Top 10 Best Movies of 2017

  • Published on Dec 16, 2017
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    Top 10 Best Movies of 2017
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    2017 had some epic movies, with everything from great superheroes, genre defining horror, brilliant war movies and even a new Star Wars! But which was the best? WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Movies of the Year! But what will take the top spot? Get Out, Dunkirk, or Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Watch to find out!
    #10. “Blade Runner 2049” (2017)
    #9. “Thor Ragnarok” (2017)
    #8. “Wonder Woman” (2017)
    #7. “Baby Driver” (2017)
    #6. “It” (2017)
    #5. “Logan” (2017)
    #4. “The Big Sick” (2017)
    #3, #2, #1 ?
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Comments • 8 814

  • Brandon Santos
    Brandon Santos Day ago

    Where's Kingsmen The Golden Circle.

  • the review guy wood

    10. It
    9. Wonder woman
    8. Star wars VIII
    7. Baby driver
    6. Thor ragnarok
    5. Blade runner 2049
    4. Spider man homecoming
    3. Get out
    2. John wick chapter 2
    1. Logan

  • LLauren
    LLauren 3 days ago

    What the hell is 'IT' doing in this Top 10? One of the worst movies I have ever seen

  • Wafflez Senpai
    Wafflez Senpai 4 days ago


  • Joseph Hick
    Joseph Hick 5 days ago

    War for the planet of the apes is more than an honorable mention

  • az7500
    az7500 6 days ago

    The list of worst films ... comic book movies lack originality...

  • King Kusuo
    King Kusuo 6 days ago +1

    1.Thor Rangnarok

  • Hayden BATE
    Hayden BATE 7 days ago

    The last Jedi is the best in my opinion half of you will dislike as fast as thanos snaping his fingers wow did I predict infinity war, just to go that step further I predict that part two would be endgame. We will see

  • MaChInE__
    MaChInE__ 8 days ago +1

    John will be veryyyyyy pissed off 😐😐😯

  • 1253 1642
    1253 1642 11 days ago

    Only i think that those movies sucks?

  • Aratso
    Aratso 13 days ago

    Lol where is Florida project, wind river, and three billboards? And why the fxxx is the last jedi on this list?

  • Daan Kohlen
    Daan Kohlen 14 days ago

    How is star wars the last jedi in here

  • su su pe
    su su pe 19 days ago

    Top 30 phim tâm lý tội phạm hay nhất mọi thời đại

  • Jeremy Stubbs
    Jeremy Stubbs 20 days ago +1

    2017 was a strong year in film. 2018 was depressingly weak.

  • Imon Ultra
    Imon Ultra 21 day ago

    Where is the greatest show man

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 22 days ago

    Thor: YES!!!

  • XXX- -
    XXX- - 23 days ago

    I just saw the deadpool movie it's insane btw I recommend you to watch it

  • iron spider
    iron spider 24 days ago

    What is star wars doing here???

  • Bulby Gump
    Bulby Gump 25 days ago +2

    We all know going in style was the best movie

  • Maya
    Maya 27 days ago

    0:50 starts

  • 김민진
    김민진 Month ago

    Last jedi is third? You've gotta be kidding me? Where is coco?

  • Steve Cohoon
    Steve Cohoon Month ago

    If u think get out is the best movie of 2017 then u should get out of youtube bcuz its spiderman homecoming

  • Official Kirigaya
    Official Kirigaya Month ago

    I'm expecting Logn in number 1

  • Arden Ruby
    Arden Ruby Month ago

    I LOVED Wonder Woman!!

  • DT G4M3R
    DT G4M3R Month ago


  • Brandon Santos
    Brandon Santos Month ago

    Ok watchmojo we need to talk here. Why are you keep making a list and skipping other movies people loved? I just don’t get it. Also you always thinking that a movie is hated but your always wrong. Btw I need to ask you a question? WHY THE HECK IS ALIEN COVENANT NOT ON THIS LIST!?!?!?!?

  • Shreyas Khanvilkar
    Shreyas Khanvilkar Month ago

    Thor Ragnarok is better than wonder woman.

  • thatguyTdog
    thatguyTdog Month ago

    The last Jedi was absolutely garbage

  • Tyflow
    Tyflow Month ago +2

    The Last Jedi #3? Over Baby Driver and Blade Runner?

  • Emerald Spire
    Emerald Spire Month ago

    Three Billboards, which won two Oscars, never gets mentioned and Ragnarok does? Get out of here!

  • István Sipos
    István Sipos Month ago

    Gal Gadot, a byoootuful woman. and possibly played this role well (I've seen only some scenes). But c'mon, Hollywood! make her train before giving her the role of a badass warrior godess hero. Or pick some1 else. Professional female athletes f.e. in handball, football look way better and more warrior-like with some nice shoulders and arms and they "only" jump and throw and sprint, without any wonder and without actually fighting for their lives. this here was a cinderella in combat sex gear

  • Ayub A
    Ayub A Month ago

    Black panther???

  • Rahul Reghu
    Rahul Reghu Month ago

    John wick 2

  • Fanatic Mitchell
    Fanatic Mitchell Month ago +1

    Logan is the best movie of 2017 to me, but I also think the My Little Pony movie from 2017 should have been an honorable mention at least, cuz it was actually pretty good.

  • I’mADiscrace2MyFamily

    Why tf is the last Jedi on there

  • Semih Erozan
    Semih Erozan Month ago


  • Rob Chillem
    Rob Chillem Month ago

    Terrible list....Don’t bother.

  • unoriginal_
    unoriginal_ Month ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have no movie to watch..
    Please give me recommendations..!
    Ik that didn’t rhyme lol

  • DreDeny
    DreDeny Month ago

    A Ghost Story was my favorite.

  • Sean Cob
    Sean Cob Month ago

    It, Happy Death Day, Baby Driver, Logan, Jumanji:Welcome to the jungle, Thor:Ragnarok and Spiderman:Homecoming are the best films of 2017 for me.

  • Milani 2006
    Milani 2006 Month ago

    I think Cult of Chucky should've been on this.

  • megan kelley
    megan kelley Month ago

    john wick 2 should be at least #2

  • DN Gamer
    DN Gamer Month ago +1

    "Number 1 is Get Out"
    Him : "sorry man its not no 1"

  • Zach Gorski
    Zach Gorski Month ago

    I agree baby driver

  • Janno JJ
    Janno JJ Month ago

    Where tf is Guardians Of The Galaxy vol.2

  • tisha shakira
    tisha shakira Month ago

    East or West "it" has always been the best !!!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Montana Kienzlen
    Montana Kienzlen Month ago

    How did the Shape of Water, oscar's best picture of the year, not even make it on the list??!!!!!!

  • Kumar Sanju
    Kumar Sanju Month ago

    Jhakhas movie of the year is Thor regnarok

  • Partha Pratim
    Partha Pratim Month ago

    Blade runner 2049 and It is best.

  • Mei Zobel
    Mei Zobel 2 months ago

    where is john wick where is fate in the furious? stupid these movies is for kids men!!

  • ninja eeL
    ninja eeL 2 months ago

    Why is Star wars episode 8 number 3?

  • Parzival
    Parzival 2 months ago +7

    *Let me rearrange these*
    8. The Big Sick
    7. Get Out
    6. Thor: Ragnarok
    5. It
    4. Baby Driver
    3. Dunkirk
    2. Blade Runner 2049
    1. Logan
    *Shouldn’t be on the list:*
    Wonder Woman
    The Last Jedi
    *Movies I haven’t seen:*
    The Big Sick
    Get Out

    • Tyflow
      Tyflow Month ago

      Parzival Get Out was good

    • Jack Rox
      Jack Rox Month ago

      MultiSuperguy101 says a knowitall who doesn’t realise how many awards it got nominated for and it’s rotten tomatoes score

    • MultiSuperguy101
      MultiSuperguy101 Month ago

      Jack Rox Says the butthurt last Jedi fan. Obviously upset because I disagree with him. Pathetic. Lol

    • Jack Rox
      Jack Rox Month ago

      MultiSuperguy101 no fake fans are the ones who hate The Last Jedi. It wasn’t anyone’s favourite movie but if anyone needs to get over it it’s you

    • MultiSuperguy101
      MultiSuperguy101 Month ago

      Jack Rox Definitely not true. Fake Star Wars fans are the ones who love the prequels and sequels. True fans love the originals. Last Jedi was mediocre get over it.

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 2 months ago

    Darkest Hour

  • Connor Avery
    Connor Avery 2 months ago +1

    #1 should have been dowk long haul

  • Vikash Bhlavi
    Vikash Bhlavi 2 months ago


  • Imelda Martinez
    Imelda Martinez 2 months ago +1

    Hey about the lego ninjago movie as #1

  • Natasa Hopkins
    Natasa Hopkins 2 months ago

    And Dunkirk and the last jedi suckd

  • Natasa Hopkins
    Natasa Hopkins 2 months ago

    Three bilbords, call me by your name the post the darkest hour

  • Jordan Venning
    Jordan Venning 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who didn't like the big sick

  • Zeus Kiddo
    Zeus Kiddo 2 months ago

  • Abhishek Sen
    Abhishek Sen 2 months ago

    you didn't include TBOEM....which is definitely the no.1 film of 2017

  • Killer4life Berry
    Killer4life Berry 2 months ago

    Spider-Man homecoming should at least be on top 3 with either Thor, Wonder Woman, baby driver, or blade runner. And it’s not even on the fucking list. NOT EVEN IN THE HONORABLE MENTIONS. If spider man can’t be on the list then switch any of the movies I listed with get out

  • Iron Maiden is good
    Iron Maiden is good 2 months ago

    The honorable mentions are better than 80% of the movies on the list

  • J B
    J B 2 months ago

    So what you're saying is 2017 sucked for movies.

  • Josh Phu De Haas
    Josh Phu De Haas 2 months ago

    Where is john wick chapter 2?

  • The Minecraft Gamer
    The Minecraft Gamer 2 months ago +1

    My favourite movie of all time is

    Happy Death Day

  • Ruffels
    Ruffels 2 months ago

    *why did wonder woman beat Ragnorok the fuc*

  • Reavx
    Reavx 2 months ago

    Best? Dunkirk and Star wars the last jedi has no business on this list, absolutely no business. Both were huge letdowns, The inaccuracies of dunkirk are staggering, i mean come on, no airforce EVER has ever only flown one fighter into action, Dunkirk were pummeled for hours by the luftwaffe, and we only ever see 1 bomber, and a few me 109s inaccurate as all hell. As for Star wars ? since the original trilogy, we saw the "clone war era" come and that was hugely discredited at the time, but i'd say it actually beats the new ones with the exception of rogue one, which is decent. But last jedi and force awakens should be removed and taken out of canon, they are terrible.

  • Mylez Mayhem: Remastered

    Baby. Driver. Should. Be. Number. 1.

  • Heena Ninama
    Heena Ninama 2 months ago

    Where is bahubali 2

  • Alexandre Silva
    Alexandre Silva 2 months ago

    why is thor in this list???

  • kynsai uzumaki
    kynsai uzumaki 2 months ago +23

    What about The Greatest Showman

    • Man of culture
      Man of culture Month ago

      Not top 10 but still pretty good movie

    • sweatysis
      sweatysis Month ago

      tbh, it’s okay. when i first heard about the movie, everyone was on about zac and zendaya - the film wasn’t even focused on them. the viewers just made it seem as the movie was mainily about them - i was disappointed. the soundtrack is beautiful (especially never enough) though.

    • Marta Fanai Official
      Marta Fanai Official Month ago

      +dvferyance apparantly not you... Because you wont get a show about your life... Yes i know. The freaking circus . And yet they turned it into a movie. And bam, fooking successful. I know for a fact, after 10000 years they wont make a show about dvferyance.. even i cant even type your username correct. So ciao..

    • dvferyance
      dvferyance Month ago

      +Marta Fanai Official Do you even understand who PT Barnum the man the so called movie portrays was?

    • Marta Fanai Official
      Marta Fanai Official Month ago +4

      +dvferyance u lack the taste of a good movie my friend....

  • Rod_James_Wilson
    Rod_James_Wilson 2 months ago

    Wonder Woman on the number 8 spot made me gag

  • Ðell Paullino P.
    Ðell Paullino P. 2 months ago

    Where's call me by your name...

  • amila Ss
    amila Ss 2 months ago

    Get out shouldn’t even be in the list. Its like some homemade movie.

  • Keem the Meme
    Keem the Meme 2 months ago

    Only reason I didn’t dislike is cause get out was number one

  • Brandon Santos
    Brandon Santos 3 months ago

    Oh and where’s the LEGO Batman movie and the LEGO ninjago movie.

  • Brandon Santos
    Brandon Santos 3 months ago

    Where’s captain under pants: the first epic movie, wheres pirates of the Caribbean dead man tell no tales, wheres wonder, wheres guardians of the galaxy vol. 2, wheres jumonji welcome to the jungle, and where the heck is spider-man homecoming. I just don’t get it.

  • Brandon Santos
    Brandon Santos 3 months ago

    Guys stop arguing at watchmojo it’s just that the list they do is there choice so stop telling watchmojo that they forget one of the best 2017 movies.

  • usman akbar
    usman akbar 3 months ago

    great work

  • Zesty Jalapeno
    Zesty Jalapeno 3 months ago

    No greatest showman?

  • Selman Hassen
    Selman Hassen 3 months ago

    The list is absolutly and utterly in REVERSE!!! Blade runner in 10th place???

  • Senan İsmayilov
    Senan İsmayilov 3 months ago

    Where is Caribbean Pirates 5 motherfukcers?!!

  • jared chenklov
    jared chenklov 3 months ago +1

    I feel like blade runner 2049 was put on this list to shut up people who loved the movie and would comment harshly that it’s not on the list. I would’ve preferred not putting it on at all cuz blade runner 2049 is too good to appear in a watchmojo video.

  • christop righteous
    christop righteous 3 months ago

    Last Jedi was terrible.

  • Gustav Freudenthal
    Gustav Freudenthal 3 months ago

    Ragnarok?!? Lol

  • DylanSharkVenom
    DylanSharkVenom 3 months ago

    Thanks for shafting 3 Billboards, Watch mojo.

  • The Earth Is Bread
    The Earth Is Bread 3 months ago

    Star Wars was Shit!

  • ZzeusS '
    ZzeusS ' 3 months ago +2

    Maze Runner > Blade runner

  • Brian Storm
    Brian Storm 3 months ago

    Call Me By Your Name anyone?

  • spilk
    spilk 3 months ago

    uh hello guardians of the galaxy vol 2 happened not just spidey and thor

  • Vive Wolf
    Vive Wolf 3 months ago

    only few of them is worth the list!!!

  • Sr Azul
    Sr Azul 3 months ago

    Wonder woman was disrespectful for not giving Linda Carter a cameo or some part in the movie.

    PX GREECE 3 months ago

    where is the fast and furious 8

  • em chó gay
    em chó gay 3 months ago

    Thank god logan is better than wonder woman

  • Hangfire
    Hangfire 3 months ago

    The proper title of this is The 10 movies they told us to push on our audience for dirty dirty shill dollars...

  • Paarth M
    Paarth M 3 months ago

    Thor Ragnarok should have been no. 1

  • Joel Pais
    Joel Pais 3 months ago +9

    My list:
    5. Last jedi
    4. Jumanji
    3. It
    2. Homecoming
    1. Ragnarok

  • Myles guide to EVERYTHING!


  • Isaiah Perla
    Isaiah Perla 3 months ago

    Number one no ones talking about it