Hot Mess Vs. Organized


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  • Robin Vannoy
    Robin Vannoy 3 days ago

    Ashly is litterly me😑😂

  • James Moore
    James Moore 3 days ago

    Did she just open up an umbrella indoors

  • Noela _isdabomb
    Noela _isdabomb 6 days ago

    The hot mess girl just acts like she’s drunk all the time

  • Liaknowshowtoplay
    Liaknowshowtoplay 7 days ago

    I am organized. And a little bit of a hot mess

  • kalorinenora
    kalorinenora 8 days ago

    I little bit of both

  • Ainsley Illium
    Ainsley Illium 11 days ago

    Never get it mullion times, got a card holder for all passport,visa etc etc!@😂😂😂😂

  • Jojo
    Jojo 16 days ago +1

    I‘m organized but also a hot mess something in between

  • Jas GV
    Jas GV 17 days ago +1

    "I'm a mess, I'm a loser, I'm a hater, I'm a user."
    "I'm a mess for your love, It ain't good."
    - Bebe Rexhaaaa.

  • Moonlight.x
    Moonlight.x 21 day ago

    I'm the mess. Without a doubt.

  • Iris Sullivan
    Iris Sullivan 22 days ago

    5:59 BAD LUCK!!

  • Adilene Garcia
    Adilene Garcia 22 days ago

    I am both

  • Adrians Tazans
    Adrians Tazans 22 days ago

    Im sure that she forgot her id because she opened the umbrella indoors

  • Zahra Ahmed
    Zahra Ahmed 24 days ago

    Ashley organised?

  • Claire IsATornado
    Claire IsATornado 27 days ago

    Hot mess

  • Mels Watermelon
    Mels Watermelon 28 days ago

    i always relate to ashley. in this case, i don’t.

  • Otter in a box
    Otter in a box Month ago

    Omg my bro has that EXACT SAME STUFFY! My parents lied that it was one of a kind then...

  • McKenna Cawley
    McKenna Cawley Month ago

    I'm organized

  • Raahi Mehta
    Raahi Mehta Month ago

    Having either of them as roommates sounds like a nightmare

  • Sally Al-Kayyali
    Sally Al-Kayyali Month ago

    Being organised means I have time for everything it's best than being a mess

  • Wild Feminist
    Wild Feminist Month ago

    Im a hot mess no matter what ._.

  • Pãtty Çäkè
    Pãtty Çäkè Month ago

    Just because you're a "hot mess" doesn't mean your trashu

  • jijo smitha
    jijo smitha Month ago

    I feel like most people. are a hot mess .

  • Laura Bordeanu
    Laura Bordeanu Month ago

    Me = orginaized My bro = hot mess

  • Cuzy :3
    Cuzy :3 Month ago +1

    procrastination gets to me. Thats why I'm in between.

  • Abby Rodriguez
    Abby Rodriguez Month ago

    Omg I am so both

  • Sarah Riggins
    Sarah Riggins Month ago

    I am the organized one

  • kenzy Hatem
    kenzy Hatem Month ago +1

    Unexpected end😐

  • Ella Anne
    Ella Anne Month ago

    My name is Ella and I'm a hot mess

  • hope mail
    hope mail Month ago

    0:25 тнє ρσσя ¢αт! 🐾

  • IR3X 1222
    IR3X 1222 Month ago

    I am both of em'

  • Kurumi Shinoda
    Kurumi Shinoda Month ago +1

    Ashly is me on weekdays
    Ella is me on weekends

  • holly
    holly Month ago

    i’m the organized one

  • SkewyBones
    SkewyBones Month ago

    How do you sleep on a chair and wake up in a bed

  • Syesha Ganju
    Syesha Ganju Month ago

    I'm the over exited one

  • Jacky ZVLA
    Jacky ZVLA Month ago

    This happens to me. I'm really organized and love to be. But I also tend to forget about things.

  • Marissa Escudero
    Marissa Escudero Month ago

    Omg who realised that Ella has a double jointed elbow

  • Patrick Albrecht
    Patrick Albrecht Month ago

    I'm 100% the organized one

  • Mega Nerd
    Mega Nerd 2 months ago

    My mom told me I was a hot mess. I said thanks for a complement but im more of and ugly mess😝

  • the aldc/audc life
    the aldc/audc life 2 months ago

    i am definitely organized, i pack a week in advanced, plus i make a list three times

  • Ellaphant - lol
    Ellaphant - lol 2 months ago

    The cat was secretly saying he wanted to die

  • miss, jazzy
    miss, jazzy 2 months ago

    I'm kinda little bit of both

  • Hoe Seok
    Hoe Seok 2 months ago

    I can do both.

  • Minty plays fortnite
    Minty plays fortnite 2 months ago

    I’m the person that is somewhat in between

  • Cookie
    Cookie 2 months ago +1

    She forgot her ID because she opened the umbrella inside

  • Foxy Quinz
    Foxy Quinz 2 months ago

    Why is this part so oddly satisfying?

  • Amaretto Punsch
    Amaretto Punsch 2 months ago

    I am a hot mess

  • Taylor Stanford
    Taylor Stanford 2 months ago

    Im only organized for vacation

  • Yorha A2
    Yorha A2 2 months ago

    I'm not kidding but I'm a mix of both actually, I know it's weird 😐

  • FunMiaLoL // StopMotion FILMS

    wow LOL

  • Dericka sinda
    Dericka sinda 2 months ago +1

    I’m more a HOT MESS DUH

  • Michelle Schwarz
    Michelle Schwarz 2 months ago

    Hot mess is better

  • Nicole Rivera
    Nicole Rivera 2 months ago

    I'm like both

  • Johanna Plöckl
    Johanna Plöckl 2 months ago

    Hold the plane 😂😂😂

  • Isabelle Mellody
    Isabelle Mellody 2 months ago +1

    i want to be organized when i'm older but sharing a room with a super messy sister is ANNOYING !!!

    i want her to clean the room NOT ME!!!

  • nisha rathi
    nisha rathi 2 months ago

    "hold the plane”

  • Lizzy Grant
    Lizzy Grant 2 months ago

    I'm such a mess, sadly I'm not hot :(

  • Emma Christiansen
    Emma Christiansen 2 months ago

    I am super organised but I would never forgot important things. Also is it strange that I enjoy making lists?

  • DatNerdGirl 5
    DatNerdGirl 5 2 months ago

    Is it somehow possible that I am both?

  • Sharnali Zaman
    Sharnali Zaman 2 months ago

    Organised organised organised organised organised organised organised organised organised organised organised organised

  • Slimey World
    Slimey World 2 months ago

    Ashley is my fav 😂

  • Elena Law
    Elena Law 2 months ago

    Omg Ella’s hair jehebdjfkekwurgrhbenenenenenb

  • Miss Princess
    Miss Princess 2 months ago

    Sums up my total existence up to this point

  • Elina Danilova
    Elina Danilova 2 months ago

    Im such a hot mess.

  • Marcel The Marketing Guy

    I know why Ashly had that bad luck bc she opened her umbrella in her house 😂

  • Sunshine Studios
    Sunshine Studios 2 months ago

    I’m organize so I feel good. It’s safe to be organize

  • Sophia Barrantes
    Sophia Barrantes 2 months ago

    You wanna know why Ashely forgot her I.D .. it’s because she opened the umbrella indoors ..
    this comment is supposed to be a joke .. so please don’t attack me :3

  • Hot tea
    Hot tea 2 months ago

    I am the hot mess one

  • xXButtercup ShortcakeXx
    xXButtercup ShortcakeXx 2 months ago +1

    She forgot her ID because she opened an umbrella inside and that's mad luck.

  • Giselle Lopez
    Giselle Lopez 2 months ago +1

    Since when is Ashley organigized

  • Fuller house Moments
    Fuller house Moments 3 months ago

    Since when was Ashley organized???

  • Want a Coke?
    Want a Coke? 3 months ago

    That girl was drunk

  • TheHappy1
    TheHappy1 3 months ago

    I am so both

  • Lover Girl
    Lover Girl 3 months ago

    That poor cat!😂😂😂

  • ゲームゲーマー
    ゲームゲーマー 3 months ago

    We all know Ashely would never be this organized

  • Anna Grace
    Anna Grace 3 months ago

    Ashely has bad luck now

  • Michelle Zee
    Michelle Zee 3 months ago

    Ella’s my girl!!!!

  • Crazy Craft
    Crazy Craft 3 months ago +1

    Ashley is me and Ella is well... my brother lol

  • Nicole
    Nicole 3 months ago

    That ending tho

  • Uvaldo Luna
    Uvaldo Luna 3 months ago

    Honestly it depends on the day. I could be either one of these .p.

  • Katie G.
    Katie G. 3 months ago

    I’m DEFINITELY the organized one! One a day to day basis I carry Clorox wipes, nail polish, febreze, a tide stick, wrinkle erasing spray- the list goes on and on. 😂😂

  • hannah williams
    hannah williams 3 months ago

    I can be both when I feel like it

  • Trans PixL
    Trans PixL 3 months ago

    I am such an organized person, but I always end up being a hot mess

  • Saanvi Arora
    Saanvi Arora 3 months ago

    I m rhe hot mess

  • Arwen Choate
    Arwen Choate 3 months ago

    how am I both?

  • dallas olivia
    dallas olivia 3 months ago

    0:24 ok but why is no one aknowledging the fact that the cat is having a heart attack???

  • Pooja Nand
    Pooja Nand 3 months ago

    I am definitely the organized one

  • Sarah Countiss
    Sarah Countiss 3 months ago

    I don't view myself as organized more like overly stressed about everything.

  • Blossomness Studios
    Blossomness Studios 3 months ago

    I'm a hot mess.

  • TheMariezeus
    TheMariezeus 3 months ago

    My room is a meassss

    But im super orgenize...

  • x x
    x x 3 months ago

    why am i both of these

  • solly x
    solly x 3 months ago

    I'm in the middle.

  • past el.
    past el. 3 months ago

    *_That smile on Ashley's face when she opened the umbrella._*

  • kina meen
    kina meen 3 months ago


  • Lara Palma
    Lara Palma 3 months ago

    Why aren't these people major stars????

  • Ava_ry Ace
    Ava_ry Ace 3 months ago +1

    The OCD in me hates that Ashley forgot her ID fffff

  • Kim IsMe
    Kim IsMe 3 months ago

    Oh, I should do that: Reminders for good things about me

    TEAM RAVENCLAW 3 months ago

    Lol I’m like Ashley I’m organised except for the one tiny detail that mucks up all my plans 😂😂

  • Ons
    Ons 3 months ago

    Honestly I’m always organized I can’t live if I’m not but I always end up being like Ashley here 😂😂

  • Hair
    Hair 3 months ago

    I'm the organised

  • Tanvi Ozarkar
    Tanvi Ozarkar 3 months ago

    i am definitely a hot mess!