World Famous Chef and His Daughter | Part 1


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  • mrsam62
    mrsam62 9 hours ago +1

    Why does she talk so weird?

  • Latha Sanjit
    Latha Sanjit 11 hours ago

    Love you Tilly and your dad! Lovely family! God bless you all!

  • The Babylon Experiment
    The Babylon Experiment 18 hours ago

    Man, what a wonderful insight to see him with his family..

  • Sneha Sundar
    Sneha Sundar Day ago

    12:29 mom's reaction 😂😂😂🤙

  • Anne Hingada
    Anne Hingada 2 days ago

    A lovely family😍 love it..

  • Sarah Gamil
    Sarah Gamil 2 days ago

    Why isnt she on master chef junior?!

  • Freya Backlund
    Freya Backlund 2 days ago

    2:15 Yeah right! 😂😂

  • Josefin_5sos
    Josefin_5sos 2 days ago

    Omg Don’t stop instrumental

  • jimbo villareal
    jimbo villareal 3 days ago

    I have no idea that Gordon is the best dad in the world!! wow..

  • Ciel Trancy
    Ciel Trancy 3 days ago

    What a happy family.

  • Kristina Elkiss
    Kristina Elkiss 4 days ago

    Jack is a dead ringer for his dad

  • iiSeriouslySarahii
    iiSeriouslySarahii 4 days ago

    I’m jealous of their family now...

  • Lauro Huitron
    Lauro Huitron 4 days ago

    why does this looks like nickelodeon show??

  • Harry isnt cool
    Harry isnt cool 4 days ago

    Wheres the lamb sauce

  • Purav Kafle
    Purav Kafle 4 days ago

    #ripavicii 😭😭

  • LegacyXy
    LegacyXy 4 days ago

    Why the hell is she not in the master chef

  • HD Animez
    HD Animez 5 days ago

    Im jealous of them they have a happy family i wish i have family like them , he is actually a good dad . Compared to my family really broken , i think its fun to have a persistent and funny dad , total opposite of mine 😢😊 my family is too much broken i dont even remember when is the last time we were together complete as a family and i don't remember when we last laught hard together

  • Marta Girina
    Marta Girina 5 days ago

    This is so wholesome :’)

  • Layla Gamer
    Layla Gamer 5 days ago

    Why AVICII

  • ZainEsus
    ZainEsus 5 days ago

    I wish I was part of the Ramsay family

  • Layla Gamer
    Layla Gamer 6 days ago

    What. Is this song

  • Kysorsene
    Kysorsene 6 days ago


  • Armani Biyani
    Armani Biyani 6 days ago

    gordon can relax now.. one among his children got what he has for food... she is amazing like girl version of her dad😉

  • Lozan Eng
    Lozan Eng 7 days ago

    I am older than her and she knows how to cook and I don’t know😯

  • Rezky Ikhwan
    Rezky Ikhwan 7 days ago

    On the tv show : Its RAW!!!, SHUT IT DOWN!!, You f*ckin DONKEY!, D*CKHEAD!
    But when i watch this he is so funny and hillarious
    Well thats why i like Chef Ramsay and his familiy

  • MrzMsr
    MrzMsr 8 days ago

    4:43 Why do they drive left if theyre in LA?

  • Rosie
    Rosie 9 days ago


  • Manali Yelve
    Manali Yelve 9 days ago

    This was Sooo cute!

  • CyberpowerPC GUA3100a Gaming

    whats the song at 5:55?

  • Jgbfg Fhghg
    Jgbfg Fhghg 9 days ago

    It's soo anoyying that tilly is saying Los Angeles say L.A. ok cringe

  • heather c
    heather c 10 days ago

    A lovely young woman.

  • Oof
    Oof 10 days ago

    Wait this isn’t Hotel Nightmare

  • Linnea
    Linnea 10 days ago

    this is literally the cutest thing ever

  • nyatsuki ・
    nyatsuki ・ 10 days ago

    Can you guys tell me what it feels like to have a dad?

  • hiden lama
    hiden lama 10 days ago

    This girl doesn't go to school ... Actualy goes to school

  • Ivey TheCAT
    Ivey TheCAT 10 days ago

    “Get rid of your family” 😂

  • Suditi Gautam
    Suditi Gautam 10 days ago

    Anyone noticed the 1D
    Story of my life music

  • Dxdelion The Unicorn
    Dxdelion The Unicorn 10 days ago

    She's over there making burger while here I'am cooking *noodles.* Also.... Los Angeles? Whats that? I only know... LOS ANGILIS

  • Mckee Jolly
    Mckee Jolly 11 days ago


  • Aiden the gay
    Aiden the gay 11 days ago

    she dosent use soap when she washes her hands

  • Kahina Harrache
    Kahina Harrache 11 days ago

    Two Ramsays scare me : Ramsay Bolton and Gordon Ramsay LOL

  • Augustya Sing
    Augustya Sing 11 days ago

    thank you for such a nice quality *)

  • Mc Muffin
    Mc Muffin 11 days ago +2

    Long Live Gordon and his Family

  • Princess Butter Cream Hernandez

    I think Tilly is the next Gordon Ramsay of the next generation.

  • Eyeless Eclipse
    Eyeless Eclipse 12 days ago

    Weird and annoying, your right that is what a dad should be and that is what some dads are!

  • maja manic
    maja manic 12 days ago

    People think my dad is scary

  • Unniea Playz
    Unniea Playz 12 days ago

    You are so cute

  • Spencer  B. Lopez
    Spencer B. Lopez 12 days ago


  • Darren Unknown
    Darren Unknown 12 days ago

    Is there Logan Paul?

  • Sebastian Melmoth
    Sebastian Melmoth 13 days ago

    I would not let pop media NEAR my family.

  • Darius
    Darius 13 days ago

    I Need Gordon To Play Just Dance

  • Abdossamad Benmohamed
    Abdossamad Benmohamed 14 days ago

    Matilde e la migliore..!!

  • Abdossamad Benmohamed
    Abdossamad Benmohamed 14 days ago

    Sei bellissima Matilde..!!!

  • Jade Bear
    Jade Bear 14 days ago

    The editing style reminds me of some old educational video that they used to show all the time in middle school.

  • Rikko Fisker
    Rikko Fisker 15 days ago

    LOS angelis

  • Dragon city Player
    Dragon city Player 15 days ago

    You mean the book matilda

  • Ug9ndaa
    Ug9ndaa 15 days ago

    I bet they're different off camera

  • VlaD V
    VlaD V 15 days ago

    Jack.lmfao.looking for a snake hahaha

  • Tanichies ang
    Tanichies ang 16 days ago


  • Ahmed Amer
    Ahmed Amer 16 days ago

    The son said shut up to his dad, wow

  • SGG
    SGG 16 days ago


  • Rosemary T.
    Rosemary T. 17 days ago +2

    Lmao the ending 😂 Jack!

  • random person
    random person 17 days ago

    Oh well gotta say i envy them. I envy Mathilda a lot😕may you have a successful future anf not be drawn to plastic surgery you cute lil one may you be blessed with more happiness and good luck to your future bf~

  • Fantastic Finnow
    Fantastic Finnow 17 days ago

    Bro they can go to la in this huge house with so much good stuff but Tilley still has a iPhone 5

  • Petar
    Petar 18 days ago

    I like the video.But rattlesnakes are venomous.

  • Julia de salsa
    Julia de salsa 19 days ago

    Jack is so me xD

  • Andy Delmonico
    Andy Delmonico 19 days ago

    How does it feels like to have a family like Gordon?
    Im sick of this depressing family.

    • Gnay Garcia
      Gnay Garcia 9 days ago

      +GG Yip i think they're talking about their family, not Gordon's.

    • GG Yip
      GG Yip 13 days ago

      Andy Delmonico how r they depressing? Ur life is depressing

  • Foxy Loxy 666
    Foxy Loxy 666 20 days ago


  • GiacoC
    GiacoC 20 days ago

    So happy to see Ramssy family to be so feets on the ground bunch.
    Tilly is adorable kid and I wish her a good luck in life.
    If only every billionaire kid on the planet was like Ramsay's
    Gordon is top chef.....and top parent B-)

  • nil clifford
    nil clifford 20 days ago

    Is anyone noticed they played dont stop by 5sos at 2:45 in the back?? Or is just me? Though so..

  • Jay Otaku
    Jay Otaku 20 days ago +2

    This Family is


  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 21 day ago

    "He's so weird and annoying...everything a dad should be."

  • bts I love
    bts I love 21 day ago

    No one is the best

  • Jenny and Ryan
    Jenny and Ryan 21 day ago

    Such a talented girl at such a young age :) lovely family :)

  • Phsycotic Singer
    Phsycotic Singer 22 days ago

    The whoppie pies are not whoppie pies they”re ice cream sandwiches

  • Phsycotic Singer
    Phsycotic Singer 22 days ago

    4:57 LOS ANGILIS?!?

  • lolre
    lolre 22 days ago

    Respect for Gordan he has a motorcyle

  • Issa tae Bij
    Issa tae Bij 22 days ago

    It’s hard not to cry while watching when your family is falling apart.

  • Zachary Lhouvum
    Zachary Lhouvum 23 days ago

    Bla bla bla such a nice family come and see mine we don't even even talk to eachother

    • Gnay Garcia
      Gnay Garcia 9 days ago

      Hey now, don't shit on a happy family. Sorry to hear about your situation tho, dude

  • Miss Blue
    Miss Blue 25 days ago

    WOW 😳 .. @6:14 to 6:15..... That was some crazy sanitary hand-washing after handling MEAT 🥩 😳😳😳.. 🎉.. 😑

  • Harry Punnat
    Harry Punnat 25 days ago

    1 like =

    Read more

  • George gacel Banias
    George gacel Banias 26 days ago +2

    ( ^_ ^)
    /> />🍔

  • Steve Binu
    Steve Binu 27 days ago

    Me scrolling the comments to look for ITS RAW comments

  • Meant To cringe
    Meant To cringe 28 days ago

    *please don’t try this at home*’re doing this at home mate

  • ester yuhani
    ester yuhani 28 days ago

    great vlog

  • YOU NIC Mechevellian
    YOU NIC Mechevellian 28 days ago

    I wish i had a family like this

  • Neyla Wongso
    Neyla Wongso 29 days ago


  • Ribal Khalil
    Ribal Khalil 29 days ago +2

    I love how 5 second of summer’s song was involved in this

  • LionMindset
    LionMindset 29 days ago


  • Lil Rifff
    Lil Rifff Month ago

    wtf is wrong with Jack😂😂😂 looking for snake at 2 am

  • Aeoss Fortnite
    Aeoss Fortnite Month ago +1

    It’s not fucking Los Angelees it’s Los Angeles or LA

  • Phidelia Kagai
    Phidelia Kagai Month ago

    Please tell me they eat food later again I can't sleep on Burgers only that's hunger death.

  • dark and deep
    dark and deep Month ago

    Others make slime
    She makes food

  • Kennelkiz
    Kennelkiz Month ago +2

    Lucky kids

  • babylon hazzz
    babylon hazzz Month ago


  • Ecstatic Gamer
    Ecstatic Gamer Month ago

    Jack and holly look older then 14, they look 16.
    Megan still looks 16 though...
    Matilda is she 11-12?

  • top kek
    top kek Month ago +1

    *_I ’ M s H y , P u T i T d O w N !_*

  • soltan alosmi
    soltan alosmi Month ago

    None of them look like there mom lol

  • Andreas Weber Christensen

    Jack looks so much like hes dad :D

  • Nada Bozovic
    Nada Bozovic Month ago

    Get rid of your family and add the ice cream filling, great advice xD