Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on May 8, 2017
  • Equal access to online information is once again under serious threat. John Oliver encourages internet commenters to voice their displeasure to the FCC by visiting and clicking "express" to file your comment.
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Comments • 12 747

  • dragongirl7978
    dragongirl7978 12 hours ago

    I live in China and constantly have to use Bing because my VPN hates me. 😭 (Actually, it's really not that bad, but it's not Google, and I'm still annoyed. 😒)

  • Mel iCentric
    Mel iCentric Day ago

    Even if you love this, 8 million viewers wasn't enough

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore 3 days ago

    Both Yogi Guru perv and Steven Seagal fudd both think I can be controlled by fear. They are both equally as stupid. Someone want to explain how they are any different? I would look into fudds background.

  • James Scannell
    James Scannell 10 days ago

    I love the big Lebowski. I never thought I would say this but fuck you and your mug John Oliver.

  • Dichtsau
    Dichtsau 12 days ago


  • Celena Oxley
    Celena Oxley 16 days ago

    Can you do a segment on the effectiveness of Bay Leaves?

  • William Hazelwood
    William Hazelwood 22 days ago

    2 things, 1st when u need a lawyer to explain anything to customers, that's bad. Secondly, as a professional in the information technology industry, WHY IN THE FUCK DOES THEIR GENERAL COUNSEL LEAD THEIR PUBLIC POLICY GROUP? Ur a damn lawyer not a techie. Your children prolly have to help u use ur phone EVEN THO U WORK FOR A CELLULAR PROVIDER! God! Fuck Verizon. That's why I switched to Sprint.

  • Naveena Charles
    Naveena Charles 25 days ago

    Almost 24 M WE DID IT!!!! 😂😂😂

  • Creepypasta & Squirrels

    Who remembers the search engine Dogpile?

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones Month ago

    Your f****** rug dude!

  • Edward Chang
    Edward Chang Month ago

    So what happened?

  • Margee
    Margee Month ago

    he does have pretty long thumbs

  • Nicholas Rodinos
    Nicholas Rodinos Month ago

    Oh please the Pope won't choke them. They're adults.

  • TheBigCheeserNG1
    TheBigCheeserNG1 Month ago +1

    Why does John look and sound hotter in that TMZ clips, and why, as a man, do I feel compelled to call him daddy?

  • DaveyTheDJ
    DaveyTheDJ Month ago

    I feel for Reese's!

  • Greg Y
    Greg Y Month ago

    Good god Oliver is a retard

  • Jonaswl
    Jonaswl Month ago

    mmmmmmm didn't like the goat taylor swift thing it was really cringe

  • ChackosModernLife
    ChackosModernLife Month ago

    The funny part is we literally have to invent new networking equipment to achieve non-net neutrality.

    All Cisco/Siena/Juniper switches/routers/edge routers/autonomous systems, don't have rules for discriminating traffic beyond straight up firewalls (yes/no). You'd have to build equipment to do this.
    Also anyone remember when Comcast was using Sandvine and sending TCP resets to people for running BitTorrent (including people patching WoW)? Because pretending like the ISPs never abused the net neutrality rules is a complete farce. They have, they will, and they do.

  • Merplop
    Merplop Month ago

    What if we made fast internet a free and open-source service like Linux? That would be pretty great.

  • simone foster
    simone foster Month ago

    I hate bing to bad it's not real page.

  • MrWerderaner
    MrWerderaner 2 months ago

    John Oliver & his staff are absolutely fucking BRILLIANT!

  • Kimberly Alexandria Annette
    Kimberly Alexandria Annette 2 months ago +14

    2019: Once more unto the breach, my friends!

    • Emil Edlund
      Emil Edlund 2 months ago

      Kimberly Alexandria Annette Of course, The Trump administration is just a collection of unnuanced caricatures somehow made flesh by a deity of sadism who just want us to suffer

  • Licht Schluusseln
    Licht Schluusseln 2 months ago

    Why is this reaching my feedtray so late?...Usurers and their bribed politicians are used to tamper with legislation for the sake of privatizations of public resources and now the virtual world isn't the exception.

  • Leonard Thomas
    Leonard Thomas 2 months ago +1

    God I love John Oliver.

  • William Hazelwood
    William Hazelwood 2 months ago +1

    My favorite moment from any episode I've ever seen "HEY! FUCK YOU LADY!!!!!"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I almost pooped myself.
    Also. General Counsel? Like their lawyer. Wtf?

  • Christian Finkbeiner
    Christian Finkbeiner 2 months ago

    He disrespected TBL. I'm done.

  • Andy Johnson
    Andy Johnson 2 months ago

    McUpvoting Pelican here

  • Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot

    Washington state said fuck you to trump and the fcc and made net neutrality state law. Now they can’t touch it. Go us!

  • Lydia Van Kley
    Lydia Van Kley 2 months ago

    When you say I’m gay and your dad quoted the big labowski saying “that’s just like, your opinion man”

  • • I'mTonySceptical •

  • Two Twin Twister One Raigeki
    Redirects you to walmarts website

  • Shawna Rylander
    Shawna Rylander 2 months ago

    I just can't believe anyone would argue this... Why do should anyone have limited internet on how much you pay... Proof in point Metro PC's is now a sub dealer for T-Mobile and is all about money... So this is why I switched to home internet by spectrum which is a newer Time Warner Cable company and never slows on internet... Wayyy cheaper then $92.00 for two phone lines and the 50 dollar plan where it slowed down after the same amount of data that I'm pay for now for $35 a month

    • Shawna Rylander
      Shawna Rylander 2 months ago

      Ohh... And when I still lived in Vegas they would get all mad to use outside electric outlets saying I was stealing power!?!? How can one steal Power? Are you the Electric Nazi?

  • Michael Goldstein
    Michael Goldstein 2 months ago

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Ivan Hewitt
    Ivan Hewitt 3 months ago

    Ajit pai looks like a mad scientist turned a white person Indian with a ray gun

  • Rebecca Hughes
    Rebecca Hughes 3 months ago

    This is aweful

  • Tuck
    Tuck 3 months ago +1

    This topic should get an update sometime, I haven't heard anything about net neutrality and I wonder how the new ruling has affected our internet

    • Greg Y
      Greg Y Month ago

      It hasn't affected you in the slighest, this is propaganda for fools.

    • moeloehoe
      moeloehoe Month ago

      because california got it back i once read.
      For the rest of the USA i assume it was ruled that Net neutrality was axed. Noticed anything different after net neutrality got shafted? like youtube immediately started taking away the ability to moneytize their videos IF you happen to have under a certain amount of subs and a certain amount of views. So thousands of very small channels got shafted.

  • icemuff
    icemuff 3 months ago

    I can't unsee his oddly long thumbs.

  • PoeticPursuits
    PoeticPursuits 3 months ago

    Oh, what should have been.

  • FiN
    FiN 3 months ago

    17:01 you do kind of look like a an antropomorphised gerbil

  • ThatGuy67
    ThatGuy67 3 months ago +1

    In news now, the net neutrality repeal didn't really do anything.

  • captain Rockatron
    captain Rockatron 3 months ago

    “Go FCC yourself”... that’s f$@&ing genius!

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Note: this is entirely unoriginal
    They will clean up all your talkin' in a manner such as this! (*cough* net neutrality)
    They will make you take a tinkle when you wanna take a PISS!!!
    They will make you call Fellatio a trouser-friendly kiss!
    They're as stuffy as the stuffiest of special interest groups!
    Make a joke about your bowels and order in the troops!
    Any baby with a brain can tell them "EVERYBODY POOPS"!!!
    (*cough* net neutrality again)
    And if you find yourself with some young sexy thhiinngg!!!
    (toot,toot, toot toot toot, toot toot toot, TOOT TOOT, TOOT TOOT, TOOT TOOT, TOOT)
    You're gonna have to do her with your ding-a-ling.
    So they sent this little warning their prepared to do their worst!!
    And they stuck it in your mailbox hoping you could be coerced.
    I can think of quite another place they should have stuck it first!! (TIP: UR ASSSSSS!!!!!!!!)
    They may just be neurotic or possibly psycotic!!
    (*repetitive horn sound*)
    (*repetitive horn sound*)
    (*some guy applauds*)
    (*song ends*)

  • Torrent King
    Torrent King 3 months ago

    Disheartening to see how many people in powerful roles have little to no understanding of technology and the internet

  • Colin Owen Griffin
    Colin Owen Griffin 3 months ago

    liars, lying about their lies. google it!

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson 3 months ago

    Trump administration lie much? Only every word. Why would you believe them? Because YOU ARE STUPID!!!

  • Lazar Markovic
    Lazar Markovic 4 months ago +1

    After the thumb thing i can't stop looking at his thumbs

  • JohnJay2142
    JohnJay2142 4 months ago +1

    Oh shit, his Thumbs are the only thing I can look at now.

  • Thommy2n
    Thommy2n 4 months ago +2

    3rd reason Pai shouldn't call his mug infamous.
    'Infamous' actually means famous for bad deeds.
    Hitler and Stalin are infamous. Ted Bundy and Aileen Wuornos are infamous. Bernie Madoff is infamous.
    Ajit, your mug isn't infamous.
    You are.

  • Lorenz HatGlück
    Lorenz HatGlück 4 months ago

    I mean like: We all agree that murder is bad, right? Why not just make not murdering people voluntarily? That should be fine, right? And I've never heard of someone murdering, so that should work.

  • Ash Graff
    Ash Graff 5 months ago

    Y'all I did ancestry and I am a Nazi

  • UltimateOmegaRed
    UltimateOmegaRed 5 months ago

    Ajit Pai is a cum-dumpster-fire faggot!

  • Wyatt PS4
    Wyatt PS4 5 months ago +1

    Anyone watch the Cody Ko cringe video on Ajit Pai? Really funny watch

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott 5 months ago

    Hey John: URLs are not case sensitive- so typing is identical to typing WWW.GOFCCYOURSELF.COM.

  • Grotesque Soulthorn
    Grotesque Soulthorn 5 months ago

    2019: Weeeeeeeeell?

  • Josh Ericksen
    Josh Ericksen 5 months ago


  • Nick Nack
    Nick Nack 5 months ago +2

    This idiot was completely wrong.

  • Phoebus Apollo
    Phoebus Apollo 6 months ago

    I thought it said Ajit was anti regulation and pro murder for a minute

  • Dina El Hakim
    Dina El Hakim 6 months ago

    rry Mystique - Ahla Haga Feeki
    ^^^@jk_rowling^@byoussef @melgnao @asabil

  • Winged BluJ
    Winged BluJ 6 months ago +2

    "John 'Relative Obscurity' Oliver"

  • SnugMoney
    SnugMoney 6 months ago +2

    Really looking forward to Net Neutrality III.