She survived: The Tracey Thurman story


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  • Sherrie Morrison
    Sherrie Morrison 18 hours ago

    good for u tracey! ur brave luv! however, I sure wish the volume was higher so I could've heard it better. its so low I have to strain to hear her. ty to Curtis k for posting this story :)

    • Sherrie Morrison
      Sherrie Morrison 5 hours ago

      +Curtis Kow! ty! didnt expect a response at all! ty for responding in such a kind and understanding way :)

    • Curtis K
      Curtis K  11 hours ago

      Yes I know about the volumes being low, however can not increase it as this was created on an old work computer which I no longer have access too and the file no longer exists. In looking back, I wish the overlooked errors were fixed at the time.. it is what it is. Headphones and raise the volume works for some.

  • whatcha lookin at?
    whatcha lookin at? 14 days ago +1

    My sister is going through this, I try to help but now she tells me to stay out of it. What do I do now?!?

    • Klove 89
      Klove 89 7 days ago

      whatcha lookin at? Oh gosh I'm so sorry maybe if you get her alone you could show her this a guy that will hit a woman is going to only escalate and it's going to get worse and they are not going to stop it takes a minimum of 5 years of intensive counseling to start to change the behavior that they do I will seriously pray for your sister that she gets out of this relationship in that she'll let you help her

    • The Brotherhood of Sleep
      The Brotherhood of Sleep 12 days ago +1

      Let the police know to they'll have it on record. She'll be mad at you but sometimes you gotta save people from themselves. Don't give up on her.

  • worm wood
    worm wood 20 days ago +4

    Thank you Tracey for your fight for your and other women's rights and for speaking up here on the behalf of others.

  • A Beazer
    A Beazer 2 months ago +10

    That man had a child with another women and abused her. She had to get a protective order against him and ran to Florida for a time. Why do they let this sicko walk the streets?

  • Natia Black
    Natia Black 2 months ago +14

    Tracy Thurman was a brave fighter. God bless her and her son.

  • Monica Wright
    Monica Wright 2 months ago +3

    This storey reminds me of what happen to my mom brings back so many bad memories

  • Mary Shoemaker
    Mary Shoemaker 2 months ago +11

    The burning bed comes to mind from this!!! Any man who hits a woman needs to burn!!!! Very few cases of women beating their husbands!!!

    • Happy Fox
      Happy Fox 2 months ago +1

      So true, I can never wrap my head around that one.

    • Softball Mom
      Softball Mom 2 months ago +2

      Yes! I was thinking the exact same thing!

    • Fnu Lnu
      Fnu Lnu 2 months ago +2

      And most women keep the *relationship* going.

    • Happy Fox
      Happy Fox 2 months ago +1

      Agreed. Another powerful movie about domestic violence.

  • The Weeping Willow
    The Weeping Willow 3 months ago +24

    The 1st officer on the scene should of been brought up on charges along with the rest of the cops who watched with their thumbs up there pig asses...they should of shot that evil fucker...point blank...
    There isn't enough law suit money in this world to fix the wrong done to her...

  • M W
    M W 3 months ago +14

    Why didn’t they shoot him

  • onlyone me
    onlyone me 4 months ago +8

    I wish a MF would we both gone die

  • Kathy Lavery
    Kathy Lavery 4 months ago +8

    Everyone needs to realise that at the time of tracey thurman, there weren't the protective laws in place that needed to be there not just for domestic abuse but also child abuse. there are many towns in this country that are beyond corrupt to turn a blind eye.
    On the other hand, thousands of children in this country every year go missing at the hand of a parent. The laws for child abuse carry it too far. They have left the good parents with no way to discipline their children as needed.
    Unfortunately, people didn't get on their high horse about abuse until about 1990's. The catch is laws were put in place that were not well thought out.
    The point i'm making is don't waste too much time trying trying to help someone, if you care about them wage full out war to try and protect.

    • Joanna Garcia
      Joanna Garcia Month ago

      Kathy Lavery i think its common decency to help if you see anyone being beat to death

    • P!nky D!nky Doo
      P!nky D!nky Doo 3 months ago

      Kathy Lavery Daytona beach Florida.. Useless ..Dirty..2faced..Pigs Down here...

  • Meg Hamer
    Meg Hamer 4 months ago +4

    I kind of find it odd for the fact that if a man attacked me I would knife him to death.

  • Meg Hamer
    Meg Hamer 4 months ago +6

    What a piece of human scum he was

  • Endrick Belu
    Endrick Belu 4 months ago +11

    She didn't get enough money.

  • Brandy Yolidio
    Brandy Yolidio 5 months ago +18

    I saw this movie, he beat the crap outta her, what an awful man he was, so glad she got away

  • Katee B
    Katee B 6 months ago +13

    God love you Tracey!

  • lisa alaniz
    lisa alaniz 6 months ago +16

    The stupid cop letting that men kick her stab her not doing shit he should shot the bastard got kid away from him first oh course he would be doing the world a favor one less woman beating piece shit in this world that cop should be fired he sucks .

  • lisa alaniz
    lisa alaniz 6 months ago +16

    Police department suck I don't blame her for suing them I would too.

  • james
    james 6 months ago +22

    I remember watching this story on Lifetime! and that particular scene where he is attacking her ROCKED ME TO MY CORE! I had bad dreams about it for three days! So glad she survived! and So Glad she sued that town and the police dept!!! I am glad she has a better life now!

    • ann l
      ann l 6 months ago +2

      james yup me too, so sad.wonder whatever happened to her? Think back then people thought it was no ones business to get involved but her husband was just mentally fucked up😒

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith 6 months ago +24

    The movie is horrifying. Dale and Nancy should have taken home Golden Globes and Emmys.

    • EdGringo78
      EdGringo78 Month ago

      Yeah. The movie was extremely violent.

    • Brandy Yolidio
      Brandy Yolidio 5 months ago +1

      Yes!! I was a teenager watching this and I was mortified!! I didn't even like that actor for a while after I saw this. I was hurting for her while that happened. The real Buck was pure evil and sick

    • LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G
      LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G 6 months ago +4

      Melissa Smith I saw that movie when I was like 8, I'll never ever forget this lady....They both were really incredible in those roles...She deserved 10 times the dollar amount she got from that settlement...This case really changed how they approach Domestic Violence, and so many people will be saved because of this amazing, brave woman, but it was truly a shame that it took this tragic attack for that to happen

  • Marian Yulo
    Marian Yulo 6 months ago +9

    Watching the movie I cried for Tracy so sad . The police department didn’t protect you at all wtf that really made me angry . But your a strong beautiful girl . And I admire you . Tracy . God Bless you and your son . Amen

  • Marian Yulo
    Marian Yulo 6 months ago +9

    I too was abused by the man I loved as well I was beating so bad that I felt death when I passed out after he beat me then he said now your going to die I passed out and right before I passed out I heard a mans voice yell leave that girl alone then I passed out . When I came too gasping for air he was gone . So that’s when I left the state were it happened and never looked back so I know what you went threw and my heart goes out to you Tracy .

    • Mary Shoemaker
      Mary Shoemaker 2 months ago

      Marian Yulo same thing happened to me n for over half the 25 yr of being with him☹️ even restraining orders don't stop the bastards ☹️ the judge said to me, in Texas, you made your bed by saying 'I don't n that's just how he put it ☹️☹️ court documents n all the evidence of him putting his dick jackers on me didn't get me anywhere ☹️☹️ except for a divorce ☹️☹️ he's now raising my kids n bringing my son up to hate women ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ but he'll get what he deserves ☹️☹️ cause I got what I deserved when I said'i do' ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • Misty Mitchell
    Misty Mitchell 6 months ago +1

    my cousin was stabbed to death

    • Cheryl White
      Cheryl White 2 months ago

      Im really sorry for your loss.

    • Cheryl White
      Cheryl White 2 months ago

      +LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G Horrible, I'm so sorry. God will make sue he pays.

    • Fnu Lnu
      Fnu Lnu 4 months ago +1


    • Marlo Neal
      Marlo Neal 6 months ago +1

      Misty Mitchell sorry for ur loss

    • LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G
      LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G 6 months ago

      Misty Mitchell Oh my goodness, what a slap in their faces... that's terrible, again I'm so sorry for this terrible pain inflicted upon her and those who survive her loss

  • madkittyjoey70
    madkittyjoey70 7 months ago +7

    I admired her courage to sue the police department for letting her estranged husband stab her numerous times. And a law was named after her making domestic violence a crime.

  • Leslie Aguinaga
    Leslie Aguinaga 7 months ago +11

    Nancy McKeon did a great job. This movie is sad but hopefully opened a lot of people's eyes. I would of sued the police department

    • Melissa Smith
      Melissa Smith 6 months ago +2

      This and The Burning Bed are masterpiece T.V. movies.

    • Janell Irving
      Janell Irving 6 months ago

      I'm sure Tracey Thurman did too. She was the one who persuaded Nancy McKeon to portray her after the latter was adamant in playing the role.

    • madkittyjoey70
      madkittyjoey70 7 months ago +4

      I very much admired her playing the part of Tracy Thurman.

  • karend99143
    karend99143 8 months ago +4

    Police are useless? Do you really think that that would occur today? Give me a break! There was a totally different mindset back then. You call a Police Officer today, and I can guarantee you will receive the help you need, AS LONG AS YOU’RE WILLING TO PRESS CHARGES AGAINST YOUR ATTACKER!!!

    • Jon Griffin
      Jon Griffin 5 months ago

      karend99143 That is so true. Hell, the cops will haul away the guy in almost any situation. This one bitch use to hit my brother and rip his clothes and go complete crazy. When the cops were called, they were always copping attitude with my brother simply because he’s the guy in the situation.

    • lisa alaniz
      lisa alaniz 6 months ago

      karend99143 not true

  • Kristin Ryans
    Kristin Ryans 8 months ago +11

    my new husband seen me go through this with my ex husband . seen him hit me and broke my jaw ! needless to say my now husband went to prison for 3 years cuz he beat the shit out of him . then he told the judge " go ahead and punish me but if he comes back this time I'll kill him "

    • Brandon Reese
      Brandon Reese 7 months ago

      I. Wynn most males are evil? U sound retarded

  • E M
    E M 8 months ago +8

    If anybody did this to my daughter I'd fucking kill them! No remorse, no regrets. And I'd happily spend the rest of my days in prison.. the police were a disgrace!! I cry when I watch that movie. I hope Tracey has found peace and happiness in her life now ❤

    • Kristin Ryans
      Kristin Ryans 8 months ago

      Angel H it was an 80s movie based on Tracey Thurman it's a shame

    • Angel H
      Angel H 8 months ago

      It's only my opinion ty

    • Angel H
      Angel H 8 months ago

      It's only my opinion oh ok

    • E M
      E M 8 months ago

      Angel H it's called A CRY FOR HELP THE TRACEY THURMAN STORY. It's a true story..

    • Angel H
      Angel H 8 months ago


  • Tricia Verdugo
    Tricia Verdugo 9 months ago +5

    Who would marry Buck after this? 🙄 Is she unaware of this? WTF. Complete sarcasm. I can't even.....WTF.

    • Leelo Haskin
      Leelo Haskin 3 months ago

      Denise Vasquez Lemrick nope he is free living somewhere remarried I believe smh

    • Denise Vasquez Lemrick
      Denise Vasquez Lemrick 6 months ago +1

      Tricia Verdugo I think he got life in prison....

  • Kim Backus
    Kim Backus 9 months ago +12

    Sometimes the police are worthless. You have to protect yourself

  • Kim Backus
    Kim Backus 9 months ago +7

    It's too bad Tracy didn't have a gun. She could have shot him in self defense once he pulled that knife on her

  • I Q
    I Q 9 months ago +7

    What do our tax dollar pay these worthless cops for if all they're going to do it nothing?

  • Sabrina Guerrero
    Sabrina Guerrero 9 months ago +2

    I recently went through similar incidents from Tracy ex which I now have a restraining order against was so abusive to me...he grabbed a kitchen knife and tried slicing my throat twice in front of my grandkids and my grandson was terrified as my daughter called 911 ...cops did nothing...he walked away... also tried shooting me and my 1 yr old grandson in the head and cops still did nothing as he stood outside my bedroom window...poured acid in my makeup to make me go blind and in my eye drops.....I was pregnant by him and in August on the 22nd of 2017 he beat me so severe he killed my baby... restraining order expires in 2020 but he still harasses me and my family....

    • Sabrina Guerrero
      Sabrina Guerrero 8 months ago

      AMY’S CREATIONS VIDEO PRODUCTIONS hello..I ask the same thing every day..there is so much bad in this hurts my heart to hear stories all over the world. ....


      Sabrina Guerrero I hate that greatly for you! Will hate in this world never end??

    • Sabrina Guerrero
      Sabrina Guerrero 8 months ago +1

      Angel H thank u...may God bless u and your loved ones

    • Angel H
      Angel H 8 months ago

      Sabrina Guerrero thats good nd keeping doing it. 😌

    • Sabrina Guerrero
      Sabrina Guerrero 8 months ago

      Angel H yes amen to thing I learned that was most important in life was I learned to love myself... something I never did before...

  • Jenna Warner
    Jenna Warner 10 months ago +5

    Iv been there my ex husband murderd my babys Shawn mikell and Delilah, my daughter's bday is Feb 16th my ex tried to drowned me the cord got around her neck and strangled her she was still born lost her Dec 4 my Shawn was due Dec 24th lost him the 18th of Dec I was one week from my due date he pushed me down a flight of stairs he lived 12min died in my arms. I'm not sure why I may never know but the abuse I went through don't matter my angels that's all I care bout justice for my baby's.

    • Guli West
      Guli West 3 months ago +1

      Jenna, so sorry for your loss. I pray you can find peace.

    • Janell Irving
      Janell Irving 6 months ago

      Jenna Warner I'm so sorry.

    • Angel H
      Angel H 8 months ago


    • Sabrina Guerrero
      Sabrina Guerrero 9 months ago

      I'm sorry u went through this tragic ordeal...I also know the feeling of losing my baby behind such horrible abuse....I'm glad your still alive and hope u never go through that ever again....God bless u and your family..

    • Bolsheviki
      Bolsheviki 10 months ago +1

      Jenna Warner M
      I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope you are healing. Blessings to you.

  • jason sprague
    jason sprague 10 months ago +11

    the police department was as useless as tits on bacon...they WATCHED when just about everything unfolded from beginning to end...the police officer that was 1st on scene should've been thrown in jail and brought up on charges along with the other responding officers who arrived on scene...this whole thing could've been prevented if the cops would've done their jobs like they should have when it 1ST STARTED..they did NOTHING until it was too late! IMHO i think the cops were as much to blame as Buck! CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE!

    • Denise Vasquez Lemrick
      Denise Vasquez Lemrick 6 months ago

      jason sprague random your father's name Tim by any chance??

    • LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G
      LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G 6 months ago +1

      jason sprague That's why she won her lawsuit, which should've been 100 times the dollar amount...The first officer on scene did just stand there and ask him to stop, and he could have put him at gunpoint or shot him and MADE him stop... smh

  • Brent Fabian Rayburn
    Brent Fabian Rayburn 11 months ago +17

    My absolute favorite made for TV movie. Nancy McKeon was so incredible in it. And wow is it brutal.

    • LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G
      LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G 6 months ago

      Brent Fabian Rayburn It really was, I was just a child when I saw it and am 36 now, I will never in my life forget the brutality, and feel a percentage of the helplessness that she must have felt... Nancy McKeon and Dale Midkiff were excellent in those roles

    • Amy N
      Amy N 9 months ago

      This movie was nauseating to watch.

    • Amelia Singleton
      Amelia Singleton 10 months ago

      yes it was

  • Aisha Bailey
    Aisha Bailey Year ago +7

    Damn Mayberry police dept

  • Tijana Wise
    Tijana Wise Year ago +5

    Hopefully he is dead!!!!

    • Janell Irving
      Janell Irving 6 months ago

      I heard that he beat a woman in 1999.

    • pSS SS
      pSS SS 9 months ago

      I also read some articles saying that he has changed and is now a much better person I aint buying any of it no excuse for what he did oh yeah and damn Torrington PD never helped this poor woman but when i lived there they pulled me over and ticketed me for slowly rolling thru a stop sign haha jokes on them got the ticket thrown out

    • Tyese Dollas
      Tyese Dollas 9 months ago +2

      He works for Mass Commercial Cleaning as a manager...there is a picture of him on their website. Charles Thurman. Old bald guy who looks normal. And he lives in Easthampton Mass

    • EbonySings4u
      EbonySings4u 9 months ago

      Tijana Wise No he is free walking around and remarried. It is sickening.

  • Tyesha McCoy
    Tyesha McCoy Year ago +21

    When he started jumping on her head with their son in his hands I screamed and cried so hard Ive never been able to forget this movie it was horrible and the police didnt even try to help her smh

    • katie mullaney
      katie mullaney Month ago

      The cops were no better than Buck. I wouldn't mind it if my tax money had gone to putting him in prison for 30 years.

    • Brant Frans
      Brant Frans Year ago +2

      yummie69able No women deserves to go through that kind of abuse.

    • yummie69able#pretty69brown69eyes
      yummie69able#pretty69brown69eyes Year ago +1

      Tyesha McCoy amen so sad

    • Brant Frans
      Brant Frans Year ago +3

      Tyesha McCoy I know it's really horrible. The cops did nothing to help her. The way they treated her made me sick to my stomach. It made me so angry.

  • Tracie Jones
    Tracie Jones Year ago +7

    This movie open up people eyes and it make you think how bad this is thanks to tracy for telling her story i pray that the punishment is equal the abuse NOBODY SHOULD GO THROW ANYTHING LIKE THIS FROM A EX AND THE POLICE

  • ur iset-topDale Hobbs
    ur iset-topDale Hobbs Year ago +10

    Legal system failed her. This shit should have gotten no less than 50 years do to the brutality of the attempted murder. This savage assault indicates his full intentions. This asshole should have his face posted all over the internet and news as a warning for women to avoid this garbage.

  • Mya Jolie
    Mya Jolie Year ago +15


  • KenyaVsEmo
    KenyaVsEmo Year ago +15

    The police and their sorry asses!

  • hipretty
    hipretty Year ago +15

    God Bless Tracey Thurman!!!

  • Anastasia Yelling
    Anastasia Yelling Year ago +6

    What is bad about it is the police department didn't do nothing about it when she kept calling for help till the worest happen

  • indiyah B
    indiyah B Year ago +11

    tracey god bless you i went thru something similar i pray all is well with you

    • indiyah B
      indiyah B Year ago

      Me You ty

    • Me You
      Me You Year ago +2

      I went thru some severe Domestic myself .. I pray for you too indyaa .. much love

  • latiara allen
    latiara allen Year ago +7

    Yea, he was truly a psycho. The movie, what Tracy went through in general was beyond sad.

  • Angela Bowens
    Angela Bowens Year ago +7

    Someone should stump a mud hole in his ass!

  • actorben
    actorben Year ago +6

    I hope Tracey's ex-husband is rotting in prison right now, or better yet, in hell!

    • Lorenzo Goode
      Lorenzo Goode Year ago

      Blair Bart Well hopefully they'll kill his ass like they should've done in the first place.

    • Lorenzo Goode
      Lorenzo Goode Year ago +2

      Blair Bart my bad read it wrong. She remarried but yeah he got released. People are nervous and pissed and I can't blame em though.

    • Me You
      Me You Year ago +1

      sad ... so fugggin sad

    • Lorenzo Goode
      Lorenzo Goode Year ago +4

      frauleinmona That's not the worst part. Not only is he free he remarried and abused another woman.The legal system was just plain useless here.

    • frauleinmona
      frauleinmona Year ago +5

      I'm sorry. I got it wrong. In 1984, Thurman was sentenced to a 20 year-term, SUSPENDED after 14 years. His sentence was later REDUCED on APPEAL! Can you believe that? He only served 7 measly years! He was released from prison on April 12, 1991. It makes me want to puke!

  • Ursula. M
    Ursula. M Year ago +7

    On that note, on the first push or slap the woman better run and never see the man ever again. BTW... I had my share for a very short time with a very nasty psycho! Now I am by myself and happy.

    • Marie Conroy
      Marie Conroy Year ago +1

      Ursula Martins so what! Do you want a medal? You didn't even come close to the abuse this poor woman went through. Go have your nails done and shut up!

  • Mum's Pumpkinhead
    Mum's Pumpkinhead Year ago +7

    Poor Tracy my heart goes out to her and all abused women

  • Biff Roberts
    Biff Roberts Year ago +13

    I have that "Cry For Help The Tracy Thurman Story" & I was rather impressed on Nancy McKeon's acting skills. She's come a long way from the "Facts Of Life" role she portrayed back in the day. She NAILED IT in this movie & lucky me I have it & can watch it anytime I want, though its hard to watch due to that sorry sack of shit who abused her. Another very disturbing movie is "The Girl Next Door" which focus's on the killing of a teenage girl named Sylvia Likens. What's even MORE disturbing is the actual court transcripts that if you bother to read em (there on the internet) they REALLY tell just what that poor girl had to REALLY endure. There's some real sick people in the world.

    • Biff Roberts
      Biff Roberts Year ago +5

      Oh yea, I saw the Burning Bed. I believe it also starred Paul Le Mat from American Graffiti fame too, if I'm not mistaken. He & the late Farrah Fawcet did a great job in The Burning Bed for sure. But if you wanna talk about REALLY DISTURBING ya may wanna try watching (in case you haven't) a movie called "The Girl Next Door" because what's REALLY DISTURBING about it is, it REALLY HAPPENED!!! And the torture that sweet Sylvia Likens girl went through made me sick. Even MORE DISTURBING is if you ever happen to read the actual court transcripts of what REALLY HAPPENED in that house. You can find both on the internet. It happened in the 1960's in Indiana. The house it happened in has since been demolished. Simply type in the google or youtube search engine either "The Girl Next Door" or the name Sylvia Likens. But a WARNING though cos its VERY DISTURBING. Just thought I'd let ya know is all.

    • Barbara Kraemer
      Barbara Kraemer Year ago +4

      Biff Roberts I don't know if you have ever seen The Burning Bed, with Farrah Fawcet, but if not, watch it! Another very powerful, but disturbing, view of domestic violence. But it's also such a good movie.

  • Pamela Kruse
    Pamela Kruse Year ago +19

    Whoever thinks it was Tracey's fault is just sick, messed up & pathetic just like Buck!! Maybe if some of you go through what she went through, you might think differently. Makes me so mad when people blame the victim! None of this is Tracey's fault. She just simply fell for the wrong man and she tried to get away and the police never protected her.

    • Douglas Chapman
      Douglas Chapman Year ago

      I have watched both movies The Tracy Thurman story and The Burning Bed.What Tracy and Francine Hughes went through is horrible and people blame them.

    • Lorenzo Goode
      Lorenzo Goode Year ago +2

      Pamela Kruse Victim shaming is unfortunately still around today.

  • MeMyself &i
    MeMyself &i Year ago +7

    in an emergency, life and death...the fastest way to get the police 🚨 is to call 911, then hang up. You will be priority one! they will show with guns drawn.

  • ASZ79
    ASZ79 Year ago +7

    Buck Thurman was sentenced in 1984 to a 20-year term, suspended after 14 years and was released from prison on April 12, 1991 for nearly stabbing, beating and kicking Tracey to death

    • V Velas
      V Velas Year ago +4

      TWD26927 that bastard should've been life in prison... fuuuck that... I swear they just gave buck a slap in the hand.. with that bullshit... tha law is what's fucked up.. and the judge is a dumbass..

    • patrica childers
      patrica childers Year ago


    • Marlene Ful
      Marlene Ful Year ago +3

      that is awful

  • cindy singh
    cindy singh Year ago +4

    omg that man will rott in jail n in hell poor girl n her baby lifetime of happiness to u both honey

    • Elizabeth Diaz
      Elizabeth Diaz Year ago

      cindy singh her ex husband got out of jail after 7 years. And her son got arrested for having drugs and will be in prison for 7 years. how ironic

  • lagretta acuff
    lagretta acuff Year ago +6

    u should not say thats what she get that could have been u u would not know what to if u was not in her shoes it was aad i cried that hurted may god bless her an her son shes happy now

  • Tabitha Camarillo
    Tabitha Camarillo Year ago +16

    watched this movie in middle school and I actually fainted during the stabbing scene.. everyone wants to judge her or think they would do things differently, you just don't know. what's worse is a woman putting judgment on her. We women she never bring each other down. so sad.

  • Frenchie séverine
    Frenchie séverine Year ago +8

    Tracey was such a beautiful young woman,pure and brave.She won her fight against the police and i hope she 's happier now.SHE DESERVES THE BEST OF WHAT LIFE CAN OFFER.SHe deserves love and affection! She's a bright and beautiful soul and even with her scars she's beautiful. May Buck Thurman die in excruciating pain!

  • Joshua Greenslade
    Joshua Greenslade Year ago +7

    That scum Fucking nutcase. i hope Hes still in jail

    • ASZ79
      ASZ79 Year ago +1

      He was released from Prison on April 12, 1991

    • Janet Hart
      Janet Hart Year ago

      Joshua Greenslade there's a difference between a criminal, a psychotic break, and someone with mental illness. Only less than 2% of crimes are committed by those with mental illness.

    • Joshua Greenslade
      Joshua Greenslade Year ago

      Janet Hart he should be in a mental Hospital.

    • Janet Hart
      Janet Hart Year ago

      Joshua Greenslade Charles "Buck" Thurman was released from prison in 1991.Thurman was in prison for seven years after abusing his wife, Tracey Thurman.

  • Sharon Stevens
    Sharon Stevens Year ago +7


  • Sarina Belcore
    Sarina Belcore Year ago

    thts wht she gets 4 being with him

    • Gia Rey
      Gia Rey 2 months ago

      STFU Bitch ...

    • Tyese Dollas
      Tyese Dollas 9 months ago

      What a cunt...

    • Ginger Peacock
      Ginger Peacock Year ago +1

      Sarina Belcore U are as IGNORANT as YOU LOOK!!! She wasn't with him, she had left him but he kept stalking & abusing her. I went through something very close to this and left & he kept coming after me, the cops were NO HELP! I guarantee You would not have survived half of it!!!!

    • von turner
      von turner Year ago +1

      Bitch kill yoself

    • Mrs.Urie91
      Mrs.Urie91 Year ago

      Pamela Kruse Sean Patrick never said Tracey was a his comment...

  • Evelyn Soto
    Evelyn Soto Year ago +4

    tracy in the beginning was an idiot.she just met the guy and after a few days when they were in a poker game. he demanded she give him money.and she made that comment. he got mad and hit the door violently. that was the first sign. he is a gambler and loses.he has a violent temper why then would you. keep on seeing someone like that.

    • ASZ79
      ASZ79 Year ago +12

      Everybody makes mistakes for crying out loud, yes she made a mistake but she's not an idiot!

  • Evelyn Soto
    Evelyn Soto Year ago +12

    the police coyld have avoided the situation a long time ago. first is the fact that they had received various calls from tracy regarding her husbands threats against her and harrassing her. the police were in fact siding with buck. they knew what he wad saying and doing and yet they did nothing.that police officer who was suppossed to have gone to her residence to see what was happenning. first went to the bathroom .he was doing that deliberately.he was one of the police officers who was constantly talking to buck. also when the police officer arrived he did nothing .he didnt try to take the kid away from buck.he didnt call for back up he also let buck keep on beating up his wife.buck kicked her various times. the cop should have shot him. then the cop was holding back a man who was trying to pull buck away from tracy. the police as a whole were responsible for not doing their job.

  • babydollme92
    babydollme92 2 years ago

    yes police also will laugh at you poke fun they would get my ex in car laugh at situation in his head he was doing nothing wrong i understand completly how police work

  • babydollme92
    babydollme92 2 years ago +4

    i don't understand why go out i would had stayed inside locked up doors and kept on phone till police gotten there . i suppose if she had done that man would have gotten her another day men like him don't quit easy just glad she was strong enough survive that attack i also was in ugly marrage wasn't physically abused mentally abused makes me sick how men get away with this kinna crime i got say i put up good fight with my ex if he ever tried hitting me i hit back went on like that for years getting out of an abusive relationship is not easy specialy when there's kids involved most women also have low self esteem and thats how they make them there victims i over years just called police over and over untill he just had enough and finally left went looking for anther woman we divorced he did same to her she left to this day man still same way men like him don't change they thinks world owes him i actually think he belongs in stiaght jacket my word advice to women get the hell out fast as u can go to shelter for women or family if he comes around never go near him always keep distance carry something when u go out like pepper spray if u feel he will follow u always be with someone never walk alone )

  • Ace
    Ace 2 years ago +5

    I do not agree with that Barbara Spiegel,.Reasons for staying,.you dumb ass,.Yep we have real great excuses for wanting to stay in a so called relationship,.How maddening, you have no clue to what ur saying,.I was one, I had no reasons for staying or wanting to stay with the ass who beat me, cut me, punched me,.Just made me do what he wanted,.I was told what , when to go to the store while he timed me, in the store, timed me in the shower,.Wasn't allowed to go anywhere unless he was there,.When room mate came home from work he made me clean up while I was dizzy to get blood off me,.He would come after me down the street if I ran out to try to get help from neighbours down street, no-one would help,.This was in the early 80's in Michigan,.Lansing,.This ass was a sober, non-druggie,.ass..Just a nuthead,.Sorry but this broad made me mad when she said that statement how we want to stay,.most of us don't have a choice,!! I attempted so many times but was found,.Its still in my head after 30yrs ago,..

    • Frenchie séverine
      Frenchie séverine Year ago +1

      Tracy was very young when she met Charles Buck Thurman,she was still a teenager and she fell in love with him and she made a mistake yes but it is a youth mistake . She thought he would change with her love even if he had punched her and liked to drink alcohol.She couldn't know that he would beat her and harass her after leaving with their kid. She had the courage to leave but Buck was so wild and screwed that he caught her and kicked her and sent her to hospital..Everyone makes mistakes..we cannot blame her.

    • Jacqueline GtzHdz
      Jacqueline GtzHdz Year ago +3

      +Puckles100 you're a very ignorant person. I feel very sorry for you.

    • TruthSeeker08
      TruthSeeker08 Year ago

      Puckles100 I think You need "Anger Management".

    • TruthSeeker08
      TruthSeeker08 Year ago

      Puckles100 I did NOT state My opinion to cussed at and told to "shut up"!!!
      You sound like the Bully that beat this woman!
      I don't know Who You think You are but I have as much right as anyone else to voice My opinion WITHOUT being "Bullied" or "Harassed".

    • TruthSeeker08
      TruthSeeker08 Year ago +1

      Shelley Müller I totally agree! I am so sick of Women (ironically are the most to judge) blaming the Victim! "Oh She Could have left" "She knew what she was getting into".
      If You have NOT been IN THIS Situation PLEASE do NOT Judge!!!
      You Have No Idea!!! This is the One of The reason's Women don't speak up, or go to family or friends!
      BTW I ALSO did NOT find Tracey saying that statement in This interview!!!

  • Angela Locke
    Angela Locke 2 years ago +7

    watched this movie when I was a kid and it stuck with me until this day. Which made me understand what I wouldnt stand for in a relationship and later in life how I raised my son to treat women. So sad that they police didn't help and weren't trained how to handle a guy like him.

  • George Huff
    George Huff 2 years ago +2

    i watch this movie and it breaks my heart nut its a good thing she fought hard and survive your a true hero

  • Georgie
    Georgie 2 years ago +1

    thank you,t Tracy. you're a hero

  • Penny Lover
    Penny Lover 2 years ago +6

    Every single time I hear about this story I get furious all over again. I hope the piece of shit "man" that did this to her finally meets Karma. Intestinal and rectal cancer would be a good start for the dirtbag.

    • Tyese Dollas
      Tyese Dollas 9 months ago

      Penny Lover Maybe someone will Lorena Bobbitt his ass one day.

    • Biff Roberts
      Biff Roberts Year ago

      So, whoever said that piece of shit was a man?

    • Nikki Williams
      Nikki Williams 2 years ago +1

      Penny Lover I was thinking the same...lets add MS to the list as well.

  • AFK4Realz
    AFK4Realz 2 years ago +5

    this asshole currently works at MCC mass commercial cleaning in massachusetts, I saw his employee pic....who in the hell would hire a monster like this, knowing his history?

    • Freudian Slippers
      Freudian Slippers 6 months ago

      "More men are raped than women" What you conveniently leave out MRA douche, is that males are (in the vast majority) more likely to be raped by other males; mostly in prison.
      If you're truly worried about male rape (which I doubt, you types just use it to derail) have you ever thought about opening up a shelter for males? You know taking to the streets, grassroots effort, like women had to? Of course not, you use male victims as leverage for your martyr complex.
      NO statistics show women abusing, raping and murdering males anywhere near the numbers males do. The only place that even spouts that is A VOICE FOR MEN - which is about as credible as stormfront.
      Way to waltz in and make everything about YOU, just like males like you always do.

    • Tyese Dollas
      Tyese Dollas 9 months ago

      Hes a regular looking guy surprisingly. But he will always be a POS scumbag woman beating bitch for what he did, and there should be way more pictures of his ugly mug than there are on Google. It's like they've been protecting the SOB since he's been released.

    • Tyese Dollas
      Tyese Dollas 9 months ago

      TheSimpsonssince90 eat shit

    • brightbite
      brightbite Year ago +1

      Someone who would believe his "it wasn't my fault the bitch MADE ME DO IT!" stories and crocodile tears.

    • Xpenguin17revived
      Xpenguin17revived Year ago

      +L. J.P. Guess what? More men are raped than women and they're told to forget it or 'admit they liked it'.
      No, of course I wouldn't forget it but the difference is I wouldn't have the outpouring of community support to help me forget it or white knight mobs ready to lynch my aggressor.

  • Horacio Nunes
    Horacio Nunes 2 years ago +3

    to anybody that falls in love get the 1st slap or punch ,and goes back to the partner or the house and cooks a marvellous dinner a la garde with champagne and gets more and more punches- kicks to the point of getting badly hurt .the 1st slap or punch the creature must get someone to do the job for her there are first signs of violent people that can be avoided so you ladies there would get a trill to give the same treatment to the idiots cowards for free or little money do no suffer to the point to be half dead or a zombie ,there are people that loves this kind of treatment but they pay for the service but you do not hesitate to ask someone to do the job for you

  • tara lang
    tara lang 2 years ago +4

    this is one strong woman , she survived horrific things, she is one awesome woman

  • Gary VanDecar
    Gary VanDecar 2 years ago +7

    God Bless You Tracey Thurman what that animal of a Husband did to you was absolutely disgusting.

    • Stormy days
      Stormy days 2 years ago +10

      don't compare that fuck face to animals. .animals are better

  • D Clark
    D Clark 2 years ago +4

    Tracey is SO BRAVE! No woman deserves to get beaten let alone almost stabbed to death. And although she and her son are traumatized for life, they are survivors.

  • The Haunted Butterfly
    The Haunted Butterfly 2 years ago +2

    A TRULY INSPERATIONAL WOMAN! Its hard to believe there are still men and women out there doing this, If you or know anyone who is going threw an abusive relationship please help them to get help!... if they cant do it or are too scared to do it for themselves you could save their life, With Tracey her physical scars may well be healed but she will be living with the torment and emotional mental abuse her abuser gave her for the rest of her life I hope she is well now and getting all the help she needs!

  • Ashley Cook
    Ashley Cook 2 years ago +2

    This the first time I've ever seen the real her.

  • The Queen Now Bow Down
    The Queen Now Bow Down 2 years ago +2

    My heart goes out to Tracy Thurman, as well as all other victims of domestic violence. The movie that portrayed her story was very emotional but it helps show women just how bad being with an abuser can be

  • Dolores Esparza
    Dolores Esparza 2 years ago

    oh my god all of you people must have super hearing !

  • Dolores Esparza
    Dolores Esparza 2 years ago

    All of you really heard this

  • j Clarke
    j Clarke 2 years ago

    another woman let down by the police force god bless u Tracy your. a inspiration a survivor n certainly a fighter 💓💜💛💚💙💟 from Stockton on tees Cleveland god love u xxxxxx

  • Vantrell Lewis
    Vantrell Lewis 2 years ago

    I want to hug her

    LEDANCETHERAPY 2 years ago

    God Bless you, Tracey for having the courage to share your story❤️

  • Google User87
    Google User87 2 years ago

    If you hit me, YOU go down!!! Learn to fight ladies, like she did in "Enough."

    • aisha daisuki
      aisha daisuki 2 years ago

      enough is not a true story, its different when it happens to you irl

  • Abbey MUSER
    Abbey MUSER 2 years ago

    I have met Tracey as of right now we has cancer in her thoart😭

    • aisha daisuki
      aisha daisuki 2 years ago

      well i mean she has a dog face on in a pic and she said we has cancer in her throat, i wouldnt take dog girls word on anything

    • Michael c
      Michael c 2 years ago

      +Deanna Ooh so taken she a troll

    • Deanna Ooh so taken
      Deanna Ooh so taken 2 years ago +1

      That's a lie Tracey Thurman actually had cancer in 2006 but it was thyroid cancer they did surgery and it was removed but after one or two surgeries they found two stray pieces of the thyroid in her collarbone and lung but that was also removed in 2006 so how could that have been now this is 2016

    • Google User87
      Google User87 2 years ago

      +Abbey MUSER That's so unfair. What's Buck's situation?

  • Chocolate City Of Oakland

    God Bless You, Tracey.

  • Marie Nombrano
    Marie Nombrano 2 years ago +4

    I watched this movie a decade ago, I will never forget this movie and my thoughts and prayers for this courageous woman and her son and hope they are in a good place.

  • Jerome Cabral
    Jerome Cabral 2 years ago

    thanks for sharing

  • Indian sage
    Indian sage 2 years ago

    Interesting to see the actress actually do favor the real Tracy,its amazing I like when in true stories movie the actors and actresses look like the real life people,I hate when they look nothing like them,if a actress play me in a real life movie she better look like me or similar and act her ass off being me,lol lol lol I know alot of people agree with me

  • Indian sage
    Indian sage 2 years ago

    I hope Tracy doing ok,I dont feel sorry for women that are abused because they can leave fuck hoping the guy would change,or staying for the kids or he would find you or your scared,why do that to yourselves it makes no sense,I've never been abused in none of my relationships I came from strong women on both sides of my family,and we don't tolerate this bad evil behavior.all you got to do is leave but no they kept staying these women knew the abused got worse and worse,but he beating your ass,cheating,putting you down,using you,controlling you,breaking body parts,noses,lips,putting you in the hospital,and you steal want to stay it's crazy,once he shows his true colors it will continue,Tracy lucky she didn't die god bless her and women like her.

    • cara beck
      cara beck 2 years ago +1

      If u have no idea about being in a abusive relationship then u can't judge it, for ur small mind no it's not always so easy to leave as u have said. If u have never been in it then u have no idea how hard it can be to leave, what I get from ur comment is that anyone woman who doesn't leave a partner is weak. I do feel sorry for woman but u have to remember it's not just woman who are abused it's happens to men as well. Then u have he nerve to say god bless Tracey and woman like her but u don't feel sorry for them.

  • Rae Zola
    Rae Zola 2 years ago +2

    Tracey is the greatest survivor that ever lived she has fight in her that is amazing she struggles 2 speak but she is amazing l am honored 2 hear her voice a beautiful wonderful courageous woman ,,,,,she is Tracey the brave heart,,,,,,love you Tracey

  • kenwes69
    kenwes69 2 years ago

    Next time stay in the house

  • kenwes69
    kenwes69 2 years ago

    gee I wonder if any wives abuse there husbands

  • Beronica Castillo
    Beronica Castillo 2 years ago

    thank u tracey for speaking up about something so horrible that some of us go thru on a daily basis i was in that same situation & i got out of it before it continued to get out of hand youre an inspiration to all of us

  • Irene Hernandez
    Irene Hernandez 2 years ago

    thas so sad that the police let that happened to you Tracy and didn't did his job as a police officer but I'm happy that you where able to stay strong for your baby and put a lawsuit on the state of Connecticut that what those police needed and I'm so happy for you that you win the case but it to me any money in the world would of not change what this bastard did to you in my own word's for now on you going to have to live with those marks and and damage he did to your body I know you hate him with all your heart cuz by me watching the movie got me emotional and mad that how can a MTF like him got away with alot of stuff that he was already doing to you if I was in your shoes I would of bought me a gun to protect me and no child after he started to treat me that he was going to kill me and when he had yelled my name to come out I would of got the gun and put it behind my pans when I saw he took out the knife I would of shot him but on both of his legs so he would of not hurt me that MTF and he was not able to run to catch me and it would of be self defense for sure I hope he rots in jail for what he did to yo Tracy I don't know you but I had a abusedsive and aggressive man that he will always beat me up for nothing into one day I told my self and god what can i do and it seems like he gave me a message to call the law and I did and I will still will go back with him tell me why I don't know I was so much in love with this bastard so when he hit me again they took him and by when I found out he had a ins hold on him so now he lives in his country Guatemala is way inside Mexico and I learn that no woman should be treated like shit we are human been not dogs and it took me along time to understand that now i have a wonderful husband been together for 15 years and he accepted me the way I am he left marks in my face and every time I see my self in mirro I get mad at my self for letting him do this to me but I struggle but I pray to God all the time to forgive him cuz I already did if I didn't forget him I would of not be able to be happy and I be praying for you Tracy you not alone god5is with you always love Irene Hernandez from ATX

  • Frenchie séverine
    Frenchie séverine 2 years ago +2

    How sad! This woman Tracey Thurman was so young and lovely. Her ex husband was a brutal psychopath who wanted to kill her and thought that she was his property. DAMN BASTARD. God keep you Tracey and give you peace.

  • Egie Asemota
    Egie Asemota 2 years ago +9

    thank you Tracey and all brave women