What's inside 2018 Mercedes A-Class?


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  • Timothy L
    Timothy L Month ago

    Why the hell is there a slide there.... lmao

  • Bruce Rivers
    Bruce Rivers Month ago

    Mercedes Benz make some of the best vehicles period 💯💯💯

  • farzeen rahman
    farzeen rahman 3 months ago

    Daniel buy the a class please

  • markus mortensen
    markus mortensen 5 months ago

    what song is this 2:43

  • Allison Blatt
    Allison Blatt 6 months ago

    Epic trip and this was a really good video. can you give me a shoutout please

  • [CPU] Sandalphon
    [CPU] Sandalphon 6 months ago

    Too bad this A class doesn’t sell in the US. Gotta have to wait for the Concept A instead but, I don’t think the interior will be the same. It might be the same as the old generation A class. If they do that I will cry.

  • vulpix gamer
    vulpix gamer 7 months ago

    What inside bugatti chiron

  • 100,000 subscriber with No videos?

    How much does it cost?

    The Mystery Begins

  • Pyro time den helder
    Pyro time den helder 7 months ago

    Nl laat je hooren

  • Pyro time den helder
    Pyro time den helder 7 months ago

    I m dutch

  • Teo Romania
    Teo Romania 7 months ago

    Are you and Jerry brothers ?

  • Vishnu Madhavan
    Vishnu Madhavan 7 months ago


  • Mikolay Marek
    Mikolay Marek 7 months ago

    4:08 gummy bears????? He ment gummy worms

  • Ali Mirza
    Ali Mirza 7 months ago

    MERCEDES-BENZ The Best or Nothing.

  • Caroline Johnson
    Caroline Johnson 7 months ago

    I have two Hot wheel Tesla

  • Uzi Game GP
    Uzi Game GP 7 months ago

    Planning to get this beauty. Hopefully this year!

  • Hanna Da banana
    Hanna Da banana 7 months ago

    1 hour of sleep sounds wonderful

    He wishes he got 20

  • Ely lebebev
    Ely lebebev 7 months ago


  • Slice N Dice079
    Slice N Dice079 7 months ago

    WHAT ok this is better than a tesla in my opinion

  • Hornyhammy
    Hornyhammy 7 months ago

    The man looks like Albert ienstine

  • Illiam Cadena
    Illiam Cadena 7 months ago

    Did Zach do the spartan race

  • Rg3or2
    Rg3or2 7 months ago +1

    What’s inside a million dollar f22?

  • mrk107
    mrk107 7 months ago

    What, your not going to cut the car open?

  • The Daily grind
    The Daily grind 8 months ago

    Dont sell the tesla the tesla is so much better

  • Tony Ren
    Tony Ren 8 months ago

    by the way the 2018 honda accord is the north american car of the year

  • Teslanomics by Ben Sullins

    0:42 - Windmill!!

  • EveryTypeOfVideo
    EveryTypeOfVideo 8 months ago +1

    I think it shouldn’t be called auto pilot, it should be called auto driver

    THATSLIPPERYCOW 8 months ago

    What Was The Starting Music?

  • Alec Xylar De Leon
    Alec Xylar De Leon 8 months ago

    5:33 FM/DAB???????

  • Unicorn_ Lover
    Unicorn_ Lover 8 months ago

    I’m not line I like your Son

  • DDGBrian
    DDGBrian 8 months ago

    im living in holland

  • Sam J
    Sam J 8 months ago

    But it's so ugly

    M&M GAMES 8 months ago

    I life in the netherlands

  • Infinx
    Infinx 8 months ago

    That is what you call, "FUTURISTIC!"

  • The Three Little Gamers

    On the screen it had DAB

  • Amgad Mohamed
    Amgad Mohamed 8 months ago

    #netherlandsforthewin (i live in the netherlands)

  • Alexbruno 21
    Alexbruno 21 8 months ago

    Dan can you sell the tesla and change to bmw 5seris plssss that car is cool

  • Sierrah Fisette
    Sierrah Fisette 8 months ago

    I hope u had fun! When are you picking the winner for the homepod??? I entered and I really want it😍😍

  • Tia Poulakidas
    Tia Poulakidas 8 months ago

    But what if you are singing along to “Hot in Herre” and the car thinks you are actually getting hot

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT 8 months ago

    Yay your a in my favourite country and my home country

  • Adnan Amin
    Adnan Amin 8 months ago

    If you wanna see the car and not the other nonsense. It is at 4:30

  • Captain Galaxy
    Captain Galaxy 8 months ago

    Crap, pure crap, under the facade of "German engineering", and "accoutrements of German design".

  • Mary Combs
    Mary Combs 8 months ago

    Ill stick to my 98 Chevy pickup... it has less garbage in it.... just turn it on and go.

  • tee
    tee 8 months ago

    Is this all wheel drive?

  • macnrow
    macnrow 8 months ago

    The production of this video is absolutely horrendous! From the fact that it took 5 mins of a 9 min video to get to the point of the video (a quick 30-40 sec intro would be fine), to the reuse of shots, terrible editing, shots, camera work, commentary, and Pacing. The seemly rip-off affect of another poplar TVclip channels. Awful, please study film/video making and practice more.

  • Divanture Pal
    Divanture Pal 8 months ago

    Btw im 9

  • Divanture Pal
    Divanture Pal 8 months ago

    My 2 aunts live there

  • Astolfo - Rider of Black

    Who cares?

  • Vivek V
    Vivek V 8 months ago +1

    Please do "What's inside Elon Musk.?"

  • OD Wilson
    OD Wilson 8 months ago


  • Do Not Call Me Ja'Lisa
    Do Not Call Me Ja'Lisa 8 months ago +1

    100 million dollars of that car...👌👌👌👌👌✨✨✨✨✨💭💭💭💭💭

  • 2karijoe2111
    2karijoe2111 8 months ago

    LOVE your videos

  • Sachin Kambadur Vlogs
    Sachin Kambadur Vlogs 8 months ago

    Hi , i just subscribed to you , what do you use for vlogging, could you please suggest the best vlogging camera to get. :)

  • Roger didit
    Roger didit 8 months ago +1

    I have a GLA 250 and I hate it. So many little issues are a pain in the butt. Forget the user interface. It's NOT user friendly. I'm selling this turkey and going back to Honda! 40 grand!!

  • Lorne Jim
    Lorne Jim 8 months ago +1

    Real quality parts!...unlike the Malaysian made American cars😒

  • Amoriello Studio's
    Amoriello Studio's 8 months ago +1

    What's in a ,2018 Mercedes an a- hole driver most of the time . Come say hi ...

  • Mr. Ious
    Mr. Ious 8 months ago

    I watch but I can't buy too.

  • shawn
    shawn 8 months ago +1

    Don't watch. He doesn't cut it in half. Huge disappointment.

  • Aidan Meier
    Aidan Meier 8 months ago

    Doug DeMuro has to get on this

  • KallMe Kiki
    KallMe Kiki 8 months ago

    Very Nice 👍💕🚘

  • Joga 91
    Joga 91 8 months ago

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  • Daniel K
    Daniel K 8 months ago

    That's one hell of a mustache

  • Lhaksam Choedon
    Lhaksam Choedon 8 months ago +1

    So shameful of Mercedes Benz for bending its knee to China.

  • Denis Murphy
    Denis Murphy 8 months ago

    You should go to Ireland co. Cork Midleton

  • Fightin Flamingo
    Fightin Flamingo 8 months ago

    I’m not even a month older than Lincoln

  • Bob Matthews
    Bob Matthews 8 months ago

    I really hope you see this comment. But do you remember that video you made on the mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Well I went on that same trip but the place I stayed was called makarios

  • cate foster
    cate foster 8 months ago

    Live//Time Lapse Collection: Earth from space - Images from astronauts on the ISS gsul.me/9HWz

  • Ricardo Cadet
    Ricardo Cadet 8 months ago

    Insides is really dope best out there but bodywise...meh

  • Jose R
    Jose R 8 months ago

    Looks like Honda hatch’s anyway its Mercedes B.

  • Flamed
    Flamed 8 months ago

    I was about to throw hands at this dude if he were to cut open a car

  • Benjamin Surratt
    Benjamin Surratt 8 months ago


  • Camilla C
    Camilla C 8 months ago

    Beautiful car😊😊😊

  • jazzo realtalk
    jazzo realtalk 8 months ago

    Get to the got damn point.

  • Edward Towers
    Edward Towers 8 months ago

    Why didn’t you cut the car in half?

  • ekorobo
    ekorobo 8 months ago

    It’s the same as the the old model... don’t know why this is trending. I guess the front grill is more new-era mercs but really?

  • Cesar Bernal Arevalo
    Cesar Bernal Arevalo 8 months ago


  • PARCE93
    PARCE93 8 months ago

    At least one seat & a steering wheel.

  • ingus reinis
    ingus reinis 8 months ago

    nice car

  • iJaycy
    iJaycy 8 months ago +5

    What’s inside a left nut?

  • Tyler Jackson: The Watermelon

    It's a gummy worm. But okay

  • Nickolas R
    Nickolas R 8 months ago

    Umm its a golf gti with a mercedes logo on it...

  • Ryan Jacobs
    Ryan Jacobs 8 months ago

    You should buy one. Then when the tires wear out make a video on how unsafe the car is and sell it like you did your Tesla.

  • Vittoria Ventura
    Vittoria Ventura 8 months ago

    How about a test drive😄😄😄

  • Anuar Estrada
    Anuar Estrada 8 months ago

    What's with vlogs and this vomit inducing music 🤢🤢?

  • gewoon Tim en Bas
    gewoon Tim en Bas 8 months ago

    i,m from Nederland

  • Vogue Of Today
    Vogue Of Today 8 months ago

    I love you lot Car .brother

  • WinSDFina
    WinSDFina 8 months ago

    1 hour of sleep, you must be running on some cocaine

  • MytyAce
    MytyAce 8 months ago

    What phone does Lincoln have?

  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip 8 months ago

    0:00 music?

    • Potato Chip
      Potato Chip 8 months ago

      Lazy Ninja may you send me a link? Cause I’m clicking the wrong song

    • Lazy Ninja
      Lazy Ninja 8 months ago

      Potato Chip "Darude" by Sandstorm

  • Jaroslav Novotny
    Jaroslav Novotny 8 months ago

    What's inside 2018 Mercedes A-Class? A Renault Megane! Yeah, it's true.

  • Trojans 43
    Trojans 43 8 months ago

    Now take it apart🖒

  • jd5179
    jd5179 8 months ago

    What's inside ? I don't have to watch the vid - for sure it's an over engineered , ovepriced and ultra unreliable piece of machine that would be drop its value 50% of it after 3 years of ownership.

  • msdogooder
    msdogooder 8 months ago

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  • Valletta Meme Master
    Valletta Meme Master 8 months ago

    How come you didnt cut it open?

  • Fabulos Guy
    Fabulos Guy 8 months ago


  • Fabulos Guy
    Fabulos Guy 8 months ago


  • Fabulos Guy
    Fabulos Guy 8 months ago

    Do whats inside a ps4

  • Pufferfish XD
    Pufferfish XD 8 months ago

    So glad he clarified” separate couches”