Just Blaze and Ivan Orkin Give Sean Evans a Ramen Master Class | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Apr 4, 2017
  • Ramen has taken over the U.S. over the past decade, and for good reason-it's reasonably priced, convenient, and endlessly versatile. To get his noodle bonafides in order, Sean heads to Ivan Ramen for a slurping tutorial from chef Ivan Orkin and producer/ramen junkie Just Blaze.
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Comments • 870

  • Davey Jones
    Davey Jones 12 days ago

    Really been enjoying these Sean in the Wild episodes! Just started watching them. :)

  • tash c
    tash c Month ago

    This is my fav ramen place

  • Funk Shiz
    Funk Shiz Month ago

    Just blaze close your mouth when you chewing you dusty ass nicca

  • Bryant Cox
    Bryant Cox 2 months ago +1

    I love Ivan because he's left-handed, don't tell me you noticed because I know you didn't.

  • gaya iyer
    gaya iyer 4 months ago

    I saw Ivan Orkin's episode on Netflix's Chef's Table. What an inspirational guy and what a story! Kudos to him and his family

  • 11219tt
    11219tt 4 months ago

    Allow me to reintroduce myself!
    Like if you know

  • 11219tt
    11219tt 4 months ago

    Big ups to just blaze!

  • camokiller9
    camokiller9 4 months ago

    Man living in Wisconsin there is not tansy ramen places, no awesome Chinese dumpling places, it’s saddening

  • Song Ji Ah
    Song Ji Ah 5 months ago

    I don't see a single Asian :/ where my Bois at this place is great

  • wrcardon
    wrcardon 6 months ago

    "Doesn't take long to prepare" ouch! the broth takes forever to prepare right.

  • Josh Beebe
    Josh Beebe 6 months ago

    Anyone been to jail can do it better.

  • leewardstyle
    leewardstyle 7 months ago

    Always bugs me when people say, "authentic ramen." Noodles are Chinese in nature / Broth is French in nature / Technique is meticulously Japanese. It is and always will be a fusion dish.

  • Lizneyland
    Lizneyland 7 months ago

    I really want to see Ivan on Hot Ones now!!

  • Cecilio Ravioli
    Cecilio Ravioli 8 months ago

    Funny.. those exact same instant noodles cost 13 cents in my country :D

  • Skylooo
    Skylooo 9 months ago

    there are weird laughters edited into the video postproduction in some transitions... why?

  • Timu Sings
    Timu Sings 9 months ago

    Just blaze talks FAST!!!

  • xultsu
    xultsu 9 months ago

    Damn one of the least viewed video on FWF

  • Spencer Jenkin
    Spencer Jenkin 9 months ago


  • Yeng Yang
    Yeng Yang 10 months ago

    If you're able to bring in the Asians then your shop is going in the right direction.

  • Uglyprincw
    Uglyprincw 11 months ago

    you call yourself authentic but you just used POWDERED BROTH , when small cheap authentic shops actually take their time to use every part of a fish to use as a base broth, im confuseed, just looks super fatty and oily.

  • Uglyprincw
    Uglyprincw 11 months ago

    idk man u dont seem authentic to me....

  • Sea Pea
    Sea Pea 11 months ago

    Don't trust foreign places. I heard some of the places reuse the broth after they clean the tables.

  • Anthony Dolan
    Anthony Dolan 11 months ago

    I met Ivan Orkin at an Ivan Ramen in Tokyo.

  • Exchange
    Exchange Year ago

    no matter how you put it, 15 bucks for a bowl of ramen is insanely overpriced.

  • danastu
    danastu Year ago

    Sean Evans and Ivon... together.... I’m in love. Sean, you are such a bad ass.

  • MrLimebomb
    MrLimebomb Year ago

    the number of times Sean's guests have said. "no one has ever asked me that before" You are a great interviewer! Keep up the dope work!

  • shubhamnew
    shubhamnew Year ago

    Is that David Mitchell at 4:39 ? XD

  • Jacob Shelf
    Jacob Shelf Year ago

    That Ramen guy seemed like a douchebag.

  • HaTTrick042
    HaTTrick042 Year ago

    Ivan kinda feels like a douchebag.

  • Dennis Scafide
    Dennis Scafide Year ago


  • Shankar Katragadda
    Shankar Katragadda Year ago +1

    6:44 Steven from buzzfeed

  • Sir Derpington
    Sir Derpington Year ago

    LOL they don't eat instant ramen in japan. LOL

  • Zargabubblebath
    Zargabubblebath Year ago

    Doesn't take long? The broth takes hella long, foo.

  • Maxwell Farris
    Maxwell Farris Year ago

    You can tell that his voice is getting more gravelly cause of all of the spice he eats.

  • tom dijksman
    tom dijksman Year ago

    as long as the quality of your food is good people will gladly pay just don't over price to fill your own pocket

  • tom dijksman
    tom dijksman Year ago

    Sean not nerdy but passionate

  • Will Forever 018
    Will Forever 018 Year ago

    Legendary Just Blaze the most respected producer of all time

  • Josha Smith
    Josha Smith Year ago

    Kids rude as fuck I wouldn't do a collaboration with him again.

  • Luna Moth
    Luna Moth Year ago

    Comments are pure fucking cancer

  • FUEL
    FUEL Year ago

    he just said "doesn't take long to prepare". mmk....

  • axlludwig
    axlludwig Year ago

    Not long to doit..Well the broth takes like 24 h...

  • erwerwe werwer
    erwerwe werwer Year ago

    can I get a "rAMEN" up in here? (hurr hurr)

  • Lautin
    Lautin Year ago

    I love ivan lol

  • Tony, The Stark
    Tony, The Stark Year ago

    YO! What?? Just Blaze and Sean?? Why did I find this only now??

  • bombb82
    bombb82 Year ago


  • Lukos0036
    Lukos0036 Year ago

    Ramen is not supposed to be haute cuisine. It CAN be, but it shouldn't be. In Japan it is their burger and fries. It's weird that everything that comes here from Japan ends up getting the snooty foodie treatment when Ramen is basic comfort food. And 27$ for a plate of spaghetti is ridiculous. Rich people are stupid.

    • Lukos0036
      Lukos0036 Year ago

      I just feel sorry for the poor folks that live in the shadow of this oligarchy bullshit. I don't know how they can afford to live when something as simple as a bowl of god damn ramen costs ten times here what it would in Japan and still manages to be inauthentic. Dudes noodles were so thin they had no bite and looked like jellyfish tendrils.

    • Drunken Whaler
      Drunken Whaler Year ago

      It's fucking New York, what did you expect?

  • tree yaers orld
    tree yaers orld Year ago

    did he just add MSG into the soup

  • Combat Medic
    Combat Medic Year ago

    I thought chewing and smacking your lips as loud as you can was also a rule.

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi Year ago

    the ramen i eat costs 50c and it looks and tastes just as good as that overpriced shit

  • Kat
    Kat Year ago


  • Gil Fiazon
    Gil Fiazon Year ago

    These fucks are unbearable. It's bowl of fucking noodles settle down.

  • christopher rogers

    Sean. You're the great hand gesture host, but don't point with your chopsticks! ....まったく

  • Phil Dempsey
    Phil Dempsey Year ago

    Ramon noodles should be cheap it's almost like it's culture .. when you think Ramon first things to come to mind is cheap , fast to cook,, and filling.. one more p delicious

  • mugensamurai
    mugensamurai Year ago +6

    Sean asking and saying some controversial and triggering things.

  • Das Borke
    Das Borke Year ago

    For an 'inauthentic' food, they sure have a particular way of eating it...

  • gez239
    gez239 Year ago

    white people making overpriced tacos al pastor, white people making ramen. starting to notice a trend on this channel

  • Troll from From from from ha get trolled

    I can get a bowl of pho that’s twice the size of these bowls for 11 bucks

    • 11219tt
      11219tt 4 months ago

      You’ll be hungry In an hour though

    • Danendra Hartawan
      Danendra Hartawan Year ago

      Yeah, but ramen is better that pho

  • finalbreath15
    finalbreath15 Year ago

    hey id be happy to pay $16 for a bowl of ramen from a white guy that has appreciation for the culture enough to suggest people to eat it the way it was intended to be eaten in its original culture, but i digress. i dont even have a ramen shop in my area.

  • Fredde
    Fredde Year ago

    honestly doesn't really look that good. I prefer the way the japanese ramen looks. like at the Ichiran Ramen place.

  • Judas Grins Back
    Judas Grins Back Year ago +4


  • Nick Blake
    Nick Blake Year ago

    15 dollars for a bowl of ramen. That better be the best ramen

  • C&J Tech
    C&J Tech Year ago

    I've been to Ivan's shop on the lower East side, it's good, but I'm not a fan of Shoyu Ramen which was too salty for my tastes, but I loved the noodles and toppings I'd like to see him start making a tonkotsu Ramen

  • Robyn Nartia
    Robyn Nartia Year ago

    spicy ramen challenge? just go nuclear

  • Nathan Martinez
    Nathan Martinez Year ago

    Omg that was the best bowl of ramen that I ever had

  • Bonson Johnson
    Bonson Johnson Year ago +2

    daaamn people don't understand in the comments, yes for good tasting broth it will take several hours too make. It's like how you would want to marinade a piece of chicken or beef for 24 hours before cooking. And it costs a lot because it's quality and fresh ingredients. You may compare how in Japan a bowl is only $7 but that's because the ingredients are more local and easier to get where as in New York it maybe imported or whatever the fuck idk i gave up mid way through. What i'm saying is that longer made broth is way better tasting than someplace that may serve all day making broth constantly fresh from the ingredients, not giving it time to let all the flavors mix in.

  • Craig
    Craig Year ago

    Fuck that slurping shit.

  • yannis kusogaki
    yannis kusogaki Year ago

    It takes you 3 days to make it huh...well so does tonkotsu ramen in Japan and it's still 7-8 dollars.There's stupidly overpriced and then there's 15 bucks for a bowl of ramen...not even a big one either!!I've had some of the world's best ramen from Sapporo all the way to Hiroshima,the most expensive one was 11 dollars and it was a double portion of noodles with almost a whole liter of broth and 5 pork slices sitting on top.There is no such thing as expensive ramen,it's a daily meal for the people...know some shame for fuck's sake.

  • Olivia Leach
    Olivia Leach Year ago

    Omg, I seen him on Netflix and wondered were he was, I will eat there one day

  • Jack Zones
    Jack Zones Year ago

    I need a ramen shop within 5 miles of my home. Every single dish I saw this place cook looked absolutely delicious.

  • Giovanni Cardone
    Giovanni Cardone Year ago

    No real reason to slurp

    • LucidDream
      LucidDream Year ago

      It isn't actually as necessary as the guy made it out. The reason the Japanese do it is because it means you are enjoying your meal. It's their culture, but not really a must do when eating ramen anywhere else. It doesn't quite enhance the flavor or something like the guy suggests. For the amount of times he claims to have been to Japan and talk about authenticity, he should have learned that. I think a gesture means a lot to the Japanese, more than words usually.

    • jay penn
      jay penn Year ago

      Giovanni Cardone i dont really think it matters.