If It Ain't Broke Break It
    12 Blind As A Bat
    13 Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
    14 Bat Out Of Hell
    15 Black Betty
    16 It's All Coming Back To Me Now
    17 Mercury Blues
    18 Gimme Shelter.
    Run Time: 145 minutes
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Comments • 330

  • Simon Harris
    Simon Harris 5 days ago

    1:35:49 I forgot those classic lyrics of "anana thee nana thee no more, anana thee nana thee blah blah" then goes full south park for a second as his tongue gets bigger

  • Don Drummond
    Don Drummond 6 days ago

    Still Great!

  • Danny Walls
    Danny Walls 9 days ago

    Aspen MIller could only carry this rubbish so far.

  • Bruce Radford sorry wrong house


  • jovial dunbird
    jovial dunbird 13 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the pianist love the sounds that piano makes..

  • randy kline
    randy kline 20 days ago +1

    Just think meat loaf was 59 when he did this concert. Heck thats dam good. Now today in 2019 he’s 72.. dam good performer and one of many of my favorite artists.

  • Bence Illes
    Bence Illes 22 days ago +1

    The video lenght is about 144 minutes, number of songs: 18. Now devide 144 with 18. 8 minutes per song. That's why I like him.

  • Bob Gomez
    Bob Gomez 27 days ago

    I am pretty sure Aspen Miller's pussy smells like a rose and tastes like raspberry...

  • Roman Sláma
    Roman Sláma Month ago +1

    Meat Loaf super 👌🎤

  • BossRobins
    BossRobins Month ago +1

    You absolute legend!!!! Wanted to see this again for ages! lost the DVD :/

  • Julio Ramos
    Julio Ramos Month ago +1

    Un grandioso MAESTRO. Una auténtica leyenda. Gracias por compartir

  • Jim Layey
    Jim Layey 2 months ago +1

    his band is very good

  • Pinto Bean
    Pinto Bean 2 months ago

    One horrible wig

  • EconMan
    EconMan 2 months ago +2

    Trolls say the same thing about another music hero, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. We age people and this means we lose a little bit along the way, but their "old" performing is better than most "new" IMO.

  • thisistheworldtoday
    thisistheworldtoday 2 months ago +1

    Meatloaf on stage...the song the musicians the background singers the emotion of his singing...all make for a performance unparalleled on stage

    GLENN BAILEY 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for that.......brings back a lot of memories!!!!!

  • Reneko Rodriguez
    Reneko Rodriguez 3 months ago +1

    Faltó, Alive and the land of the pig, the bucher is king

  • Clinton G
    Clinton G 3 months ago +1

    What's the Females singers name? She is Brilliant

  • ccrc2822
    ccrc2822 3 months ago +1

    The two beautiful girls singing are Aspen Miller (brunette) and CC Coletti (blondie). The other brunette girl in duet at 2h:08m is Marion Raven. Coletti is a long Meat Loaf stage partner, Miller replaced Patti Russo. I always miss the stronger voice of Patti Russo at girl role.

  • Szabo Miklos
    Szabo Miklos 4 months ago +3

    Mr. Loaf, you are going to live forever! ... and that's a fact !!!!!!!

  • Cliff Teki
    Cliff Teki 5 months ago +1

    Loved the band.... but hes a few beats behind

  • Roberto Sánchez Segura

    (have not seen them, do not want to) but big balls when are tard and bigger ones now.

  • immortal mp1
    immortal mp1 5 months ago

    He dont have the energy he did when i saw him in 93

    • randy kline
      randy kline 20 days ago

      Geez we all age,heck he’s 72 in 2019 heck i just hope I am still alive when I am 72. And this concert was in march 2007 when he was 59...

    • Jesús Villarreal
      Jesús Villarreal Month ago

      immortal mp1 C’mon! would you have it after 40+ years?

  • Scotty M
    Scotty M 5 months ago +1

    The Loaf gives you your money's worth! Great band, setlist and the tasty Aspen Miller. What a trophy she is.

  • Big Dave Kilbride
    Big Dave Kilbride 6 months ago +3


  • Carlo Harryman
    Carlo Harryman 6 months ago

    I'm thinking Riff Raff is a Meatloaf fan...

  • Murf Kuhls
    Murf Kuhls 6 months ago +3

    One of thee, if not, the greatest artist's ever! What amazing passion, stage presence, and talent!!

  • Joe Billielo
    Joe Billielo 7 months ago

    You have to know your limitations, that's all I have to say...........sorry.

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones 7 months ago +5


  • Charles Kline
    Charles Kline 7 months ago +2

    They are good singers and great singers if I had to pick 10 great singers . Here they are
    1. Elvis Presley
    2 Janice Joplin
    3 Steven Taylor
    4 Meat Loaf
    5 Freddy Mercury
    6 Brian Johnson
    7 AXL Rose
    8 Stevie Perry
    9 Bee Gees
    10 Myles Kennedy
    That would be my pick . I didn't pick the Beatles because I only ever liked one john .

  • Charles Kline
    Charles Kline 7 months ago +2

    The dark hair girl is hot looking.

  • Charles Kline
    Charles Kline 7 months ago +1

    Music started to suck from the 90's on there is not a singer I would pay to watch in to days music .who is the girl

  • S. D.
    S. D. 7 months ago +7

    Fantastic performance.Unic!Great!Awesome!

  • Gerhard Jason Geick
    Gerhard Jason Geick 7 months ago +3

    I don't think that there are any videos on TVclip that I've watched as much as this one. I could watch it daily and never grow bored.

  • J B
    J B 7 months ago +2

    WOW., JUST WOW..

  • Ecossistemas , Arqª. Paisagística e Jardinagem

    the myth, the legend!

  • TheCrashdawg
    TheCrashdawg 8 months ago

    Don't see a belly that nice anymore

  • Seremi Educación Maule
    Seremi Educación Maule 9 months ago +1

    Of course he hasn't got the voice he once had... but the whole show is an experience. Long live Mea and JSteinmann and the great music they made.

  • T Lee
    T Lee 9 months ago +1

    Three Fats Live

  • Travis Harpster
    Travis Harpster 9 months ago +1

    I love Meat Loaf and I think he sounds great here. But I imagine being his piano player would be stressful just trying to keep in time with him during the slowed down parts of some songs where it’s just piano and vocals because his timing seems very unpredictable

  • Eggnogonthebog Productions
    Eggnogonthebog Productions 10 months ago +3

    Best version ever...

  • OZZY714
    OZZY714 10 months ago +1

    OOOHHHHhh EDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry Bridges
    Terry Bridges 10 months ago +3


  • El Pepino Digital
    El Pepino Digital 10 months ago

    Michael magistral como siempre, las chicas estupendas y cantando como Dios. Y el resto de la banda.... que decir del resto de la banda: pues que tocan DE PUTA MADRE!!!!!

  • Douglas Fox
    Douglas Fox 10 months ago +3 wonder he's having Heart issues..them Babes are Hot....I still Love Meatloaf..He's a Powerhouse Operatic Singer...Back in the Day nobody could Duicate his Voice

  • John hennessy
    John hennessy 10 months ago +1

    Brilliant, legendary, real music preformed with heart and soul, people will be listening to this forever

  • Solly vs. The Mole-Men
    Solly vs. The Mole-Men 10 months ago +2

    hes 66 years old and still hitting those notes?! gotta respect that. thats why hes wriitten so many songs for everyone in the business, hes a legend. Ask anyone whose a real vocalist. They will tell you, that fat bastard can fucking SING! Classic opera.

  • Nicolas Garcia Gonzalez
    Nicolas Garcia Gonzalez 10 months ago

    I don't understand all those shit comments 'bout his voice , he is old .... what a fuckin' idiots. MEAT LOAF is after all these crazy years , one of the best rock'n'roll performers all the time . His passion on stage is out of discussion , his voice is hot, intense ... his concerts always more 2 hours already , night after night , year after year ... and YES , he is old ... like you , and me and all the rest . MEAT LOAF IS NOT MADE FOR VEGANERS , and I want on my rock'n'roll menu carte always another piece of MEAT.

  • Mojo
    Mojo 11 months ago

    he lost it now

  • Peter Withers
    Peter Withers 11 months ago +2

    There will only be one Meatloaf hes unique.powerful performer.IRIPLACABLE !!!

  • widyolive
    widyolive 11 months ago +24

    Why today's music isn't
    even comparable to this

    • Bence Illes
      Bence Illes 22 days ago

      He was refering to the "Mainstream" music.

    • T F
      T F 2 months ago

      @Ben Thomson you are right

    • Ben Thomson
      Ben Thomson 5 months ago +1

      widyolive you just listen to the wrong music today lol

  • lance hansen
    lance hansen 11 months ago +4

    I was once mistaken for Meat....I was so proud....

  • alexandre dubois
    alexandre dubois 11 months ago +2

    Great stuff ! Please anyone knows the song title at 1:12:30 ? Thanky

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man 11 months ago +1

    FANTASTIC CONCERT!!! Thanks so much for putting it up!! Not to mention his 2 ladies...

  • Pontiac GTO
    Pontiac GTO 11 months ago +1

    When was this concert recorded what Year great great show

    • kelly hussey
      kelly hussey Month ago

      Most of it is in london Ontario. March 18th 2007

  • Tom Arico
    Tom Arico 11 months ago

    What story is he talking about at 48:22 ?

  • markeemark85
    markeemark85 11 months ago

    Damn even the Dallas cowboy girl sounds like shit

  • Ramone Salvatore
    Ramone Salvatore 11 months ago +1

    Wow. A play, a performance..and just great Meatloaf. Wow. more than you get with any other bands...and even at his age today. Wow!..sad that we won't see this anymore with Corporate produced crap! Oh, i left out that Meatloaf rocks at any age. Thank you sir!

  • Tom Z
    Tom Z 11 months ago +1

    sehr intensive theatrale Performance gebettet in extrem energiereiche Rockmusik, grandiose Rockoper, irgendwas erinnert mich hier ständig an die Schöne und das Biest....

  • mark underwood
    mark underwood Year ago +1

    what a great performance