Sekiro : Speed Run

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • This is like the easy version of Dark Souls.
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  • 魁澈
    魁澈 14 hours ago

    iv watched this Video 7 times in past two days... still laughed out loud when I see he fights with the monkey part.

  • Alex Wieland
    Alex Wieland 16 hours ago

    Song name at the end, please?

    GUCCI SANDALS 20 hours ago


  • Sam Clipz
    Sam Clipz 3 days ago


  • Diego Alejandro Londono

    Love your fucking edits are the funniest 😂

  • Nepgeardam
    Nepgeardam 4 days ago

    Man that Red/Orange clothes must be giving him 3 times the speed

  • Михаил Абдулов

    «Speed Run”😂😂😂as if that exists with this game

  • XxMvpKostxX
    XxMvpKostxX 4 days ago

    go do far cry stealths peedrun dunkey LOL

  • jackroxable
    jackroxable 5 days ago

    Speed run halo 5 recap

  • Jacksongaming
    Jacksongaming 5 days ago

    Sekiro shadow with sanic power

  • Istaka
    Istaka 6 days ago

    lol, TVclip really think that this video is actually doing speedrun XD wtf

  • Milin Augustin
    Milin Augustin 7 days ago

    Special ed kids when there is a fire 2:46

  • Tea Boi
    Tea Boi 7 days ago

    So,what is dunkey doing, how does he get that fast? I still don't get it

  • G1 Sunstreaker
    G1 Sunstreaker 8 days ago +1

    I lost my shit when he started gunning it at 800 miles per hour

  • Michael Marrs
    Michael Marrs 10 days ago +1

    This video proves my point, the game is boring and repetitive, no skill needed whatsoever, block, swing and run, wow that’s some choices!!

  • HamC
    HamC 10 days ago +1

    fun fact: that kanji that appears after you die says "fuck"

  • Ellie Studios
    Ellie Studios 14 days ago

    ROBLOX speed run

  • Raymond
    Raymond 14 days ago

    no one:

    Dunkey: i was just here for the juul

  • Aheesh
    Aheesh 14 days ago +1

    Imagine how much faster he'd be if his brother wasn't playing.

  • Flying Gorilla
    Flying Gorilla 16 days ago +1

    Flying gorilla is way better than this game

  • Youtube Commentor
    Youtube Commentor 17 days ago

    Stubbs the Zombie: rebel without a pulse

  • groovy cat
    groovy cat 18 days ago

    probably the best dunkey ending card out of all the dunkey blockbuster videos

  • Dean Cutcliffe
    Dean Cutcliffe 18 days ago

    just so everybody here knows the facts. This is actually a hacked version of the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Now, what you need to take note of is that dunkey has created his career on lies. Shame on you Dunkey.

  • Kate Charney
    Kate Charney 20 days ago

    High schoolers in 2018

  • Crentist
    Crentist 21 day ago

    Watching his fight against juzou made me depressed that fight took me longer than it should have

    GLURDLESCLETCH 22 days ago

    More Dundee’s

  • Nano Tox
    Nano Tox 22 days ago

    Wow, didn't now Sekiro could be fun

  • The Amazing Knight
    The Amazing Knight 23 days ago

    Sekiro: dunkSpeed = 9000000

  • The Moon
    The Moon 24 days ago

    2:54 cut it's head so fast even the sword can't react on time

  • david burrus
    david burrus 27 days ago

    Sekiro: Friendship simulator

  • exnox Gaming
    exnox Gaming 28 days ago +1

    “Time for the boss fight”
    *literally farts on you with a sword*
    “Good fight”

  • Francesco M
    Francesco M Month ago +1

    So this is how that "journalist" cheated on Sekiro?

  • ITwas
    ITwas Month ago +1

    Naw gaming journos still can't beat it with this.

  • DizzlerDazzler
    DizzlerDazzler Month ago

    2:25 reminds me on the kungfuhustle chase

  • Felix Gutierrez
    Felix Gutierrez Month ago

    Guys I think he really did train with Samurai Jack!

  • Felix Gutierrez
    Felix Gutierrez Month ago

    2:54 Lmao

  • Oscar Vega
    Oscar Vega Month ago

    2:34 he looks like a fly

  • Kebin
    Kebin Month ago +1


  • Big Jimmy
    Big Jimmy Month ago

    4:27 I've been playing so much Zelda I'm expecting the katana to break.

  • PowerGur
    PowerGur Month ago

    good fight

  • Shade VP
    Shade VP Month ago

    Somehow this silliness always makes me smile :)

  • Lmao *
    Lmao * Month ago

    Outro song?

  • Be Kind
    Be Kind Month ago

    My favorite boss is long arm centipede giraffe who else

  • Christy Flores
    Christy Flores Month ago


  • Jeffrey Del Bagno
    Jeffrey Del Bagno Month ago

    The game really makes you FEEL like Sekiro

  • Rafaela Argus
    Rafaela Argus Month ago

    you seem like the me when im bored about that game

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown Month ago +1

    4:18 Anime fights be like

  • Rub Dub
    Rub Dub Month ago

    PETA does not approve of how much munkey abuse there is in this game. Neither do I.

  • ツVentegra
    ツVentegra Month ago

    That yeti looked like kratos

  • Darwin
    Darwin Month ago

    makes you seem badass tbh

  • El Criticizer
    El Criticizer Month ago +1

    Man, if you want to kill de ones with the wooden shield, you just need to use the Axe, after you break that you let him without defense

  • Leticia Sanchez
    Leticia Sanchez Month ago

    Dunkeys definition of speed run the character moves 3 times faster than supposed to me:goes to fortnite lets play cizzors deathrun! Beats it
    in like seven hours ok time to speed run,takes 22 minutes me: I thought it was supposed to be 3 times faster not 15!

  • vexonica 02
    vexonica 02 Month ago

    Devil may cry 2: Are you challenging me?

  • Olx Vol
    Olx Vol Month ago

    А почему не за час пятнадцать?

  • r/dankmemes
    r/dankmemes Month ago

    Hek ya

  • Master Flaepologist

    Sekiro the hedgehog

  • Cromonas
    Cromonas Month ago

    2:45 Ichimoji infinity

  • Marek Siciński
    Marek Siciński Month ago

    he said 'ano' not 'i know'

  • Lim Ze Elton
    Lim Ze Elton Month ago

    Wtf is the monkey part hahahahahahaha,😂😂😂

  • Equine Demi
    Equine Demi Month ago

    that fuckin BASSLINE tho

  • Ethan Geronimo
    Ethan Geronimo Month ago

    Slow run is optimal run

  • Sean C.
    Sean C. Month ago

    Yo is this game actually this broken? Because I was thinking of buying it on Steam. . .

  • John Wie
    John Wie Month ago

    shakira. hips lie twice

  • ChemicalDeviantX
    ChemicalDeviantX Month ago

    You cheated not only the game, but yourself.
    It's sad that you don't know the difference.

  • TheWilson Channel
    TheWilson Channel Month ago

    Darkaouls is Harden them sekiro

  • SumDude
    SumDude Month ago

    metal gear samurai git gud edition

  • SumDude
    SumDude Month ago

    *G O O D F I G H T*

  • Jonatan V
    Jonatan V Month ago


  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith Month ago

    Not killing your enemy's in one hit, wow.! Geuss this game was actually balanced...

  • Jacob Novak
    Jacob Novak Month ago

    You see Dunkey had 9 jumps there...
    *in the distance *
    "... nine?!"

  • Lizardmaster55102 Momo

    How the fuck did he increase the speed? I wanna try this

  • Babidi
    Babidi Month ago

    i didn't play much of this game, after i encountered just some regular enemy (well, he was a bit bigger and had a larger weapon, so i guess slightly above regular enemy) that I jumped down and assassinated with a cool looking murder graphic, only to watch him get up with one health bar being downed i just quit. why not use an animation of you say having to cut away his armor or something, it just felt so lame to obviously murder someone only for them to get up with no in game lore that they are like immortals or anything.

  • Marcus Robinson-Johnson

    I lost it when he said "now get back up, see what happens."

  • Angel Blade
    Angel Blade Month ago

    Can we get more Sekiro content?

  • Christian Higgins
    Christian Higgins Month ago +1

    Does anyone know the song at the end?