You Don't Find Happiness, You Create It | Katarina Blom | TEDxGöteborg

  • Published on May 7, 2018
  • Why is it so hard to find that life of meaning, and connection, and happiness we long for? Why can't we just live in our "happy place" all the time?
    According to psychologist Katarina Blom, the brain is not always on your side when it comes to well-being. Survival, absolutely. The rest, not so much. But there is hope!
    In this personal and inspiring talk, Katarina Blom lets you in on a few secrets of the mind - and how you can cultivate happiness by befriending your brain. Katarina Blom is a psychologist, a co-founder of a gym for the mind, the first author to publish a Swedish book on positive psychology, and she is the creator of one of the biggest digital platforms on psychology in Sweden. Also, she is an Acroyoga instructor. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Peter Sirom
    Peter Sirom Day ago

    The best happiness is sharing to others what you have. Agree? 👍

  • Allure Kwt
    Allure Kwt 2 days ago

    Maybe because I learned that we can’t just change our thinking into a positive one because we cannot, out minds are worried all the time, but we have to take a positive action

  • Allure Kwt
    Allure Kwt 2 days ago

    I felt good after this video, I don’t know why

  • four Sophia
    four Sophia 4 days ago

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  • Dũng Anh
    Dũng Anh 14 days ago


  • Josh Van Schaick
    Josh Van Schaick 15 days ago

    Great idea!

  • We Love Libraries
    We Love Libraries 16 days ago +2

    She wrote a book on happiness when she couldn’t keep a man, a job & was homeless. She definitely sounds like she should be giving life advice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sreyneang Kuy
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  • blue sky
    blue sky 17 days ago +5

    Who is here just for learning English?

    • Ewa M.
      Ewa M. 14 days ago

      True relationship sincere and open mind and Heart provides happiness. That's Love.

    • 0726 Crab
      0726 Crab 14 days ago +1

      For learning English, and listening some great informations for improv myself.

  • Justice Boofer
    Justice Boofer 17 days ago

    create, find, same difference.

  • victoria palmer
    victoria palmer 21 day ago +3

    I try to nurture my friendships. I try to let my friends know how grateful I am for them. But the sad thing about recent years it's not a given take I never hear anything nice in return nobody is putting the effort in anymore to building and keeping friendships. I believe that is a big key to happiness is friendships.

  • iga boa
    iga boa 21 day ago

    People are not animals to be trained.
    Happiness is finding creative passion of your own love for exploding its new accomplishments: is priceless!
    Creativity is base of all happiness and is base of youthful energy of: power. love and sound mind (creative mind with: tuned senses to electromagnetic air harmony between SOUNDS of WORDS / MUSIC and VISION).

  • Christina Escajeda
    Christina Escajeda 26 days ago +2

    "I found happiness when I created my love"

  • LyfeWithDJ
    LyfeWithDJ 29 days ago +2

    Great TED Talk, Ms. Katarina! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I especially will put into practice regularly communicating with my friends who are elderly via a simple call or text message! Gotta work on strengthening my relationships!😉 Also, the Bible has the key to Everlasting happiness...Psalms 1:1,2 reads, "Happy is the man who does not walk according to the advice of the wicked And does not stand on the path of sinners And does not sit in the seat of scoffers. But his delight is in the law of Jehovah, And he reads His law in an undertone day and night." Is not true happiness what we all strive for?!🙂💜

  • Sky Sharma
    Sky Sharma Month ago +1

    Yes u gotta engender it !!!

  • bisma abuzar
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  • Lina Mape
    Lina Mape Month ago +3

    The best way to improve our English is watching a ted talk per day!


    so motivatives speech

  • Rony
    Rony Month ago

    Really Nice

  • Shanmugasundaram Durairaj

    Thank you so much Katarina..... I'll cultivate happiness and spread around....I think your speech will change my life because I'm a Moody person who often expect happiness outside instead cultivating it..... Thank you so much once again....

  • thanh trong nguyen
    thanh trong nguyen Month ago +2

    Thanks for your speech!

  • Bishan Negi
    Bishan Negi Month ago +1

    I really got goosebumps by watching this woman speaking peacefully.. I am gonna create my happiness from now on to stay calm and collective on each good and bad moments..

  • Manjot Benipal
    Manjot Benipal Month ago


  • Manjot Benipal
    Manjot Benipal Month ago

    Good leacture

  • SunnyFly100
    SunnyFly100 Month ago

    Oh... this happiness BS again. Haven’t we figured out the life is not about happiness already?

  • Surajh Musa
    Surajh Musa Month ago +2

    Ted talk is a dope, I love it so so much

  • youssef el atmani
    youssef el atmani Month ago +1

  • TheShadowOfMadness
    TheShadowOfMadness Month ago +18

    12:47 "Happiness......comes from relationships"
    Me, having no social skills or the ability to learn them: well I guess I'm screwed, then. Unless talking to myself counts as a relationship.

    • lt 11
      lt 11 10 days ago

      I think that relationships can also come from from people you barely even know. I'm also a an awkward person so I really try to put this concept into my life and try to be nice to my classmates

    • Our Process
      Our Process 16 days ago +2

      It is not about gaining as many relationships as you can. It is about taking the relationships that you already have (very close friends, and family members, co-workers, etc) and "investing in them" is where you can find the most happiness.

    • maya yezo
      maya yezo 22 days ago +1

      TheShadowOfMadness happiness does not come from relationships.

  • Sardar Gurwinder Singh Dhaliwal

    Very interesting good luck mam

  • Thu Hoa Dang
    Thu Hoa Dang Month ago +1

    Very impressed speech. Thank you

  • Vantae Park
    Vantae Park Month ago

    it's better. Wow!

  • Nam Tran
    Nam Tran Month ago +1

    she's wonderful and so beautiful

  • Rajneesh Kumar
    Rajneesh Kumar Month ago

    What's a inspiral speech?

  • mithila mosaddek
    mithila mosaddek Month ago +2

    Thanks Katrina 💙

  • Sinny Kwon
    Sinny Kwon Month ago +1

    I am literally love the way she spoke AWWWWW

  • Sarha Sarhan
    Sarha Sarhan Month ago +1

    emotional asymmetry... bravo, love this speech.

  • salah eddine Rebiai
    salah eddine Rebiai Month ago +1

    It's so Motivative speech

  • Chit Chit Hlaing
    Chit Chit Hlaing Month ago

    please subtitle

  • Naruewan Khemkhan
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  • MandakSabahanVlog
    MandakSabahanVlog Month ago +7

    I learn to improve my English while watching ted talk. And. After one year, im able to speak fluently in english,i guess if i retake my muet exam, i could possibly get band 4.
    That's what i called systematic 😎

  • Eka Tevdorashvili
    Eka Tevdorashvili Month ago +2

    so emotional video and inspiring speech,thank you!

  • mallappa k
    mallappa k Month ago +1

    It's wonderful program.........
    It's useful for trying to speaking english

  • hamid bashiri
    hamid bashiri Month ago

    Happiness is H=I(v)/D which I stands for income, v a factor incloding religion, relationship, dna and so on, and D for desire.for example If your income is flat but you lower your lower your desire, your hapiness will go up.

  • Shakuntala Shelke
    Shakuntala Shelke Month ago

    mehanat karme waloko ko uska mobadla dena gover mnt ko mesega diye award bolakar signgicher diye ketrina mahi thi award diy sjart show rulay mansik problm mentali bolte o koi nahi bolte maind kaisa rahega

  • Hoàng Thị Tuyết Trinh

    I need to have transcription of this video. Could someone help me please?

  • Gabriel Lopes
    Gabriel Lopes Month ago +1

    Wonderful! Very well spoke and built! Amazing words put into shining phrases! But I need to do my opinion about this magnificent topic called Happiness..
    Well.. First, Happiness is not about Relationships with others, but the relationship with yourself; and, the way you treat yourself will be reflected into the words to others people. Put into people's mind that they need to improve their way of acting towards a relation with someone else, maybe will lead some people to states of guilt, for not achieving some personal goals about the positive actions; less self-confidence, if the object of this action don't appreciate or recognize this action as the person expected it' to do; demotivation, in case the person don't feel the will to do what the positive actions he/she needs to do.
    I really think Happiness is about better knowing yourself. Anything else! If you take this phrase the deepest you can, the happiest you will be. If you discover the infinity Universe that lives in the deep of you, behind all the walls, all the fears, all the habits, all the future projections, all the unconscious mecanism of protection, as the opinions, the principles of choices, the perspective, and everything that makes you; behind all of this, you can find an infinity universe connected with all that lives, all forms of life, all minerals, every molecule of life, with everything that surround you. There, in this state of mind, you don't want to hurt anything or anyone, will'be just love and happiness, you don't need more to think, you just be, you just feel, just to live, you're just connected with the sensations your body receives from the present moment, instant after instant, and there, you'll be very, very, very, very happy: this is Nirvana.
    This is about being you all the time, wanting to be in the moment you're living all the time. If we could remember all the better moments we have already lived, we would see that it would be the moments when we were so happy to be in, don't worrying about the time, just living, just feeling: a conversation, an wind, a landscape, a stellar sky, a presentation, a film,... All the moments we were IN life with mind, sensations, and heart. And THIS IS ABOUT HAPPINESS, teaching your mind to be IN life all the time.
    And please, for GOD'S SAKE!!! WE'RE NOT ANXIOUS BECAUSE WE'RE BUILDED TO BE!!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!! This was strong!!!! We're anxious because our Society is structured for US TO BE!!!! We are habituated with the idea we cannot do what we WANT to do, but what WE HAVE TO DO! It was ALWAYS like this! Since we're children, we need to go to the school everyday, we need to eat things we don't want, we need to do this, we need to do that,... But, what we WANTED to do? Actually, ask yourself: how deep and large is the abyss between YOUR LIFE and THE LIFE YOU WANTS?
    BECAUSE OF THIS ABYSS WE ARE ANXIOUS, NOT BECAUSE WE ARE BUILT TO BE!!! WE ARE NOT BUILT TO SURVIVE! WE ARE BUILDED TO LIVE!!!!!! Surviving is an ability! We learn it from the environment we LIVE. We are built to LIVE! To feel the environment that always surrounded and will always be surrounding us, while we are living and experiencing life, and to interact with it. Surviving is a tool built in our mind, knew by Ego, with the objective of protecting us from the environment, in all it's aspects, psychologically or physically. Ego controls the timing of our thinking, our wandering, reflecting the moments of Life we prefer to not experience in it's deepness, with our sensations and attention: can be the moments that makes you to remind some bad experiences, or maybe feel just a bit uncomfortable, or, more deeply, can be not interesting in your perspective. Of course, besides our instincts of being alive, which just activates deeply our attention and interaction towards the present moment. And it's not because we are built to be anxious that we're anxious, it's because our Ego needs to protect us all the time, almost against everything: opinions, acceptation in social groups, self-recognize, self-confidence, our projects of life, our personal worries, our routines, AND OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS...
    It's not because we're BUILT to be anxious or to be more attentive to negative points, IT'S NOT!!! It's because we were TAUGHT to be!!
    What are the moments more rares in your daily life,:the moments when you're happy or when you're perceiving something in the environment you don't like?
    We seek the Rareness! The way life on society is built bring us anxious, it's not because we were built for it. And happiness it not about positive actions towards better relationships, but positive actions towards better relationships are a reflect of an internal state of happiness, built through self-knowledge, comprehending, forgiving, and loving you how you are, with all your defects, and deeply understanding that you're connected through space and time with everything that surrounds you, and the unique way of a better living is practicing respect, comprehension, love and peace with you and with all that surrounds you. If you do that, the famous "Love even your Enemies", you'll find Happiness, the true happiness. Not a Happiness chained into the others. Actually, I'd like to end with a question:
    "Where is the place for solitude in this way of thinking about Happiness?"
    But, besides that, your TED was amazing, amazing, amazing!!!! Thank you so much!

  • Feroza AFRIN
    Feroza AFRIN 2 months ago

    I like your speech

  • Eddy Sanjaya
    Eddy Sanjaya 2 months ago +2

    Positive thingking its not enough, potisive action is, cause our brain built to highglight negativity

  • kakar l
    kakar l 2 months ago

    This kind apeak is much important for health

  • 56shidan
    56shidan 2 months ago +1

    This is absolutely good. Her words brave me and make me feel that I can create happiness too.
    I like the way she talks as well.

  • September Vemai
    September Vemai 2 months ago

    Great speech

  • Randa bakheet ahmed
    Randa bakheet ahmed 2 months ago +1

    interesting and beneficial talk ,,,

  • Glorious Hawks
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    simplemente 👍👍👍

  • Glorious Hawks
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  • valerio trujano
    valerio trujano 2 months ago +1

    Hello Katarina Bloom excelent video.
    I am learning english with your videos awesome. Congratulations

  • Rubby Jakhu
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    It's very useful way to improve listening skills as well as learning lessons

  • Abdo Bshir
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    It's very useful program which is improve our hearing skill

  • Future T Techniques
    Future T Techniques 2 months ago +10

    I think one of the important aspect of happiness is to understand the purpose of us being here in this life.

  • Korngmeas Sun
    Korngmeas Sun 2 months ago +1

    I like your saying. Thanks you

  • Mick Namens
    Mick Namens 2 months ago

    If the statistical confidence interval is greater than 0.1 - what I assume - a more relaxed statement like "our minds wander for approx. 47% of the time" would be more adequate than "... for 46.9% ...".