The Death of the Marvel Netflix Universe

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018
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    With the cancellation of both Iron Fist and Luke Cage. It appears like the once beloved Marvel Netflix universe might be reaching it's end. The Death of the Marvel Netflix universe seems like something that's inevitable. But how could something that is so loved by critics and fans be something that is going to be cancelled and die out? Join us as we look into the myriad of creative and financial factors that seem to be leading to the death of the Marvel Netflix Universe.
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Comments • 2 397

  • BigDaddyJinx
    BigDaddyJinx 21 hour ago

    Perlmutter's influence is clear. He has no contact with the MCU and it's thriving. He has all control over their TV arm, and it's all on fire. A dumpster fire.
    Draw your own conclusions.

  • A Plank
    A Plank Day ago

    Wait! Isn't it *possible* that the shows will continue on that Disney streaming service? I mean, that would obviously be the reason why all of the shows have been cancelled *on Netflix*. Think about it.

  • Christopher Ross

    It's only dull or padded if you have the attention span of a goldfish.
    Netflix did a better job making a Marvel story than anyone has ever produced.
    It has balls, focuses on deep subjects, beautifully shot, and put it's money on amazing writing and set design.

  • Amit Pandey
    Amit Pandey 5 days ago

    Charlie COX❤️❤️

  • Shirley Munro
    Shirley Munro 5 days ago

    I tell you what Lobster, lets start a Superhero oneshot animated for your channel. Brooklyn Badger is a homeless guy. Terrorists have siezed the subway train and hold its passengers hostage. Brooklyn Badger works his way from one end of the train to the other working them over with a pipe. He then slips away into the subterranean underground with the briefcase of the boss of the terrorists and finds some plot hooks... like some fortune teller told them they needed to take control of the train. In the end we find they aint a terrorist gang, just clients of the fortune teller who put them all on the train.

  • Dan Elmore
    Dan Elmore 6 days ago

    This was plenty of interesting information, but there is only one reason Netflix canceled their Marvel shows - Disney was never going to let them keep those characters once their own streaming service is up. This means that if Netflix were to drop a budget to produce another season of DD, they would be lucky to even get it released before they no longer can air it.
    And let us be honest; DD was nearly perfect, but though Luke Cage was pretty good, and JJ Season One was well done, Netflix's Marvel series are among the worst written original Netflix content. At the point of being cancelled, only DD, and possibly LC actually bothered anyone. JJ has no source material left to base on, which means additional seasons would be just as bad as season 2 was, and IF was...almost unwatchable.

  • Kim
    Kim 11 days ago

    I loved all the marvel shows. All of them. I just wanted to say a massive screw you to netflix. The casting was perfect in dd and punisher. I'm sick of enjoying these shows so some dick can re cast and re write an origin story. I want more punisher,more dd and more JJ. And the original actors. And netflix, screw you.

    • Kim
      Kim 11 days ago

      I really hope so. Disney have got a massive chance to please us fans.If they dont change anything,keep em coming -i would be more than happy to pay for it. Positive thoughts! Thanks lobster👍

    • Lobster Magnet's Review: The Channel
      Lobster Magnet's Review: The Channel  11 days ago

      Might come back to life on Disney+

  • Emily Gray
    Emily Gray 16 days ago

    I personally had a hard time with these series cause they wanted me to like really un-likeable characters. It came to the point where I was yelling at the screen for them to get killed. I mean Elektra is a complex, amazing character but the actress is so awful and the script is so awful but marvel insists not to just give up on the character. Two seasons of moral whining gets real boring. Gah. Fuck Elektra.

  • HufflepuffBadger
    HufflepuffBadger 16 days ago

    I liked defenders...

  • HufflepuffBadger
    HufflepuffBadger 16 days ago

    ThIs CiTy

  • Rhevl
    Rhevl 20 days ago

    Good. Let this garbage die. Sweep away the ashes.

  • Brandon Linares
    Brandon Linares 20 days ago +1

    Wow... how shocking!

    A cheap Jew.

  • Francois Polsfut
    Francois Polsfut 20 days ago

    Nobody cares about Superman and Batman

  • mikk 1o1
    mikk 1o1 22 days ago

    All we want is blade tv series

  • KamenSentaiMetalHero 2000

    I pretend that The Defenders sub-franchise, Runaways, Cloak and Dagger are in a parallel universe from the core MCU, because it's the only way to explain the lack of connection with the main franchise.

  • Neo TricksterZeroThe3rd
    Neo TricksterZeroThe3rd 23 days ago +1

    "The City, The City, The City, The City." Man, talk about a fetish over The City

  • Ethan Dingle
    Ethan Dingle 23 days ago +2

    2019 anyone???
    Also drinking game: every time the word city is said drink a shot

  • Daniel Carr
    Daniel Carr 24 days ago +1

    Don is a far better war machine though

  • Elijah Horne
    Elijah Horne 24 days ago

    how to be jessica jones: be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch be a bitch have sex with luke cage repeat

  • Zach Leathers
    Zach Leathers 25 days ago

    It’s because of the SJW‘s, all of the shows change their formula from unique and badass to Pg drama with little action that even then was poorly done. Because they couldn’t Trigger pussy ass SJW’s

  • Катя Мазурчак

    Nah. Iron Fist was a true mortal wound Marvel series never overcame. It was on the whole new level of bad and dragged the Defenders after it to the abyss.

  • Jacob Haskins
    Jacob Haskins 26 days ago +1

    If eminem is pissed about the punisher being cancelled then so am I!

  • Chi Last Name
    Chi Last Name 27 days ago

    You be talking mad shit for someone in snapping distance.

  • NC Originalist
    NC Originalist 27 days ago

    Disney is coming to takeover. Oh wait they already run shit. Fuck that rich jew. Why you hate trump tho lol you probly think hes racist

  • PICK JCGS4313
    PICK JCGS4313 28 days ago

    I loved the shows Daredevil and Punisher on Netflix and the cast but hated God used constantly as a cuss word. Final judgement 5 stars story, 5 star cast, 0 stars decision making for trashing God, for a grand total of 10 out of a possible 15.


    Wow.. punisher cancelled.. this guy right here says it all...

  • Worse Than You
    Worse Than You 28 days ago

    All hope is lost. Goodbye Jessica and Frank

  • Quin Roberson
    Quin Roberson Month ago

    I Fear that the entire MCU will be Canceled Next Sadly.

  • Slick YRM
    Slick YRM Month ago

    I love Daredevil but man, that "This city" part had me dead as fuck 😂💀

  • Malone Samson
    Malone Samson Month ago

    Eh, I could really care less about Iron First and Jessica Jones. The rest on the other hand do really matter, especially when it comes to Daredevil.

  • Joyful Dude
    Joyful Dude Month ago +1

    Punisher is gone. DAMMIT

  • kevin
    kevin Month ago

    No daredevil was one of my favorite shows after arrow of course

  • Edox the Infinite
    Edox the Infinite Month ago +1

    Came back here after Punisher and Jessica Jones.

  • Hi-Tec Jaymes
    Hi-Tec Jaymes Month ago

    They sit around create a bunch of good (IMO) shows then cancelled it. Wtf Netflix. If y’all not going to stick it the fuck out hand the rights over to Disney sheesh.

  • Dave Alvarado
    Dave Alvarado Month ago +1

    They just cancel punisher

  • Demetruis Johnson
    Demetruis Johnson Month ago +2

    This is crazy, all the Marvel shows is cancel. I really enjoy some of those shows

  • FerroD Gmng
    FerroD Gmng Month ago

    The Punisher is cancelled. Hell yeah...

  • Nevermind i still don't get likes

    Now they're all cancelled

  • The Ghost of Winterfell

    And... it's over. With JJ and the Punisher gone, the casket of the Marvel-Netflix shows is now closed and buried.
    Maybe we're fortunate enough to have Hulu to resurrect the good ones.( i.e. Daredevil and Punisher.)

  • James O'Rourke
    James O'Rourke Month ago

    Awesome video... Thanks for making it!

  • DSkehan2004
    DSkehan2004 Month ago

    And the punisher and Jessica Jones is cancelled

  • Tushar Bhudia
    Tushar Bhudia Month ago

    I loved Luke cage, Jessica Jones and especially daredevil. And the beginning of iron fist.
    Haven't watched 2nd season iron fist

  • mbrickz
    mbrickz Month ago

    Thanks for clearing stuff up!

  • rih
    rih Month ago

    i liked dd, jessica & punisher. those three are so much more interesting than both iron fist and luke. danny was annoying, and luke was just boring as fuck

  • Jason Dankenbring
    Jason Dankenbring Month ago +1

    Man, sounds like he's a real jew's jew, lol.

  • Glenn Stewart
    Glenn Stewart Month ago

    Heere's my comment: keep making videos like this one! i.e. that combine evaluation of Marvel and Disney properties and their ilk, PLUS analysis of the media's money-gummed mitts and the machinations of the main manipulative moguls.

  • Philip Miles
    Philip Miles Month ago

    Thanks for ruining the work city for me

  • Joel vandergoot
    Joel vandergoot Month ago

    I would love to see the punisher punch Thanos in the face

  • Daniel Sagasta
    Daniel Sagasta Month ago

    I wondered why he compared the avengers to the defenders when in the Avengers they have a god and a giant mutated monster with a metal suit that could fly. The closest thing to them js ironfist and lukecage. They are normal people who were learning to fight with regular fighting styles.

  • Jacob You
    Jacob You Month ago

    Will the Disney+ shows fulfill the promise that the other failed to deliver?

  • Angel B Cruz Perez
    Angel B Cruz Perez Month ago

    Is it because of critics, fuking reviews and production values that they cancel series like this..Thanks a lot wise guys, lets keep paving the way for cupcake wars and reality shows on netflix...Just enjoy the damn series man! It is way better than lots of shit in the past and now a days.Fuck!

    DRUNKEN CAMEL Month ago

    This is what i knew would happen when netflix annouced marvel liveaction series almost every good cartoon by marvel and even the shitty past movies in the 2000s they all ended up failing even though this was popular i wouldnt past disney brushing all the netflix marvel series under the rug and cut its canon in the mcu just to keep distance

  • Frank McFrank
    Frank McFrank Month ago

    Please don't kill the Punisher season 3

  • Eric Mosely
    Eric Mosely Month ago +1

    (((Penny Pincher)))

  • KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin

    This is just dumb

  • Thane Krios
    Thane Krios Month ago

    Daredevil, Jessica Jones and punisher were awesome from start to finish. Everything else had its moments. Defenders was kinda a mess but it was a party and was fun. Also the casting was great! Jessica, Luke, Frank And Mathew were perfect.

  • Young Sofly
    Young Sofly Month ago

    If Deadpool had a show it would be a hit like Family Guy

  • Jeison Le
    Jeison Le Month ago

    Very informative. Enjoyable!

  • Dave Richer
    Dave Richer Month ago

    By your editorial logic the show Luke Cage should not even exist..... I mean you literally said that is why it took so long for Black Panther. Cognitive Dissonance at its finest

  • dcp0923
    dcp0923 Month ago

    if they cancel the punisher im bouta just stop using netflix til my last breath

  • dest151
    dest151 Month ago

    luke cage show had a sick intro ...loved that beat

  • lumina orchis
    lumina orchis Month ago +1

    It’s sad that the same year we got Titans (which wound up becoming my new favorite superhero show) is the same year that saw the demise of the Marvel Netflix shows.
    While I enjoy most all the superhero adaptations we’re getting- I actually prefer the dark/grim tone (probably explaining why Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are my all-time favorite superhero films).

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez Month ago

    I would pay for rated R or MA super hero movies/tv shows, I believe in netflix...

  • WildCArdhuskY
    WildCArdhuskY Month ago

    Wait so why cant they cross over?

  • WildCArdhuskY
    WildCArdhuskY Month ago

    I think the Punisher, Jessica Jones and Daredevil were great, though my two favourites were Punisher and Jessica Jones

  • Wulfrvm
    Wulfrvm Month ago

    most likely extremely unpopular opinion: Iron Fist S2 was better than Daredevil S2

  • Wulfrvm
    Wulfrvm Month ago +1

    *_T H I S C I T Y_*

  • Нинель винт

    marvel should do he's own netflix alternative like marvel tv or something ..oh wait..disney+

  • kanipow :D
    kanipow :D Month ago



    Punisher the only reason i keep Netflix's

  • Deepak V
    Deepak V Month ago

    disney is starting a streaming site thats why the shows are being cancelled

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer Month ago +2

    its honestly a shame that daredevil got cancelled. it had so much potential. Charlie Cox pulled off such a great act as 'Daredevil". even just him acting as a blind man was enough to get an award

  • bluefuntimewolfy
    bluefuntimewolfy Month ago

    do you think they will cancel The Punisher?

  • Slam Ham
    Slam Ham Month ago

    The Punisher was actually really good.

  • Fadi El Hamdi
    Fadi El Hamdi Month ago

    Just don't touch the punisher

  • taleb tb
    taleb tb Month ago +3

    18:11 Oh so Bushmaster is black so he must be from Wakanda?? Shame on you!

    • Xavior Dawson
      Xavior Dawson Month ago

      taleb tb it’s just a what if scenario face the music prick every one from Wakanda is black . If you’ve got a problem I don’t want to here your shit

  • Syd Hall
    Syd Hall Month ago

    if punisher gets canceled ill delete my netfucks
    18:24 hahahah look at mah boii on the side

  • Smi-Le nguyen
    Smi-Le nguyen Month ago +3

    My mum can fight better than iron fist.

  • sir
    sir Month ago

    I had no idea how much content was gonna be on disney plus, didn’t care about it before but now I’m very interested

  • Kyle Hahn
    Kyle Hahn Month ago

    They oversaturated their own market

  • God of TOMATOS
    God of TOMATOS Month ago +1

    *This city*

  • The Obsidian
    The Obsidian Month ago +4

    If they cancel The Punisher we riot

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net Month ago

    I called it. I was saying how crummy all the netflix series were fro mthe first few episodes release. Daredevil was at least good sometimes, but it got lame before the end of the 1st season. The other shows, they got progressively worse by the second. >,;,< *smfh * No substance, no heart, not flair= No interest and thus no success

    TEMPAR Month ago +12

    Punisher is my only consern idc about the rest

    • Oh_ YeahYeah
      Oh_ YeahYeah Month ago +6

      TEMPAR yeah man punisher is the fucking best i want them to make 100 more seasons

  • Volca
    Volca Month ago +2

    yeah but like the punisher is the best show on netflix so it doesnt matter anyway

  • r4ylmao
    r4ylmao Month ago

    This is such a good breakdown of the current state of the Netflix MCU. Very well presented and researched. Nice work

  • Sam Billerbeck
    Sam Billerbeck Month ago

    Daredevil is perfect shut up

  • SweetCruelLife
    SweetCruelLife Month ago +17

    Yeah PLEEEAASE dont cancel the Punisher!!! That actor is perfect

  • ThunderBlastvideo
    ThunderBlastvideo Month ago

    Anyone from now: Now that we're done crying about Netflix, the shows are gonna continue on DisneyPlus right??? I don't want these shows to end forever....

  • Dam Jackass
    Dam Jackass Month ago +1

    you make the actor who plays iron fist sound so retarded lmao 11:29

  • Azhureus
    Azhureus Month ago

    This city, This city everywhere :)

  • jose torres
    jose torres Month ago +1

    Daredevil 🤬

  • Only Killer Bean
    Only Killer Bean Month ago

    Defenders is awesome

  • bechara rammouz
    bechara rammouz Month ago

    Try to make your videos shorter plz

  • Carl
    Carl Month ago

    I dont know how DC made such a great show (Gotham) how ever they cant do the same thing when it comes to movies. It's also funny how marvel makes great movies but cant get it right when It comes to their t.v shows.

  • Nevermind i still don't get likes

    Well if anyone only watched the shows for the chance to see a movie crossover thats a poor investment. Watch a show for a show

  • patrick kanne
    patrick kanne Month ago +2

    The new Punisher series was _EXACTLY_ what you just described.. :(

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  • Douglas Gallucci
    Douglas Gallucci Month ago

    your information was good but it was too long. and you throw your personal views in our face on everything

  • GreenCheese
    GreenCheese Month ago

    Always gotta ruin something good