Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 8 hours ago

    As an Indian, I feel ashamed of Pai and he's an American..
    Kick this fucker out...

  • Feynstein 100
    Feynstein 100 Day ago +1

    Watched it again just for the singing goat :D

  • Andybiotic
    Andybiotic 3 days ago

    The unusually long thumb thing got me looking, and they were right... lol

  • The King of Element's

    He warned us,but we did not listen...THAT was our biggest mistake

  • roy walton
    roy walton 3 days ago

    Fascist Obama. This is state controlled capitalism...which is definitional fascism...source: giovanni gentile. (The brain behind fascism)

  • Abdalla A. Sakeb
    Abdalla A. Sakeb 5 days ago

    dude isis as an Egyptian god :D not and isis isis

  • Geneva Mapping
    Geneva Mapping 5 days ago

    Now relevant.

  • Ross Ellis
    Ross Ellis 9 days ago


  • Zachary King-Billyard
    Zachary King-Billyard 10 days ago

    Hmm just kind of sort of you know wondering why you haven't covered this recent issue at all. It's extremely curious. It makes me wonder, what corporation owns your network? And did it have anything to do with you not covering this issue?

  • tsntana
    tsntana 11 days ago

    Let The Hershey Company know how you feel about Ajit Pai's Reese's mug.

  • Im A Maldekian
    Im A Maldekian 11 days ago

    Ftc anyone?

  • Queenie Isn't Here
    Queenie Isn't Here 12 days ago

    well, fuck. time to vote these pigs out of d.c. also, "fuck pile island." BAHAHAHA!

  • Pineapple Brew
    Pineapple Brew 12 days ago

    Normie Neutrality

  • Lilly
    Lilly 12 days ago leads straight to the website of the FCC... well played

    • Lilly
      Lilly 12 days ago

      Oh well someone already noticed🧠

  • Incorrect6472
    Incorrect6472 12 days ago

    net neutrality dead

  • chinilla Nilo
    chinilla Nilo 13 days ago

    That is why i hate indians.

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 13 days ago

    A simple rule of thought.....everything John Oliver rolls out to you just believe the opposite....LOL

  • Adarsh Singpuri
    Adarsh Singpuri 14 days ago

    Some Indian ISPs slow down selected porn websites.

  • Jay Arya
    Jay Arya 14 days ago

    You can never take a shit with his videos. You can't stay serious and press. You just laugh too hard.

  • Je Won Seo
    Je Won Seo 15 days ago

    Now US runs out of democracy, should have stopped delivering it all over the world

  • James Verner
    James Verner 15 days ago

    I've got it! If comcast or FCC buys twitter , TVclip , and Facebook and puts a price tag on top then DON"T BUY INTO IT! ... INSTEAD use an unlisted newly created website that's new and outside of their censorsed and control. I can see it now. TVclip plummets in value as everyone starts using YourWatch the replacement for video streaming websites... Twitter ends and we switch to Holler .... Facebook was not the first once their was a land called Myspace. DO you SEE communication WELL NEVER END WE NEED NERDS TO RE-INVENT THE INTERNET. preferably with no package deals. YES THIS WILL WORK

  • A Google User
    A Google User 15 days ago

    I liked for goats singing Taylor Swift songs

  • Arthur Rosa
    Arthur Rosa 15 days ago +2

    FCC's chairman Ajit Pai just stated that the “Reeses mug is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and net neutrality free verizon please inform him that I too have a Reeses mug, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my mug works!

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien 16 days ago

    Internet Doomsday Prediction boi dropped some fire

  • Five Relic
    Five Relic 16 days ago +1

    That stale meme tho

  • Gianpaolo C
    Gianpaolo C 16 days ago

    How come every single time John stands up he buckles up his shirt?

  • Tera Quabal
    Tera Quabal 17 days ago +1

    I am all for the removal of Net Neutrality regulations! Here’s why:
    1. The claim that the regulations make the Internet “neutral” are false, in fact it’s the opposite. The US Government is directly inhibiting the supply and demand that drives competition. This is not neutral in the least.
    2. Competition is necessary for an environment to be innovative, especially in technology.
    3. Further on the claim that the use of the term “neutral” is false: The big tech companies, companies such as Netflix, Google, Facebook, etc., massively benefit from the amount of money and content control that net neutrality regulations provide.
    4. The barrier to entry in the e-commerce marketplace as a whole is so low that competition is almost completely wiped out.
    5. Big tech companies lobby for these types of regulations for the sole purpose of further retaining profits and content control at the cost of the rest of the market place.
    Basically, although net neutrality regulations claim to provide a healthy market place, the reality is clearly the exact opposite. The businesses and consumers that are claimed to be protected are actually being exploited when these regulations were in place.
    Let me know if some of this logic is off, otherwise it is a sound argument!

    • Tera Quabal
      Tera Quabal 12 days ago

      You have given me a different definition in every response and it is irrelevant.
      We both understand very that we are talking about the regulation of net neutrality - sorry, the regulation of equal treatment of all data.
      Now that we have our technicalities in order, let us continue. So far, we haven't gone anywhere from the original post. You need to make some valid points and not just tell me I'm wrong, or someone else needs to step in. Otherwise, I am growing really bored of your emotionally charged and sometimes insulting responses.

    • Valrath823
      Valrath823 12 days ago

      As I've already said, NN is treating all data equally. When you pay your monthly Internet bill, you get to access all the Internet you want. Whether that's news site, video sites, forums, porn, it doesn't matter. You get it all, and all equally. No site gets special services and no site gets slowed down. By classifying the Internet as a Title II utility, it ensures that NN can be enforced. Nothing has really changed. if I take a snapshot of the Internet in the 90s and a snapshot of it under Title II protection, nothing really changes. The difference is that in the past, NN was enforced by the honor system. We assumed that ISPs would treat all data equally. That trust turned out to be ill-placed. People petitioned the FCC to ensure NN is an enforceable thing so it was in 2015. And guess what? there was no great disaster. There was no gov't takeover of the Internet.
      Watch this video if things are unclear.
      There are plenty of articles on NN from dozens of organizations you can read that also explain it.

    • Tera Quabal
      Tera Quabal 12 days ago

      Instead of getting angry at me personally you can just tell me what the definition that you have in mind is.

    • Valrath823
      Valrath823 12 days ago

      Your whole basis for your argument is redefining NN to be something that it is not. I don't know who the fuck told you what it is, but it is wrong. You were lied to. It sucks to hear that, but it happens. You can't form an argument with a made-up premise. I am fucking tired of people like you who try to paint NN as some sort of gov't control of the Internet. For the last fucking time NO IT FUCKING ISN'T. I don't know how to make it clearer. If you are still confused, tell me what is confusing you. NN has universal support across the political spectrum.

    • Tera Quabal
      Tera Quabal 12 days ago

      To the 1st part: What is being discussed as net neutrality refers literally and in principle to exactly the regulation of bandwidth by the Federal Government of the United States.
      To the 2nd part: Your hypothetical statements are referring to the economical logic from the original post, finally. You used a series of correct statements but they must be continued to allow for large and small ISPs. (Edited in: premiums will not exist for high-speeds. As mentioned in my last reply, you are again referring to throttling).
      P.s., Your assumptions about me personally that you have included in every one of your responses are simply wrong. Just wanted to wait for the 3rd one to tell you that.

  • Rey Luna
    Rey Luna 17 days ago

    I did it John!

  • Sashin Gopaul
    Sashin Gopaul 17 days ago

    Is this only in America or a worldwide issue?

  • Jo Ford
    Jo Ford 18 days ago


  • Dorissa Claire
    Dorissa Claire 18 days ago

    Ya mugs not that big
    I for sure my favorite quote of all time 😂😂

  • Max C
    Max C 18 days ago

  • Max C
    Max C 18 days ago

    Over 7M views!

  • Max C
    Max C 18 days ago


  • Melvin Blorgus
    Melvin Blorgus 18 days ago

    I was watching smitys vid and got here

  • Michael Thibault
    Michael Thibault 18 days ago

    Hey! fuck you lady!

  • Fun vick
    Fun vick 18 days ago

    Taking off net neutrality affects only America ryt

  • Anaxater Philaus
    Anaxater Philaus 19 days ago

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  • Joe Lunchbucket
    Joe Lunchbucket 19 days ago

    not even a minute has passed in the video and this happens (0:49), thats how you keep people watching

  • deathto all
    deathto all 19 days ago

    He funny

  • Mr elder scolls and fallout

    I love you jonh I would never bring any of your family in it if "if" I disliked you

  • Mr elder scolls and fallout

    That comment is fake

  • Mr elder scolls and fallout

    I never mentioned a letter between you or your aunt

  • Mr elder scolls and fallout

    The internet is being taken over by the military industrial complex

  • Sondos Y
    Sondos Y 19 days ago

    that n
    made me cry a bit what a fucked world we live in

  • mloc m
    mloc m 19 days ago

    Everything is corrupt, people are so disgusting , greed greed greed,

  • mathew watters
    mathew watters 20 days ago

    Mission failed, well get em next time

  • Marcio da Costa
    Marcio da Costa 20 days ago

    Actually, the problem is the internet providers CARTEL!!! 3 companies providing internet is freedom?? We should have 20, such as in Romenia. Internet freedom starts with whom I choose to provide the service. And yes, the company I chose should be free to charge whatever they want in the terms they want. Down with the Cartel, this is freedom. We will certainly have cheaper, faster, and more open internet. We will have a uber-like service for internet

  • Rick Erel
    Rick Erel 20 days ago

    Wow! That's some mug! HaHaaaHaHaa

  • Sagar Bhakta
    Sagar Bhakta 20 days ago

    Pay $10 to read this comment........

  • Laughing Jackass
    Laughing Jackass 20 days ago

    Dude in blue shirt got it from charles tyrwhitt

  • SaltyShadowDragon ._.

    Mr.Oliver we failed what now

  • [GOD] SergeantThe3rd

    Soon enough we will witness a 2nd Civil War...

  • Yeezys’ R’Gay
    Yeezys’ R’Gay 21 day ago

    If internet is that important in your life, kill yourself. Cause you’re not living anyways.

  • Yeezys’ R’Gay
    Yeezys’ R’Gay 21 day ago

    I hope Trump kills the Puerto Rican terrorist that Obama Bin Liden pardoned.

  • Hoochi Koochi
    Hoochi Koochi 21 day ago

    Hulu got fucked when they first started out when they had cable Ch's like syfy for free, cable companys put an end to that real fast. so why wont they do that with no net neutrality, huh... fucking FFC....

  • Hoochi Koochi
    Hoochi Koochi 21 day ago


  • Edward Bigar
    Edward Bigar 22 days ago

    instead of bombing them with comments, people should start spamming the FCC hotline with angry calls

  • alexgomez83
    alexgomez83 22 days ago

    this is on earth could you expect company A to make it easier for you to do business with company B? You want to use a cable companies infrastructure to be able to drop your cable bill and run off and watch youtube and netflix off of hardware that the cable company owns. I don't pay for HBO, yet here I am watching HBO content through youtube. If you owned a business would you allow part of your business infrastructure to be used to drive sales away? Eventually the cable companies are going to find a way to recover that lost cost.

  • Plethora
    Plethora 22 days ago

    Don't be fooled. Net neutrality = control of the masses.

  • M. M.
    M. M. 22 days ago

    Please talk about Apple and their Currant lawsuits. Guess I will be buying their new batteries, instead of buying new IPhones. By the way, Apple didn't even apologize.
    Also, please talk about Facebook's involvement with the Philippine dictator and the money they will be making because of it. To me Facebook stabbed us in the back for profit, once again. Just my opinion.
    Happy New Year and thank you.

  • M. M.
    M. M. 22 days ago

    Thank you for your excellent commentary, please keep up the good work.

  • Jim Lianos
    Jim Lianos 22 days ago

    John Oliver where are you men?? they are a joke!!

  • DatAlphaLion
    DatAlphaLion 22 days ago +1

    Who’s ready for Net Neutrality III?

  • Daniel Applegate
    Daniel Applegate 23 days ago

    i wont watch 2 seconds of this shitty video because of who is in it. Americans dont like john oliver. Americans dont like people who constantly attack our president because their paid to.

  • MrKaitland
    MrKaitland 23 days ago

    Why is this wanker in our country. This SOB is a british loser who could not make it in the UK. Why is he here??? Why do you kids listen to him? He is pretty old too.

  • QtownCrazy
    QtownCrazy 23 days ago


  • ranouj challita
    ranouj challita 23 days ago


  • Nut Suphanat
    Nut Suphanat 23 days ago

    14:34, we didn't know at the time of the posting of this video that this mug can get any larger... still not as large as the impact ceasing Net Neutrality cause...

  • John HAHN SR
    John HAHN SR 24 days ago

    This what happens without Net Neutrality laws. It is a violation of freedom of speech. Constitution of United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992) Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech

  • Hector Terrero
    Hector Terrero 24 days ago

    YOU LOST OLIVER. Net "Neutrality" is a joke.

  • Elias Chair
    Elias Chair 24 days ago

    Hello U.S.A its the rest of the world ! Sadly you won't be able to read this.

  • neko TV
    neko TV 24 days ago

    We failed, we fought and we failed, dark times are upon us.

  • Louise A Schmal
    Louise A Schmal 24 days ago

    I never noticed his thumbs and omg there's a reason he's married lets sayt hat

  • Isidoraa Flores
    Isidoraa Flores 24 days ago

    Can someone explain me this net neutrality meme? I literally live under a shit rock

    • Isidoraa Flores
      Isidoraa Flores 24 days ago

      Also is this shit gonna affect the rest of the world, are Americans dragging us to this non democratic internet era?

  • DMoneyTaz15
    DMoneyTaz15 24 days ago

    John Oliver, and his research team, actually does remarkable journalism.

  • Manish Mishra
    Manish Mishra 24 days ago

    so when are the americans gonna storm the congress and unseat the regime?? thats how the rest of the world does it folks!!

    • tacori09
      tacori09 24 days ago

      Get this America...iPhone and Verizon #App!3SuckBalls! #Research!

  • Fernando Perez
    Fernando Perez 24 days ago

    Nobody uses Bing. Why do you think we say that we Google things? We don't Bing things, or Yahoo things. Bing is basically only good for watching TVclip on school computers when TVclip is blocked.

  • K S
    K S 24 days ago

    Go to and clicking "express" to file this comment... copy and past it from here.. I specifically support STRONG Net Neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs!

  • Bro Brolic
    Bro Brolic 24 days ago

    Oliver will only be remembered as the sound bite "DO IT" when Trump decided to run for Pres.
    Kinda blew up in your face, huh John?

  • akshata2000
    akshata2000 25 days ago

    This show is the only light in the dark ages we live in

  • Deathstroke OG
    Deathstroke OG 25 days ago +1

    Powerful "Hey, Fuck you lady" lol #CrowderIsACuck

  • Josh Barrera
    Josh Barrera 25 days ago

    Lol 😂 this guy is funny as hell

    WUT HUH 25 days ago

    7:32 is that h3h3 productions.

  • MrAmigostos
    MrAmigostos 25 days ago

    John Olive could give an uplifting speech and conquer any country in the world.

  • DarkLuke2005
    DarkLuke2005 25 days ago +1

    This is depressing now.
    Edit: His led me to the FCC

  • Miguel Rosa
    Miguel Rosa 25 days ago

    I can't unsee his thumbs now that he pointed it out.

  • paul sticks
    paul sticks 25 days ago

    Someone please send this limey sack of shit home where he belongs, the fcc has no control over internet and never can its to big to much content. you are so annoying with smug smile fuck off anytime

  • Haroun Ben
    Haroun Ben 25 days ago

    You are fxcked Murica.

  • Jethro Jacinto
    Jethro Jacinto 26 days ago

    Fuck Ajit Pai

  • jkh
    jkh 26 days ago

    Come on John admit it. No net neutrality means no more free gay porn and your faux wife will question your cc bills now.

  • Ethan Payne
    Ethan Payne 26 days ago


  • avenuePad
    avenuePad 26 days ago

    Jesus. John Oliver is a parody of himself. I'm all for net neutrality, but this guy is not funny. And he's obviously a corporate shill.

  • Milan Jacobs
    Milan Jacobs 26 days ago

    Separate fade map can assistant metal observe enormous

  • Tesselator Tess
    Tesselator Tess 26 days ago

    Wait, did he say "that's the exact opposite of what it did?"
    But that is actually happened. Conservative blogs, vlogs, and youtubes are filtered out of feeds regularly! Just take a look at the PreggerU lawsuit. So maybe, just maybe the transparency in this new move will give some recourse.

  • Deviationlark
    Deviationlark 26 days ago

    hey guys i work at ISIS...wait no thats not what i meant

  • DG
    DG 26 days ago

    The effects of the policy is that less regulation will help the cable companies, hurt streaming providers, and eventually the consumer will foot the bill. If the regulation stays in place, the cable companies are forced to face the competition head-on, and prices are bound to go down. The question boils down to whether high-speed internet should be considered a public utility like electricity, gas and water, or not. Ajit i$ full of $hit

  • Sam Gottesman
    Sam Gottesman 26 days ago

    2018 Anyone?????

  • The1Rausch
    The1Rausch 26 days ago

    we the people ? what a joke.
    you yanks feel free ? and brave ?
    there you go. you made yourself the worst prison i saw in a long time... compareable with Erdogan/Turkey.
    You are done.
    Sold your freedom for MONEY , not even religion etc.
    Seems fair.