The Death of the Marvel Netflix Universe

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018
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    With the cancellation of both Iron Fist and Luke Cage. It appears like the once beloved Marvel Netflix universe might be reaching it's end. The Death of the Marvel Netflix universe seems like something that's inevitable. But how could something that is so loved by critics and fans be something that is going to be cancelled and die out? Join us as we look into the myriad of creative and financial factors that seem to be leading to the death of the Marvel Netflix Universe.
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Comments • 2 470

  • Mr Leroy 42
    Mr Leroy 42 16 hours ago

    When they finally do something right they manage to screw that up too. It’s stupid. Punisher better not be cancelled and Daredevil season 4 better eventually exist. Same actors, same universe.

  • GrantAtTheMic
    GrantAtTheMic Day ago

    *This city*

  • Corn flakes
    Corn flakes Day ago

    This city

  • bike crazie
    bike crazie Day ago

    that was great insight

  • Cabre_ 01
    Cabre_ 01 2 days ago

    tbf ike is a jew. jews like there sheckles and want to make as much as possible thus they be cheap

  • Matthew Madruga
    Matthew Madruga 2 days ago

    This has NOTHING TO DO WITH POPULARITY, THEY ARE MAKING THEIR OWN STREAMING SYSTEM, YOU DUMMY. Seriously, if you don’t know that you shouldn’t talk about anything made by Disney

    • Matthew Madruga
      Matthew Madruga 2 days ago

      Lobster Magnet's Review: The Channel so you go into a discussion about Disney, a useless bit of information that takes 15 minutes to say that since Marvel is a subsidiary of Disney, and that Disney is going to put all the NEW Marvel shows on Free Form? There is no one excuse for this video, it’s lacking in almost everything while being filled with random things about non-important stuff. You are so spread out that one title can’t explain the entirety of what you go over in this video.
      You can continue to try and talk shit to someone that’s not going to watch the rest of your video and knows checking comments doesn’t allow you to make money off of this video because I pause it. So what are you going to do now? Leave me alone because you know this conversation is pointless, or keep talking about shit to an actual Marvel fan knew BEFORE Daredevil got canceled that it was going to move to Free Form or whatever they’re calling their streaming service now.

    • Lobster Magnet's Review: The Channel
      Lobster Magnet's Review: The Channel  2 days ago

      Pretty much the second half of the video is an in depth discussion about Disney+

    • Matthew Madruga
      Matthew Madruga 2 days ago

      Lobster Magnet's Review: The Channel uhhhhhhhhh, it’s a half hour video, no I’m not going to watch it all. You obviously have nothing because if it was an actual response to why they did it you wouldn’t put a would be Daredevil movie first and second. It’s called a hook, and by that much time you didn’t even have close to one. I don’t follow you and I went into this blind but EVERYONE who knows the general history of Marvel and Disney, which is most of the world. You make needlessly long videos of you rambling (something I’m a pro at) pretty much to make money. Your a con man, not a critic.

    • Lobster Magnet's Review: The Channel
      Lobster Magnet's Review: The Channel  2 days ago

      Guess someone didn't watch the whole video.

  • King Wiwuz IV
    King Wiwuz IV 3 days ago +1

    Do you have any actual evidence of that guy being a racist or should we just take your word for it?
    Guilty until proven innocent

  • King Wiwuz IV
    King Wiwuz IV 3 days ago +1

    Daredevil was the only good Marvel series. Punisher is okay but rest are mediocre at best. Luke Cage was really bad.

  • Mind Of Virtuoso
    Mind Of Virtuoso 3 days ago

    netflix buys marvel rights and then turns it into a SJW parade

  • slim informer
    slim informer 4 days ago

    U can't deny the fact that daredevil is the best marvel can do!

  • Don't Subscribe
    Don't Subscribe 5 days ago

    you forgot the defenders dont use customs, except the daredevil. Besides the powers variation, customs make diference too.

  • Don't Subscribe
    Don't Subscribe 5 days ago

    the city

  • leadhesh
    leadhesh 5 days ago

    Ultimate Spider-Man did knock-off Avengers the best

  • Michael Madoroba
    Michael Madoroba 6 days ago

    Great video btw

  • Michael Madoroba
    Michael Madoroba 6 days ago +1

    The algorithm and Gods of Google brought me here

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 7 days ago

    It isn't even marvel, Netflix has become terrible overall

  • cinemar
    cinemar 7 days ago

    This dud playing Punisher has no charisma whatsoever. He's a thinly veneered thug and a fairly dopey one at that.

  • Sydney Robinson
    Sydney Robinson 8 days ago

    Netflix cancels all the good shows but creats all the shity ones

  • Clive's English Corner

    the last part of this video was funny af lol

  • gorpalm1
    gorpalm1 9 days ago

    The Punisher is one of the most entertaining series on Netflix - inside Or outside the Marvel universe.

  • Corn flakes
    Corn flakes 9 days ago

    Daredevil will be rebooted and coming to the movies in a few years and with him all his side characters.
    Crossovers were never a reality, marvel studios/tv just always said the popular thing to keep fans not mad.

  • DJ III
    DJ III 9 days ago


  • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag

    Black panther was straight garbage. Holy fuck can u leftist retards ever do something and not bring up either race or the President? Can't wait for 2020 to see ya cry again

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m 10 days ago

    the defenders is poop compared to Arrowverse

  • Nicolás Calvo
    Nicolás Calvo 10 days ago

    Yes, Iron Fist sucked and Luke Cage decayed a lot after Mahershalla Ali left the show. But all the cancellations don't have anything to do with quality or ratings. It's all about the Disney online platform.

  • DeusExAstra
    DeusExAstra 10 days ago

    The real reason why you rarely see stuff that happens in one show/movie affect things in another is because it limits the creators too much. They need to be able to tell stories without having to worry about every event in every show and movie that might come out a year after they write those stories. Trying to coordinate all that stuff would make it impossible to tell coherent stories.

  • Rotbart1337
    Rotbart1337 11 days ago

    Could someone explain me WHY Batman v Superman is supposed to be Edgy and e.g. Daredevil isnt`?

  • VPX4
    VPX4 11 days ago

    biggest flaw? ...They barely used their Punisher was the only entertaining series.

  • Onder Mete
    Onder Mete 11 days ago

    Good video...
    One bit of us. Stop trying to be funny. The most subpar parts here are how cheap is Pearlmutter and you’re references to the characters being able to f#$&.
    This was a good deep dive into the problems and challenges of the series’s. You’re not funny though

  • Inferno Tiger151
    Inferno Tiger151 11 days ago

    i agree with things that you have said, however i don't think they affect Daredevil because that show was perfect in every way. The things that you have said go with iron fist and Luke Cage, not Daredevil or Jessica Jones.

  • Rene Cantu
    Rene Cantu 11 days ago

    A video about Marvel has to include Trump lmao this guy lives in liberal minds rent free. Thumbs down.

  • micsquzzy106
    micsquzzy106 12 days ago +1

    I hope in Avengers Endgame they go back in time to prevent all this from happening 😭

  • Chasing Pavements
    Chasing Pavements 15 days ago

    After the Avengers wraps up, I'm done with comic book movies/tv

  • A plus Games
    A plus Games 15 days ago +1

    Should have kept daredevil

  • Mike L
    Mike L 15 days ago

    Great analysis. Spot on Lob.

  • John Lu
    John Lu 18 days ago

    Daredevil Season 3 has been a treat. The extreme long takes of intense action must've been hard to pull off but they were so satisfying to watch. The whole season was drenched in tension in so many dimensions and the moments of "payoff" were among the best I've seen.

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis 18 days ago

    I liked Daredevil Season 1 and 2. I haven’t watched Season 3 yet. I started Jessica Jones, but didn’t finish it. It just didn’t grab me like Daredevil did, even though I enjoyed the performance from David Tennant. I haven’t watched Iron Fist or Luke Cage. I loved The Punisher in Daredevil Season 2 (part of the reason I watched Daredevil to begin with was to understand what Frank did before his solo show). I still have to watch The Punisher series, which I hope is good. I had no interest in Defenders.

  • Rumo Crytuf
    Rumo Crytuf 19 days ago

    20:00 Aaand that is how Disney became our corporate overlord.

  • Road To Sparta
    Road To Sparta 19 days ago

    Wait wait...just to be clear...."The City"?????

  • Areyoueffinkiddingme 0040

    I will not watch Disney destroy yet another franchise. Every Marvel show on Disney will be inundated with SJW bullshit. They killed Star Wars for me, I won't watch them destroy Marvel for me too. I am out. I will never get Disney +.

  • Ar man
    Ar man 21 day ago

    Disney: No shows for you old man.. we're targeting the sweet souls of kids' innocence.. you go back to your soul crushing jobs, no superheroes for you.. grow up.. 😅

  • Skylar Twilight
    Skylar Twilight 22 days ago +1


  • jack5001ful
    jack5001ful 22 days ago +1

    I don't want a pg 14 version of those shows.😑

  • Keith Yohai
    Keith Yohai 23 days ago

    No, it's not good enough, I'm not gonna sign up for Disney no matter how much I love these stories, because monopoly always leads to the destruction of good.

  • Keith Yohai
    Keith Yohai 23 days ago

    Disney bought FOX and in the deal they got roughly 1/2 of HULU, and NETFLIX saw the writing on the wall. They were literally building the shows that Disney would eventually take away from them to build the competition platform that they will have to compete against. And here's the fact, I don't think that Disney can do the shows as well as Netflix. What I'd like to know is what the long term contracts Netflix was vying for to hold onto these marvel shows were. I'm sure Disney was not giving them any long term security.
    Someone else posted this.
    "I have worked in media distribution for 4 years, having worked with both Netflix and Disney. Netflix may have made the decision to cancel, but I have no doubt it’s because Disney was making it virtually impossible to work with them. Disney is one of the most controlling, greedy companies there is. Netflix on the other hand was one of the most collaborative partners I had ever worked with. Huge contrast between the two."

  • Dedric Silva
    Dedric Silva 28 days ago

    Well now we have to wait two years after the cancellation to see The Defenders and Punisher meet The Avengers or what's left of them after Avengers Endgame.

  • widder shins
    widder shins 29 days ago

    This shit was amazingly detailed and your spiel at the end was ludicrously on point, that’s how I found this lmao

  • Marioman303
    Marioman303 29 days ago +1

    Has anyone ever told you you kinda sound like Frank Welker?

  • philiummatterblaster
    philiummatterblaster 29 days ago +1

    no shit this is bullcrap dude. why do they take the good shows away from us than give us pregnant teenagers.

  • Thepope 111111
    Thepope 111111 Month ago

    Nice. Racism reeeeeeee in a vid that should just be talking about how shitty shows are shit.

  • SpookyMarshmallow
    SpookyMarshmallow Month ago

    I've seen some people that are upset about the Daredevi cancellation in the comments, please know there are things you can do to help, like signing this petition!
    #SaveDaredevil #WorthTheWait

  • peter rodrigues
    peter rodrigues Month ago

  • Empyreal Denizen
    Empyreal Denizen Month ago

    11:20 WHAT! That explains so much!

  • Jason Pabon
    Jason Pabon Month ago

    Nice channel 🙂👍

  • German Leitzelar
    German Leitzelar Month ago

    Im gonna stay positive, cause Disney can make show whit those characters in 2020

  • Sly Silver Skull Gaming

    I going out to buy Disney stocks right fucking now!

  • DawgTawkWellington (DTW)

    It's not only the death of the Marvel Netflix Universe.
    So why do less and less people watch (anything)?
    It all becomes more and more the same. Interchangeable. Boring. The story-lines, the story telling, the sceneries and overall character-building are becoming off the charts feeble and dumbed down or on the other hand so unnecessarily complicated and spread out that you already lose track after a few shows or latest by the next season.
    Then the permanent and irritating ambient background music that just doesn't stop and gets louder and louder (often so loud you can't understand the dialogues any more) and unbearably obtrusive by the year/season.
    But that's not only a problem of TV/Streaming platforms and a series thing. In the mean time it's everywhere. Most films are going in that direction, documentaries, the news as well as on TVclip as can be heard on your/this show for example.
    All this overdoing, deliberately dumbing down, unnecessarily complicating (just for the heck of it embedded in an "because we can" attitude) and especially the over the top nerve wrecking and most stupid ambient music - everywhere - is so uncannily annoying that in 9 out of 10 viewings I tune out at about 1/10 to (sometimes) 3/10 in (and then never come back after experiencing it twice). And so do most of the people I know.

  • mistah Jackson
    mistah Jackson Month ago

    You're a moron. The MCU netflix was a success. Ironfist was the only lagger and it was average compared to other netflix tv series that aren't superstars. This overly critical approach to everything is making honest speech ridiculous. Much like your take on Jessica Jones' conversations now swing between popular narrative outrage and hyperbolic criticism.

  • Salz Stangl
    Salz Stangl Month ago

    Marvels superhero-series are still better than dc's
    E.g. the main protagonists of black lightning are more racist than any evil nazi i have seen in hollywood my whole life

  • QueenVLW 333
    QueenVLW 333 Month ago


  • Randall Gardner
    Randall Gardner Month ago

    Gratuitous Trump appears in your whiny video why? Snowflake meter is going off on this vid.

  • Mark Schrader
    Mark Schrader Month ago

    Not a very good rant. The TV series should be longer, more soap operaish. It's called character development. The movies have the A list and most know the backstory from the comics. The TV series has the B and C listers from comics that most haven't read. The TV shows give you time. I like it that they aren't CGI'ed to death. The only thing that saves the Marvel movies is the humor. Wanting the TV shows to be miniature versions of the movies is not needed nor wanted. That being said, none of them should last more than 4 or 5 seasons. Every good TV show hits it's stride in season 3 and peters out by the end of season 4 to 5. Your critique is waaaay to fanboish.

  • nomedigaasi
    nomedigaasi Month ago

    Hmm... I learned something new: Perlmutter.

  • nAmE7056
    nAmE7056 Month ago

    Yeah how dare they do character development when they should just of made an hour long fight scene every episode.Also no one liked Iron Fist,Luke Cage or Jessica Jones to begin with so kinda dumb to make an entire series out of D level hero's. Daredevil and The Punisher were both excellent try not to be such a nitpicking wannabe critic little bitch.

  • Istvan Palanki
    Istvan Palanki Month ago

    to be honest gotham was better than all of these marvel shows..daredevil was fun but the others were terrible

  • Fascist Wolfe
    Fascist Wolfe Month ago

    Jews are pretty evil.

  • Kitty Mittens
    Kitty Mittens Month ago

    0:41 this was such a painfully horrifically atrociously disgustingly bad fight choreography

  • Prashant Geerjanan
    Prashant Geerjanan Month ago

    I don't totally agree with the comments about Daredevil.. It is one of the best super hero tv shows i have seen..

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez Month ago

    ...this is the worst

  • jesse james
    jesse james Month ago

    this pisses me the hell off the punisher is the best series i have ever seen and daredevil is in my top 10 so wtf i however unfortunately agree with the greedy jew black panther is piss and shit we wuz kangz!

  • Jon _.
    Jon _. Month ago

    Disney b getting that rent money

  • Dennis van Someren
    Dennis van Someren Month ago

    vince vaughn?

  • Luis Tejeda
    Luis Tejeda Month ago

    Dude there still better series out there than daredevil and the marvel netflix series

  • C Marz
    C Marz Month ago

    14:14 FUCK can go FUCK themselves!

  • DB 007
    DB 007 Month ago

    20 minute video when all you have to say is Disney+.

  • James P
    James P Month ago

    He can hit things *really* hard with glowing fists! "when the budget let's him"

  • Captain Hindsight
    Captain Hindsight Month ago

    tbh luke cage is pretty good.

  • J Gray
    J Gray Month ago

    Maybe someone can make a one off series about this lol 😂

  • prodigygod1
    prodigygod1 Month ago

    its k.. the punisher was by far the best. idk about a 2nd season and how it will work cuz the first was so epic and he got his revenge but fuck it ill support it.

  • Kent Dunn
    Kent Dunn Month ago

    There's a lot of "probably's" in this video

  • jo hn
    jo hn Month ago

    Punisher was the only one that wasn't just awful, a little boring but not bad. The others though 😥😥😥😥, Netflix should stick with Indian musicals and Homo-erotic dramas. You know, all the stuff that made people rather take a shit than watch another 30 seconds.

  • tenktorypisze
    tenktorypisze Month ago

    Is it 70's daredevil or Black Dynamite?

  • What What
    What What Month ago

    Ooooooooohhhhhhhh Boooooyyyyy what a shit show

  • Website guy
    Website guy Month ago

    Disney will start killing them off by accodent

  • Doom Sayer
    Doom Sayer Month ago

    Actually I love Gotham . It’s more about Jim Gordon and how he struggles between dark and light and how Batman actually becomes Jim Gordon in a way

  • LordAugastus
    LordAugastus Month ago

    Its not rocket science....Dysney bought out half of everything and have started their own streaming service. Meaning, Marvel which it owns will go strictly to Disney's own streaming service......

  • TubezTheOne
    TubezTheOne Month ago

    How is it that Disney fired James Gunn, yet kept this idiot Ike on for this long and still have him? What the fuck?

  • jetetarro
    jetetarro Month ago

    Netflix doesn't release their ratings.
    I just assumed that as Disney/Marvel is launching their own streaming website to compete with Netflix and DCUniverse---they will continue cancelling these shows.

  • Tommy verrceti
    Tommy verrceti Month ago +1

    Half oh snap

  • ThePunisher243
    ThePunisher243 Month ago

    Disney is the slayer to the Netflix shows

  • Peter Kent
    Peter Kent Month ago

    I can't wait for the next season of Punisher, I hope it's; "Punisher kills the Marvel Netflix Universe"

  • JT Shark
    JT Shark Month ago

    There is a part of the cancellation story that you are missing. NEtflix wanted to go down to 8 episodes for all the series but the Marvel tv guy(who you love) wanted the same licensing money regardless of it was 12 or episodes and Netflix balked at that

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez Month ago

    And they're about to fuck up The Knights of the Zodiac. You bastards :(

  • Dodo NoNo
    Dodo NoNo Month ago

    Oh no! They are moving them all over to the upcoming Disney channel!!!

  • DGPrepper
    DGPrepper Month ago

    I like the concept of every Marvel show but I invariably hate the execution. I wanted to like Daredevil, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. However, after the first episode or two, it turned into just another character drama about characters I had no interest in. Granted, character arcs are important but take away everything heroic or supernatural and the shows may as well be about various random people and their everyday dramas. If you're going to play it that way, then you've got to really get me invested in the characters and Marvel has a hard time doing that. Jessica Jones was the only show that came close.

  • Tun13
    Tun13 Month ago

    Should do a Defenders movie to end all of them

  • Derethevil
    Derethevil Month ago

    In my opinion? It was the forces sexual stuff going on. They tried too hard to please a wide area of demographic with it. And i hate it when they need to do sexual things in movies/series to accomplish it.

  • 2024 Calvin PICKREL

    Rip nexfix mcu

  • snctm.
    snctm. Month ago

    this is not a 20 minute video... to sum up why the marvel netflix series have ended issssss disney.

  • nottaj
    nottaj Month ago

    Snergni pictures