Pablo Torre: Luka Doncic should be the first pick in the 2018 NBA draft | High Noon | ESPN


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  • Miami HEATFTW22
    Miami HEATFTW22 3 months ago

    Six eight

  • Davka
    Davka 4 months ago

    is it rip off from Kobe's video or Kobe ripped off. even the usage of word extinct?

    • Davka
      Davka 4 months ago

      also checked out Suns coach Igor kokoskov on Luka. he says Doncic is great fit for suns and even says he gonna be superstar in NBA. there must be higher ups who overruled his opinion about drafting Doncic

  • Josiah Green
    Josiah Green 4 months ago

    😂😂😂These guys swear up and down that Doncic is special. I just don’t see it. At best he’s Toni Kukoc

  • Jay Thao
    Jay Thao 6 months ago

    these 2 have similar personalities nothing special

  • george makedonopoulos
    george makedonopoulos 6 months ago

    this is amazing,, i believe that the end of the world is coming ,, aliens have invaded US and they took human form, Doncic is way better than every one in this draft, Bagley would be right now a bench player in a good European team and Young for sure (in 4 years he would be good ),, so let’s sit comfortable and enjoy the rookie year of Luka together with the Mavs fans who are very lucky ,, this is a comedy the stupidity of the Hawks is monumental,, they are comedians, probably there is something wrong , a curse maybe, that all the GMs there dangerous and stupid( except Ferry and we see what happened to him ),, let’s talk again in 6 months,, every year I am waiting for the Hawks picks to made my day,,,

  • Antonette Angala
    Antonette Angala 6 months ago

    Wonder boy will be a killer in dallas with Smith Doncic amd Barns great future for the cavs

  • andz c
    andz c 6 months ago

    welcome mavs

  • The Phenomenal One
    The Phenomenal One 7 months ago

    i agree 👍

  • AriSafari293
    AriSafari293 7 months ago

    and of course my hawks trade him >________>
    god damn it

  • Frederick0220
    Frederick0220 7 months ago +2

    Anti-white SJW Pablo Torre is advocating for a white guy to go #1 overall?! Is this real life?!?!

    • Frederick0220
      Frederick0220 6 months ago +1

      That may be the dumbest comeback I've ever seen. I am anti-SJW to the core. SJW are illogical virtue signalers who are racist towards white people and despise men.

    • Mark Drekaj
      Mark Drekaj 7 months ago +1

      Frederick0220 shut up ur the SJW bro

  • paidxtra
    paidxtra 7 months ago

    Hawks traded him for Trae Young 💀

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 6 months ago +1

      paidxtra and a pick, and if trae young hits his potential the hawks will have won the trade but if he busts they might’ve made the dumbest trade of all time

  • Ross Best
    Ross Best 7 months ago

    Pablo might actually be right.

  • Bruce Williams
    Bruce Williams 7 months ago

    This would be a big mistake if taken at 1.

  • Big Marcus 202
    Big Marcus 202 7 months ago

    This show is dumb

  • Raymond Ragbar
    Raymond Ragbar 7 months ago

    Basketball is still a big man sport, The problem with the NBA is all the talking heads who think they know it all.

    • Benny Ubub
      Benny Ubub 7 months ago

      it might be but given the past two teams who won the title and where the nba is going. wouldn't it be better to just get a big man that can effectively run the pick and roll and play defense?

  • Charlemagne Da Fraud
    Charlemagne Da Fraud 7 months ago

    Hope my Bulls get him

  • jason tan
    jason tan 7 months ago


  • Creux
    Creux 7 months ago +1

    *I wonder if the fact that Phoenix signed Doncic's former coach is a coincidence.*

  • Siga Muga Caca
    Siga Muga Caca 7 months ago

    this guys Pablo trippin...Luka is 6"8....he is not 6.6

  • Siga Muga Caca
    Siga Muga Caca 7 months ago +1

    Luka Doncic is the best player in the draft and it's not even close

  • Z Fu
    Z Fu 7 months ago

    Fuck Ayton!!! I want Luka!!

  • djaramillo09
    djaramillo09 7 months ago

    You need a big man who can stretch the floor like Kat, Embid, Cousins , Anthony Davis etc. What is everyone in the comment section talking about ????

  • Bmore24 t
    Bmore24 t 7 months ago +1

    No he shouldn't.

  • Lew Lope
    Lew Lope 7 months ago

    I was waiting for the Undertaker to come out & tombstone these two after that bell sound LMFAO

  • Righteous1
    Righteous1 7 months ago

    He will make any team better because of his playmaking and basketball iq but not sure if they'll win a championship

  • GeneralEY 23
    GeneralEY 23 7 months ago +2

    He is the most NBA ready prospect in this draft by far. He is ready to make an immediate impact wherever he goes. The fact that his floor is already pretty high and higher than other players in this draft, makes me wonder how high his ceiling is. Will he get much better than he already is and be a superstar or not is the question. I believe players like Ayton, Jackson Jr and Porter Jr have higher ceilings but wont make an immediate impact like Doncic will.

  • Nate Erre
    Nate Erre 7 months ago

    Why the hell are there white bars... make it full screen jeez

  • Iam PlayerOne
    Iam PlayerOne 7 months ago +1

    if the played in below zero temperatures doncic would be one for sure..

  • Cookie _Games14
    Cookie _Games14 7 months ago

    Hes 6.8 ffs u dumbasses

  • Big Reaper
    Big Reaper 7 months ago

    everyone is really on this doncic train.
    Also Pablo is crazy defense and pick roll defense is crucial for big man but not doncic. Who will doncic guard. You have to be a transcendent talent like harden, curry or kyrie for people to ignore your defense. if your ok and cant play defense you will only start for suns or the magics.

    • Big Reaper
      Big Reaper 6 months ago

      stop conversation over

    • Bleckyyyy
      Bleckyyyy 6 months ago

      I don't get it... If you were actually honest you'd admit european defense is better than nba... When i watch Harden Westbrook and rest of the so called athletic stars... ON DEFENSE... I could guard like that let alone Doncic xD Yeah he's bigger... But that makes him LOOK slow :D He already succesfully guarded Westbrook when he was 16 y old. But whatever... Remember my comment once the season starts...

    • Big Reaper
      Big Reaper 6 months ago

      Trevor Ariza or Igoudala or clay will easily guard doncic. He will not play guard. he is just too slow for that position. Lets just hope he gets into shape so he can guard anyone on the floor. Also he needs to be faster to get his own shot off. Lets be honest euro league doesn't compare to the NBA. All I'm saying is he needs a lot of physical training before he can compete in the NBA. With a lot of hard work he will get there

    • Bleckyyyy
      Bleckyyyy 6 months ago

      Let me ask you this then... How will harden or curry guard Doncic? He is huge compared to them :D

  • Wati Umi
    Wati Umi 7 months ago +12

    I find it funny how more than half of the NBA teams & fans don't understand/realize that the NBA has changed... You haven't been able to play big men vs the Warriors for damn near 3~5 years! The best big men in the league put up monster stat lines vs the Warriors & still lose by 20+ LMAO!!! Houston figured it out, you need an elite back court (CP3/Harden) that can match the Warriors 3 point consistency/output. I'm not a Warriors fan but the Warriors have set the standard & the Rockets represent the blueprint to competing/beating those standards.
    You're not winning the chip with a traditional big in today's NBA!!!
    I had Luka Doncic #1 from day 1 & still....

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 6 months ago

      right cause you only play the warriors death about teams stop switching and play man to man...cause usually 90% of the time there is a center out there with another center that switches onto a guard reason or stays on perimeter to switch onto wings...the warriors for example had za za west bell looney mcgee any of them even shoot from mid slow and old school bill wennington types..dont tell me the nba is small when the best team has 5 bigs who dont shoot 3's put there to guard...capela embidd hoford ad23 kevin love gobert jonas are real quick guys lol..thats what suceeds in the playoffs...thosr slow bigs...

    • thalegacy6
      thalegacy6 7 months ago

      Mohammad Masood Wakily, no Demarcus Cousins you idiot... Did you not watch? What's his ppg avg?

    • TurkeyBacon510
      TurkeyBacon510 7 months ago

      thalegacy6 lmao... U just made his point, u idiot, he just said bigs put up MONSTER STAT lines vs the warriors and still lose by 20+... did u not watch the gsw vs NO series, it happened just like that.

    • thalegacy6
      thalegacy6 7 months ago

      Wati Umi, Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins, they rape the warriors in the paint. The Warriors just have 3 very deadly sharpshooters.

  • Lacy Coleman
    Lacy Coleman 7 months ago +1

    the future of basketball tho lol thats a huge reach lol G.A and ant davis types are the future. players like ben simmions and joel are the future. along with a few step curry clones

  • Donell Clemons
    Donell Clemons 7 months ago

    Funny how people think centers are dying breed. In order to beat LeBron you need a center to keep him out the paint. This have been proven time after time.

  • MemeTeam
    MemeTeam 7 months ago

    luka looks like steve rodgers. Sub here if u agree and for an upcoming vid of my top 10 teams after the draft

  • William Gates III
    William Gates III 7 months ago

    Unathletic, zero defense, turnover machine, injury prone, average shot. He will be a good bench player if you don't need defense.

    • Bleckyyyy
      Bleckyyyy 6 months ago


  • Zach S
    Zach S 7 months ago

    His lateral quickness seems to be a problem. The dude has game but his biggest question mark isn’t even his fault, it’s the fact that Euro style players have historically struggled to adapt to the NBA. Yes there have been exceptions but those aren’t as likely. That being said Bagley is the safest pick, all he needs is to get better defensively.

  • Bearboy193
    Bearboy193 7 months ago +1

    The Suns won't need him, they need a Center... Ayton is the right prospect.

  • jimmie williams
    jimmie williams 7 months ago

    Get the fuck outta here

  • rip93ford
    rip93ford 7 months ago

    Don't worry Suns gonna take Ayton #1, then trade up to get doncic

  • Brandon Martin
    Brandon Martin 7 months ago

    Luka scored 8 points in the championship game. Overated dude

  • Jay Pro Wrestling,Hoops,BTNH.

    Like bumcic

  • Jay Pro Wrestling,Hoops,BTNH.

    Sooo many first take wanna be shows with idiots tryna copy wat Stephen a and skip once had..

  • Saint Aubyn
    Saint Aubyn 7 months ago

    I hope Luka dominates next season

  • Logan Garrick
    Logan Garrick 7 months ago

    Suns with Doncic, D Book, and Jackson?? Y’all would have your big 3 and then pick up a rim protecting big in Free Agency it’s not rocket science

  • Brock Brown /The O.D.
    Brock Brown /The O.D. 7 months ago +1

    Madness Ayton is the pick

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      Brock Brown /The O.D. Aytons to much of a liability on defense, having a bad defensive point guard is a lot better than a poor rim protector for center

  • bigboner23
    bigboner23 7 months ago

    Rush hour 4

  • The Gamble Show
    The Gamble Show 7 months ago +1

    I don’t get the Luka Doncic hype

    • Jardermorder
      Jardermorder Month ago

      Do you get it now?

    • W/L winner Loser
      W/L winner Loser 7 months ago +1

      The Gamble Show He’s been playing in the second hardest league in the world since 16 years old He’s the youngest to ever win MVP in the league he’s also the first player since 1990 to have a triple double in the euro league he led his team by himself to the euro league championship

  • king lou
    king lou 7 months ago

    White boys can't dominate the nba like a European league. That's why he's not going number 1 and he will be exposed

    • Bleckyyyy
      Bleckyyyy 6 months ago

      Ofc he says that lol :D That benefits his image as one of the greatest whites... Jezus u MURIIICANS cant read between the lines :D Just like chuck saying euroleague sucks cuz 19 year old won MVP. Also... Kristaps Porzinghis is black huh... Its amazing how much you look at history when it benefits you :D EVERY PLAYER IS HIS OWN STORY.

    • king lou
      king lou 6 months ago

      Bleckyyyy I guess the great Jerry west is racist too cuz he admitted why there is no more white players in the NBA. He's one of the greatest GMs of all time. He ain't drafting no white guys lol. I like the kid from Villanova tho but Luca is overrated

    • joshua Mattson
      joshua Mattson 6 months ago

      Steve Nash? Jason Kidd (halfwhite) jj Reddick, goran dragic
      All great pg and sg

    • Bleckyyyy
      Bleckyyyy 6 months ago

      Your rasist black mind is exposed.

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      king lou what 😂 dirk, jokic, mark gasol, Steven Adams, kristaps, Gordon Hayward

  • 4quabu1siness 916
    4quabu1siness 916 7 months ago +3

    If im sacs front office id take bagley for safer pick and doncic if i need a SF

    • 4quabu1siness 916
      4quabu1siness 916 7 months ago

      DEK TRAN what organizational probs

    • DEK TRAN
      DEK TRAN 7 months ago

      doncic says he wont sign with sac or memphis because of the organizational problems

  • Wooski Onehundred
    Wooski Onehundred 7 months ago +2

    Will easily take Bagley, Ayton, and Bamba over him with ease just based off athleticism and potential. Doncic will be good but I don’t see him leading a team to the championship in the Nba

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      Wooski Onehundred who’s the last big that lead a team to a championship?

    • DEK TRAN
      DEK TRAN 7 months ago

      doncic has a high floor and low ceiling

  • AD1
    AD1 7 months ago

    Bruh at 19 he's an inch taller and 8 pounds lighter than Draymond Green was at 22 and he's a PG that can also play SG, SF, and PF. You really questioning his ability to defend?

    • Bleckyyyy
      Bleckyyyy 6 months ago

      Cant wait for doncic to guard Trae young xD hahahaha

  • Steven Richard
    Steven Richard 7 months ago +3

    This show awkward af

  • MrNikkistyles
    MrNikkistyles 7 months ago

    Joel Embiid got played of the floor? Do this guy know basketball?

  • jay pullum
    jay pullum 7 months ago

    What time does the draft come on (eastern time?)

  • Airven Francis
    Airven Francis 7 months ago

    If it was Luca vs josh Jackson sure it’s debatable but all these people who are into analytics are saying Luca it ayton has way more upside Luca doesn’t look like a unicorn.

    • Airven Francis
      Airven Francis 7 months ago

      ASAP BAS you don’t know how his game will translate into the nba as far as a defender giannis was never projected to be a defensive player he has potential it’s easier to guard some one like Luca then it would be to guard a 7footer who can shot like towns and kristaps and Joel.

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      Airven Francis but how many bad defensive point guards are successful in the league? Harden, curry, Westbrook Barely even tries on defense, Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving... and how many good centers are bad on defense? Would you rather have a bad defensive point guard or a bad rim protector as your center?

    • Airven Francis
      Airven Francis 7 months ago

      ASAP BAS and Luca is a lock down defender?

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      Airven Francis ayton can’t play defense 😂 and he’s supposed to be the best defender on your team lol

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones 7 months ago

    Short Asians don't know anything about basketball. European players are busts.

  • ColecoKidd WR
    ColecoKidd WR 7 months ago +1

    Luka might not be the best player in this draft, but he seems to be the best at making his teammates better. Can he do it in the NBA?? I think so.

  • Tom 2300
    Tom 2300 7 months ago +1

    Who tha fuck is this Asien motherfuka😂😂😂??? And the other black man has a insane big back head head

  • Jerome Boateng
    Jerome Boateng 7 months ago

    SO MANY people are sleeping on this show

  • Noname
    Noname 7 months ago +5

    Unless there’s a big like KAT in the draft, you go with guards and wings.

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      Feagle what he’s worse than towns at everything except maybe post scoring

    • Feagle
      Feagle 7 months ago +1

      Ayton is KAT but more talented.

  • Jorel Byssainthe
    Jorel Byssainthe 7 months ago

    Is he part phillipino, lol.

  • David Ruffin
    David Ruffin 7 months ago

    Man dude ass ain’t gone be shit in the NBA

  • Luis Candy
    Luis Candy 7 months ago +1

    Luca will be Number 1
    Straight ignorance and discrimination if he ain't...

  • Quincy Westbrook
    Quincy Westbrook 7 months ago +1

    I’m from az no one wants a damn European

    • Quincy Westbrook
      Quincy Westbrook 7 months ago

      CoolStuff 1011 2 people from az projected to go top 5 I will never watch another suns game if they draft him

    • CoolStuff 1011
      CoolStuff 1011 7 months ago

      Quincy Westbrook I think he'll surprise you.

  • Jordan Mata
    Jordan Mata 7 months ago +1

    The Kings hate at the end of this is unacceptable

    • DEK TRAN
      DEK TRAN 7 months ago

      jordan mata the kings are trash organizationally

    • AD1
      AD1 7 months ago

      It's okay, they all talk out of their asses. These guys have no idea how big of legends Vlade and Peja are in eastern Europe.

  • Ricky Garcia Jr
    Ricky Garcia Jr 7 months ago

    how many fucking shows does there have to be where they talk about basketball ?

  • Drew STX
    Drew STX 7 months ago +1

    Spurs should try and trade for a high pick to get this guy

    • Drew STX
      Drew STX 7 months ago

      Btw they trade kawhi

  • thehomiealan
    thehomiealan 7 months ago +7

    not athletic enough. good player, not great.

    • Rahul Sharma
      Rahul Sharma 7 months ago

      Andrew Wiggins is athletic, Luka already won a european MVP.

    • thehomiealan
      thehomiealan 7 months ago

      i dont believe those measurements are accurate. if they are, then a fair comparison of someone that size would be guys like scottie pippen and kawhi leonard. he's nowhere near as athletic as them.

    • thehomiealan
      thehomiealan 7 months ago

      ben simmons doesn't need to shoot if he can get to the rim without resistance. if teams start finding a way of stopping his drives to the basket, then he must develop a shot. he should really start working on it now to avoid that issue.
      one of kristaps's big strengths pre-draft was his athleticism for his size so idk where that came from. the concerns for him were the physicality of the game which still linger bc of his injury issues. although, he's already proven that he can be dominate when healthy.
      steph curry doesn't need elite athleticism bc his handle is world class and he can any type of shot from anywhere. steph's game is purely finesse and works bc he gets his defenders off-balance.

    • thehomiealan
      thehomiealan 7 months ago +1

      you can be white and athletic. gordon hayward is white and athletic. he just doesn't look explosive enough on tape. if he can find success with that, then good for him. but i haven't seen many guys in his position that lack great athleticism be very successful in the nba.
      james harden has world class handle and in the gym range, same with steph. klay is a lockdown defender and a knockdown shooter. they have world class traits. if luka's IQ and vision are truly world class, then he can find success. but for me, i just worry about the athleticism holding him back from being great.

    • Ze
      Ze 7 months ago

      thehomiealan what you’re really saying is he is white lmao let’s be real.....he can work on his conditioning and overall athleticism and he doesn’t have to be black to be able jump high FYI lol if the one thing he is lacking is explosive athleticism yet he has tremendous basketball IQ, great shot mechanics and already a great 6’8 230 frame alongside very good ball handling skills and range.....I would say he is a very safe pick at any point in this draft even at #1...people do remember James Harden came into the league and people were saying the same shit right? Lol he isn’t explosive or doesn’t have a quick enough first step, so on and so forth. The game isn’t all about athleticism dummy. Look at Steph curry and Harden and even a Klay Thompson. Y’all act like Luka can’t even explosively dunk or something smh lmao

  • Ray Pittman
    Ray Pittman 7 months ago +5

    booker and doncic in the backcourt would give up 50 a night on defense

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      Ray Pittman and ayton is probably worse considering he’s supposed to protect the rim lol he couldn’t even do that in college lol

    • Ray Pittman
      Ray Pittman 7 months ago +3

      His lateral movement was suspect. He wasn't even that great of a defender in the Euro league

    • AD1
      AD1 7 months ago

      how? he's bigger and stronger than any guard in the NBA besides Simmons.

  • al
    al 7 months ago

    Bomani jones is the goat

  • Bon Futur
    Bon Futur 7 months ago +2

    The kings are going to be better this season hopefully giles is back and jackson gets more time

  • KLUV
    KLUV 7 months ago

    Both imo will not turn this organization at all! Phoenix will still be PHX...

  • adam7mma
    adam7mma 7 months ago +5

    We want Ayton but thanks

    • adam7mma
      adam7mma 6 months ago

      ASAP BAS huh?

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 6 months ago

      adam7mma what 😂 philly fleeced you in the trade but bridges is a good pick and the suns did fuck up by taking ayton

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      adam7mma what 😂 ayton is a bad rim protector and the suns were the worse team at points in the paint and you want ayton 😂 at least doncic is a bad defensive point guard, that’s definitely not as bad a as a bad defensive center. But Phoenix is an irrelevant team anyways

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      adam7mma so you want to keep on losing lmao I guess Phoenix is just tuned to it lol

  • George Zabel
    George Zabel 7 months ago +47

    Passing on Luka is a historical mistake. There have only been two or three centers since 2000 who have been the best player on a contender (Shaq, Duncan, Dwight). Better to go with Euro Larry Bird.

      CHRISTIAN. JUNIOR 6 months ago

      Bruh, how do you forget KD, he was the motor behind that Celtic Team, when he wasn't healthy they lost

    • leon dafuq
      leon dafuq 6 months ago +2

      Readabook 160 i want what u are smoking

    • Sarei
      Sarei 6 months ago +1

      Wolves weren't bad, but they weren't a contender for a Championship either

    • Readabook160 Gaming
      Readabook160 Gaming 7 months ago


      MUSTAFA HAYDER 7 months ago

      Duncan was a PF.

  • Pablo Ramirez
    Pablo Ramirez 7 months ago

    He will be the 1st pick, mark my words

    • Joseph Smith
      Joseph Smith 7 months ago

      P&G Highlights He didn't go #1

    • Pablo Ramirez
      Pablo Ramirez 7 months ago

      Yes, i watched every single game from Luka this season and i've never seen a 18-19 years old playing like a 35 years old veteran in the second best league in the world. Deandre Ayton is good and has a lot of potential but i think Doncic is the guy everybody wants to start a winning franchise. Imagine a player with his basketball IQ and a guy with a killer 3pt shot like Devin Booker that drains every assist from the wonderboy!

    • Joseph Smith
      Joseph Smith 7 months ago

      P&G Highlights Do You think McDonough will be sneaky and backstabbed Ayton and pick Doncic?

  • Thecheesecurlmaster
    Thecheesecurlmaster 7 months ago +4

    What really matters is that jojo part 5 anime got announced!

    • Nick Green
      Nick Green 7 months ago

      Thecheesecurlmaster if your profile has anime in it then your opinion doesnt matter

    • Thecheesecurlmaster
      Thecheesecurlmaster 7 months ago

      BK Ken October 2018

    • BK Ken
      BK Ken 7 months ago

      whaaaaaaaat? for real?

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 7 months ago

    Embed played off the floor? What series did he watch lol

  • KinG9 #0
    KinG9 #0 7 months ago +58

    wtf is this show

  • vishal sorout
    vishal sorout 7 months ago

    I have seen first take, undisputed, herd's show and every other hot take show out there but this is the saddest of them all.

  • Compton 187
    Compton 187 7 months ago +1


  • Groovy K
    Groovy K 7 months ago +7

    I hope he fall to Atlanta

    • Farmer With A Shotgun
      Farmer With A Shotgun 7 months ago

      Groovy K right that last minute trade was wack to me

    • Groovy K
      Groovy K 7 months ago

      Well Atlanta let me down again but hopefully trae young can be similar to Curry

    • Farmer With A Shotgun
      Farmer With A Shotgun 7 months ago

      Hell yea we need a player to build around

    • DEK TRAN
      DEK TRAN 7 months ago

      pop trades kawhi for doncic

  • willemdee
    willemdee 7 months ago +17

    Luka Doncic will be the next Darko Milicic.

    • DEK TRAN
      DEK TRAN 7 months ago

      doncic has been a pro since 13, he will get burned out.

    • Dennis Galabo
      Dennis Galabo 7 months ago


    • hejasou
      hejasou 7 months ago

      Just comparing those two is sutupid af

    • Ze
      Ze 7 months ago +1

      willemdee you’re an absolute dumb ass lmao

    • Pauli650
      Pauli650 7 months ago

      lol yeah cause he is white and has an ic surname

  • Jan-Carlo Thomsen
    Jan-Carlo Thomsen 7 months ago +105

    Everyone that will pass on him will regret it

    • Al Jones
      Al Jones 7 months ago +1

      He's not holding any grudges. He flat out said that if a cellar dwellers drafted him, he'd extend his contract with Real Madrid until they traded away his draft rights.
      He went third and neither of the two teams that passed on him (including the team that drafted him) were teams he was willing to play for to begin with.

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      Brandon Martin there’s a reason why you’re not working as an analyst lol

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      Brandon Martin dirk is white kristaps is white there have been plenty of successful white players 😂 there are other facts that you seem to be ignoring. Ayton was a no show in the tournament, while doncic won a title in euroleague which is significantly harder to win than the March madness tournament/national championship. He is considered the best player in euroleague and ayton was considered the best player in NCAA and players in the euroleague are significantly better than college players. If a player can play he can play whether he’s white or black lol

    • Brandon Martin
      Brandon Martin 7 months ago +1

      ASAP BAS you’re an idiot if you ignore cold hard statistics.

    • Basim Israr
      Basim Israr 7 months ago

      Brandon Martin yeah ok so you’re retarded if you base your argument on that he’s white 😂

  • Rahul Manoharan
    Rahul Manoharan 7 months ago +20

    Dumb show

  • OGGOAT_ _
    OGGOAT_ _ 7 months ago +48

    I would take Luka. Clutch af. Centers are a dying breed..Bigs cant keep up with guards. This is a new age league..shoot pass dribble

    • Benny Ehud
      Benny Ehud 7 months ago

      Native BeastMode lol Yea, N.O., Hou, POR, Bucks, PHI, BOS, MN, OKC, UTAH, WAS, TOR, CLE, MIA etc. can't shoot. But all were in the playoffs.
      Houston & Clev fell to GSW b/c neither team could shoot. Houston missed 4,000 three-pointers in a row lol BOS couldn't shoot. That's why they lost to Clev. Smart, Rozier, and Brown were awful shooting that Game 7. Clev couldn't shoot against GSW. That's why they were blown out.
      Clev. is the only team I listed w/o a 7'0 guy that they rely on. But they have Lebron.

    • Danny Ainge
      Danny Ainge 7 months ago

      Benny Ehud oh lol my bad.

    • Benny Ehud
      Benny Ehud 7 months ago

      Native BeastMode I was AGREEING with you. I was pointing out how GOAT said that the new NBA was about "shoot, dribble, pass." I was saying that is not true. Big men in the NBA are still dominant. Almost every team but Cleveland had a really good big man, even GSW w/ the 7'0 Durant. NBA teams can't really shoot. They use big men for defense or 7'0 guys shall I say.

    • Danny Ainge
      Danny Ainge 7 months ago

      Benny Ehud what are you talking about? That had nothing to do with my comment.

    • Benny Ehud
      Benny Ehud 7 months ago

      Native BeastMode The NBA can't shoot. GSW can shoot. Add Kyrie and Hayward to BOS, and they will be a team that can shoot. The rest of the NBA can't shoot. Yet, everybody is acting like 15-20 teams in the NBA can mirror GSW. No, they can't lol BOS, HOU, WAS, TOR, UTAH, OKC, NO, MN, CLE, MIA, Bucks couldn't shoot. Yet, they were all in the playoffs.

  • David J
    David J 7 months ago +8

    Luka...not a Bust or a #1 Pick! More like a young Ginobili.

    • Federico d'Este
      Federico d'Este 7 months ago

      yeah I know Ginobili is great, luka is bigger though and has accomplished more at a younger age than Manu, so i'd take him #1.

    • David J
      David J 7 months ago +1

      AD1 Meaning in size. He'll be decent. Not a Franchise player.

    • David J
      David J 7 months ago +2

      Federico d'Este I've seen him repeatedly and stand by my Statement. Btw Ginobili will be a that's a quality comparison.

    • AD1
      AD1 7 months ago +1

      You know he's 6'8/230 right? He's physically closer to Lebron and hasn't even started lifting or working with NBA trainers yet.

    • Federico d'Este
      Federico d'Este 7 months ago

      have you seen him play? just curious, not attacking

  • J Lee
    J Lee 7 months ago

    Luka to the cavs and trae young in NY

  • L Johnson
    L Johnson 7 months ago +2

    Should but wont.

  • Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    Guarantee this dude will be a bust

    • Rogoznica FC
      Rogoznica FC 2 months ago +3

      Ay man, what do you have to say now? being only under 20player with lebron and someone (idk who) to average over 20ppg

    • Deso2121
      Deso2121 7 months ago +3

      How can a fucking Euroleague MVP that won it being 19 years old be a bust? Are you retarded?

    • Alpha Macho
      Alpha Macho 7 months ago

      EddieRHS sidewalk kraka

    • adam7mma
      adam7mma 7 months ago

      17RedKnight he'll delete it

    • angelofdeathjk
      angelofdeathjk 7 months ago +4

      Skill>Athleticism. Every. Single. Time.

  • Fucking Symmetry Bitch
    Fucking Symmetry Bitch 7 months ago +1

    What a bunch of cookie cutters

  • King Wani
    King Wani 7 months ago +1

    Luka to the cavs

  • Band BoyBrian
    Band BoyBrian 7 months ago +1

    Go check out my highlights..

  • jo jo
    jo jo 7 months ago +1

    Hope he goes to Memphis

    • DEK TRAN
      DEK TRAN 7 months ago

      memphis has a trash organization

  • KingCantona14
    KingCantona14 7 months ago +17

    Luka is the truth!