Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

  • Published on Apr 17, 2018
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    WE broke our iMac Pro... But then we tried to PAY Apple to repair it. They REFUSED. Come with us on a journey of frustration...
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Comments • 28 416

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  3 months ago +3472

    Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

    • Jonathan Ha
      Jonathan Ha Month ago

      This is the last comment before its maxed... goodbye

    • Tauheed Ahmed
      Tauheed Ahmed Month ago

      Doctor:"We cant perform a transplant because we dont have a repair manual"

    • TheyCallMeFilep
      TheyCallMeFilep Month ago

      Hello from June. Still waiting on the follow up.

    • Mohammad Mustaque
      Mohammad Mustaque 2 months ago

      Linus Tech Tips is tech related to clothing

    • Masud man
      Masud man 2 months ago

      Last reply

  • GenguMain 69
    GenguMain 69 12 minutes ago

    Tell me a solution to not buying a MacBook,
    A pc costs(a ok one) over 2.5k and the good. Ones are just over 4k(Because the company that made the GTX 1080 at dickheads)and apples ones aren’t as fast but the difference takes a expert to notice

  • Shawn Stuckey
    Shawn Stuckey 13 minutes ago +1

    Linus. This is too simple man. Just put an Apple sticker over the damaged area, call it an upgraded feature, then sell on the web. I GUARANTEE you it will sell😉

  • Enchanted playz
    Enchanted playz Hour ago

    Just start PCing :)

  • Hamdan Ali
    Hamdan Ali 3 hours ago

    a bullshit video.. tailosive tech responded to your bullshit perfectly lol

  • Jay Viescas
    Jay Viescas 4 hours ago

    And this is why I refuse to buy Apple products. Call for a boycott. The last thing they need is bad publicity.

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes 4 hours ago

    How do they stay in business? I'll never buy from them...

  • sonicdude143
    sonicdude143 6 hours ago

    they want to you to buy a new mac pro so they get money

  • Kira's Gundam
    Kira's Gundam 6 hours ago

    Don't buy Apple..

  • Doodledude9001
    Doodledude9001 6 hours ago

    so glad i built a hackintosh. fuck 'em

  • James Cullen
    James Cullen 9 hours ago

    tesla cars!!!!!

  • Pinak Nubs
    Pinak Nubs 10 hours ago

    Why don't you use it as snow board for kids and charge a dollar for rent. I'm sure it will perform lot better as snowboard than what it promotes 😛

  • B.U.P
    B.U.P 11 hours ago

    Fuck apple

  • DD KK
    DD KK 13 hours ago

    This is why the only product I ever bought from these crooks, is the Ipod Shuffle 1 st gen for 30$

  • Robed Evangelist
    Robed Evangelist 15 hours ago

    From a technician's point of view, people are very creative in the way they alter things. Anyone who repairs a product has a responsibility to make sure that it is a job done right. The term in the industry is, "marrying the product" and that means that the last technician who fixes the unit becomes responsible for keeping the unit running. What also happens is that the technician is guaranteeing the repair and there could have been a part on the unit that was messed around with by the customer and to repair that takes even more time and it may not be repairable. In other words, you can't guarantee other people's work. Now, I am not saying that this is right. I'm just telling you how it is.

  • Logitech Plans
    Logitech Plans 17 hours ago

    Maybe they refused is because it might be IMPOSSIBLE to fix or make your own

  • Ady Adnan
    Ady Adnan 19 hours ago

    Therefore... BUY PC!!!! APPLE is rip off!!

  • Techy Guruji
    Techy Guruji 21 hour ago +2

    That's why apple became world's first trillion dollars company 😑

  • ItzTevin!
    ItzTevin! 23 hours ago

    "McDonald's Customer Service"

  • Mughaka Sumi
    Mughaka Sumi Day ago

    Wtf seriously! Thanks for sharing.

  • azcerbic
    azcerbic Day ago

    TESLA DOES EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. I'm sure this is an old video but due to lack of parts, especially body parts. TESLA has & will refuse to fix any model they make. IF they find ANY Tesla part that has been installed they will simply refuse to touch it as it voids their warranty. This even incluses stereo or touchscreen mods. God forbid you had a ding repaired at a regular body shop.
    Even if they & your insurance company agree on Tesla'so cost to repair your car. Body parts average over 9 months. Mechanical or electrical repair is over 8 months. That is the reason that totalled Tesla's go for 3x-4x what they used to. I know & live in the same neighborhood as more than 10 very high end Tesla engineers & they often drive preproduction or production cars. Even they say they would lose their position if they crashed any Tesla. Forget about even having a Tesla 3 repaired right now. There is a separate location service shop & I am casual friends with their service manager. Over a year ago he casually admitted that they take in a lot of cars for service, but they just sit. If your problem is larger than something they can fix by a software patch or is software related (ergo, 1 of your brushless motors burns out or you bend aNY suspension piece or there's any major computer or sensor malfunction ), be prepared for an 8 months wait at the very least. The problem is that Tesla has ZERO back stock of parts even for a 1st year P85 or P100. So they all go go into new cars. Even celebrities have this problem. The 1st Black production P100 in Marin, CA was sold to James Hatfield, lead singer for Metallica. Within the 1st year of alleged ownership (read the fine print), that car went in to the service center 8x due to software glitches & updates. The shortest lasting 3 days. James in person is a very down to earth & nice human. I know as fact that even though he enjoys his Tesla, it's not a daily driver & he has complained re: the constant need for service & updates in the past. Good analogy & lol I used to know & represent several Apple employees in the 90s & 1 of my close friends now is an Apple VPN for the tablet. Yes I'm still listed as an Apple Develope. Good analogy.

  • Kyle Parkins
    Kyle Parkins Day ago

    Right, where’s the comment to defend Apple?

  • Peter D
    Peter D Day ago

    I am jesse

  • Cino
    Cino Day ago

    I had my pro and cons with apple tbh.. I never had any problem with their phones, but once I vought a MacBook, I just had issues with it.. I got it from work since we worked with it, which means I didn't had any costs.. but after the 3rd MacBook it finally worked.. Just imagend what trouble this would be if it wasn't for work.. lmao

  • FunkyMonkeyJedi
    FunkyMonkeyJedi Day ago

    So the moral of the story being; don't by Apple! -- CHECK! :)

  • Abe Rinkula
    Abe Rinkula Day ago

    You're an idiot... WHY would Apple fix this? It's not covered by warranty, and YOU broke it.

  • Zeek Mowbray-Bower

    Find another broken one and gut it. And get an i-fixit tool kit because of their proprietary bullshit screws and crap.

  • Tim W.
    Tim W. Day ago

    Have you tried asking the Geniuses to perform the Toh-Ron-Rah and order the parts from the future using your .Me account?

  • Curretplayer Silver

    And thats why i dont like apple

  • Lord Darth
    Lord Darth Day ago

    Your situation is not stupid, it is well planned and organized by apple.We are saying this for years.....Now you may believe..


    This channel is so CRINGY

  • RavenRing
    RavenRing Day ago

    So Apple is a greedy company I see...
    That's a good thing I didn't choose iPhone SE and chose my Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.

  • TheCosmaticGamer
    TheCosmaticGamer 2 days ago

    I know I’m late but go to Best Buy, micro center, or a third party computer store and see if they can fix it which most of the time they will if you explain to them that apple is refusing to fix it.

    LIVEFRMNYC 2 days ago

    5:04 ... He talking about Tesla. LOL

  • Many More
    Many More 2 days ago

    Hate apple!! Fuck those guys. Been shitting on their clients ever the great Jobs passed...

  • Young Lee
    Young Lee 2 days ago

    I wish Steve Jobs to watch this video damm it Apple...

  • Francisco Rivera
    Francisco Rivera 2 days ago

    Never had a apple product and never will.

  • Veljko Vukovic
    Veljko Vukovic 2 days ago


  • Eden Roth
    Eden Roth 2 days ago

    Apple genius is stupid most of the time. They employ a bunch of unreal skill people to fix apple product. It's 21 century, even an accountant knows how to fix a computer.

  • César Blanco
    César Blanco 2 days ago

    If you buy apple products you don't deserve any customers service... You don't even deserve the right to vote because you are so dumb you would vote for Donald trump...
    The only thing that you deserve is to work all your life in order to burn all your money in shit

  • Zach Bedard
    Zach Bedard 2 days ago

    Dispite popular belief, Apple is a bad company, even though they get all the exclusive and early shit.

  • Spotten Spotten
    Spotten Spotten 2 days ago

    Dont buy Apple?

  • Jolan XBL
    Jolan XBL 2 days ago

    Great video! I added it to my 'scams' playlist, another reason not to buy Apple.. but people will anyways

    YELLOW NIBBA 2 days ago

    hey why is there 9.9K dislike's why people don't like you ;-;

  • kusuma v
    kusuma v 2 days ago

    ~linus tech tips~ linus roast apple

  • Joe Sasser
    Joe Sasser 2 days ago

    Gee, you act/sound like a whiny little bitch.

  • I C
    I C 3 days ago

    Not the first story I hear about Apple mafia refusing to repair anything.
    Just don't buy their trash.

  • Frost Vibe
    Frost Vibe 3 days ago

    Houston apple helps u out

  • bruchpilot747
    bruchpilot747 3 days ago

    EDIT: nevermind... just started watching part 2 and... well.... yeap... .. moving on :D
    remembers me a little of Snazzy's experience

  • Nuno Gonçalves
    Nuno Gonçalves 3 days ago

    and that is how they were the first company to reach 1 trilion dolars , congrats apple on stealing the world fuck you company _|_

  • Brandt vdw
    Brandt vdw 3 days ago

    Need to work on better segways into the sponser

  • Ace Carolino
    Ace Carolino 3 days ago

    Is the guy at 3:50 gay?

  • Dim
    Dim 3 days ago

    This is so sad, can we stop buying from apple?

  • Tibs
    Tibs 3 days ago

    "Apple Care"

  • Canada Railfan
    Canada Railfan 3 days ago

    "apple is better than Samsung"

  • Hestegutt med parykk

    Still not buying an andriod

  • MetalZombi
    MetalZombi 4 days ago

    I used to love and sing the praises of apple products, including my mac book pro, until somewhat recently (about 10 months ago). The anti-reflective layer on my screen started to "bubble" for lack of a better term, in multiple places and when I took it into the apple store under apple care, I was basically told there was nothing they could do because it was my fault and accidental damage is not covered. So after speaking to a manager for 2 hours and also being blamed by him for the damage, I was turned away. So I contacted apple online, again I was blamed for the damage and told it didn't qualify, so I called and same result. They said I either put to much pressure on it while cleaning, put something heavy on it when it was closed or damaged it while transporting in my (padded) laptop backpack. I won't bore you with how careful I am with electronics but trust me this was not something done by me. As a side note, I'll never buy an apple product again.

  • CharroDavid
    CharroDavid 4 days ago

    How did this end?

  • Dalton Wood
    Dalton Wood 4 days ago

    100% on Linus’s side, and I am someone who enjoys apple products.

  • No_Fence_ Gaming
    No_Fence_ Gaming 4 days ago

    5:00 *hrm* mustang *hrm*

  • Anderson Silva
    Anderson Silva 4 days ago

    Fuck apple lol

  • User
    User 4 days ago

    You can get it repaired by paying the amount equal to a new one

  • Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes 4 days ago +1

    Apple = EA

  • Henrique Merida
    Henrique Merida 5 days ago +1

    Fuck apple let’s start a riot

  • Sub LBC
    Sub LBC 5 days ago

    Apple is pure garbage built by idiots for idiots.

  • Trucker Jay In the UK

    iv been apple since 3g came out. own a MacBook pro and a mac pro spent thousands, literally thousands after this and a few other videos and experiencing my own problems with repair. good by apple hello samsung

  • Todd Sanderson
    Todd Sanderson 5 days ago

    so how did Apple get so big? I wouldnt own an Apple product if it was given to me.

  • CyclonicTuna023
    CyclonicTuna023 5 days ago

    Apple is borderline psychotic. They are one step away from actually breaking your device on purpose so you have to buy a new one. I sincerely hope this company goes under in the near future.

  • Timothy Keleher
    Timothy Keleher 5 days ago

    You could buy a used one that has a pristine display and transfer it to urs

  • Bounty hunter
    Bounty hunter 5 days ago

    MI and apple are same.

  • Bounty hunter
    Bounty hunter 5 days ago

    Dont buy any apple items beware of their services

  • Elena Ravenwood
    Elena Ravenwood 5 days ago

    Your fault, you chose to use apple, so that's what you got.

  • The Legend
    The Legend 5 days ago

    How many times have I cracked my iPad again

  • aki pelaa
    aki pelaa 5 days ago

    the songg in the start

  • GrizzlyTV
    GrizzlyTV 5 days ago

    So I was watching this episode with my wife, and low and behold Linus does his smooth transition into a sponsorship ad. I normally just kind of space out at these parts but...
    My wife randomly says, "You can tell he hates himself when he has to do those ads."
    Nearly fell out of my chair.

  • Xenith03
    Xenith03 6 days ago

    once you hear a pause it's time to skip the next 30 seconds

  • Skolpis
    Skolpis 6 days ago

    I’m watching this from an iPhone

  • Eiserntors Phantom of the Opera

    Apple makes all the high percentage profit on the initial sale. Hardware support is a not as important as volume. Probably a sign of things to come for all tech stuff.

  • Titanium TO
    Titanium TO 6 days ago

    I mean u earn so much money a month from yt, why not buy another

  • Joshua Dockery
    Joshua Dockery 6 days ago

    Basically this is the same thing Tesla does.

  • Daniel Dahlhausen
    Daniel Dahlhausen 6 days ago

  • Manuel Avellan
    Manuel Avellan 6 days ago

    You can wait a couple of years and then buy a "new to you"display from ebay!!

  • Anas ff
    Anas ff 6 days ago

    You look like an upgraded version of the sherminator in american pie 😂😂😂😂

  • Frank Wilson
    Frank Wilson 6 days ago

    China for the win...

  • Chesco
    Chesco 6 days ago

    Ty, you saved me money, will now boycott apple and build my own PC.

  • V1KRAM m
    V1KRAM m 6 days ago

    Apple: Just buy a new one and we wont kill you.

  • Dariusz Baranowski
    Dariusz Baranowski 6 days ago

    That's why I'm not buying NOTHING from them. Never could understand why people are so much into them.

  • Ulysses Lee
    Ulysses Lee 6 days ago

    Why not u take down the machine on the table and install the screen?

  • GRHmedia
    GRHmedia 6 days ago

    Ok, you are talking about a company that gave my son's account to another person and then refuses to fix the issue and acts like it is my son's or my fault. Apple the asshole literally provide the individual account access which he then changed the email address to restore the account. They admit they fucked up their solution was to lock / freeze the account. Though it was under a court ordered email address for custody purposes. The guy didn't hack my son's email. We don't personally know him its some fuck in another state.
    Yours isn't the only incident I've heard of like this. So no surprise. They act like a bunch of used car sales men. Actually a lot of used car sales people are far more honest.

  • VyperByteX
    VyperByteX 6 days ago

    How does this happen? Well....I don't own or buy apple products firstly so I'm not a fan boy let me say. The simple fact: They are a private business. Even if you are paying they are not required to offer you a repair service just because you want it. They are allowed to refuse service to anyone, for any reason and don't even have to explain themselves. All private businesses have this right. I say this because this video came off more like you trying to say Apple was under some kind of obligation to do so, and you were entitled to that service. That's not the case here. Is it bad customer service? Undoubtedly. Has Apple ever been known for good customer service? Why do you think I don't own any of their products? They have never been known for good customer service. Again, the whole thing came across as you being...well frankly self entitled, though. They don't owe you this service if they don't want to provide it to you. No matter how much you offer to pay them.

  • AURA the FOX
    AURA the FOX 6 days ago

    That why I use Windows
    (The money to fix the back glass of the iphone X is about 500$) :)

  • Charlie Hope
    Charlie Hope 6 days ago

    Whaaaat?! Apple has bad customer service and terrible policies?!?! What a suprise!

  • David Beveridge
    David Beveridge 6 days ago

    Apple is shite lol

  • Music Maniac
    Music Maniac 7 days ago

    Linus angerly takes tools down from wall😂4:30

  • Nicholas Jackson
    Nicholas Jackson 7 days ago

    That's why you don't buy anything to do with Apple because they're all about money an try as hard as they can to make you buy another device!

  • dash1dash2
    dash1dash2 7 days ago

    This should be illegal. End of story. I can't believe this shit goes on when every company out there touts being "green" and "eco-friendly" whilst Apple just say "buy another one, we'll just throw this repairable one in the trash".

  • Steve KM
    Steve KM 7 days ago

    this case wont be happen in China 😂

  • akshat singh
    akshat singh 7 days ago

    And there are people who say that apple is the best

  • PuzzlePlayer
    PuzzlePlayer 7 days ago

    look. i only watch your shit for the information. your voice annoys me and your fucking adverts annoy teh fuck out of me. stop being a fucking prostitute.