11 Chef Skills I Learned Making Fresh Lasagna...


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  • Ashley T
    Ashley T 2 hours ago

    I finally got a pasta press! Last month I perfected my meat sauce. I've always hated having "chunks" in my lasagna. Chunks of tomato or onion. Not for me. So I grate mine! The carrots too!! They basically dissolve, great for picky eaters!

  • ES P
    ES P Day ago

    Superb the Wire guys on the wall too. Best Series!

  • Erik Häusler
    Erik Häusler 2 days ago

    Génial! Advised by my chef/son Adrian I turned to you for my first Lasagne in decades and my first mirepoix ever. Thanks! My 7y-old hardcore vegetarian Robin will get a late dinner but it’s Friday night. BTW Vegetarian Swedish minced soya meat caramellizes too - but you might need a lot more water than for animal protein- the vegetarian analogs are usually way dryer. Great energy, very inspiring. A la prochaine

  • William Sirbaugh
    William Sirbaugh 3 days ago

    I was sad to see this is not in your book

  • Sascha SE
    Sascha SE 3 days ago

    you have a pasta machine but not a lasagna dish? serious? :) Now I know why my lasagna never gets that beautiful color on top. thanks!

  • Hank Grant
    Hank Grant 3 days ago

    Why not a ricotta based white sauce,,,more flavor...

  • safaa taha
    safaa taha 4 days ago

    You are a great teacher👌

  • safaa taha
    safaa taha 4 days ago

    Merci pourquoi.
    You are the best chef

  • Riley III
    Riley III 5 days ago

    "merde je meurs de faim!" F* it, me, too

  • Yannick Sman
    Yannick Sman 5 days ago

    What pasta machine do You use

  • Lekha Pratap
    Lekha Pratap 5 days ago

    Garfield is happy.

  • hélium
    hélium 6 days ago


  • TakeThePills
    TakeThePills 7 days ago +1

    i've been trying to find the song that starts at 6.20 when he makes the pasta for so long now. if anyone knows what it is i'd be grateful for the info.

    • TakeThePills
      TakeThePills 3 days ago +1

      +Teddy Shepherd Ted you're a saint thank you.

    • Teddy Shepherd
      Teddy Shepherd 3 days ago

      It's TVclip royalty free music - Terminal D - Silent Partner !!

  • Kodi
    Kodi 8 days ago +1

    Tip 12: Don't use the combination aluminum foil + food + warmth. It's really unhealthy, as the foil releases bad stuff due to warmth. Otherwise it's a decent recipe, excellent for beginners.

  • Mark Parrish
    Mark Parrish 8 days ago


  • unguidedone
    unguidedone 10 days ago

    where did you get that pasta machine

  • Remy Cottrell
    Remy Cottrell 11 days ago

    Nice vid!

  • Maurizio Cormio
    Maurizio Cormio 11 days ago

    Great job Alex!!
    Skill #12 Cook the fresh pasta sheet(s) for 30 seconds in pre boiling water with Salt

  • Jeremy Stanger
    Jeremy Stanger 12 days ago

    How did you add all that milk at once without getting lumps?!

  • Reza Raissi
    Reza Raissi 13 days ago

    This ragù bolognese is so wrong

  • Hagar Eyal
    Hagar Eyal 13 days ago

    alex, i tried your recipe and it came out amazing! the tips that you gave were informative and helpful! thank you!

  • Shelly Korol
    Shelly Korol 14 days ago

    Can you please do a whole video of you just saying olive oil?? 😂😂

  • Sib
    Sib 15 days ago

    Im always drunk when I watch your vids
    Its the best

  • Aladin Visuals
    Aladin Visuals 16 days ago

    instruction not clear i ended up cooking my grandmother !

  • julien b
    julien b 17 days ago

    Faire cuire un plat dans des feuilles d'aluminium ?? Alors pourquoi utiliser de la farine bio ?? Des problèmes de cohérence sur cette chaine !!!!!

  • giacomo aliboni
    giacomo aliboni 20 days ago

    in italy we also add some tomato concentrate to the sauce, it makes it a little darker and it helps blend the flavours together

  • Chuck Martin
    Chuck Martin 20 days ago

    I don't like the way that tomato sauce reacts with tinfoil. I taste it and don't like it, yuck.

  • Jonas Jørgensen
    Jonas Jørgensen 20 days ago

    why did you not cook the soffritto first?

  • 苏伏
    苏伏 21 day ago

    that is not sake........

  • Anna Harris
    Anna Harris 21 day ago

    Even though I can't have onion and garlic this was very helpful! My lasagne instead has onion and garlic oil (which doesn't contain fructose)

  • Toto CH
    Toto CH 21 day ago

    Few corrections for the sauce: 1) Use pancetta instead of sausage (it is difficult to find good quality real Italian sausage outside Italy) 2) Do not remove the fat (brown till there is no more liquid (water) 3) Add a nice piece of parmigiano reggiano that will desolve. and 4) Use quality **red** wine! :) 5) Always finish with a red layer on top to "gratiner"

  • Daniel Schwerdel
    Daniel Schwerdel 21 day ago

    Health and Safety and wearing a wrist watch? Just: No. No rings, no bracelets and no watch. The rest? Good craftsmanship. +1. Followed ans subscribed.

  • Jean Pablo
    Jean Pablo 22 days ago

    Followed this recipe today, my roux was lumpy and tasted like flower so I used a creamy cheese instead :C. Overall it tasted really good and It was not at all floppy like all lasagnas are in Brasil, it was firm.

  • Lechuque
    Lechuque 23 days ago

    A funny AND sympathic frenchman, oooofff, very rare, we have to preserve this one.

  • Tiago Santiago
    Tiago Santiago 23 days ago

    id on jeans?

  • boncoon
    boncoon 24 days ago

    Willy Wonka would be honored to eat at your table. (So would I.)

  • Prog Fr
    Prog Fr 24 days ago

    too smol, too big, some aluminum lather, perfect.

  • Fevronija Kesic
    Fevronija Kesic 24 days ago

    This was SO helpfull, Alex! I always precooked the fresh pasta.. Wow! One step less means so much! But also - the pasta absorbs the flavours from the sauces rather than water.. I'm blown away.. So happy to find out about this.. Cheers, man! Keep enjoying the good work!

  • Lyndi Wittmann
    Lyndi Wittmann 24 days ago

    All these comments saying "it's not a REAL bolognese!" or "that's not a REAL bechamel sauce!" are missing the point: does it taste good? I bet it does.

  • Dan H.
    Dan H. 25 days ago

    OK, this is one video you can't watch as you are preparing for bed & sleep time.
    It causes a *huge* craving that you can't do anything about.
    Neat recipe, I'm trying to talk Honey into making it... Right off she said that she _will not_ do hand made pasta.
    (and she has seen the ToT mod videos...)

  • Ale Pinto Daza
    Ale Pinto Daza 25 days ago

    always thought the past had to be cooked before assembling everything up!

    • adelaamarante
      adelaamarante 21 day ago

      Ale Pinto Daza He's using fresh pasta. To cook it before layering and then bake it in liquidy sauces would overcook the pasta.

  • canned soup
    canned soup 25 days ago

    bad layering. and milk sause too watery.

  • draggeeks1
    draggeeks1 25 days ago +1

    I made this tomatoe souce but made my meat ball n just add it to my pasta n served it every one love it

  • Liset Vergouw
    Liset Vergouw 25 days ago +1

    Oh no... that bechamel sauce. My heart. All that milk.. and also all in once. :(

    • adelaamarante
      adelaamarante 21 day ago +1

      Liset Vergouw Cold milk to hot roux (or vice versa, hot milk into cold roux) is a chefs trick for making a lump-free bechamel without *too much* of that incessant whisking. It tends to be a bit less finicky and fussy for home cooks, as well. It's weird how professionals know things, right?

  • i_Skxtch
    i_Skxtch 25 days ago

    *Best Friend For Ever For Life*

  • Paolo Sena
    Paolo Sena 25 days ago

    Maillard (based on proteins) is not caramelization (based on sugars), and vice versa.

  • CompilChannel
    CompilChannel 25 days ago

    Did you know that there actually have been blind tasting tests done on which lasagna is the best - the compared kinds were: store bought all the way (storebought pasta, storebought bolognese sauce); storebought pasta and homemade bolognese sauce; homemade pasta and homemade bolognese sauce. More than 80% of the people marked that the one with storebought pasta and homemade sauce is the best. So there is no point in making fresh pasta for lasagna when it tastes better with storebought. Actually very little number of dishes is better with fresh pasta than storebought.

  • alec lappa
    alec lappa 26 days ago

    A classic french Mirepoix is a ratio of 1/2 onion, 1/4 carrot and 1/4 celery. not 1/3 of each veggie

  • Kay Miley
    Kay Miley 26 days ago

    Love it!

  • boothplaysmc
    boothplaysmc 26 days ago

    That’s not a mirepoix a mirepoix is rough cut the cut u were making is a broumoirs

  • mikethor009
    mikethor009 27 days ago


  • Camille hargé
    Camille hargé 28 days ago

    Hey Alex, how about seasoning? Do you season the meat beforecooking it and the red sauce?

  • Carlos Santiago
    Carlos Santiago 29 days ago

    The casey neistat of the kitchen

  • mynhardt saayman
    mynhardt saayman 29 days ago

    Why did you redecorate your wall I find the black background disturbing it draws the attention from your cooking.

    JOHN BISWANGER Month ago

    Good Job! Just a few things...meats brown not caramelize (that is for sugar.) GREAT that you did the hand washing!!! Next time mention that the soaping needs to be for 20 seconds per USDA.

  • Lycanthropus
    Lycanthropus Month ago

    I believe when making the bechamel you should pour the milk to the roux as hot and as thin thread, to avoid lumps.

  • Kidschildrenbabyy Star

    He’s a millennial chef 😂

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose Month ago

    😂 i love the tragic violins 🎻 u r so funny and talented !!! I wish I could eat it just by watching 😭

  • Raffaele Di Virgilio

    #13 Chef Skill : never forget salt and pepper...NEVER !!

  • Deziree aguilar
    Deziree aguilar Month ago


  • Deziree aguilar
    Deziree aguilar Month ago

    The more you know with the french guy cookig. Ahaha

  • Aard
    Aard Month ago

    I feel like this channel is basically the training before you can be a Shokugeki no Souma character lol

  • Gil Zuniga
    Gil Zuniga Month ago

    "sizzling butter is the best", must French thing ever said by a French chef?

  • Jill Barlow
    Jill Barlow Month ago

    You are so darned cute! Lol. Im an American from NWArkansas. I love making my own pasta and i do my lasagna just like you...wide strips. I actually cut them the same size as my baking dish, it yeah. No boiling them before baking. Im a nurse, not a chef, but i enjoy the slicing and dicing so much. Real cooking is a dying art

  • Bseroj Trbsr
    Bseroj Trbsr Month ago

    Do you not want to sieve the flour?

  • RT HJ
    RT HJ Month ago

    Just one thing. Slap the bottom layer in the bechamel to be a bit faster and make sure there is sauce everywhere. helps with sticking.
    And just another thing. 3 to 4 times the amount of bechamel on top will ensure that all the pasta get's cooked and not over-dried. Smoother chewing experience.
    And just another, another thing. Make the dish fit the pasta. Unbroken layers of pasta that also cover the sides (bottom one largest) will make the dish that final level better.
    And the final thing. Olive oil is a religious thing. I do my pasta without and add the olive oil in the sauce, if ever. Reason is that the pasta becomes very different when working and perfect edges actually becomes a reality.
    Since the bechamel will not be that visible, I also make sure to do the roux with burre noisette for that nutty flavour. Makes a massive diifference. And since color does not matter, it is just win.

  • Warrior Son
    Warrior Son Month ago +11

    Chef skill 12: Eating lasagna like a sandwich. 😎

  • simplyargenis
    simplyargenis Month ago

    My adapt story of the day: made pork chop breakfast sandwiches and wanted to use spinach....couldn't find any, used tomato slices instead....delicious 👌🏽

  • ragnar barker
    ragnar barker Month ago

    Delicious , but totally too complicated and I like cans and food in boxes . Thank's

  • Irmelin Johansen
    Irmelin Johansen Month ago

    Is the pot you use to make the meet in, from ikea?

  • atentat07
    atentat07 Month ago

    He didn't use durum wheat, the absolute mad man.

  • Mats Nordström
    Mats Nordström Month ago

    A ragu Bolognese without chicken liver? I am appaled, Sir!

  • Javier Blaustein
    Javier Blaustein Month ago

    Alex, such amazing skill to teach, entretain and make me hungry. I have seen many of your videos and this one is the best by far. Kudos.

  • Max Que
    Max Que Month ago

    No salt/pepper for tomato sauce?

  • Karl Harford
    Karl Harford Month ago

    Not gonna lie this episode made Alex into my bachelor cooking guru. Any bachelor out there is familiar with resizing a pan and doing whatever they want to the recipe because “F*ck it I’m hungry.” Lol

  • Sinisa K.
    Sinisa K. Month ago

    I know this is so tasty, you can see it, specialy becouse you made that thick layer of home made pasta. I ate 30minutes ago now i am hungry again 😁

  • The Heimburger Cooks

    Love all the techniques highlighted in this video. One nitpick: I believe the Maillard reaction and caramelization are not equivalent. Caramelization is specifically about sugars while Maillard is more about proteins. Though many people use them interchangeably. I think they overlap in bread where one or other or both could cause the browning of the crust.

  • Intello
    Intello Month ago

    French guy calling sake same as white wine :)

  • tradersato
    tradersato Month ago


  • Who needs profile Pictures Really?

    Lol dude you could've just cut the noodles to fit the first pan then used the trimmings to make the last layer and added cheese for form

  • Tijs Vancoillie
    Tijs Vancoillie Month ago

    How can't you find dry white whine in France?

  • Gabriele Figliola
    Gabriele Figliola Month ago

    My advice is to pre cook pasta in salted water for an even better result and add some mozzarella and cooked ham.

  • Alex Cagg
    Alex Cagg Month ago

    you touched the handle of the sink with your palm. no longer clean

  • Melody
    Melody Month ago

    I just snorted a bunch of coke and my nose is full of snot and the phlegm noise u made at 2:40 ish almost made me sick °~°

  • Melody
    Melody Month ago

    I dont want to be negative here but for some reason all lasagna tastes the same to me... Don't get me wrong, it's all delicious! But 20$ fancy restaurant lasagna doesn't have that much over super basic homemade lasagna

  • juicy mae
    juicy mae Month ago

    Can I sit at your table and eat with you 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😚😚😚😚😋😋😋😋

  • Fulgence Ridal
    Fulgence Ridal Month ago

    bon travail, mais il faut blanchir les feuilles de pâte avant d'assembler les lasagnes. Sinon elles gonflent trop lors de la cuisson et absorbent trop de sauce... les rendant de fait trop pâteuses ... ;-)

  • KingBela
    KingBela Month ago +3

    Mirepoix is who you are

  • angelorso969
    angelorso969 Month ago

    You wrong soffritto but that lasagna looks delicious, from an Italian that live really close to Bologna

  • Railz28
    Railz28 Month ago

    I'm making this for the first time ever now. I'll let you all know how it goes.

  • Karla Pabello
    Karla Pabello Month ago

    i love making lasagna with fresh noodles always.of course i roll the doe out by hand.

  • Frank Ruben Bratland

    No parmesan in the sauce? I do 100g butter, 80g flour, 1 litre of 2-3%+ fat milk, and 50g parmesan cheese.Thickens it alot, hence why not 1/1 butter/flour. And of course more parmesan grated on top when put in pan!

  • rich deAngelis
    rich deAngelis Month ago

    That the wire wallpaper is sickkkkk

  • AC
    AC Month ago

    Thank you for all your videos and the utter joy you bring to helping so many people. I've learned so much and continue to be inspired by your work and art.

    Consider Lesson 12: Mise en place. "Adapt" is good, but "Prepare" is better and "learn from our mistakes" is best.
    One learning for me here is mise en place.
    So, regarding mise en place: know in advance which cooking tray/ pan you're going to use (start with the end in mind is how I like to think of it). That way you can a) make the amount of sauce and noodles that fits the pan (too much is not horrible but too little would be a tragedy), b) cut the noodles into sheets that better fit the pan, and c) waste less time and materials (aluminum, pasta, cheese, etc.).
    Mise-en-place is not meant to create a rigid set of constraints but instead informs a philosophy or ethics for preparing food, where being well-prepared allows one to be ready for most challenges. It is more a state of mind than an organizing principle, per se. White wine on hand would be another example, but the substitute seemed to work--again the principle and state of mind of preparation is what's most important. Someone who is less prepared would be stumped when they realized they had no white wine, and given up.

  • Joe R
    Joe R Month ago

    Alex, man I love your content. Lasagna has been one dish I have never attempted but Im going to give this a crack. Thanks again for the great content.

  • johannes frederiksen

    I liked for the lasagna

  • Vagabond Wastrel
    Vagabond Wastrel Month ago

    When I make lasagna I go with a ricotta and parsley mixture and mozzarella instead of a bechamel.

  • berkazu
    berkazu Month ago

    I see you dice the perfect onyo

  • adem gashi
    adem gashi Month ago

    Amazed by your creativity and effort to make it so interesting even though keeping it minimalist :) you must be really talented and putting lots of effort into these videos. Keep it up

  • slocad11
    slocad11 Month ago +1

    ALex, this video is super because the kitchen is a laboratory - to experiment! So sometimes you have to search for a solution, sometimes, you succeed, but not always, I teach homebaking lessons to small groups, and I have to think quickly sometimes when something isn`t working out. Thanks for not editing out a lot of this. And bravo on your English! Keep making videos!