Nightblue3 - Sylas vs. Master Yi Jungle - Patch 9.2 NA Ranked | RARE

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
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Comments • 25

  • Radio Killer
    Radio Killer 2 months ago +5

    am i the only one who thinks NB3's voice just doesn't match his face

  • Leandro Joaquin Nolasco

    flammer, and your first gank was stupid, dislike

  • xVanguardx
    xVanguardx 2 months ago +3

    This is literally the first time I've seen Nightblues' face...

  • Wizard Flow
    Wizard Flow 2 months ago

    has anyone tried gunblade?

  • Max Soncev
    Max Soncev 2 months ago +1

    Kratus's R on 9 sec cd

  • Zhedi Knight
    Zhedi Knight 2 months ago +2

    Tf is wrong with the audio, idk if it’s you or the streamer but either way fix it; it’s really annoying

    • Zhedi Knight
      Zhedi Knight 2 months ago

      Because that means he didn’t have consent. The other way is to just ask if he can use the clip

    • Zhedi Knight
      Zhedi Knight 2 months ago

      If he has to do that, then he shouldn’t be posting it in the first place

    • Zeorox
      Zeorox 2 months ago

      Maybe he has to do that so he didn't get any copyright problems for the Musik in the background

  • Zerende
    Zerende 2 months ago

    Nightblue is the gayest fuckin streamer ever I would curb stomp his face

  • Eduard Schmidt
    Eduard Schmidt 2 months ago +3

    such an annoying noise @23:19 - 23:45

  • PB ITA HollisterTM
    PB ITA HollisterTM 2 months ago

    Name.of thr fitst song?

    • Nya
      Nya 2 months ago +1

      Zombie Grace Gracie Remix ... you should be able to find it on spotify ... and internet ...
      also ... its 2019 ... learn to use SHAZAM ...

    • Joel Manick
      Joel Manick 2 months ago

      Bad Wolves - Zombie

  • Faye Rose
    Faye Rose 2 months ago +7

    Holy shit this dude is insufferable.

    • montyJB38
      montyJB38 2 months ago

      yeah i know, but I guess this happens when you jungle main in soloq for like 10years lol.

    • Frek
      Frek 2 months ago

      then why are you watching? Do you enjoy being annoyed or something

    • itaki gamer
      itaki gamer 2 months ago


  • Xavier
    Xavier 2 months ago +6

    For those watching. E first to get the shield and double passive proc, q second. Max W because it scales better early (huge damage-acts like an execute). You can W while your passive is proc'ing for what seems like a double passive proc. Max E second for shield and lower cd CC. R speaks for itself. A good scaling build that's been working out pretty well for me: Ap jg item, ludens, lichbane, spellblade, rabadons, sorc boots. Any AA empower item works well with his kit and melts towers. Have fun!

    • Arias
      Arias 2 months ago

      you’re dumb

    • Jake Daly
      Jake Daly 2 months ago +1

      You have to max q first because significant cdr and significant base damage increase, w second

    • God of all cats
      God of all cats 2 months ago +2

      There's a problem with your build: Luden's Echo shares its unique passive with the AP jungle items. The splash damage from each of them doesn't stack at all, making buying the both of them together very inefficient.

  • 『alex』tC2
    『alex』tC2 2 months ago +1