Gordon Ramsay's Pumpkin Soup With Wild Mushrooms

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • A delicious way to use the whole pumpkin.
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  • Tanya Dosh
    Tanya Dosh Day ago


  • Lois Loves Cheese


  • sunil sunil
    sunil sunil Day ago

    woow..love uu soo munch sir..

  • Suzanne Muliolis

    I love how sweet Gordon is with the kids...

  • jacob Stahl
    jacob Stahl 2 days ago

    You are such an awsome daddy to teach your girls to cook with you with love and patients.

  • Ruxy Mes
    Ruxy Mes 2 days ago

    Now this was a delight to watch. It's time to make my pumpkin soup even better 😅.

  • if u like and subscribe u love ur family

    ramsy i new who you are you r 53 1966 November 8 you have 4 children 1 is 19 2001 November 1 and 21 1993 November she called me her name is magen ramsy and all of ur kids last name is ramsy im comeing i now ur address i cant say it say goodbye ramsy💀💀💀😈🎭 were called the boston robs

  • Ryl Thing
    Ryl Thing 4 days ago

    Full of signs that Tilly will follow her dad's footsteps.

  • Lan Pham
    Lan Pham 4 days ago

    It is a healthy, yummy and very delicious soup of all time 👍❤️🙏🏻👍❤️🙏🏻

  • Laila Wilfred
    Laila Wilfred 6 days ago

    Isn’t she the sweetest

  • Rick McGhee
    Rick McGhee 7 days ago

    Making this today

  • xXStealthSneakXx
    xXStealthSneakXx 7 days ago

    what are the measurements of everything he used? i plan on making this for thanksgiving tomorrow

  • Audra Baldwin
    Audra Baldwin 9 days ago

    Tilly is absolutely adorable

  • Richa Nautiyal
    Richa Nautiyal 9 days ago

    So sweet!!! Reminds me of the time my dad used to teach me how to cook. ❤️❤️

  • Patrick Felix
    Patrick Felix 9 days ago

    A glob of olive oil and a touch of olive oil for him is the same portion? compared it on the other vids :)

  • gilda mastroianni
    gilda mastroianni 11 days ago

    This clip is a poem 😍❤️

  • thought patrol
    thought patrol 11 days ago

    0:25 "Right at the bottom of the root"
    The root is on the other side. F..n' city boys.

  • Vforfettuccine
    Vforfettuccine 13 days ago

    That sturdy hands has the skill to split big pumpkin perfectly half just inches in front of his own daughter face.. I wouldn't dare to do ot myself let alone in front of a child

  • Jseph Colanduono
    Jseph Colanduono 13 days ago +1

    It always good to have a ‘little help’. Well done chef.

  • Patricia Vincent
    Patricia Vincent 14 days ago +1

    Adorable. He is so sweet with his children.

    • Lauren Matal
      Lauren Matal 12 days ago

      He had her stand on a pot! So cute!

  • Anya C
    Anya C 18 days ago

    Omg so cute... the soup looks amazing as well!

  • Omdev Urmaliya
    Omdev Urmaliya 20 days ago

    Hi,sir Christmas is coming...social media is the best way of connecting with anyone..and then things go ahead.there are various rubbish on web,.see only authentic things,...what do u say abt India. Sir.

  • S M N Naz
    S M N Naz 20 days ago

    His kids are so cute, love how keen they are to cook. Love how he teaches them. Champion of a guy.

  • Yojara C.
    Yojara C. 21 day ago

    So sweet daddy ...

  • Gregory Wilkins
    Gregory Wilkins 21 day ago

    Tilly18 now,time flew

  • Tobiaz Tobiaz
    Tobiaz Tobiaz 21 day ago

    Tilly is good looking

  • Brynn Stevenson
    Brynn Stevenson 21 day ago

    I just love how Matilda is so fascinated and loves watching her father cook. I’m so glad one of the Ramsay children is as talented and loves food as much as Gordon.

    YOGINDRE V PAI 22 days ago

    Dry the seeds in sun with salt , fry it later and eat it.

  • Gut Eater
    Gut Eater 22 days ago

    Pumpkin are so expensive , never bought them , because I grew my own .

  • Jade Carmelle
    Jade Carmelle 22 days ago

    You already know when your child likes to cook.
    Tilly: i like messy !
    Holly: Ew ...

  • Zach (Zachary) M
    Zach (Zachary) M 22 days ago

    Where's jack

    Holly: Nice

  • chubbsy10
    chubbsy10 24 days ago

    I just tried this soup and OMG!!!!!! Best pumpkin soup ever

  • EM-OH-JI
    EM-OH-JI 24 days ago

    My Mom showed me how to cook rice

  • Folla's Channel فلة

    #Love it♡♡♡

  • KeanuBodypillo g
    KeanuBodypillo g 25 days ago

    If Jotaro and Tonio had a child Ramsay would be the baby

  • muhdsahrin kundang
    muhdsahrin kundang 26 days ago

    What a cute matilda😘

  • Rick McGhee
    Rick McGhee 27 days ago

    Wrap present without olive oil? What the hell!!!

  • Rick McGhee
    Rick McGhee 27 days ago

    This looks amazing. I'm gonna make it on Saturday. Wow. I hope I can find this pumpkin. Any substitutions?

  • Stelle de Vries
    Stelle de Vries 28 days ago

    Any boys there? 😅😂🤣

  • Shriniwas Pawar
    Shriniwas Pawar Month ago +28

    Tilly when she was a cute little girl:-
    Compliments her Dad(Gordon) "That looks great"

    Tilly now:-
    Roasts Gordon live on a TV show😆😆😆😆

    • josh waterman
      josh waterman 15 days ago

      Shriniwas Pawar there relationship is the best I hope they get along there whole life

  • Khristine Alvarado
    Khristine Alvarado Month ago

    I made this recipe for Thanksgiving two years ago. Everyone loved it and wants it again this year. Thank you for sharing your recipes! I’m going to make it again tomorrow for my Dad’s birthday.

  • hi
    hi Month ago

    The camera man really is a fan of Tilly

  • Eleni Kara
    Eleni Kara Month ago +2

    That filled my heart more than the Christmas specials ...

  • Hasmik Khatchatourians

    You have lovely kids, they are very sweet.by the way your soup is wonderful thank you .

  • Redshift
    Redshift Month ago

    Why is youtube recommending soup ive already cooked....?

  • corissa holbrook
    corissa holbrook Month ago

    It's bliss to my eyes when the little Ramsey's are in training

  • Random Nairobi Musings

    Beautiful recipe

  • AnamDraws
    AnamDraws Month ago +1

    Now, when we wrap the presents for mum we’re going to gently season the wrapping paper with salt and pepper, and finish wrapping it with just a TOUCH of tape

  • Noirin Croatia
    Noirin Croatia Month ago

    I made this today and there is no words to describe how amazing this soup is.It was loved even by family members who said no pumpkin soup can taste good 😂

  • john quiñones
    john quiñones Month ago

    Good girl pets daurher

  • [T]eorema
    [T]eorema Month ago +1

    I bet this guy loves more his olive oil than his family xd

  • Penny Dickinson
    Penny Dickinson Month ago

    She is so darned cute! Good dad!!

  • Shannon Jones
    Shannon Jones Month ago

    Did he say ham water?

    • Rosie haycock Rozie
      Rosie haycock Rozie Month ago

      Yes! I boil my ham/gammon. It gets rid of the fat but keeps the flavour, definitely recommend

  • Jessica Moylan
    Jessica Moylan Month ago

    I just uploaded a pumpkin soup video super quick & easy but im no ramsey 😅

  • Heather Barley
    Heather Barley Month ago

    is it cinnamon water?

  • Josh rami
    Josh rami Month ago

    Now that’s a beautiful and luxurious pumpkin soup. 🎃 🍜

  • John Wie
    John Wie Month ago

    ''oh you're so diplomatic''
    he says to his 8yo

  • B.H. games
    B.H. games Month ago

    2:35 dad of the fucking century

  • Ben Moss
    Ben Moss Month ago +1

    Move over Gordon the real chef's in the kitchen!

  • NoRTeÑiTa
    NoRTeÑiTa Month ago

    I made it tonight as dinner, my family loved it...thank you so much!