Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

  • Published on Dec 23, 2016
  • We asked three centenarians what their most valuable life lessons were, and also their regrets.
    The conversations that followed were remarkable. They talked about the importance of family, people, relationships and love. Their view on life, as an elderly citizen with a lot of experience is truly an inspiration and motivation. Enjoy the video!
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    Thanks to: The Birchwood Grange, Cliff Crozier, John Denerley, Emelia Harper, Leslie Masters, Ruby Martin.
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  • zyl
    zyl 16 hours ago

    I still wonder why 5.6k people dislike

  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 16 hours ago +1

    that's a ton of experience..Hope everyone lives a fulfilling and good life..Leave no regret and stay healthy and positive 🙏

  • Daniel Oliver
    Daniel Oliver 16 hours ago

    I’m in my 20s and this woke me up cause I spend to long worrying about the future and feel I’ve made too many mistakes in the past. Whatever happens in life there is always hope and no matter how long you have to wait things will work out eventually

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 16 hours ago

    What do these beautiful beings eat, I need their secrets🏋️

  • Beautiful Mind
    Beautiful Mind 19 hours ago
    Make yourself necessary and you will always be needed. If you want to feel successful, learn to create, innovate or design something other people can use and need.

  • BB Solr
    BB Solr 20 hours ago

    ok boomer...

  • Slayer Man
    Slayer Man 20 hours ago

    You get healed but you never forget

  • Mike Seals
    Mike Seals 20 hours ago

    They are precious....and funny ❤

  • Noah Anderson
    Noah Anderson 21 hour ago

    Why are old people so wholesome and great

  • Stink Whistle
    Stink Whistle 21 hour ago

    they literally say nothing of value. garbage pretentious self-absorbed bullshit video

    DOCUMENTED 21 hour ago

    I want to work for yall

  • Saint Etienne
    Saint Etienne 22 hours ago

    "Everything in perfect harmony" - that's the key.

  • Jordan AI
    Jordan AI 23 hours ago +2

    "I was born at an early age"

    "every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes"

  • NotSoMainStream
    NotSoMainStream 23 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • Jwb52z
    Jwb52z Day ago

    I wonder if any of these people are still alive now. Living in the UK must be nice when you know you won't be homeless or starve to death or die unnecessarily.

  • Cursetin
    Cursetin Day ago

    skip to 11:48 for the point of the video

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden Day ago

    "I've been retarded now for thirty-eight years"

  • Steven Chao
    Steven Chao Day ago

    What generation are they? Not boomers or even the greatest generation.

  • Rey Hosein
    Rey Hosein Day ago

    Such wonderful attitudes, I'm inspired, beautiful people.

  • Rachael Clothier

    I once worked in a nursing home where one of the residents lived until she was 106. In fact she died a few days before her 107th. I’ll never forget congratulating her on her birthday and she would sigh and say
    “Thank you, Ive had a congratulatory card from the Queen...but she is always wearing the same outfit in the picture! I’ve lived past 100 years old and the least the Queen can do is wear a different outfit!”

  • Matthew Cantrill

    Keep right on to the end of the road? I thought the British kept to the left 🤔

  • Tracey
    Tracey Day ago +1

    6:00 that was so wholesome, my heart 😭

  • Jack Headshot ONeill


  • Kronos World
    Kronos World Day ago


    I'M 28 .. I'm going through a lot with myself and my family (siblings) I am able to handle myself and work through my fears in life and grow and evolve but my siblings are sooo soo TOXIC and I LOVE THEM SOO SOO MUCH. I think I may be at a point where I have to cut them out of my life and having to make that decision is something I don't want to regret.

    Side Note : My great grandparents from my mothers side lived until 117 & 105 ... I wonder how many people in the world live more than 100 that are unaccounted for..

  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald Day ago

    A lot of these guys look great for 100+

  • reptilected
    reptilected Day ago

    RIP John

  • Canellee
    Canellee Day ago

    "It seems to me that if you are happy. Happily married and happily living. That is the finest remedy for all illnesses because everything is in perfect harmony."

  • Sweet River
    Sweet River Day ago

    Bless them all

  • JulNiu
    JulNiu Day ago

    there's something that I always notice on people that is over 100 y/o, they always happy about life even about the small things

  • Marty Coplen
    Marty Coplen Day ago

    That first guy is a G

  • Hyper-Dimension Rising

    It's amazing hearing this coming from the people who have lived the longest. With age can come wisdom, and they've learned what to value and why, and I feel as though that being passed on to the youth is a great way to help us know how to live.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones Day ago

    Ok, boomer

  • Krystal B
    Krystal B Day ago +1

    I would truly never guess that the 1st gentleman was 101! His glowing skin, way of walking and speaking just tells me the opposite!

  • Joel
    Joel Day ago

    god bless these men & women

  • Charles Herbert
    Charles Herbert Day ago +1

    4:00 “I was born at an early age”
    Can relate

  • Ashma Dhungana
    Ashma Dhungana Day ago

    this is really heartwarming

  • o Jerbantium o
    o Jerbantium o Day ago

    we need more of such awesome boomers

  • DonMakaveli Thuglife

    So theres one thing about this long life.. people that live 100+ years are from 1910-1915.. now when someone is born in the 2020 theres like NO WAY he will survive this many years.. people from 20s century are dying at thier 40s because of those unhealthy food made just to make money and stuff like that.. correct me if im wrong

  • dog lover
    dog lover Day ago +1

    ok boomer

  • Blood Bone
    Blood Bone Day ago +1


  • James Dean
    James Dean Day ago

    She is adorable and strong.

  • Land Lord
    Land Lord Day ago

    this 101 y.o dude is in better shape than me at 43

  • Megan Traynor
    Megan Traynor Day ago

    It’s amazing how watching one video can change your whole perspective on life... so simple but wow.

  • Paul Winzely
    Paul Winzely Day ago +1

    The third guy sounds like Alfie Solomons

  • Axel
    Axel Day ago

    The secret is..they still don't know!

  • Wiktor Sznyra
    Wiktor Sznyra Day ago +1

    i wish i could hug everyone of them

  • Sharif Al Humaid

    All of them have two things in common, gratitude and positive attitude.

  • SiM Gonzales
    SiM Gonzales Day ago

    more like lessons from a 30 year old from the 60´s. these people stop learning Shit from a certain age they think theyve it all figured out, at about 30/45 this stops for most people. so this is fucking trash


    Don't spend all your life on your phone... get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. And having sex with someone you love is way better than a one night stand or watching someone else doing it online.

  • Kris Tucker
    Kris Tucker Day ago

    take notes millennial's

  • mark s
    mark s Day ago

    Paying the water bill?

  • Steven Indriano
    Steven Indriano Day ago +1

    Ok boomer

  • Hannah
    Hannah Day ago

    that 100-year old with the good skin has better skin than me

  • Dark Paranormal Shropshire

    As a carer myself, most of those I support love a drop a whiskey. They're a right good age, but its only a number. :) loved this video...

  • Eddie Enderman1
    Eddie Enderman1 Day ago

    Okay Boomer(s).

  • CoalKingRyan
    CoalKingRyan Day ago

    Ok boomer? More like, boomer, you’re okay

  • Wulius Wandle
    Wulius Wandle Day ago

    Ok boomer

  • Diane Willson
    Diane Willson Day ago

    Beautiful people

  • dany manchster
    dany manchster Day ago

    i sure hope that I do not live to be a 100 yo.

  • eloday53
    eloday53 Day ago

    Must be a mind trip outliving your entire family.