DIY - AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT - How to Make Your Wife Happy

  • Published on Apr 3, 2019
  • DIY - AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT - How to Make Your Wife Happy
    craft cement Ideas , sand and cement
    decorate house,
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  • Greg West
    Greg West Hour ago

    Wow that is beautiful, Honey!
    But we are out of shitpaper. :)

  • Jhulie
    Jhulie 2 hours ago

    poor idea ....what made u think using 5 rolls of tessue why you not use carboard paper or something hard make it round ? why need tessue huhh wasting stuff nonsense idea

  • Samho Chemical JEONG
    Samho Chemical JEONG 23 hours ago

    Thanks ^^

  • Ирина Николаевна Сякова

    Бред какой то

  • Дармидонт Феоктистов

    А с использованной туалетной бумагой СЛАБО такое сделать?

  • battle Hammer
    battle Hammer 2 days ago

    WEAKSAUCE !!!!

  • AvalonDreaming
    AvalonDreaming 2 days ago

    No words...

  • Rachael Bracek
    Rachael Bracek 2 days ago

    If my husband tried to make me happy with this I’d know our marriage was over because he clearly doesn’t know me at all!! I’m sorry to say but this is bloody dreadful, what a waste of 5 loo rolls

  • Mister Mystery
    Mister Mystery 3 days ago

    This is proof of what mankind can achieve.

  • News Channel
    News Channel 3 days ago

    very beautiful ! I love it

  • Kermès
    Kermès 3 days ago +1

    Ca va pas être facile d'utiliser le papier hygiénique maintenant...

  • Елена Алтудина

    Очень замудрено

  • Ron Bradford
    Ron Bradford 5 days ago

    Ssoooooo ugly !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Cooper
    Andrew Cooper 5 days ago


  • Sandrine Santana
    Sandrine Santana 5 days ago


  • Robert Sarver
    Robert Sarver 5 days ago


  • A. Freitag
    A. Freitag 6 days ago

    In my opinion this is nothing else than an unnecessary waste of toilet paper!! :(

  • Josenias Nolasco De Oliveira F.

    Top creative tecnology

  • refer7
    refer7 7 days ago


  • леонид решетов

    Русскоязычным не советую тратить время на эту хе...ню

    QUEENKITTYGATTY 8 days ago +1


  • Kristy Garcia
    Kristy Garcia 8 days ago

    What were the wall chargers for? I didn't see a use for those.. couldn't you have used something else besides those?

  • Jes San
    Jes San 9 days ago

    First time Iseen this images and I think they are fantastic.

  • Volterra
    Volterra 9 days ago

    5 minute craft page used this idea in a recent video, hmmm

  • Paul Daniels
    Paul Daniels 11 days ago

    A lot of work for such ugly mothaf...

  • Lúcia de Fátima Bianchi

    Que máximo!!😄👍

  • Sylvia Koehler
    Sylvia Koehler 12 days ago +5

    I hope my husband never see this idea 😂

  • William Diederich
    William Diederich 12 days ago +1

    Wife got mad I used all the toilet paper!!

  • Num Sei Não
    Num Sei Não 13 days ago

    Tanta gente querendo limpar o furico e voce desperdiçando.

  • روح قلبي
    روح قلبي 15 days ago +1

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    👈تــواصــلــي مــعــي عـــشــان أشـرح لـك الـوصـفـة الـواتـسـاب *00212.644.626.928*📲

  • Omar Yael Salinas Vargas

    Ya le copio el canal a ideas en 5 min jaja😂😂 que naco

  • Vitor Ceschin
    Vitor Ceschin 15 days ago

    negocio inútil que só seve pra criar mosquito

  • Mike Mallon
    Mike Mallon 15 days ago

    Overall, barely ok.. learn how to edit. What a waste of time. I still dont even know what this is. If I ever see one, I'm going to smash it on the first person I see and blame you for making me lose brain cells watching this boring 10min. Video. Please do DIY viewers a favor, and keep your shitty ideas to yourself.

  • Co Hort
    Co Hort 16 days ago +3

    Please read the comments before watching this .. otherwise you'll waste 10 mins of your life like 22million other people have 🤣🤣

  • Prof Suresh Kumar
    Prof Suresh Kumar 16 days ago


  • mandy davenport
    mandy davenport 16 days ago +3

    All that time to make that!! i guess it made his wife happy by keeping him out of her way!

    • Jeff Hallel
      Jeff Hallel 12 days ago

      The perfect Mother -in-law gift. She will be thrilled.

  • Bettye's Cooking Channel
    Bettye's Cooking Channel 17 days ago +1

    Beautiful work.

  • kromaggo2pl
    kromaggo2pl 17 days ago

    Such an idiotic idea.... It look crap at the end anyway....

  • Mark
    Mark 17 days ago

    This sucks

  • Cid Strada
    Cid Strada 17 days ago +2

    Dang, a lot of you sound miserable 😂 y’all don’t deserve to have someone take so much time on you to do something that would make you feel loved.
    I love these ideas! Glad I found your video 🙌🏽

    NITIN BEARINGS 18 days ago

    Its really stupid. Putting so much effort for so much NOTHING!!!!!!!!

  • Sameang Mov
    Sameang Mov 18 days ago +1

    Good idea !

  • marcelo rezende
    marcelo rezende 18 days ago

    coisa feia de gente c mal gosto...suave!

  • Inmaculada Cid
    Inmaculada Cid 19 days ago

    Qué tiempo perdido el de ver el vídeo.
    Ni dice los materiales ni el resultado es bueno después de tanto trabajo.

  • vicomedia1
    vicomedia1 19 days ago +1

    mental illness invading yt again...

  • William Reilly
    William Reilly 19 days ago +1

    See the reason to make it.....

  • Maria Da Mata
    Maria Da Mata 19 days ago

    Oracaó da noite

  • Dino Draw
    Dino Draw 20 days ago

    come to my channel and subscribe plz

  • Etta Laidlow
    Etta Laidlow 20 days ago +1

    Other people would take 5 mins not 13 a waste of time

  • Etta Laidlow
    Etta Laidlow 20 days ago

    This takes soo long

  • 2randomcrap3
    2randomcrap3 20 days ago +1

    So to recap.
    How to make your wife happy:
    1. ruin five rolls of toilet paper
    2. make a giant fucking mess with Portland cement
    3. ruin a perfectly good fake plant leaf and bowl
    4. ruin three perfectly good, _very_ expensive Apple mini USB wall chargers
    5. Make another guant fucking mess with paint
    6. Show up to divorce court

  • Henri ShihTzu
    Henri ShihTzu 20 days ago +3

    what's up with the ghetto music???????
    What a waste of time!!!
    Just stick the dam plant in some water already!

    • Joan Lynch
      Joan Lynch 17 days ago

      What is ghetto music? Your entire comment is rude. If decent people don't like something they just move on
      I suppose the cheap poisonous plastic imports are more to your taste.

  • rodrigo masterson
    rodrigo masterson 20 days ago

    10min I will never get back

  • Dido TV - How to Make
    Dido TV - How to Make 20 days ago

    Very impressive and beautiful work

  • Al He
    Al He 20 days ago

    It is very ugly thing

  • Scout 1967
    Scout 1967 21 day ago


  • Mika *Not your hero*
    Mika *Not your hero* 21 day ago +4

    I made this for my wife..... she fell in the water and I had to put her in rice

  • O planeta pede verde

    Hahahhah. Not good.

  • eva em
    eva em 22 days ago

    Oh no...

  • Monica Kottke
    Monica Kottke 22 days ago