• Published on May 2, 2018
  • R. Kelly’s time may finally be up. His assistant, publicist, and lawyer recently quit, and they’re all female.
    Tom Joyner vowed to stop playing his music. A group of powerful women of color, including Shonda Rhimes, Eva Longoria, Ava Duvernay, Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis announced a campaign to help “#MuteRKelly.”
    Wendy tells us about her meeting with R. Kelly a few weeks ago and asks the audience if she should invite him to the purple couch.
    Then, Kanye West wants to use the mugshot of the doctor who operated on his mother before she died as the cover of his new album.
    Plus, “Jersey Shore”’s Ronnie Magro-Ortiz and his girlfriend broke up after a very public, nasty fight and yesterday they got into a physical fight, which played out on Instagram live.
    Find out Wendy's take on today's Hot Topics.
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  • Minister dr j Reed etc
    Minister dr j Reed etc 14 hours ago

    Their parents are the real monsters..the whole world has been knowing R Kelly is pervert at least since 2000..he’s a pedophile and he also has no obligation to give a damn about these girls..but their parents are..they tricked their daughters out looking for a quick come up but fed them to the Cookie Monster to ruin their lives instead..EVERYONE should be held accountable You failed to realize that those girls mother's pimped their daughters to him to secure a bag. They kept quiet because he paid them to.

  • Bless white
    Bless white 15 hours ago

    Don’t you dare drag Michael into this 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    RYAN LAGUP OFFICIAL 20 hours ago

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  • Awe imoleayo peter
    Awe imoleayo peter 22 hours ago

    Boring, so boring...arrghh, why was it recommended to me?

  • mrsstrawberryluv1

    Why dont they mute themselves I'm buy his music believe that his music done nothing to nobody need to leave him alone just about million of people done had baby got married had party wedding church to his music just because them fast tail wanna be grown women they decided to go with him parent did too they knew .leave him alone 🙍‍♀️👌

  • Cynthia G.
    Cynthia G. Day ago

    Wendy, we wanna see Robert behind bars, not on your talk show. Please and thanks.

  • hollywoodz bishop

    Damn Ronnie looks bad azz hell

  • michael iveoghene

    Why is she shinning are eyes

  • Julia Scovell
    Julia Scovell Day ago

    If you didn’t get political I’d be inclined to come see you and watch more ...

  • Lethanos 23
    Lethanos 23 Day ago

    Barak obama dropped bombs on women and children are yall gonna mute him?

  • Amopro 22
    Amopro 22 Day ago

    Watch "GIRL POWER GONE VIRAL !" on TVclip

  • MyLink44
    MyLink44 Day ago

    Will Wendy be speaking on the R Kelly subject on her return Monday? What say you?

  • Daja Adams
    Daja Adams Day ago

    You kept your silence against a pedophile???? Wtf wendy. You're just as bad as that low life.

  • N3W_W_0rlds_ Girl

    No offense but #muterkelly is about muting him instead of giving a peado air time why not get victims on and praise them for being survivors? It disgusts me how you yourself seem to manipulate your guests on your show to clap or not clap drawing them in to doing this interview ...pfff it's wrong

  • speedysim87
    speedysim87 Day ago

    What a cheap and American-like fake show...'I've been, I've met, I know stuff' . Why did you keep it till now? That is coward, hypocrite and I personally don't find anything bizarre that he hug you. And no, I don't support R.Kelly, it is just so hard to watch how TV is for idiots exclusively nowadays. Everything is directed on this show.

  • Davishia Trotter
    Davishia Trotter Day ago +1

    I love Michael Jackson music he can rest in peace but there isn't no difference between what people saying about Kelly and Michael rape is rape especially with kids so ever downing rkelly Michael hello what's is wrong with this world if Michael did it it he was a monster if rkelly did it he was a monster y'all didn't try to mute Michael Jackson

  • collegejus
    collegejus Day ago +1

    It's obvious the world STILL loves and supports Michael Jackson as he has sadly had more success in dollars today than he ever did while alive. But that is our gift to him and his family for all he endured. Grossing over $825 million in 2017 alone. Now worth over $500 million. Don't ever compare the two. I hear R. Kelly is worth less than $1 million now.
    Without Michael Jackson there wouldn't even be an R. Kelly as he paved the way and opened doors for every major black male artist that ever truly succeeded in the R&B/Pop lane after him (including the white male artists doing R&B/Pop). You think record companies were spending the real marketing money on black artists until after they saw what Michael and Whitney could do and have the biggest selling albums of all-time (Thriller (100 million) and The Bodyguard (over 40 million))? Please.
    In MJ's lowest points I was actually younger than or the same ages of his accusers and I still supported him. I NEVER believed he was guilty. He might of been eccentric and odd at times but MJ didn't abuse anyone. Even at a young age I could see through the snakes trying to extort MJ and his family. R. Kelly is an obvious abuser and he is sick. I only wish he can get the help he needs but his victims deserve justice in the process. And leave Prince out of this too...lol.

  • oma ripe
    oma ripe Day ago

    I just don't understand that Wendy is not as talented women ,she is always copying any news and something from others just i'm saying ,show should be unique and special but Wendy show is not why should be close .

  • Now or Never
    Now or Never 2 days ago

    why is all the comment sections of R. Kelly's music is lit up?

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz 2 days ago

    Wendy you're a whack job honestly. Crazy af.

  • will smith
    will smith 2 days ago

    did ne1 hear about what happened after Mike's first accuser came forward to dismiss the accusations.. His dad commited suicide a few days later... The Fed even cleared Mike... Fbi.gov. also at his trial, his accusers were caught lying. There is also a tape on Hard Copy of the first accusers dad plotting to extort Michael.. I don't know how people dismiss all of this.. Its getting sad. Let alone it's almost Black History Month. And A few of the people they are plotting on died with important messages before they were killed. And as far as "evidence" those were tabloid rumors...

  • Gail Banks
    Gail Banks 2 days ago

    We gonna mute you if you don't stop smoking that crack,

  • Prince Herod
    Prince Herod 2 days ago

    Wow.. stopping music is not gonna solve anything.. u simple minded people

  • ChaelMi1
    ChaelMi1 2 days ago

    what would be the point he would lie, and if wendy has information about criminal activity, and doesn't do anything about it she's just as dirty as he is

  • ChaelMi1
    ChaelMi1 2 days ago

    he brainwashed her too.

  • RUDY B
    RUDY B 2 days ago

    Eva Longoria is black?

  • Rae Wright
    Rae Wright 2 days ago

    You better leave Daz alone Wendy

  • Virginia Nazario
    Virginia Nazario 2 days ago

    I don’t know now how Wendy could tolerate Susan , she’s so annoying, she’s like ok at least my laugh is gonna be noticed, she wants to shine , no matter what, I also wondering all That seeker attention she have just to get the attention to any producer, for she get her own show , Since now , I would I won’t never ever watch Susan show , I really can’t stand her , don’t she get tired of her nonsense, oh God

  • john stotts
    john stotts 2 days ago

    Well y’all need to be mute R kelly didn’t do it. Those women claiming to be victims should’ve went to the police when or if it happen

  • TRIPniJeepito
    TRIPniJeepito 2 days ago

    Enjoy this scandal hype about R Kelly while it lasts.
    Knowing the media environment and the public behavior now that everyone has seen the 6part documentary 'Surviving R Kelly', the interest will DIE DOWN.
    People will stop talking about this issue. And it will be forgotten again once there is a new interesting scandal by another celebrity or public figure.
    I see R Kelly surviving this.
    I give it about a month or two that this issue will Die Down and people will start to listen to R Kelly Music again.
    Might even give him another career boost.
    Remember Micheal Jackson? The media crucified him because of his pedophile accusations. But what happened? After the dust settled... MJ died as a MUSICAL HERO and was even given tributes by people who once dropped their support at the time of the scandal.
    I'm not an R Kelly supporter and especially not a supporter of his alleged misconduct.
    I am just speaking about how i see things might play out based on the media and public behavior.
    Some might disagree but I'm sure a lot may agree. :) peace.

  • ÉL
    ÉL 2 days ago

    👏🏽 I’ll be offended. I clapped.

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria 2 days ago

    You attract what you are, what nonsense

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria 2 days ago

    She's an old woman, why did she have so much surgery in one go. No the doctor wasn't necessarily at fault.

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria 2 days ago


  • Valerie Jackson
    Valerie Jackson 2 days ago

    That’s why I don’t watch this messy man now you to fucking messy #wendy Williams get your life in order ain’t your husband cheating on you 🖕🏾

  • Sheila Green
    Sheila Green 3 days ago

    Kerry Washington and Viola Davis WOW!! It’s a wrap...

  • Karen Poki
    Karen Poki 3 days ago

    "He told me stuff, I know stuff" .. what an idiot , this case is huge as big as if not bigger than Weinstein .. come on do the right thing for once in your gossiping life & go to the police .. seriously these are young girls & he is knowingly spreading an std that is incurable!!!

  • pearl sky
    pearl sky 3 days ago


  • Debra Wass
    Debra Wass 3 days ago

    Wendy Williams you need to get in the hot seat and get real with your fans or your going to loose them. No-one wants to watch someone talk about everyone elses stuff and not come clean when its time to talk about your own.

  • Maryam Gama
    Maryam Gama 3 days ago

    It's hard not to be mad at her for keeping a pedos secrets but in the end we don't know what he told her, we can't assume he told her that he was dealing with kids, and plus I have a feeling she would not keep those kind of secrets.. She might be a big mouth but I hope she's not a dirty person..

  • Linda 01X
    Linda 01X 3 days ago

    Eva Longoria isn‘t black

  • Demon Hybrid
    Demon Hybrid 3 days ago +1

    "There's a group...of really powerful black women...including Shonda Rhimes...Eva Longoria..."
    But...Eva Longoria isn't even black...

  • DocG07
    DocG07 3 days ago

    How bout you worry about your husband banging trannies and getting stds....instead of spreading other people's business😏

  • Dawnie 1031
    Dawnie 1031 3 days ago

    I swore she's transgender

  • Natural Hair Chick On a Budget TV

    Don’t thank me for keeping your tell everybody’s business but your own a@@ on here.. we want a show with your Hubble Kevin and his baby moma 😂 Now that would be a super
    talk host keeping it KIR (c) when you can be totally unshook bout your own life and be transparent Instead of phoney you’ll have this natural hair Chick Queenie respect

  • Alida Arnao
    Alida Arnao 3 days ago

    Unbelievable!!!! It is so sad that the mouth on Wendy is not stitched shut!

  • Stephanie Calzada
    Stephanie Calzada 3 days ago +2

    Even licenced therapists are no longer bound by confidentiality laws if their client confessed to breaking to law or causing harm to someone else. If he confessed to something that he did to a young woman/girl... Then that promise should have gone out the window. Wendy should be ashamed.

  • Cammo
    Cammo 4 days ago

    Why shi look like DAT omg , so fake . smh

  • re re
    re re 4 days ago

    Don't you dare drag Michael into this. BYE.

  • Monterrie Jackson
    Monterrie Jackson 4 days ago

    It’s a setup she isn’t with him not at all he’s going to talk his way to jail where he’s needs to be not like the BET Interview back in 2009 when we as black people didn’t( Believe )watch and 👀.

  • tindani jonathan
    tindani jonathan 4 days ago

    98% woman 2% men and 100% talk about other people's lives.. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Cece Owens
    Cece Owens 4 days ago

    I highly doubt R. Kelly told Wendy anything. We know she cant hold a secret for anything and plus legal issues.

  • Britney Vance
    Britney Vance 4 days ago

    “ I was the crazy one and y’all still insist on stepping in the name of love” girl his sick actions don’t have nothing to do with his music

  • Rosie W
    Rosie W 4 days ago


  • D'Lana Wallace
    D'Lana Wallace 4 days ago

    Don't do it, Wendy!

  • Gabriel Okumu
    Gabriel Okumu 4 days ago


  • Raeanna Whiskeyjack
    Raeanna Whiskeyjack 4 days ago

    I love u wendy! From Cree Native American woman, All the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!!!

  • Outlandish_from_Broward_FL_954

    R. Kellys sister molested him and his brother when the brother was 6 and R. Kelly was 10. The sister was 16.
    Surviving Theresa Kelly
    Just google that name Theresa Kelly...There's an hour long video of R. Kellys brother (Carey Kelly) describing what she did to him. Man you wont believe what she made him do when he was just 6.....And clearly, she really messed up R. Kelly too

  • James Brown
    James Brown 4 days ago +1

    R. Kelly Needs Our Prayers...
    Only Jesus & God Can Judge.

  • Elva Daly
    Elva Daly 4 days ago

    If u know stuff u should b at the police station helping these girls not sitting on a fucking talk show saying u know stuff and it was said 2 u in confidence....such bollocks do the right thing and report this Scumbag and help these girls get their life back

  • Loveth Brooke
    Loveth Brooke 4 days ago +2

    For me its #UNmuteRKelly.

  • Tijan
    Tijan 4 days ago

    Hey blondie

  • Ashanti Johnson
    Ashanti Johnson 4 days ago

    So do she spill her own 🍵

  • Amanda Govan
    Amanda Govan 4 days ago

    He got a domestic case now Ronnie

  • Perrierin Californicatin

    Did she do the internview? One on one wit him? 🤔

  • princeryell
    princeryell 4 days ago

    I hate when ppl jump to defend Michael Jackson..he is dead...defending him will not improve your everyday life I promise you...its ok. Let it go...whether he did it or not hes dead doesnt matter

  • princeryell
    princeryell 4 days ago

    I think she'd be Oprah status if she had R. Kelly on the show...like fr thats the hottest topic there is right now. Ppl want to hear his side, even if it's a lie or we get no information, its the thought that counts

    FADA PEST VEVO 4 days ago

    Blashemy Wendy Dust Off Your Mind

  • Hey.miklas
    Hey.miklas 4 days ago

    I don’t know what to say this whole show is so dumbb omg i’m dying

  • Carla Marlene
    Carla Marlene 4 days ago

    daz, dont be hatin'

  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee 5 days ago +1

    Everyone coming after bill Cosby and now r Kelly what about the three hundred CATHOLIC PRIESTS under indictment for Molesting children and they NEVER GO TO JAIL FOH

  • Pisces Amethyst Moon

    The lady in the front row in the black strapy cross over dress is beautiful. Positivity Everyone!! xxxxxx

  • naomi tay
    naomi tay 5 days ago

    I call this kind of shows gossiping on public, I'm not gonna lie and say I don't like this show no no I like gossiping is always fun 😁 so now I'm gonna gossip u in the section comments hon you need to stop this plastic surgery's or at least change ur DR because he is not doing a good job ,u look like ugly transgender , the shape of ur body making me confuse huge boobs no butt at all weird weird

  • James Fowler
    James Fowler 5 days ago

    She's crazier than a bag full of crazy!...

  • Crystal Horning
    Crystal Horning 5 days ago +1

    Congratulations...you’ve been swooned and manipulated by R Kelly. Shocker!!

  • B o b a T
    B o b a T 5 days ago

    We only know what we’re being told. Same with every celebrity, INCLUDING michael jackson. Just because he was proven innocent don’t mean he was 100% innocent (or guilty) I personally don’t think we should bring the decease into anything..

  • Jen Lee
    Jen Lee 5 days ago +1

    Eva Longoria is not black..?

  • rk rk
    rk rk 5 days ago

    R. Kelly's favorite restaurant is Mcdonalds 🍔🍟🥤

  • Always A Lady
    Always A Lady 5 days ago

    I love me some WENDY! BUT... Why is one of her cheek bones low????! Come on make up crew!!!

  • mo b
    mo b 5 days ago

    First off ... LOVE YOU WENDY .... keep TELLING it like it is !!!!! R KELLY FUCCED up it is what it is !

  • OutTheMouse !
    OutTheMouse ! 5 days ago +4

    The audience sounding like the trained seals that they are. 😂

  • vevo maxx
    vevo maxx 5 days ago

    Wonder why Wendy so stuck on r Kelly?

  • Jason Boykin
    Jason Boykin 5 days ago

    You said enough..

  • zion ii
    zion ii 5 days ago

    Wendy is the definition of after death

  • zion ii
    zion ii 5 days ago +1

    Why her eye big like that the start lol

  • KrissyMc
    KrissyMc 5 days ago

    WOW 😮All this militant and ferocious support for MJ... as if any of you knew him or lived at his ranch. ALL you know is what you’ve been fed, until a Surviving MJ comes out

  • raquel mora
    raquel mora 5 days ago

    wendy why does it look like u on crack ??? lmaooo ur eyes say it all

  • Demetrius Farley
    Demetrius Farley 5 days ago

    Please tell me when she compared R. Kelly and MJ she literally said that this story is sad like the MJ and Prince story. She literally didn’t compare. 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • K Deloris
    K Deloris 5 days ago

    wendy have your own mess together tomorrow you can't stay out another week

  • Zero Energy
    Zero Energy 5 days ago

    I would love to hear Wendy speak on R. Kelly...but she couldn't say it like she means it ....toooo controversial!!! Daaaam I bet she would clear this whole mess in 5 minutes!

  • tony starks
    tony starks 5 days ago

    Wendy William's wanted to guck rkelly. Rkelly sed he didnt cuz she use 2 be a man haha

  • Thelonius Drunk
    Thelonius Drunk 5 days ago

    Dont mention Michael and Prince

  • MsB Scott
    MsB Scott 5 days ago

    R.kelly story 17:35

  • diogo lourenco
    diogo lourenco 5 days ago

    Why are people so upset with this?

  • Chris Torres
    Chris Torres 6 days ago

    Ummm no one listens to r kelly anymore though

  • thekeep itonehundred

    How was this aired on may 1 2018

    • xxxmickyxxx3
      xxxmickyxxx3 5 days ago +1

      thekeep itonehundred all this rkelly stuff is not new at all. It was always suspicious from 94/95 with his relationship with aalyiah. It's only picking up again because if the documentary that came out last week. You know how it is everyone jumps on the bandwagon on social media, so it's big news again

  • Kay Lewis
    Kay Lewis 6 days ago

    Nope I will not mute R. Kelly that doesn't mean I condone his actions. It's too many conflicting stories surfacing.

  • mochabetty
    mochabetty 6 days ago

    That means he played and manipulated you too, Wendy.. Smh R. Kelly is a Master Manipulator!!!