Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

  • Published on Apr 17, 2018
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    WE broke our iMac Pro... But then we tried to PAY Apple to repair it. They REFUSED. Come with us on a journey of frustration...
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Comments • 30 225

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  6 months ago +3781

    Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

    • Shinigami Lee
      Shinigami Lee 4 days ago

      Reason 7,378,987 to NOT buy Apple products. Also, I like my audio connectors to be standard.

    • The Electronic Geek
      The Electronic Geek Month ago

      Linus Tech Tips Apple died in 2012.

    • Dennis Mootz
      Dennis Mootz Month ago

      Can't you just boycott Apple with us together?

    • Mira Smit
      Mira Smit Month ago

      Stop buying apple...

    • Michael McDowell
      Michael McDowell 2 months ago

      Apple is good at two things and two things only: Marketing and overpricing thier crap. Yes, crap.
      Even Microsoft has embraced open source development to a larger degree now or days, and even supports it, and at least plays nice enough with Google so there's no issues with getting MS apps on Android or GApps on a Windows based mobile device.
      Apple limits the hardware profiles of thier devices saying it's a matter quality, and their OS seems to run well on it. But applying a bit of critical thinking, it seems to speak of an unwillingness to allow the end user a real choice to me. Their tooting about OS X? It's based on Darwin, that in turn is based on FreeBSD... OS X just includes Apple's periphery components bill on top of a freely available and open sourced project. Fuck Apple, it's again marketing. Microsoft? Here use our OS on whatever hardware you have (even owning the shady past perhaps) but you have options.
      With Android, anyone can do whatever they want with the base Android OS, just if you want to be able to get Google's official stamp, you have to meet given requirements. Owning even ZTE phones are officially certified it seems those requirements aren't overly hard for a manufacturer to met.
      Windows 10 (that I am not a fan of at all) will run decent on systems some GNU/Linux distros seem to not take well to. Not a criticism of GNU/Linux, just something I have noticed in my experience. It could just be the distros I have tried. Puppy is still one of the more odd but fun offerings that runs amazingly well in a 14 year old laptop have, WiFi even has few issues.

  • Captain Sensible
    Captain Sensible 14 hours ago

    Because "Linus" is an Apple hating race.... So they're being racist against Linus

  • Saurabh N
    Saurabh N 15 hours ago

    Lol why buy something which can't b fixed.

  • D. A.
    D. A. 15 hours ago

    Apple makes money when you buy a new product. Apple loses money when you fix your product under warranty.

  • Mulder Tsui
    Mulder Tsui 16 hours ago

    try to find a parts from taobao.

  • Alec Murd
    Alec Murd 19 hours ago

    I’m not perfect but I would’ve at least unplugged the computer before repairing it...

  • Max Xiang
    Max Xiang 20 hours ago

    iphones are very good

    as a hand warmer

  • Mickey Bauer
    Mickey Bauer 20 hours ago

    Dear consumer,
    At our greedy corporation we understand you need new brakes for your new iCar so FUCK YOUUUUU - buy another Apple car, cock sucker.
    Sincerely, Apple

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger 21 hour ago

    i hope people wise up and stop supporting this company. too bad people are shallow. yup, apple wil lcontinue to thrive

  • Terence Kearns Creative Enterprises

    I was seriously considering buying the upcoming iPad pro but after seeing this, I think it's too risky buying apple products.
    I don't know why they think they are so special that they can get away with this behavior like nobody else in the industry or in other industries. Seriously, they are too far up themselves.
    Four and a half million views later, and it doesn't look like they give a shit.

  • Tim Grover
    Tim Grover 22 hours ago

    All ya have to do is go work for NOT Apple for 3 days to know what kinda folks they are. Even the email, chat and phone support folks get thrown under the bus when a new problem arises. Of course for the bare minimum.

  • Just Dave
    Just Dave 22 hours ago

    Long time windows user but I'm holding on win7 as the win10 t&c are unacceptable. Like, all win10 OS have keystroke logging enabled by default. Even thou you can turn it off, with mandatory updates who knows if it stays off. So planning to spend thousands on switching to Apple HOWEVER videos like yours about the hinky repair options really concern me. You gained a sub but I am now holding onto win7 longer because of this real problem with Apple. I am waiting for them to go to gen8 but now I suspect if they do and I bought and had a problem they'd just say, oh no parts, just buy a new one. This is the most horrible time I've ever seen to buy a new computer. I'm really frustrated. Pls stay on top of this. And, btw, if you have to call yourself a genius, your probably not.

  • mart 0043
    mart 0043 23 hours ago

    It happens at car dealers as well.

  • Pinoy Pianist- Varities of Music

    A good entreprenuer must also care for the consumers especially to the ones who have problems of their products. They even made Iphone XS and its just the same as IPhone X but with a higher price.

  • Pinoy Pianist- Varities of Music

    My aunt's ipad was broken and he went to an apple center and wanted to fix it. They refused and said "what if you buy another one?" Jesus Christ they want money, not service.

  • Pinoy Pianist- Varities of Music

    Those things are very expensive but they wont fix any damages on the product!? Well we learned that we should buy windows and samsung instead.

  • TigerPaw
    TigerPaw Day ago

    They said Apple is richest than USA or something like that , why would they care about us? Just get money amd bye bye customer

  • Nammy Deplume
    Nammy Deplume Day ago

    Apple products always used to appeal to the deeper pocket crowd ... teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc.. F'rinstance, my doctor went from Windows to Apple at his home because his kids were always getting viruses. I joked with him that he had gone over to 'the dark side.' lol! He replied he hadn't had a virus since! Sure, you buy a new computer and, 'poof,' viruses gone. Not to mention very few people were targeting the Apple computer 15 years ago. But I digress: I approve this video!

  • kingsen
    kingsen Day ago

    Do not buy appel you dummmi

  • Tarin Vernon
    Tarin Vernon Day ago

    I bought an apple product once in my life. An Ipad. It didnt even start. I wanted them to fix it or give me a new one. They yelled at me that thats impossible(At first) and told me to wait 3 weeks.. I complained and after two very angry days they agreeded to give me a new one in the next 2 days... Also their contract said that I can return the product in 14 days. One guy told me that its not possible since I opened them box..(._.) the other one said that their insurance is only available when you buy things online....So sighing a contract that does not provide this information is okay to them apparently.

  • Tenzin TSERING
    Tenzin TSERING Day ago

    Apple always bullies to Customers. Thats the fact.

  • Megadeth
    Megadeth Day ago

    what else do you expect, apple technicians cant even fix a busted bulb.😂

  • JL G
    JL G Day ago

    Whaouu are you leaving in a fird world country !!! That's scary and I understand now why it always take few more month to relase product to France, The Freench law doesn't alows company to sell product if they don't have spare parts (For exemple : For cars it's min 10 years after the last release).

  • Hapkijo
    Hapkijo Day ago

    That's why I don't buy Apple. They are only interested in getting you to buy more.

  • ehotto
    ehotto Day ago

    Problem number one.
    Owning an apple anything

  • Ray Bastida
    Ray Bastida Day ago

    Pro tip dont buy apple or tesla

  • Akhil Shah
    Akhil Shah Day ago

    You're actually wrong.. not entirely.. but if you purchase a car and have it modified or repaired by a non authorised service Center and the car goes up in flames, there is no way the insurance company or the car company will take responsibility.

    • Akhil Shah
      Akhil Shah Day ago

      Especially when you open the device and it says "authorised Apple service only"

  • Symple _UT
    Symple _UT Day ago

    When he said Mack i thought the vid was sponsered by apple

  • Robert Crawshaw
    Robert Crawshaw Day ago


  • Fils Denel
    Fils Denel Day ago

    That's one reason I hate Apple and never will buy none of their insanes expensifs devices. They think we are nuts.

  • Jeremy Defiry
    Jeremy Defiry Day ago

    This channel opened my eyes

  • SpaceLion87
    SpaceLion87 Day ago

    Have you tried turning off location service?

  • mio mia
    mio mia Day ago

    Steve Jobs made BILLIONS of off child labor and you wonder why they don’t repair their own products.

  • chapasproject
    chapasproject Day ago

    Oh, well ... fuck your mac! And fuck you too! I piss in your faces. ... Now let's part with that ol' apple inc saying: Get the fuck outta my building!

  • MeatVision
    MeatVision Day ago +1

    Why people buy Apple these days is a mystery for me

  • Acme. Nipp-on-AiR

    You really expect a company, that takes double the money than all the others for the same product and is forcing you into it's "environment", to have a good customer service? Come on, get real, how could they get money with that strategy?

  • Dhime
    Dhime Day ago

    Here's the problem, if you modded it, it's no longer an Apple product, it's now a product of Apple + you. Which waives Apples responsibility to even bother with your machine or phone (in the case of all the comment complaints).
    This is STANDARD big business practice. If any of you have financed a car, the dealer only repairs vehicles of persons they've sold to. If you show up with your vehicle modded and a cracked head, they're going to turn you away as well. Take it to a third party. Just about every PC and hardware manufacturer operates this way.. If you over clock or attempt to mod their work in any way, they wipe their hands clean of it. It's just smart business. Companies shouldn't have to deal with fuck ups, regardless if you want to pay or not.
    What I absolutely don't agree with is how Apple stops genuine parts being supplied to third party repair shops.

  • HeadsUp TV
    HeadsUp TV Day ago

    Take it to Microsoft

  • Cj Senanayake
    Cj Senanayake Day ago

    I don't know why anyone would want to buy Apple.

  • Wikipedia sensation

    By pineapple

  • Jacob Carrasco
    Jacob Carrasco Day ago

    Why does this seem like a staged video? 😹

  • sik 70 hachi
    sik 70 hachi Day ago

    Use HP or Acer maybe more

  • sik 70 hachi
    sik 70 hachi Day ago

    thay are just not going to fix it

  • sik 70 hachi
    sik 70 hachi Day ago

    never buy apple iMac Pro , iMac

  • Blue Fox Videos
    Blue Fox Videos Day ago +1

    Gets an apple add
    *Great, I'll totally buy that.*

  • Havok Arts
    Havok Arts 2 days ago

    If you’re a customer, apple thinks you’re stupid. It’s a business trying to make money, so they don’t care. That sounds like a full blown lawsuit, unless they specified otherwise in their terms or warranty agreement. No fix = fraud at best.

  • nghaigonzalez
    nghaigonzalez 2 days ago

    Save your money apple = Waste of money

  • Firestar
    Firestar 2 days ago

    Have Bill Gates fix it. He probably hates Apple enough to repair their products just to screw with them.

  • David Dusthimer
    David Dusthimer 2 days ago


  • tim fa
    tim fa 2 days ago

    Thank u

  • rafiqul alam
    rafiqul alam 2 days ago

    this happened to me as well, they refused to fix my MacBook Pro even I agreed to pay for it, they even gave me a quote, took it in, and later on said they can't.

  • Paulie Walnuts
    Paulie Walnuts 2 days ago

    that why you say screw apple all together and switch to IBM/PC, just curious what do you do for work?

  • My Gaming Life26
    My Gaming Life26 2 days ago

    Apple sucks! Like if u agree

  • O_GhostMarii
    O_GhostMarii 2 days ago

    I’m moving to Microsoft soon

  • Yash Paranjpay
    Yash Paranjpay 2 days ago

    Well this is funny. You can't get Apple products fixed outside coz of the new T2 chip. And even the Apple Service refuses to fix the products

  • MidnightPikachu
    MidnightPikachu 2 days ago

    Sell it and buy an all in one pc

  • Zou Yi
    Zou Yi 2 days ago

    Bro, maybe you can come to China, and there is a place named Shenzhen, is a paradise for Apple products repairing.

  • Pure Vybz
    Pure Vybz 2 days ago

    1. Get PC Parts
    2. Mount own PC
    3. Get Mac OS (!)
    4. Install Mac OS on newly built PC
    5. Use Mac OS on newly built PC
    if any issues, replace parts by ordering them on Amazon

  • Jason Patrick
    Jason Patrick 2 days ago

    To be honest I'm in this boat at work. Mazda bt50 with alpine audio, no reverse camera working. The workshop manual diagram is for a Polaris unit and the alpine diagram is for one with Apple car play which the one I'm fixing doesn't have. On top of that there are 2 sets of connectors that don't exist in the car. Mazda have tried to tell me that I'm wrong somehow its ridiculous

  • JustDrones
    JustDrones 2 days ago

    Anyone notice the drop is fake? and fake sparks

  • Lâm Phạm Tiến
    Lâm Phạm Tiến 2 days ago

    get yvonne to yell at them?????

  • Nikon Alaska
    Nikon Alaska 2 days ago

    sue them

  • Hayk Hayrapetyan
    Hayk Hayrapetyan 2 days ago

    F**k apple!

  • Khairul Azmi Bajuri
    Khairul Azmi Bajuri 2 days ago

    😂 LOL stooopid apple.
    Use android and windows. Problem solve.

  • oland gamer
    oland gamer 2 days ago

    Stop bying apple products if you want it repaired and with pc as you know you can upgrade it without a Company screwing you over

  • Ali Irtaza Bhatti
    Ali Irtaza Bhatti 2 days ago

    Apple is only floating as a company coz its offering a bunch of products. (which all have Apple problems) iphones imac ipads ipods kinda no longer attracts new users just same old Ifailure are gonna buy it. coz they seem too expensive. nd always want u to buy a brand new product if it needs fixes. well done. i cant wait to see apple drowning like nokia n blackberry o yeah. gonna b fun to watch though.

  • MaleboJ Sniper
    MaleboJ Sniper 2 days ago

    The is a chines shop that cn fix it, but ofcuz it wouldnt be original parts. but they do work

  • MaleboJ Sniper
    MaleboJ Sniper 2 days ago

    Yea, thats why i stick to Samsung, no hustle

  • Mr Tovia Skeete
    Mr Tovia Skeete 2 days ago

    Found this
    maybe they can help
    Life lesson;
    Avoid Apple

  • ferco1688
    ferco1688 3 days ago

    you make a lot of money of your channel, buy a new one.

  • Kprojects Kurt
    Kprojects Kurt 3 days ago

    50% more breakable than the competition

  • Gianangelo Perlasca
    Gianangelo Perlasca 3 days ago

    Oh, here I come, thinking about buying an iMac Pro, WAT IS DIS!?!?!?!

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 3 days ago

    . Bear in mind I'm a caveman with a hammer and a rock when it comes to modern technology. I've known about this kind of crap over 20 years. Here in Canada, or at least in Nova Scotia. They close down there Apple repair centers. If you can believe that. Back in the 90s. If you bought an Apple computer and wanted it serviced. People would look at you like you were a crackhead, your only option was to take it to a Apple authorized facility and then have it shipped somewheres else for somebody else to fix it. You had to of course pay for the shipping. Bear in mind this was with warranty. If you didn't have warranty you were even more screwed and in most cases they could get the parts to fix the machine. No matter how new it was. At one point they had limited service centers in a few places here, but last I seen they've closed all those locations down. Basically, the only option you have if you bought a Apple at one of the few places that still sells them like Best Buy and right out of the box It doesn't work. Bear in mind I'm not making this scenario up you've got a go through Hall to either get it replaced or repaired because just like this machine, they'll make multiple excuses why they can't get the parts and nobody will fix it. I've literally heard stories from customers who were being told they can't just exchange the machine for another one. God only knows how screwed the people are that bought their machines online because there is almost no physical stores to buy an Apple computer because almost nobody carries Apple anymore. It actually boggles my mind. Apple is still in business in Canada giving all the crap they are pulling.
    By the way, you think this is great and joyful talk to somebody that's tried to have a one of those fancy electric cars fixed. You know the ones I'm talking about Bill by that Ironman want to be rich guy;) frankly don't even want to mention the name of a car. There are libel assume I ass. You know the guy, I'm talking about.some of those cards you can't even get parts for right from the service centers because they won't make the parts available and they're getting away with it. Somehow. I remember running into problems like this with some new Japanese cars Not that long ago. There was a couple hundred thousand of these cards shipped to Canada, where the horns were put on wrong or something and right at the car dealerships when it rained water was getting into the horns and shorting them out. Plus, customers were bringing them back in droves because the horn would work was several shipments. This way Manufactures defect put on wrong, Whatever. every salvage yard here in Nova Scotia had their phones ringing off the hook with I believe it was Honda dealers trying to get warns for these cars anything that would even somehow attached to the car and work because they were being told replacement parts were unavailable for several months. how I originally found out is I was going to a couple salvage yards to pick up some pieces and every phone in the place was lighting up like a Christmas tree where various Honda distributors were calling from salvage yard to salvage yard all with the same request looking for anything that would fit where they had car lots of these vehicles where the horns wouldn't work. I don't think there was ever anything in the newspaper about it. To add insult to injury it was kept pretty quiet. I'm actually surprised you haven't dealt with this kind of problem years ago giving you do product reviews tear downs and such. It's why I don't particularly even want anything to do with Apple iPhone, iPad, or anything else Apple related. I dealt with this stuff back in the 90s and never went near it again.

  • Rob Stammers
    Rob Stammers 3 days ago

    That's why I will never buy an Apple product EVER....

  • JustAnotherBoog
    JustAnotherBoog 3 days ago

    that's Apple for you

  • smmozza
    smmozza 3 days ago

    ... DO NOT buy apple ... nobody should ...

  • James akino
    James akino 3 days ago

    Always android, always PC. Never Apple.

  • Malcolm Abram
    Malcolm Abram 3 days ago

    Sorry folks we now need to thoroughly do homework before buying. Thank God for consumer websites. No I will never buy anything that is Apple. I bought a hoover vacuum cleaner. It broke down after two weeks. To cut a very long story short, they and the shop blatantly refused to honour the guarantee. I bought a zanussi washing machine. It broke down within the year. The guarantee was free parts great, but the call out to fix was a £135 so we bought new (and yes Zanussi was of the radar). In all cases it meant going to court. It seems increasingly manufacturers blatantly refuse to honour their legal obligations knowing most, like me, cant be bothered with courts. I suspect they play a statistical game balancing how much they can get away with annoyed customers against profit. The days of genuine service are dying in this globalised society. People are just money bags with arms and legs on. I treat all manufacturer claims with contempt and rely on consumer websites for which I thank God.

  • Ingmar Thelen
    Ingmar Thelen 3 days ago

    Take a big "screw-u-driver" force the cherry thing open, get the harddrive out. Hook it up on a linux machine. Get the stuff off the harddrive that you want. Take a hammer, destroy the harddrive. Use a flametrower to cook the stuff, ad some salt and pepper to it. And get rid off the stuff. Then buy a decent PeeSee. Wondows PeeSee for example. What a big ripp-off.

  • Mineplayer Gaming
    Mineplayer Gaming 3 days ago +1

    A windows repair scammer could've dealt with it better lol

  • Mike R
    Mike R 3 days ago

    We developed a revolutionary new way to use a computer, all you have to do is pay 10 grand for a 5 year old computer we built. If you break the screen we offer a revolutionary system where if the device is over a year old we no longer stock parts and cant fix it. You also need a pro rated tech to fix this but dont worry thats coming out next year. We do have hot fixes for this though that you can do but if you open up the computer its void of warranty. Thanks for buying our stuff!
    The Shepard

  • Dayal Singh
    Dayal Singh 3 days ago

    So stop buying these apple's shit.

  • Web Detective
    Web Detective 3 days ago


  • Nat Kat
    Nat Kat 3 days ago

    my Mac Pro. laptop was wet n took it to apple store the wouldn't even look at it until you pay 100$ fee and additional for diagnostic and addition fee for repair and additional fee for parts about 700$ . I took it to a metro pc tech repair and they fix it from being wet n dead to back to normal for 300$ with a month guarantee

  • Maria ER
    Maria ER 3 days ago

    I didn't know Apple repaired things at all. Every time we bring something broken (always some design flaw they admit has been a problem) they refuse to repair it and just give us the chance to buy a new one with a *slight* discount.

  • BigD9176
    BigD9176 3 days ago

    Apple support sucks balls.... only time I yelled at my wife is when she bought an Apple laptop.

  • Woodrow Barrioquinto

    why buy apple. when it sucks. accidents really happen . and i got an ipad also but they wont repair it. this guys dont know what they have created. its better not to buy apple at all. they thought there product is super strong that it wont be destroyed at all thats why they dont repair. what retards

  • briank05
    briank05 3 days ago

    why the fuck would anyone buy an imac in fact anything apple, what a shit company

  • Antonio Mitchell
    Antonio Mitchell 3 days ago

    That is a basic apple trick do not fix just buy a new one. How do you think they got to a trillion dollars?

    CHICKEN KURRY 3 days ago

    Can’t just get a screen from your factory Apple?

  • Okie TC
    Okie TC 3 days ago

    My dad has gone through 9 androids in a year from water damage and just dropping them. In that one year process I’ve had the same phone for 2 years ( iphone ). This is just my story so please don’t bash me for using an iPhone

  • Dan S
    Dan S 3 days ago

    AASP? lolol

  • Katie Persons
    Katie Persons 3 days ago

    Apple is like the ultra clean white suit wearing British accent Sci Fi movie villain with unlimited resources waging war on the scrappy little guy.

  • Sourav Saha
    Sourav Saha 3 days ago

    Get it repaired from a Third Party, non apple guy. You can get it fixed for cheap

  • Notpoop
    Notpoop 3 days ago

    They just know 99 percent of their mindless audience will just drop 6k on another one. They cut their losses on the few people that won't.

  • Charlie Chau Production

    Why Mac get a pc

  • Shan Mohammed
    Shan Mohammed 3 days ago

    5:20. That’s exactly how a guy from the Apple store I bought the Apple Watch from behaved to me when I told him how Apple is trying to charge me 80 pct of the original price of my Apple Watch for replacement because I had a accidental crack on the screen. They made me regret buying the whole thing and now I have teen it in a corner of my room. Much cheaper not to use it than spending on “replacement”.

  • Dave S.
    Dave S. 3 days ago

    Apple, the official company of consumers with money > brains.

  • Michael Tobin
    Michael Tobin 3 days ago

    Sue the CEO in small claims court, you will be suing on his bonus and that is not covered under the corporate umbrella. He will have to show up in court himself and can't send an attorney in his behalf- believe me it works. Another thing you bill him personally, you send by priority mail ( tracking) and put your letter in a manila envelope with the warning of tampering with the mail inside the priority envelope