• Published on Nov 23, 2017
  • Testing a fuel pump that I found online for $1.99 against a factory 1998 fuel pump.
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  • Beau Sage
    Beau Sage 17 days ago

    Can someone put up a new Purchase link the original one is gone, Many Thanks in advance

  • Number 33
    Number 33 20 days ago

    It lasts only few months

  • Greg Barth
    Greg Barth Month ago

    The EBay link doesn't work anymore

  • LotWizzard
    LotWizzard 3 months ago

    nice test

  • Anthony Capone
    Anthony Capone 4 months ago

    Hey brother, what's the LPH on those? Idk if I am just over tired, or if my kid distracted me both times I watched the vid and I missed you say it both times or if you didn't say

  • G Lasser
    G Lasser 5 months ago

    pressure gauge is all over the place... missing inline FPReg, right ?🙂

  • Dc chan
    Dc chan 6 months ago +1

    $2 for a fuel pump which is very affordable! Replace the pump for each tank

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 8 months ago

    Great 👍🏻 video tomorrow I try to buy the cheap 1st

  • Mugen West
    Mugen West 9 months ago

    Where you get it ?

    • Mugen West
      Mugen West 9 months ago

      a21bravo good tip, looks like I'm going be needing one still a good deal.

    • a21bravo
      a21bravo  9 months ago

      @Mugen West Yeah, about a month after making this it was $5 and they just kept increasing the price... I noticed they're shipping from the US now instead of chinesium.

    • Mugen West
      Mugen West 9 months ago

      a21bravo thanks look like they jacked up to 10

    • a21bravo
      a21bravo  9 months ago


  • Manuqtix Manuqtix

    It smells like fuel

  • Dennis Neeley
    Dennis Neeley Year ago +3

    Never put your rigged up battery and switchgear in close proximity to your open containers of gasoline. Know a guy who is skin grafted and scarred for life doing this....

  • Kilo TwoXz
    Kilo TwoXz Year ago

    Could I use the ranger pump for a stock 6.0 Ls swap

  • Young Fred
    Young Fred Year ago +1

    Yo bro popsicle I wanna see the $2 fuel pump!

  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity Year ago +1

    Fucking awesome.

  • Joel Gross
    Joel Gross Year ago +2

    What fuel pressure regulator are you using? Is there a cheap version of that too?

  • FroztiProductions

    I got a $12.50 generic pump on ebay. Should i throw it in? My oem pump might be on it's way out... Going in a bone stock 97 civic ex.

  • Nikola Il
    Nikola Il Year ago

    I think it's lower pressure = More flow ( that's in more cases)

    CALEB PERRY 2 years ago

    how come your newer videos are comments disabled?

      CALEB PERRY 2 years ago

      a21bravo No prob! Thanks!

    • a21bravo
      a21bravo  2 years ago

      Just got a new computer so must have messed with the settings when I uploaded those two... Thanks again.

    • a21bravo
      a21bravo  2 years ago

      CALEB PERRY Holy crap man I didn't know. Thanks for telling me... I just changed them back.

  • Brian 1971 C10
    Brian 1971 C10 2 years ago +2

    I just used one of these pumps for my test stand to run LS motors,I paid $4.99 though for mine.It actually works better than the $109 in tank edelbrock pump I was first using.It is almost exact same setup as you used with the glass jar.I didn't notice any bouncing of the gauge on mine though,do you have another regulator you could try it might take some of that bouncing away.
    I think this was your best video to date.

  • Adam Payne
    Adam Payne 2 years ago +1

    I bought a $2 version after watching this. For 2 bucks, I'll throw it on my shelf as a just-in-case spare.

  • mhuff1980
    mhuff1980 2 years ago +1

    got a link to it?

  • Blaine Ludeman
    Blaine Ludeman 2 years ago

    2 dolla 2 dolla! could you keep / jerry rig a secondary pump in case the 2 dolla ebayer blows up or whatever ? the only thing I could think of being useful ..

  • ratgreen
    ratgreen 2 years ago +3

    I love me some cheap ebay parts, but a fuel pump is something I wouldnt cheap out on for my cars. If the pump fails when you are at high boost it goes lean and you blow your engine. Fine for testing like this. But you will kick yourself if you blow the engine because of trying to save $50 on a walbro etc. Crazy how cheap they can make these things, the mind boggles.

    • DarkLinkAD
      DarkLinkAD 6 months ago

      People are having the same issues with Walbro, even Walbro recommended sources are selling Chinese fakes that are very, very close in appearance to the real deal.

    • a21bravo
      a21bravo  2 years ago

      ratgreen I have a 300lph for the turbo build. This is equivalent to the ranger pump which was a V6 so this wouldn't get far on boost.

  • WeAreTwoDoorsDown
    WeAreTwoDoorsDown 2 years ago +11

    It's a sad state of affairs when it's literally cheaper to buy something from China and have it shipped across the world than it is to buy something American made. It's the same story for LEDs, resistors, transistors, ICs, switches, etc.

    • a21bravo
      a21bravo  2 years ago

      WeAreTwoDoorsDown A few other places are selling this for $10 so I thought it was a listing error but it's still up. The one I bought still had zero feedback for the seller.

  • juiced71
    juiced71 2 years ago +6

    No shit! How can they sell that for 2 dollars lol can't even buy a candy bar for that anymore lol

    • LotWizzard
      LotWizzard 3 months ago

      @G Lasser dam lol shame really

    • G Lasser
      G Lasser 5 months ago +1

      for them it's like 2 days salary or a dinner for 12

    • a21bravo
      a21bravo  2 years ago +2

      juiced71 Yeah, shipped from China... No idea, already bought a few more.