She survived: The Tracey Thurman story

  • Published on Jan 27, 2016
  • Background - After Tracey Thurman was attacked, stabbed, and nearly killed by her husband on June 10, 1983, a subsequent civil lawsuit judged that the local police had ignored growing signs of domestic violence and had casually dismissed restraining orders and other legal bars to keep Charles "Buck" Thurman, Sr. away from his wife. With this lawsuit, filed in 1984, Thurman was the first woman in America to sue a town and its police department for violating her civil rights, claiming the police had ignored the violence because she was married to the perpetrator. She was awarded $2.3 million.
    Charles "Buck" Thurman was released from jail in 1991. Additional information can be found doing a internet search.
    Stabbed, beaten, and a broken neck, this Torrington woman could have died. Instead, she survived and changed domestic violence laws forever.
    Note: I understand that the volume is a little low. TVclip no longer has the ability to edit the video/volume. I did not want to edit the volume and reupload as that would remove all the likes and comments.

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  • Sophie Louis
    Sophie Louis 6 hours ago

    Suspect for Domestic Abuses,Manslaughter,was Commited by 9/11/ISIS Fugitive Swine pig (Witch Hunts) Hannibal Lector William Buckley jr. alias(Patricia Cox,Carol Middleton,Betsy Davos).

  • Heather Hahn
    Heather Hahn Day ago +1

    I'm a domestic violence survivor I got out when he was put in jail

  • Elizabeth Latorre
    Elizabeth Latorre Day ago +5

    She is Lucky to be alive. How Tracey handled herself is a testament to the amazing person she is. Glad they sued the police. Smart move

  • Tanya Ryland
    Tanya Ryland Day ago

    I thought that picture of this poor young lady was a picture of Bethany Frankel from Skinny Girl stuff n real house wife’s of new York

  • steve harrell
    steve harrell Day ago +1

    She was a controlling narcissist. She drove her man nuts. She whined about everything. No matter how well it was done, or with what good intentions were in play it was never fuckin good enough. When he would finally get to the point where he could relax, and just decompress, this bitch would blind side him with something ridiculous. He wanted to love her so bad. But she is just a manipulative, compulsive liar.

    • The Eclectic Pagan
      The Eclectic Pagan 15 hours ago

      so.. being that I too, come from a background of abusive relationships.. largely with narcissistic assholes.. so *I* should have cut them up, tried to kill them? (rather than leave, which I thought was the smart thing) hmmn.. interesting.. or, is your narrow view only favoring men?
      I get that some women are horrible to their partners (have known a few abusers who were female and what I saw them do to their husbands was so horrible I reported them to the police!) but NOBODY.. under ANY circumstance, deserves to be taunted, tortured, beat, kicked, belittled, undermined, manhandled, threatened stabbed.. or have to hire a bodyguard for their own safety...for the ENTIRE TIME THEY WERE TOGETHER (which was mentioned in the video) best either pull your head out of your ass and educate yourself.. or.. perhaps shove it a few feet deeper in ;)

    • Austin Lawwill
      Austin Lawwill Day ago

      steve harrell you have lost your fucking mind how can u say that about her a woman you don't know that got beaten by that piece of shit at every turn u have no idea what people go through u need Jesus bad so keep your sarcastic comments to yourself or I will report u ass ur fuckin sick to think that this shit is ok and her fault

    • Heba Rassa
      Heba Rassa Day ago

      steve harrell
      to be honest i feel sorry for her but at the same time i do believe that what u said was true , as battered wife emotionally abused wife??!! this man was seeking her acceptance but she was abusing him .... he snaped and did what he had done
      Yet why we give women excuses but not men ?!? what he did was terrible deserve to be in jail but also to cut some slack

    • Josie w
      Josie w Day ago +1

      You have got to me kidding me right??? She drove him to beat, kick and stab her over and over again?? Wtf is wrong with you?? You sick twisted fuck.... Fucking leave stupid its that simple you dbag!!! Boy id love to meet you just one time you little bitch!!! It's scum bags like you that need to be kicked and stabbed over an over again. You piece of shit. Karma is a bitch. Remember that.....
      Bless you Tracy you are a survivor... ❤

    • Anonymer Benutzer
      Anonymer Benutzer Day ago +2

      The FEMPIRE is gonna steamroll you for this post.

  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilence 2 days ago +1

    I'm thankful this woman expert makes a point of saying abusers can be here or she.
    Anyway, I heard Tracy's son didn't turn out so well.

  • Kadata McCoy
    Kadata McCoy 2 days ago +3

    I remember watching this with my mother when I was a kid.

  • Angie Davis
    Angie Davis 2 days ago +11

    I am a survivor I was beat for years ..I got away alive thank god

    • Kytshu Black
      Kytshu Black Day ago

      So Glad You Did, Sweetie.
      All the Very Best .. Biggest Hugs from Sunny Far North Queensland Australia 🇦🇨💮💚💮💚💮💚💮💚💮💚💮

    • j volgelstein
      j volgelstein 2 days ago


  • Tony Tackett
    Tony Tackett 2 days ago +1

    I the youngest child of 5 boys born in 5 and a half years can tell you this.We as children had no choice, suffering physical, mental, and sexual abuse.The fear instilled on the victims are ever lasting and affect there lives forever. At 55 years old now and our abuser at 78 years old a part of that fear still to this day looms over my brothers to the point of hurting each other at her request. She now uses lies because it's all her abilities will allow her to inflict harm on any that apose her. Old and feeble our abuser is and yet the fear still remains driving my brothers and I further apart, now more than ever. It brakes my Hart to no something that started as a slap for not finishing your green beans could evolve into complete denial and separation. I love my bothers and There families but This center figure has kept us apart for decades and our kids suffer from not knowing there kind. I must tell you I am currently taking care of our victimizer because it's my Christian duty. But I miss my brothers even though there denials along with my victimizer putting the blame on me only because I'm within reach has made my life a living hell.

  • Thou Swell
    Thou Swell 2 days ago +11

    Girls, I know bad boys can be intriguing but for God's sake don't attempt to form a relationship with one.

    • Cindi Torres
      Cindi Torres Day ago

      +Carol Sullivan what are you some type of feminazi!? Aggressive much!?

    • Carol Sullivan
      Carol Sullivan 2 days ago

      What kind of condescending bullshit is that? 😂 Its not just "bad boys" who kill and maim their partners. Its doctors, teachers, lawyers, cops, criminals, firefighters, nurses, truck drivers, you see where im going with this, ya dipshit? There is no specific type of person who does this. And their outer image is not a telltale sign of who they are inside.

  • Mornette Potgieter
    Mornette Potgieter 3 days ago +5

    Sound is terrible, can't hear what's being said.

  • Mark Lanton
    Mark Lanton 3 days ago +7

    She needs a pistol, and learn how to hit what she aims at.

    • Mark Lanton
      Mark Lanton 2 days ago

      +Carol Sullivan I agree Carol , but if he has a history with the police of doing things like this it might be self defense. He might get out and come after her again, you never know. I think women need to be armed. At least most, the more level headed ones. I feel for this girl.

    • Carol Sullivan
      Carol Sullivan 2 days ago

      If she killed him BEFORE this happened, shed be charged with murder. Women who kill abusive partners tend to receive harsher punishment than their abusers would get for killing them.

  • Robert Barr
    Robert Barr 3 days ago +1

    Here’s to Jessica Hicking.... she throws a blanket comment about “cops” and men in general and when someone responds with a valid comment she sends an idiot response. Then refuses and block further replies...sorry for true victims of domestic violence she is a hate baiter and we “cops and men” truest know the victims and enforce fully

  • とろサーモン
    とろサーモン 3 days ago


  • Beth Roesch
    Beth Roesch 3 days ago +12

    I'm sorry for what happened to her but this is the case that changed the way domestic violence cases are handled. She almost died!!! Praise God she didn't and that she had the strength to fight. Thank you Tracey. You've saved so many others

  • Kristen Whitten
    Kristen Whitten 4 days ago +8

    Feel so bad for wat happend to her. But outta every darkness there is a light. And hers made a light for so many others. God bless an keep her. That pos will get his.

  • Jody Doherty
    Jody Doherty 4 days ago +10

    It’s been over 35 years and Tracey’s story still resonates and holds meaning to so many... God Bless you Tracey I hope you and your son found peace and happiness. God Bless 🙏🏼🕊

  • CREEPY Kalalou
    CREEPY Kalalou 4 days ago +3

    My gosh 😭

  • Pamela Worley
    Pamela Worley 4 days ago +11

    Buck Thurman was from Kentucky. He grew up seeing abuse, and sadly went on the same route. He literally jumped up and down on her breaking her neck in 3 places. No matter how many times she called the police, got restraining orders, Buck knew he could do what he wanted. The day of the brutal attack on her, a police officer, from Torrington was scared to even approach her. Buck sensing this continued to beat and kick her until she laid motionless. He got time, but he's out I think. This case was just like the "Burning Bed". Millions of women are abused daily. Ask yourself, if it was your mother, sister, daughter being abused like this what would you do?

    • Cindi Torres
      Cindi Torres Day ago +1

      If he is out of prison she needs to be locked and loaded.

    • Vintage Rose
      Vintage Rose 2 days ago

      Pamela Worley I totally get and agree with everything you said. Except...why mention he is from Kentucky?

    • Clear Day
      Clear Day 2 days ago +1

      Capital punishment is a punishment. That's why it's called capital punishment and not capital deterrent.


      Seeing abuse makes most never do it themselves. It is in reality a very few who actually become the abusers. That is simply an excuse.

    • Engrafted Word Ministries Arizona
      Engrafted Word Ministries Arizona 3 days ago +3

      +C A Campbell you've probably never been abused, tortured and scared for your life! These men need stiff prison terms !

  • Dan An Stac Cooper
    Dan An Stac Cooper 4 days ago +8

    The movie based on this is called A Cry For really shows the hell Tracy went she lived ...I have no clue ...I am so happy she won her law suit ..however..she is disabled for life...If you haven't seen the movie..check it out...very good movie.

    • Tosh La
      Tosh La 3 days ago +4

      Dan An Stac Cooper I remember watching that on TV as a kid (the same for The Burning Bed) and it scared the hell out of me. Sometimes evil is sleeping right next to you. The police and family services dropped the ball BIG TIME when these women asked for help.

  • Holley Charity
    Holley Charity 4 days ago +2


  • Shirley Richardson
    Shirley Richardson 4 days ago +9

    The policeman sat in his car and watched it happen, then he got out of his patrol car to get a better look while her ex husband continued to stab her.

    • Gigi Weakley
      Gigi Weakley 3 days ago +3

      +Jody Doherty this is so unbelievable.. that a police officer knew what was happening and didn't bother to intervene

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago +5

      Shirley Richardson Stab her.... he stomped on her neck breaking it in the process! The cop heard the screams, calmly walked over and stood there in a stupor!! Buck was holding their son screaming “I just killed your mother” then tried to attack her more as they were putting her in the ambulance!! This story was by far one of if not the worst case of DV I’ve ever heard of!!

  • Ivana Bedini
    Ivana Bedini 4 days ago +3

    Mothers!!!! Think to your children and be indipendent!!!!!!!

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago +2

      Ivana Bedini Tracey was Independant! She tried very hard to get away from Buck! The police didn’t want to give her a OOP! Because he was her husband! Buck stole their son and they both Tracey and Buck ended up in he police station and they told her to talk to him?!?! To work it out!! This was a time when husbands could legally rape their wives! Because up until 1984 a wife was considered to be her husbands property! Not to mention the cops stood there while Buck was stomping on her breaking her neck in the process! Prompting the law suit related to a violation of the 14 amendment equal gender rights! The Thurman Law was created because of her story. Women literally had no help back then!

  • angel wings
    angel wings 4 days ago +11

    I remember seeing that on tv and it turned my stomach and made me scared of being hurt by men I've seen my drunk father when I was a child beat my mother and one time he pulled a gun on her I lived on nerve medicine most of my childhood because of it I've been mistreated in the past by boyfriends and I chose to be safe I've never been married I have no children and I'm glad I was never stuck in an abusive relationship

    • angel wings
      angel wings 2 days ago +1

      Well I don't really like to talk about it very much because my father was raised by an alcoholic father as well and I try not to hold a grudge against him for it he did in his last few years change put it down and stopped being abusive he passed away from lung cancer in 96 and I have and will always love and miss him but that movie has always been a dark reminder of my childhood and I just refused to live like that but thank you for the nice words

    • Dan An Stac Cooper
      Dan An Stac Cooper 4 days ago +3

      I'm in the same boat as you ...sending you positive vibes and lots of about it as much as you can..dont hold it in like I did...just makes it worse.

  • nichala nick
    nichala nick 5 days ago +3

    That's me. Hope that he will change.

    • ELI ICD
      ELI ICD 3 days ago

      You must make a plan to leave. Have important personal documents, cash, family keepsakes stored at a friend's house. Make the local police aware of your situation and have a spare burner cell phone that he knows nothing about incase he takes your cell phone. Leaving is the most dangerous time, be aware and prepare for your safety. Take care of yourself.

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago +1

      nichala nick Why did you post on Star Garcia’s comment that “Thank God he did change”?? After posting this?? Honey he’s NOT GONNA CHANGE AND HE HASN’T CHANGED!!! I’m sure he says he won’t do it again... until he does and HE WILL!!

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago +2

      nichala nick Jesus Christ if that’s truly your situation... LEAVE NOW!! Learn from this video and Tracey’s story! Luckily there’s more protection today for women! Don’t wait until it’s too late and your friends and family are watching a video about you!!!

    • Mandy Hall
      Mandy Hall 4 days ago +3

      He won’t change. Leave NOW

    • petra bach
      petra bach 4 days ago +2

      If you need help tell me i can help you please get out from there

  • Barry Barry
    Barry Barry 5 days ago +4

    We are dumb animals!... nothing's going to alter our DNA in the foreseeable future. I remember reading that a meat skewer pushed into the temple in the middle of the night will stop domestic terror in it's tracks!!!

  • Star Garcia
    Star Garcia 8 days ago +4

    With what she had to go through the pain, fear, suffering as well as once u have a child and knowing your child is having to hear and endure it as well tuere isnt enough money in the world to pay. Picture watching your son or daughter at that age having to hear and see what her son did as well as whe. He took him on the fear your child was feeling. Watching the movie made me sick and nervous knowing this was real. Cops back then I don't think were trained to handle situations like that nor did they think they should get involved in married cases which is wrong. When a women, man or child is in danger even if it is words u serve and protect u took an oath to protect and serve. I know it's dangerous and frightening in that line of work but u picked it. I just cannot believe or imagine the struggle she had to hear and days, months and years she had to take this. She should of received more. My heart goes out to u and your son Tracey and i feel bad u had to experience this as well as anyone in this situation. I have been there and it is scary. To this day I still look in my rearview mirror to see if I'm being followed, scared to answer the phone thinking it's going to be a threat even with years it's been. That terror never leaves u that feeling leaves u with fear in life as well as when u have children for once they r older. Tracey I am so sorry for what u had to go through and fighting this battle on your own with no help. U r the true gladiator, Xena the warrior princess and more. Having to protect your child from this guy and for survival u r the hero in any person eyes who has been through this as well as hasn't. ❤️. I hope u got to hsve laughter once he was locked away and got to love the way u should of with your son.

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 3 days ago

      Star Garcia I’m sorry that happened to you. I also had an unfortunate encounter! It certainly does take its toll on your whole life!! It’s astonishing how much things have changed and yet so much stayed the same!! Granted today women have more support through awareness and organizations that help with a safe place to go and help with the legalities, yet with all this women still become trapped in situations especially when it’s their husband!! To be torn between love for the man you thought you knew and the man he actually is!!! Not to mention if there’s kids involved!! You know what they say.. if we don’t learn from history it’s bound to repeat itself!! I wish you luck and prosperity 🕊🍀

    • Star Garcia
      Star Garcia 4 days ago

      +Jody Doherty 😢. I knew they weren't probably trained and from the movie seen how many times they asked her if she was married and if that was her husband and then they would shrug her off. But to know they could even get rapped really hurts to know how many ladies were back then and to know the guy or lady cause men do as well but to know there was nothing they could do. I was rapped and it really plays an emotional struggle on u. Heartbreaking thank u for letting me know.

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago

      Star Garcia No police where not trained to deal with DV back then not to mention that the laws on DV were very different back then as well! Up until 1984 a wife was considered to be her husbands property to do with as he saw fit! Including rape! There was no such thing as spousal rape!

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago

      nichala nick Ok I literally just saw your post on another comment stating that “That’s me.. hoping he’ll change”??? 1 Day ago as well.

    • Star Garcia
      Star Garcia 5 days ago

      +nichala nick that is great news to hear and I'm happy to hear that he changed. Your a brave lady. Most ladies or men that go through this sometimes would still fear that person. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  • Dustin Moreshed
    Dustin Moreshed 15 days ago +2

    I am typing this comment from the corner of Hoffman in Torrington, CT. I live on the corner. Can confirm TPD’s near lack of redeeming qualities.

  • Donna Rachiele
    Donna Rachiele 22 days ago +9

    I probably wouldve offed him before he could touch me

    • Lucy Terrier
      Lucy Terrier 22 days ago +3

      Unfortunately, then you would be in prison. America's justice system isn't for the victim.

  • Taji Pershard
    Taji Pershard 22 days ago +16

    The Lifetime movie had Nancy McKeon from The Facts of Life as Tracey. The scenes that impacted me the most were the ones with the policeman who stood there uselessly while she was stabbed and stomped and the court scene when walked to the stand and was so disabled by the abuse that it seemed to take forever for her to reach the seat.

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 3 days ago

      orlandobabe umm yea...🤪

    • orlandobabe
      orlandobabe 3 days ago

      Jody Doherty oh yeah when lifetime made really great movie.

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago

      Dan An Stac Cooper Same here.. married 18 together for 20 and we’ve known each other since we were 15! He’s never laid a finger on me out of anger!! Nor would he ever! In that I consider myself blessed..

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago +2

      Taji Pershard Yes the scene were he almost kills her!! I was a kid and I watched it with my mother... I was mortified and terrified!! Kudos to the actors in that movie they really nailed it! The brutality of it!! That’s back when Lifetime still made good movies! Real stories with meaning and purpose!

    • Dan An Stac Cooper
      Dan An Stac Cooper 4 days ago

      Yep...its called A Cry For Help....that movie made me make the decision that I would never stay in an abusive relationship. L
      I kept my promise...18 yrs with my husband...going strong and he would never put a finger on me in a hurtful way...I got lucky...some woman don't.and that just breaks my heart...every woman deserves a loving touch and a safe home and a happy life with your partner.

  • Debbie Parzych
    Debbie Parzych 22 days ago +8

    Thank you for what you did for all women!!!!

  • Georgette Thomas Gordon
    Georgette Thomas Gordon 23 days ago +10

    😔😔😔😔😔 omg just watched the documentary. The police failed to protect her. 😡😠😢😢😢😢😢😭.

  • grettagrids
    grettagrids 23 days ago +12

    men SUCK period!

    • Robert Barr
      Robert Barr 3 days ago

      grettagrids you are an F%!# idiot

    • Rosie
      Rosie 4 days ago

      Lilac Milkshake shut up porky pig

    • Lucy Terrier
      Lucy Terrier 22 days ago +1

      No, they don't. Women commit horrendous crimes too. Diane Downs, Andrea Yates...... how soon people forget. We dont judge based on sex. That's called sexism. Goes both ways. Look at all the aborted children from their mothers decisions.

    • Khangpae Chang
      Khangpae Chang 23 days ago +1

      Ye theyre soooo yuck 🤢

    • Khangpae Chang
      Khangpae Chang 23 days ago +1

      Ye theyre soooo yuck 🤢

  • Dominique Jackson
    Dominique Jackson 23 days ago +9

    I would've been blown his ass off. Sorry p.o.s

  • M cortez
    M cortez 23 days ago +7

    Lifetime movie. I remember this story.

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown 24 days ago +14

    I saw the movie before and I was very disturbed by it. That man should have gotten life without the possible of parole. He need serious help. No man shouldn't put their hands on a woman . Vice versa.

  • Tammy Breytenbach
    Tammy Breytenbach 24 days ago +15

    Once a male ....abusers you
    he not a MAN

    • petra bach
      petra bach 4 days ago

      +Danyel Cheathon I have children and it was for them I left him the fear that he would hurt them was greater TT hen the fear that no one would believe me

    • Jean Nadal
      Jean Nadal 23 days ago

      It is just law.Respects the base of everything.If one looses respect once...whats left of relationship later? Think about it.Wheres the trust, wheres the love, the listening instead of hearing? No, sorry..better for him to forgive himself because it would only happen once for me.

    • Jean Nadal
      Jean Nadal 23 days ago

      Tammy B. : NOT to sound rude or child talk/ understanding As for me? 4get her.Focus only in their child, say children....If a mother really loves her child/ children She shouldve left him since first time.Why? Simple: If one looses respect once....Its all over.

    • K Nadirah Rodriguez
      K Nadirah Rodriguez 24 days ago +4

      A lot of time they don’t start out physically abusing you. They start by emotionally and mentally abusing women first, in subtle ways. They slowly isolate them from loved ones making them more dependent on them.

    • Danyel Cheathon
      Danyel Cheathon 24 days ago

      Tammy Breytenbach if you have children you feel like you have to stay. My ex almost broke my arm and still has temp custody. My daughter has watched every time he hit me. I feel so helpless sometimes.

  • Mollie Ann Jeffrey
    Mollie Ann Jeffrey 25 days ago +1

    make me up

  • Anna Esmaili
    Anna Esmaili 25 days ago +5

    Thank you Tracey ❤️🧚‍♂️🌟

  • brenda horn
    brenda horn 26 days ago +11

    thank you tracy for bringing about laws that help women being abused, i wish only one more thing, that the laws were stronger with harder sentences, because unfortunely this is still going on with husbands getting released and going back and killing the women, we had 3 cases here with in the last while that took over 3 yrs to get through the courts to have the families greive that long upsets me, before so called justice is served, and then they have to pick up the pieces to move on, it's a failed system in many ways and too many lies tossed around the courts like its a game of stragities or something, courts should have these guys in and out within one yr for people to be able to get their greiving over their loss

    • nichala nick
      nichala nick 5 days ago

      Sadly people are still in domestic violence and still stay.

  • BrooklynBitch79
    BrooklynBitch79 26 days ago +19

    Thank you Tracy on behalf of every abused woman 💖🙏

    • Trisha Yamada
      Trisha Yamada 26 days ago +3

      BrooklynBitch79 when I left, the sheriffs immediately protected me; removed all guns from my home. It’s because of Tracy’s history that I had safety. She’s an amazing survivor for sure! ⭐️💗

  • Lowana Drurey
    Lowana Drurey 28 days ago +13

    I'm a firm believer in KARMA! Eventually Buck Thurman's gonna get his pay back!

  • jdrose1000
    jdrose1000 29 days ago +2


  • Russell LeBlanc
    Russell LeBlanc 29 days ago +23

    He gets her child downstairs, infront of the child steps on her neck saying: I just killed your mother.
    What a nasty animal. Needs to be put in a cell with big duck rapists.

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago

      The scene from the movie was horrific! I can’t fathom what it must have been like to actually witness that in life!!

    • nichala nick
      nichala nick 5 days ago

      Shame on him for doing that.

    • LovemyLeo1
      LovemyLeo1 23 days ago

      Only he's a creature/monster, not an animal...

    • Amy Shakalis
      Amy Shakalis 24 days ago +3

      Needs to Die. Imo

  • Lorna Williams-Astley
    Lorna Williams-Astley 29 days ago +5

    It's sad that there was nothing the police could do for her.

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago +1

      Police back then were not trained in any way to deal with DV! The laws were very different back then as well! Because he was her husband not her boyfriend they wouldn’t give her an OOP!! She had to request one multiple times before they finally gave her one which he toed the line with every chance he got! Today that would be considered intimidating the complainant! I honestly think the officer that was there on that horrible day was scared to death and really didn’t know what to do to control Buck! It took him 20 minutes to cuff him! And only after Buck tried to stop the EMT’s from helping Tracey!!

    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 22 days ago +3

      Theres no logical reason that police officer shouldve stopped the assault werent the police dept sued.Cowardly is only word i could think .

    • Lorna Williams-Astley
      Lorna Williams-Astley 29 days ago +1

      +NY Nurse I know, even sadder.

    • NY Nurse
      NY Nurse 29 days ago +1

      Lorna Williams-Astley the 1980s has tons of lazy and corrupt cops all over

  • Clarissa Johnson
    Clarissa Johnson 29 days ago +21

    Watching this movie was hard, but she is a strong woman, the part where he jumped on her neck it broke my heart... the police failed her in so many ways....

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago

      I’ve never forgotten that scene! I watched that movie with my mother as a kid! I was terrified at the thought this actually happened to someone!!

    • NY Nurse
      NY Nurse 29 days ago +2

      Clarissa Johnson i remember that scene vividly as well. It was horrific.

  • Stina Zimm
    Stina Zimm 29 days ago +13

    I watched this when I was 13, Her story of survival touched me deeply and played a part in how strong I became in life.

  • NY Nurse
    NY Nurse Month ago +11

    This was made into an amazing Lifetime movie, with Nancy McKeon playing Tracey...”A Cry for Help; The Tracey Thurman Story”....
    Try and find it to find out details of the horrific abuse by both her husband and the epic neglect by the local police that she endured for years.

  • Teinysha Patterson
    Teinysha Patterson Month ago +8

    That man needs to get the same treatment he needs to be tortured the barstard! poor lady 😭😭 poor poor lady. Glad she is alive and serviced. So sad

  • Lillian Trevino
    Lillian Trevino Month ago +2

    Isn't She The one who Set her husband on fire. The Burning Bed.?

    • Tosh La
      Tosh La 3 days ago +1

      Jody Doherty Yeah Lifetime made some theater quality movies back then. Really impactful movies. What the hell happened?

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago +1

      Melissa Todd That was another good Lifetime movie!! Back when they played movies with meaning and purpose. I loved Farrah Fawcett in ‘Small Sacrifices’ the Diane Downs Story... I actually just watched a Doc about her daughter that she had to give up because she went to jail! So sad that the only reason she got pregnant again was because she thought they wouldn’t convict a pregnant woman!!

    • nichala nick
      nichala nick 5 days ago


    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 22 days ago

      No that was differnt lady

    • Renee Jewell
      Renee Jewell 22 days ago

      No. Farah Fawcett

  • melinda williams
    melinda williams Month ago +15

    She's a strong woman who had a will to live. And hopefully life for her and her son is beautiful and She's experiencing a healthy loving relationship today with her son.

  • Brenda Cornell
    Brenda Cornell Month ago +3

    Awe man I’m sorry that happen
    Stay? We do bc we love that asshole!

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago +1

      Beannie Girl Ya they say poor woman because of what not only he did to her but because of the law and the police and the system basically allowed this to happen! I don’t know if you are aware of Tracey’s story but she absolutely loved her son enough to leave her husband who by the way never hit their son, doesn’t mean he didn’t hurt his son because his son at 2 bore witness to what he did to Tracey! Her son is what gave her the strength to leave him knowing she had no protection or support from the law! It should go without saying that of course people feel bad for the child! Luckily he doesn’t remember what took place! He does however see his mother live with what was done to her every day! She’s permanently disabled because of Buck’s attack on her! So yes naturally people are saying poor woman or thank you Tracey for enduring what you did because it created betters laws... the Tracey Thurman Law to be exact! You should familiarize yourself with the facts of Tracey’s story.

    • J. Whiteoak
      J. Whiteoak 18 days ago +2

      +Sandra Schneewind
      Unfortunately, that's true. My mother was (and at 93yo still IS) a "don't fk with me" kind of lady, and I'm just like her. After having 4 children in quick succession my mother got up and left my physically and mentally abusive, unemployed, alcoholic a'hole of a father. He'd tried all of that on my mother, always trying to constantly put her down, telling her how useless she was, that she'd never amount to anything without him. But she stayed strong and after 10 years of this abuse she still didn't believe a word of it, and she scrimped and saved a little each week to finally take us as far away as she could get us to start a whole new life on her own. And she STAYED strong and independent! She went back to her pre-married occupation of design and dressmaking in our town and made quite a name for herself. She worked hard to provide for us - All 4 of us have completed postgraduate university degrees, and have stellar careers and happy marriages.
      Then there's my Mother In Law. For 55 years she's believed her abusive alcoholic husband's lies - that she's stupid, she's useless, that she can't do anything without him etc etc etc. She says herself that she was very weak, that despite the abuse of her as well as the children (especially to my now husband!) that she stayed rather than finding her own personal pride and strength to take her 4 children away from the physical and emotional abuse, even though she KNEW her children suffered too. None of them went further than junior high school, and they all have difficulty with relationships with long records of divorce - all except for my husband because I got him the counseling he needed before we even married. He's even completing a Masters Degree this Semester because I have done the opposite and given him the constant confidence boosters he will always need. But my M.I.L. is STILL miserable - just because she's weak, and not strong enough to leave!
      I'm sorry, Sandra - but making excuses as to why some women stay is just further confirmation to me that those women who CHOOSE not to leave are just WEAK. A man will never touch his wife again if she just beats him senseless with a baseball bat the moment he's asleep after THE FIRST TIME he hits her. Don't take any shit off men and they won't do it!!!

    • Sandra Schneewind
      Sandra Schneewind 24 days ago +1

      Too many abused people, unfortunately, have low self esteem, but a very strong want, when keeping a family together. It's more frightening to an abused person to be alone, than to endure the abuse. An abuser uses those facts to manipulate and slowly taking away their significant other's self worth. The abuser will constantly say how they're nothing without him/her, amongst other horrible things that are not true. After the abused person's spirit is broken, they no longer feel they have free will, so they stay.

    • Beannie Girl
      Beannie Girl Month ago +1

      +J. Whiteoak no joke! What about loving your kids enough to leave their the true victims in these relationships!!!... Look how many of these comments say oh poor woman and mentioned nothing about the child. 🤔 I was able to find one. 😒

    • J. Whiteoak
      J. Whiteoak Month ago +3

      Even if he hits you? Not me, Sweetheart - I'm not hanging around to be beaten up by ANYONE ... Don't you own a baseball bat?

  • FACE
    FACE Month ago +5

    5 WHOLE YRS>>>>>.......

  • Professional Commenter
    Professional Commenter Month ago +21

    I'm not sure if she approved the Lifetime movie to be made or not. But I watched that movie when I was a really young girl (under 14.) I never forgot that movie and what he did to her. Her unfortunate experience taught me a very valuble lesson. That lesson taught me what abusive men do and what abusive men were really truly capable of. I am married to a beautiful and loving husband now. I never allowed a man to treat me badly because her experience truly shaped my life. I was able to help my best friend to leave her abusive ex husband. He wasn't physically abusive yet, but he was definitely capable of escalating. When she told him to move out of their house, he did so thankfully. But, the scary part was about a week later, she found an assault rifle and ammo that he bought WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE in a hiding spot. He hid the gun from her. It's scary to really think about it because I genuinely believe he would have been the type of man to just take out his family one day. Now, she is in a loving relationship and he's still a miserable coward of a man.

    • Kitty Bridgeman
      Kitty Bridgeman 29 days ago +1

      Yes I also saw the movie yrs ago. Lifetime should air again...its time. Woke me up my core. Never been with a physical man. Verbally abusive relationship?...yes for 12 yrs and I got out in 2008... got out finally.

    • Lillian Trevino
      Lillian Trevino Month ago +2

      Yes yes yes He laid his Hands on me 1 time and his ass felt my knee I left never Looked back 3 years Later i married my Wonderful Husband.

    • Kari M
      Kari M Month ago +3

      I remember that movie,Nancy McKeon played her,...cops did NOTHING but made it into a big joke

  • Kim Brown
    Kim Brown Month ago +22

    This is the reason I will never marry and choose my single life .

    • Kimberlee Ponson
      Kimberlee Ponson 4 days ago

      +georgina cat - you sound just like an abusive man. It starts with chipping away at another's confidence. Why do you even care why she is staying single? Feel threatened?
      You've got a lot of growing up to do. The ease that you typed out all that nastiness tells us that you have very low self esteem. You'd better be careful because abusive men can pick up on that insecurity. All they have to do is tell you what you want to hear and they can cheat behind your back, hide money from you, hide anything from you, even entire families in other cities.
      Yep, you might want to work on your own inner landscape because you are either an abuser yourself or you will attract them.
      Manners are free, child.

    • Raphael Rivera
      Raphael Rivera 12 days ago

      +georgina cat 😆😂

    • Debra Mercer
      Debra Mercer 22 days ago +1

      I don't see how you think just because you're single your ex-boyfriend won't come after you and beat or kill you. What's being married or single got to do with your safety???

    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 22 days ago +1

      +georgina cat thats an ignorant statement.Im educated and its a personal choice so shut the fuck up and dont judge someones life you dont know

    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 22 days ago +1

      Yea me too either they cheat or they beat

  • Kim Brown
    Kim Brown Month ago +31

    My mother was beaten to a pulp by my father ,then left with 5 of us kids in the 60s .I really don't know how she managed but she kept us all together and remember having a happy childhood .My Mother is now 83 and is amazing and my father is rotting in his grave .In hell I hope .

    • Kimberlee Ponson
      Kimberlee Ponson 4 days ago

      I'm so sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Des Santis
      Des Santis Month ago +2

      Kim Brown
      My mother too in the 70's. My mother is 75. He was a drunk and he would frequent prositutes. He would come home and beat her. My mom still suffers from thoughts about him. She left with all of us kids. ❤

  • Cynthia Schwab
    Cynthia Schwab Month ago +26

    Real men face men, chickens shits hurt woman and children. Stop giving them infamous names. Call them chicken SHIT One and so on.

  • Melanie Viselli
    Melanie Viselli Month ago +6

    God bless her survival, and being able to turn this into something beneficial to others who might be going through the same thing. It's awful that somebody should have to suffer so much, first at the hands of someone who is supposed to love/care for them, and then by the officials that are supposed to protect them when things do go bad.

  • Kathy Brown
    Kathy Brown Month ago +3

    Janey White depends on what state you are in because where I live it’s considered self defense restraining order are only as good as the paper they are written on!

  • Kathy McHale
    Kathy McHale Month ago +11

    Tracey I saw you walking in Torrington by city hall one day...I wanted to thank you...I moved to CT to be safe from abuse in Florida they don't protect women...I was safe while i lived in CT because of your bravery I lived safe for 10 years

  • Anna Hatori
    Anna Hatori Month ago +15

    Police don't care about anybody. They're job is to write tickets and collect money.

    • Jessica Hicking
      Jessica Hicking 3 days ago

      +Robert Barr
      You twit that's your response so this really validates that you really shouldn't have an opinion to me and the law is not changed much since the eighties you jackass

    • Jessica Hicking
      Jessica Hicking 3 days ago

      +Robert Barr
      You really don't know what you're talkin about so why have an opinion as if you do. You have a relationship with some kind of a narcissistic sociopath that manipulates and controls everything and threatens you threatens to kill you and follows you and stalks you and then when you're in those shoes then you can have an opinion as to what women should do.

    • Robert Barr
      Robert Barr 3 days ago

      Jessica Hicking no the useless thing is women keep going back to the abuser time after time even after police do their job…… Get a clue before you - the police

    • Robert Barr
      Robert Barr 3 days ago

      Anna Hatori This story is talking about police in the 1980s…… Police now are compelled to make arrest when they see domestic violence or obvious signs…… You twit

    • Jessica Hicking
      Jessica Hicking Month ago +4

      They truly are useless to this day they still don't do their job!!! The law hasn't changed much ... they have dropped the ball so many times with me I'm disgusted with the police

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa Month ago +3

    Bitch how do you know have you ever been beat up by a man that piece of paper you have on your wall don't mean shit you have to experience it ok

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago +1

      I don’t see why you would have to be abused to understand it or understand its wrong! There’s all types of abuse not just physical! And frankly while it’s never easy to actually face yourself or your demons and do the right thing.. it doesn’t change the fact that it boils down to common sense! You know it’s not right and you know why? You don’t need a piece of paper or even have to be the abused!! Now getting out of it can be complicated. Thankfully there’s more help today than there was in Tracey’s time!

    • Greta I
      Greta I Month ago +2

      +Gabrielle Nojaim they are mentally & emocionally deficient,

    • Gabrielle Nojaim
      Gabrielle Nojaim Month ago +6

      And here I thought we were at a place where people could feel SAFE when espousing their opinions...your venomous, nasty attack had me checking to see if YOU were an abuser...

  • Patti Jo Sinerius
    Patti Jo Sinerius Month ago +1

    He is out of prison now?

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago

      nichala nick He was released in the mid 90’s he served 12 years!

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago

      Patti Jo Sinerius Yes he is. He served 12 years got out went to Massachusetts were I believe he was originally from.. Western Mass. got into it with his new girlfriend who also had a child with him, she filed a OOP hasn’t been heard of since!

    • nichala nick
      nichala nick 5 days ago


    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 22 days ago

      I think so and reoffended

    • Mollie Ann Jeffrey
      Mollie Ann Jeffrey 25 days ago

      better not

  • shortystuff34
    shortystuff34 Month ago

    Yes sorry my spelling is off today

  • james
    james Month ago +20

    I remember watching this on the Life time Channel with Nancy Mckeon and it shook me to the core at the horrific beating scene!! What that poor woman went thru is unexplainable! He should have gotten LIFE IN PRISON! and to think he is out now just makes me sick!!!!

    • Professional Commenter
      Professional Commenter Month ago +3

      I remember it too! I was really young watching it (under 14) and I never forgot it and I really think that movie taught me alot about what kind of red flags that abusive men display and what these kind of cowards are capable of.The actress did such a good job in that movie. This woman's experience really stuck with me and really made me think and I always admired her courage to continue. I'm grateful that I have such a loving and beautiful hubby now and that I didn't fall for some loser.

  • Jenny The Queen
    Jenny The Queen Month ago

    Hartford CT ...

  • Kathy Brown
    Kathy Brown Month ago +6

    Too bad she didn’t have a gun!

    • Kathy Brown
      Kathy Brown 3 days ago

      Kimberlee Ponson Women should be trained to handle a gun and know how to use it safely my dad taught us girls how to use a gun at a young age .

    • Kimberlee Ponson
      Kimberlee Ponson 4 days ago

      There is a higher chance of women being killed by men if there is a gun in the house. It is more common than the gun nuts want you to believe.

    • Janay White
      Janay White Month ago +4

      Then she would be in jail for murder. This system is so twisted.

  • Valerie Mc Phail
    Valerie Mc Phail Month ago +6

    Volume too low to hear.

    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 22 days ago

      Me too

    • sandy wasik
      sandy wasik Month ago

      Valerie Mc Phail..Omg 😂

    • janty68
      janty68 Month ago

      +Valerie Mc Phail hahahahahaha

    • Valerie Mc Phail
      Valerie Mc Phail Month ago +5

      +shortystuff34 Did you mean "captions"? I'm not sexy enough to turn on the captains!

    • shortystuff34
      shortystuff34 Month ago

      Valerie Mc Phail turn on the captains

  • Monica Durham
    Monica Durham Month ago +26

    Thing is if she would have killed him she would have went to jail.

  • yves provencher
    yves provencher Month ago +9

    Police don't want to get involved in domestic affairs. Now in Canada at least there is a law if there are signs of harm from a spouse medical doctors have to report it. I'm a survivor of violence but never to the level she had. They get away with it time and time again and woman have the right to protect themselves and their children.

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago

      yves provencher They certainly didn’t get involved back then! Until 1984 a wife was considered to be her husbands property to do with as he saw fit! There was no such thing as spousal rape back then! Today there’s more laws and organizations that help women of DV! And you’re right about that... you have a Devine Animal Right to defend your life and the life of your offspring!!

  • Tracey Williams
    Tracey Williams Month ago +10

    Time to fight back grits 🥵

  • lolo
    lolo Month ago +10

    I was in a domestic violence situation, that I got out of fast. And I let, the abuser know, once that (love) door got closed all bets were off. Become a threat in anyway, and you will not have to worry about prison. There was no more problems after that. He had a mark on his head, that only he could control...

  • Margie Masih
    Margie Masih Month ago +6

    I think what one person dishes out... When they get caught up with.. That person should be allowed to give them a taste of there own medicine.

  • Mona V
    Mona V Month ago +21

    Look and find the U.S. movie by the name of "The Burning Bed" with a young Farrah Faucet -- (American Actress) it is an excellent movie on Domestic Violence. It was one of Farrah Faucets best performances! May she rest in peace!

    • Jody Doherty
      Jody Doherty 4 days ago

      Both movies were fantastically done! Back when Lifetime made movies of meaning and purpose!! Loved Farrah Fawcett... I used to watch ‘Charlie’s Angles’ as a kid!!

    • Hilda Pompa
      Hilda Pompa 22 days ago

      Mona V I know already!!!!!

    • colette Brown
      colette Brown Month ago

      Love that movie

    • Kim Brown
      Kim Brown Month ago +1

      My mother told me that was her life with my biological father .

    • Chris Wallace
      Chris Wallace Month ago +1

      Mona V , yes I remember watching that when I was young . It made an impression on me. The movie based on this woman's story is good too "A cry for help: the Tracy Thurman story".

  • Sandra Mora
    Sandra Mora Month ago +14

    I saw the movie based off this case I’ll never forget it 😪

    • Louise Sory
      Louise Sory Month ago

      Sandra Mora me too and I’ll tell you I had to turn away when he was doing what he did to her

  • Brenda Spoon
    Brenda Spoon Month ago +15

    MANY! MANY ! WOMAN HAD RETRAINING ORDERS. WHAT GOOD DID IT DO, FOR MANY, NONE! DEAD IN THE GRAVE. SOME? ALMOST DEAD, DISFIGURED, SCARED, BARLEY Making it..others? INJUSTICE! Scared and damaged inside out.. And a few? Freedom and a new beginning...

    • Hugo Goerner
      Hugo Goerner Month ago

      +Les Claypool Yes absolutely..about 15% of all DV victims are men....and I stand corrected ..I should Not exclude men when adressing this Issue. Thanks Liam

    • Les Claypool
      Les Claypool Month ago +2

      Men are victims of horrific violence from their spouses. My wife is a domestic violence advocate and she sees the shame and silence men go through. Its definitely not all women.

    • Donna B
      Donna B Month ago

      Keep talking spreading the word you never know whose heart your voice and words may save that day. God Bless

    • Hugo Goerner
      Hugo Goerner Month ago +2

      Brenda..I am an advocate for DV victims. I have some news that may help victims ....I am on the verge of introducing Legislation into America that will for the very 1st time use GPS technology that will....1] GPS track Offenders that continually violate protection Orders AND...2] ALERT VICTIMS [ audibly ] .."in Real Time" that they are in danger of being attacked again. Just a few years ago a law was passed here in California that allows counties to Fit an Offender with a GPS bracelet...because the lethality has increased and the courts deem the offender a viable threat to the victims Life and limb. Then...[ this is where I come in] I have researched the GPS technology and just within the last year or so...GPS tech. can provide the Victim with a device that is Linked electronically to the offenders ankel bracelet and if he gets near the victim..she will get an audible alert the very second he crosses her Geo-Fence...and she can get to safety. If you would like to hear more ...I can be reached by I have been working with the sheriffs and DA and several elected officials here in Ventura county and will be making a short video to announce to the world that this technology exists...and I do NOT want any credit ..or Benefit. I JUST WANT TO SAVE LIVES....I await your response ...please spread the word....Peace

  • Donna B
    Donna B Month ago +27

    I UNDERSTAND!! I am a survivor of domestic violence March 2011. I am alive bc MY GOD was with me. Held hostage, stabbed and beaten for 2 days straight by my husband. I survived and never looked back...

    • Dominique Jackson
      Dominique Jackson 21 day ago

      Donna B, thank god the lord was by your side.

    • Donna B
      Donna B Month ago

      +Mona V it doesnt matter if I got stabbed or you had broken bones we both we t through domestic abuse. I will add you to my prayers and am glad you found your way out. Thank you for sharing your story continue to share you never who you are gonna reach

    • Donna B
      Donna B Month ago

      +Hugo Goerner >

    • Donna B
      Donna B Month ago

      +Hugo Goerner thank you so much and I will definitely be in touch. one story can save a life. Thank you women keep talking

    • Mona V
      Mona V Month ago +4

      @ Donna B: My heart goes out to you -- and praise our God in Heaven that you survived! I never went through anything like you described, but endured broken bones in my hands, broken ribs and a broken nose. He pulled all of my hair out on one side of my head and it never really fully grew back in.
      Like you (and after ten long years) -- OUR GOD in Heaven delivered me and I never looked back! I Thank God that I had no children with this man, because it would have been far more difficult to get away from him. When I left, I had only the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet! I walked out of that house without anything, not even my purse. I never went back and never looked back!
      I thank God everyday for my life. But I do suffer from PTSD. And, I have severe anxiety.
      But -- yes -- we are survivors !! But, sadly a lot of women don't make it and end up dying by being murdered!!
      I wish you the very best! May OUR GOD continue to bless you and keep you safe!

  • Green Butterfly
    Green Butterfly Month ago +12

    Nancy McKeon and Dale Midciff played that role so well in the movie, "Cry for Help," the Tracey Thurman story...It didn't even seem like acting at all.
    I can't even watch the movie scene where he attacked her...that scene looked so dang real!

    • Professional Commenter
      Professional Commenter Month ago +1

      It taught me what abusive men were capable of and I was young too.

    • JenniK
      JenniK Month ago +3

      Green Butterfly VERY tragic 😔 I’m glad she survived though & he didn’t get any satisfaction thinking he “won”. What a horrible evil person to do that to someone! It’s scary to know there are people like that walking among us. 😖

    • Green Butterfly
      Green Butterfly Month ago +3

      +JenniK - Yea, it scared me too. Then to know that the acting part (that seemed so real)--happened in real life.
      Such a tragic story!

    • JenniK
      JenniK Month ago +3

      Green Butterfly It was so realistic wasn’t it? I was pretty young the first time I saw it, about 14 maybe...scared me to death! 😢

  • EVelyn BLack
    EVelyn BLack Month ago +7

    She had a restraining order ! What good did that do ? This is exactly why some women stay ! Because it doesn’t stop a psychopath from coming after them ! System failure ! And most the time when a woman is abused they get the threat of if you call the police I will kill you ! Let’s get real and lick these abusers up !

    • Iohana Balan
      Iohana Balan Month ago

      They stay because they are WEAAAK! Really I do not ubderstant them, if I was them I would run away as far as I can. But this is what weakness is all about. And maybe they think they do not deserve more in life, that would be one of the reasons

  • Debra Upchurch-Gee
    Debra Upchurch-Gee Month ago +4

    36 years of this... 36 years

  • ziggilypiggily
    ziggilypiggily Month ago +4

    I kept hearing the words, "but he doesn't touch me" by a woman who was being mentally, verbally and emotionally abused. The verbal abuse also included threats of bodily harm, such as - to be tied up so she couldn't see her friends and family, punched upside the head, being shown a fist in her face, her friends/family would be hurt/killed if they came to the door, her children could be hurt- even though the abuser didn't actually follow through on those threats. "But he didn't do it," she said. She didn't feel she had the right to leave her marriage - she didn't even know that she could leave her marriage. She didn't even have a bruise from him. Her 6 month old had a large bruise that covered the total of his little bottom from his father's hand because he wouldn't stop crying. But she didn't have proof of that, because in her postnatal depression, she couldn't process that their baby would be taken away if she told anyone according to him - she didn't know that he would have been taken to jail or she and the baby could have left - she didn't know there was a woman's shelter to go to. Those were all things of this world and she was trying to be a Christian wife and mother.
    Too many women and others think if a victim is not being hurt physically, that they don't have the right to leave, they should give them another chance, they're just blowing hot air. That's what one therapist told this woman - that her husband was just blowing hot air when he threatened to finish off his own father, then didn't go through with it. This therapist also told her, statistics show that victims of abuse, who stay in the situation, also tended to recover more quickly.
    We tell girls and women - if he's hurting you, punching, kicking you, you don't need to stay and take it. Yes they need to hear that but even before the physical violence starts, girls and women need to hear this and this is the part that needs to be changed..... Girls and women need to know that they don't have to wait until the person who promises to love and cherish them, makes good on their threats. Whenever there are threats to hurt another person, that potential victim does not need to stay there and wait for it to happen. We need to draw a tighter line for when its time for us to leave. The line that says my safety and that of my children, was threatened, I need to leave NOW.
    That woman in this post was me. Therapy and being hospitalized gave me a different perspective on how women come to stay in their abusive relationships. It was like watching a movie while in hospital. The same women kept coming back over and over again because they couldn't deal with their verbally abusive husbands. Same story over and over. They came back to hospital to get better, stronger, healthier - the hospital promoted this. During this time I learned about the local women's shelter. I needed therapy help (which a lot of it was a lesson in reverse psychology or what not to do) , but I also needed legal help. I realized I was going into hospital because it was the only safe place I knew - or so I thought. I mentioned to my therapist that it would be good if the shelter and the hospital could work together - so far the hospital didn't tell us about the shelter. Therapist, nodded his head (as usual) and said, "yeah it would be good." End of discussion (as usual). The shelter offered to come talk to us first. The hospital was run by religious, reputation people who were worried more about their image than about our safety. So....a woman from the shelter came to talk with us and from then on, it was only moving forward and away from my abusive husband.
    So my ex husband didn't hit me, punch me, kill anyone. He did hurt my child and I was in ignorance and scared. But I left after the last threat - he threatened to smash a toy guitar over my child's head - of course he didn't do it because he's just blowing hot air, right? But I decided I didn't need to wait any longer. I should have left after the first night of our marriage. I stayed for 4 1/2 years thinking it would get better. I should be able to handle this. I don't want to look like a weak person. I can love him to change. A baby will make it better. Even a second baby will help. Those are lies we tell ourselves - we have to realize that abusers and us don't think the same way. They're not suddenly going to get up and come along side us. Especially when we see that the last time they abused us was half as bad as the abuse we got five minutes ago. Wake up women...girls. You don't have to stay and be abused in any sense of the word.

    • Monique Marilyn
      Monique Marilyn Month ago

      +Sherry McDonald Oh ok my apologies and best wishes!

    • Sherry McDonald
      Sherry McDonald Month ago

      +Monique Marilyn yeah that wasn't me

    • Monique Marilyn
      Monique Marilyn Month ago +1

      +Sherry McDonald Did you join my FB group "Join the fight against domestic abuse" I think we've inboxed each other previously. Am I mistaken!?

    • Monique Marilyn
      Monique Marilyn Month ago +1

      Verbal abuse can sometimes be worse than the physical..because it's a slow slow death of the person you thought you were. Over years you're a shell of the person you used to be. I've watched this happen to my mother over her 28 year relationship with my father and it's heartbreaking because shes refused to leave for numerous reasons although every fight she says she wants a divorce and I've heard this since as early as I can remember. If he ever hit her she swears she wouldn't stand for that but I have my doubts...and I myself have been in a few abusive relationships myself so I understand the dynamics of it and show alot of empathy for her situation but as her daughter it's very frustrating because I feel like I'm losing my mom before I'm supposed to!

    • Sherry McDonald
      Sherry McDonald Month ago +1

      +ziggilypiggily yes I am safe..10 years now. I wish there was a way to let people know there is a way out. I didn't know, I thought I was trapped...that was the worst part..but there is so much help available !! And also, learning the signs before it'stoo late..

  • Deborah Buco
    Deborah Buco Month ago +4

    She is a miracle woman for all of us! But, i must say, that even in my small state of RI, we hear of former partners, ignoring any restraining order, and successfuly killing the abused person! Restraining orders are useless. If that partner is even 1% psycho, she/he will always be looking over their shoulders!

  • giselle joseph
    giselle joseph Month ago +5

    A true survivor women leave if your man abuses u

    • Debra Upchurch-Gee
      Debra Upchurch-Gee Month ago +1

      +Georgia Young watched this many times, however I was simply making a statement, not that she didn't try to leave. I'm saying how I felt.. it was worth dying to try to leave. I can bet you she felt the same way. You understand this is MY opinion about my time of horror. The sheer terror you have when you try to escape is like dying. I escaped everyday in my mind for 36 years, I ran, I hid, I was dragged down the street by my hair, he would walk into safe houses and pull me out and not one person would stop him, still got gravel in the palms of my hands, broken hands, feet, teeth, crushed my sternum, bloodyeyes, glasses crushed into my nose, beat with lawn chairs, belts. I'm saying it was worth trying to get away to maybe die everytime I thought I would die that's all I was saying. He's dead now and I'm 65 and one strong b**** not afraid of anything but at night I still see him in my dreams.

    • Georgia Young
      Georgia Young Month ago +2

      Did you watch this?? She had left...many women are further abused or killed AFTER they leave.

    • Debra Upchurch-Gee
      Debra Upchurch-Gee Month ago +1

      Death by his hands would be worth just trying to get away... They terrify everyone who could help.

  • Miranda Sanchez
    Miranda Sanchez Month ago +5

    Those cops failed her that system failed her !

  • Celeste Marie
    Celeste Marie Month ago +4

    Took a woman almost losing her life for these laws to change! My mom got the s*** beat out of her on a daily basis from my dad black eyes broken jaws a cut from her nose to her ear on her face so she won't be pretty anymore and still my dad walked around free happy the only thing they did was put him in a psych ward for a couple of days that's all theydid! my mom suffered for 20 years she tried leaving him but he would find her and she had five kids no one to help her she had to endure him in order to survive my mom was not free from him until he died of a heart attack and when he did die that's the first time my mom was happy that's the first time I seen my mom laugh enjoy life I love my dad but I hate what he did to my mom he broke her down to almost nothing she was pitiful sad depressed he took that from me I never got to know my mom until after my dad died and I was almost 10 years old at that point and I was the youngest police didn't do nothing for my mom she had black eyes and they saw they did nothing because they were married it was the domestic dispute and they did nothing!! It took Tracy almost dying for them to finally start doing something to protect these women from these monsters!

    • Ellen Richardson
      Ellen Richardson Month ago +5

      What horrors your mother had to endure. My heart goes out to her.

  • Don’t get trapped In this shitty world

    I hope my sister leaves her psycho boyfriend before something like this shit happens....she’s blind to it all. But that’s how all woman are at first. But you would think she’d learn from the first couple bad relationships. She picks all these guys who treat her like shit and take advantage of her. She’s so vulnerable, naive and desperate. She needs to leave him. I hope she does. You can just see that she’s annoyed and stuff of him. You can see she knows certain things are weird but it’s like she doesn’t want to believe it. She wants this so badly to work out. She doesn’t want, yet, another relationship to end and she always blames herself because that’s the type of guy she goes for. Someone who makes everything feel like her fault. Make her believe everything is her fault and not his. He buys her things to “make up.” He threatens he will leave her. I know he gets her under his wing, he HAS gotten her under his wing the first day they met. She spilled herself out to him so he knows EXACTLY how to control her and how she works. I hope she opens her eyes and leaves him before he leaves her...or worse. She deserves better.

  • Gigi does Gacha
    Gigi does Gacha Month ago

    Torrington ct?

    • Christine Greenwood
      Christine Greenwood Month ago +2

      Gigi does Gacha yes . I lived there and remember it very well. The police showed up and didn’t help her. They just stood there and watched. She sued them good.

    • Char C
      Char C Month ago


  • Dez Lopez
    Dez Lopez Month ago +15

    R. I. P to all women who have died by the hands of There abusers!!!!! To the women that r still with a man that beats u + that get out while u can he will not change ever the sorry is a bs line to make u stay so he can keep beating u. I am a survivor my mother is a survivor my friend left This world to someone that beat her strangled her n dumped her body n desert. Nobody deserves to be abused........

    • Dez Lopez
      Dez Lopez Month ago +1

      Dreams of turtles I completely agree abuse is abuse including emotionally along with mentally. I wish the same for u a good life with peace ❤❤❤❤ along with men there r men that suffer the same as women do not all but some. I wish anyone that is n this situation man or woman to get out know there worth know they r better then that n never to settle for anyone that abuses em n anyway n if kids r involved do not stay just cuz u want the kids to have a father that is the worse u can do for any kid growing up n a situation like this.

    • dreams of turtles
      dreams of turtles Month ago +2

      Amen to all you said. RIP to those women. I would like to add to that all the women emotionally and psychologically abused and manipulated. They may not be physically abused, but their souls are in bondage and misery. And all too often the children have to live in a house of oppression and unhappiness- it affects them too...i know.
      I wish you peace and a GOOD LIFE!

  • S B
    S B Month ago +6

    Poor women. I hope she and baby are now okay .

  • Syl Ham
    Syl Ham Month ago +9

    This is some extremely good information. Staying with the abuser is called Batered Woman Syndrome , and it is very real. Been there done that, and I also am very fortunate to have survived. If I knew then what I know now, I would never been in that horrific situation. To all my sisters out there... NEVER allow a man to strike you and get away from the abuser asap!! I know it's easier said then done, but we are strong, smart, beautiful, and capable women! Stay strong sisters, we are worth it!!! 👍💁😉

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower Month ago +2

    DV is always happening everywhere no matter if you call for help they still don't show up, and if they do, they are on their side instead of the victims. Tgis happened 2 yrs ago. I was pragnant, he came home and I didn't knew he was drunk and drugged. When I asked him where he was, he threw me a beer bottle when I was 5 months, he hit me on my stomach. I flagged down a police officer that was passing by, he stopped, and I told him the problem. This is what he said to me, if he has open beer on his car and while running you should leave him alone and let him drink, he is on his property, and he has a right to do whatever he wants. Also, I told him that he had hit me on my stomach and that I was preggo. And the same thing he told me. I felt so stupid asking for help, if I would of had a gun at the time, I would of shot on his both hands so that husband of mine had no chance to hit another woman ever. Fucken bastard! I hate him!!! Why would you hit a pragnant woman at all. If guys out there aren't happy in their marriage why don't you just pack and leave.There are plenty of woman who will like to have you out there, other woman won't take your shit like we do at home. Please, women, if you are living in DV leave them MOFOs stay away from them. If the system fails to protect you, you protect yourself. And if you have to do the unthinkable to defend yourself and your baby's then Please do. Only if it is in self-defense where you think there is no way out. You have to fight for your life at any cost. I'm telling you, men like the ones who like to hit women for stupidities aren't men, they need to be away from you.

    • Roxanne Stine
      Roxanne Stine Month ago

      Im sorry.. Some men just dont know what love is..what respect is.. Im sorry..ive been there too

    • SunFlowur
      SunFlowur Month ago

      Love your screen name!

  • sexykitten0814
    sexykitten0814 Month ago +19

    This is why you get a gun ladies.
    A restraining order is just a piece of paper.

    • sexykitten0814
      sexykitten0814 Month ago +2

      A M That depends on state laws which are becoming more in favor of the victims, especially if there are police records of abuse and threats.
      These men don’t stop, and they’re certainly not deterred by an order that they’re not allowed to come near their victims.
      These women have to be prepared to defend themselves or they will end up dead, because they sure can’t count on the justice system to help them.
      People are becoming more aware all the time of the futile efforts from law enforcement to protect victims of spousal abuse and even if they are charged, the burden of proof is on the state that the killing was wrongful.
      Hard to do, when you have numerous police reports, pictures of past injuries, and broken restraining orders, with every bit of evidence showing he threatened numerous times to kill her if she left him or refused to come back to him.
      Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 any day.

    • A M
      A M Month ago

      Tell that to the thousands of women who have and still are, facing long sentances for killing an abuser. Problem is if she shoots him at any point before he's hurt her severely or too long after, it's not self-defense.

    • プリセツキーユーリ
      プリセツキーユーリ Month ago

      +sexykitten0814 I'm just saying that a combination of a gun and self-defense would be ideal because if somebody grabs you and flings you a certain way before you can actually get the gun because people do move fast, you can still have a better chance at using the weapon. I'm just speaking on personal experience andI completely agree that everybody should own a gun and be trained in how to use it as well as self-defense because there's so many crazy people out there and the people you think you know, they're most likely to hurt you. I'm just saying that it's safer to be trained in everything possible and have everything possible to protect yourself rather than someone relying on the knives and their kitchen or some silly thing like that, you know what I mean? I don't disagree with you at all, I just wish people would not wait until they're in danger in order to either own a gun or some other thing as well as a combination of self-defense, a really could save lives and people tend to live with a false security. I hope you are one of the few who do own a gun and who no enough self-defense and how to use your gun in order to protect yourself. Stay safe out there 💛

    • sexykitten0814
      sexykitten0814 Month ago

      プリセツキーユーリ I’m not at all disagreeing that things like learning self defense techniques is a good thing for everyone, but realistically, it is not likely going to save you from an armed individual who is truly intent on killing you, and that certainly would not have saved this woman.
      You do not wait until a dangerous situation you already anticipate is going to happen, to load and shoot it like some amateur who has has not familiarized themselves with the act of shooting.
      You keep the gun loaded and handy, ready to go, and more importantly, you practice with shooting it and sharpen your skills with it, to become comfortable with the act.
      This is important for anyone who keeps a gun for self defense, you have to be ready for the worst and ready yourself to action.
      You don’t buy the gun, keep it sitting around, then, in a moment of fear, try to load and shoot it, never having done it before.
      That defeats the whole purpose.

    • プリセツキーユーリ
      プリセツキーユーリ Month ago

      +sexykitten0814 all well and good, excuse me? You were talking to a victim much like her just a different gender. What I'm saying is that as a petite male myself, having something like self-defense would have been helpful. So as any woman, the likeliness of them knowing how to just load a gun and shoot it accurately at somebody who is running at them while they are absolutely terrified for their lives is next to zero. Taking something like self-defense and going to a shooting range just to prepare for any reason is a must for everyone. If this poor woman did have a gun on hand, I highly doubt that her fear would let her accurately shoot someone, she was afraid enough to have a bodyguard during her trial, that tells me that she would not be able to think clear enough to grab her gun and point it accurately at her attacker. What I'm saying is that it's a good idea to always be armed, but you have to know how to use it and it's always a good idea to be trained in self-defense because you don't want somebody to grab your wrist while you're holding the gun and twist the gun out of your grip and use it back on you. Get what I'm saying? Or is it still going over your head?

  • Redcorvin
    Redcorvin Month ago +14

    omfg really? thats worthless POS pansy ass reject cop cheif had a nerve to speak on this? the Same worthless police department that IGNORED tracy's plees for help, ignored her phone calls the restraining order the fact that he was stalking her and brushed her off as " asking for it" amoung other shitty excuses? tracy should have gotten WAY MORE then the court awarded her against the town and the police department for ignoring her!!!!

    • Christine Greenwood
      Christine Greenwood Month ago +1

      Redcorvin the cops where there and watched it all. Not helping her

  • teambeining
    teambeining Month ago +15

    The TV movie was really good when I watched it back in the day.

    • kittycasino29
      kittycasino29 Month ago

      I remember this movie!

    • erin mefford
      erin mefford Month ago

      Jane Knight it’s called a cry for help the Tracey Thurman story

    • Jane Knight
      Jane Knight Month ago +1

      What is the name of the movie?

    • erin mefford
      erin mefford Month ago +1

      teambeining I agree Nancy McKeon did a amazing job portraying Tracey

  • Debs B
    Debs B Month ago +11

    He’s a weak pathetic excuse of a man he couldn’t pick on someone who would fight back because he’s a pu&&y .

  • Tina MA413
    Tina MA413 Month ago +21

    Its the late 90s I worked at a small local garage in Northampton Mass in the office when a customer came in and I asked him his name which time he gave me the name Charlie not Charles but Charlie Thurman. I had known of the case for years so the name immediately ring a bell. I physically started shaking from fear & anger. So I got his information he gave me a address Easthampton. Immediately I went to my boss told him who he was. My boss gave me the choice if I didn't want to deal with him I didn't have to but I did because I didn't want him to feel like he intimidated me not to deal with him because I know he saw the shock on my face when I heard the name so few months went by and he came back in at this time he was with a woman and I remember I kept thinking oh my God this is woman know who he is or what he's done or Worse would she be the next victim. Literally we're talking maybe a couple weeks went by and I read in the local newspaper about a Easthampton man charged with I believe he tried strangling her with a telephone cord or something like that but the point being once again apparently there had been some domestic issues with him an this other female also. But it was obvious he hadn't changed had no intentions of changing and ultimately if given the chance I'm sure he would kill somebody!! The story of Tracy Thurman is one of the most heartbreaking domestic cases even up to this day that I have ever heard because no matter how many times she reached out for help she was let down by the police by the courts the laws. She was forced to be continuously made to feel like a victim!!!! I know watching her story for myself give me the strength to leave a domestic violent situation. The strength and the courage that that woman has there are just no words to describe it ❤

  • Man Hater
    Man Hater Month ago +25

    I shot my abuser. I thought that I would go to prison forever but they let me go because it was self defense. There were witnesses and phone calls made during the attack by the neighbors. I remember thinking before I shot him that I would be separated from my kid and the thought of that killed me but I had to do it because he was trying to kill me.

    • Nikki C
      Nikki C Month ago

      +Lil Fro on the Go there's some messed up channels on you tube.

    • Man Hater
      Man Hater Month ago +1

      +Sun Flower LOL TY

    • Sun Flower
      Sun Flower Month ago +3

      Man Hater Good! you should of shot him on his damn balls...

    • Man Hater
      Man Hater Month ago +5

      +Marciana Anthony Ty! We're doing well. I just live for my kids.

    • Marciana  Anthony
      Marciana Anthony Month ago +8

      You did the right thing I am happy u are safe may u find peace and live on

  • Sunday Weiss
    Sunday Weiss Month ago +1

    My take away is the law enforcement, shots car thief's dead on the spot alot, but assualts with a deadly weapon, they don't even fire into the air to flash bang stop the attack, one warning shot up, if the attacker can't or won't stop, shoot to wound if the wounded attacker still doesn't stop, shot to kill instead of bring pulverized and killed. I'd call this training the Tracy Thurman protocol and lawful tactic. Tracy, u have went from victim to survivor, through education of current patrol officer's you can go the third step, from victim to Victor. And save endangered souls on the way. Blessings 🙏❣️

  • Lynette Streak
    Lynette Streak Month ago +7

    We don't need to SAY let violence stop we ought to DEMAND it stop and stop these who abuse you by getting away so far!

    • M Detlef
      M Detlef Month ago

      Pamela Breska Nope, the IDIOTS who go back ( SCREAMING " i DON'T want to press charges") are the LOSERS. Who DESERVE to get BEATEN a HUNDRED MORE times!!!! JUST like Tracey the SCAMMER here.

    • Pamela Breska
      Pamela Breska Month ago +1

      +M Detlef You sound like a real idiot

    • M Detlef
      M Detlef Month ago +1

      Lynette Streak How the HELL is it gonna stop if these IDIOT WOMEN KEEP going back, to get BEATEN again and AGAIN?? ALL while saying "I DON'T want to press charges ." Tracey DESERVED EVERY BEATING she got, and NOT ONE NICKEL from the courts!!!!

  • Lynette Streak
    Lynette Streak Month ago +5

    Yes I was ond of those who thought up "reasons to stay" but dont fool yourself - get out get out get out asap!!