• Published on May 2, 2018
  • Do you agree with this list of Top 10 Funniest Moments Of All-Time on BGT?
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Comments • 3 650

  • password 12
    password 12 3 hours ago

    No. 10 was most funny cause he was being funny without knowing it.

  • Lamp Shade
    Lamp Shade 4 hours ago

    Trampoline guy was my favourite.....the boy at the end told really good jokes, but he was really shit as his delivery. :)

  • May Day 183
    May Day 183 4 hours ago

    I keep thinking of the same show in different countries & wonder if there'd be any difference.

  • Ann Valdez
    Ann Valdez 5 hours ago

    *Anу bоуs hеrе.. сhаt Ме Рlеаsе.*
    *I аМ sо lоnеlу, sо wеt.. соМе оn bаbу, саll аnd jоin Ме hеrе :* whx.io/315f?j=Ga1lbL4W499

  • Pogocu Marul
    Pogocu Marul 6 hours ago

    What song is at 6:08 and what song is at 6:21

  • Pogocu Marul
    Pogocu Marul 6 hours ago

    What sıng is at 6:08

  • Jean Taylor
    Jean Taylor 6 hours ago

    I would never be able to go to AGT. My knees would wear out!

  • Loving Me
    Loving Me 6 hours ago

    I'm cry tears from laughing so much

  • vendingguy47
    vendingguy47 7 hours ago

    Has Simon tried eating vanilla ice cream with sausage?

  • Chaz Iannaci
    Chaz Iannaci 8 hours ago

    The trampoline guy looks like Robin Williams in Fisher King or Good Will Hunting

  • Otaku Asshole
    Otaku Asshole 10 hours ago

    that last kid was fucking gold!

  • Otaku Asshole
    Otaku Asshole 11 hours ago

    philip green yeayyyy

  • Unicorn Slayer
    Unicorn Slayer 11 hours ago


  • ahmed saleh Alafifi
    ahmed saleh Alafifi 12 hours ago

    14:50 that dog bottom mouth is artificial, omg how come all these people and judges not see this, he broke the dog jaw and replaced it with artificial, ro make money!!!

  • merdeka NKRI
    merdeka NKRI 13 hours ago

    Very fanny

  • Ella Powwow
    Ella Powwow 15 hours ago

    Ned: “why were people so excited for that talking dog on Britain’s got talent? Amanda spent on it for years.”
    *Presses X*

  • Sage Moone
    Sage Moone 15 hours ago

    Trampoline guy reminds me of Robin Williams RIP funny man

  • George spooner
    George spooner 15 hours ago


  • Nevigo
    Nevigo 16 hours ago

    The song Amanda wanted to hear, but was sung in black metal, what is it called?

  • Kingdom Perspectives
    Kingdom Perspectives 16 hours ago

    Well done Toju for getting the golden buzzer you deserved it for your contribution to the Black comedy circuit and going mainstream. Very well done.

  • sadgirlyexx
    sadgirlyexx 16 hours ago +1

    What's the old gramas back ground song ? Anyone know ?

  • WraithRiteHead
    WraithRiteHead 22 hours ago

    You don't even show us the name of all the contestants?

  • Nathan Nuk3
    Nathan Nuk3 22 hours ago

    15:50 dudes looks like 10 but his about to be a dad!!!!😂🤣😂😂

  • Torae Robinson
    Torae Robinson 23 hours ago

    In the older man's act was that Simon and what year was it

  • folkemetall x
    folkemetall x 23 hours ago

    CRINGE !!!!! "Funniest"

  • Alexis Roy
    Alexis Roy Day ago

    Alesha is so freaking hot when she laughs. Amazing eyes. True beauty

  • Crews Owen
    Crews Owen Day ago

    Why is Amanda so easily offended by #3 & #1? Does she have no sense of humor?

  • Logic Gaming
    Logic Gaming Day ago


  • Mercede Campbell

    18:40 lol that guys funny

  • ExpertEdy
    ExpertEdy Day ago

    The fuck is with the last faggot kid .

  • ExpertEdy
    ExpertEdy Day ago

    The fuck is with the last faggot kid.

  • Lolita Lemon
    Lolita Lemon Day ago

    Matt Edwards reaction tho 😂😂😂

  • baptoeth
    baptoeth Day ago +1

    7:44 that’s just me in class

  • Rebecca Marcott
    Rebecca Marcott Day ago

    I hate the guy with the dog. You can clearly see the dog shaking either from the audience or being on a high stand with no room. Dogs don't like being up high forcefully. The dog is just a prop and its sad. Even Simon saw it after some of his performances and did call some services because of how concerned he was for the dog. I hate pet owners like that

  • Lloyd Heidrey
    Lloyd Heidrey Day ago

    7:14 what's that song/tune?

  • Windi Ashe
    Windi Ashe 2 days ago

    omg number 2 was great but i have to agree with number 1

  • Miguel Camarena
    Miguel Camarena 2 days ago

    5:36 The judges look like the parents of the other judges

  • Gracie Moore
    Gracie Moore 2 days ago +1

    The 2nd guy was so relatable, when ur talking to a guy and he thinks ur cute ur friend just comes over and ruins it... LOL😂😂

  • Silje Holtet Elman
    Silje Holtet Elman 2 days ago

    The last one!! HAHAHAHA

  • nurgül yavuz
    nurgül yavuz 2 days ago

    Omg the man with the dog 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Abhi Sinha
    Abhi Sinha 2 days ago

    Didnt catch 8 year old(no.1) boys words prperly, if any one write his words in comment section please.

  • Mohammad Gamer
    Mohammad Gamer 2 days ago +1


  • Guccigangrules Ps
    Guccigangrules Ps 2 days ago

    Lol the first one killed me

  • xCxute Roblox
    xCxute Roblox 2 days ago

    The guy with the talking dog is a Ventriloquist

  • AllAboutVehicles
    AllAboutVehicles 2 days ago

    The old man with a trampoline looked just like Robin Williams Twin Brother!!!! RIP

  • JJangle
    JJangle 2 days ago

    what is it for a song 16:40 ?

  • Galaxy Gal
    Galaxy Gal 2 days ago

    15:03 u can see guy with dog mouthing it, but at first I was surprised!!

  • Faisal AlKusayer
    Faisal AlKusayer 2 days ago

    21:00 wait I dont get the joke? can someone please explain?

  • Fausto Parra
    Fausto Parra 2 days ago

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    its working

  • Macaroneee Gaming
    Macaroneee Gaming 2 days ago

    simon is salty

  • Zechs M
    Zechs M 3 days ago


  • IDIOTdella
    IDIOTdella 3 days ago

    Amanda Holden never ever got the Genius that was Aaron Marshall - If she likes good vs evil and good winning then she had the perfect spot to witness exactly that during his act. When the Children started singing against his satanic thrash rendition of "Let It Go" it was fucking amazing. "Let It Go" had been drenched to death in sugar and was crying out for such a rendition, he delivered it and got the entire audience involved. Bleeding fantastic!

  • Tyler Dinh
    Tyler Dinh 3 days ago

    Elisha and Amanda

  • Galaxy Gal
    Galaxy Gal 3 days ago

    “If im not getting a man, NOONES GETTING A MAN” hhahahahaahahahahahahahah( first guy was good as well)

  • Goher Hussain
    Goher Hussain 3 days ago

    Anyone notice guy with a dog name Wendy he was doing the voices.

  • Cesar Diazz
    Cesar Diazz 3 days ago


  • Cesar Diazz
    Cesar Diazz 3 days ago

    LOL 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Sims indy Indy
    Sims indy Indy 3 days ago

    So dopry funny

  • Ash Greninja
    Ash Greninja 3 days ago

    Man get roasted by a dog wow

  • Alexandra Devita
    Alexandra Devita 3 days ago


  • Callum Atkinson
    Callum Atkinson 3 days ago

    the subtitles were completely wrong

  • Putri
    Putri 3 days ago

    The first guy looks so kind

  • Mercede Campbell
    Mercede Campbell 3 days ago

    #3 lmao Amanda was so mad i was laughing so hard

  • Gwwh Sbsh
    Gwwh Sbsh 3 days ago +1

    والله اني مو فاهمه ايش يقولون

  • Facecast APP
    Facecast APP 3 days ago

    One is enough for me to laugh ^_^

  • Trizel Gentle
    Trizel Gentle 3 days ago

    david seems very gay 😂

  • etem braka
    etem braka 3 days ago

    i extremely feel like amanda about let it go.... i hated it..is one of my fav too and he just ...destroyed it

  • JohnDomijan
    JohnDomijan 3 days ago

    Daliso Chaponda should be #1 on this list but he didn't even make top 10 lol

  • Clara is an idiot
    Clara is an idiot 3 days ago +1

    Th guy on the trampoline is in a circus that travels the world and he's just as amazing in the circus as h is there, although the crowd did cringe every time he hurt himself 😂

  • Player Bryanna
    Player Bryanna 4 days ago

    Number 4 was saying it not the dog

  • pootle316
    pootle316 4 days ago

    That guy who sang “let it go” sounds like golem 😂

  • Sjolander Tutson
    Sjolander Tutson 4 days ago

    God loves you and thanks

  • Dolan Nation
    Dolan Nation 4 days ago

    #7 I have a feeling he's from Russia

  • Minoral Games
    Minoral Games 4 days ago

    The one with the trampoline is gold.
    The man looks so happy with his results!

  • Sir Joseph Broadfront

    i watch these when i want to feel like an extra super gay fagget

  • Blu Girl
    Blu Girl 4 days ago

    Oh my goodness the frozen guy I cant

  • Emma.432
    Emma.432 4 days ago

    Love the trampoline guy

  • iva
    iva 4 days ago

    18:30 is that Casey Neistat? xDDDD

  • Uni Twinz
    Uni Twinz 4 days ago

    The old man and his trampoline was amazing it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing😂 like if you agree

  • Shop-in-Me Online
    Shop-in-Me Online 4 days ago

    hahahaha LT

  • LiiAimd
    LiiAimd 4 days ago +1

    4444 dislikes. Just want to mention it.

  • Meow Plays
    Meow Plays 4 days ago

    i feel for amanda now the song frozen has turned good to evil,'(

  • Hannah Webster
    Hannah Webster 4 days ago

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  • Boss man
    Boss man 4 days ago +1

    21:01 😂😂😂😂🔥

  • CrazyGamerColt 16
    CrazyGamerColt 16 4 days ago

    That man steven hall has my middle name steven and last name hall and who are those judges, i know the main ones like simon, alesha, amanda and david but who are the judges that judged steven hall

  • Brayden Phillips
    Brayden Phillips 4 days ago

    Alesha’s laugh in contagious 😩

  • Juan Mena
    Juan Mena 4 days ago

    Who finds funny an middle aged man dancing?
    Edit: who laughs at a nut cracker?
    Britains do...

  • nick Palmer
    nick Palmer 4 days ago

    the guy who sang frozen was funny

  • Elizabeth Anne
    Elizabeth Anne 4 days ago

    #1 when he roasted Amanda! That was amazing

  • Banavage\RocketLeaugue\Nothing2Something\Gameplay

    Why Did You Cut Things Out

  • TheDutchCookie
    TheDutchCookie 5 days ago

    HAHAHAHA "omg This is frozen" *later* "get off" Get off!!!! "

  • Joseph Parrish
    Joseph Parrish 5 days ago

    The 8 year old boy.! I loved the most?

  • mendelevium
    mendelevium 5 days ago

    stupidly cut performances :(

  • blondies101kp
    blondies101kp 5 days ago

    Whenever that guy asks if anyone likes seeing couples kiss in public and he says "well I do" it reminds me of one of my old friends😂😂

  • Hancis Huti
    Hancis Huti 5 days ago +1

    Number 2 is funny comenian 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • dorkish stranger
    dorkish stranger 5 days ago


  • Gwise
    Gwise 5 days ago

    The guy with the dog was actually a ventriloquist; you can see his lips moving a bit.

  • Brain Quiz
    Brain Quiz 5 days ago

    How dare you not have Matt Edwards

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Bunny Rabbit 5 days ago +1

    The first guy was so talented and a good sport. I wish I had his skill.

  • Sunset Shimmer
    Sunset Shimmer 5 days ago