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  • Dawn Hickman
    Dawn Hickman Day ago

    Noah: punch time
    Should that count? I'm 11 idk what that meant

  • Nick Hyde
    Nick Hyde Day ago


  • GachaStudioLover GachaStudioLover

    Y'all keep talking bout Keith cheating it's just a game like y'all acting like y'all never cheated before

  • Amir Lee Glover
    Amir Lee Glover Day ago

    I came for Noah’s hair
    Keith’s hats
    shaynes craziness
    Courtney’s beauty
    Olivia beauty and weirdness
    And Ian...the father

  • Hannah E.
    Hannah E. 2 days ago

    3:26 7:42

  • AngelKitten1125
    AngelKitten1125 2 days ago +1

    Courtney and Noah keep holding hands 🤭😯

  • Kiana Hall
    Kiana Hall 3 days ago

    Lol Shayne was looking at the card as Olivia was picking it up

  • Autumn King
    Autumn King 3 days ago

    11:46 = 911

  • phoenix styles
    phoenix styles 3 days ago

    who else thinks Noah and Courtney would be a super cute couple

  • gerrika x
    gerrika x 6 days ago

    I love Courtney's hair but I love it's shortness too

  • Katherine Mahaffey
    Katherine Mahaffey 6 days ago

    7:46 lol

  • Lava Milk
    Lava Milk 7 days ago

    Stan WINNER, stan talent.

  • JBA Productions
    JBA Productions 7 days ago

    Ohhhh I like that she like AI AI AI whatattttrt

  • Dana McCallum
    Dana McCallum 7 days ago

    Would have been a close game if Keith hadn’t cheated 😂

  • xd snipz
    xd snipz 9 days ago

    Blowing a tiny Man

  • RenalynMoto 00
    RenalynMoto 00 11 days ago

    Shayne, Olivia and IAn should have won bc keith used noises when he wasnt supposed to

  • Irene lover101
    Irene lover101 11 days ago

    #11:03 well she seems to be very happy

  • Mr. smileyman
    Mr. smileyman 13 days ago

    Why was Ian getting so salty..?

    Also, I don't get why everybody doesn't like Keith... It's a fucking charades game.

  • xXMyLifeIsPointlessXx
    xXMyLifeIsPointlessXx 14 days ago

    Pause at 2:03 look at Noah’s hand HEA HOLDING COUrtnEys HanD

  • Jared TheBear
    Jared TheBear 14 days ago

    Olivia looks like ariana grande from behind

  • grace fry
    grace fry 14 days ago

    Did no one else notice when Noah reached down and held Courtney's hand

  • PastełWøłf
    PastełWøłf 14 days ago

    "Oh I like that she went aye aye aye"
    -Keith Leak Jr.

  • jordan strahan
    jordan strahan 15 days ago

    Shayne and Ian is my favorite smosh people and funniest

  • emily frazer
    emily frazer 15 days ago

    Keith: I hear sounds Shayne: *flips Keith off*

  • Tiffany Brownell
    Tiffany Brownell 16 days ago

    Come on and jam and listen to my jam blueberry jam and strawberry jam yeah

  • Cassandra Butler
    Cassandra Butler 17 days ago

    Hey for the first time I looked in the comments and people be hitting on the Smosh members so much. Nobody be talking about Olivia, Ian, or Keith tho?

  • Cassandra Butler
    Cassandra Butler 17 days ago


  • Eliza Allen
    Eliza Allen 17 days ago

    And then you will see it again soon and if I could give i

  • a a
    a a 17 days ago

    1:12 Courtney and Noah are holding hands

  • Titanium Flips196
    Titanium Flips196 17 days ago

    Guys if u notice that Keith and Noah look at the card how you may ask they look when Courtney picks it out does wrong guesses sometimes then they say it and bam they cheated but when courtney isn't there they can't get it sometimes lmao

  • ummm catherine
    ummm catherine 17 days ago

    Shayne and olivia look like they have a thing for each other

  • Bella Steele
    Bella Steele 17 days ago

    this was weird to me because i don’t normally see keith without his shirt on

  • Jenny Doan
    Jenny Doan 18 days ago

    Courtney’s team is cheating I’m pissed Keith u suck I’m mad af

  • Madnium
    Madnium 18 days ago

    7:44 Nice timing Olivia. :D

  • The_socialbutterfly 1
    The_socialbutterfly 1 18 days ago

    13:02 lol the way he tripped 😂

  • Danielle rhodes
    Danielle rhodes 18 days ago

    that guest guy was annoying lol

  • Gachaverse Potatoez
    Gachaverse Potatoez 18 days ago

    I came for noahs hairstyle wich i thought was ice cream....strawberry..yeah. And Keiths strawberry bandana and Courtney.....i seen her hair got longer or she cut it

  • NoobieLou142
    NoobieLou142 19 days ago

    Listen to Keith at 15:31

  • Kam 37
    Kam 37 19 days ago

    "Come on and jam and listen to my jam blueberry jam strawberry jam"
    Shayne Topp 2017

  • Brianna Villatoro
    Brianna Villatoro 19 days ago

    Why does Noah’s shirt have 6 fingers on the skeleton hand

  • Tom’s Wild life
    Tom’s Wild life 19 days ago +1

    It should be the cournoaths

  • Ffion Vlogsss x x x
    Ffion Vlogsss x x x 19 days ago

    "it's like normal charades but sick and twiiissstteddd" - Noah 😂😂

  • Maya Myrthil
    Maya Myrthil 20 days ago

    Oh mhyyyyty when Court Court had long hairrrrr.

  • Sara Pav
    Sara Pav 20 days ago

    2:03 Noah reaches for Courtney’s hand

  • Sara Pav
    Sara Pav 20 days ago +1

    Noah’s shirt has six fingers

  • Caber Cabe45
    Caber Cabe45 21 day ago

    Where did Anthony go?

  • Destiny Vondal
    Destiny Vondal 21 day ago

    Play again

  • Hailee Buban
    Hailee Buban 21 day ago +2

    1:11 AHHHH NOAH AND COURTNEY!! 🥰🥰 I ship

  • Macy Payne
    Macy Payne 22 days ago +1

    I loooveee how at 1:12 Noah goes down to grab Courtney’s hand 💖😍 omg and he doesn’t grab noahs, his best friend’s 🤔😍 whas goin onnnn 😛😍💖

    • Macy Payne
      Macy Payne 22 days ago +1

      Omg and how at about 2:05 she says she’s in a handsome sandwich omg then looks at Noah 💖💖

  • Marissa Downtain
    Marissa Downtain 22 days ago

    lol, Shayne flicked off Keith!!

  • Shelby Lynn Ennis
    Shelby Lynn Ennis 22 days ago


  • New number who dis ?
    New number who dis ? 22 days ago

    The good old days when Courtney had long hair

  • Hannah Roberts
    Hannah Roberts 22 days ago

    After they said your police my bed room lit up blue and red and it was a police.

  • Cassidie Baker
    Cassidie Baker 22 days ago

    That lap dance though

  • jfmsmith289
    jfmsmith289 23 days ago

    shane:donut fuck with me. random person: WHAT YOU SAY 2 MEE BRA

  • Dark Stormz
    Dark Stormz 27 days ago

    Olivias team had 9 points and noahs team had 11

  • Jane Breslin
    Jane Breslin 27 days ago

    Can you please add more FREAKIN'S in please. Do like Shane FREAKIN' Topp or Noah FREAKIN' Grossman.

  • robert quintanilla
    robert quintanilla 28 days ago

    does keith like courtney? because noah was next to courtney and then keith swithed

  • נער ציון
    נער ציון Month ago +1

    9:41 😂😂😂

  • Zero Cig
    Zero Cig Month ago

    im always down for a nice game

  • Kai Games
    Kai Games Month ago

    Keith stop making noise

  • AjsVlogs 1216
    AjsVlogs 1216 Month ago

    Mud Flaps!

  • Michael Talaski
    Michael Talaski Month ago

    How about twist the twists

  • Happy Life
    Happy Life Month ago

    1:11 watch Noah and Courtney

  • Ash miles
    Ash miles Month ago

    1:13 omg the more I watch the cuter it is she looked and then he looked and then it happened

  • Ash miles
    Ash miles Month ago

    Anyone else see Courtney and Noah hold hands in the very beginning??????? I love this show don’t get me wrong ik their like family but it was so cute

  • Grace Carabillo
    Grace Carabillo Month ago


  • Muskaan P
    Muskaan P Month ago +1

    I love how curse words are bleeped out but sex isn’t

  • Francis Dimaano
    Francis Dimaano Month ago

    Lmao Shayne, Olivia and Ian might have won if Keith knew that rules exist lmao

  • sindy julienne
    sindy julienne Month ago

    I might be wrong but I think that Courtney and Noah are dating because at 1:10 and 2:02 they were holding hands

  • Daniel Bauman
    Daniel Bauman Month ago

    They cheated to much

  • Amachi Johnson
    Amachi Johnson Month ago

    okay in the beginnig did you see that face that shayne made at olivia? then she kinda had a weird look on her face... im confused

  • Elijah _j
    Elijah _j Month ago

    13:17 were my high five at Courtney?

  • Emma Pine
    Emma Pine Month ago

    Smosh art

  • ChickyChac
    ChickyChac Month ago +1

    omg we want more!!!!

  • That Red Echo
    That Red Echo Month ago

    At 2:02 Noah slyly puts his hand on Courtney's hand. I'm on to you Noah

  • Mazde Riora
    Mazde Riora Month ago

    5:44 LMAO 😂 Courtny!

  • Emma and Hayla
    Emma and Hayla Month ago

    Before the game starts , .... I bet Courtney and Olivia will kiss

  • Averie to the Smith

    When will you post another try not to laugh?

  • Bryce Noble
    Bryce Noble Month ago +1

    I like orange
    Like if you ate a cracker 💮💎💵

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres Month ago

    Good win although the noise making from them but they didn’t have the card good game

  • Sanjay Abrol
    Sanjay Abrol Month ago

    13:03 I cant stop laughing 😂 😂

  • NekoDragon Animations

    Shayne is on Topp

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B Month ago

    The mudflap thing made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself.

  • Battery
    Battery Month ago

    "She said ay yai yai" LMAO

  • JoAnna Maestas
    JoAnna Maestas Month ago

    I love Noah but I'm questioning because everytime I turn around Keith and Noah are hugging or whispering to eachother hagshdndjddj 😂❤💀💀💀 I still love him

  • HopZ HD
    HopZ HD Month ago

    Olivia is hot

  • Valeria Munoz
    Valeria Munoz Month ago

    Who is your favorite out of the squad

  • Weirdo McWeird
    Weirdo McWeird Month ago +1

    I really wanted to slap Keith when he cheated !!!

  • Veco Crucillo
    Veco Crucillo Month ago

    I like it when Keith put up a fake handgun then noah put his arms up HAHAHAHAHAH😂😂😂😂

    SHAYA SQUAD Month ago

    9:11 at 11:45

  • Alexa E
    Alexa E Month ago +1

    Olivia’s team should have won cause the other team kept making noises!

  • Neko Loli
    Neko Loli Month ago

    take out 8 points keith cheated

  • elias mom
    elias mom Month ago

    the only thing that's changed about Noah is his hair and that his face hit puberty.

  • писько-тряс

    1:11 oh my...

  • писько-тряс

    I love smooosh ^-^

  • Touch ma bum 5
    Touch ma bum 5 Month ago

    I fucking love your vids 😂😂

  • Fierce Gacha Fox
    Fierce Gacha Fox Month ago

    Shayne’s song should be an actual song for them

    XD 1 Like = 1 verse for them to make the song

  • Puddle Duck98
    Puddle Duck98 Month ago

    I was eating an orange and shot juice up my nasal passage at the busting a nut part

  • Kelly Hatcher
    Kelly Hatcher Month ago

    Yeah go coutney