CLOSET TOUR | Jaclyn Hill

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018
  • I hope you enjoy my closet tour & the humor involved as well!
    I had so much fun filming this for you & hope you like seeing a peek into my closet. If you want more detailed information about my closet, organization tips, etc, leave requests below!
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  • Christopher Bruintjies

    My closet is as small as her bag section and i mean the bags that are hanging in the corner below

  • In Dreams
    In Dreams 6 hours ago

    hell nah if I was rich, I wouldn't buy them bloody shoes! those muthafuka's scrape off the paint when you walk!! the fuk? shit for over $800! shoot I would rather wear heels that just get dirty and NOT scrape off!!! what a joke

  • Leslie Nizama
    Leslie Nizama 18 hours ago

    Wonder what lipstick shes using, since its definitely not hers

  • Daisy Parry
    Daisy Parry 20 hours ago

    0:53 is so true she tries to say it as a joke but she does not do any hard work at all.

  • Daniela
    Daniela Day ago

    I will never get tired of this video. It’s too good

  • Andreza Flocoos
    Andreza Flocoos Day ago

    Achei esse início dela um pouco forçado

  • Sophie Nad
    Sophie Nad 2 days ago +2

    Result of all the shitty products she comes up with N y'all buying them lol

  • Hailey Grove
    Hailey Grove 2 days ago

    Only Jaclyn would have an intro like that

  • hoodshit
    hoodshit 2 days ago +3

    Does anybody else not like this women?

  • Susie Buchanan
    Susie Buchanan 2 days ago

    So amazing! I love your closet..... ❤️

  • Youtube Acc
    Youtube Acc 2 days ago

    I like how neat you keep everything. Even if you have less stuff in your closet than that if you keep it clean, you don't lose your stuff, and you know where everything's at.

  • lil mochi
    lil mochi 3 days ago +2

    I literally watched the intro without sound and omg😂😂😭😭😂 I was so confused until I put the volume up😂😂😂😭😭😂😂

  • Janina K
    Janina K 3 days ago +66

    okay but are you recalling these lipsticks hun? xx

    • Sarah Petersen
      Sarah Petersen 16 hours ago

      commenting that on another video is so pathetic. get a life... Why should she recall them? Everyone that is having a problem is getting a refund AND a new lipstick. There are so many people where everything is okay.

  • Yara&Eric GJ
    Yara&Eric GJ 3 days ago

    My closet is so so so so small 😂😂😂

  • Hannah Hitchens
    Hannah Hitchens 3 days ago +3

    no one needs that many clothes or shoes or bags, give it to someone who actually needs it, this actually makes me feel a bit sick nil

    • Hannah Hitchens
      Hannah Hitchens 18 hours ago

      @Shaw Ty I'm not hating! I just feel bad when I see ppl who live like this when others can't even afford to buy a pair of shoes u know?

    • Shaw Ty
      Shaw Ty 18 hours ago

      No, she does not need to give anything. She can afford it so she can have it. Don’t hate!

  • Ecem Çe/ik
    Ecem Çe/ik 4 days ago +7

    İs this a closet tour? Watch Jamie Chua's closet tour.

  • Fish Lover
    Fish Lover 4 days ago +1

    So u have tags on it means u don’t wash your clothes before and after u take them offf ..... Jesus !!!!! Now we know the mold source

  • Palak Taing
    Palak Taing 5 days ago

    hahahahahha,oh lord i cant stop laughing . what a funny beginning, she seems to be wague queen who is more like "dady's princess" and literally just little drunk to make those faces and do anything. Sorry but she looks crazy , i was wondering abut the guy who pored champaign after which she just kept on rotating her head right to left, left to right at 180. Idk if closet is interesting or her expressions. also people, idk her but she must be of worth profile (i just overheard on youtube her launch fails, hair or fiber etc) or must have worked for it, why do you wanna feel low about that. why not work and build for you if you want to?

  • Marisol Pearls
    Marisol Pearls 5 days ago +5

    But.... What treasures do you have in Heaven? 😕

  • Ellie RC
    Ellie RC 6 days ago +28

    Jaclyn you’re going to have to sell all of this to help pay for the class action lawsuits that are filed against you!

  • Mio Negga
    Mio Negga 6 days ago +3

    0:52 is kinda ironic atm... coupled with lipstick shade names "control freak" and "perfectionist" :7 just sayin!

  • sf tr
    sf tr 6 days ago +5

    queen of tacky

  • Humble Kim
    Humble Kim 7 days ago

    This is literally one of my favorite videos I watched it so many times I lost count 😂👍

  • Jennifer If you must know

    This girl got rich off the back of her subscribers that she shits on every launch..

  • ilyn ferhaoui
    ilyn ferhaoui 7 days ago +3


  • Erin Stannard
    Erin Stannard 8 days ago +1


  • Kiwia Wheeler
    Kiwia Wheeler 8 days ago

    her closet is double the size of my room

  • V MA
    V MA 8 days ago +7

    “Your shoes will always fit.”
    Except when you are nine months pregnant and then three months postpartum. Some of mine still don’t fit. 😩

  • Nalani Clemente
    Nalani Clemente 9 days ago +1

    She’s a bragger in the beginning and some people don’t have things like that

  • Boo boo
    Boo boo 9 days ago +10

    This video just called me poor in 57 different languages

  • New Subscriber Notification 2

    Jeffree’s closet *CANCELLED* Jaclyn’s:

  • Payton Campbell
    Payton Campbell 11 days ago +20

    Girl... what is you doing.

    • Payton Campbell
      Payton Campbell 29 minutes ago

      This woman is constantly talking about how she’ll “never do a closet tour, never flaunt her money” when this is EXACTLY that. Lol, this ain’t humble

    • Morgan B
      Morgan B 10 hours ago

      She is being humble. Everyone wanted this video and this is her money she worked hard for. U just jelly and if u not jelly, say nothing.

  • Naz Naz
    Naz Naz 12 days ago

    This is not closet this is the store where every girl goes to buy these stuff 😁😂

  • RainyBlox
    RainyBlox 14 days ago

    My closet is the size of a tiger ;-;

  • Vanessa Perplies
    Vanessa Perplies 14 days ago +2

    I actually organize my clothes the EXACT same way. By color and sleeve size!!!!! Love.

  • Shann Suarez
    Shann Suarez 15 days ago

    Her closet is bigger than my house hahahahah but I Love her she’s humble

  • jean chua
    jean chua 17 days ago

    Wow...your mother taught you the most important thing

  • Elizabeth San
    Elizabeth San 19 days ago

    DAYUMMMMM..... I wonder how long it took to collect all those clothing

  • Amanda Maria
    Amanda Maria 19 days ago


  • Aaron Boone
    Aaron Boone 19 days ago +7

    LOVE THE CLOSET. But where are the Birkens??

  • Momtaz Naser
    Momtaz Naser 19 days ago

    Her closet is bigger than a supershop..(also my home)🏘🏘

  • L A
    L A 19 days ago +4

    I'm getting jealous😭😭

  • Blossom Nguyen
    Blossom Nguyen 20 days ago

    Love you Jaclyn 💕

  • Emily Suarez
    Emily Suarez 20 days ago

    Goals af

  • Dhelle's Journal
    Dhelle's Journal 20 days ago +4

    A true narcissist 🤪

    • The Mango
      The Mango 15 days ago

      She worked 4 it. Stop hating

  • Karlos Sebastian Smith
    Karlos Sebastian Smith 21 day ago +1

    The intro is too much and totally irrelevant. Rich people don't normally do that inside their closet. But you rock!

  • Nusrat Jan
    Nusrat Jan 21 day ago

    Are you trying to be sexy because bro this aint not gonna work

  • JustSabs
    JustSabs 21 day ago


  • JustSabs
    JustSabs 21 day ago


  • Liana J’adore
    Liana J’adore 21 day ago +1

    С гардеробом Киркорова не сравниться ничто, никак и ничей! А эта дрындычиха не удивила абсолютно!

  • Dezaray2001
    Dezaray2001 22 days ago +4

    Nah but the intro is really how I’m tryna be😭

  • Melisa Melisa
    Melisa Melisa 22 days ago

    ist die geisteskrank amk😂😂😂

  • Bailey Boyd
    Bailey Boyd 22 days ago

    It’s crazy looking back and now you’ve done a collab with quay!!

  • Lea
    Lea 23 days ago

    I’m OBSESSED with her jacket!!!!!! Please someone tell me what brand is this I need it

  • Barbara Hunt
    Barbara Hunt 23 days ago

    Nice closet

  • Carol Moraes
    Carol Moraes 23 days ago +1


  • Jaiden Jurgensen
    Jaiden Jurgensen 23 days ago

    Ew wth that intro...

  • Prashuma Mishra
    Prashuma Mishra 24 days ago +5

    I got a mini heart attack 😂😂😂
    Bt seriously evryone's deeam closet😍😍😍

  • Cassie Lewis
    Cassie Lewis 25 days ago +1

    At least she’s not one of the people who throws nice things on the floor

  • Jackie Ho
    Jackie Ho 25 days ago

    I loved hearing about your favorite pieces!! Thanks for sharing

  • Cassie Lewis
    Cassie Lewis 25 days ago

    I own like 2 things from each of those sections. But from target

  • Lissa Slimen
    Lissa Slimen 25 days ago

    LOL ! Her closet is like my house

  • sam i am
    sam i am 27 days ago

    Damn she even has a birken

  • Angela Grohovac
    Angela Grohovac 27 days ago

    What was that intro ???????

    • The Mango
      The Mango 15 days ago

      What do you think it was? Tf

  • Brent Dykeman
    Brent Dykeman 27 days ago

    My closet is the size of your shoes closet part

  • Goodwaysoflife
    Goodwaysoflife 28 days ago

    " I love them so much I will never get rid of this show like even if one day I don't like them anymore. I'll always keep them because I have so much sentiment with this pair of booties" __ Jaclyn Hill. Recommendation: I can imagine you love them as you just expressed through your words. I was wondering that if you love them that much. If there is going to be a day you don't like them anymore. How about if you give to someone who you really appreciate like your best friend ( in case is a female ) so she can wear them? It is just a sugestión but it is your choice to do whatever you want as it is your life and your decision. Additionally, you could use that space for something else :) Previously, as I said. It's your life and your decison to do what is best for you and makes you happier

  • Gary Simcox
    Gary Simcox 28 days ago +2

    omg the intro is so extra i’m LIVING

  • Renata Sitepu
    Renata Sitepu 28 days ago

    I don't have a heels lol

  • Nicole Seetoh
    Nicole Seetoh 29 days ago

    Same here Jaclyn!
    Black matches my soul

  • Jangelina
    Jangelina 29 days ago +2

    Laundry day must be brutal 😅

  • elie975
    elie975 29 days ago


  • D S
    D S 29 days ago

    Jesus loves you. Repent. Save your life...

  • Norain Basirron
    Norain Basirron 29 days ago

    *while forcing people to buy ur product*

  • Ãmêlïä Rodriguezz
    Ãmêlïä Rodriguezz 29 days ago +1

    The intro 😂😂

  • Angie Vargas
    Angie Vargas Month ago

    shoes for dayssss

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    Does her closet come with her being real? Read book of Matthew. Not so religious but showing off is not the way to live your life. Humble yourself & you did let few coins change yourself that itself is a shame hopefully you change back to you in the beginning when I liked u in kitchen talking Mac doing makeup

    • The Mango
      The Mango 15 days ago

      She worked hard for all this stuff. Ppl were begging for her to shoot it so she did. She is being humble about it

  • Jerzee Aj
    Jerzee Aj Month ago

    You better push thru with that intro... lol

  • Guy Drori
    Guy Drori Month ago

    So basically you have no regard for your own money or the environment . . . way to go -- great way to set an example

  • C K
    C K Month ago

    We pay all her stuff with us likes 😅

  • حبيبت بابا بنت بغداد

    اكو عرب بطياره

  • فطم فطومه
    فطم فطومه Month ago

    شنو هاذه يا خره

  • Vikingsandra
    Vikingsandra Month ago +7

    Her face reminds me of Christina Aguilera

  • El Dae
    El Dae Month ago +3

    jaclyn hill: i have a lot of black clothes
    safiya nygaard: hold my black clothing dye

  • kyle huntertv
    kyle huntertv Month ago

    My closet is literally the size of her

  • StayDontStray
    StayDontStray Month ago +283

    But does your closet have a bulletproof door with a retina and fingerprint scanner??

    *Yeah that's what I thought.*

    • Riley E
      Riley E 16 days ago

      StayDontStray hahah

    • owobeatrix
      owobeatrix 22 days ago +3

      Maybe, this was a year ago 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Elizane Guima
    Elizane Guima Month ago

    Rica e outro nível aprenda val marquiore

  • Makeupby_KACY
    Makeupby_KACY Month ago +1

    No the first part of this video it looks like she is trying to shoot a music video

  • Ying Yue
    Ying Yue Month ago +3

    This is bigger than my life expectancy

  • ThatOCGirl.
    ThatOCGirl. Month ago

    When i lost a bunch of weight- my shoes ALL became huge on my feet...... lol.. good thing most of them were not designer. I was heart broken though.

  • Dee Dee Snow
    Dee Dee Snow Month ago

    P.S. Lay your sunglasses the opposite way and you'll fit so much more. Glass top...its on the end brainer!

  • Tam Ge
    Tam Ge Month ago

    Oh good

  • Crystal Lee
    Crystal Lee Month ago +2

    Love your style! Love your humor!...Love everything in your sick closet!😩💕

  • Curious Chaotic
    Curious Chaotic Month ago +3

    7:03 Yo, why you be deadass wanting to just wear a white tank top WHEN YOU HAVE SO MANY COOL CLOTHING PIECES?

  • Princess Consuela
    Princess Consuela Month ago

    I need to see more of those bags!! ☹️

  • Min and Nim
    Min and Nim Month ago +1

    I love heels and I don't have one pair and I can't afford one pair, I am poor, any chance u could gimme some?? no lol jk

  • Laamat on parhaita :D
    Laamat on parhaita :D Month ago +3

    This closet is bigger than my room and livingroom compared :D
    Ya'll can call me peasant if you want to

  • bill dede
    bill dede Month ago

    δωσε γκαζι μωρη αναπηρη

  • Dana Sawan
    Dana Sawan Month ago +1

    You Let friends and family come and borrow bags from your closet. Wow. You are really such a sweet girl.

  • Symantha Steele
    Symantha Steele Month ago

    Loved this video so soo soo much

  • Skinny Bad bitch
    Skinny Bad bitch Month ago

    M’y closet is two time bigger