The Dentist from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Tim Conway & Harvey Korman star in "The Dentist" - one of the most popular sketches from The Carol Burnett Show! Conway plays a recently graduated dentist who accidentally injects himself with novocaine his first day on the job.
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    About The Carol Burnett Show
    While there’s no truth to the rumor that “CBS” ever stood for The Carol Burnett Show, for eleven seasons and 278 episodes, this star-studded extravaganza of sketch comedy, song and dance became entertainment central for the network and TV viewers. Burnett operated in a relaxed theater setting that allowed her to take questions, cut loose with her famous Tarzan yell and join fellow performers Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner to have a laugh or sing a song. The show received 25 Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globes, making it one of the most honored shows in television history.

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Comments • 1 067

  • Kaveman Synthwave

    Best skit ever in comedy, nuff said

  • Jimmy Miller
    Jimmy Miller 3 days ago +2

    Must of seen it a thousand times hilarious

  • jacque trosper
    jacque trosper 5 days ago

    Poor Harvey!

    GLITTER ACHI 7 days ago

    We had such laughter and fun ~ These wonderful "comedians " will never be replaced ~ I am glad I grew up with them.,

  • jacque trosper
    jacque trosper 7 days ago

    This sure beats the heck!!!!! out of going through Medicare plans for 2020😁😂😀😭🤣

  • G Williams
    G Williams 7 days ago

    Absolute ever..

  • Jared J DiGirolamo
    Jared J DiGirolamo 8 days ago

    6 :17 Korman starts to lose it so hard I would be crying so hard and laughing my tail off

  • Nancy Newman
    Nancy Newman 9 days ago


  • Citadel of winds
    Citadel of winds 10 days ago

    One of the funniest things ever. I laughed so hard I was tearing up and could hardly breathe. Those two were among the greats of comedy, but Tim Conway was in a class of his own.

  • Dragan Pajvanček
    Dragan Pajvanček 10 days ago

    I think this sketch is first time Tim was in the show...If I remmember this fact correctly.

  • David E Johnson
    David E Johnson 12 days ago

    Hopefully Heaven has become a little funnier!

  • MudBuggy393
    MudBuggy393 14 days ago +2

    Todays comedians don't come close to this. Classic.

  • mismatched sock
    mismatched sock 15 days ago

    There's nobody funnier in the world, I don't think, than Conway - Carol Burnett

  • Eduardo Braivein
    Eduardo Braivein 16 days ago

    How long did "The Carol Burnett Show" run?

  • Joe Maldonado
    Joe Maldonado 19 days ago +1

    One of the funniest shows ever. Have them all on dvd and every episode is hilarious

  • redflamered
    redflamered 20 days ago

    Reason I stopped watching this show. All the contrived laughter from these two over-rated, second string, hams. Felt I was being played for a sucker.

  • Jak Silver
    Jak Silver 20 days ago +3

    I've heard Korman literally peed himself he was laughing so hard

    • Brian w
      Brian w 17 days ago

      Tim was always very proud that he made Harvey pee his pants lol

    • Al
      Al 20 days ago +1

      Carol Burnette said in an interview he was crying real tears by the end...and 80% of the skit was ad-libbed by Tim

  • Michael Bodine
    Michael Bodine 22 days ago

    Sketching and comedy do work...);

  • Ralph S
    Ralph S 23 days ago +2

    RIP Tim,RIP Harvey... laughing together again in the great comedy show in the sky.

  • Vodkarage
    Vodkarage 24 days ago +1

    Miss this show, me and my family use to sit together for every episode growing up.

  • PAT Warner
    PAT Warner 25 days ago +1

    Most of the skits Tim's been in he ad-libbed his lines. Which might explain why Harvey has trouble trying compose himself.
    RIP to these two.

  • Jamie Anybody
    Jamie Anybody 27 days ago

    Pinchy picky pully! And his school song.. well, he was even better here than in his McHale's Navy epsode the Novicain Mutiny!!!

    • Jamie Anybody
      Jamie Anybody 24 days ago

      @Charlene Daniels Yeah, McHale's Navy's the best, none is better haha

    • Charlene Daniels
      Charlene Daniels 24 days ago

      @Jamie Anybody Agree! McHale's Navy is my favorite comedy show. I always say that all the other military spoof comedies after McHale's were imitations!

    • Jamie Anybody
      Jamie Anybody 24 days ago

      @Charlene Daniels Right! That's like two episodes after my all time favorite, Dear Diary. I could quote that by heart just from having watched it so many times, by the time I was ten!!

    • Charlene Daniels
      Charlene Daniels 24 days ago

      Oh yeah! With Dr. Frisbee

  • Lady Hawk
    Lady Hawk 27 days ago +2

    Back in the day when there was real humor.

  • hifi trucker
    hifi trucker 27 days ago

    Is that Stormy Daniels from back in the day?

  • jacque trosper
    jacque trosper 29 days ago +1

    There will never be a better show.

  • RoseofSharon
    RoseofSharon 29 days ago

    Best skit ever !

  • Thomas Fuentes
    Thomas Fuentes Month ago +1

    Well Tim Conway is off to reunite with Harvey Korman in heaven from this show. RIP Tim Conway (1933-2019) & Harvey Korman (1927-2008), you both will be missed from this classic sketch.

  • Harry Arizona
    Harry Arizona Month ago

    The best! When television was great!

  • Hive Mind
    Hive Mind Month ago

    I love when people follow the rule of three

    • Hive Mind
      Hive Mind Month ago

      When people follow something I love when it follows a drama rule

  • R Kaye
    R Kaye Month ago

    I wish I was around for all of these.
    My parents loved her shows.

  • jon beams
    jon beams Month ago +1

    Harvey Korman could never keep a straight face around Tim Conway or Don Rickles.

  • Steve Ward
    Steve Ward Month ago +1

    Tim shows no mercy to Harvey. He just tears Harvey up

  • christhesmith
    christhesmith Month ago

    the best sketch EVER

  • Stacy Nelson
    Stacy Nelson Month ago +1

    First time I've seen this sketch in its entirety absolutely fabulous absolutely hysterical!

    FONZ V/D WAUB Month ago

    stolen by mr bean

  • Toothsay
    Toothsay Month ago

    great sketch.

  • jacque trosper
    jacque trosper Month ago

    It was always a great time watching these shows. No nudity and no disrespecting of others and no fowl language . We are really in a messed up world these days.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Month ago

    Harvey wet his pan you laughing so much from Tim’s antics.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Month ago

    Harvey wet his pan you laughing so much from Tim’s antics.

  • Freedom Gilbert
    Freedom Gilbert Month ago

    Oh Crap can anyone not laugh by watching this , I'm in tears for the last 40 years and every time it gets me like the 1st time 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Freedom Gilbert
      Freedom Gilbert Month ago

      Two greats and not one cuss word Just plain funny 😂😂😂

  • Dave Brewer
    Dave Brewer Month ago

    You will never see TV this funny again .

  • Peachy Sweetpea
    Peachy Sweetpea Month ago

    Extra extra ordinary genius by both Tim and Harvey!! RIP

  • Arminca Goodwin
    Arminca Goodwin Month ago

    Between this and the elephant, Tim Conway was the best

  • Nancy Flores
    Nancy Flores Month ago

    Hilarious! 😂

  • cecilio perez
    cecilio perez Month ago

    Tim always set out to destroy Harvey and succeeded every time.

  • John La Frieda
    John La Frieda Month ago

    I laughed until I was crying!! POOR Harvey!! That man must have laughed all week till they did the next skit, then laughed some more. These 2 were the pinnacle of comedy!! I can hear Tim now.... "Funny, I don't feel like a ""Pinnacle""!!

  • noiretbeau
    noiretbeau Month ago

    When his leg went numb I actually laughed out loud..omg!

  • Daniela Bisenius
    Daniela Bisenius Month ago


  • Jeffery Fitzgerald
    Jeffery Fitzgerald Month ago

    These two where just a treasure

  • Jeffery Fitzgerald
    Jeffery Fitzgerald Month ago

    These two where just a treasure

  • Jacqueline Adams
    Jacqueline Adams Month ago

    Omg!! When Tim's hand went numb after shooting himself with that needle, everything went South. Poor Harvey just couldn't keep it together after that. Comedy gold. Lololololololololol 🤣

  • Ronald Walton
    Ronald Walton Month ago +1

    I will always love this skit. In 2012 I saw them perform it live on stage. It was the funniest thing that they ever did. R I P Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.

  • tigobittesx
    tigobittesx Month ago

    The world is a sadder place....

  • Chad Hanna
    Chad Hanna Month ago

    I think it was Tim Conways mission to make Harvey Korman pee himself every skit

  • brent clarke
    brent clarke Month ago

    One of the bestest skits ever

  • Michael Wofford
    Michael Wofford Month ago

    I don't think it gets any better than this

  • Mark Trombley
    Mark Trombley 2 months ago

    Thankyou both Harvey Corman and Tim Conway, you both brought hilarity to a society that needed it. May you bring God that same hilarity you showed us.

  • Brendon Hulley
    Brendon Hulley 2 months ago

    Tim Conway was BRILLIANT!!!! This is comedy 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    DEO VINDICE 2 months ago

    One of the greatest TV skits of all time...pure comedy! 😂