Robert Mueller Reportedly Subpoenas Bank For Info On President Donald Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • Robert Mueller and his team have reportedly subpoenaed Deutsche Banks to gain info into Donald Trump's banking history and possible connections to Russia.
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    Robert Mueller Reportedly Subpoenas Bank For Info On President Donald Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  • Jewel Cunningham
    Jewel Cunningham 2 months ago

    So...the underpaid, struggling average anerican,,gets ripped off by the banks with hidden fees and charges and cant get small loans to consolidate debt..but Trump can default on loans, file bankruptcy not paying his creditors and he gets off scott free?? Where is the justice in this??

  • Joel McCoy
    Joel McCoy 4 months ago

    If trump is impeached or jailed Robert Mueller could be elected to the Bundespresident successfully first Ballot.

  • Joel McCoy
    Joel McCoy 4 months ago

    Does Angela Merkel love Trump or Putin (think black dog incident), maybe the Bundesnachrichtendienst, (German CIA)? How well do you think they are going to cooperate with a prosecution of Trump? Deutsche Bank and Joseph Ackermann have become watch words for Money laundering. German politicians have been watching this Tweeter-in-Chief in horror for longer than they like. They will provide whatever they can to an old school nice boy with a name like Robert Mueller. Popular? Maybe...

  • David L
    David L 5 months ago

    This is last years news and where's Mueller?

  • J Clark
    J Clark 5 months ago +1

    And Traitor trump's Ross is-was a business partner with Putin's daughter, raking in billions!

  • Randy McCall
    Randy McCall 6 months ago

    Been a lot of crap lately

  • Edward Verda
    Edward Verda 7 months ago


  • Edward Verda
    Edward Verda 7 months ago


  • William Maloney
    William Maloney 7 months ago

    if trump owes all that taxes in newyork he @ his family will be broke

  • GILBERT Hernandez
    GILBERT Hernandez 7 months ago

    I love female brunettes.

  • GILBERT Hernandez
    GILBERT Hernandez 7 months ago

    Nunes should be in charge

  • will crow
    will crow 7 months ago

    vote out the GOP November 6th 2018.

  • Nettie Watkins
    Nettie Watkins 8 months ago

    Mueller was given permission to investigate anything that came across his path. There is no such thing as a red line in the legal sense. It is simply the place where Donald Trump's temper takes over.

  • Kay McClain
    Kay McClain 8 months ago

    Stand up people vote

  • Ahmad Saba Afrooz
    Ahmad Saba Afrooz 9 months ago

    Why u always talk about Dutch Bank

  • Louigi Mantooth
    Louigi Mantooth 9 months ago

    I pray to GOD that we don't look back at this 10 years from now and say 'I can't believe Trump got away with that'. and im agnostic.

  • pat jack
    pat jack 9 months ago

    I have a dream that Mr. Mueller will lead us from the grasp of evil, and protect our nation from the declining of democracy and the moralities that are being ripped from beneath us.

  • Frankenstein
    Frankenstein 9 months ago

    Thinking about Trump's impeachment and criminal indictments filed against his family members makes me salivate....

  • Sefcak James
    Sefcak James 9 months ago

    That blue Democratic title wave coming in November with the mid-term elections is getting bigger and bigger, now even the Republicans are planning to vote democratic come election day.

  • Donna Campbell
    Donna Campbell 10 months ago +1

    So, trump is siding with putin to acquit massive debts?

  • Donna Campbell
    Donna Campbell 10 months ago +1

    Do the trumps really expect putin to ride up on a large white steed to rescue them?

  • Robin Dietz
    Robin Dietz 10 months ago

    MSNBC is a joke. Worthless to the real American people.

  • Nettie Watkins
    Nettie Watkins 10 months ago

    There is no redline Mueller cannot cross. Criminals are ineligible to be president. The people have a right to know who is in charge and what he is willing to do in his life in all matters. His personal financial transactions are very much our business and it is impossible not to cross that personal business with his current criminality. He is going down.they are all going down. The President is not required to fill out security forms?

  • Terry Oesch
    Terry Oesch Year ago

    You idiots haven't tryed to blame the volcanoes on trump yet you must be slipping

  • Esther Tyrus
    Esther Tyrus Year ago +1

    And he is ugly too.

  • Esther Tyrus
    Esther Tyrus Year ago

    Satan will take care of Mueller because GOD doesn't care about his children.

  • Esther Tyrus
    Esther Tyrus Year ago

    U can't look at my money either.

  • Esther Tyrus
    Esther Tyrus Year ago

    Why does pink faces know everytbung?

  • Esther Tyrus
    Esther Tyrus Year ago

    All pu k faces and one brown face from Princeton. Sinners in the hands of an angry God. Satan never lets MSNBC rest. GOD said man can can file bankruptcy.

  • Antonello G Di Mattia

    Robert needs a peanut to prove he's competence. So: A 50 years old woman is giving a young lover in order for the instigators to be let free for disrupt peace and quite nevertheless faithfulness. Can Robert state a move in regards of affinity to people shooting and enlicit us of the guilty party without giving all of us unbalanced diplomacy that is also unfair and unethical and juridical criminal and come up with a juridical paternship condamation ? If not ,dismissal is right. A true waiter "handyman with no guts" should be serving tables and not at the head of some very needed juridical branch. Why pointing fingers to the president? Are we all stupid? There is a back up system of information cause is people right to know. Wrong informations is like can I please be served a double cheeseburger with lots of onions and a coca cola please and bring the check cause I'm on a rush!

  • Jake Missy
    Jake Missy Year ago

    Eff you, Trump.

  • Harri v'Jah
    Harri v'Jah Year ago +1

    Why? Cause Manafort's flipped and his plea deal involves him playing the bait on Mueller's fishing rod ... in layman's terms Many boy wearing a wire lol. All of this revoking his bail and slamming him with more and more indictments is all part of ruse to maintain the illusion of defiance to ensure the fish continue to nibble at the bait rather than turn tail and dash.
    >|Believe me, the indictments on him are air-tight; no way Many rolling the dice with his life & all his kids inheritance.
    I say his life, as the minimum jail term plus his advanced age is tantamount to a life sentence lol

  • Ian Muir
    Ian Muir Year ago

    Follow the money it has to show up somewhere

  • Lagunaticmom
    Lagunaticmom Year ago

    Thanks for breaking it down for us nubes!

  • Zhang Wei
    Zhang Wei Year ago

    If he investigates HSBC he can put former FBI Director Comey in prison.

  • Henry Brown
    Henry Brown Year ago

    Trump know it's getting close to him and he can't change his diaper fast enough

  • Thomas L
    Thomas L Year ago

    Mueller have now found everything needed to charge the Trump family for money laundering on a massive scale !

  • John Dough
    John Dough Year ago

    This makes me happy

  • Terry Oesch
    Terry Oesch Year ago

    Mueller looks like a grown up jug head or Scooby doo or just Scooby doo doo he needs probed by a muelteam of donkeys for long time

  • Charles P
    Charles P Year ago

    You already looking like a fool now wow you're that incompetent.

  • Acacia Bloom
    Acacia Bloom Year ago

    Trumpty Dumbty sat on his great wall (No one has ever seen a greater wall)
    Trumpty Dumbty had a great fall
    All his supporters and all Putin's men
    Couldnt put Trumpty together again - so sad, believe me!

  • Barbara Arndt
    Barbara Arndt Year ago

    Follow the money..always works in any investigation. Watch again: ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN. History repeats itself. Doe not look good for Trump inc.

  • J Lim
    J Lim Year ago

    I am Geopolitico-business strategist. Here is the key to understanding everything today: 1644. The fall of the Manchu (Qing) dynasty when a Ming General opened the gates to the Manchurians and then when the Manchu's had a secret meeting with the Muscovite delegation in Manchuria, avoiding the required "kow tow", struck a deal with the Muscovites (Russians) for absolute cooperation until their mutual enemies are destroyed. The royalty of the Qing are still very much around in China. That is the minimum period (373 years back). Russia and China were never enemies. It is all smoke and mirrors.
    North Korea is also smoke and mirrors. It is to draw attention away from what they are really doing which is building a pathway on the "Bridge of the Horns" (which is the brainchild of Tarek Bin Laden - yeah - Osama's Brother). If you look at the Wikipedia now on Bridge of the Horns, Tarek Bin Laden's name has been removed but try see archived versions. Without the Bridge of the Horns (at Djibouti) which is also where China's first and only overseas military base is, they would need to transport all goods by sea. That would be impossible in wartime because the Allied Navies are too strong. Hence, they MUST build Bridge of the Horns. That would give a clear access for all the riches of Africa (including Uranium) to flow easily into Russia and China.
    You can see this clearly if you took out a map and draw a pathway with a ruler direct from South Africa over the Bridge of the Horns, which then goes to IRAN (That's why the sudden cause of hostility towards Iran. We MUST make sure the Iranians or their supports do not react, because they are just waiting for that to hit back at IRAN. After Iran, you will notice the road must split into two.
    One part goes left and if you start watching news, for these countries, they are all starting to light up as war zone's now. Afghanistan too -- It's not about the ISIS or the Talib's (they are just symptoms). In fact, it is the normal custom of that area that whenever a new conquerer came, the winner takes all -- literally including the women. But the Talib's where religious conservatives and for the first time in HISTORY, they did not take the women and enforced the Burqa as a way to protect them! Then they moved the capital to their own place. The west should not try to see the world only through Western Values but also through the history of that region. Mullah Omar unfortunately for him was used by Al-Qaeda.
    ATTENTION: Christians and Muslims... this is not a war really between you two. This is the BIN LADEN family against the Muslims. Before 9-11, the Bin Laden's were just normal construction company. After 9-11, they got the contract to rebuild Mecca and now one of the world's biggest construction companies. Means Motive Opportunity always MMO it. This War on Terror has been bad for the Muslims but turned out great for the Bin Laden's
    The Bridge of the Horns will have about USD 5 Trillion of goods per year going over it. Since there can only only be 2 exit points from Africa, you will notice the 2nd exit point is the Sinai Peninsula. That is why Prince MBS is building his new city there. That is why this whole situation about Jerusalem and Trump supporting it. Also, in order to build a road out of africa you will need to cross Brazzaville. Go read the news about how long China has been courting Brazzaville.
    Same with the Rohingya refugees of Myanmar. Because China is building a free trade zone and the Rohingya's are an inconvenience. Again forget about North Korea -- there are other ways to counter them -- Offer free tickets to Disneyland -- send propaganda to the poor suffering people. North Korea is a problem but not like you think. When President Trump sent Aircraft Carriers out of protocol that was a way for China to gauge what kind of response he can be provoked to. Then take a close look at the situation in Okinawa... it is a powder keg that can flash point anytime.
    The Malaysia Airlines planes - One shot down over Ukraine by "Rebels" but you can find information that shows that is Russian normal tactic. The 2nd MAS Plane disappeared but there is some evidence to show it did not go South but did a low flight up to the mountains. Now about the Spratley Islands that is absolutely key. It is not about fishing grounds or oil. It is about creating a narrower space between a shore launched anti-ship missile battery and US Aircraft Carriers. The next target I believe will be something like a US Aircraft Carrier. It is meant to be a show to the world that the World Symbol of American Superpower is their Supercarrier and sinking it would be nationally devastating. I was on a Carrier for many years. We have counter measure but they cannot stop a hail of missiles. They only need to make it dangerous so the Supercarriers cannot enter the South China Sea. Which means Singapore and SEA Nations will lose confidence and fold toward China.
    If that happens, the USA will need to send Supercarriers by North Australia. But be careful because China "LandBridge Group" Already has won the Port of Darwin deal. They also took over Panama Canal. If you recall back to decades ago, Li Ka Shing of Hutchinson Whampoa said he was not under influence of China -- now see. The Panama Canal is absolutely critical it is in our control. The purpose of it is NOT commerce. It is to ensure we can balance Naval Sea Forces between the Pacific and Atlantic and wage a war on two fronts simultaneously. China today could just blow the canal and our Supercarriers would be trapped. Now when you think of Landbridge, it is only used in only one time in history and that is the Landbridge between Russia and Alaska.
    Go and google the Senate Testimonial from Admiral Harris regarding Russia and China. He said Russia is amassing the largest heavy armored force above the arctic circle. Why? I think they are preparing for an Invasion USA scenario and they would not be needing to build a landbridge because ICE can be traversed directly between Russian and Canada and we have no protection up there.
    Then there is the Shock part: It won't be nuclear. Because Biological weapon is much easier to spread. Guess what machine they need to use? CRISPR. Guess where it is -- Scripps University in California. Also China sends scientists there to work in the same lab. We must put a stop to this or watch it carefully. The next shock also will come from Bitcoin (I am also a Crypto expert) because there is the 51% attack and Jihan Wu (owner of Bitmain) has that capability. Please pass this information far and wide so we can start knowing the right point to analyse everything.
    So one might say it's crazy to invade USA? Well in China they call America Mei Guo (Beautiful Country) but more likely it seems they have a collaborator here that will run things. Seems lots of people been having China Invasion dreams for a long time now too. The mexico wall that is not wise. Firstly there are more Chinese coming across the border with mexico than mexicans. Secondly, there are NO illegal chinese immigrants in countries close to China.
    Why would a person go so far as USA when they can earn and blend in better in a country close to China? Don't look for Mexicans -- they have family in USA. Look for Chinese crossing the borders illegally and wonder where they go. Also the cities are having a near plague welcoming situation with an overabundance of City Rats.
    Please everyone read Art of War, 33 Strategems, and the writings of Master Jiang Ziya. That is what China goes by. They are literally following it step by step as if mocking USA for not seeing it. Also go see the battle scene of Red Cliffs where Master Juge Liang captured the arrows from the enemies. That is what China did by making their goods extremely cheap -- US Dollars are arrows. We send them our arrows. They use it to buy America. Warren Buffet warned of this decades ago not to but too much China made goods. We cannot look to the President to solve anything -- first determine -- is he in on it in some way?
    The future is looking more and more like a world built on Trump, MBS, China, and you see the more we alienate Mexico and Latin America, we actually lose our best protection. So while USA troops are tired of such long combat tours, that is when they will strike. So look for the moment when USA troops are mostly overseas, including National Guard units, and our country is left undefended at home. Expect a viral or plague like attack, then in the mayhem Martial Law is established. You know the rest. It is not too late. Please double check all my points. You will find them all factual.
    This is the time for Americans to put differences aside and analyse this bigger picture scenario to see if it can work To test China's resolve for war is simple: Blockade the Spratley islands or bomb it first (American and Philippines negotiated a settled with China for all parties to back off, but after USA and PI backed off, China rushed back in and seized it and now has a 100+ plane hanger and landing strip build) -- You do not have a negotiating party with China.
    Stop wasting energy focusing on North Korea. Art of War clearly says the most brilliant General will win without every going to direct confrontation war. They have gone 373 years now following that plan. They will not spoil it now. But you may say what about Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan (in 1980's)... those were all proxy wars. Even though our forces may be engages but not "officially". Also full attention on CRISPR -- it is 1000x more critical to consider than Nuclear Weapons. I am not saying I am right. But let's stop wasting time bickering and focus on the big picture. One America... Unless we all like the idea of watching TV in Chinese in the future.

    UNSC INFINITY Year ago

    *GET EM MUELLER!!* 👍👍

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera Year ago

    Their mouths will be their downfall....

  • TheSeer101
    TheSeer101 Year ago

    I am not a Trump supporter but when she said "Trump was warned to not mess with the intel agency." We are not Nazi Germany or the former Soviet union. That truly made me sick

  • Anita Reich
    Anita Reich Year ago

    Stephanie, you are the best and you have the best discussions. Thank you for your great show.

  • Janine Grey
    Janine Grey Year ago

    He must be getting close because Trump is getting really desperate. He won't be able to bully his way out of this one....

  • Doug Kenney
    Doug Kenney Year ago

    Whenever I feel blue, I just come to watch the libs line up for their daily bowl of gruel. Drooling for the next spoonful and believing it's the best.tasting.thing.ever---until it's revealed to be watered down drivel. "Please sir, may I have another?"

  • L Benson
    L Benson Year ago

    What is so frustrating to me is that none of this is “new” information on Trump. This info had been out there for more than 2 years. Had the mainstream media done their job during the campaign - instead of making money off the Trump Circus - we might not be on the verge of a kleptocratic fascist coup

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago

    Fake News

  • Larry Green
    Larry Green Year ago

    What is the crime this special prosecutor is investigating??? This is a SUPER fake story !!! Allegedly Allegedly Allegedly Allegedly Allegedly PROVE IT .

  • LibertarianUSA1982

    love fake news

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    Jesus you morons still pushing the russia naritave eh? Slow day for news i guess. #2yearslaternothingburger

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      John Smith

  • GATE7
    GATE7 Year ago

    now the time for ISIS

  • Harry Garrett
    Harry Garrett Year ago

    Pretty sure that this story was retracted

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      Harry Garrett

  • xl
    xl Year ago

    nice shoulders...

  • Dxwhy
    Dxwhy Year ago

    Mueller should improve his security. He is swimming in troubled waters that can potentially go very far, not only Trump but the whole financial system.

  • Johnnie Green
    Johnnie Green Year ago

    From entirely extremely code fully inside friendly pressure description insurance.

  • Joshua Funk
    Joshua Funk Year ago

    Grab your pitch forks it's a witch hunt

  • Alang
    Alang Year ago

    Democracy! The trump's way and he gets his way.

  • Long duk dong
    Long duk dong Year ago +1

    Love the idiotic trumptwats who will defend the rich getting a larger share of the wealth all while they live in their trailers chugging down PBR and trying not to get their sister pregnant again.

  • Dianne McCartney
    Dianne McCartney Year ago +1

    Mueller is a fine man & when he presents the information he’s gathered on Trump & his inner circle, the Trump Cult Followers are gonna completely lose their brainwashed minds.

  • david patton
    david patton Year ago

    Orange man turning red LOL.

  • Internet Marketing Maps

    *_Outrageous lies! ...This story reported by these despicable MSNBC pressditutes about Robert Mueller's subpoenas submitted to Deutsche Bank has been proven as FAKE news_*

  • Nick Osmann
    Nick Osmann Year ago

    followed this bank to 9/11 i did...

  • Nick Osmann
    Nick Osmann Year ago

    so shes one of those banking mobsters at the seat of being the voice of the world. no wonder the views have such a distraught perspective of what is really going on... i pity your viewers and the others viewers of similarly controlled media... we have really been dooped by the higher ups...

  • John A.
    John A. Year ago

    I am glad for the subpoena. This will clear Trump, our beloved president..

    • Raymeester
      Raymeester Year ago +1

      You do know the subpoena story is fake, right?

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      John A.
      Gangster Trump supporters are either billionaires or idiots.
      Are you a billionaire?.
      That's what I thought.

  • Sarah344
    Sarah344 Year ago

    How to be a billionaire. I read that he has empty buildings all over the world. Get a big loan. Hire a contractor, start an argument, bully, sue, and threaten the contractor, abandon the project, bully the bank, Find dirt on the contractor and bank. Keep the remaining millions. On to the next project! Check out

  • John Girardi
    John Girardi Year ago +1

    This investigation is what one may call "a waste of time and resources" Donald did nothing wrong let it go! sorry your sad he won and our country is going to recover from the worst president in history (Obama) but how about the Mr. Mueller spend his time trying to find terrorists and protecting our country rather then take it down! Thanks

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      John Girardi
      Gangster Trump supporters are either billionaires or idiots.
      Are you a billionaire?,
      That's what I thought.

  • ‘Cave Beast Demon'

    “I’m not under investigation”!

  • fbisono66
    fbisono66 Year ago

    "Mr. Mueller Goes to Washington " Starting Jimmy Stewart as FBI Agent Robert Mueller.

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam Year ago +1

    Completely FAKE NEWS. Where’s your clarification? You know this is untrue. Bloomberg already corrected their fake news on this subject.

    • Wayne Cooper
      Wayne Cooper Year ago

      Yes it is, but look how many low info viewers stupidly fall for a story MSNBC had to retract and lay off the reporter who made the false claim.
      Knowing what we all know now - it is VERY interesting how these reporters
      are ALL acting like they've known the 'truth' of this lie forever.... PATHETIC!!

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      Uncle Sam
      Totally real news.

  • jkarom
    jkarom Year ago

    Fake News

  • marc dorfner
    marc dorfner Year ago

    I really liked this episode. Young women today don't cowl quietly in a macho man Republican's corner like when I was that age! Nice

  • Jamin Mays
    Jamin Mays Year ago

    Lol Trump is a brilliant businessman. I am just learning about investing and how to do it. The one thing most highly successful investors and entrepreneurs know..The first thing I have been taught and has been emphasized constantly. NEVER PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR NAME. They won't find any lol. #MAGA

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      Jamin Mays
      Gangster Trump bank records will show gangster Trump ties to Putin's banks.

  • Robert Helring
    Robert Helring Year ago

    Fake news

    • Robert Helring
      Robert Helring Year ago

      golfito yeah real entertainment

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      Robert Helring
      I like these fake news.

  • Rogue Perfumer
    Rogue Perfumer Year ago

    Hey Robert, let’s see your bank statements. Or does Hilary pay you and Comey in bitcoins?

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      Rogue Perfumer
      Why Republicunts are so scared of Clinton?.

    • marc dorfner
      marc dorfner Year ago

      The song of the cowards...It's Hillary's fault! Tra La Tra La

  • Thuro Brown
    Thuro Brown Year ago

    "Money is at the heart of it all" (to think otherwise isn't logical). Ijs

  • lfaldrummer12
    lfaldrummer12 Year ago

    Trump firing Comey was the best thing that could've happened, Bob is pushing Trump to his limit.

  • RoseoftheSea
    RoseoftheSea Year ago

    This is fake news. Mueller did not request this from the German Bank. Bunch of Baloney!

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      John Sterling
      Bank records will show gangster Trump ties to the Russian mafia/Putin.

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      Yes, he did.
      Are you scared?.

  • Spring Time
    Spring Time Year ago

    Trump has Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He is a Gaslighter and the WH is totally infested with them. The media needs to put more psychiatrist on there shows so we can figure out how to defect these monsters.
    Mueller cannot save our country alone. Stop complaining and DO SOMETHING.

  • Santiago Rivera
    Santiago Rivera Year ago

    lock him up... lock him up!!

  • lui ferreto ferreto

    Hang trump like they did to sadam for conspiracy against the U.S. Gov

  • Adrianne and Renay Adventures

    Duh Muellers going after the Bank account cuz Mueller has nothing solid on Trump! He is looking for anything at all. Desperate is all I gotta say for making a fool outta his self. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      John Sterling
      Nixon - follow the money.

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      Adrianne and Renay Adventures
      Remember Nixon?,
      Follow the money.

  • Adrianne and Renay Adventures

    Go look into Clinton's bank n get off Trump already! 😠

  • TheDastan96
    TheDastan96 Year ago

    I think the pee pee tape is real and will be leaked hahaha

  • valar
    valar Year ago

    Pretty sure Trump could torture, roast and eat someone on the floor of the House and his base would still give him a pass, and Republicans would still back him.

  • KariahLuke MacChan

    Tax returns! Forget??


    Re-Election is the only solution to save the world from WW3.

  • Jerry Neyenhouse
    Jerry Neyenhouse Year ago

    Interesting, A day after this was published Deutsche bank announced that there were no subpoenas given to them by Mueller. You folks relying on MSNBC for your assumptive thinking are being exploited. Based on some of the comments below you are choosing ignorance and lies to support your bitterness. You have lost all objectivity and therefore lack credibility as did Obama.

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      Jerry Neyenhouse
      Gangster Trump bank records will show gangster Trump ties to Putin's banks.


    Father of All Dumps “Trump” 👺

    EJ GIGGEY Year ago

    *It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Joy to the World.* Gotta Love Mr. Mueller.

  • Pinky Wishbowl
    Pinky Wishbowl Year ago

    💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 *Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.*
    *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.*

  • Baby R
    Baby R Year ago

    Trumps presidency is like a bad episode of designated survivor.

  • india rose
    india rose Year ago

    every church needs to start paying taxes. they all talk politics . investigate churches on political influence. every person in know who goes to church regular supports Trump. most of these people know NOTHING about politics!!

  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant Year ago

    "I feel so bad for Trump"
    -No one

  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant Year ago

    "I feel so bad for Trump"
    -No one

  • Lady Deadpool 💋

    This what I was talking about from the very beginning when Trump got elected. He was going to treat his new position of power like being the CEO of one of this businesses and if he got into it with another business he would just call out his team of lawyers and they will make it "go away" but you can't do that with the FBI when it get's involved.

  • Hemi2005
    Hemi2005 Year ago

    The real investigation should be the Clinton clan family not the President, why they don’t go after them?