11 Chef Skills I Learned Making Fresh Lasagna...

  • Published on Feb 24, 2018
  • A Perfect Lasagna Recipe will teach you SO MUCH more than the lasagne alla bolognese recipe itself. Fresh Pasta, Mirepoix, Maillard, Deglazing... Some of many chef skills you'll get along the way.
    A few more pieces of information to help you make Lasagne :
    Meat : 2 parts beef, 1 part pork.
    Béchamel sauce is 1 part butter, 1 part flour and 1L milk.
    Hacked Oven dish 26 x 32 cm
    Lasagne cooked for 45 minutes, then 10 minutes uncovered.
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  • luca zerbi
    luca zerbi 21 hour ago

    Besciamella is made with only milk and flower and a little bit of noce moscata

  • luca zerbi
    luca zerbi 21 hour ago

    I'm italian. Don't use butter!!!
    And break the pork early with hands. Add the 2 tin of tomato with no water. The wine is perfect. P.s you are awesome!

  • Jungucci
    Jungucci 11 days ago

    Alex: *says maillard reaction as my yard reaction*

    *Corrects self*: my yarrr not my yard

    *says it as my yard reaction again*

  • blhoppy78
    blhoppy78 17 days ago

    Haha!!! I just love you!

  • Youssef Oraby
    Youssef Oraby 21 day ago

    Its a fact, everyone loves The Wire

  • Tammy Christine
    Tammy Christine 22 days ago

    I just found your first video and I LOVE it.
    Your personality is lovely, humorous and contagious. I always disliked the french accent but thanks to you I'm now a fan instead of a hater. Not that I hate anyone, maybe i should have said the accent was just an annoyance but you made me like it now. I look forward to binge-watching all your videos. Thank you for making me smile😃🇨🇦

  • raiza chairunnisa
    raiza chairunnisa 23 days ago

    are the fresh pasta took in refrigerator or oven for 25m?

  • tram trinh
    tram trinh Month ago

    Haha improvisation! Making your pan smaller with aluminum foil. I literally had the thought, and bam you presented. C'est magnifique!

  • badbernrock
    badbernrock Month ago

    You’re the chef, I’m merely a humble student, but the shiny side of the aluminum foil goes towards the food. (I just had to.) 😎
    Merci beaucoup Alex, tu es le meilleur!

  • Maria Avena
    Maria Avena Month ago +1

    Gracias 😊 I going to do today grascias

  • Silvia Mori Arts
    Silvia Mori Arts Month ago

    Dear friend,
    May someone else has already said what I'm about to say but there you go, I'm Italian.
    1st thing first, here it comes soffritto. It just need to be gently cooked with oil till when you see the onion becoming slightly translucent (no brown).
    That's when the protein goes in! Your technique of handling the meat is fine BUT you need to season it right away. It makes a huge Italian difference ..
    OK now I can carry on watching 👀
    I'm back!
    Maaaaan, you need to cook at least for a bit that pasta sheets 🙈
    Then add some final touch on the top layer of Ragù.
    Plus, ad some flakes of butter here and there... it will work like magic!

  • Dean Evans
    Dean Evans Month ago

    Do you recommend not par boiling your pasta for lasagna?

  • thebibidu
    thebibidu Month ago +6

    Alright, I tried it (using red wine), it's absolutely fabulous. You motivated me to use the pasta machine again, I was lazy and bought the pasta from the shop. So much better when it's home made

  • Oprah Noodle-Mantra

    I'm making this tomorrow and I'm so excited 😃

  • Renee A
    Renee A Month ago


  • tealbluewhite
    tealbluewhite Month ago +2

    Bravo 👏🏿 bravo . Looks amazing. And I learned a couple of things. Thank you

  • Mayur K Patel
    Mayur K Patel Month ago +1

    Hi Alex
    Please share other alternative to make dishes for pure vegetarian too. What should we use instead of pork here?
    Loving your videos. Thanks

    • IndieMarkus
      IndieMarkus Month ago +1

      From my (very limited) experience you cannot replace the meat with some vegetable 1:1.
      If you still want the tomato variant, you could use some mushrooms (but then you don't need to cook them 4 hours). I've also had another version without carrots, but rather with a lot of spinach, mushrooms and a little bit less of the tomatoes - just so much that the sauce is still green.

  • Joseph Shisha
    Joseph Shisha Month ago +1

    alex u r my role model in cooking

  • Federico Mengoli
    Federico Mengoli Month ago +9

    i’m italian!!!
    soffritto is correct!
    and i’m also from bologna, where the lasagna born.

    • Exayevie
      Exayevie 18 days ago

      Fascinating, in English I've only seen it with one f. No wonder poor Alex was confused! 😂

    • Captain Future
      Captain Future Month ago

      I’m from Sicily and I peel the celery to remove the tough strings. What we for sure do not use is a brewed beverage like sake. It’s basically replacing wine with beer. Chef ça on fait pas!! Nevertheless, I hope the funky experiment was delicious in it’s own way.

    • KamoGaming
      KamoGaming Month ago

      Came in the comments to see if his dice roll was successful

  • Kevin Beltran
    Kevin Beltran Month ago

    canned tomatos? WTF MATE? You were just at the market! YIKES

    • Skirmish77
      Skirmish77 Month ago

      unless you need the tomatoes for a salad or sliced for something like a sandwich or burger, there is no real reason to choose fresh tomato over canned.. If you're going to cook it just go with canned, especially outside the summer and early fall (tomato season)

  • Eliot DUTTON
    Eliot DUTTON Month ago

    Tu parles vachement bien anglais mec

  • Michael Doidge
    Michael Doidge Month ago

    alex your killing me with the SAKE, the sake your sauce the flavors are so out of whack your killing me. But it still looks really good

  • Anne marie laluna
    Anne marie laluna Month ago

    why did i read it "11 layers of lasagna"?

  • DovahDiaz
    DovahDiaz 2 months ago

    Sofrito is Spanish

  • tobias linck
    tobias linck 2 months ago

    I am wondering ... what are you doing with the leftovers of all the food you cook? Do you freeze it?

  • Jacobletsplay
    Jacobletsplay 2 months ago

    We we

  • EnMan
    EnMan 2 months ago

    12:29 ilumminati confirmed

  • Maciej Musialek
    Maciej Musialek 2 months ago

    One Chef skill you missed at making a lasagna is to learn to use your spare time to clean as you go. Lasagna uses so much shit from the kitchen which if you don't clean as you go will create a mess that is a nightmare to clean up later

  • Sandrine Bell
    Sandrine Bell 2 months ago

    ça donne envie lol

  • le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins


    • Il Pivut
      Il Pivut 2 months ago

      Why? I'm italian and I think this Lasagna doesn't have any problem. Perché? sono italiano e penso che questa lasagna non abbia nessun problema.

  • Nabil Abidaoud
    Nabil Abidaoud 2 months ago +1

    Where is the ricotta

  • Dunkelelf3
    Dunkelelf3 2 months ago

    you should add that for the bechamel sauce you should cook it for at least 15-20 minutes.. well you should do that with everything that uses the roux.. this makes sure the flour looses its own taste.. otherwise your dish will taste like flour.. actually i never did this.. well most dishes that start with a roux like a stew are cooked for some time anyways.. but i found out that you really have to cook the roux with the bechamel sauce cause it used to taste like flour all the time..

  • David M
    David M 2 months ago

    That looks delicious! Thank you

  • Daniel Soares
    Daniel Soares 2 months ago


  • Phil De Negri
    Phil De Negri 2 months ago

    Alex, how thin did you make the pasta for the lasagna?

    BAKERSMAN 2 months ago

    One recipe that teaches so many kitchen skills. You are a generous.

  • Chef Janvier
    Chef Janvier 2 months ago

    Your videos are really good! Good editing, good sound, good rhythm, good attitude, good cooking, good humour, good skills, good knowledge... good... good... good...

  • Aala Elsadig
    Aala Elsadig 2 months ago

    Olive oil AND Butter?!
    Dear God that fat!!!! It's phenomenal!
    I love it!

  • Zedic Judd
    Zedic Judd 2 months ago

    Really enjoy your videos, you're like a french Alton Brown!

  • Zedic Judd
    Zedic Judd 2 months ago

    The one thing i haven't made from scratch for my lasagne is the pasta! I need to get a pasta maker because that looks amazing! Very well done!

  • Dariosnel
    Dariosnel 2 months ago

    ehy alex, i am italian guy, listen:
    at the first, in the soffritto there are carrots, onions and celery
    when the soffritto is cooked put only minced meat, without sausage! the rest is fine! :)

  • Vibeke Vale
    Vibeke Vale 2 months ago

    That looks amazing... Hungry now...

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 2 months ago

    “At least now they have a reason to be” BRUTAL

  • Chuck Martin
    Chuck Martin 2 months ago

    Don't hate me cause I use a round casserole dish to make my lasagna. I adapted and cut the noodles at the edges to fit better in the dish. Also, BFF=Best Friends Forever. Just sayin'. Salute.

  • Albain du Fayet
    Albain du Fayet 2 months ago

    Voilà, enfin, une bonne solution pour transmettre la culture française à l'étranger. Alex (Alexandre? Alexis?) merci à toi!

  • Andre Mermelstein
    Andre Mermelstein 2 months ago

    How come the pasta don’t overcook after 40 minutes in the oven? Fresh pasta usually cooks super fast in boiling water, 1 or 2 minutes. Thank you!

  • Nicola Binetti
    Nicola Binetti 2 months ago +2

    Excellent! Would suggest adding some thyme to the soffritto. It adds a very distinctive note to the ragu'

  • Helton Furtado
    Helton Furtado 2 months ago

    It kills me a little bit every time I see people pouring milk into roux.
    I learned the hard way that doing milk into roux can end in a terrible bechamel ticker than it should be, pouring roux into milk allow you to have control on the thickness of the sauce.

  • Thomas Alsteens
    Thomas Alsteens 2 months ago +1

    Hey, Alex. Thank you for an amazing dish. Simple yet packed with so many good tips. I'm making one right now and it look f***ing amazing!
    I just bought your book, and I can already tell you that I'm going to use the heck out of it! Thanks for making it simple and keep up the good work. Cheers

  • Thomas Forster
    Thomas Forster 2 months ago

    I'm having trouble with the roux

  • gary nugent
    gary nugent 2 months ago

    I don’t want carrot in my lasagne thanks

  • Enguerran Salengro
    Enguerran Salengro 2 months ago

    Hey Alex (big respect for your channel) juste pour que tu saches, il faut faire gaffe a cuire des choses dans l'alluminium de recents travaux scientifiques montrent l'implication de l'alu dans des maladies mentales degeneratives du type Alzeimher. SI c'est du "one shoot" de temps en temps pas de paranoia mais juste a garder en tete(pour eviter de la perdre)...RIEN n'empèche d'utiliser l'alu hein, mais penser à ne pas avoir de contacte avec la nourriture pdt la cuisson, genre rajouter du papier sulfu et BASTAAAA. Encore merci pour tes videos et ton style si naturel.

  • Yeontan's SugaDaddy
    Yeontan's SugaDaddy 2 months ago

    My mother make lasagna and it looks nothing like this. She uses ricotta instead of white sauce and mozzarella cheese. I hate her lasagna, and just kind of resigned myself to the fact it just wasn't a dish for me. I'm definitely going to try this version.

  • Yeontan's SugaDaddy
    Yeontan's SugaDaddy 2 months ago +1

    *Wrists man.* Wash your wrists.

  • Луо Уонтберич

    ты соска

  • FB films
    FB films 2 months ago +1

    What a hell are you doing???! Soffritto must be on the fire before putting meat.....
    Also you have wronged because you've putted the entire sausage
    From an italian

  • Letzios
    Letzios 2 months ago

    mec juste un roux sa se fait toujours au fouet ^^

    • Letzios
      Letzios 2 months ago

      sinon propre ^^

    • Letzios
      Letzios 2 months ago

      et la muscade mais en beaucoup moins

  • wristcontr0l
    wristcontr0l 2 months ago

    Close with the translation -- what you're calling "soffritto" in the beginning is a "battuto". Soffritto is what you get when you fry a battuto. We have separate words for two stages of the same ingredients. :-)

  • Nicholas Pipitone
    Nicholas Pipitone 2 months ago +3


    1 part Carrot
    1 part Onion
    1 part Celery

    Add olive oil and knob of butter to medium-high pot

    2:1 Ground Beef : Pork Sausage cut into 1 inch slices (No skin)

    Stir well.

    Remove oil so it doesn't deep fry.

    Wait until browned

    Add chopped veggies

    Add 2 Cloves Garlic, mashed

    Stir well.

    Wait until veggies are cooked

    Deglaze with white wine

    Stir well.

    Add 1 Can Peeled tomato
    Add 1 Can water

    Stir well.

    Simmer 4 hours


    Medium heat with saucepan

    Add 100g butter
    Add 100g flour

    Cook 3 minutes

    Add 1L milk
    Add 1/5 Grated nutmeg
    Add salt & pepper

    It's ready when red sea effect happens, as in 8:20


    Get a baking tray.

    From bottom-to-top: Bechamel, then (pasta + bechamel + meat sauce + grated parmesan) * 4, then pasta, then bechamel, then grated parmesan

    180C/360F for 40-60min, last 10min leave uncovered

  • heka kahlo
    heka kahlo 2 months ago

    Thicc lasagne

  • Jman
    Jman 2 months ago

    Why do I feel like he is not really French?

  • Tim Cleary
    Tim Cleary 2 months ago

    TVclip recently taught me to stir cooking mince with a whisk- it breaks the meat into very regular-sized chunks and it's absolutely the best way to stir mince while frying.

  • Heijmdal
    Heijmdal 2 months ago

    chef skill nr. 12 sit and eat your dinner on a 10l bucket, like you would when working in a restaurant.

  • vvolfenstein
    vvolfenstein 2 months ago

    You should never never never put aluminum foil in direct contact with tomato sauce as it will react with the foil and leech it into your sauce! If you had used a proper baking dish you must put a layer of parchment paper and then your aluminum foil!

  • Incontro
    Incontro 2 months ago +1

    this is not a lasagna in italy, its more like a lasagna in london.

  • Ken Danieli
    Ken Danieli 2 months ago

    5 minutes and it's all pretty basic. You ought to have put that dutch oven in the oven once the sauce is built. No burning, no need to keep stirring. and the hand washing, c'mon.

  • Mara A
    Mara A 2 months ago

    Italian here: you put sake in ragù and you cannot cross the border anymore! Banned for life

  • Marco Bianchini
    Marco Bianchini 2 months ago

    No butter in the soffritto please

  • Fabio Bischoff
    Fabio Bischoff 3 months ago

    Not true, this isn‘t mirepoix this is matignon...

  • Leigh Ann Cherry
    Leigh Ann Cherry 3 months ago

    Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your videos! I followed this one and made this lasagna last night. Huge hit in my house! Before, I was never happy with how my lasagna would turn out - I was using ricotta cheese...could never get it to hold together - like a perfect slice. It was always a little bland too. But this bechamel sauce you do is fantastic. I would've never thought to put in lasagna! Flavors were fantastic! So thank you - you've restored my faith in myself that I could make a lasagna worth eating! lol!

  • Ashley T
    Ashley T 3 months ago

    I finally got a pasta press! Last month I perfected my meat sauce. I've always hated having "chunks" in my lasagna. Chunks of tomato or onion. Not for me. So I grate mine! The carrots too!! They basically dissolve, great for picky eaters!

  • ES P
    ES P 3 months ago

    Superb the Wire guys on the wall too. Best Series!

  • Erik Häusler
    Erik Häusler 3 months ago

    Génial! Advised by my chef/son Adrian I turned to you for my first Lasagne in decades and my first mirepoix ever. Thanks! My 7y-old hardcore vegetarian Robin will get a late dinner but it’s Friday night. BTW Vegetarian Swedish minced soya meat caramellizes too - but you might need a lot more water than for animal protein- the vegetarian analogs are usually way dryer. Great energy, very inspiring. A la prochaine

  • William Sirbaugh
    William Sirbaugh 3 months ago

    I was sad to see this is not in your book

  • Hank Grant
    Hank Grant 3 months ago

    Why not a ricotta based white sauce,,,more flavor...

  • safaa taha
    safaa taha 3 months ago

    You are a great teacher👌

  • safaa taha
    safaa taha 3 months ago

    Merci pourquoi.
    You are the best chef

  • Riley III
    Riley III 3 months ago

    "merde je meurs de faim!" F* it, me, too

  • Yannick Sman
    Yannick Sman 3 months ago

    What pasta machine do You use

  • Lekha Pratap
    Lekha Pratap 3 months ago

    Garfield is happy.

  • hélium
    hélium 3 months ago


  • TakeThePills
    TakeThePills 3 months ago +1

    i've been trying to find the song that starts at 6.20 when he makes the pasta for so long now. if anyone knows what it is i'd be grateful for the info.

    • TakeThePills
      TakeThePills 3 months ago +1

      +Teddy Shepherd Ted you're a saint thank you.

    • Teddy Shepherd
      Teddy Shepherd 3 months ago

      It's TVclip royalty free music - Terminal D - Silent Partner !!

  • Kodi
    Kodi 3 months ago +1

    Tip 12: Don't use the combination aluminum foil + food + warmth. It's really unhealthy, as the foil releases bad stuff due to warmth. Otherwise it's a decent recipe, excellent for beginners.

  • Mark Parrish
    Mark Parrish 3 months ago


  • unguidedone
    unguidedone 3 months ago

    where did you get that pasta machine

  • Remy Cottrell
    Remy Cottrell 3 months ago

    Nice vid!

  • Maurizio Cormio
    Maurizio Cormio 3 months ago

    Great job Alex!!
    Skill #12 Cook the fresh pasta sheet(s) for 30 seconds in pre boiling water with Salt

    • Il Pivut
      Il Pivut 2 months ago

      mia nonna non gli cuoce

  • Jeremy Stanger
    Jeremy Stanger 3 months ago +1

    How did you add all that milk at once without getting lumps?!

  • Reza Raissi
    Reza Raissi 3 months ago

    This ragù bolognese is so wrong

  • Hagar Eyal
    Hagar Eyal 3 months ago

    alex, i tried your recipe and it came out amazing! the tips that you gave were informative and helpful! thank you!

  • Shelly Korol
    Shelly Korol 3 months ago

    Can you please do a whole video of you just saying olive oil?? 😂😂

  • Sib
    Sib 3 months ago

    Im always drunk when I watch your vids
    Its the best

  • Aladin Visuals
    Aladin Visuals 3 months ago +1

    instruction not clear i ended up cooking my grandmother !

  • julien b
    julien b 3 months ago

    Faire cuire un plat dans des feuilles d'aluminium ?? Alors pourquoi utiliser de la farine bio ?? Des problèmes de cohérence sur cette chaine !!!!!

    IHSAN ZAGHMOUT 3 months ago

    Bitch lasagna bitch lasagna.T-series is nothing but a bitch lasagna

  • giacomo aliboni
    giacomo aliboni 3 months ago +1

    in italy we also add some tomato concentrate to the sauce, it makes it a little darker and it helps blend the flavours together

  • Chuck Martin
    Chuck Martin 3 months ago

    I don't like the way that tomato sauce reacts with tinfoil. I taste it and don't like it, yuck.

  • Jonas Jørgensen
    Jonas Jørgensen 3 months ago

    why did you not cook the soffritto first?

  • 苏伏
    苏伏 3 months ago

    that is not sake........

  • Anna Harris
    Anna Harris 3 months ago

    Even though I can't have onion and garlic this was very helpful! My lasagne instead has onion and garlic oil (which doesn't contain fructose)