Ray Borg confused by loss to Casey Kenney | UFC Fight Night | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Mar 31, 2019
  • After beating Ross Pearson at UFC Fight Night in Philadelphia, Desmond Green tells ESPN MMA reporter Brett Okamoto about the impact that manager Glenn Robinson, who died in 2018, made on his career. Now at 3-3 in the UFC, Green says he is moving ahead and aspires to get in the championship conversation.
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Comments • 285

  • Ivo De Backer
    Ivo De Backer Month ago

    make weight or pay for it, you probably did it to have an advantage on your opponent, don't complain about that. BUT, terrible decision once again. When they announced the winner, my dog woke up barking and let a giant fart go. Even he has more knowledge of MMA than these so called judges. Maybe take 100% off their purses, and let Ray Borg spar with them for a day. I bet he will lose a lot of weight while smashing their heads in

  • Drew L
    Drew L Month ago

    When is this getting overturned cant look away on this one. NOW!!!

  • john hanco
    john hanco Month ago

    Sucks about his kid and everything, but I feel hes the kind of person who always wants more than he has regardless

  • Eli Perez
    Eli Perez Month ago

    Crazy robbery. Good for Borg acknowledging he won. Not making weight is unprofessional. But bias aside, 2nd/3rd rd were all Borg. Keep your head up and come back stronger brother!

  • We the People M.A.G.A proud to be american 1776

    That’s not the useful breakdown

    Obviously a betting favorite is more likely to win than a betting underdog whether or not they make weight. What would be more useful to know is the win % for betting favorites that miss weight vs for betting favorites that make weight. And similarly for betting underdogs that miss weight vs betting underdogs that make weight. Among those 42 that missed weight, what % would have been expected to win based on the betting odds? I gather that favorites and underdogs were equally likely to miss weight since there were 21 of each among the 42 cases, so the 55% win rate suggests a net positive result for those that miss weight if the aggregate expected win rate was around 50%. You can claim my original statement was an inaccurate exaggeration but it would seem the extra weight is still a net advantage.

  • Angelicpoet77
    Angelicpoet77 Month ago

    Ray won that fight. I'm amazed casey thinks he deserved that one. The judges did a horrible job scoring in favor of case when he clearly was thrown around and take down and controlled the whole fight. But did a awesome job at protecting their new fighter in his debut fight, so that he can make UFC more money fights. All that work ray did for nothing, plus you rob him of what little cash the fighers make per fight. What ever happened to honesty and integerty judges? Maybe I should rewatch that one and look for those magical moments casey was talking about that helped him win the fight, lol

    • coco nut
      coco nut Month ago

      i feel like the judges take missing weight into consideration.

  • Zidan Mozumder
    Zidan Mozumder Month ago

    The Conor nuthuggers have truly shown how scummy they all are with the hate they've sent toward this man. Fuck all of you. I pray you never have to live through the shit Ray Borg is dealing with right now, but then again maybe if you did you wouldn't be such cunts.

  • Thomas Galdenzi
    Thomas Galdenzi Month ago

    He won the fight

  • DeadlyFredXXX
    DeadlyFredXXX Month ago

    I was pretty surprised they called it for the other guy. I mean you can say what you want about cutting weight and whatever else but Kenny accepted the fight and Borg dominated it performance wise.

  • Dany Boulanger
    Dany Boulanger Month ago

    He was clearly robbed!!

  • sliggity slatt
    sliggity slatt Month ago

    Nigga SUCKS

  • Ignacio
    Ignacio Month ago

    Wow, he won that fight.

  • XVSting
    XVSting Month ago

    Man i feel for him but you cant be mad at someone’s manager to taking the share when you miss weight. That guy was a short notice replacement and probably burned his ass off in the sauna to make weight.

  • James Abarca
    James Abarca Month ago

    He missed weight and he shouldn't had been allow to fight but he was allow and he did and he won the 2nd and 3rd round clearly. Terrible judges. What the hell were they watching?? They need to get rid this boxing judges that know nothing about mma

  • Roberto Martell
    Roberto Martell Month ago

    Description is off

  • Gus Bus
    Gus Bus Month ago

    Wasnt it last minute? And also if the manager says he's o ly keeping 20 why switch it especially when you won. If you won then the weight wasnt an advantage and no need to be compensated

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores Month ago +1

    Happy you lost don't just grab lock your hands n throw opponent that's isn't shit lucky you got 20%

    WHITE LION Month ago

    This comment section is full of ENABLERS...look that up 👨‍💻👩‍💻

  • wes dryden
    wes dryden Month ago +1

    He got no money from the mcgregor incident? It’s fucking disgusting

  • Jared Jaredsen
    Jared Jaredsen Month ago

    Don’t beg others to care about you taking care of you own fucking family. Win or atleast don’t cry and whine about losing you pussy.

  • Elliott Spence
    Elliott Spence Month ago +1

    All of you fuckers hating on Borg need to get a life.

  • Christopher Borelli

    Ray got fucking robbed. That is fucked.

  • Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander Month ago

    Git gud

  • Mr Meeseeks
    Mr Meeseeks Month ago

    They fucked this guy over big time

  • ReBoot
    ReBoot Month ago

    This is what happens when you don’t do your job and leave it in the hands of the judges. Flyweight Tears.

  • Skoal91
    Skoal91 Month ago +1

    I didn't see fight? Did Ray win? or is he being an idiot?

  • Thaydrian
    Thaydrian Month ago

    This is how The YFC gets rid of people they can't control. Dana would like us to believe he thinks Ray was robbed, but, I would bet anything Dana was lining the pockets of the one judge that have such a lopsided scorecard against Ray. Ray beat that ass in rounds 2-3. Sad but this is the game they play with people they want out. Ray missing weight was probably the final straw for Dana. I love Ray, he is so kind and genuine, I hope he gets back to winning soon!

    PD WORLD Month ago

    really shitty he got robbed by clearly incompitant judges, maybe Ray should seriously consider a different career path.. too many personal issues holding him back and he keeps missing weight. he's going the Johnny Hendricks route rn without the steroids

  • Danny Worsfold
    Danny Worsfold Month ago +5

    He won the fight regardless of the weight issues. I’m not even about watching predominantly wrestling matches but it’s so clear he did enough to win

  • Ronald Thompson
    Ronald Thompson Month ago +1

    Borg keeps saying the guy's manager took more money & that they should realize it's his livelihood and that the money is for his family. Borg needs to realize it's his own fault and that if he made weight he wouldn't have that problem. It's his own fault, stop blaming others

    • Ronald Thompson
      Ronald Thompson Month ago

      +World Peace when they sign the contract to fight they have months to prepare. I understand it's not easy but you have to remember they only have to focus on training for the fight. They don't go to 9-5 jobs, they train every day. This is the life they chose, tough work can provide big rewards. Everyone can find something wrong with anything, it's the one that adapts & overcomes that is the victor and that's what these fighters need to do to get where they want to go. I wish Borg & the rest of them all the luck in the world...

    • World Peace
      World Peace Month ago

      +Ronald Thompson I respect your respond. But man I done wrestling before and when it comes to weight cutting one of the hardest things to balance is the level of strength, cardio and nutrition and + the recovery after weight in. It's not easy man it looks easy it sounds easy but it's really not easy. Also there's not even formula to weight cutting so it depends on what type of way you follow to weight cutting remind you this sport is fairly new

    • Ronald Thompson
      Ronald Thompson Month ago

      +World Peace Anything you do in life isn't easy. He knew months in advance he had to go in prepared or this would happen. To prevent this from happening you have to make weight, he knew this. I like Borg, I just don't believe in making excuses.

    • World Peace
      World Peace Month ago

      Bro weight cutting is not easy. Give the man a break if you never did Combat Sports or contact Sports. Which would be wrestling, boxing and etc then don't talk shit especially when they're going through hard times in life while doing this for living

  • Brian Vetrano
    Brian Vetrano Month ago +36

    Complaining about his opponents manager keeping the 30% for missing weight. “His manager loves to do that shit to me.” Bro...MAKE WEIGHT! that’s 1000% on YOU.

  • Pat Rush
    Pat Rush Month ago +1

    Sounds like sour grapes

  • Kevin Wicke
    Kevin Wicke Month ago

    Typical bitch I feel sorry for your family , you hear him crying saying it was for his family , but bottom line you missed weight your not a professional, you suck you got beat now it's everyone else's fault lol see all of America has gone to shit be a man train harder get your weight on point and come out and win and if you lose take it like a man don't make excuses

  • TinFoil Hat
    TinFoil Hat Month ago

    I’m confused too

  • doughboy 03
    doughboy 03 Month ago +7

    My dude still traumatized from Conor's Bus Attack!!!

  • Privacy Please
    Privacy Please Month ago +2

    He’s really going to complain about the guy taking 30% after losing weight..? He had months to make sure he’d get that 30%. He knew the rules. Kenney’s got a family to take care of too. I have a family to take care of and I get up and go to work every day. Maybe Ray should consider that.

  • Ben Greaves29
    Ben Greaves29 Month ago +1

    If your family is really that at stake, maybe you should make weight or move up. Common sense

  • original julz
    original julz Month ago +3

    Ol' Borgy'. Can't even headline a prelims for a fight night and still loses. Pretty sad for a guy that challenged for the belt lol. Oh well. Cut incoming.

  • Christian Frech
    Christian Frech Month ago

    Ray Borg won for sure! and i am no Ray Borg Fan

  • Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz II

    Regardless of weight, Ray won that fight

    • caselect
      caselect 25 days ago

      Life is Peachy bruh what were you on

    • Life is Peachy
      Life is Peachy Month ago

      no he didn't home slice. He got bleached.

  • giggsyg11
    giggsyg11 Month ago +5

    He definitely won the second and third no doubt

  • Free Millennial
    Free Millennial Month ago +5

    Ray Borg has pulled out of 8 fights. It’s amazing he’s still employed.

    • Hadoken 91
      Hadoken 91 Month ago

      Do you even know the reasons? You can't blame him

  • Drew L
    Drew L Month ago

    That was garbage bullshit add call ray is a very entertaining grappler

  • Ginsung
    Ginsung Month ago

    Yo, ESPN, you got the wrong description

  • lewchootrain
    lewchootrain Month ago

    Cecil Peoples ?

  • Andrew Furrer
    Andrew Furrer Month ago +1

    Poor little midget still thinking of that scary bus incident 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Time Is Now
    The Time Is Now Month ago

    I thought he should have gotten the win, as well. It was close but they should have given it to Borg. I can't believe his opponent kept the money, knowing what he goes through back home with his son. And, they even had to suck another 10% out of him. That's ridiculous, his debut keeping not 20% but 30% of a father's pay check who's in need to help his son. I'll be rooting against that scum every damn time.

  • DJ Salad
    DJ Salad Month ago +1

    Video Description is a bit off

  • King Kanga
    King Kanga Month ago

    I do feel bad for him...

  • King Kanga
    King Kanga Month ago

    He will get more money suing McGregor...He did get robbed though, but seriously stop crying like a little bitch on camera bro...You missed weight as well, and you say they did that to you? Seriously bro stop crying like a little HO on camera. You did it to yourself, move up or stop missing weight punk!

  • It's all good man!
    It's all good man! Month ago +1

    The Overweight champion of the UFC

  • Kevin Carbajaldbz
    Kevin Carbajaldbz Month ago

    I like ray borg, I love him like my bitch but he missed weight multiple of times . He needs to get his shit together, move up or find another job

  • Mad Mac
    Mad Mac Month ago +8

    Robbery, Borg beat that ass. By any rules. This was tragic. I feel bad for Ray but what you going to do. That’s MMA judging. 😕

    • Life is Peachy
      Life is Peachy Month ago

      nah, Borg got bleached. Gerald Meerschart was the one who really got robbed. ESPN just upset when whites start winning in anything.

  • Waleed Sebai
    Waleed Sebai Month ago

    why have so many people disliked this wtf

  • Winter bell
    Winter bell Month ago

    Bets he's confused fucking blind cunt

    WHITE LION Month ago +16

    Ray...26 fighters and only YOU missed weight. 🤔

    WHITE LION Month ago +1

    Hey Ray how about Uber? Flexible hours, pretty good pay, weight doesn't matter. Or open a taco stand on some corner, maybe outside one of the arenas so you can sell merch too. Maybe all three: Uber, taco stand, merch spot. 😎👍

  • Hamad Abdulsalam
    Hamad Abdulsalam Month ago +2

    Poor dude... whether he made weight or not, f*ck these toxic fans that make fun of him... dude's tryna support his family

  • Sculpin
    Sculpin Month ago

    First I thought he said or I heard Brendan Shaw paid for his kids medical expenses. Is that true? If so whys he still need the money so badly? Secondly, he won the fight I had him winning two rounds but you still left it up to the judges and who knows after that. I feel bad for the guy.

  • Brendan Schaubs Failed MMA Career

    Ray I got nothing bad to say about you personally but professionally you got to make weight man either move up a weight class

    • 808 hammah
      808 hammah Month ago +4

      The thing is he actually did go up in weight for this fight, he fought at bantamweight and still missed weight

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M Month ago +1

    Borg is bottom level fighter

  • Erick Rangel
    Erick Rangel Month ago +2

    It’s hard to feel bad for him. He moved up and missed weight and left it in the judges hands. Can only blame himself for not getting his money

  • Jerry Slivka
    Jerry Slivka Month ago +33

    Can't make 126, can't make 136, better go to 156 to be safe..

    • valeman3
      valeman3 Month ago

      I -pretty sure this 5"4 lands around 140 anyways...he must of did something too late

  • John Denaci
    John Denaci Month ago +19

    He landed so many takedowns, and controled the fight.

    • John Denaci
      John Denaci Month ago +1

      +Life is Peachy interesting

    • Life is Peachy
      Life is Peachy Month ago +1

      Gerald Meerschart was the one who got robbed. Why does no one talk about that??? Ohhh right, because he's f*cking white and this is ESPN.

  • anuma nuva
    anuma nuva Month ago +23

    Must be all that glass in his eye still....

    • Evo Shift
      Evo Shift Month ago +6

      LOL best post it here. Fuck ray Borg

  • VPN Mashtown
    VPN Mashtown Month ago +6

    Can’t fight with glass in the eye Ray

  • Conor Mcleod
    Conor Mcleod Month ago +3

    Ray "the victim" -woodley- Borg

  • daniel alvarado
    daniel alvarado Month ago

    Waaaaaaa!!!!! Waaaaaaa!!!!! Make weight and stop crying. If you had made weight and he didn't you would have taken the money. Shit you wanna Sue Connor for money. You sound like bitch. Man up and be a pro. Make weight and take your W's or L's like a man. For God sakes your kid is gonna see that shit one day. Crying and making excuses.

  • fabian padilla
    fabian padilla Month ago

    Ok. I get that he's a pro athlete and of course he should've made weight, but he had some Serious issues outside the cage with his son....honestly i can't blame him for caring more about his family and son than making weight...if anyone does than idk how you can look at yourself in a mirror and not be ashamed...Fuck the weight, just fight for your son and get the money he desperately needs

    • Derek Barnett
      Derek Barnett Month ago +1

      Brendan Schaub says right on joe rogans pod cast he will pay for rays sons hospital bills , look it up.. we all feel sorry for his son but its no excuse for this loss or being over weight Casey wanted it more and it showed.

  • Cody Borak
    Cody Borak Month ago +2

    He loss cause no control and he lands 0 punches.

  • ROKMC Rec.
    ROKMC Rec. Month ago +4

    The dolly ruined this guy's career

  • Nathan McKenzie
    Nathan McKenzie Month ago

    I feel bad for Borg , dude won and had a great performance

  • Mac Daddy420
    Mac Daddy420 Month ago

    Sue conor

  • David Tran
    David Tran Month ago

    Little shit cunt

  • Cυlтυяє
    Cυlтυяє Month ago

    his manager loves to do that shit to you? who missed weight? he didnt have to fight your ass at all

  • Kevin Myers
    Kevin Myers Month ago

    You suck....that is all, now you get to still play the role of a whiney bitch

  • Charlie_Willie
    Charlie_Willie Month ago +2

    I thought Ray won the fight too. People piling on Ray about his weight is clearly missing the point

    • wam show
      wam show Month ago +1

      Charlie_Willie I think almost any1 would agree he won the fight I just think a lot of people see him missing weight as a bigger point to be made

  • Matthew Doolan
    Matthew Doolan Month ago +8

    You need to make weight. That dude isn't rich either, he needs the cash too. I feel for Ray but he can't feel hard done by his whole time whilst not justifying his position in the UFC.

  • Nate
    Nate Month ago +6

    Ray *Conor got glass shards through my glasses into my eyes* Borg.

  • James Martin
    James Martin Month ago +4

    For everyone going in on Ray I wanna see you try to just make weight nonetheless having to care for for very ill son and worry about other health issues, he has a hard life and he’s just trying his best for his family stop looking at fighters as just props for your entertainment they’re actual people

    • Jing Wei Leong
      Jing Wei Leong Month ago

      +fabian padilla only someone with a fucked up kid could empathize.

    • fabian padilla
      fabian padilla Month ago

      Exactly, have some fucking empathy

  • casxadw
    casxadw Month ago +7

    mighty mouse took his soul

    • It's all good man!
      It's all good man! Month ago +1

      That flying armbar was greatness. It's never fun to be the butt of a highlight reel

    DAMIAN XAVIER Month ago

    doest make weight and loses 30 percent ... "Ray Borg" "he took that from me " yeah no shit dummy

  • pseudosun
    pseudosun Month ago

    i knew something was off when i saw that pee pee stain at stare downs

  • C Treece
    C Treece Month ago +1

    It’s mcgregors fault

  • Lorie McIntire
    Lorie McIntire Month ago +28

    Cant blame ray he really needs the money hes just worrying for his fam

    • Lorie McIntire
      Lorie McIntire Month ago +1

      +Evo Shift aww did he cross daddy conor?

    • Jared Jaredsen
      Jared Jaredsen Month ago +1

      What man uses his family as a way to excuse his failures? You lost twice, by not making weight and by leaving it up to the judges. Blame yourself for a change and maybe you’ll get better. Otherwise just stfu and go away.

    • Evo Shift
      Evo Shift Month ago +1

      Fuck Borg. If he wasn't such a piece of shit, maybe Karma wouldn't be fucking him. Hated him since he lied to try to steal money from Connor

    • Privacy Please
      Privacy Please Month ago +1

      fabian padilla yeah I guess it’s the first time he’s missed wei... oh. Wait.

    • Ruh12
      Ruh12 Month ago +1

      So sad

  • Cee_ Eisen
    Cee_ Eisen Month ago

    Dude needs to find a different job instead of exploiting his child to make people feel bad, what an asshole, I'm so glad he lost.

  • adac7786
    adac7786 Month ago +6

    im confused that he isnt at bellator yet

    • Evo Shift
      Evo Shift Month ago +1

      Agreed. Hope UFC cuts that piece of shit today

  • Bat Turgidson
    Bat Turgidson Month ago

    Gay Borg has been sucking it up for years. What a disgrace, he should put his weak child up for adoption. Gay Borg.

  • John Alessi
    John Alessi Month ago +10

    😢😭😂 don’t miss weight, be professional and you won’t have to worry about loosing 30%.

    • James Martin
      James Martin Month ago +1

      John Alessi I’m not gonna pretend to know the guys life maybe he can’t hold a 9-5 maybe that’s not available to him you never know someone’s situation that’s why just saying stuff about him being an “ unprofessional” fighter is rash you never know someone’s situation

    • doubledeckersoulwrecker The 3rd
      doubledeckersoulwrecker The 3rd Month ago +3

      +James Martin There are only 2 simple terms to fighting, 1. Show up on this night, 2. Be this weight. He's been over 3 of his last 6 fights. He's also had help monetarily from Rogan & Schaub and others for his son. HE seems to keep shooting himself in the foot

    • John Alessi
      John Alessi Month ago +4

      James Martin Then he should get a 9-5 or should I say 4am-8pm like the rest of us. Stipe is a fire fighter👨🏻‍🚒 and a fighter you don’t see him crying. Literally 😢, he needs to go earn his pay and stop his crying.

    • James Martin
      James Martin Month ago

      John Alessi homie risks his life for this give the man a break he’s dealing with a lot of issues and he has to provide for his family his son is sick it’s a hard life have some sympathy

    BRIANS WORLD Month ago

    This douche didn't even publicly thank Schaub for paying his fuckin hospital bills for his kid. I'd keep his $. Fuck him for missing weight. Than blame it on others. WAAAA WAAAAA
    Whata CUNT>

  • P Stone
    P Stone Month ago

    Heartbroken son

  • Gus Martinez
    Gus Martinez Month ago

    so wtf is borg bitching the nigga didnt make weight i mean he should move up i mean thats anothe cut missed

  • exit 1Ø1
    exit 1Ø1 Month ago

    daylight robbery... damn, why not just mug the man in the street! referee is a tosser.

  • Jerry Slivka
    Jerry Slivka Month ago +2

    135 Sir, best of luck..

    • Erick Rangel
      Erick Rangel Month ago

      Jerry Slivka this was at 135. He also missed weight

  • Trevor Huntoon
    Trevor Huntoon Month ago +6

    Make the weight

  • R Sole
    R Sole Month ago +3

    Hump fest.

  • IceKush
    IceKush Month ago

    Ray suck ass

  • S Saxman
    S Saxman Month ago +35

    Everyone seems so hard on Ray , i just feel bad for the guy , his real life issues are enormous, and i can't begin to understand what he's going through. My thoughts are with you good sir . You are a inspiration to people like me.

    • Haitian Xu
      Haitian Xu Month ago +1

      +S Saxman Right, right, that's why so many UFC fighters are flocking over to Bellator. I'm sure a no name like Ray Borg would get paid well in an org that pays prelim fighters in the low four figures. Oh I'm sure sponsorship will make up for it even though someone like former UFC Champ Ben Henderson has problem getting sponsors in the post-Reebok era. But I'm sure Ray fucking Borg will have an easier time with his massive popularity.
      lWhatever helps you sleep at night, lol.

    • S Saxman
      S Saxman Month ago

      +Haitian Xu , bellator fighters typically make more money than UFC fighter's... sponsors and such , but nice try

    • Haitian Xu
      Haitian Xu Month ago +1

      +S Saxman Who cares about making weight when you have a child with special needs?
      Answer: anyone who wants to provide for his child and not lose that 30% pay. Ray Borg's base pay is 25k/25k. By not making weight, he loses 30% of both show and win, that's 7.5k show, 7.5k win, that's a hell of a lot of money for someone in his position.
      What are you going to say now, who cares about money? Yeah, why would a financially struggling father care about potentially losing 15 grand, I wonder...
      You're right, the UFC showed him compassion, and he paid them back with unprofessionalism. Don't worry, like I said they'll get rid of his bum ass soon so he can go make less and cry in Bellator.

    • S Saxman
      S Saxman Month ago

      +Haitian Xu , yeah i understand you're point of view....again who cares about making weight when you have a child with special needs...
      How long would you like to keep repeating the same crap ? Im sorry youll have to find someone else to play repeat with , i have a sick child who needs my attention... but thank you again for showing me the UFC has more compassion than you ...

    • Haitian Xu
      Haitian Xu Month ago +1

      +S Saxman Why should the UFC give 2 craps about him when he doesn't give a crap about the UFC or acting like a professional fighter? UFC gives him a championship fight, he misses weight and forced them to cancel the fight. UFC keeps him in the org despite cutting so many other flyweights, and he repays them by missing weight IN A WEIGHT CLASS ABOVE, after pulling out half a dozen times with various excuses. Don't worry you'll know when he gets his release papers, then you can bitch about how the UFC is a heartless corporation, LOL. How much more entitled can one get honestly.

  • FireCell
    FireCell Month ago +3

    Maybe he should have made weight for his family too.

  • Bigshotz 12
    Bigshotz 12 Month ago +2

    More cup noodles for the kids