Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A Which Chicken Sandwich is better?

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • There's much debate on social media about which chicken sandwich is better, the new Popeyes Chicken Sandwich or the Original Chick fil-A Sandwich, I try them out side by side and share my thoughts.
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Comments • 12 675

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  Month ago +2701

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    • MulaParrish
      MulaParrish 18 days ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek jay birds in lbx is the closest to Popeyes

    • Matthew Littlejohn
      Matthew Littlejohn Month ago

      Do an honest Synagogue review of local Temples! That would be hilarious.

    • Censari Longmeat
      Censari Longmeat Month ago

      tvclip.biz/video/v2sIPV9oMeg/video.html Popeyes related skit I made

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle Month ago

      @Davey Houston how much do you really care? Do you send them money and follow them on every kind of social media.

    • Davey Houston
      Davey Houston Month ago

      @Frank Castle we care go back to your cabin mr. Kazinski

  • Monica E
    Monica E 12 hours ago

    Sobbing because I disagree wholeheartedly with this beautiful man. Popeyes chicken sandwich changed my Southern soul!

  • Earl Hickey
    Earl Hickey 15 hours ago

    Popeyes always comes 2nd.

  • Fatelephant 77
    Fatelephant 77 17 hours ago

    This dude sounds like mike wosawski

  • justin jahns
    justin jahns 22 hours ago

    I like this guy

  • justin jahns
    justin jahns 22 hours ago

    Everyone knows chick fil a has the best chicken sandwich

  • Reviews.
    Reviews. 2 days ago

    Chick-fil-A rules!!!!!!!!!

  • dan altamirano
    dan altamirano 2 days ago

    The Elder God of Fast Food has spoken.

  • Meme master Memes memes memes

    Posh boy

  • Meme master Memes memes memes

    What is that hair like what do you meannnnn

  • Gabrielle Bergamini
    Gabrielle Bergamini 3 days ago

    1:04 the way he says AND 😭😭😭

  • Gabrielle Bergamini
    Gabrielle Bergamini 3 days ago

    He makes me cringe so much 😭

  • Cool cooler Coolest
    Cool cooler Coolest 3 days ago

    Popeyes looks way better.

  • Andrew Li
    Andrew Li 3 days ago

    how did nobody notice the hat in the back

  • Lettuce Jones
    Lettuce Jones 3 days ago

    Guys please watch my review of Jack in the Box 4-patty Really Big Chicken sandwich. No one else is telling the truth about it! Check me out for real non-biased truth!

  • DerpSquirrel117
    DerpSquirrel117 3 days ago +8

    he protacc
    he attac
    but most importantly
    he got his hat in the bacc

  • DerpSquirrel117
    DerpSquirrel117 3 days ago +9

    not a single soul:
    reviewbrah: there my hat in the back

  • J C
    J C 4 days ago +1

    dude all that talking for something that takes 3 minutes tops. so annoying


    I never ate the Popeyes one but I ate the Chick-fil-A one it was good

  • ChrisKing 2K
    ChrisKing 2K 4 days ago

    This guy reminds me of Ben Shapiro for some reason

  • Jon Walker
    Jon Walker 4 days ago

    What are the pens for in the shirt pocket?

  • ROBLOX unicorn cookie

    No offence but you kinda look like a lizard and CHICK FIL A IS BETTER

  • Marko Petrov
    Marko Petrov 5 days ago

    When reviewing Chick fil A, do it with the spicy deluxe :)

  • Tman McVie
    Tman McVie 5 days ago

    Is he rolling in a prius?

  • Nate Johnsen
    Nate Johnsen 5 days ago

    better bun?

  • Jissette C
    Jissette C 6 days ago

    😳me watching this video.
    This is corporate 😰

  • Joe
    Joe 6 days ago +3

    After the video, ReviewBrah dons the white fedora hat and dances like Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.

  • Dilan Eades
    Dilan Eades 7 days ago

    it is the same chicken

  • Jhawk
    Jhawk 7 days ago +12

    “There’s my hat in the back”

  • NS
    NS 7 days ago +1

    Americans: Arguing
    get upset about if Popeyes or Chick-Fil-A has the better sandwich
    All europeans: Whats that? We only got McDonalds, BK, KFC

  • ashchen games
    ashchen games 8 days ago

    Video starts at 5:11

  • TuffPuppy 404
    TuffPuppy 404 8 days ago

    Before he even said anything else he took another bite😂

  • Canto III
    Canto III 8 days ago

    *Popeye's loyalists.*

  • Lord Lew
    Lord Lew 8 days ago

    If only Popeyes had the good service and continence that chikfila provides..

  • Magneticitist
    Magneticitist 9 days ago +1

    Pope Yes. Wow I never noticed that. Hidden brainwashing to associate the delicious flavor of chicken with corroborating papal infallibility.

  • · Elijah ·
    · Elijah · 10 days ago

    Guys don't be deceived by the lusts of the Catholic church, chic fil a is pure and holy. It's hard, I know but say *no* to the pope

  • Sebastian Pimentel
    Sebastian Pimentel 11 days ago

    "Chik Fill Uhh sandwich"

  • Tristan Sinha
    Tristan Sinha 11 days ago

    You are a coward and just like every chick filet stan out there, despite the superior crispiness, THE SUPERIOR JUICINESS (2 factors to which you yourself admitted), and the superiority of the quality of the pickles (not to mention the overall size of the sandwich), you refuse to admit that the Popeyes chicken sandwich beats chick filet even by a little. And what the heck do u mean “for the price”, why is the marginal difference of $1.50 weighted so damn heavily in a taste comparison test! You must have been looking for any reason to pick chick filet as the winner #ChickfiletStan

  • Robert Linthicum
    Robert Linthicum 11 days ago

    Is that a Studebaker?

  • jazzplayer9
    jazzplayer9 11 days ago

    living in Fla and wearing full suits everyday. tell us your secret to not sweating

  • Medsas
    Medsas 11 days ago

    so if I understood this video correctly he hates the popeyes sandwich and rates it 1 out of 10

  • fabian mora
    fabian mora 12 days ago

    I wonder if you got grease on his suit..

  • Vantravise Moss
    Vantravise Moss 13 days ago

    Smilgel from load of the rings has found a new predhey

  • Jeffrey Mudgett
    Jeffrey Mudgett 13 days ago

    That tie is awesome, my friend

  • alek
    alek 13 days ago

    Popeyes is so shitty I don’t know why people like it, I had chicken from there it tasted like egg like wtf there was no chicken flavor at all never eating again. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Glichy Boi
    Glichy Boi 13 days ago

    This made my day

  • Danny G
    Danny G 14 days ago

    Chic feeeel la all day baby.

  • David B
    David B 14 days ago +1

    This guy looks like a woman

  • Randy2204_ YT
    Randy2204_ YT 14 days ago


  • Wordy G
    Wordy G 15 days ago

    Lovin' the Big Pimpin' Hat behind him.

  • Opyumz
    Opyumz 15 days ago

    His big bite is my small bite

  • Ares Evans
    Ares Evans 16 days ago

    Bro... You look like a male version of the singer Lorde.

  • Moshe M.
    Moshe M. 16 days ago +3

    He took that big bite and I wasn't prepared

  • Dmitry Williams
    Dmitry Williams 16 days ago

    just sitting here eating mini tacos while watching this

  • Katie Turows
    Katie Turows 16 days ago

    Love the guy...but you guys realize that the hat is his disguise while going through a drive thru. 😂😂😂

  • Davis Singleton
    Davis Singleton 17 days ago

    Pope e yes

  • G0OF
    G0OF 17 days ago +1

    thank you i can finally brush my teeth again

  • Itziar Galeas Bone
    Itziar Galeas Bone 17 days ago


  • Manny Amato
    Manny Amato 17 days ago

    Did he really say Popeyes wrong

  • gmenisonfire
    gmenisonfire 18 days ago +1

    It’s a new Tilda Swinston role?