Decorating My Entire House ft. Mr Kate

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
  • HI SISTERS! In today's video, I teamed up with one of my favorite channels, Mr. Kate, to decorate my home!! I moved in a few months ago but haven't had time to fully make it my own. Enjoy this longer video as we shop, give decorating tips and advice, and make my home fabulous!!
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    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Luka Hoggard
    Luka Hoggard 20 hours ago

    I would love your house

  • HelloNibbles123
    HelloNibbles123 Day ago


  • nxri
    nxri 3 days ago

    thank god issa long video 😍🔥

  • Ultra Jules
    Ultra Jules 6 days ago

    Take a shot every time James says "chic."

  • Unicorns are Awesome

    That's a huge house James btw love you sister James me and my mom and my sister watch you and Jeffrey star every day

  • Amelie Chong
    Amelie Chong 8 days ago

    i think this is the last time james mentioned the sister squad 🤔

  • K G
    K G 8 days ago

    The amount of plastic bags used are horrible

  • Watergirl840
    Watergirl840 8 days ago

    27:07 is me when people don’t give me enough attention so I try to make them pay attention to me.

    Just me.

  • Marsha Janulis
    Marsha Janulis 8 days ago

    love love love, love love you guys❣
    you're so much fun
    just found you today, lucky me❣

  • emma gacha
    emma gacha 9 days ago

    I sister subscribed

  • Lucy Prime
    Lucy Prime 10 days ago

    Can we see your merch room

  • Caitlin Brown
    Caitlin Brown 12 days ago

    James: "Daddy Joey"
    Kate: "Daddy Joey??!"
    Joey: "I'll take it."
    he's into it

  • Emily Li
    Emily Li 14 days ago +4

    31:16 omg look how red Jame's hands r lol no hate

  • Emily Li
    Emily Li 14 days ago +3

    31:16 omg look how red Jame's hands r lol no hate

  • LucEEXZMooRE12345 pro ACE

    You sould make merch saying sister sunday

  • isyagirl jill
    isyagirl jill 15 days ago

    Your house reminds me of sister jennas house

  • Linyah Lokesh
    Linyah Lokesh 16 days ago

    Joey’s face.

  • Leah Ash
    Leah Ash 17 days ago

    You guise collating Mack’s me laugh 😂 most when you were shopping

  • Katelyn Scott
    Katelyn Scott 17 days ago

    drew is the best part of the video ❤️❤️

  • Aimee Brien
    Aimee Brien 17 days ago

    I'm sister shook

  • Aimee Brien
    Aimee Brien 17 days ago

    oh if only he was straight lol 😂

  • Unicorn dancer 288
    Unicorn dancer 288 18 days ago +1

    Is it just me or do other people read the comments while watching videos ?

  • Rosalind Scotton
    Rosalind Scotton 18 days ago

    Without makeup James Charles looks like Drew and Jonathan Scott, The Property Brothers. He could be their little brother. LOL 😁

  • Rajarajeswari Ganapathy

    I am sister shook like whaaaat?? Love you 😘

  • Jazz Vega
    Jazz Vega 19 days ago

    Love this so much. You guys doing a video together is soo exciting! Love all of your works 😍😄

  • Alina_ Vd
    Alina_ Vd 20 days ago +2

    That house looks like the Nikol Crazy Family’s channel old house 🙈😂😍

  • Flora Beentjes
    Flora Beentjes 21 day ago

    Hey James, where did you get this beautiful flowerpot you see in minute 32:37 in the background? I've been searching the internet and stores for weeks now but I can't find something similar anywhere. Love from Holland xo

  • Anna Yeti
    Anna Yeti 21 day ago +1

    I see Kate wearing glasses "omg who is she? " the suit her so well tho she looks rl cute

  • xvx.nessa Ü
    xvx.nessa Ü 22 days ago +1

    Now Mr.Kate needs to do Emma’s apartment to complete the sister squad

  • Maite Romain
    Maite Romain 23 days ago

    Let yames do the baby room

  • Tessa Flynn
    Tessa Flynn 25 days ago

    I'm so jealous of Jame's outfit in this video... I dig it so much

  • Kyla Mira
    Kyla Mira 25 days ago +1

    Me when my mom is paying: “ Can I have this it is only 100 dollars.”
    Me when I’m paying: “ no way I’m using my money for that!”

  • Daniela Pin
    Daniela Pin 26 days ago

    Hi James it would be literally so sister cool if u Made a vid with lele pons

  • Kelli W
    Kelli W 26 days ago

    The patougold was the best decor item in the video.

  • Ally Quack
    Ally Quack 27 days ago

    Anyone else think this house looks similar to Jenna marbles new house? Same architect? Same neighborhood? Either way I think they are so nice!

  • Mary Logan
    Mary Logan 28 days ago +1

    James needs to do a makeup tutorial with Mr. Kate and Joey 😜

  • Nevaeh Lipson
    Nevaeh Lipson 29 days ago

    This was too long

  • Elisa Phillips
    Elisa Phillips 29 days ago

    AT 38:38 MR.KATE FLASHES :-0

  • WestHamUnited!
    WestHamUnited! 29 days ago

    0:00 the guy on the right looks so sad 😞

  • Nico polorize
    Nico polorize Month ago +6

    Mr. Kate: Alright here's what we got so far
    Me: SO FAR

    IT'S KHARMIA Month ago

    27:07 James Dancin YASSS

  • MayaLove Cookies
    MayaLove Cookies Month ago

    27:07 omg james xD why no one commented of that

  • Tiara Ko
    Tiara Ko Month ago


  • Camille Lee
    Camille Lee Month ago

    Those decorations could finish paying for my house.... my parents house I’m only 11

  • Alyssa Alexandru
    Alyssa Alexandru Month ago

    I NEED to go shopping with James. He’s so fun.

  • Mima M
    Mima M Month ago

    lol I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE slinkies. I always get them tangled up and i cant undo them :(. I'm 13

  • Babice Peters
    Babice Peters Month ago

    *james tapping every object in the store with his fingernails for 20 mins straight*

  • Taryn Stuart
    Taryn Stuart Month ago

    Should order some Chanel, Tom Ford, Versace, etc, type books for your tables and/or shelves you were originally wanting them for!

    • Taryn Stuart
      Taryn Stuart Month ago

      Oh wow. And then a few min later I see a Tom Ford book being used in your decor 😂😂😂

  • Jenna Aislinn Collins


  • XII
    XII Month ago

    Get you a man who looks at you like James looks at his butt.

  • XII
    XII Month ago

    Dear God tell me what to do to achieve this before 30.

  • Lydia Marty
    Lydia Marty Month ago

    I want to shop with you in Home Goods...too funny :-)

  • 100 subs with no videos ?

    You've been touched by James Charles
    Like to undo

  • Edith’s Fashion Style Vlogs

    7 pause adds? wow

  • Keaton David Banta
    Keaton David Banta Month ago

    I though that was Colleen Ballinger, Jenna Marbles, and Rosanna Pansino's house..

  • emiltyne
    emiltyne Month ago


  • Riley Danko
    Riley Danko Month ago

    this is like a smaller version of jenna marbles house lmfao

  • Stephanie Martin
    Stephanie Martin Month ago

    "this was probably before your time right" S I S I'm fourteen and even I had slinkys

  • Solivagant Étoiles

    I love spending other ppls money like it’s so satisfying getting all my ‘wants’ out for the benefit of other ppl ya know :)) No hate lol it’s legit their job

  • Elizabeth Anne
    Elizabeth Anne Month ago

    Oh my gosh my favorite video this year!!!!! You guys are so funny together and it came out beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕

    ALL IS WELL Month ago +1

    I love open air yards 😀

    ALL IS WELL Month ago +1

    Thank god james is in lovely blue real color shirt n with out make up 😁✌ lookin real pure cute fair n lovely 💟

  • Yo Waddup
    Yo Waddup Month ago

    U prob get violated

  • juliannebaby
    juliannebaby Month ago

    When Kate jogged up the stairs I was amazed cause when my sister was pregnant she’d get out of breath if I looked at her the wrong way lol

  • Eniramoi
    Eniramoi Month ago

    I hate the way she talks

  • Katlyn Murtaugh
    Katlyn Murtaugh Month ago


  • wren 22
    wren 22 Month ago

    Thanks for the shopping trip, from a currently housebound girl

  • Stupid Gacha
    Stupid Gacha Month ago

    Waw..just..waw..that’s all..just...waww...

  • branwen alejandra
    branwen alejandra Month ago

    if you guys notice when the went by the kitchen the house looks like how the team ten house looked 💀💀💀💀 i think i just had a conspiracy theory

  • Lenka and Michael cool siblings

    Wish she could do my room

  • Gineva The Dreamer- Cct0331

    DeCoRaTiVe BaLls!?!?!

  • QueenJayden
    QueenJayden Month ago

    House Tour

  • Zia W
    Zia W Month ago +12

    Am I the only one who was wondering where the rug was 😂it looked like the floor, but just a lighter color😂😂🤪

    • Manya Satheesha
      Manya Satheesha 23 hours ago

      Same, i was literally thinking where is the rug?

    LOTOAIGAOLA TUPU Month ago +1

    ummmm so no offense but I have been laughing because when james laid on his bed his foundation and his arms were a difrent color again no offene but I love your personality and your makeup

  • Officially besties ILYSM

    Oh my goodness stunning!

  • Lemon Lee
    Lemon Lee Month ago

    Umm is this the best collab or what ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • sarah Han
    sarah Han Month ago

    lovin the vid

  • Hodric
    Hodric Month ago

    I’m in love with your personality and talent.

  • Brendon Matthews
    Brendon Matthews Month ago +2

    I didn't know what to say. Though I noticed James is tapping his nails on everything before he puts it in the cart. My thought, is that maybe he just got his nails done🤔💁🏼

  • Ghost_Nathan
    Ghost_Nathan Month ago

    Does he think he is a woman

  • Linda Fidelis
    Linda Fidelis Month ago

    « The let’s be mermaid » poster is SO Ryland Adams !

  • Chitwandeep Kaur
    Chitwandeep Kaur Month ago

    I am a new subscriber and came here from Kate’s channel....I have only watched 2 videos of James collaborating with Kate AND I LOVE HIM NOW!!

  • XxDancer DelilahxX
    XxDancer DelilahxX Month ago

    Omg when Joey showed James the “lets be mermaids” poster I was like. OMG IF HE GETS THAT WE WOULD BE MATCHING BECAUSE I HAVE IT!

  • Masaya Naman
    Masaya Naman Month ago +1

    "TuRn ArOuNd!!!"

  • Colin Daniels
    Colin Daniels Month ago

    James Chargles is gnome

  • Heather Eaglen
    Heather Eaglen Month ago

    I loved these videos so much and I feel inspired AF to completely change my whole house from black n red to black and white. I loved every single piece you bought and,every room. This was so great!

  • Heather Eaglen
    Heather Eaglen Month ago

    I was thinking you should write and sing a short song for your video intro ... I think,it,could be awesome...I just watched your house your now I'm on this one..yeah I went backwards

  • Sarasti S
    Sarasti S Month ago

    Joey is the hottest

  • Ashley Betty
    Ashley Betty Month ago

    31:03 you're welcome

  • Tangy Tomato
    Tangy Tomato Month ago +1

    Cant believe u destroyed a mans life
    Cringe :/

  • Ohbeesneeze
    Ohbeesneeze Month ago

    I really wish interior designers would take more time to seek out artists and designers for smaller pieces, like if you want a ton of beautiful vases, there's are thousands of potters in California who make things that are beautiful and unique. Rather than standing in a single aisle and just grabbing everything that's even mildly cute
    EDIT: I will however, fully admit that Target has some really nice stuff

  • Arman Adhirangga
    Arman Adhirangga Month ago

    Why this house reminds me of Joey Graceffa?

  • {Shadow reaper} Fudge

    Omg when the went outside I thought of the besttttt name for it sister scenery!

  • nocctea
    nocctea Month ago

    okay but tbh that burlap elephant is definitely my aesthetic. When I get my own place I’m gonna put so many animal statues everywhere

  • angieisafail
    angieisafail Month ago

    Omg what if James opened a make-up studio chain! Imagine!

  • Avid Reader
    Avid Reader Month ago

    That's the best pitcher I ever did see

  • Federica Auteri
    Federica Auteri Month ago

    I, too, adore the display plastic in stores

  • Zahara Sanchez
    Zahara Sanchez Month ago

    I love the house😻

  • Zazoo Flores
    Zazoo Flores Month ago

    Who's the guy that brought in his TVclip award and cleaning the counter ?😍