These are the world's fastest animals

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  • Kookie Heh
    Kookie Heh Day ago

    Nah, usian bolt

  • Cheech T
    Cheech T Day ago

    ... research led by ecologists at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. The bats were documented flapping, level to the ground, at a whopping 100 mph.
    Although birds were generally considered to be superior fliers to bats, the Brazilian free-tailed bat's 100 mph flight is faster than any other known animal.(what about Golden Eagles?) Peregrine falcons hit higher speeds when traveling downward vertically (200-230 mph) - given an accelerating boost from gravity - but the raptors flap along at about 60 mph.

  • mannu singh
    mannu singh Day ago

    Is this in mile or kilo meters

  • KariAyamm
    KariAyamm 2 days ago

    Snail is the fastest of all! Im 100% sure! 😉

  • Santiago Luna
    Santiago Luna 2 days ago

    Does the last one count?

  • nilay kanakia
    nilay kanakia 2 days ago

    Only hope he does not find this video!!

  • nilay kanakia
    nilay kanakia 2 days ago

    LOL !! Bolt would find it ashaming after seeing this!!!

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 2 days ago

    LeviTolentino SMG_YT cheetah is a sprinter... falcon is a flying bird.. it's like comparing a Bugatti to a f-12.. foolish... and also the falcons straight (flapping wings) speed is not measured so it's not a genuine comparison...

  • Will Moffett
    Will Moffett 2 days ago

    The springbok can outrun a Lion by 55 mph? Wow. Thanks Tech Insider. Tell me more. You're so knowledgeable and smarts.

  • Mr Yellow
    Mr Yellow 2 days ago

    You forgot Bolt coz ur racist

  • Sherlyn Ruíz
    Sherlyn Ruíz 2 days ago

    I run the mile in 7:25min

  • Alibaba Telfer
    Alibaba Telfer 2 days ago

    I don't think the Peregrine falcon qualifies?
    It's just diving, not really flying and beating its wings like the pigeon and the other birds?

  • Food_gaming_Tumblxr
    Food_gaming_Tumblxr 3 days ago +1

    My typing is fast at over 1 million words in a hour

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn 3 days ago

    The cheetah in the plane is a real cheater 😂LOL

  • Ilham Reza
    Ilham Reza 4 days ago

    Usain bolt isn't animal

  • Horace Family01
    Horace Family01 4 days ago

    *golden eagle I’m the fastest animal alive I’m going to win the animal race
    * peregrine falcon nope try again your way to slow to beat me and also I’m going to win the race
    *golden eagle aww I really wanted to win 😢😭😭😭😭😭 WAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    *peregrine falcon aw shut up you big baby you cry to much

  • Tantiwa Hopak
    Tantiwa Hopak 4 days ago

    Golden eagle faster than swift? R u kidding me??

    YOUSSEF BARAKA 5 days ago

    Cheetah is the world fast animal

  • Bishop Dog
    Bishop Dog 5 days ago

    I can drop an elephant out of a plane it would probably break 300 mph

  • Bishop Dog
    Bishop Dog 5 days ago

    When a bird is diving towards the Earth is that considered flying????

  • Yui
    Yui 6 days ago

    so wings are faster than legs

  • great decks clash royale

    So what,he is the fastest man alive

    ADITHYA RAJKUMAR 7 days ago


  • GD Exotic
    GD Exotic 7 days ago

    actually the common garden snail is the fastest animal also why are there smart people in the comment section.

  • Gonçalo Marques
    Gonçalo Marques 7 days ago

    really? mph?..... km/h for my health sake

  • Bindy the trashcat
    Bindy the trashcat 7 days ago

    Me:You're as fast as a horsefly!
    Person: ????

  • Galaxy life
    Galaxy life 9 days ago

    the fastest animal speed is 387kph peregrinefalcon

  • Pranay Raj Chennabathni

    Cheetah touches a top speed of 100 kmph

  • A.V.G gamers
    A.V.G gamers 9 days ago

    No. You wrong the fastest animals walk is king cheetah

  • Lizequeen
    Lizequeen 9 days ago

    Wow, I didn't know pigeons were sooo fast...

  • Crazy Equestrian Kelsey

    The fastest record ever recored for a horse was 49 miles per hour!

  • Andrea Tinney
    Andrea Tinney 10 days ago

    At least you got 2 right that would know of,bolt and the perrigin falcon a top speed for a cheetah is about 70 - 72 mph and a humming birds is I️ think 40 - 45

  • Demon Hunter
    Demon Hunter 11 days ago

    WTF humans is the fastest if we're using machines

  • Vortiac
    Vortiac 11 days ago

    The cheetah flying the plane hahahaha

  • med benza
    med benza 11 days ago

    i can't believe it , an insect is faster than cheetah

    DOU DOU 11 days ago

    nah my teacher said she outran a lion once .

  • Happy Animals
    Happy Animals 12 days ago

    What abou Secretariat the horse??? His top speed was 70mph! And horses now are going around 60mph!

  • Literally Hitler
    Literally Hitler 13 days ago

    The fastest animal on earth are plankton, which can travel at 500 times their body length per second. And all the speeds shown here are wrong because they were measured in mph. Should have been kph. And even so, i still think most are wrong.

  • RobloxBountyGhost YT
    RobloxBountyGhost YT 13 days ago

    For a min i thought they forgot peregrine falcon

  • Pliskin Iriqois
    Pliskin Iriqois 14 days ago

    Yes, but can they create bikes? Cars. Nope. Humans win.

  • crimson knight
    crimson knight 15 days ago

    I can assure you that; when any of these creatures is fleeing for it's dear life, they do exceed these speeds, respectively.

  • rockethearse
    rockethearse 15 days ago

    No Golden Eagle ever went 200 mph, that's preposterous. Even in freefall.

  • Vloging with Waki
    Vloging with Waki 15 days ago

    I thought cheetahs were the fastest #😒😒

  • Iknowdewey
    Iknowdewey 16 days ago

    Ffs stop using retard units.

  • Keann Adorna
    Keann Adorna 16 days ago

    how about the fastest dinosaur pls make a vid

  • CooLite
    CooLite 16 days ago +1


  • Jacob Earle
    Jacob Earle 17 days ago

    i seen peregrine falcon he was close to my shoulder

  • FoxGamer 85727
    FoxGamer 85727 17 days ago

    You Forgot The Flash

  • mariiiannwe
    mariiiannwe 18 days ago

    Minus diving and wind flow, who’s the fastest ?

  • Randy GG
    Randy GG 18 days ago

    usain bolt is 40mph fast

  • David
    David 18 days ago

    how did they get these speeds?.. your telling me you strapped a speedometer to a horse fly??

  • Archersforeal
    Archersforeal 19 days ago

    What about the Mako Shark though!

  • Color Red
    Color Red 19 days ago +1


  • Minetic
    Minetic 19 days ago

    Just remember, you just need to be faster than the other guy when you're being chased.

  • fezbot100
    fezbot100 20 days ago

    Horsefly is bullshit. 90 mph .? No way

  • Paulina Ilagan
    Paulina Ilagan 21 day ago


  • Ryde Mk
    Ryde Mk 21 day ago

    What about keemstar?

  • World Wide Basketball Asociation

    So nobody mention that things comment if you know what I'm saying...

  • Hanf.
    Hanf. 22 days ago +1

    you know what's fast? me running to the door when pizza deliver guy arrive.

  • Analisa
    Analisa 22 days ago

    humans aint shit

  • AmericanEinhorn
    AmericanEinhorn 22 days ago

    Next i'd like to see the slowest animals on earth. Me being on the top.

  • Joseph Banash
    Joseph Banash 23 days ago

    Why are we counting freefall as a measurement of how fast an animal is? Sure, drop me from 500 ft and ill be one of the faster animals at 221 mph....

  • Red Demon
    Red Demon 23 days ago

    So fastest are always Raptors

  • Paulina Ilagan
    Paulina Ilagan 24 days ago


  • sonic mr. speedy mouse

    Usain bolt 28 mph he seems slow now IDK why

  • Evantube, Jilliantube, and Brave Wilderness fan

    Horses reaches top speed of 54 mph!

  • mellcris samaniego
    mellcris samaniego 25 days ago

    Butin whole world??

  • Salomo Sitompul
    Salomo Sitompul 25 days ago

    Bye bye Usain 😁

  • Moses Wong
    Moses Wong 26 days ago

    What? Marlin is faster than sailfish?! That is shocking, I always thought sailfish is faster than cheetah and marlin, am I too outdated?

  • angery doggo
    angery doggo 27 days ago

    Mexican free tailed bats only go at 47 mph.

  • Aditya Sanjay
    Aditya Sanjay 27 days ago

    Nothing matches the speed of my dog when I open her goodies drawer.

  • Theo Amarillo
    Theo Amarillo 27 days ago

    Speed:over 9000

  • Lim Irene
    Lim Irene 28 days ago

    Who knew that a fly could win a race with the usianbolt? Not me!

    KAFE KAFE 28 days ago

    did you cheetah can go up to 500mph

  • Omkar 2222
    Omkar 2222 28 days ago


  • Kid-do X
    Kid-do X 28 days ago

    Remind me of Cheetos

  • maily melissa
    maily melissa 29 days ago

    Where is tiger

  • Dino mon
    Dino mon Month ago

    sure they are faster then a cheetah but in the sea and on the sky cheetah is the fastest on land but not the fastest mammal

    INSIDER Month ago

    Kidding me

  • YellowMazdaRX7FD3S
    YellowMazdaRX7FD3S Month ago

    I hate to say it but, although I'm from the US and mph is easy for me to grasp, I agree with everyone here that the km/h equivalent should've been added to the text boxes along with the mph numbers. (I would feel the same way if an informational video was made in Europe with km/h numbers instead of mph, as km/h doesn't register in my brain.)
    The US is the only country that uses Imperial measurements nowadays. Therefore, if an informational video is made in the US, we should at least have the courtesy to include the metric numbers/values as well, so that everyone is able to understand the statistics :)

  • João Pinto
    João Pinto Month ago

    in 0:25 no has a pronghorn, is a springbock and a impala

  • Yuri Khen
    Yuri Khen Month ago

    The golden eagle is faster than lighting MCQueen

  • CorgiLover 162
    CorgiLover 162 Month ago

    how isnt a here

  • Rix Pix
    Rix Pix Month ago

    Antifa when bikers show up at their rally!

  • Fang leon Wex.7
    Fang leon Wex.7 Month ago

    where is the tiger

  • Zivile Petraitiene
    Zivile Petraitiene Month ago +1

    I❤cheetahs. I thought that lion can out run cheetah.🤔🤔🤔

  • Abarqi Rhassane
    Abarqi Rhassane Month ago

    hey guys watch this 2:05!the usain bolt made me died of laugh how he run

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia Month ago

    fastest animal: Sonic the hedghog. Top speed:unknown. normal running speed: 4000mph

  • Andrea Louise Puyat

    The cheetah IS NOT the fastest mammal or animal in the world it IS the fastest land animal in the world

  • Kenny Tran
    Kenny Tran Month ago

    Pfft im faster in bed

  • Alex Su
    Alex Su Month ago

    Bugatti is still faster lolololol lol

  • eevee girl
    eevee girl Month ago

    We are snails compared to a Perigen falcon

  • Super Ripper flame
    Super Ripper flame Month ago

    Fuck the festest is the bald eagle

  • kpop Fan
    kpop Fan Month ago +2

    I thought ostrich is the fastest animal😂

  • ExpertLyric 3417
    ExpertLyric 3417 Month ago

    When he said a HORSEFLY can go 90 mph the hairs on my neck stood up

  • Priyo Das
    Priyo Das Month ago

    volt must be sad!!🙃

  • lord ice cream cold

    Usain bolt can run 52 mph

  • Farhan Faizi
    Farhan Faizi Month ago

    Usain bolt 100mph

  • Farhan Faizi
    Farhan Faizi Month ago

    Cheetah is fastest animal

  • Burhan365
    Burhan365 Month ago

    All I know is that the cheetah is the fastest animal 😂😂😂