PILOTS answer 50 MOST googled PASSENGER QUESTIONS! Captain Joe + Dutchpilotgirl

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and to another great video with my dear friend and colleague, Dutchpilotgirl.
    Michelle and I have been scouting the internet for a new topic and whilst doing so, many of you guys have sent us messages/questions via Instagram. So we decided to look for the 50 most asked pilot question by passengers. Didn´t take long to find those and without knowing all the questions you got in front of the camera :)
    Well we hope you enjoy this video as much as we had fun recording it :)
    By the way we will be announcing the lucky winner of our latest giveaways on Instagram!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this basic introduction video about PRM approaches!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your Dutchpilotgirl and "Captain Joe
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  • Captain Joe
    Captain Joe  11 months ago +13919

    Dear viewers! I want to clarify one very important thing. MICHELLE AND I ARE NOT DATING/COUPLE!!! We have become really good friends over the years but I‘m in a loving relationship with my girlfriend and so is she with her boyfriend!

  • UFCMania155
    UFCMania155 56 minutes ago

    I need her number. Now 😫

  • schrodingerdiscovery
    schrodingerdiscovery 2 hours ago

    They said Spirit Airlines for the worst airline question. Watch it over and over again.

  • Geremi Escobar
    Geremi Escobar 3 hours ago

    *Says “yeah buddy” as he eats a hamburger.
    -I don’t think that’s how it works

  • Lisa-Marie Hunt
    Lisa-Marie Hunt 6 hours ago

    You are hard to understand

  • rattle me bones
    rattle me bones 6 hours ago

    If we’re talking about military planes the SR-71 Blackbird and commercial i like either 777 or 787 Dreamliner

  • Angel Sharon
    Angel Sharon 7 hours ago

    Do pilots ever struggle with jetlag as passengers do from traveling from 1 Time Zone to the next? Also, do the front tires wear out more during takeoff or during landing? Based on weight of the plane, the rear tires have to touch the ground first rather than the nose diving down with the front tires landing first.

  • Auztynn Human Interest

    Joe Diebolder
    Boeing 747 Pilot and famous aviation blogger “Captain Joe”
    First Officer at Cargolux Airlines International Joe Diebolder, better known as “Captain Joe” among the social media platforms, finished his flight school training in Vero Beach/Florida in 2008 and has since then been working as a professional pilot.
    He first started out as a skydiving pilot on the Pilatus Porter to gain experience and then transitioned to Executive flying on a Beech King Air.
    After two years in the industry, he was hired by Airberlin to fly within their network on the Airbus A320 family. Eight years and 5000 jet hours later, he fulfilled his life long dream to fly the Boeing 747 for Europes´ leading cargo airline, Cargolux.
    In the meantime, Joe used his off days to educate passengers and young aviation enthusiasts via video tutorials on TVclip and Instagram. Answering classic questions such as, “Can a passenger land a plane?”, or simplifying flight student worries “How to enter a holding pattern and who is Bernoulli?”, Joe is eager to help out, motivate and inspire the next generation of pilots!
    Since the beginning of 2019, “Captain Joe” has become the worldwide largest aviation related channel on TVclip with close to 1 Million subscribers.
    Captain Joe will help inspired youngsters to understand what exactly they need to pay attention in order to become a successful pilot. He will also explain principles of Aviation English grading and giving his advices on how to acquire desirabe level of knowledge

  • Val Aurica
    Val Aurica 15 hours ago

    I study international law and regarding question 37: Every airplane abides with the flag principle, so it basically has a flag on it that let's you know what country it belongs to. Therefore, the baby would receive that nationality, since it was born on that country's "grounds" and any further nationality would be added and decided through that country's law system (for example the parents nationality). The country you fly to or over at that moment has no influence. :)

  • Aaron
    Aaron 16 hours ago +1

    “15 minutes”
    Uhhh, fuck.

  • G Lind
    G Lind 23 hours ago

    Airplane! is the best aviation movie.

  • Snow
    Snow Day ago

    I really don't like this chick. There's a hidden _itch inside her.

  • OldePhart
    OldePhart Day ago

    You both said 4 stripes for captain but you both have 3 stripes.

  • Evan Garcia
    Evan Garcia Day ago


  • Evan Garcia
    Evan Garcia Day ago


  • Ronnie
    Ronnie Day ago

    I have a question that everybody is thinking but too terrified to ask... Have you ever had SNAKES ON A PLANE??! lol

  • Nachiket Mahanti


  • {Yasenia}
    {Yasenia} 2 days ago

    I knew it! Capt Joe, I knew you were a flirt!

  • Sri sai Dutt
    Sri sai Dutt 2 days ago

    Hey captain! From India- said you lived in Munich. Are you a Bayern fan? Coz I'm one and would love it if you were one too. 👍👍👍👍 On the awesome contents.

  • Dictolory's Channel
    Dictolory's Channel 2 days ago

    no one's gonna talk about #32 ?

  • Jesse Adcock
    Jesse Adcock 2 days ago

    I just came here to say that in the thumbnail you used “wear” instead of “where”. My OCD literally went full send.

  • Antoni Kowalik
    Antoni Kowalik 3 days ago +1

    7:18 Polish Airlines on the picture :))

  • Alvaro Skynaut
    Alvaro Skynaut 3 days ago

    Why do you have to be in uniform to answer questions? 🤦‍♂️

  • R.Javier Yepes De V.

    Great video!
    We have a new airport now!!!

  • jacob lewis
    jacob lewis 3 days ago


  • Samara Morgan
    Samara Morgan 3 days ago

    Would the airline allow a pregnant person on so close to their due date though?

  • Ryan Ulmer
    Ryan Ulmer 3 days ago

    It’s 12 minute with oxygen you guys are cracked. Never flying with u crazy’s.

  • Bro Bless
    Bro Bless 3 days ago

    Pilots shwld have answered 21 questions

  • Kyan Muradali
    Kyan Muradali 3 days ago

    Wow air is the worst airline

  • Luke Lee
    Luke Lee 3 days ago

    The citizenship of the baby is far more complicated.
    Those are the basic idea.
    Far more complicated.

  • x p
    x p 4 days ago

    I think the worst airline is nouvelair

  • Square6ix
    Square6ix 4 days ago

    these people think they're way funnier than they are

  • Keith Contessa
    Keith Contessa 4 days ago

    They kissed after that last one there’s no way they didn’t

  • Jaca Bre
    Jaca Bre 4 days ago

    You guys look so awkward cl

  • Jacob k
    Jacob k 4 days ago

    The thumb nail: what's the worst are line

    Me: *instantly think Thomas cook

  • Hiya Yayay
    Hiya Yayay 4 days ago +1

    Air koryo N.Koreas airline

  • Origin Uprising
    Origin Uprising 4 days ago +1

    The mic sounds bad sorry

  • RellyOhBoy
    RellyOhBoy 4 days ago

    "What are the most common technical failures in airplanes?": I think I would have flat out lied about that one....

  • RailsideStudios
    RailsideStudios 5 days ago

    7:19 P-51 Mustang

  • Ash Petro
    Ash Petro 5 days ago +7

    “Have you seen a UFO”
    Insert millennium falcon

  • Herobrine 145 YT
    Herobrine 145 YT 5 days ago

    ugliest planes.
    1: A-10 warthog
    2: Airbus Beluga
    3: Boeing Dreamlifter
    i actually like the Cessna Caravan

  • jankos98
    jankos98 5 days ago

    7:38 half a ton of cocaine

  • Apollo D
    Apollo D 5 days ago +1

    Joe puts a millenium falcon photo as a ufo at 0:56..

  • Everything4Free
    Everything4Free 5 days ago

    Im a simple man i see "SEX" on thumbnail i click

  • _xAlexax_ Gaming
    _xAlexax_ Gaming 5 days ago

    *thumbnail* wear are animals loaded?
    *me* where are animals loaded?
    *which is correct?* I have to know

  • Kombucha King
    Kombucha King 5 days ago

    the thumbnail has a typo in it: Wear are animals stored?

  • Jacoby JaGoaty
    Jacoby JaGoaty 6 days ago

    Something bout the girl she’s so unlikable

  • Martín Felipe Sanchez Nieto

    wordt airline Ryanair and Air Koryo

  • Collin Chadwell
    Collin Chadwell 6 days ago

    I like the Douglas DC-3

  • Splitic
    Splitic 6 days ago +1

    Btw on the thumbnail u spelt ‘where ‘wrong

  • Dr. Prof
    Dr. Prof 6 days ago

    Who is joe

  • banta singh boparai
    banta singh boparai 6 days ago

    Does that aletta ocean

  • Johanne Fagan
    Johanne Fagan 6 days ago

    WEAR are animals loaded?! A pilot that can't spell? Scary.

  • jerick shoo
    jerick shoo 6 days ago

    I guess Cap.Joe have kissed a pilot.

  • Ethan Scott
    Ethan Scott 7 days ago

    I can barely fucking understand her why in the world did you have to pick her

    MAMBA WGN 7 days ago

    Spirit airlines for America

  • It’s me lorenzo
    It’s me lorenzo 7 days ago

    The worst airline is United airlines

  • Franco Gutierrez
    Franco Gutierrez 7 days ago

    you came for 4:24 you pervert.

  • Virginia Tolles
    Virginia Tolles 7 days ago

    I'm not sure where to post this question. Do hope this space is all right. Do airlines still fly the polar route?

    • Mike P
      Mike P 7 days ago

      For example Emirates flies nonstop from Dubai to San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

  • Faith Angelie
    Faith Angelie 7 days ago

    As long as i get from point a to point b alive ill fly any airline