Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

  • Published on Apr 17, 2018
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    WE broke our iMac Pro... But then we tried to PAY Apple to repair it. They REFUSED. Come with us on a journey of frustration...
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Comments • 31 588

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  Year ago +4329

    Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

    • Fly Kriki
      Fly Kriki 6 days ago

      thanks, i wont ever buy apple

    • Yourname Here
      Yourname Here Month ago

      Trying to clean your computer will void the warranty.
      Serves you right!
      Next time you should just throw it in the trash and buy a new model like the rest of us unemployeed trust fund kids.
      Besides, that computer is at least 6 months old. I wouldn't be caught dead with a 6 month old Apple product. ONly a looser would be seen with old computers and cellphones.
      Get a life.

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans Month ago

      +Linus Tech Tips Repair Process is Easy:
      1. Attach the Mac to one end of a 40' light weight aluminum chain.
      2. Attach other chain end to small rowboat.
      3. Enjoy your new boat anchor. It Just Works !

    • climatixseuche
      climatixseuche Month ago +1

      +Linus Tech Tips is there an UPDATE on this?

    • Ian McDougal
      Ian McDougal 2 months ago +1


  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson Day ago

    Get the fuck out of my store...

  • Bobby Brady
    Bobby Brady Day ago

    Why does this channel have so many subscribers?????

  • Bobby Brady
    Bobby Brady Day ago

    Don’t let gorillas take apart an iMac. Also, don’t remove an iMac display in the vertical position. Lay the damn thing down! Mechanical idiots.

  • Natsu Dragnell
    Natsu Dragnell 2 days ago

    This guy is impossible to predict when he's going to put out an ad for one moment he's talking next there's an ad

  • Rex Henderson
    Rex Henderson 2 days ago

    Why the HELL would you prop up Apple by putting a "Buy an iMac Pro" link under this video. smh.

  • JackRabbit155
    JackRabbit155 2 days ago +1

    ***We are the first 1 trillion dollar company***

  • Small World
    Small World 3 days ago +1

    Linus cost apple 155 million dollars

  • Mens B
    Mens B 3 days ago +1

    apple suc

  • Masud Rana
    Masud Rana 3 days ago

    Wanna repair it?! Turn around, you gonna have an Apple in your ass.

  • Kate Argent
    Kate Argent 3 days ago

    What's with the fake spark at 0.01?

  • John Lennon
    John Lennon 3 days ago

    build a hackintosh - you will have easy and cheap replacement parts and OSX software ;-P

  • ItzzYellow
    ItzzYellow 4 days ago +1

    Did you put it in rice?

  • RiveyDestroy 2
    RiveyDestroy 2 4 days ago +1

    Apple is just trash, ppl just dont accept it

  • Mike Giglio
    Mike Giglio 4 days ago

    This acting is hilarious

  • Edward Aquilina
    Edward Aquilina 5 days ago

    If you eat Apples you poop lots of Bull ....

  • kgonepostl
    kgonepostl 5 days ago

    Fuck Apple, build puterz.

  • Arus Naldrick
    Arus Naldrick 5 days ago +1

    RIP Apple... Steve, I hope you are enjoying the afterlife and not seen this...

    • Piotr Nod
      Piotr Nod 4 days ago

      dude, he is a FATHER that way of thinking about product and customers....

  • sa kurdiah
    sa kurdiah 6 days ago

    Fuck them all and fuck people who buy overpriced shit ! I hope you eat dry poop

  • Larry Fulmer
    Larry Fulmer 6 days ago

    Don't even F'ing get me started! is it that they can't or they don't want to?
    You can figure it out!
    It's a liability thing. I'm glad the $455 refurbished 2012 MBP sale fell through. Thanks Woot- you screwed up the transition- and you don't give a hoot!
    My local repair shop - best find ever. This guy is the GENIUS Bar !
    And Apple Store now shall be named the disinGENUOUS Barr!
    No wonder they are losing sales on iPhone and Mac.
    When the most loyal Apple customers are pissed, you understand and you get it.

  • wO
    wO 6 days ago

    I like the apple's decision. I think it's a great decision. They wont even touch it, since they cant guarante the quality of the fix, since some parts could be prior replaced by a third party thst opened the computer. Bold. Apple like. That's why I like them. Take note, entrepreneurs.

  • Richard Stevens
    Richard Stevens 6 days ago

    Genis bar must be an inverse genius bar: Their actual knowledge is inversely proportional to their claimed knowledge.
    Some companies should just be considered *scumpanies* instead, for obvious reasons.

  • Mr. Wowad
    Mr. Wowad 6 days ago

    Apple: We are unable to get the parts, perhaps an authorized repairer can help you with this.
    Linus: *doesn't go to an authorized technician and blames Apple for him not doing what he had to do to repair it*

  • Fly Kriki
    Fly Kriki 6 days ago +2

    thanks, i wont ever buy apple

  • Clay Cassin
    Clay Cassin 6 days ago +2

    Over 11,800 butt hurt Apple fanboys now, and counting. Bless their little hearts.

    • Clay Cassin
      Clay Cassin 4 days ago

      Actually, I have a Macbook Pro. I also have a Lenovo laptop PC that runs circles around it, but at least the Mac looks cool. It works , I use it. I bought it used, so I avoided being ripped off. It runs Windows 10 well.

    • Mr. Wowad
      Mr. Wowad 6 days ago

      Lol, it's just a repair video. If they want to get it repaired, then they can go to an authorized technician. I don't see how this counts as an argument against Mac computers. Also, I'm sorry you don't have a mac yet, maybe get that checked soon

  • chad w
    chad w 6 days ago +6

    the only apple i buy goes in my stomach. the rest i ignore, except for this channel

    15 years ago my gf was in graphic design with a 1200+ apple computer her dad bought her...
    i bought her a different partitioned pc for 800 that devastated her apple. windows and Linux it looked better, worked better, had a better everything....
    i even hate iphones.... i hate apple...... mildly

    • Mens B
      Mens B 3 days ago

      Chad doesn't marry what kind of question is that

    • Illyasviel von Einzbern
      Illyasviel von Einzbern 5 days ago

      The important question is, are you married to her already?

  • Vali LK
    Vali LK 7 days ago

    hail Linus ! this is pro style modern journalism!

  • Don't Worry
    Don't Worry 7 days ago +2

    Apple is an awful company.

    • Don't Worry
      Don't Worry 6 days ago +1

      +Mr. Wowad Did you watch the video? Can you elaborate? Or are you just fooled by the chassis and looks of Apple products like most people? Internally, hardware wise..what is amazing about their computers, phones, and watches? You can get the same quality but without the Apple logo and chassis for a reduced price.

    • Mr. Wowad
      Mr. Wowad 6 days ago

      Elaborate? I mean they make amazing computers, phones, watches etc.

  • Random guh
    Random guh 10 days ago

    Apple = 💩

  • IronMan
    IronMan 10 days ago

    This is why I buy *NOTHING* from Apple except an iPad. This is the only piece of hardware I bought (and will be the last) from this company since the Apple ][+ and Apple //e of the 80's on which I learned programming and lots of other things. When Wozniak left, Steve Jobs took over, and the philosophy was never the same again. Job's spirit still lives on in the company to this day, and this is the result! Stop buying from them. Period. Instead, I buy second hand parts on the internet and build my own machines (dual Xeon for a fraction of the price of an iMac Pro).

  • John Brass
    John Brass 10 days ago

    Apple are total junk. I stay well clear.

    POCKET LINT 11 days ago

    2:30 so you give the computer to the company that makes the computer but they cant fix a broken screen?

  • 88frko88
    88frko88 11 days ago

    5k for computer and they cant fix it? is that a joke? 2018/2019..?

  • Abrar Khan
    Abrar Khan 12 days ago +1


  • RO Sergio
    RO Sergio 12 days ago

    you trust Apple, you get what you diserve... wellcome to Apple, idiot.

  • anafbmad
    anafbmad 12 days ago

    wow apple being the shady assholes they have being since the beginning of time...shocking...

  • Correction Codes
    Correction Codes 12 days ago

    because they want you to buy another one... duh.. its apple... ... But hey! Dumb fucks like it.. so... what ever

  • Alex C.
    Alex C. 12 days ago

    did anyone else go OH SHIT when the glass dropped?

  • Jaime LaRousse
    Jaime LaRousse 13 days ago

    god linus is such a baby.

    JASON KHOR ZUNYI 13 days ago

    Apple sucks

  • Khanh Truong
    Khanh Truong 13 days ago

    iMac 27 inch 2013 hinge repair only take less than 20 minutes with life time warranty, so replacing the only the broken lcd on a new iMac wont take longer. Just need to find another broken iMac that has good lcd to swap. Apple should use new iMac and parts out to do the repair instead of refuse. that's strange.

  • daichai
    daichai 13 days ago

    they dont want parts shipped/sold individually under any circumstance i presume, and for this reason they will never have spare parts for any repairs. I mean look at their employees you think anyone is hired on their tech prowess? no its about selling and thats it.

  • Slavisa C#
    Slavisa C# 13 days ago

    Apple wants its costumer to buy a new product in case your kid smash the screen by accident or it burns out right after the warranty expires...
    Know a guy who knows the guy and he says roll the dice and order screen from china. There is at least 50% chance you get that fruit fixed.

  • Eva Liu
    Eva Liu 14 days ago

    Ray-PCB is a ShenZhen based PCB manufacturer over ten years experience specializing in quick turn prototype to medium volume products. Our two factories located in ShenZhen and Ji’an are optimized to minimum cost and maintain quality.

  • Fanboy Seizka
    Fanboy Seizka 14 days ago

    Hey , my name is Jesse too i was afraid !

  • Franco Ferreyra
    Franco Ferreyra 14 days ago +1

    Clearly the Apple company only looks at the money that comes from the sale of their products, it is more than clear that the best selling product and that is more successful, are the Iphones. Therefore, the help to consumers is based on the products that are sold the most, of course iMac is a successful product, but not as much as the iPhone. In conclusion, if you are not asking for help to fix an iPhone, they will not give much importance to your request for help.

  • Mo Bubbles
    Mo Bubbles 14 days ago

    put it in rice

  • Daniel Tony
    Daniel Tony 15 days ago

    Most likely is that they are afraid of the pricing they are going to set for you which you may refer as TOO MUCH!!!......and prefer to get another $5000 mac😢

  • Mr na
    Mr na 16 days ago

    Even the bin doesn't want it

  • The Fox
    The Fox 16 days ago

    Did you make it a topic to promote underwear’s? and ya...they didn’t the right thing though .

  • Ghost of Mammy
    Ghost of Mammy 17 days ago +1

    Apple will be gone very soon.

  • harrison herring
    harrison herring 18 days ago +1

    'get yvonne to yell at them' now we know who's boss...

  • David Melin
    David Melin 18 days ago +1

    Apple potentially just lost 5.6 million customers....

  • Hans Yulian
    Hans Yulian 18 days ago +1

    One day when other companies refuse to fix our machine, we know who to blame

  • Giovanni Azavedo
    Giovanni Azavedo 18 days ago +1

    Snazzy Labs had the same support issue with apple, but apple gave him a new one

    • Space
      Space 12 days ago

      Giovanni Azavedo although snazzy labs didn’t break it apple did because the part they sold was bad! In this situation they opened the machine, I think apple was correct but they should have said that they would not fix it because it was opened prior!

  • Rok Strojin
    Rok Strojin 18 days ago


  • Ashur Ashur
    Ashur Ashur 19 days ago

    that's why apples bad and android is better bc google is better than appel

  • George . G
    George . G 19 days ago

    you look like miroslav klose

  • Masih Anget
    Masih Anget 19 days ago

    Never buy an expensive shit with no repairment

  • Marvises
    Marvises 19 days ago

    As a former apple employee, apple doesn't supply support for older models. They want you to upgrade and get a new platform. It's genius for money, but not the ethical route.

  • WolfPack Alpha2025
    WolfPack Alpha2025 19 days ago

    That Segway of an intro though...

  • Smo Kabong
    Smo Kabong 20 days ago +1

    All Apple products are junk. Only an idiot would buy crApple.

  • Scott Fichter
    Scott Fichter 21 day ago +7

    I'm an Apple users and I need to buy a new computer. I AM NOT buying a new Mac machine. I'm done with them.

  • Sam Brzozowski
    Sam Brzozowski 21 day ago


  • ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫

    You can't fix it without purchasing iWarranty and in case of broken screen you need iWarranty Pro license

  • Final Boy
    Final Boy 21 day ago

    The villagers demand Applesauce and iMac n Cheese.

  • Phoenix gaming
    Phoenix gaming 21 day ago

    Thats why I use windows

  • mikefoxtrotpapa!
    mikefoxtrotpapa! 22 days ago

    I believe that those who dislike this video are all Apple employee 😂

  • Scott Halbert
    Scott Halbert 22 days ago

    Apple is a piece of shit. They don't want you to fix it, they want you to replace it. They always have, they always will. On the repairability index of devices, Apple products ALWAYS score on the BOTTOM of the list in repairs.
    There is no such thing as 'Careful design' with Apple. They are known to hot glue parts in mobile devices so you can't simply open one up and they are not meant to be repaired.
    Replace, replace, replace, that's the Apple Mantra.

  • John Mark Sarzuelo
    John Mark Sarzuelo 22 days ago

    The Fall of Apple is becoming more apparent

  • Kaiju Clown
    Kaiju Clown 22 days ago

    Based Anthony.

  • Γιαννης Ρωτας

    6:00 the flashbacks

  • Cyber Luka
    Cyber Luka 23 days ago

    Did you putted it in rice?

  • nathan W
    nathan W 23 days ago

    If a car is beyond repair they won’t fix it. Your insurance will pay u out for what it’s worth

    DEXXO 23 days ago

    Iz a shame realy from Apple , Lol a love this part linus at 0:17 this Face about the refuse from Apple ;)) iz realy discusting how a Customer ben treated today from divers Companys this has to Change.

  • Ray Hunter
    Ray Hunter 24 days ago

    That's really curious... When I worked at IBM as a support engineer I was being trained to repair Apple products to support one of their customers. Refusing to repair a product that had been repaired previously by an unauthorised party was not part of the process. However we were being trained to spot non-Apple parts and if we did we were to request the customer return the product to an original state with original Apple parts before we would repair it. That was all. If it was not a warranty situation we were still to repair the product but the Apple repair service would quote the customer for the work.

  • Saurabh N
    Saurabh N 24 days ago

    It's time apple should learn their place. This ain't 2006 😂.

  • Yonaeru
    Yonaeru 24 days ago +1

    it's apple !

  • NetworkSoda
    NetworkSoda 25 days ago +17

    As an apple buyer, this is illegal and I’m moving to windows

  • Bruce Bolster
    Bruce Bolster 25 days ago +2

    As a neuroscientist I have used two generations of MacBook Pros, because of the native Unix processor that lets us run scripts in neuroimaging applications like FSL, so that we don't have to install and run Linux on a PC. The older units have nice screens and generally reliable operating systems that rarely hang or crash. The older of these two machines had an ethernet port, which was replaced by a Thunderbolt port on the newer version. Now I have to buy a dongle from Apple to connect to the university network, but the dongle has no barbs and falls off all the time. Now they have eliminated everything but thunderbolt 3 ports on the new generation of machines. No ethernet, no standard USB, no card reader slot. Great, if I were to buy one of these machines, now I could not connect with the network, any of my USB devices including external hard drives where I archive my neuroimaging data, and could not download images from my digital camera. And remember that great magnetic power connector? Gone! - if you were to buy a 13 inch MacBook Pro, you would have to use one of the TWO ports on the thing to power it up, leaving exactly one to connect to external devices.
    And don't even talk to me about the Apple store - if you need repairs to your professional device, go wait for an hour behind twenty people who have managed to lock themselves out of their iphone when they accidentally opted for two-factor identification, can't remember their Apple ID, etc etc. They literally wanted to charge me to answer a question as two which generation of OS I could upload on one of the two IMAC's in the lab. I am talking about just answering a questions here, never mind actually doing anything to the computer. Bottom line is: Apple has abandoned their support of professional customers who actually use their computers as computers in favour of a their business model to sell no-serviceable-parts-inside communication devices to people whose biggest technical concern is how to get the latest emojis to message their facebook friends with. Go to scientific meetings around the world and you will see people with the older generation of MacBook Pro's as their portable workstations. I expect these are going to disappear as people have experiences like yours with the newest generations of their "professional" machines, in both desktop and laptop configurations. Next laptop will be a Lenovo. I have replaced the MacBook in the lab with a custom build Windows machine where I can actually access and replace the devices, and the two IMacs at home will not be replaced by any Apple product. They used to be a computer company, now they are a phone company making expensive vanity computers for technically illiterate phone users.

    • Lukas Bobinas
      Lukas Bobinas 24 days ago

      Native UNIX processor? WTF... Just spin up a vm image of a linux distro and you're good to go. You make it sound like it's an actual job to do...

  • Luke Pixel
    Luke Pixel 25 days ago

    This is why i’m switching to android.

  • Cypher_Xero Cthulhu
    Cypher_Xero Cthulhu 25 days ago +5

    as I've always said.... Apple is trash, and in most cases expect you to buy a new one rather then repairing it... STOP BUYING APPLE PRODUCTS lmao

    • Mr. Wowad
      Mr. Wowad 6 days ago

      And on that day, Cypher Zero Cthulu found out about AppleCare, Mac's superior virus protection, and the dedicated repair team and army of authorized technicians who will charge less than selling price to repair their products.
      "Apple is trash" lmao

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez 25 days ago

    I decided. It is cheaper for Apple to just manufacture a new Mac than to Repair an old one. They might have to pay millions of ridiculous salaries to real geniuses and not just minimum wage "Genius Bar Geniuses". Really go to an Apple store... The staff are high schoolers.

  • zaki minecraft gaming mcpc

    Emm just buy a pc and install windows 10 pro
    Get your old ssd from your shittymac
    And then copy your videos
    And then format and install windows 10 pro
    And then copy back all of your data
    Now the problem do u even know how to get in??

  • Mati Witkowski
    Mati Witkowski 26 days ago +2

    i wish there will be some1 that will sue apple and make them stop doing all these messed up things

  • Heet Patel
    Heet Patel 26 days ago +1

    You were holding it wrong

  • josh wake
    josh wake 26 days ago +1

    hey linus go to Google shopping and type in imac pro screen and they have a lot of screens for sale just find the one that is the same size and order it

  • Pretoriano
    Pretoriano 27 days ago +1

    Only noobs buy apple.

  • Charles Cassel
    Charles Cassel 27 days ago

    Should have bought a PC!!! MAC SUCKS!!!! I wouldnt use an apple product as a paper weight!!!

  • Christopher Rule
    Christopher Rule 28 days ago +1

    Lmao dumb boi shoulda put it in rice

    • begone
      begone 26 days ago

      Omg the most retarded comment ever

  • SDP Photographics
    SDP Photographics 28 days ago +4

    I've been using apple for almost 10 years now and in the last 1-2 years I've noticed a real difference in the quality and how there systems function. I purchased a spec'd out Mac mini 2018 and that's only ever had problems 1. the Bluetooth and wifi issues with it dropping in and out so I got this fixed as the motherboard needed replacing for this, when I got the system back only half of the ram was working so I got it repaired again and still the bluetooth and wifi is a problem, this happened after only having the computer for 1 week. now I use wired mouse and keyboard as the apple keyboard and mouse don't work. One thing I do wish I knew is that Apple doesn't do refunds so I have the choice of taking the computer back over and over again until it gets fixed or get a new one that could have the same problem. After looking online about my issue I am not alone and gutted to hear others are getting the same bullshit from Apple my next computer will be a custom made PC, I don't buy Apple for the design I buy it for the software and being able to link all my devices together so nicely.
    After Steve Jobs died so did Apple.

    • RZX
      RZX 24 days ago

      yea hackintoshes are better then apple’s trash

  • Prano YT
    Prano YT 28 days ago +54

    Guy: * breaks the screen *
    Linus: you're fired!
    Guy: but I just created a new topic for a TVclip video!
    Linus: cool! Get the cameras

  • Green Acres
    Green Acres 28 days ago

    You didn't break it. It was not fit to use.

  • Green Acres
    Green Acres 28 days ago

    Time for small claims court.

  • Green Acres
    Green Acres 28 days ago

    Apple assholes. they just want to sell you overprice garbage. I owned many Macs and when Steve jobs was there this shit didn't go on.

  • Fitz Cabuenas
    Fitz Cabuenas 28 days ago

    Bro they will need the original parts of the apple pro then you will add more money to have a new one

  • Grey Buckleton
    Grey Buckleton 29 days ago

    This is what you get for going apple. Over hyped money pitts where the main selling point is a nice brushed aluminium finish.

  • ashtar assadi
    ashtar assadi 29 days ago +20

    The 11k downvotes are all the apple fanboys, girls and apple workers

  • Cherry Marshmallow
    Cherry Marshmallow 29 days ago

    Did you hear the news apple stores get the minimum amount of parts

  • SawyerBx
    SawyerBx 29 days ago

    Talking about Apple, says Mack, I heard Mac