Car Interior Cleaning Tips: simplified tips from the professional

  • Published on Aug 10, 2013
  • No hype, no B.S. tips on cleaning the door panel of your car. Learn some additional detailing tips that can be used in all areas of your cars interior.
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  • nicholas
    nicholas 3 months ago

    Stopped watching as soon as you started using shine all.

  • Dave C
    Dave C 3 months ago

    Man this guy talks a lot, but doesn't say anything. Was bored after 3 minutes.

  • Thomas Cooper
    Thomas Cooper 9 months ago

    Who makes your company shirts?

    TEE CITY 11 months ago

    I love watching your videos....I have been watching you every since I decided to go in business myself detailing cars. Interior detailing is my strong point so I designed a prototype car seat dryer. If you would take a couple minutes to watch my video to see just how my car seat dryer works and if you would leave comment that would be even better....Thanks.

  • Azaam Salem
    Azaam Salem Year ago

    Can I ask where you purchased that took box looking bucket? I would need that bad.

  • Awakening To The Universe

    is there special tools that you can use to get Grime out of tight places such as like the corner of the center console cup holder or around trim where stuff has just accumulated and built up that you can't get out with a towel? I drive for Lyft and Uber so I am constantly cleaning my car and I have people asking me if I will do theirs because I do mind so well

  • Juan Taboada
    Juan Taboada Year ago

    No one cares about your life .. just get to the point !!! Geez you talk to fucking much

  • motorhead
    motorhead Year ago

    This guy has no clue

  • Lela Eber
    Lela Eber Year ago

    Too much chatter. Didn’t even watch

  • Eddies Customs & Restorations

    how safe is the Green All Purpose cleaner on Alcantara? I have a steering wheel on my ZL1 Camaro that is factory wrapped in Alcantara.

  • SirWhiteCrayon
    SirWhiteCrayon 2 years ago

    As a fellow detailer, I love your passion and you always offer great tips and tricks!
    I do some things different when to comes to 99% of interiors I do. I use soft bristle brushes only and no scotch-bright pads. I stick to "magic eraser pads" (generic melamine) that I get bulk in 4x4 sheets... or a soft sponge from the dollar store. I've also found that 90% of my customers want almost no shine to their interior, but love their leather to be nice and smooth, unless it's textured leather.
    I don't spray anything on the panel itself, unless it's super dirty.
    I prefer a two step process. After blowing out and vacuuming, I go over it with Meguiar's Quick Detailer D149 or All Purpose Cleaner D101 for a no shine good clean clean and then reevaluate. Then go over it with D155 Detailer sprayed directly onto a microfiber towel for a mild to medium shine to prevent dust accumulation. I treat all the leather with D180 or D181 for leather. I DO NOT leave any leather conditioner on leather wrapped steering wheels. Sometimes I add Leather Balm but its rare. I had a customer almost crash his car (Porsche 993) and called me furious and others complained as well. So now I use the cleaner and conditioner and then go back over with a microfiber towel sprayed with D149 Quick Detailer to remove some of the slickness.
    I also used to use compressed air to blow out any and all residual. I recently started using a MetroVac and I can't believe how much better it works that compressed air and I don't have to lug around my tank!

  • Priv Info
    Priv Info 2 years ago +5

    Use a small air duster can with the long red tube for getting water from the gaps..

  • JK Low
    JK Low 2 years ago

    The window glass was UP.
    Spraying that stuff like that will cause smearing on the glass, stainless door opening lever and wood trim.
    Applying dressing professionally is a time consuming process. You might think you've done a great job in the shade....until you park it outside under bright sunlight and observe the details.
    I like to spray whatever stuff onto a small foam pad, and apply it to the surface while using a small brush to reach into crevices and seams.

  • al lafon
    al lafon 2 years ago

    Well Windows 10 deleted all my links ! had a hard time getting back.
    Well Windows got the axe i now use only Linux too.

  • Cherif Youssef
    Cherif Youssef 2 years ago

    W202, old but gold :((((

  • Js399
    Js399 2 years ago +1

    Why does the car have to be black? Why couldn't it be a light interior? Lol it's a joke

  • The Blade Runner
    The Blade Runner 2 years ago

    how can I keep the lower part of the door panel protected? I find that it gets knicked from me accidentally kicking it when getting out of my truck. Mostly happens when I can't open the door completely when parked in between two vehicles for example. Do they sell protective liners for this issue?

  • Maria Scarlato
    Maria Scarlato 2 years ago

    I don't see a video on seat belt cleaning. Use the super degreaser and scrub? :) Love your videos! I neglected my leather seats on my 2011 Camaro - I bought all the things you recommend - and will let you know how it goes! Thanks!

    ADDONRACER 2 years ago

    I used a microfiber towel for the doorpanel coating (the soft side). I did put liquid on the towel (the towel was all new and also not washed before first use. sometimes it says wash the towel before you used it for the first time or something, but at this one it didnt said that). So when I did put the liquid on the panels and the roof little bit, the towels parts got stuck on the panel. So the little things from the towel got stuck there and the towel was yellow! But when it dried out it was not difficult to move it away, but what did cause this? I think I have to use a wet towel for that part or a sponge or something?

  • dicer31
    dicer31 3 years ago

    And yet the door pocket still has lots of dirt and foot scuffs... hmmmm.

  • David Madrigal
    David Madrigal 3 years ago

    i was cleaning cream leather with the degreaser and the color was coming off! do u think i put to much degreaser and an the scubber wasint to hard but maybe hard for leather cuz it was digging dip in the leather

  • Ethan C
    Ethan C 3 years ago +3

    The worst thing about door panels is when they have white scratches on them. Any tips to get them out?

    • Hits Bongs
      Hits Bongs 3 years ago

      if its deep u can compound and polish and blend it in. if its light, you can just use polish with a buffer or if you do it by hand, apply pressure.

  • gary bishop
    gary bishop 3 years ago +4

    tornador 40 seconds using it on that door...clean. why don't alot of people use them. I won't detail a car without mine

  • Mind Made Designs - DIY

    alot work for cleaning a door panel

    • John McMahon
      John McMahon 3 years ago

      But your door panel will be soooo appreciative and you'll become friends for life 😉

  • Eraseri
    Eraseri 3 years ago

    I was waiting for tips how to clean that speaker grille, maybe you have some other video that shows it?

    • David Patterson
      David Patterson 3 years ago

      just use a soft brush with a tiny bit of apc sprayed into it and wipe away as much you can or use a vacuum to suck the remaining chemical out

  • DigVic
    DigVic 3 years ago

    Hi Darren, thank you for your video, but can you please describe how to properly clean dirt from audio speaker grills? Even on your video we can see that audio grill is dirty.

  • Aziz Wahada
    Aziz Wahada 3 years ago

    holy crap you look like the guy form James bond (the new movies).

  • Kodythebarber
    Kodythebarber 3 years ago +10

    **Emptys half the can** " come in and lightly spray it "

  • Spencer Maiers
    Spencer Maiers 3 years ago +8

    I work on cars professionally, I learn every day. I speak to friends in the business and they all learn every day. Everyone has their own techniques and tools to accomplish the jobs. I bet the hecklers in this thread would be surprised with what actually goes on working on cars. Mechanics break many little things that are relatively meaningless, poorly engineered, or obscure (first time for everything clips). Some plastic clip and hose designs are outrageously frustrating to remove perfectly every time period. It's hard to do or make anything perfect, but to the point of this guy's techniques - 25 years exp, likely many happy customers. I personally don't see anything wrong with his techniques. I also like Mr. Clean eraser pads but like buffing a car, you can go too far. I am sure every detailer starts knowing what's going to screw up a finish or not. And still exceptions will happen, panels will suddenly discolor, carpet will discolor, etc. I am all for constructive criticism too, or flat out saying someone is wrong. But just talking shit like a punk while promoting/idolizing another TVclipr is super lame. Seeing work techniques is great, I see no general issues with his technique. BTW I scratched one of those Mercedes door panel woods once when replacing a window. Shit happens. I sanded it wet and polished it by hand with some 3M #1 and it came out looking damn good. A pro probably should also know how to get himself out of hot water (case in point).Cool videos and thanks for posting-

    • Travis
      Travis 3 years ago +3

      +Spencer Maiers Thanks for the realistic and relevant comment. As someone who has also spent a little time in the detailing bizz, we all know how imperfect an art it is. You've just gotta jump in and try things.

  • Gordon Liddy
    Gordon Liddy 3 years ago

    What was the blue pad? Looks like a sponge unless I'm mistaken.

    • Prelude Paul
      Prelude Paul 3 years ago

      +Gordon Liddy considering you asked what it was.. I helped you. gtfo

    • Prelude Paul
      Prelude Paul 3 years ago

      +Gordon Liddy considering you asked what it was.. I helped you. gtfo

    • David Patterson
      David Patterson 3 years ago

      3 pack non abrasive scrub pad he gets at a dollar store

    • Gordon Liddy
      Gordon Liddy 3 years ago

      Oh my! I would've have never guessed it was made out of something synthetic. I thought we were still living in the 1700s.

    • Prelude Paul
      Prelude Paul 3 years ago +1

      if you watched and listened he said a synthetic material

  • Joe Van Seeters
    Joe Van Seeters 3 years ago +4

    Once again Darren, awesome video. Very useful and informative. Thanks for your down to earth "everyday man's way" of doing detailing. I got both the Meguiars Degreaser and APC in gallon sizes and have had good results with BOTH products following your recommendations on your various videos with both of the products and how to use them!
    I personally am a huge fan of Sonax. I've been having real good results with Sonax products. Everything I have used from Sonax has worked as advertised and usually with BETTER than advertised results. Sonax just seems to know what they are doing when it comes to detailing products. Of course having been to Germany several times myself in the past 10 years, the Germans truly know how to manufacture various products including car detailing products to go with their incredible cars! I use Sonax Polymer Net Shield, Polymer Rim Shield (new product to the USA this year), and Brilliant Shine Detailer are some of my favorite products. Their Alcantara/Upholstery cleaner is also a really good product for interior cloth surfaces of all types. I also use their normal upholstery cleaner, glass cleaner and finally their "Fallout" (Iron-x type product) and their absolutely amazing color changing "Wheel Cleaner Plus".

  • YooToobModerator
    YooToobModerator 3 years ago

    This is all about cleaning a car? Do you have one on ironing pants?

  • judging Lion N
    judging Lion N 3 years ago +3

    How to clean the speakers??

    • John McMahon
      John McMahon 3 years ago +7

      Stick some Jonny Cash on full volume.. Scare that dirt right out of its crevices.

    • Delilah The Dog
      Delilah The Dog 3 years ago +3

      ice bucket challenge the water to each speaker

    • Austin Lourinho
      Austin Lourinho 3 years ago +1

      I would just spray some interior cleaner into a interior detail brush in then use that then use a vacuum to take out and residual cleaner that may still be on it

    • gary bishop
      gary bishop 3 years ago


  • Michael Leon
    Michael Leon 3 years ago

    My car has a dark interior and the door interior is also black. But it looks like I have some scuffs that do not clean off from using Magic eraser, etc. I believe it might have slightly damaged the plastic. What would you recommend I use to get that covered or removed?

  • Chaz Madge
    Chaz Madge 3 years ago +2

    "lets cut to the chase" so 3min + before you start then you say "use a vacuum to suck up liquid.." as for a leaf blower being compressed air LOL leaf blowers are generally
    large flows and low pressure

    • McCrackenMKM
      McCrackenMKM 3 years ago +1

      I have used the leaf blower and it works pretty good. Great for door jambs and under the hood too. Try it, you might like it. Darrel has some pretty good ideas on here.

  • David Meale
    David Meale 3 years ago


  • Son Silverado
    Son Silverado 3 years ago +23

    Spraying that product all over the place is not the thing to do, you spray it on your applicator away from the windows and gauges and electrical switches and that avoids getting excessive amounts of product in the seams too. Now you must go back and clean up after the overspray.

    • Eric Arcia
      Eric Arcia Year ago +1

      I do it the same way he did, and I dont have any issues just know how to spray. When it comes to dirty cars its alot easier to clean to coak it down then wipe

  • Manuel Hernandez
    Manuel Hernandez 3 years ago

    can i use the all purpose cleaner to clean the cloth seats on my trailblazer

  • Marthacom Gallo
    Marthacom Gallo 3 years ago

    Cómo limpiar el polvo del motor

  • أحمد المحروقي

    I use olive oil
    You should try it

  • grupoalazar conjunto
    grupoalazar conjunto 3 years ago

    hi what canthe chemical use for take the stain to remove..

  • efedema izegbune
    efedema izegbune 4 years ago

    I have a car that has light interior. My inside door is heavily stained. Any suggestions

  • colt hoover
    colt hoover 4 years ago

    My speakers are the same on my Mercedes. The covers look like they're brown like on the bottom..... I can't seem to get it off

  • colt hoover
    colt hoover 4 years ago +3

    I had one question, well something to say. When I use microfiber, it never seems to soak up water like my regular cloths do.... I just asked because you said about microfiber.

    • spoonman73
      spoonman73 2 years ago +3

      Colt Hoover- The trick to soaking up water with a microfiber is to MAKE SURE IT IS DAMP FIRST. Seems counter intuitive but it works.

    • Joe Van Seeters
      Joe Van Seeters 3 years ago +1

      +colt hoover One thing about Microfiber cloths is that you do have to watch the GSM I think it is called. Something about the amount of fibers per square inch. I have found this to be true when buying my Microfibers which I have a TON of different types from drying towels, to terry microfibers, to glass cloths, polishing cloths. It can get extremely confusing. You are correct that they do soak up liquids quite differently than other cloths. Some of them work fantastic when they are damp, others do not even soak up liquid at all. I got a large waffle weave microfiber a few years ago and that thing won't soak up ANY water or liquid for some reason. It was advertised as a "drying" type towel but it doesn't do any type of drying whatsoever! It was basically a crap towel and I don't even use it anymore which is a shame because it cost a lot at the time. Anyway, back to Microfibers, once you figure out the various types that are out there and what they can and can't do, they truly are some of the greatest cloths to come out in the past 100 years in the cleaning industry not only car detailing but also cleaning your house, etc. No doubt car detailing is probably one of their biggest markets though. I have found the higher the GSM, the less I want to use that towel for soaking up liquids. I good range for that is probably anywhere from 300 to max 600 GSM. Anything above that and the towel is too plush. The higher GSM towels are great for waterless washes and wipe down type towels but may not be very good for removing waxes and polishes or interior detailing. You can completely soak a microfiber in liquid and they do absorb large amounts of liquid when completely soaked. So they can be used to actually wash a vehicle when completely soaked with liquid and can give good results. But the simple answer isn't really simple, there are a LOT of variables when it comes to microfibers.

    • Glenn Smesman
      Glenn Smesman 4 years ago

      Thanks for the tip.

    • H3rrMuX
      H3rrMuX 4 years ago +1

      +Glenn Smesman it seems as your cockpit spray is more of a care than a cleaning product - maybe try out a different one, i use armor all and there is a matte cockpit cleaner. you gotta try and see, maybe also change the towels/rags you are using, so you dont buff the surface but keep it matte.

    • Glenn Smesman
      Glenn Smesman 4 years ago

      +Auto Fetish Detail hey first off all il like your video.
      but i do have to ask you something.
      my doorpanels And dashboard off my car are most off the time very clean. but When the get durty. il use a simply cockpit spray
      the problem i have with these spray's is That the doorpanels And my dashboard have to match off a reflextion to my Windows And windshild.
      That make's it not so safe the drive
      the product is from turtle wax
      want can i do to remove the reflextion?
      sorry for the bad english am from belguim

  • OneLove
    OneLove 4 years ago

    Hey Darren, first off love your channel. Picked up lots of useful tips and tricks. Always loved detailing my own car and now I've started a small business of my own. I have an up coming client with major salt stains on the carpets. Any tips? My thoughts are all purpose cleaner. Steamer and a brush. Thanks

  • Y. ramo08
    Y. ramo08 4 years ago

    Can you help clean our car?

  • psfanboy79
    psfanboy79 4 years ago +5

    I love your vids, thank you a million times over

  • Frank Dimaggio
    Frank Dimaggio 4 years ago +3

    My personal opinion..
    1. Too much talking and not enough demonstrating. Need better camera work such as close ups and before/afters.
    2. Spraying your product on the panels will create more work. Its better to spray the product on your microfiber towel instead. For example, spraying the product when cleaning the inside of the windshield will be a nightmare.
    3. Videos should be edited for better quality.
    4. Watch AMMO NYC videos for a professional doing it right.

    • L. Burou
      L. Burou 3 years ago +3

      Where are your videos Frank, I'd like to see them...?

    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  3 years ago +4

      +Frank Dimaggio As I have always said...if what you are doing is working, then keep on doing. But to spray a cloth and then try to clean is suitable for only the lightest of cleaning/dirt. if you are actually required to clean something with substantial amounts of dirt, spraying the cloth is only going to waste your time; that I am not into....

    • Frank Dimaggio
      Frank Dimaggio 3 years ago

      His detailing methods are amateurish. I don't question his experience. However, I think there's a better way to do things.

    • Alric Mason
      Alric Mason 3 years ago

      +Frank Dimaggio He is an amateur with 25+ years experience hmm... how long do you have to do this to be a professional?

    • Chris H
      Chris H 3 years ago +1

      +Frank Dimaggio Yeah let me go to AMMO where his products are way over priced.

  • Seanm Olds
    Seanm Olds 4 years ago

    Mostly good tips.....but black shows dirt more as black and brown are contrasting colors. Good job though.

  • TasteMyBrownhole
    TasteMyBrownhole 4 years ago

    Wow... seriously amateur. Too many improper techniques to list. You bring that hard bristle brush anywhere my interior, that's cause for a good ass whooping.

    • paul woollard
      paul woollard 2 years ago

      TasteMyBrownhole is

    • David Patterson
      David Patterson 3 years ago +1

      as Darren has said in many of his videos, you dont know how much pressure hes using. it can be as still as you want but wont do any damage with a feather touch and brushes on hard materials always sound worse than it really is

    • Travis
      Travis 3 years ago +3

      +TasteMyBrownhole What a fucking name, you are obviously a troll that lives under a bridge and drives a junker.

    • Pinnacle Detailing
      Pinnacle Detailing 4 years ago +2

      coming from a person that probably sets his cup of coffee on his car

    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  4 years ago +15

      @TasteMyBrownhole ass whoop away!

  • Tim Arden
    Tim Arden 4 years ago

    Wonderful !!

  • Calendyr
    Calendyr 4 years ago +2

    For interiors I use Meg's Hyperdressing at max dilution (can't remember what the ratio is offhand). Have you tried that and if so is Stoner's aerosol much better? I never spray dressing, I always use a foam applicator, just don't want it to land everywhere.

    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  4 years ago +3

      Makes sense, but even with those methods, it will not be as "light" and "airy" as an aerosol. You really need to test them out. And talk about a time saver. Sure they are more expensive, but when time is money, I don't mind using a half can on a single car if I need to. Never mind how convenient they are for finishing the detailing of an engine.

    • Calendyr
      Calendyr 4 years ago

      Maybe I should! An alternative would be to put hyperdressing in a spray can. Either the ones designed for spraying oïl for cooking or a refillable spray can that you inflate with a compressor. But yes I think I will add a spraycan of dressing next time I place an order. Spring can't come fast enough for me. We have miserable weather here in Canada right now ;(

    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  4 years ago

      If you haven't tried an aerosol dressing I think you need to try it at least once and then decide for yourself. I love it and would hate to live without it. Stoner doesn't offer their product any longer so I have switched to Chemical Guys Black on Black. You can see it here:

  • Justin Wylie
    Justin Wylie 4 years ago

    .does that shine can just make it shiny and look better

    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  4 years ago +2

      In my opinion, yes. But depends on who you ask. The label says it will add "protection" or nourishment, or whatever, but I think it is mostly superficial or cosmetic. At least that is the main reason I use it. When cleaning dark/black interiors, it is often difficult to clean and have a uniformed appearance, so some application of dressing in whatever form you choose is required.

  • down kickowa
    down kickowa 4 years ago

    nice video but music destroyed me....

  • Angel Valenzuela
    Angel Valenzuela 4 years ago +2

    What about the bottom of the door panel, the part with the scuffs that were from the start more easily noticeable

    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  4 years ago +3

      If you are referring to the hard plastic, not much can be done to fix actual damage. You can diminish the appearance by using a dressing on black plastic, or by cleaning the black scuffs left as transfer on light colored plastics, but actual damage is going to be permanent.

  • George Patton
    George Patton 5 years ago +4

    compressed air can help with seams as well

  • swansmeister
    swansmeister 5 years ago +7

    omg this dude makes me feel depressed and he doesn't show much love for his job

    • bryan kerr
      bryan kerr 4 years ago +1

      @Auto Fetish Detail dont listen to swansmeister the guys an ass

    • deedoyday
      deedoyday 4 years ago +5

      @Auto Fetish Detail i think that explains it perfectly. for some, their first time making videos can seem dull. just keep at it. thats kind of an unfair judgement on you @Auto Fetish Detail from @swansmeister. i liked the video @Auto Fetish Detail thanks buddy!

    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  5 years ago +2

      clearly much was lost in translation then....I will blame my lack of experience in front of the camera at time of shooting the vid.

  • Justin Simmons
    Justin Simmons 5 years ago

    where did you get your detailing bag?

    • Gavin Pickens
      Gavin Pickens 4 years ago +1

      @Auto Fetish Detail good thing I scrolled down I was just fixing to ask were that bucket came from. Keep up the good work from one detailer to another you do a great job.

    • Justin Simmons
      Justin Simmons 5 years ago


    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  5 years ago +2

      Home Depot... Husky Bucket Jockey

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User 5 years ago

    Could you please make a list of everything like everything you need for the interior cleaning like the exact products you use and tool and anything please please and could you let me know where to buy the product online and I got 250 dollar budget please let me know

  • Walk Wash
    Walk Wash 5 years ago

    Hello man, love your videos.
    I have a question, I have a Bissell Professional Spot Cleaner Deep Clean Portable and I don´t know if I can use the Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner formula or the Super Degreaser formula with this machine, I mean, Can I put the formula in the container of this machine? Would not it will break? Or it´s better if I use it separately, spray meguiars solution and vacuum the area with the machine.

    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  5 years ago +1

      Calm is always welcomed....

    • Walk Wash
      Walk Wash 5 years ago

      Thanks man, I´m more calm. See you.

    • Auto Fetish Detail
      Auto Fetish Detail  5 years ago

      Either product is safe to use in the machine. And either technique is fine. I have done both. Pre-treat with either product, then remove with machine using straight water, or machine with solution in solution tank. I just approach based on the material/fabric I am dealing with and the amount of dirt.