• Published on Nov 19, 2019

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  • Nadine Ceja
    Nadine Ceja 41 minute ago

    Send the white dresser to me shoot

  • chelsea robles
    chelsea robles 53 minutes ago

    Giveaway okay I do need things for my new place

  • beautii_ within
    beautii_ within 57 minutes ago

    I love love love everything about it everyone has their own space. I love to see people build together that's what it is all about. Keep doing your thing queen and clarence it's only up from here.

  • TS
    TS 2 hours ago

    This isn’t practical when you have kids.

  • Abigail Johnson Akingbade

    This house is beautiful. I love it. This is inspirational. Life is good. I would live in a house like this. Queen Naija is blessed. ClarenceNyc is a good guy. 😍😍😍

  • Danielle Sings
    Danielle Sings 5 hours ago

    I need a tv 😇

  • Princess Taylor
    Princess Taylor 5 hours ago +1

    this is not a friendly home it’s kinda making me sad cj gotta get the basement and legend gets a upstairs room never would be my kid in a cold ass basement I’m sorry keep cj with his father he’s better off! idc

  • Princess Taylor
    Princess Taylor 5 hours ago +1

    Queen is literally weird asf how u put a man over yo kids and that Nigga don’t even be feeling u fr she soo mental she don’t even notice how bad she looks now i see why cj was crying when he was coming over there who puts their child in the basement and Clare’s gets a whole floor ayeee chill throw the whole relationship away!!!!

  • Kay Ni'CoLe
    Kay Ni'CoLe 8 hours ago

    Can i have those dressers ?

  • Kourtney McCants
    Kourtney McCants 11 hours ago +1

    The camera mad annoying

  • paskiiLuv
    paskiiLuv 14 hours ago

    Before yahll come for me : 🗣 these are just friendly recommendations! I’m not hating ! I know they’re grown & that it’s their house & can do whatever ! Since the house is unfinished, if you guys do choose to reconsider changing some things up, here are some ideas !
    1) Queen’s idea for the dining table makes sense ! It wouldn’t be safe to have it right next to the stairs! Kids love standing on chairs & one wrong move & they may end up in the ER if they fall over ! So the space next to the kitchen is great for a dining room & would be awesome for family dinners ! Although you probably use the island more to eat, during family gatherings & what not, a dining table would be better to have !
    2) since Clare really wants a pool table, consider having it in the man cave/ entertainment room upstairs ! Upstairs can also serve as an office space to hold meetings all while serving your guests refreshments during the meeting !
    3) consider making the sneaker / office room the kids room ! I think having the kids there would be safe rather than in the first floor/basement ! The sliding doors in the basement which gives access to outside & knowing the kids play room / room is there isn’t the safest !
    4) the basement / first floor can have the sneaker room . & also a set up for filming ! Also Queen, consider having your own built-in studio in that space ! As an artist, I think having your own recording studio space in your house will benefit you on days when you can’t go to the studio or when you get inspired on the spot & want to record ! The first floor/ basement is also more ideal for that because I would assume it’s quiet down there ! I didn’t mention beauty room cause I’m not sure if Queen is really into makeup & girly stuff !
    Again these are friendly recommendations! Please don’t come for me ! This is not a hateful comment ! Just giving out some pointers/ ideas since the house is unfinished !
    last, Love the kitchen btw ! Very modern! Consider having some type of lock thing where the hot water switch is to prevent burns when it comes to CJ ! Again that’s if he’s able to reach ! Idk

  • Jamerica Danee
    Jamerica Danee 15 hours ago

    i would love this house! 👏🏽

  • uniqueriley93
    uniqueriley93 15 hours ago

    I wish the people in these comments would stop commenting about how the house is so called “not kid friendly “ it’s not y’all house and it’s not y’all kids it’s theirs ! They know what they are doing I don’t think they need people trying to tell them what type of house they need and how to accommodate the kids

  • Dami Crews
    Dami Crews 16 hours ago

    Majority of these comments are so negative. It’s annoying. Y’all probably can’t even afford the couch in their living room. They makin’ money. Let them enjoy it the way they want to. I never comment on videos..I usually just read what others have to say but y’all annoying. Clarence isn’t being selfish. He is excited about his new place. A man is the head. Let him be that and speak freely. Queen seems very independent and speaks her mind ALL THE TIME..I’ve been following them for awhile. And I like them. When I come up..I will probably be doing the SAME thing. My man will be having a million ideas too..that doesn’t make him selfish. Clarence and Queen..do y’all!!!

  • gemm lee
    gemm lee 17 hours ago

    More than half of the comments section negative, two faced disgusting hypocrites 😒😒🙄🙄

  • Edna Adejuwon
    Edna Adejuwon Day ago

    I’m actually laughing at how many people are commenting on their relationship and financial situation like you know them personally 😂😭 it’s a house that they both agreed on. If they love it, it’s none of your concern. How they spend THEIR money should not be a problem or concern to anyone. Comments are toxic af🙄

  • Bee Bee Simmer
    Bee Bee Simmer Day ago

    “Just start spraying them like they little plants “ 😭

  • Tarriel Hilliard
    Tarriel Hilliard Day ago +1

    So where the big back yard for the kids to play? I hope this house just temporary.

  • Tarriel Hilliard
    Tarriel Hilliard Day ago +1

    So yall dont have a bathtub?

  • Ashley Bechard
    Ashley Bechard Day ago

    Queen the way ur boobs look right now,it's so distracting,that waist trainer is suffocating them 🤣🤣

  • Tiffany Uza
    Tiffany Uza Day ago

    Queens boobs in that strapless lol wtf forreal lol

  • Destiny Reid
    Destiny Reid Day ago

    That house is so nice 😍😩

  • Jalisa Adams
    Jalisa Adams Day ago +1

    He never shows her any attention

  • Jalisa Adams
    Jalisa Adams Day ago +1

    I'm sorry I keep writing all the comments but damn!!! Clare don't like her he like what she got he using her and I feel bad for queen

  • Jalisa Adams
    Jalisa Adams Day ago +1

    Let's just all be truthful here already NOBODY LIKE CLARE WITH QUEEN !! THE END!!!!I BYE CLARE!!!✌✌

  • Jalisa Adams
    Jalisa Adams Day ago +1

    Don't be selfish move the kids room closer to u!!! Too dangerous

  • Dream Boutique
    Dream Boutique Day ago

    House goals

  • The Sham Clan
    The Sham Clan Day ago

    Y’all have to remember, Clare never had his own for real. He just wanna be able to have everything he want and Queen is okay with allowing him too because she’s had more.

  • Ariel
    Ariel Day ago

    let this house go

  • Coamid Hall
    Coamid Hall Day ago

    I love y’all ❤️ btw if y’all serious I could use that tv. I’m a college student and I couldn’t bring much with me so I could use that tv 😭

  • devin collins
    devin collins 2 days ago

    Pool table

  • Xo. yshaa
    Xo. yshaa 2 days ago

    This videographer sucks🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Life With Destiny
    Life With Destiny 2 days ago

    This house so mf doooopppee!!! 😍😍😍

  • Lanae Johnson
    Lanae Johnson 2 days ago

    I love y’all and that house is beautiful can’t wait to see it finish.. and I want chairs in y’all garage

  • Bienavous Xo
    Bienavous Xo 2 days ago

    Omg y’all saying it’s not family friendly y’all too much! Smh she can make it family friendly she still haven’t decorated yet. And cjs room suppose a basement the looks like a room to me with a bathroom a basement looks completely different!

  • Selly Rodriguez
    Selly Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Oh and you guys need to get my sister to come and decorate for you guys, she has a house in Jersey and she decorated it herself and I know for a fact ya'll would love it. She loves Home Goods and Pier 1 and Ikea...

  • Selly Rodriguez
    Selly Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Well Queen when you and Clarence are doing giveaways I hope you'll keep me in mind... Love you guys and very happy for ya"ll

  • Grown & Sexy
    Grown & Sexy 2 days ago

    Yuck terrible fa family
    Y’all stupid and selfish. Y’all kids need a home

  • Grown & Sexy
    Grown & Sexy 2 days ago

    Girl noooooooo your boobslook horrible 🤮🤢🥴

  • Behzl
    Behzl 2 days ago

    is this house in ATL?

  • Dahlia Booker
    Dahlia Booker 2 days ago

    Lol y’all just knew y’all was on cribs

  • Antraveno Pierce
    Antraveno Pierce 2 days ago

    Where did you guys buy that couch?

  • yelle ward
    yelle ward 2 days ago

    You need a 75 inch smart tv . Plus I need all those dressers for my 1 year old and 2 year old gir IG SUN_Kissedvh

  • yelle ward
    yelle ward 2 days ago

    You should try the Johnson and Johnson new shampoo and conditioner for curly hair

  • Brooklyn Smith
    Brooklyn Smith 3 days ago +1

    Whats going on with Queen Boobs yow

    TEE RICH 3 days ago

    I just love them and queen

  • J Sexy
    J Sexy 3 days ago

    Sooooo are they selling those chairs??? Or giveaway 🤔🤔

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay 3 days ago

    dinning table .

  • Felicity Cleophat
    Felicity Cleophat 3 days ago

    omg im soo ocd with furniture in the house🙄

  • Tee Shabre'
    Tee Shabre' 3 days ago

    Give Away!!! Can I have the dressers? 😁😘 Love y'all Royal Family!

  • Adri Mann
    Adri Mann 3 days ago

    “ my little kid’s my plants “

  • Adri Mann
    Adri Mann 3 days ago

    A pool table would throw the purpose of the home off a little. A dining table is traditional like Queen said, and will most likely be used more then that Pool table.

  • brooklyn harrington
    brooklyn harrington 3 days ago

    I think a mirror would look better above the fire place!

  • Serita Dudley
    Serita Dudley 3 days ago +2

    I swear y'all read too deep into someone's life that you have no emotional connection to other than being a fan/supporter. Just be happy about where she came from to where she is now. Criticism is a step away from being a hater.

    • Serita Dudley
      Serita Dudley 10 hours ago +1

      @AShanz Enuh I swear for the people who just simply can't understand that although their famous they are still young adults with kids of course their not going to do everything as if an older more experienced couple would so for right just be happy she blessed enough give her family those nice **not taking credit from Clarence

    • AShanz Enuh
      AShanz Enuh 10 hours ago +1

      They need to pin this sis... so many darn opinions as if they contributed to the purchase of their home... I mean they are still young... its their kids, if they realize that they are not doing it right along the way it can be changed... bruh

  • aaron Topolinski
    aaron Topolinski 3 days ago

    Your killing me babygates don't let that baby fall :) no she's the best mom I love them.......

  • Kayla Peters
    Kayla Peters 3 days ago

    Everybody be hating, I love it!! You guys do you

  • Angie Playz1
    Angie Playz1 3 days ago

    This isn’t a kids house but I feel like they put cj all the way downstairs cause he’s not always at their house but at the same time it’s definitely safe and all of these floors for what there could have at least been a kids floor and thier floor and that’s it not 4 floors for what to much and waist

  • Jaiden Littlejohn
    Jaiden Littlejohn 3 days ago


  • Litty. Rissa
    Litty. Rissa 3 days ago

    You should put stocking. Above the fire place

  • Nadiyah Vaughn
    Nadiyah Vaughn 3 days ago

    So this is not the other place they showed us 8 months ago