11 Chef Skills I Learned Making Fresh Lasagna...


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  • David Cornell
    David Cornell 22 hours ago

    No self-respecting chef uses canned tomatoes unless we're pressed for time.

  • Henrik Pontoppidan

    About how much meat is used in this video? I would like to try it on my own but i'm not experienced enough to be comfortable just estimating. Thanks!

  • aarvidson
    aarvidson 2 days ago

    I like you! ANd nice wall!

  • Bones
    Bones 3 days ago

    To much oil

  • alystair
    alystair 4 days ago

    1:38 the little tap tossing the piece of carrot into the pan was super cute! Had to watch it again :D

  • Hadla Chahine
    Hadla Chahine 5 days ago

    First the Soffritto! Then the meat

  • John Medved
    John Medved 5 days ago

    No ricotta?

  • Edward Falk
    Edward Falk 6 days ago

    The section on home made pasta alone was worth it. I've never been able to get that technique to work.

  • sercan demcinli
    sercan demcinli 6 days ago

    u ate half of ur ragu :P

  • redconsensus
    redconsensus 6 days ago

    Is the wallpaper in your studio from The Wire?

  • Hector Mejia
    Hector Mejia 8 days ago

    My man flexing on all the no bake noodle peasants 💪

  • Kyle Neese
    Kyle Neese 8 days ago

    Most anticlimactic deglazing countdown ever! Lol great vid though!

  • ChloeMo
    ChloeMo 8 days ago

    i just discovered your channel a couple of days ago, and IT'S MY NEW FAVORITEEEEE so funny and full of great info. i like the way you science and cook, sir!

  • Time Vortex
    Time Vortex 10 days ago

    needs mozzarella on top more

  • BadYossa
    BadYossa 10 days ago

    Sofrito is different to mirepoix as it has the addition of tomato. Sofrito is Spanish, but both cultures use all the same ingredients, so meh, you're forgiven dude. Mirepoix is all about ratio Alex. 2 of onion, to one of carrot and celery. Do onion and carrots first as they contain tasty sugars and will caramelise easily. Celery contains little sugar and is mainly water, so add later.
    Always take your time with your mirepoix, sofrito or whatever foundational layer you use (in New Orleans, they sub bell peppers for the celery. Everyone has one!) Don't have the heat too high and chances are it'll simply be tasty gorgeous and improve every time you add "Mirepoix" to your prep list.
    Ooh, Mirepoix was named in honour of a French Comte, who enjoyed cooking, but was truly awful as a Chef. He hung out with the King, as you do, and ended up Cheffing for him, as you do.
    King: Can you cook?
    Comte Mirepoix: I'm chuffing useless my Liege
    King: Excellent! You can start tomorrow. What's your wife's Instagram handle?
    His wife and the King had an affair. It was why he was on hand at the Royal court. Mental. Poor bugger.
    And one of the most used foundational aspects of French cuisine is actually named after a guy that was a truly terrible chef.
    How crazy is that?
    Love your channel Chef. Been binge watching them when not working in the kitchen!

  • Elouan Lecrès
    Elouan Lecrès 11 days ago

    Pas de vin blanc ... Une Honte !

  • Jason
    Jason 11 days ago


  • Rylie Gris
    Rylie Gris 12 days ago

    You're adorable omg

  • Victor Hendos
    Victor Hendos 12 days ago

    The 12th most important Chef skill u forgot is cleaning ur station dishes ;D

  • Amar Mehta
    Amar Mehta 13 days ago

    Sofrito usually has tomato in it, doesn’t it?

  • Just S
    Just S 13 days ago

    Hilarious!!! I Jad the exact same problem when I made lasagne. I used the tubing of foil that just finished, sawed off the excess and wrapped in foil to create a strong wall, then I built foil around it.

  • pulpnonfiction
    pulpnonfiction 14 days ago

    Lasagna must have been the first thing you ever learned to make if that's what you learned from making it.

  • 42kami kun
    42kami kun 16 days ago


  • Peat Appleseed
    Peat Appleseed 19 days ago +1

    7:50 your german is very good👍

  • Taijifufu
    Taijifufu 19 days ago

    (Rhoo) 🔽🔽

    Roux 😂😂😂

  • BadulTheGuru
    BadulTheGuru 20 days ago

    And putting that bechamel into the foil was cringe mate

  • BadulTheGuru
    BadulTheGuru 20 days ago

    The bouqet garni usually starts avec bay leaf, thyme, and parsley.

  • umarth
    umarth 23 days ago

    "I can't find any white wine, let's use this sake instead"... but... do you actually live in France? Or in Japan?

  • Krembegi -
    Krembegi - 26 days ago

    you got The Wire behind you?

  • nedj10
    nedj10 26 days ago

    Strange no one brought up the Bechamel vs Ricotta argument in the comments I saw from 8 months...I know Italians in America can seem to decide if that is a contribution of cooking from Northern Italian climates or some American sabotage(heh look a French word in the action of Italians) to the recipe, I just know its tasty.

  • joshua williams
    joshua williams 27 days ago

    i wish i could smell these videos

  • Matthew Antonello
    Matthew Antonello Month ago

    always go red sauce at the bottom not white. you get extra carmalisation and its oilyness makes it not stick

  • nostooge
    nostooge Month ago +1

    Dunno why this hadn't occurred to me before, but Iskender Kebap is a very similar "feeling" dish when I eat it, despite being constructed completely differently. Pasta/pide, beef&pork/donner, béchamel/yoghurt, tomatoes - yet, my memories of eating a good Iskender Kebap are very close to those eating great lasagna.
    I'd tune in to hear you unpack that!

  • TheHellpoy
    TheHellpoy Month ago

    Why to add so much fat in the beginning when you have to scoop it out later anyway?
    Also, what would I have to change using dry pasta?

    • 1873Winchester
      1873Winchester 24 days ago

      I just keep the fat in myself, it's good... No I'm not overweight....

    • majcrash
      majcrash Month ago

      Boil the pasta.

  • Espen Pettersen
    Espen Pettersen Month ago

    Beautiful Alex🎈

  • Ian Jay
    Ian Jay Month ago

    You're the coolest French person I've ever seen. 🙂

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred Month ago

    you even have the ridiculous hack saws in the the warehouse lab setup just like the other youtuber be orginal

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred Month ago

    you just chuck the stuff on the bench like cassy neistat so silly

  • Ken Blowfield
    Ken Blowfield Month ago

    Where did you get your pasta machine from? It kind of looks like you made it? did you?
    If so, how?

  • Lorenzo Mandelli
    Lorenzo Mandelli Month ago

    i m italian , and lemme say u are way more italian that lot s of italian peopleXD
    btw u actually worote it properly is SOFFRITTO and it s such a bless ahaha
    ps ur cuisine skill are amazing

  • Aleix Mata
    Aleix Mata Month ago

    ptain t'as pris le livre du b.e.p ou pas. mdr

  • Dietmar Müller
    Dietmar Müller Month ago

    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

  • Adriana Garcia
    Adriana Garcia Month ago


  • Ernesto Herrera Brunal

    New skill: don't let the water run like that when washing your hands. Close the tap. Take care!

  • danekjovax
    danekjovax Month ago

    Garfield would be proud!

  • greedwrathpride
    greedwrathpride Month ago

    Oh Mon Dieu ! C'est beau. Tu amènes de l'art dans de la cuisine simple : that's what it's all about ! Merci

  • _ GurkenLP _
    _ GurkenLP _ Month ago

    Now I‘m hungry

  • Pearly Gates
    Pearly Gates Month ago

    you have to cook the layers of pasta in boiling water for a few minutes then you have to dry them and after tat you can use it to assemble the lasagna.

  • Daniele Rossi
    Daniele Rossi Month ago

    Your channel is great and the dish looks good, BUT in my modest opinion, when you make soffritto you should put first vegetables and flavours, let them going a little bit, and after that adding the meat. No butter allowed of course, and you should have boiled the fresh pasta first! Apologise in advance :D

  • Moshe Babaev
    Moshe Babaev Month ago

    Big like man

  • elphabalovegood
    elphabalovegood Month ago

    :(((((((( y no spinach

  • wheniseeu88
    wheniseeu88 Month ago

    Love your videos so muchhhh

  • syh pay
    syh pay Month ago

    Never thought that my mum, which is Russian, does lasagna really similar as yours, lol.
    Great video

  • Dame Ningen
    Dame Ningen Month ago

    Great channel! that huge The Wire wall poster earned you my sub by the way

  • Jessica Roy
    Jessica Roy Month ago

    Yo Bro where did you get that wire print out of Michael, randy, namond etc

  • Beastian
    Beastian Month ago

    Going to try this tomorrow, wish me luck :D

  • 350streetracer
    350streetracer Month ago

    Sofrito is called in Puerto Rico, not in Italy.

  • prettymochame just T

    No authentic lasagna for me, I'd make a quick ricotta and cut that rhoo and richness.

  • Sirius AF
    Sirius AF Month ago

    Kinda odd u no pre boil pasta, but ok. Was fun to watch.

  • oliver strid
    oliver strid Month ago

    no parmesan in the bechemel?

  • Christopher Johansson

    I made my first lasagna today (im 31, dont know whats wrong with me ^^)! Your video worked as inspiration and it was the best god damn lasagna ive had the plesure to put in my mouth. Thanks for your great videos and keep it up!

  • Colleen Sheridan
    Colleen Sheridan Month ago

    Oh la la - no cheese in the white sauce?? This hurts my soul

  • MrShikasta
    MrShikasta Month ago

    Try adding star anise to the sauce, it takes it to a whole other level

  • much wow
    much wow Month ago

    Genre tu trouves pas une bouteille de blanc et tu remplaces par du saké, t'étais dans le desert ou quoi ?

  • Tom Chamberlain
    Tom Chamberlain Month ago

    1 mistake: Sweat the soffrito/mirepoix in oil in a aseparate pan to allow the flavour to develop. If you just chuck it in with the browning meat, it can't do it's job

  • Jeremie Glen Dela Cuesta

    I just fell in love, that's why I subscribed..

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla Month ago

    I'm Italian and I have never heard of green lasagna

  • Moe Green
    Moe Green Month ago

    I just found this channel .. loving the wall poster of wire cast ...

  • Lavinia Marigold
    Lavinia Marigold Month ago

    I don't know why I thought it was "millepoint" as in a thousand little bits of veggies.

  • Joseph Gaudet
    Joseph Gaudet Month ago

    7:30 What you just call me?😂😂😂

  • AA A
    AA A Month ago

    I know he can't help it, but his accent is pissing me off.. I don't know why but it just irritates me.
    I did study french in highschool by French teachers and loved, had no problems. . but he just makes my skin feels weird and on edgey, so uncomfortable!
    Is it just me? I find this very weird.

  • Plepple
    Plepple Month ago

    Why do I torture myself watching these videos while hungry?

  • Joe Ees
    Joe Ees Month ago

    I don't think I've seen the mire poix after the protien before. Usually the mire poix is first.

  • pianogus
    pianogus Month ago

    Thanks Alex. You're brilliant and your channel extremely inspiring!

  • Katsunyan
    Katsunyan Month ago

    he literally giving me tons of motivation. feel so blessed

  • Relax Dude
    Relax Dude Month ago

    Looks really amazing, I will add fresh mozarella on the top layer if you dont mind mon ami.

  • akindofmagick
    akindofmagick Month ago


  • lerenardnetcourrier

    woooooooooooooooooooooow ca a l'air trop bon, j'ai appris trop de trucs merci bcp :)

  • Ce-Sur
    Ce-Sur Month ago

    Just subscribed cuz of his accent.
    So nice

  • Pianobob
    Pianobob Month ago

    Mother sauce... ew

  • Fadebola
    Fadebola Month ago

    As an italian, that's something I'd love to eat

  • Björn Johansson
    Björn Johansson 2 months ago

    Monsieur. I love you, and your cooking skills. As an 62 year old swedish man, I have to confess my shortcomings in french. I wish I could better there. However, listening to you, explaining the chef's handling in your "french seasoned" english is amazing, and I enjoy every minute. Also, I start to crave for trying the french methods of cooking. I now make tastier fish, though fish were my speciality even before. The lemon/butter sauce made the flour/egg prepared cod pieces just splendid tasting last saturday. The local potatoes made good marriage to the dish also.
    So, many thanks for the inspirations you give, and the "embassadeurmenting" of the french cousine. We can make good food in Sweden also, but new tecniques inspires to try. Many thanks.

  • Doug Zbikowski
    Doug Zbikowski 2 months ago

    The correct answer would have been to put the first layer half in, half out, then live the gaps with pasta sheets. Once everything is stacked, fold the half out sheets over to make an “envelope”. I do this and cook it over a water bath. That was you do not get the burned edges. 👈 level 27 lasagne maker.

  • moutchy
    moutchy 2 months ago

    You can deglaze with water or another liquid ?

  • Alamda Ali
    Alamda Ali 2 months ago


  • HIcal Tinggi
    HIcal Tinggi 2 months ago

    Good experiment ,,,
    Love your accent 👍👍

  • Zappyguy111
    Zappyguy111 2 months ago

    When you want to pass the time making the sauce by watching the video... Then realising you've forgotten some steps... Guess I'll have to try again... Shame, what a shame...

  • Francesco Scarpantoni
    Francesco Scarpantoni 2 months ago

    Minchia ragazzo. La tua lasagna mi piace! congratulazioni. Si vede che ce la sai!

  • Hua Spirit
    Hua Spirit 2 months ago

    Sacrilegious 🤣

  • Keith Mezzina
    Keith Mezzina 2 months ago

    I know I'm late to the party, but I just found your channel, and as a result, just placed this lasagna in the oven for a birthday dinner. Thank you!

  • reistonator
    reistonator 2 months ago

    Man, your videos are SO COOL, thanks for all the content, I will be wathcing all of them from the beggining.
    Best of luck from "Bresil"!

  • MuskaKillz
    MuskaKillz 2 months ago

    Hehehe in Spain is single letter "Sofrito" :P

  • Francesco lupo
    Francesco lupo 2 months ago

    thumbs up just for S O F F R I T T O

  • Sanderv V
    Sanderv V 2 months ago

    i keep getting images of 'allo 'allo, but nice to watch ;)

    VRRAM BLAM 2 months ago

    I love your pasta machine what brand?

  • Paolo's Creations
    Paolo's Creations 2 months ago

    Ciao Alex, next time try red wine in the ragù sauce, it makes a big difference

  • diamondflaw
    diamondflaw 2 months ago

    One of the bits of naming I've come across in cooking that I love is "Fond" for the caramelized drippings.
    I heard that it's just a translation from French for "base", but I love the implication when used straight across in English. I am definitely fond of the fond when it's deglazed.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 2 months ago +4

    I would a 12 Skill PATIENCE, its so tempting to just make a nice pasta sauce recipe instead of going to the added time and effort to make a lasagna :P Btw, I have only ever made Lasagne with dried pasta sheets, I wonder how much more tasty it would be using freshly made pasta :)

  • samana srikanth
    samana srikanth 2 months ago


  • tropicaz
    tropicaz 2 months ago

    So, what's the track between 6:20 and 6:40 ?