Frost - Signs (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  • Published on Dec 1, 2016
  • Frost - Signs (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Falling Satellites". InsideOutMusic 2016.
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  • Frank J. P. Segura
    Frank J. P. Segura Month ago

    Well done, imaginative. Very good transitions . Very 70's, but definitely now. Congrats!

  • KALEIDO jess
    KALEIDO jess Month ago

    This song is beautiful, nice voice too.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor Month ago

    Full-on, Craig Blundell fan boy here and loving everything from John Mitchell and the fellas!!!

  • KALEIDO jess
    KALEIDO jess 4 months ago

    This song has good vibes.

  • KALEIDO jess
    KALEIDO jess 4 months ago

    This song is good I just heard it on Spotify.

  • burpvom
    burpvom 4 months ago

    cool band but the fist "the frost" with the great Dick Wagner is far better.

  • Jeremy Thornton
    Jeremy Thornton 6 months ago

    I was unaware they had done this album. I have the first two and love them! This band should be much more well known! They are amazing!

  • Marko Kampfelt
    Marko Kampfelt 6 months ago

    Gettin sweat in every notes...fukin awesome

  • Land Shut
    Land Shut 6 months ago

    Personally, i think this is what rock scene can develop into. Hope this album gets highlight someday soon

  • James Lamb
    James Lamb 8 months ago

    Oh wow. Vocally this reminds me of Ray Alder. Fantastic stuff from Frost* as always.

  • bibop969
    bibop969 9 months ago

    pleaseplease who is in the band?

  • tokarro666
    tokarro666 10 months ago

    3:14 !!! WOW!!

  • Phil Kelly
    Phil Kelly Year ago

    Took me a while to discover this band, but WOW!! Love every track on Falling Satellites. Can't get enough.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    That comment was poorly constructed, sorry that we fans can be so demanding.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    I really wish that we could get more music from these guys.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    Wrong band, my comment crossed the TVclip barrier between videos. That keeps happening to my comments, I apologize, I will be more careful in the future.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago +1

    I do wish that we could get more music from this band.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    Meaning, I apologize for sounding imposing, I learn from the best, meaning Bullwinkle. That’s over, thank goodness.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    I want more, I apologize for being imposing.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    I am addicted to this music.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    Been there, landed in hospital.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    Perfectionism is very stressful.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    Love this band.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    Yum.Progressive Supergroup, eh?...Whatever?!!!!!!!........

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago

    Wonderful music!!!.......

  • drums oclock
    drums oclock Year ago

    Raising the Bar. perfection of the highest order.

  • Alex Al Forn
    Alex Al Forn Year ago +1

    Totally love these guys.

  • Ermanno   Mialich
    Ermanno Mialich Year ago

    amazing Frost!!

    JIM KAUFMAN Year ago +1

    Have not found much I don"t enjoy that J.M. is involved with.

  • drums oclock
    drums oclock Year ago

    Flying the Flag up there with the best.

  • Dimitris Chalvatzidopoulos

    one of the best prog hard rock songs i have ever heard in my life. Uplifting!

  • Karim Otic
    Karim Otic Year ago +1

    Fantastic trackl!

  • Gregory Schultz
    Gregory Schultz Year ago +1

    I wish I could like this more than once. Perfection. All the switching from 5/8 to 6/8 to 7/8+6/8 is simply masterful. Just amazing.

  • Mart in
    Mart in Year ago +1

    Man, Falling Satellites has to be one of the best albums I've heard this year.

  • Guy Riddihough
    Guy Riddihough Year ago

    More, please.

  • Kieron Bowker
    Kieron Bowker 2 years ago

    going into stasis for a while is the word. catch them while you can. this is one of the best albums for many a year. hope it's not the end for these wonderful gentlemen as a a rather spiffing combo. thanks frosticles

  • Striker86 Mike
    Striker86 Mike 2 years ago +2


  • Juan Pablo Marroquín
    Juan Pablo Marroquín 2 years ago

    I LOVE this son!!

  • Waffeldusche
    Waffeldusche 2 years ago

    Thanks for saving my day!

  • Kieron Bowker
    Kieron Bowker 2 years ago +1


  • Bohdan Palowski
    Bohdan Palowski 2 years ago

  • Bob de bouwer
    Bob de bouwer 2 years ago

    I love the double meaning of "signs" they use here, the meaning they use in the lyrics and the musical meaning, if you count it they go from normal 4/4 to 7/8 and what all. Its just plain amazing

  • Matt Jackson
    Matt Jackson 2 years ago

    Yay for the Thekla in Bristol! Can it be almost a year?

  • dreapard extroes
    dreapard extroes 2 years ago

    i miss kino

  • Muszart
    Muszart 2 years ago

    Oh hell yes...just discovered thee guys...such great stuff! Where the hell have I been? Where the hell have these guys been? Why is this not part of my collection?

  • Peter Roberts
    Peter Roberts 2 years ago +1

    Who on earth down ticks this?

  • Carlos Herrero
    Carlos Herrero 2 years ago +1

    AMAZING!!!!!!! British Prog is one of the best in the whole world. This band is incredible.

  • Mr. BPCH
    Mr. BPCH 2 years ago

    Banda de hipsters.

  • Mr. BPCH
    Mr. BPCH 2 years ago

    No suenan mal

  • Nathi y así uwu
    Nathi y así uwu 2 years ago +1

    I'm making an animation with this song because it's my favorite from the album, love this band

  • Shem Faith Official
    Shem Faith Official 2 years ago +3

    i can see the Porcupine Tree inspiration... nice... :)

  • Δημήτρης Χαλβος

    Great song, unique style, super emotional lines. Very well Done, Frost! This song makes worth buying the whole album. This kind of prog is the perfect musical bridge between prog rock and prog metal. My guess that's what happens to people that used to listen to prog metal and then just got a bit older :) right? Just like me, man!

  • Andy Davidson
    Andy Davidson 2 years ago +3

    Loving the Peter Gabriel esc vocals❤️😃

  • Andrei Tchernousov
    Andrei Tchernousov 2 years ago


  • Park Journey
    Park Journey 2 years ago +4

    Falling Satellites was hands down my favorite album of 2016. Totally unexpected but absolutely brilliant. I hope they find success here in the states. They deserve it.

  • Mark Basile
    Mark Basile 2 years ago +3

    Best Prog Band Ever!

  • Bradley Foote
    Bradley Foote 2 years ago +6

    This is my new PT and Genesis. My prog continues to grow. What an amazing band.

  • Dave Bond
    Dave Bond 2 years ago +1

    Great tune and album. Looking forward to seeing the band in St Helens in April 2017. All the best for the New Year guys

  • Suicidal Grooves
    Suicidal Grooves 2 years ago

    Finally, this song really deserved a video, towerblock and closer to the sun need one also

  • Kevin Marquez
    Kevin Marquez 2 years ago +2

    I've had this song stuck in my head for days! LOVE IT!!! masterpiece...