• Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • After owning my BMW M2 for 6 months, I have bad news.

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  • Karol Maciejewski
    Karol Maciejewski 4 months ago

    M2 way cooler than options u mention maybe besides c63

  • Fahre Films
    Fahre Films 5 months ago

    I think the M2 is so cool! Only have a E36 325 now, but one day. M2 😍

  • Mmic
    Mmic 7 months ago

    lowering it to get the looks of it .. bruh get the M Performance Supsension and then u get better steering and its lower ... gotta hate people knowing so little and yet talk like they know the game. And btw if u got also a proper exhaust e.g. M Performances one and you put it on Trackmode, the A45 or RS3 will sound like a toyota Yaris next to the M2 ... but oke

  • Thomas Murray-Shaw
    Thomas Murray-Shaw 8 months ago


  • Thomas Murray-Shaw
    Thomas Murray-Shaw 8 months ago


  • Thomas Murray-Shaw
    Thomas Murray-Shaw 8 months ago


  • Thomas Murray-Shaw
    Thomas Murray-Shaw 8 months ago

    Get an m140i

  • Daily Automotive
    Daily Automotive 9 months ago

    Get a Golf R!!

  • Stirling Moss
    Stirling Moss 9 months ago +1

    you're selling this car because you can't drive and need awd.

  • zinzo2005 Zinzopoulos
    zinzo2005 Zinzopoulos 10 months ago

    Ford Focus RS

  • ojalainen
    ojalainen 10 months ago

    Archie i salute you. Now you talk like a real adult :)

  • Tuur Derammelaere
    Tuur Derammelaere 10 months ago

    No mercedes, please! Except maybe the new A45.. Go for a Audi RS4!

  • Kaleem Ibrahim
    Kaleem Ibrahim 10 months ago

    RS3 is easily a better option than an A45 and cooler - The C63 is ace but more expensive as a daily

  • evoermine
    evoermine 10 months ago

    His squeaky shouty voice is grating.

  • Rob Lilley
    Rob Lilley 10 months ago

    BMW M550d

  • Jay Lamont
    Jay Lamont 10 months ago

    5:17 Would make good vocals for a disco remix

  • E60_kieran
    E60_kieran 10 months ago

    Bmw e90 supercharged

  • seadooteam
    seadooteam 10 months ago

    wow, that is amazing, same happened to me with bmw. Had a mk6 gti, tuned, moded, lowerd, track focus, and I absolutely loved it. Sold it and bought a bmw 135i coupe. I could definitely feel it had a better quality to it, but never made me wanna drive it. It was just very nice to see it parked, or just to lose the back end loose in some corner, but that was just about it, ended up selling it.

  • John Pettinger
    John Pettinger 10 months ago

    M2 Competition is on the way. Looks to be more of a track orientated car. I think the underlying problem here is, you just miss racing !

  • stephane desmedt
    stephane desmedt 10 months ago

    Nissan GTR and not a stupid A45 Amg or Audi RS3

  • Justin De Canha
    Justin De Canha 10 months ago +1

    Archie, Your irritating AF bro

  • Daniaal Khan
    Daniaal Khan 10 months ago

    Audi rs3

  • C. Adrian Sanchez Delfin
    C. Adrian Sanchez Delfin 10 months ago

    Hey Archie, Volkswagen Golf R please.

  • Krishan Ladwa
    Krishan Ladwa 10 months ago

    I get it, I have a M3 coupe but also an i3 for practicality.

  • Toothfairy
    Toothfairy 10 months ago

    Don't buy the RS3, that car is alot of looks, and plenty of potential HP.
    IF you're buying it for the track, you should know that the RS3 understeers like a MF.

  • Ryan Clancy
    Ryan Clancy 10 months ago

    Get the rs6

  • Reef Knut
    Reef Knut 10 months ago

    I had the same choices as you, in the end I went for a golf R 7.5 that’s been staged 2 by MRC (440 bhp)it’s the nuts.... 4 wheel, 5 door, DSG, great daily driver, fun for road & track and it embarrasses everything that pulls up along side it..... good luck with your choice

  • K. Fricke
    K. Fricke 10 months ago

    Buy a M2 competition

  • Wout Cloostermans
    Wout Cloostermans 10 months ago

    Audi RS6 performance / rs3, Mercedes AMG C63s

  • AcH RaF
    AcH RaF 10 months ago

    Did you try a muscle car ? I think you might like them, the new mustang gt is really nice

  • Nathan Bailey
    Nathan Bailey 10 months ago

    Your A45 attracted me to your channel and was brilliant !! Inspired me also to purchase an A45 with I'm so happy with. Could very much tell the M2 didn't ignite your fire like the A45. I've always been a hot hatch fan !! Both the A45 and RS3 are ultimate hot hatches and for me at least make for a perfect car, so I can totally understand your feelings. PS love your Lambo!!! Get a hot hatch please

  • Luca D
    Luca D 10 months ago

    It would have been nice to see a series of videos on how to prep a car for a track day and the m2 would have been a good place to start, by changing the brakes etc. Anyway as you need a 5 door car I would suggest a ford focus RS with the front LSD plus mountune goodies.

  • gerrard8djc
    gerrard8djc 10 months ago

    Love 💕 your enthusiasm Arch.
    Great vid.

  • Jean Bou habib
    Jean Bou habib 10 months ago

    golf r

  • Chris Galt
    Chris Galt 10 months ago

    Rs3...the only car you'll never get bored of😉😉

  • Jamie Yates
    Jamie Yates 10 months ago

    alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio
    Has to be classy different stand out

  • Gary Marsland
    Gary Marsland 10 months ago

    Cant do C-63 because Paul has one

  • C Kelwick
    C Kelwick 10 months ago

    Audi rs3

  • Ricardo Jesus
    Ricardo Jesus 10 months ago

    You need to go back to the A45 you absolutley loved that car and so did us viewres! You won't enjoy the C63, its a stunning car but theres just to much power and Merc battles to put that power down in the C63. So I would make a decision between the RS3 or the monster of a car the A45

  • Sander Ghielen
    Sander Ghielen 10 months ago

    Jep jep jep

  • Rich Rai
    Rich Rai 10 months ago +1

    Just take the bus, you always selling the car lmao

  • Philip O Mahony
    Philip O Mahony 10 months ago

    When you were at the press launch of the Audi RS4 Avant you said that you were going to buy it. So if you said that you should get an Audi RS4

  • Ana Poniatovski
    Ana Poniatovski 10 months ago

    oh just shut up and bring back the A45!
    that car was so fun, so cool, dare I say - the best car you’ve owned! and you could tell how bloody much you loved it as well!
    A45 FOR THE WIN!

  • Brendaw Nascimento
    Brendaw Nascimento 10 months ago

    Audi RS3 Sportback

  • Jasper Bolduc
    Jasper Bolduc 10 months ago


  • Quentin Cle
    Quentin Cle 10 months ago

    Golf R

  • keaton jasper
    keaton jasper 10 months ago

    Why not get the m2 comp comin out?

  • rouronihenshin
    rouronihenshin 10 months ago

    If you consider a C63 AMG, just get an Alfa Giulia QV. From a content perspective it's a lot more refreshing and interesting than any of the other cars you've mentioned simply because they've all been part of someone else's youtube content. It's got the performance, the sound and the practicality you desire. It should also be able to cope around a track, but honestly having a daily driver to go to the track just seems like nonsense to me. Just go with your lambo or any other car that is more suitable to that stuff. Just my opinion. Best of luck!

  • Charlie Shearn
    Charlie Shearn 10 months ago

    rs3 hatchback

  • Luke Lieng
    Luke Lieng 10 months ago


  • Car Focused
    Car Focused 10 months ago

    If I had an M2 it would be cherished, and tucked away in my garage at night. Looked after as if it were one of my children. It’s a little sad to see how to you it’s just a shitty daily, that you leave in a car park for 2 weeks. But I suppose that’s what happens when you get to have most things, you don’t really have the appreciation for things like us normal folk do who work full time jobs to run our pride and joys.

  • mama farrow
    mama farrow 10 months ago

    Get the Golf R, I pick up my new one in three weeks, in solid white, so would be cool to see your ownership experience too.
    It’s far less in your face than an RS3 being more reserved.
    Do yeah, go for the Golf R dude! 👍🏼

  • Fifi Ishere
    Fifi Ishere 10 months ago


  • AlfredoGR
    AlfredoGR 10 months ago

    i came only to watch bmw lovers complaining about how wrong Archie is. They have never driven a M2, but have seen a lot of videos jajaja

  • Aj Mark
    Aj Mark 10 months ago

    I had a M3 Competition Pack and never really gelled with that either. Bought a new C63s AMG coupe instead. Much better car for what I want if for for a variety of reasons.
    You mention several 4WD cars, then the C63 so you need to decide if you want 4WD or RWD for a start. You also mention you need 4 doors which rules out the nicer looking C63 coupe. I cant see you in a saloon or estate somehow.
    I think you'll buy another A45 or the RS3.

  • Oliver Wilman
    Oliver Wilman 10 months ago

    Get a Audi rs4

    OMGItsKJP 10 months ago

    Honestly I think you should get the Audi RS4 Avant...Practicality and performance...That's all you need!My opinion!

  • gary cornfield
    gary cornfield 10 months ago

    Civic type r

  • Santiago Cervera
    Santiago Cervera 10 months ago


  • Ice k
    Ice k 10 months ago

    Let’s be honest this Pigeon doesn’t know how to drive a real wheel drive car!! Maybe that’s why he lost his racing license😂 M2 is a fantastic car even better then A45 and the Rs3 in my opinion

  • Troubles Alert
    Troubles Alert 10 months ago

    Focus rs the best hatch out there

  • Andreas vanezi
    Andreas vanezi 10 months ago

    Golf R

  • Vibushan Prabhakaran
    Vibushan Prabhakaran 10 months ago

    A45 or C63 AMG

  • Joel Rodrigues
    Joel Rodrigues 10 months ago

    daily driver // wants it for circuit

  • Joel Rodrigues
    Joel Rodrigues 10 months ago

    daily driver // never drives it

  • Kassem Zaarour
    Kassem Zaarour 10 months ago

    An RS7 would be amazing 👌

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A 10 months ago

    Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio. Love the presence they have!

  • Chris Willis
    Chris Willis 10 months ago

    I got I got it it omg yes wait for it YOUR NEXT DAILY DRIVER SHOULD BE A 3 wheeler haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Tommy Mician
    Tommy Mician 10 months ago

    Audi rs3 is way better than a45 amg, and I think the rs3 is better than rs4 cus of better sound and smaller, meaning better handling and also the interior is almost as nice... rs3 for me!

  • Chris Willis
    Chris Willis 10 months ago

    Vauxhall nova 92 stylely yep yep yep rah rah rah blah blah

  • Chris Willis
    Chris Willis 10 months ago

    Nani got it a Renault 5 Amg oh yes small just like u xxx

  • Chris Willis
    Chris Willis 10 months ago

    Get a Mini Cooper estate Amy rah rah rah

  • Moloko William
    Moloko William 10 months ago

    Audi RS3 Sportsback

  • GK mirza
    GK mirza 10 months ago

    LOLLLL waaaa poooo ooofffff WAAANNNNN POOOO LOL

  • Georg Huban
    Georg Huban 10 months ago

    Hahaha. Suck on that BMWankers. And start to make some sense. BMW faster on a straight line with less hp and RWD? Really? Same goes for the track. A manual faster than the automatic? Really? Grow up and start accepting the technological changes in the world. Yeah sure you can drift and do donuts and stuff (that's fun i agree) but BMW was made for that kinda stuff, whilst A45 and RS3 are both concentrated on practicality and the safety (and exploiting their horsepower in the most efficient way). Not saying M2 is a bad car, just hating to see so many people denying the reality.

  • Peter
    Peter 10 months ago

    E63 s....

  • Justin Da Boss
    Justin Da Boss 10 months ago

    M2 Competition!

  • Jere Ojala
    Jere Ojala 10 months ago +1

    C63 wagon!!

  • Hajal Ali
    Hajal Ali 10 months ago

    Sell all your cars and delete TVclip channel

  • Thomas Stvarnik
    Thomas Stvarnik 10 months ago

    get the RS4 or RS3 :)

  • matt r
    matt r 10 months ago

    Hands down, C63 amg please 🎉🔥

  • Grexx
    Grexx 10 months ago

    RS3 or RS4 mate..

  • bugeye234
    bugeye234 10 months ago


  • SimonP2
    SimonP2 10 months ago +1

    When are you going to learn that the LEFT lane is the driving lane, the middle and right lanes are for OVERTAKING, not cruising and getting in everyone else's way.

  • Graham Reid
    Graham Reid 10 months ago

    Alfa Guilia QV end of.

  • keith kemp
    keith kemp 10 months ago

    Mercedes C63s

  • Budge
    Budge 10 months ago

    Say "My M2" again. I dare you. I double dare you

  • Aran Wilcox
    Aran Wilcox 10 months ago

    Can I have the quicksilver exhaust plz

  • Faizan I
    Faizan I 10 months ago

    C63 AMG

  • Guille Sabas
    Guille Sabas 10 months ago

    Rs3 sportback is mega!!!!!! Choose it!

  • Brett Murray
    Brett Murray 10 months ago

    Should have bought a 1M mate

  • Bernardo San Roman
    Bernardo San Roman 10 months ago +8

    Your m2 was a waste
    - no drift videos
    - no burnouts

  • Will Enefer
    Will Enefer 10 months ago

    Mercedes cla 45 amg night edition

  • mar tak
    mar tak 10 months ago

    subaru impreza wrx sti

  • Joel Rodrigues
    Joel Rodrigues 10 months ago +7

    This guy is the worst car youtuber. Its the worst car love too.
    So a race driver wants to change an m2 with an rs3? He is not a race driver. He is a street racer that only know to race in a straight line.

  • nyazahmed81
    nyazahmed81 10 months ago


  • Laurence S.
    Laurence S. 10 months ago

    c43 amg

  • Wayne Marken
    Wayne Marken 10 months ago


  • Paul Patrick
    Paul Patrick 10 months ago


  • Dawid150
    Dawid150 10 months ago

    Lmao Archie.... Mercedes a45 is more fun than m2? Looool. Yes i fkin drove both, also drove rs3 - m2 is like 3x more fun than other 2. Bad breaks on m2? Rs3 brakes overheat on normal roads, on circut they won’t last at all. Get yourself a fkin skoda octavia rs srsly.