Professor vs Ex-D1 Police Officer 1v1... Cop kicks him off the court

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • Please respect the Police Officer's grind and that he was cool enough to let us upload this video.
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Comments • 4 591

  • xXpixelmanXx
    xXpixelmanXx 5 hours ago

    He was at quimby

  • Erez Beck
    Erez Beck 7 hours ago

    He protecc
    He Atacc
    But most importantly my last name is becc

  • HELLAS59
    HELLAS59 10 hours ago

    Cop was really good! 👏

  • Brian J
    Brian J 10 hours ago +1

    That's clearly a fake cop.. Are you really that stupid to think anyone woud believe that's a real cop. LOL

  • aj theprogamer
    aj theprogamer 12 hours ago


  • aj theprogamer
    aj theprogamer 12 hours ago

    Damn u did that cop bad bro

  • Qrexzy
    Qrexzy 12 hours ago

    He’s low key got a nasty fade

  • Fortnite Master
    Fortnite Master 13 hours ago

    It’s clickbait you didn’t got kick out of the court

  • Landon Burns
    Landon Burns Day ago +1

    Grew up loving streetball and the professor. Unfortunately this is the day I found out Santa ain’t real... that cop was fake as heck. No name plate, no radio wire, clothes didn’t fit sharp, and not to mention he gave a crap about a reserved b-ball court... that cop was fake. Your vids are fake. Let history show u were nothing but a fake.

  • Sasori Of The Red Sand

    Who did slow motion on Professor's intro

  • Aaron Palacios
    Aaron Palacios Day ago +1

    I thought today was gonna be the day I saw the professor get clapped 🥶🤙👏😹

  • Bobby
    Bobby Day ago

    Maybe not real.....

  • A. Brooks
    A. Brooks Day ago +1

    The cop could beat him out of uniform, but overall it was an good game

  • Jalen Robinson
    Jalen Robinson Day ago

    Lol I’m hearing bells in the background thinking there’s a ice cream man outside my house

  • Daniel Himawan
    Daniel Himawan Day ago

    Wrong shoes wrong uniform.. That cop will eat professor a live hahaa

  • VanishedWater
    VanishedWater Day ago

    I feel sorry for the older people that play and just get shit on

  • Legendary Unknown sights

    Why you are not joining in nba

  • Radovan Debski
    Radovan Debski Day ago

    you can see the difference when professor decided to play the copa can't do nothing. like when you play with a little bru

  • Woo Loo
    Woo Loo Day ago

    Damn, he certainly dressed for *****street ball *****

  • Eric Larkey
    Eric Larkey 2 days ago

    Did you get a bowl of soup with that haircut?

  • Ligita Razvadausakaitė


  • Fransso Farass
    Fransso Farass 2 days ago +1

    This cop is good at basketball. We must recognize that 😅

  • Rich Berg
    Rich Berg 2 days ago +1

    Cop: makes 2 shots and then the ball goes to the professor professor makes 4 shots and he keeps its #staged could beat him any day #hooper

  • iiSwat_Laws Godfather

    Bro, this is fake, cops are not allowed to have facial hair. It is in uniform policy

  • Ryan Nale
    Ryan Nale 2 days ago

    Not a real cop

  • Andiery Vilorio
    Andiery Vilorio 2 days ago


  • Visulazz
    Visulazz 2 days ago +3

    Every Like This Get Is A Prayer For The Cop 🙏

  • Chaim Goldman
    Chaim Goldman 2 days ago +1

    The professor got more through the legs for the cop than the cop did for himself

  • Chaim Goldman
    Chaim Goldman 2 days ago +2

    Professor skill level 1-100 90
    Cop skill level 10000000000

  • foshou citron
    foshou citron 2 days ago

    Respect to the cop. He's got game!

  • The Alexandre Family


  • Ime Imenov
    Ime Imenov 2 days ago

    Cop has game

  • lilth501
    lilth501 3 days ago

    Cop. Can definitely play... Professor vulnerable when he gets muscled up

  • Keith S.
    Keith S. 3 days ago

    Respect. Closest match up I've seen, not that I've seen em all.

  • Alexis ツ
    Alexis ツ 3 days ago +2

    Wtf this park is right next to my house

  • spazvapes
    spazvapes 3 days ago

    but i wanted the curry tutorial. where can i find that

  • Huuuh?!
    Huuuh?! 3 days ago +1

    He lost the moment he said And1 and missed... lol

  • RnbRhythmical
    RnbRhythmical 3 days ago +2

    I was rooting for the cop the whole game LOL! That was super cool fun to watch.

  • GameWolf3464610 Way
    GameWolf3464610 Way 3 days ago

    If I had a dollar for every time professor dribbled in between someone's legs.... I'd be a billionaire

  • Jack Ridge
    Jack Ridge 3 days ago

    Why does he never try to block him

  • Gio O.
    Gio O. 3 days ago


  • Mobile Kaiekai
    Mobile Kaiekai 3 days ago

    The cop isn’t fancy but he sure hits is shots

  • Lakay Patty
    Lakay Patty 3 days ago

    If the cop in LAKERS uniform he would won the game. Nice play.

  • leadfarmer
    leadfarmer 4 days ago


  • Joseph Reese
    Joseph Reese 4 days ago

    I'd like to invite you to Savannah Georgia to introduce you to the kids at summercamp this year!

  • NPC #MeToo
    NPC #MeToo 4 days ago

    Okay, deadass I wanna see that cop in actual basketball clothes bc hes fuckin good

  • Top 5 Tv
    Top 5 Tv 4 days ago

    Bruh I want to see you vs Stephen curry he will win for sure cause your trash all you do is your trashy moves like always and your baby shots

  • GJ Prod
    GJ Prod 4 days ago

    Make real videos smh

  • Leo E
    Leo E 4 days ago

    sooo faaake

  • cullin is cute
    cullin is cute 4 days ago +1

    Fake af

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro 4 days ago

    The cop barely lost while wearing all that stuff on him

  • Anderson Nguyen
    Anderson Nguyen 4 days ago

    Good cop

  • J GrUBbS
    J GrUBbS 4 days ago +1

    Professor would foul out if there was a ref😂😂😂.... reaching and pushing in the back🤔

  • migue_sofoke
    migue_sofoke 4 days ago +1


  • C Puzz
    C Puzz 4 days ago +2

    That cop was the toughest competition I've seen the Prof face. Wow, shook down 10 points. Impressive.

  • Chris Wesley
    Chris Wesley 4 days ago

    Looks like a rent-a-cop

  • immediamal coccinello

    This was obviously staged

  • Yashar shb
    Yashar shb 4 days ago

    fake cop


    Cop had game gotta give credit where credit is due

  • D K
    D K 4 days ago

    The cop is actually good

  • gsneff
    gsneff 4 days ago

    The cop is playing in forty or more pounds of gear and the wrong shoes. Shouldn’t be close to a fair match yet he held his own. A real baller

  • x BoardUpx-
    x BoardUpx- 4 days ago +1

    The cop good just need better defense and how to dribble🔌‼️

  • tygur23
    tygur23 4 days ago

    3:13 nastiest set of combo moves ever

  • Jack Jukon
    Jack Jukon 4 days ago

    Next game Proffesor vs Robocop

  • tim hood
    tim hood 4 days ago

    Professor just travels

  • Steven Coons
    Steven Coons 4 days ago

    what the fuck is the cop playing basketball while he is working...

  • Robert South
    Robert South 4 days ago

    Staged but I'm ok with it

  • bern one
    bern one 5 days ago

    That cops not bad🤬🤫🤭

  • Juniper Pallasa
    Juniper Pallasa 5 days ago

    Scripted btw,
    But still gud

  • Juniper Pallasa
    Juniper Pallasa 5 days ago

    Scripted btw,
    But still gud

  • Kaleab Alemayhu
    Kaleab Alemayhu 5 days ago

    The best set up prank ever

  • chupa2000
    chupa2000 5 days ago

    A fake cop? How a real cop could compromise his duties vs game results... either his request was unlawful (and he deserves punishment) or he dropped a lawful request in favor of a game with a random chap on this court ( he deserves punishment ).. hahahahah

  • James Herbst
    James Herbst 5 days ago

    That is one good cop. he should get a raise.

  • Tony Chiang
    Tony Chiang 5 days ago

    cop won!

  • TooBig ToFail
    TooBig ToFail 5 days ago

    Thank god the professor didn't have a dog.

  • dave campbell
    dave campbell 5 days ago

    Yo respect dude put up a good show considerin the heavy boots n uncomfortable baller attire

  • Noobmaster69 •
    Noobmaster69 • 5 days ago


  • chugg norris
    chugg norris 5 days ago

    Professor is staging competition for views now? Lame just like his game. 10+years later and hes still doing the same shit hahaha

  • Deven Kampel
    Deven Kampel 5 days ago

    I think this is fake sir!

  • Reefahholic
    Reefahholic 5 days ago

    I tell you what. I don’t like cops but... I like that cop. 👮He is one of the “few” good cops left. If he didn’t have that uniform on with those boots 🥾....he might have took the professor out. 😄

  • Matthew Deane
    Matthew Deane 5 days ago

    This is set up lol

  • Michael Sylvain
    Michael Sylvain 5 days ago

    When cop got to ten points proffeser went trie hard

  • Melvin Edwards
    Melvin Edwards 5 days ago

    Well damn!!!

  • Stretxh Yung
    Stretxh Yung 5 days ago

    Dese nikkas do erything for views

  • bradyjordan23
    bradyjordan23 5 days ago

    No vest. No radio. Minimal gear on his crooked belt. No name badge. That's a security guard, at best, and a fake, at worst.

  • Akim Gray
    Akim Gray 5 days ago

    Bad COP,good COP. Good cOP xd

  • Subscribe to me for no Reason —Grinder

    *At least he isn’t like the other donut eaters*

  • Jason Lunstrum
    Jason Lunstrum 6 days ago

    what do you mean he let you upload this video?

  • Kidlat432
    Kidlat432 6 days ago

    Professor was too scared to touch him. If he werent a cop it wouldnt even be close.

  • adon31997
    adon31997 6 days ago

    If he didn't have all that equipment on.....easy work

    FREEMENTES 6 days ago

    Полицейский молодец, играл со снаряжением и при этом отыграл достойно!

  • Christopher Struck
    Christopher Struck 6 days ago

    That’s not a real cop.

  • hi hi
    hi hi 6 days ago

    The cop played hella good in a police officer uniform well done 👏

  • Hector Alvarez
    Hector Alvarez 6 days ago

    Fake ass cop

  • Maquina De Soldar soldadura arco sumergido

    Just bought a professors T Shirt

  • Fe4R mabbas01
    Fe4R mabbas01 6 days ago

    I kinda felt bad for the cop

  • David Guevara
    David Guevara 6 days ago

    That cop if not bad

  • LeLowskYYY
    LeLowskYYY 6 days ago +2

    Why you dont jump when you are guardian..???

  • ubeen_ warnedtv Live
    ubeen_ warnedtv Live 6 days ago +1

    Great game buuuut I really think this was STAGED. Actual Hooper or one of the Professors friends in a cop's uniform!!!! 🤷‍♂️

    • Jerry_Moto _
      Jerry_Moto _ 4 days ago +1

      It did look like a janky police uniform