She survived: The Tracey Thurman story


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  • chitowncarm
    chitowncarm 10 days ago +2

    I remember watching this on lifetime in college in our dorm and everybody on my floor cried through the whole thing. Ever since then no size or amount of dick can make me stay with a mf even after screaming at me! I’m gone!
    I’d have had a pistol in that fucker. He’s a changed man today, married with child. Tracy, on the other hand, still paralyzed and scarred for life! His punk ass wishes people would stop talking about it is his comment.
    And there’s no pic of that bitch ass no where so he’s protected from getting the do-do dog shit slapped outta him if he’s recognized.

    • N'aej N'aej
      N'aej N'aej 4 days ago +1

      Wow really? I figured he would be doing life in prison because of this... smh.. that's alright.... karmas coming for him smh

  • Shundra Watson
    Shundra Watson 14 days ago +1

    Thats the cycle of abuse i was a abusive relationship and went back because i was holding on to who they were before the first it was all good then he got on drugs and became abusive..i finally left and never looked backed blocked him from everything.ill never go through that again next man try that will be a dead mf

  • Maria  Munoz
    Maria Munoz 16 days ago +3

    I worked for domestic violence 19 yrs n yess u see this every day even though 70 percent go back to abusers it's sad on very dangerous cases when they come in police cars from hospitals stabbed cuts bruises even with both eyes closed because of bruises was very glad to be there for these women n children I even cried when I retired I was the only one that lasted in that shelter since they opened it I remember cutting the ribbon to open shelter for first clients

  • Ann Padula
    Ann Padula 17 days ago


  • Janet Ayala
    Janet Ayala 20 days ago +2

    this movie had me crying from the beginning to the end OMG

    • DaniGirl
      DaniGirl 15 days ago

      steve b The word IDIOT is harsh and doesn’t need to be used.

    • DaniGirl
      DaniGirl 17 days ago

      steve b That’s a little harsh and a bit dismissive. She’s not an idiot and neither are the MANY other domestic abuse victims. It’s no joke and neither are the psychological effects that the victims endure. No one knows what it’s like until they’ve lived it.

    • John Dolejsch
      John Dolejsch 18 days ago

      Dani. Me to hunny ❤❤❤❤❤

    • DaniGirl
      DaniGirl 18 days ago +1

      John Dolejsch I’m glad also!👏🏽

    • John Dolejsch
      John Dolejsch 18 days ago

      Dani I felt the same way sickened and disgusted of what that poor woman went through. I'm glad the laws for domestic violence are very strict today then what they were back then

  • Ang Bomb
    Ang Bomb 20 days ago +4

    The first memorable lifetime movies I ever saw was about this woman in like 97.

  • Kathrin Johnson
    Kathrin Johnson 21 day ago +1

    Most these comments are more disturbing that the video

  • police123cd
    police123cd 21 day ago +1

    Futmz.... And I guess you also believe that if a women dressed a certain way and is raped, she was asking for it!!! You have got to be kidding me with your uneducated comment!!!!

    • FUTMZ
      FUTMZ 21 day ago

      If that "certain way" means hanging her tits out for sexual attention (like Alyssa Milano did when she barged into the Kavanaugh hearings), then I'd say she gets what she's looking for.

  • Priscilla Flener
    Priscilla Flener 21 day ago +3

    She didn't let him have visitation because he was dangerous. Just protecting your child.

    • Priscilla Flener
      Priscilla Flener 21 day ago

      +FUTMZ Dont speak for me either. You aren't qualified. Clearly you are of like mind as him. Irrational

    • Priscilla Flener
      Priscilla Flener 21 day ago

      +FUTMZ Your response doesnt have anything to do with her keeping her son away from an abusive man. Your a fucking idiot

    • FUTMZ
      FUTMZ 21 day ago

      She defied a court order. If he had defied a court order to pay child extortion, you'd call him a "deadbeat" and a "monster".

  • padussia
    padussia 21 day ago +7

    I will stay single for the rest of my life!!

    • Mary Jane Cornielle
      Mary Jane Cornielle 21 day ago

      padussia, wow, that's definitely a tragic life experience. I hope you've been able to come to terms with it, and realize you had no hand in his decisions, that led to his demise. You must continue through this life's journey, stronger, wiser, and connected to family, to whom you are special, and loved.

    • Nobody's Sweetheart Now
      Nobody's Sweetheart Now 21 day ago +1

      +padussia ♥

    • padussia
      padussia 21 day ago

      Mary Jane Cornielle I was married only once. And my husband cheated on me with a man. And the man he was cheating with murdered him doing the last encounter. I found him dead in our bedroom naked.

    • Mary Jane Cornielle
      Mary Jane Cornielle 21 day ago +1

      Me too! Been married twice, I'm done. The only good thing I got from my first husband is my lovely son.

  • Tina Ericson
    Tina Ericson 21 day ago +5

    A deranged man threatened me on social media. He said that he would be coming to my house. He claimed he went to internet veteran sites and lied that I was making derogatory comments about veterans. He said the vets would also be coming to my house for revenge. I contacted the police who said they couldn't do anything until the man actually tried to harm me.

    • Moe S.
      Moe S. 21 day ago +2

      According to the morons on here, maybe you should give him your address and let him babysit for ya! Some people are just pathetic simpletons.

    • padussia
      padussia 21 day ago

      Tina Ericson That's crazy.

    • padussia
      padussia 21 day ago

      Tina Ericson wtf!!

  • Esmeralda Gomez
    Esmeralda Gomez 21 day ago +3

    I think futmz is one of these abusers .makes remarks like one.get some help before you too go to far.and yes the funny looking logo tells it all crazy

  • roger ford
    roger ford 21 day ago +8

    How many more wives has to die before something is done to protect them

  • April F.
    April F. 21 day ago +7

    This is the story that peaked my interest in researching crimes. I remember watching the lifetime movie and crying and wondering how on earth this could happen.

  • Carol Chaves
    Carol Chaves 21 day ago +3

    Ladies please stay single

    • Carol Chaves
      Carol Chaves 21 day ago +1

      +padussia 😉

    • padussia
      padussia 21 day ago +1

      Carol Chaves Yep. That's EXACTLY what I plan to do. I trust no one!!! Even these celebrity men.

    FUTMZ 21 day ago

    Never mentioned in any story about her is that she kept his son from him in violation of court order. She has claimed a billion times that she was "abused" throughout their marriage and that he "can't control his temper", then did everything to make him angry - like keeping him from his child. She has some responsibility for her beating..... but she'll never admit it. She did admit that she didn't want to marry him at all, but did it to get out of her parent's house. That's abusive, too.

    • Aisha Freelove
      Aisha Freelove 14 days ago

      You're truly stupid and ignorant

    • K J.
      K J. 17 days ago

      You're such a damn idiot! What the fuck is wrong with you! Nobody should be beaten for ANYTHING!!! KEEP YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF!!!

      WLKBEASTMODE 18 days ago +1

      FUTMZ he will abuse the son duh!

    • Dahlia
      Dahlia 18 days ago

      Romans 8:11 you were not married to your rapist and you did not have children with him either so just shut up

    • Romans 8:11
      Romans 8:11 20 days ago

      Moe S. I was actually responding to a different comment but yes. I did leave the situation. When that happened I was still a teenager. You know nothing about what happened to me. So maybe the child i needed to protect was myself.

  • Stormy Keifer
    Stormy Keifer 21 day ago +8

    My ex pulled a shotgun on me and my a fit of rage... I got the best of him using a butcher knife...never pull a weapon on a child and only a coward would do so...

  • Stormy Keifer
    Stormy Keifer 21 day ago +3

    Never assume your the lucky one with a good man...educate yourself on self defense and always carry a gun...better to be safe than sorry

    • Patricia Burkell
      Patricia Burkell 21 day ago

      I was a Victim's Advocate for twelve years. Every domestic violence survivor I worked with had a background of abuse. Sociopaths pick their victims well. There are always signs but women want to help them....they are not fixable. As to buying a gun....these abusers take fell phones, note mileage, take keys, burn social security cards and birth certificates. Get a clue cupcake before you get someone killed.

      FAITH WORK'S 21 day ago

      I love ur reply.

  • Alex Klatt
    Alex Klatt 21 day ago +6

    What is wrong with the male of our species? Being in an abusive relationship causes women to fear ALL MEN!

    • av3maria
      av3maria 20 days ago

      Amen Alex. Amen!!!

    • Litazz81
      Litazz81 21 day ago +1

      It's not just men, it's women also. There are evil cruel women out there as well.

    • Patricia Burkell
      Patricia Burkell 21 day ago +2

      There are violent, narcissistic, sociopathic women. Far more than you can imagine. Step out of your bubble. I was a Victim's Advocate for years.

  • Esmeralda Gomez
    Esmeralda Gomez 21 day ago +8

    My heart goes out for this women .they need to air this movie more often so other women that are abuse can speak out more on this topic.😸

    • FUTMZ
      FUTMZ 21 day ago

      You're joking. " other women that are abuse (sic) can speak out more...". Women do that all day and night, every day and night. When they have nothing to "speak out" about, they make false accusations. You're not a victim unless you let yourself be one. If a man hits you, hit him back, don't cower in the corner crying. Woman up, take control of your life.

  • Miranda Scott
    Miranda Scott 21 day ago +6

    Yeah cause back then if your husband beat you and treated you badly you were supposed to hide it. Not let anyone know its taboo. So sorry she had to deal with that fear and attack. Is the son Okay? Tracey you are a hero!!

  • Mary Madrigal
    Mary Madrigal 21 day ago +4

    If we didn't have "liberalism" and if we only want to have conservative laws. Cases like this would still be happening in our country. I am not saying it has been stopped 100%, but now no longer HAVE to see it as NONE of my business and he is the husband he owns her.
    For laws to be changed, and to change the views of some, others have to fight, to bring awareness and if people are labeled as liberal, crazy etc, cause they want changes like this, then what a conservative is for wanting to live in the past?

    • Beverly Hillin
      Beverly Hillin 20 days ago

      +Mary Madrigal you should study the word because your definition is flawed. But yes... we believe in equal rights.

    • Mary Madrigal
      Mary Madrigal 20 days ago

      +Beverly Hillin oh really? So are conservatives the ones fighting for women's equal rights? For gay rights? Oh come on! The word "conservative" says it all.

    • Beverly Hillin
      Beverly Hillin 20 days ago

      +Mary Madrigal oh, bless your heart. ;) hahahaha you have no idea what conservatives think or want. Everything you said was wrong, but I doubt you'll ever admit it.

    • Mary Madrigal
      Mary Madrigal 21 day ago

      +Beverly Hillin if it was poorly to read, how was it possible for you to answer my comment back?
      Yeah, yeah all conservatives label all protests as riots cause they are a bunch of hypocrites. They don't like change and don't want equality for all. So, it is easier for them to label everything as a riot.
      Oh come on! Since when conservatives are in favor for equality in women? Equal rights for gays? For blacks? For minorities? Don't come here and say conservatives are in favor for equal rights for all.
      They live in the past while shielding themselves behind their religious/righteous hypocrisy.
      I say conservatives are in favor of women been treated like crap cause they don't want changes. They live in the past.
      Did women had equal rights as men in the past? No! This case is proof of it.

    • Beverly Hillin
      Beverly Hillin 21 day ago

      +Mary Madrigal please proofread your comments. That was difficult to follow. Conservatives aren't anti-protests. We just don't think it's productive to riot. We do not support or condone the abuse of women. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous. Also... you can call me honey all you want. Unfortunately, it doesn't make you right, it doesn't make you superior, and sadly, it doesn't make your poorly written comment easier to read.

  • Shellie Rodarmel
    Shellie Rodarmel 21 day ago +10

    This was such a good and sad movie,even back than it shows you how fucking dumb a cop could be,in the movie the dumb country cop just stood their why her husband was stomping her face,it makes you wonder how people just stand and watch instead of being cowards and helping her!

  • Leah Porter-Samuels
    Leah Porter-Samuels 22 days ago +8

    Tracey and her lawyer did a great job addressing this issue and paving the way for all domestic violence victims. It's good Tracey was awarded compensation and additional professional help for the attack.

  • Sean Doherty
    Sean Doherty 22 days ago +8

    It’s crazy to think that it was 1984 that a wife legally was no longer her husbands property!! Prior to that she was! Which is why the cops were so fucking useless in these situations back then. It’s not just that they weren’t trained! They didn’t feel the need to be! If what happened in the movie was true to fact, that cop had no fucking clue what to do! Never mind he’s heard screams and takes his sweet ass time! Why? Cause he thinks it’s just another hysterical woman! Unbelievable... God Bless Tracey 🙏🏼 I hope she’s doing well today, and her son.

  • Ashley marie
    Ashley marie 22 days ago +3

    Sooo fucking sad and horrible.. she's so thankful to be alive!! She is a fighter!! Bless her!!! Wow

  • faithful one
    faithful one 22 days ago +6

    so sad this happened...

  • sharon davis
    sharon davis 22 days ago +4

    Laws in some states still need to be changed Arkansas for one

    • sharon davis
      sharon davis 22 days ago

      Legal there to rape extra wife few yrs ago or beat with stick no smaller than finger

  • voici je
    voici je 22 days ago +12

    people that have never been in such reationship...think that...woman just need to move out...and case is close !!!...are you that dumb? didnt stop there...when there is kids in can take years and years... i know what im talking about...and often ...woman go back to the abuser...because...the abuse did not if she is at mom's house.. .mom is suffering... if she hide herself to a friend's house... soon ... the friend have enough... its normal reaction... people want to help... but have no idea... .what an abuser can do.. .and... if the woman get out... do you think she can rent an appartment and buy furnitures in a blink of an eye??... seriously...???... some people must think and shut their fu&*ng mouth ,

    • Patricia Burkell
      Patricia Burkell 21 day ago


    • Lady Lotus
      Lady Lotus 21 day ago +1


    • Karl schmidt
      Karl schmidt 22 days ago +2

      Hi I just read your mom went through what you are going through.i was there with my little sister.we had to go to Australia to get wishes for you and your proud you sound like a strong woman.

  • francesca mcgeorge
    francesca mcgeorge 22 days ago +15

    This was when movies on lifetime were worth watching Now garbage.

  • Krista Johnson
    Krista Johnson 22 days ago +11


  • lisa krupsky
    lisa krupsky 27 days ago +17

    Thank god she is strong :) i keep going forward:) i left also . Stay strong together:)

  • sally Matthews
    sally Matthews 27 days ago +15

    God had a plan for your life, Tracy. That’s why you survived.

    • sharon davis
      sharon davis 22 days ago

      +Nathy M.V. maybe to educate others it to tell her story

    • Nathy M.V.
      Nathy M.V. 22 days ago

      sally Matthews really?? So what was god plan???

  • Marguerite Auten
    Marguerite Auten 27 days ago +6

    My God I am so sorry that just broke my heart sad that you were never notified by the authorities of his release I always told my daughters boyfriends when they were dating put your hands on my child I will go to jail and my youngest daughters boyfriend tried to hit my daughter and I flew down my steps and grabbed his arm and tried to put him through my glass front door and he left and went to my other daughters house trying to plead his case she let him talk and went over to her front door opened it told him to stand up and threw his ass down a flight of steps needless to say he’s not with my daughter anymore he was later deported but I’ll keep you in my prayers and God bless you thanks for sharing that with me

  • Brandy Yolidio
    Brandy Yolidio 28 days ago +12

    I have no idea why Tracey Thurman popped in my head today, but she did. This was horrific, but she is a strong woman...She's a hero, if she could survive and fight we all have to

  • Rita Creason
    Rita Creason 28 days ago +15

    God be with her always !!! 😪

  • Joanna Sanchez
    Joanna Sanchez 28 days ago +20

    The movie was good. It's a called a cry for help. I loved it. I am against abuse 100% i just love how good they did the movie. Nancy McKeon played Tracey Thurman in this movie.
    Some people might know her. If not
    Nancy is from the 80's sitcom show The Facts of Life.

    • Kimberly Haworth
      Kimberly Haworth 21 day ago

      ive seen it and it brought tears to my eyes. something no woman shoukd ever endure

    • Judith Boltz
      Judith Boltz 22 days ago +1

      +steve b so unfair to call tracey pro abuse. She went back because she didnt want her child to grow up without a father. She was hoping he would change. That was not to be. Her husband was an animal. Remember all broken relationships are a failure.

    • Joanna Sanchez
      Joanna Sanchez 25 days ago +2

      +steve b somebody needs attention.. Let me guess.. Daddy use to beat you and your mom. So you got tired of her sticking around him while you watched this happen and your still sour about it til this day.. Right?

    • Joanna Sanchez
      Joanna Sanchez 28 days ago

      +teslagirl1 yes so very true

    • teslagirl1
      teslagirl1 28 days ago +1

      Agree, Joanna. The actor who played her lawyer was good, too. As was the actor who played the cop who was too scared of Buck Thurman to help her.

  • Christa Harding
    Christa Harding 28 days ago +12

    I seen this movie years ago on lifetime. If you havent seen it, check it out!

    • Christa Harding
      Christa Harding 20 days ago

      +av3maria me too girl! I cried so hard. I cried even harder when I found out it was based on a true story! Hence>The Thermon Law 😢

    • av3maria
      av3maria 20 days ago +1

      I remember watching it as a kid and it scared me to death!!! I cried so much for her. It was horrifying. It still is.

    • Christa Harding
      Christa Harding 21 day ago

      +Kimberly Haworth I know it, so sad.

    • Kimberly Haworth
      Kimberly Haworth 21 day ago +1

      Christa Harding i saw it and it was hard to watch .

  • ayeni sia
    ayeni sia 28 days ago +8

    Beyonde hard situation i ask god to bless her heart 💞

  • Christine Davidson
    Christine Davidson 28 days ago +14

    This had been happening since time began - the latest in media is Patrick frazee. We need to change this behavior in men as well as how society responds to violence against women!

  • Sara Juarez
    Sara Juarez 28 days ago +9

    It’s hard to stay in a relationship with an abuser. Best to leave the abuser and live in a shelter if there’s no one else to stay with. But it’s better than ending up dead. Wake up women! There is no excuse but that he doesn’t love himself to love you, and even that there is no excuse for him battering you. And don’t force him to love you by staying with him.

    • Piatequila
      Piatequila 27 days ago

      They usually Isolate their victims from their families and friends, do not want their wifes working ,so they have no money and no car.
      They're trapped like rats in a cage ! If they manage to leave with the child these bastards tell the cops that she kidnapped the child ... it's not that easy...
      In this case the cops messed up and there are thousands of cases like her, many women did not survive !

  • Barbara Buonincontro
    Barbara Buonincontro 29 days ago +6


  • Barbara Buonincontro
    Barbara Buonincontro 29 days ago +4

    I'm so sorry for her omg. Barb.

  • Artemis Malfoy Moon
    Artemis Malfoy Moon Month ago +2

    She could be the reincarnation of The Black Dahlia

  • carlie Beau
    carlie Beau Month ago +10

    He treated her worst then trash a human being slaugtered. And the police said he wasn't doing anything wrong. Women stand up. Respect your selves. No one human being ever has more power over you. Fight for your body. Love your SELVES beyond anyone who can ever love you. Name calling nit picking ,anger, pressure ,stress . your not anyones punching bag. Abd you are bot disposable. Every man goes to jail. No dropping charges. no more . You assulted a human being. When it gonna stop... our communities are responsiable. Battered womens syndrome is a change in the brain and nervous system that cant tell the differnce between rite from wrong. Laws have to change so women stop dying and get treated second. This is a dead practices. Laws apply to women the same in the USA. No one person has power over you.

  • Maxi
    Maxi Month ago +4

    GOD bless you Tracey.... ❤

  • Kelly Lestig
    Kelly Lestig Month ago +4

    I love you Tracy, your a strong person , your a survivor , so glad you made it out ok, God bless you sweetie😊

  • Phantasm Phantasm
    Phantasm Phantasm Month ago +3

    Well, you girls want to control your man; you want to dominate him, and your mind is always set on how you can make him your dependant.
    You don't fool me girls; I know what you do while hubby is away. Always on the prowl for stud service...then home in time to pick up the kids, and dinners ready by 6; and the poor bastard your married to, doesn't have a clue that 3 hours earlier you were getting banged by Mr. 8 inch stud at his apartment. ain't no angels; and you can only push a man so far, before he snaps.
    Personally, I find life much more satisfying without a woman. Life is simple, I have a lot of money, I have really nice house, I got my Harley, and and a new car every couple of years. I'm in really good shape, with broad shoulders and a 6 Pac. Lots of semi good looking 30-50 year old cougar bored housewives, always prowling around looking for stud service.
    Men, take my advice; divorce that old hag, and start living the good life.

    • Jo Ann Kidson
      Jo Ann Kidson 21 day ago

      Phantasm Phantasm glad you have yourself to love.

    • Ti Che
      Ti Che 21 day ago

      Sorry you've been with some cruel and unusual women in your time 🤣🤣🤣

    • sharon davis
      sharon davis 22 days ago +1

      I tank you're a liar or gay

    • sharon davis
      sharon davis 22 days ago

      I was married almost 20 yrs didn't cheat and he abused me and our girls raping the oldest so go fuck off stud one day age comes no matter what one day you will be an old male hag and never know joy a relationship could be

    • Piatequila
      Piatequila 27 days ago +2

      +Linda Costa
      He sure is a psycho and he's neither handsome nor has he anything he pretends,lol
      He hates women because he never had the nice personality to attract a good one ..orr he was only interested in skunks and now wonders why this happened to him,
      When you hear a male putting all women in the same pot you know you're talking to a primitive insect- like creature who'll die in their own pee and feces !!!

  • Jennifer Woolridge
    Jennifer Woolridge Month ago +19

    I have the movie on dvd.. Any man who puts his hands on a woman is no longer a man.. He deserves a dose of his own medicine!

    • Piatequila
      Piatequila 27 days ago

      +12th man
      Nobody should put their hands on their partner but no woman is a match against a male,
      show me pictures of a man beaten to pulp or beaten to death by their wife !

    • Juliette Mor
      Juliette Mor 29 days ago

      steve b please listen to me when women are in an abusive relationship they are told they need the abuser and eventually come to believe that they are nothing without the abuser they think they love their abuser that it’s their fault they are getting beaten it’s not their fault they are staying if you got beaten by the person you love over and over while they told you that you needed them you would eventually come to believe it

    • 12th man
      12th man Month ago +2

      Putting your hands on someone goes both ways.

  • maggie magana
    maggie magana Month ago +5

    She's 100% right. I had a friend that didn't make it out. She was 20 years old young gorgeous how to kids very little boys 1 was holder how did your father. But the younger one was her boyfriend and her child. Skip Beat on her numerous times. The night that my friend will be forever gone what's March 3rd he had beat her so bad he bashed her head in for at least two three hours thinking that she was still Beauty in her. Then he realized that he had brain matter all over issue. I'm telling you this because what she said get out my friend San Juanita Montelongo will never ever be with her kids. God bless you all. RIP sweetheart I miss you so much....

  • Marguerite Auten
    Marguerite Auten Month ago +5

    Why didn’t she leave common sense would tell anybody if a man puts his hands on you once he’ll do it again my first husband learned the hard way about putting his hands on me and threatening me I don’t play that

    • Rebecca Green
      Rebecca Green 28 days ago

      My councler daughter left her abuser. She went back to the house to get her stuff n he was supposed to have been in jail but they let him out with a warning n didn't tell her he was out. 2 hours passed no daughter my councler went to check on her, she didn't come back councler son went over and called the police he had beaten them so bad they didn't have a face he chopped off there hands and feet took out there teeth and eyes pulled all there hair out. N all the cops could say was my bad didnt know it was this bad.

    • 765respect
      765respect 28 days ago

      I had a bf that learned the hard way. He brought his father over to save him and he got a beat down too. It was a very hard lesson done in my front yard but I walked away with a clear conscience and no record (I was a teen).

    • susan green
      susan green Month ago +1

      She did leave from Florida to Connecticut

    • GeminiBuddha143
      GeminiBuddha143 Month ago +1

      They follow

  • Fran DeFilio
    Fran DeFilio Month ago +2

    Having this happen so close ya terrifying.....Torrington police are terrible

  • Linda PETERSON
    Linda PETERSON Month ago +3

    Whatever like I said what if this was your mother think about it you are not a man the tongue is very powerful. Watch what you say about people .

  • Elisia Driver
    Elisia Driver Month ago +3


  • Vladimir Souffrant
    Vladimir Souffrant Month ago +8

    Man & woman that survive these atrocities are the real hero's with the judicial system being the real beast.

  • Lisa Lemponen
    Lisa Lemponen Month ago +5

    Tracey Thurman is a true hero to survive and thrive after the abuse that she suffered is just a miracle

  • P V
    P V Month ago +20

    Horrible! I remember this movie based on her life. The fact that he kept stabbing her, and stomping on her in front of the police, is unbelievable! He should have been shot like a rabid dog!

    • Found Fortune
      Found Fortune 29 days ago

      girl he is the type that woukd do shit like this! he is a asshole i don't blame anyone for cheating on him bcuz he is LOW!

    • Found Fortune
      Found Fortune 29 days ago

      P V what a fuckin animal i never heard of this how horrible what kind of man does that

  • Lori Touma
    Lori Touma Month ago +5

    Im from connecticut im surprised i did not know this story but im glad she changed how people view domestic violence thru out the country. Thank God someone stood up for this type of violence. Im sure no one expected that this could happen gere in ct. Its a shame it took this beating to realize how bad of a crime this is. Truly devastating for women involved in such situations.

    WONDER SHAY Month ago +4

    I remember seeing this movie when I was a child. And it made me fear getting older and getting married. I am 39 now and have been happily married for 20 years. I thank God everyday that I found a good man and never had to endure abuse like this. God bless her. 🙏❤

  • Faith Stephens
    Faith Stephens Month ago +5

    My husband use to beat the fuck out of me. I snapped one day . I tied his ass in a sheet with fishing line and I beat the fuck out of him with a iron skillet and I told him the next time he doe's it again I kill him and hit him like a deer and I'm not even playing I mean it!!!!

    • Lauri Lyles
      Lauri Lyles Month ago +10

      So, Faith, I noticed you said "the next time." You mean you stayed with him, even after he "beat the--" out of you. Sis, it takes more courage to leave than to reciprocate. Leaving makes you a warrior, reciprocating makes you him.

    • Lori Touma
      Lori Touma Month ago +1

      Good fuck him... deserved every bit of besting he had coming.

  • Sassy Grace Woodruff
    Sassy Grace Woodruff Month ago +5

    I have called the police here in San Antonio over 30 times begging for help and they tell me I am mental.

    • ruth campbell
      ruth campbell Month ago

      Anyone who has to repeatedly phone for the police does have mental problems. They should have moved out after the first two times. First time is a warning, second time is a habit.

    • Phantasm Phantasm
      Phantasm Phantasm Month ago

      .....your mental.

    • Sassy Grace Woodruff
      Sassy Grace Woodruff Month ago +2

      +europe is the best love is blind the man is stalking me he is not my goddamn boyfriend you f****** idiot! However, that being said, I did stay with a man for 3 years who abused me and other men have abused me because I was not raised to love myself I was raised by abusers and a pedophile. and I served my f****** country and if I want to call the police that's my goddamn right b****! Plenty of women have abused me also it is people like you who keep people from being able to change and grow and stop letting people hurt them. And by the way for your f****** information I don't like sex!

  • Robin Lambert
    Robin Lambert Month ago +1

    Um obviously when she left . Look what happened.

  • Trus No1
    Trus No1 Month ago +6

    The narrator stated Tracey was abused for nearly the entire 5yrs they were together. I'm not understanding why anyone chooses to stay in abusive situations.

    • voici je
      voici je 22 days ago

      you dont understand....because this is not you in it...what was her options?..where to go ?..cant hide forever when there is a child..nomatter what...he is the fatheer...and man and woman use kids for reaching out where is the other...its never as easy as...get out simple as that...if it was that simple...woman wouldnt get back...

    • Brooke Silcox
      Brooke Silcox Month ago +6

      I've studied this case thoroughly and I can tell you she didn't stay. Tracey was living with her sister across the country. He tracked her down to her sisters house and stalked her for 9 months daily before this attack. So no she didn't stay with him.

    • Andi in Texas
      Andi in Texas Month ago +6

      It's not a choice a lot of the time. Men like him don't give you the option to leave. They'd rather kill you than let you leave. And even when you're able to get away they will find you and you either go back home, or get killed. Simple as that.

    • jules g
      jules g Month ago +9

      You will never understand unless you have been in that situation

    CASSANDRA CADE Month ago +13


  • Cc
    Cc Month ago +4

    This was heartbreaking. Wth actually malfunctions in a human making them do this? It's crazy that police need to be trained to treat all violent crime equally??

  • Lisa Addas
    Lisa Addas Month ago +11

    You have to be dead or dying to get help around here!!!!!!!

  • #Shabby Girl
    #Shabby Girl Month ago +2

    Now there ya go Chief! Don’t give the victim the power to decide whether charges should be pressed!!!

  • Morty Snerd
    Morty Snerd Month ago +2

    maybe next time she will bring that sandwich

    • Elisia Driver
      Elisia Driver Month ago

      +Morty Snerd LMAO....

    • Phantasm Phantasm
      Phantasm Phantasm Month ago

      Heh heh heh...
      Men, do yourself a favor; divorce that fat hag your married to, and start living the good life of liberty and freedom.

    • Morty Snerd
      Morty Snerd Month ago

      google MGTOW ……. a true good woman is very rare..... most women are only looking for a man to use for money and support

    • Elisia Driver
      Elisia Driver Month ago +1

      FOR YOU TO SAY SOMETHING AS F@€k up as that..Hope you have no children. .. STOP THE CYCLE DO YOURSELF THAT MUSH!!

    • Brooke Silcox
      Brooke Silcox Month ago +3

      You are a heartless asshole. I hope you never find true love. You don't deserve it

  • Adianez Fernandez
    Adianez Fernandez Month ago +1

    Great video thank you 👍🏻

  • Babytots
    Babytots Month ago +26

    A cry for help. The Tracey Thurman story starring Nancy McKeon. The movie is very well done. I watched it when I was younger on lifetime. Tracey Thurman proved that there are cracks in the justice system and just because you’re married doesn’t mean he has the right to beat you or touch you in any kind of a way that you don’t allow. She helped pave the way for domestic violence and restraining orders and shelters for women through her own pain, tears, and almost her own murder. There is still work that needs to be done. In 1998 my husband wanted sex and I didn’t because I was taking care of our children who were 2 1/2 years old and 1 year old. He literally pushed me down to the ground and tore my clothes to get me undressed and raped me. When the police arrived I was telling them what he had done and that the entire time I was screaming no. The officer told me it’s not rape. It doesn’t matter if I said no because my husband is entitled to have a physical relationship with his wife and that it is not committing rape. I decided because of that response I would leave my husband. By that point he had been beating me for 3 years and now he can rape me too. I was awarded a restraining order and he couldn’t be within 100 miles of me. He moved in right next door. I called the police and spoke with the watch commander and he told me that it sounds like if I don’t move my husband was going to kill me. Both my babies were boys and I never wanted them to witness all of what their father was doing to me and think it’s ok to do to their girlfriend/wife. Their father was beating them too. My oldest is blind in one eye and his frontal lobe is dead from shaken baby syndrome at 3 months old. He hit my youngest son so hard and when I pulled off his diaper, his entire butt cheeks and lower back was one huge bruise and bruises all over his face. My ex explained he was trying to burp him. My son was nine months old. I fooled myself for years and lived in denial thinking he would change. Their father never tried to fight me for my sons and they are 23 and 21 now. They’ve never put their hands on their wives in a bad way. They cook and clean and take care of my only grandchild. Taking their abusive father out of the equation allowed me to raise them in a way every woman would love. It allowed us to heal.

    • Jane Doe18007
      Jane Doe18007 Month ago +2

      👍👏 I'm glad you're doing well. And your sons.

  • Mysti Desilva
    Mysti Desilva Month ago +11

    I watched the tracy thurman story years ago. And believe it or not i was thinking about this story last night. I get on here today and Bam its the second video I came across as i opened my youtube. Not sure what its a sign of but its weird.

    • Sherry
      Sherry Month ago +3

      Mysti Desilva be safe look after your self

  • Cody Blackford
    Cody Blackford Month ago +1

    I've always thought whatever a person does something to another then they get the same thing done to them and if there lucky to live through it like her then the rest of the time they spend it in jail..eye for a eye.

  • Besotted Beloved Lovely

    This Abuser should be jail n whip 25 strokes .

  • panda bear
    panda bear Month ago +13

    The abuser has alot of power that's why woman don't leave. No peace of paper scares them. Stupid law. That restraining order just infuriates them. When they get out of jail they will finish the job.

  • Cari Ostrander
    Cari Ostrander Month ago +5

    This is what allows these guys to do this over n over again....NO HELP FROM ANYONE. Even if they go to jail they dont stay then its even worse for victim...restraining orders are a joke cause the abuser could care less.

    • Juanita Richards
      Juanita Richards Month ago

      True. My friend had her face smashed in and her teeth broken out. Her abuser spent one night in jail and was bailed in the morning. She had to go into hiding. She had to have 18 months of orthodontic treatment to fix her teeth and mouth, which became all distorted.

    • Sherry Graham
      Sherry Graham Month ago

      Panda panda~I pray you can find a way out, no matter how bad it is now, it will only get worse. May God surround you with courage, strength and safety.

    • pandapanda🐼💕
      pandapanda🐼💕 Month ago

      Exactly that's my situation right now

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon Month ago +2

    I bet she doesnt burn the toast anymore! 👍

  • AshnKksmom2
    AshnKksmom2 Month ago +7

    I remember this story also watched the movie several times. The abuse she went through even after asking for help is unbelievable

  • RavenTheShaman Livestream9999

    I read her name as Tracey ULLMAN! Poor lil thang! She a BEAUTIFUL womban!

    • Sarah Brennan
      Sarah Brennan Month ago

      RavenTheShaman Livestream9999 that’s what I thought that’s why I turned on to watch

  • Linda Hall
    Linda Hall Month ago

    You can be carried by 6 or judged by 12
    WHEN carried it does not matter.police done wrong
    I bet he had beat her before
    IF someone shows you who they are believe it

    • Linda Hall
      Linda Hall Month ago

      +Michelle BoldanYES IKNOW THE STORY

    • Michelle Boldan
      Michelle Boldan Month ago

      Linda Hall are you familiar with the story ?

  • Giugliana Camelia
    Giugliana Camelia Month ago +5

    When my dad hit me or my dog I'd punch him back!

  • Betty Cooper
    Betty Cooper Month ago +11

    I would of shot the son of a bitch long time ago😡

  • runningfromtheherd
    runningfromtheherd Month ago +3

    Poor sound

  • Peter Palmer
    Peter Palmer Month ago +11

    Report every single incident in great detail to the police;
    Keep detailed and dated journal;
    Get a restraining order OFP and stick to it!
    Do not u dear any circumstances take the bastard back' and
    Engage a women's group for help with these issues.
    P.S. Legally get a handgun, train and then use it if he returns....
    Police Officer (retired)

  • Modern day drifter
    Modern day drifter Month ago +2

    Men don't just decide one day to start beating there spouse. There's something going on between two people behind closed doors and this is how it can end up. It can also end up with the man being abused or killed. Women think that they don't contribute to what happens in the relationship by they do and it's about time they started taking responsibility for it.

    • Piatequila
      Piatequila 27 days ago

      +Desiree Beck
      He's a wife beater and he knows how to play the mind games if you allow him to play it, don't give in, the rotten filthy ,bastard not worth your time !
      I'm the first and sole woman in my family who stood up against several violent male relatives and this from a young age with a weapon in my hand.
      I made it clear that I was ready to die to fight them and that they should watch out because I could stab them to death while they're sleeping or turn their back !!!
      Ultimately I had to use a weapon a few years later and trust me dear women I have no regrets and no remorse !!!
      The family is CLEAN now, no more violent males and no more alcoholics to torture women !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • P E
      P E Month ago +1

      Umm.... If a woman is being beaten by her husband, she does not contribute to that problem. The one doing the abuse as 100% at fault for their own actions. not that you would admit it, but I have a strong suspicion but if you're married you also beat your wife and this is your guilty conscience trying to defend yourself.

    • Care Bear
      Care Bear Month ago

      Modern day drifter anyone that tries to justify abuse is just an abuser themself. instead of telling others to seek mental health maybe you should take your own advice.

    • Kytshu Black
      Kytshu Black Month ago

      +Curt Christensen
      I understand.
      Crazy but rather funny.
      There anything to correct?.

  • Fergs
    Fergs Month ago +14

    It's very complicated why we stay. You can say that this is what you would do, but until you walk a mile or even a block in our shoes, then you can say what you would or wouldn't do.
    I stayed for so many reasons and I planned escapes many times to only be sabotaged by him.
    He was a very manipulative Narcissist who isolated me and beat me down on a daily basis is so many underhanded ways that I could never have enough air in my lungs to try and explain them all to you.
    Then it became physical after the mental and emotional tear down. Then financial after I lacked the confidence to do my job as a life coach and public speaker. So I was financially dependent as well.
    Last but certainly not least it was the threat of taking my health insurance away after being diagnosed with Lupus.
    I finally did leave with the clothes on my back only.
    It's been rough for sure but freedom has never tasted sweeter.
    Instead of judging women for staying or saying I would never let a man do this to me (because I was the sassy lil miss confident who also said I would never allow a man to disrespect me - the perfect trophy for a man like him to break) Let us help women recover from the shame, fear, self loathing, abuse, pain, PTSD, and so many issues that we have when we finally find the strength and that shred of self love that he wasn't able to take away and leave the sorry pieces of shit.
    Asking for help is so hard. Especially someone like me who is very self reliant and independant. It's been a hard f'ing road these past 5 months.
    When I get back on my feet all I want my life to focus on is helping other women get out and then build them back up again.
    Never shame a woman who has stayed in an abusive relationship or is still in one... We shame ourselves enough.

    • Fergs
      Fergs Month ago

      +stacy clark Thank you so very much for your wonderful and kind words. They have lifted my spirit so much.
      Not gonna lie, what Dick said really pissed me off, but also made me feel pretty rotten for a few hours and my mind kept going over it more times than I would care to admit.
      Just proves my point on why we don't share or ask for help. Of which I did and either got the same thing or "We can't get involved".
      I've learned that this is a taboo subject to discuss with many people. Male and female.
      I really do want to change that. With supporters like you, I KNOW that I CAN and WILL!
      Much Love and Future Abundance! 💜💞💜
      BTW: LUV-LUV your accurate adjectives in reference to my new best friend Dick. Spot on my Friend.

    • stacy clark
      stacy clark Month ago +1

      Maria, thank you for the utmost empowering words on how you tried to explain yourself to Dick. Dick has no clue Im sure because he is a pussy that hurts women. No balls or backbone.
      Maria you are strong and Im sure as everyday goes by you are getting a bit stronger.
      Hope you have the best holiday's ever

    • Fergs
      Fergs Month ago +1

      +Richard Nixon well it doesn't surprise me that your name is Richard Nixon. I'll call you Dick for short.
      Dick, You as a MAN have no dog in this fight. Meaning you have no right to say the stupid things you just said.
      Dick, You and your opinions are the biggest reason we don't share with others. The main reason we don't ask for help.
      Do not speak to me or any other woman that has gone thru this of things you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.
      Like I said, walk a mile or even a freaking block in our shoes. Then and only then have you earned the right to have an opinion.
      In the meantime Dick you are emulating your namesake. So just like him, you should keep your BIG MOUTH SHUT.
      And NO, I do not believe all men are bad or abusers. I just take offense when a Man tries to shove his unsolicited word salad of Bull Shit down my throat.
      Dick, Thank you for showing me once again just how blind SOME men are regarding this subject. You have now fueled my desire to EDUCATE people on how to treat women who have gone thru this and still are.
      Namaste Dick

    • Richard Nixon
      Richard Nixon Month ago

      Fergs That’s story you just told is nothing more than a word salad full of BS. If someone treats you bad you leave. If you need to hide from the Guy then do it. Making excuses only makes you sound stupid!

    • Fergs
      Fergs Month ago +1

      +dana hummer Thank you for asking. Yes I am safe. I left everything I owned with him because he wouldn't let me have it (including my poor sweet dog Chewy) and so it's been a battle to regain my birth certificate, social security card, health care, bank etc without having proof of who I was, a dime to my name and transportation.
      Leaving is only the beginning of a new set of trials and tribulations that we go thru.
      But, thank God being safe isn't one of them anymore.
      Again, thank you so much for asking.

  • Wandal Brannen
    Wandal Brannen Month ago +8

    Listen, that was THEN, in this day and age, NOW, women have guts and a lil bit more heart, they aint tryna take shit lying down.....the first and ONLY time a MOFO try to lay his hand on ME while supposed to be so called Loving me, l'll be the LAST woman he EVER, in this Lifetime, lays his hand on. He'll have to Sleep while standing up, cuz if he EVER decides to close his eyes after touching ME, TRUST, they'll be closed permantly when I'm done with him. Women accept and endure so much from men just to have them in their lives. They have to learn that Love doesn't mean causing hurt and pain and if you have to put ur hands on me to prove that, then DON'T LOVE ME! Domestic Violence is REAL and it has to be STOPPED when it first STARTS, or it's Ending can be DEADLY!

  • Linda Hall
    Linda Hall Month ago +4

    Why don't women buy guns.If I had a sob trying to hurt me ok game on

    • Kytshu Black
      Kytshu Black Month ago +1

      Guns don't kill people
      People kill people
      Many women die by their own guns been used on them. This isn't a solution.

    • Valerie barcom
      Valerie barcom Month ago +1

      Oh but yes they would. Then off to prison you would go. $&+# that.

    • Linda Hall
      Linda Hall Month ago +1

      +Hillary Hayman tell me case number STATE.

    • Hillary Hayman
      Hillary Hayman Month ago +1

      Linda Hall you couldn’t be more wrong.

  • Jimmy Pippins
    Jimmy Pippins Month ago +7

    If she had had a gun she could have blew his sorry ass away.

  • Joanne Dovey
    Joanne Dovey Month ago +10

    I am a south African. Society scorns the wife and blames her.
    I live in a very patriarchal society.
    Lived through it, terrible, he died due to his own stupidity.

    • Neatcrochet Neatcrochet
      Neatcrochet Neatcrochet Month ago

      I am also S.A and agree

    • Kytshu Black
      Kytshu Black Month ago +1

      +Nicky Keightley
      Your Voice has been heard.
      This is no way Any woman should live.

    • Nicky Keightley
      Nicky Keightley Month ago +2

      I too live here in south Africa. I free with you regarding the patriarchal society. It won't change though. That's the saddest part of it all.

  • Katie White
    Katie White Month ago +1

    I was just a year old and three months old in june of 83 there was a movie made about this

    • Missditabomb
      Missditabomb Month ago +1

      Katie White,
      No, hon, the television movie was made and aired in 1989 and starred Nancy McKeon. I watched it and could never, ever forget it.

  • Believe in Yourself
    Believe in Yourself Month ago +8

    Thank you Tracey. I am a 57 year old survivor of Domestic Violence. I am in College to learn what I can do to help victims.

    • Believe in Yourself
      Believe in Yourself Month ago

      +steve b ....Sounds like you need help and medication. Grow up.

    • R. M
      R. M Month ago

      steve b - Who is the dumb fuck? And where does it state anyone stuck around for 487 more beatings.
      Little angry person you are.
      Good on her you moron.

  • Leonie Weimer
    Leonie Weimer Month ago +2

    Does anyone know if the scumbag who did this to her is out? I mean I hope and pray he doesn’t find her again she’s been through enough. Mostly I hope she’s found someone special who has shown her wat true love is

    • Curtis K
      Curtis K  Month ago

      His name is Charles 'Buck' Thurman, I believe he was released from prison in 1991. Can probably search his name if you wanted exact/more information.

  • Linda Kerr
    Linda Kerr Month ago +8

    Why I stay single.

    • Valerie barcom
      Valerie barcom Month ago


    • Linda Kerr
      Linda Kerr Month ago

      +rock of ages xxx okay, I am yet to meet one I guess😐 don't want to meet a Chris Watts though🙁

    • George Iscooking.
      George Iscooking. Month ago

      Really? Not Cuz you're ugly?

    • rock of ages xxx
      rock of ages xxx Month ago +1

      Linda Kerr , Linda , there are good men

    • aimee m
      aimee m Month ago +2

      Linda Kerr I stay happily single also. I could easily kill a motherfucker who puts his hands on me like this.

  • Sherrie Morrison
    Sherrie Morrison 2 months ago +4

    good for u tracey! ur brave luv! however, I sure wish the volume was higher so I could've heard it better. its so low I have to strain to hear her. ty to Curtis k for posting this story :)

    • Sherrie Morrison
      Sherrie Morrison 2 months ago

      +Curtis Kow! ty! didnt expect a response at all! ty for responding in such a kind and understanding way :)

    • Curtis K
      Curtis K  2 months ago

      Yes I know about the volumes being low, however can not increase it as this was created on an old work computer which I no longer have access too and the file no longer exists. In looking back, I wish the overlooked errors were fixed at the time.. it is what it is. Headphones and raise the volume works for some.

  • whatcha lookin at?
    whatcha lookin at? 2 months ago +3

    My sister is going through this, I try to help but now she tells me to stay out of it. What do I do now?!?

    • Angie K
      Angie K 21 day ago

      Tell her that you're planning her funeral...maybe that'll wake her up

    • Kytshu Black
      Kytshu Black Month ago

      Go to the police.
      This is something that the victim does.You will find,your sister's attacker is telling her she deserves what he's doing to her,that No one cares, she's unworthy, she's nothing. Go to the police,honey

    • Barbara J.
      Barbara J. Month ago +1

      Pray for her and keep your door open to her. My mom was a battered wife and me and siblings suffered with her- their threats are not empty- women need to know,they are not alone...because they are so isolated and the abuse is behind closed doors.

    • Wanda Landreth
      Wanda Landreth Month ago +2

      My daughter done the same to me when she was in an abusive relationship. She would ask for my help but then turn around and say I made things worse. Or if I confronted him on my own she say I was making it worse. They wanna leave like I did but think maybe they'd try and hang on and it maybe will change. Their love for them keeping them as well as I did hanging on to someone who would do them in such a way and even would or will kill them. Like on other one that commented just be there for her each time don't turn your back on her. Keep a log of all the bad he does with date and time that way you'll have something to help you remember and account about his actions. Remember that is your sister you see with your eyes but you hear someone with a broken spirit that has forgot the value of herself.

    • Valerie barcom
      Valerie barcom Month ago

      Pray, otherwise it may cost you your life.

  • worm wood
    worm wood 2 months ago +7

    Thank you Tracey for your fight for your and other women's rights and for speaking up here on the behalf of others.

  • A Beazer
    A Beazer 4 months ago +22

    That man had a child with another women and abused her. She had to get a protective order against him and ran to Florida for a time. Why do they let this sicko walk the streets?

  • Natia Black
    Natia Black 4 months ago +22

    Tracy Thurman was a brave fighter. God bless her and her son.

  • Monica Wright
    Monica Wright 4 months ago +9

    This storey reminds me of what happen to my mom brings back so many bad memories

  • Mary Shoemaker
    Mary Shoemaker 4 months ago +16

    The burning bed comes to mind from this!!! Any man who hits a woman needs to burn!!!! Very few cases of women beating their husbands!!!

    • Joan Flemming Kendrick
      Joan Flemming Kendrick Month ago

      +George Iscooking. I agree. It us more common than you think. Abuse is not just physical.

    • George Iscooking.
      George Iscooking. Month ago +1

      Most cases of female violence against males are not reported.

    • Happy Fox
      Happy Fox 4 months ago +1

      So true, I can never wrap my head around that one.

    • Softball Mom
      Softball Mom 4 months ago +2

      Yes! I was thinking the exact same thing!

    • Fnu Lnu
      Fnu Lnu 4 months ago +2

      And most women keep the *relationship* going.