PILOTS answer 50 MOST googled PASSENGER QUESTIONS! Captain Joe + Dutchpilotgirl

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and to another great video with my dear friend and colleague, Dutchpilotgirl.
    Michelle and I have been scouting the internet for a new topic and whilst doing so, many of you guys have sent us messages/questions via Instagram. So we decided to look for the 50 most asked pilot question by passengers. Didn´t take long to find those and without knowing all the questions you got in front of the camera :)
    Well we hope you enjoy this video as much as we had fun recording it :)
    By the way we will be announcing the lucky winner of our latest giveaways on Instagram!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this basic introduction video about PRM approaches!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your Dutchpilotgirl and "Captain Joe
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  • Captain Joe
    Captain Joe  7 months ago +11353

    Dear viewers! I want to clarify one very important thing. MICHELLE AND I ARE NOT DATING/COUPLE!!! We have become really good friends over the years but I‘m in a loving relationship with my girlfriend and so is she with her boyfriend!

    • falafel dürüm
      falafel dürüm 3 hours ago +1

      @Felipe Mejia no problem, I understand you.
      Thanks for the answer!

    • Felipe Mejia
      Felipe Mejia 16 hours ago

      @falafel dürüm maybe the situation,if the crew just pass out you are in a critical situation,and the pilots have to think well after doing something.
      Sorry i don't speak english well,i hope you understand me.

    • FPF - A fifa Channel.
      FPF - A fifa Channel. 7 days ago

      Well said brother 👊

    • Pooja Kamboj
      Pooja Kamboj 9 days ago

      If u are a pilot can u fly a tricycle

    • Edgardo Mewa
      Edgardo Mewa 11 days ago


  • Benjamin Woodard
    Benjamin Woodard 2 hours ago

    I love airplanes

  • See -3pio
    See -3pio 4 hours ago


  • henningvdm
    henningvdm 4 hours ago

    Why does the captain always sit in the left seat? Can he/she sit on the right seat if they so chooses?

  • Adam Vích
    Adam Vích 4 hours ago

    Which is the worst airline? Both: Ryanair.

  • Joshua Doong
    Joshua Doong 9 hours ago

    worst Australian airline is Tigerair

  • Syed_ Shafahad
    Syed_ Shafahad 11 hours ago

    Joe sir i think you missed the answer of the last question.Hahahah

  • Zoran Vukomanovic
    Zoran Vukomanovic 15 hours ago +1

    Lion air is the worst airline and the worst airplane is the 737-800 max

  • Bhargav Bose
    Bhargav Bose 17 hours ago

    For me, Red Baron is the best pilot.

  • Louie Smithen
    Louie Smithen 21 hour ago

    But did they kiss?

  • CroatianGuy
    CroatianGuy Day ago

    Hmm channel called captain Joe but hes ntoa captain hes a Co pilot hmmm

  • Josh Feliciano
    Josh Feliciano Day ago

    6:57 RyanAir

  • Charlie Earl
    Charlie Earl Day ago

    American Airlines is worst

  • Jonny Barnes
    Jonny Barnes Day ago +1

    His name is captain Joe but if look closely he is actually a first officer

  • Life of Bassman
    Life of Bassman Day ago

    Bird in both engine not good ask sully or that Russian pilot that had only 200ft

  • Vanquished Canadian

    Of course chemtrails are real, retards. Saudi Arabia. Cloud seeding, Chaff dispersion and stratospheric injection (NASA, Harvard, Berkley, etc.) are not uncommon and are used for a vast variety of applications.

  • Justice
    Justice Day ago

    Raynair is 100% the worst airplane

  • Zahia Arf
    Zahia Arf 2 days ago

    I love this guy 😥😘

  • Marc Bird
    Marc Bird 2 days ago

    #48 Ryanair

  • Shito Ashita
    Shito Ashita 2 days ago +1

    My Uncle actually had all four stripes and was captain but his airline got bought out and the new one wanted to start him from scratch and he was like nah bitch I wanna be captain so he rage quit and got a job as a professor

  • Shito Ashita
    Shito Ashita 2 days ago

    I didn’t know the flight attendant thing was so common lol

  • Sima Rose S
    Sima Rose S 2 days ago

    Obvs they wouldn't know about chemtrails since they are just pilots. It's well known now that you can have the weather modified. Nothing new here folks

  • András Kozenkai
    András Kozenkai 3 days ago

    Ryanair and spirit

    JANNA 3 days ago

    4:24 have you ever had sex with a flight attendant
    5:45 have you ever dated a passenger
    6:22 are you in the mile high club
    8:20 have you ever kissed a pilot
    Thank me later😎

    JANNA 3 days ago

    4:33 can anyone understand what she said before CJ says "shut up"?

  • M Tomo
    M Tomo 3 days ago +1

    why do female pilots have to wear men's uniform???

  • Sangeet Gurugriha Academy of Performing Arts.

    Put your playback speed in 0.5, and you can know what they said :Ryanair is their answer

  • Mr plane
    Mr plane 5 days ago

    In my opinion I really like the Cessna caravan but I agree with joe the shorts 360 is ugly

  • Liam Azemia
    Liam Azemia 5 days ago

    Worst airline is Bulgaria airline

  • Pamela Kundu
    Pamela Kundu 5 days ago

    Jet airways

  • khalid laazizi
    khalid laazizi 5 days ago

    Since when did paul rudd become a pilot

  • Kuznetsov NK-144A
    Kuznetsov NK-144A 6 days ago

    I always applaud the captain, it is a weird habit

  • Armando 117
    Armando 117 6 days ago

    The worst airline you guys said was ryanair

  • Michael Ibeh
    Michael Ibeh 6 days ago

    do like her

  • imnobody
    imnobody 6 days ago +2

    Hi Joe, what’s it means when a pilots announce ‘Crew, ready for cross check ... ready for take off etc’

  • MaHdI
    MaHdI 7 days ago

    yup! the guy's a man-slut!! lol

  • Twitch- Highlights Deutschland

    She live in Germany😁
    0:01 she sad welcome "zu" (to) our channel

  • Jacob Mckeown
    Jacob Mckeown 7 days ago +1

    Hey Joe did you fly to LAX on the 18th of august cause i saw a cargolux 747 land there and i know that you land at LAX alot

  • Jake Chen
    Jake Chen 8 days ago

    2:40 did you know in and out burgers are an official spotting location for KLAX! So now you can enjoy a salty burger with you tubers and watch captain Joe fly over you

  • Lidyanotjuhh
    Lidyanotjuhh 8 days ago +1


  • Ethan Bortmess
    Ethan Bortmess 8 days ago

    Raynair or American Airlines

  • Evan Garcia
    Evan Garcia 8 days ago

    Air koryo d

  • FloridaSpotter
    FloridaSpotter 8 days ago +1

    Joe acts like such a child at 4:37 with the ❤️ with a flight attendant

  • miahomes753
    miahomes753 9 days ago +3

    0:31 Maybe,if they experinced or played x-plane 11

  • miahomes753
    miahomes753 10 days ago

    How to butter a boeing 787?

  • Jan Richter
    Jan Richter 10 days ago

    Can a passenger land an airplane: yes...crash landing 🤣🤣

  • Vicky Burton
    Vicky Burton 10 days ago

    747 the most gorgeous plane.

  • tomjanbart
    tomjanbart 11 days ago

    Why is no-one commenting that united is the worst. Remember the Asian that got beat up.

    • tomjanbart
      tomjanbart 10 days ago

      @Daniel Hernandez oops I'll change my comment. See even I don't remember

    • Daniel Hernandez
      Daniel Hernandez 11 days ago

      That was United

  • Edward Entertainment
    Edward Entertainment 11 days ago


  • XFighter
    XFighter 11 days ago +1

    7:03 Ryanair...

    LMG WILD 11 days ago +1

    You fake captain you are still 3 stripes woiiiiii

    • LMG WILD
      LMG WILD 3 days ago

      Assshhiiiiaaaap and why don’t he change he’s TVclip channel to co pilot joe haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Pooja Kamboj
      Pooja Kamboj 9 days ago

      Hes captain on the airbus but not on Boeing

  • Pepe is_dabest xD
    Pepe is_dabest xD 11 days ago

    Ryanair is the worse airline cause of hard landings

  • 물불TV
    물불TV 12 days ago

    7:00 air koryo

  • Noobie games
    Noobie games 12 days ago

    i think the worst airline is ryanair

  • Not a Panther
    Not a Panther 13 days ago +2

    #46 Definitely Manfred von Richthofen
    #50 Bf.109 G-6 with the Eastern front color palette

  • Alizwa Sampula
    Alizwa Sampula 13 days ago

    Emirates airline

  • Alizwa Sampula
    Alizwa Sampula 13 days ago +1

    Kulula from south Africa

  • Pavan Rg
    Pavan Rg 13 days ago

    Captain Joe what are the most common reasons for cabin air pressure loss?

  • KNT 21
    KNT 21 13 days ago

    7:20...For me B 747 AND A 350 as well as A 380
    8:16 Then I'm gonna prefer flying a cargo

  • KNT 21
    KNT 21 13 days ago

    2:41....The same feeling I'm getting right now only just by watching the video... *"YEAH BUDDY"* 😎😎😎😎😎😎😃😃😃😮👌👊👊... Best video 📹 😃 👌👌👌👍👍💯✈️✈️