Moving On

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
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  • strawberry aesthetics

    Shane Dawson illy- wait... YEAS illymation+Shane+ryland mix= myself ;3 sorry, I know you had hard times and I’m just joking around.. oof bye now. Uh . Ushehh3ujssksjjsjsuajqoiwyeh

  • Neil Weber
    Neil Weber 16 days ago

    This video was very opening for me because it reminded me I'm going to a new school and I don't know anybody there so I'm making sure I make good friends when I went to a new school a got toxic friends

  • shadesofsadness
    shadesofsadness 18 days ago

    My best friend’s ex used my shitty relationship at the time they started dating to drive her and I a part so I wouldn’t see his shitty behavior towards her and call him on it. It worked as she didn’t talk to me for 2 years. And then she called me out of the blue and we reconnected. The look and his face when he saw me that first time that I came back was priceless. Bastard is in the dust now.

  • PottedNick
    PottedNick 21 day ago

    You went to his house got a gun and fucked a rat in too town

  • Bayley Baker
    Bayley Baker 22 days ago

    I think I’ve both been more or less the victim and I’ve been the victimizer ( or abuser) and I really want your opinion on my past relationships and just my life in general

  • Bayley Baker
    Bayley Baker 22 days ago

    Hi Illysa (hope I spelled that right) I live in Alabama and was wonder if there was I way I could contact you without getting any extremely personal contact information to talk to you about the life I’ve had.

  • Hector Beck
    Hector Beck 23 days ago +1

    And this PSA was brought to you by two awesome smart ladies

  • Elixr the Dragon
    Elixr the Dragon 23 days ago

    No hate but

  • Hamilham Fan2650
    Hamilham Fan2650 23 days ago

    Kati: smort science-y talk
    Illy: [looks at camera] yes

    HΞLLBΞNT 23 days ago

    Am I the only one watching this to know how not to get caught being an abuser?

  • Anons Shiba
    Anons Shiba 24 days ago +2

    I know I'm late and that I forgot to comment but this video helped me realize I'm in a toxic friendship with a girl, she lied about her age to seem older than me, she lied about stealing my art ideas and character designs, she. Lied. About. Everything. She manipulates me to stay with her when I tell her our friendship is over, when I came out as a lesbian she immediately went "OH I'M BISEXUAL" the message was so sudden it spooked me so, how I left her was by discord, on a discord server, with great people, it's a big server but I always hangout in a certain channel, and that, of course, is the art channel, she made rape and suicide jokes and the admins did not like that, they kicked her, she came back, and toned down her jokes a bit, then she stole a design from me, everyone in the channel were calling her out and being aggressive, I do not regret stopping the people, then she confessed to an admin about being 11, ELEVEN YEARS OLD, I WAS CONTROLLED BY AN 11 YEAR OLD FOR 4 YEARS, I am 14 now and I laugh it off every now and then, I blocked her on every social media account I have, I blocked her on discord, admins listened to me and banned her for sexual jokes and rape jokes and for being toxic to me for 4 whole years, I appreciated the art channel and the admins even more, I can assure y'all that I have great friends and I'm loved in the discord server, anons out.

  • TheShadowFiend
    TheShadowFiend 24 days ago

    IM HERE FOR THE CHAOS! but where is the chaos...

  • Aprils Gacha fails!
    Aprils Gacha fails! 24 days ago +1

    I was in a terrible relationship with my friend she has tried to slap me about 2 times and attempted to punch my sister when I was around her I felt like a can't trust her since she talked sh*t about me behind my back so now I have trust issues and a long time ago I also had eating disorders cause of her...
    But I'm fine now and try to stay away from her!

  • Allon Chen
    Allon Chen 24 days ago


  • The Fangirls Guide
    The Fangirls Guide 24 days ago +2

    ⚠ Warning! ⚠: this is a very long comment. So.... You have been warned.
    Recently I broke up with my almost-a-year-long boyfriend. I haven't been that sad about it but I've also been emotionally checked out of that relationship since June. I won't use his last name but since it doesn't matter I will use his first. Cole was my best friend from the end of seventh grade onward. We would cuddle and I would sit on his lap like we were a couple, we weren't, I had a girlfriend at that point. Shes was amazing, but I eventually realized that I wasn't as invested in the relationship as her so we cut it off. We're still friends though.

    During the summer of 8th grade, we got together over text (since..I mean were still kids we both liked each other so...*shrugs *). I didn't see him much since I lived with my mom during the summer and it was pretty far from him, but we would face time and text and it was fine. When freshman year started, it was pretty much the same, except we could see each other during lunch and before school. I'll get back to them at lunch later. He didn't have any classes with me and we never really made and plans outside of school. Don't get me wrong I tried, but he was always said he was busy (red flag #1).

    For a little more backstory we are both clinically depressed, and it's not fun. But I thought that we would both be there for each other...he was never there for me. He would always text at around 11 pm with an "I'm crying and hate myself" text. I was almost asleep. When I saw the messages I always felt bad and tried to text him in the morning, but he wouldn't respond. So when I got to school I would try to talk to him about it but he would pretend that it didn't happen. When I was sad and lonely and ready to jump off a building I would text him, and he wouldn't respond, or he would but he wouldn't make me feel any better. If anything he reenforced it (red flag #2)

    Back to the at lunch stuff, my friends had a friend named Kyle and he would sit with us sometimes. But Cole would tell him no, that he hated him, to kill hi self. And yeah, that's bad, red flag #3, but I had it in my head that Cole was a good person. That he was just joking...Kyle didn't it with us anymore. The school year went pretty much like that.

    Towards the end, our school put on one more show choir show after the season had already ended. Both of us are in show choir (I'm in JV he was in varsity) but it didn't matter that much. Before the show, I had a full-on mental breakdown in the hallway. I sat on the floor crying my eyes out, shaking and trying not to scream...

    Cole walked past me....3 times....never stopped to ask if I was ok....Never stopping to make me feel better....

    When the school year ended, he stopped answering my texts,. I tried to get out friends to get him to talk to me, I tried calling, and calling, and *calling*. He never answered. Eventually, I learned from my wonderful friend Abbey, that he was saying that *I* was ignoring him, not answering *his* calls. I heard his voice on the call, (she as on break and they worked together,) I tried to convince her to hand him the phone but he aid he didn't want to do "this" over his break. I got upset and hung up and cried in the car with my mom sitting next to me...

    I was on snapchat looking at my friend's story when I learned that he was looking at mine. So I put an utimatum out, and I know he saw it. He didn't meet it so I publicly broke up with him. Like I said I'd been checked out of that relationship for months, but it didn't matter, because it still hurt. All my friends stood behind me and said that I was in the tight.

  • Arnold The Lord
    Arnold The Lord 24 days ago

    What would you guys call a relationship where the man you’ve been with for years literally keeps you down and trapped in the house and when you want to start working he doesn’t let you or takes the money you make, doesn’t let you go out to places without him or forces you to make food for him no matter how sick or tired you are?

  • Mai :/
    Mai :/ 25 days ago


  • Ana Castro
    Ana Castro 25 days ago +1

    I'm currently stuck in a toxic friendship with a girl I met 2 years ago. She often insults my appearance, accuses me of many things involving my ethnicity and takes the side of a girl that HATES me often (I never did anything to that girl idk why she hates me so much). They always try to "expose" me even if I have nothing to hide, no one deserves friends like them. Do you guys have any advice? I'm planning to end the friendship I have with her as soon as I get back to school but I still need some advice from you all.

    GLITCHY BOY STUDIOS 26 days ago

    I was going make an abuse joke
    Because I have a dark sense of humor but
    Recently my niece got strangled a Couple days ago
    And the girl who attacked her is in the same school as her and she keeps threatening her

  • Revenge YMG
    Revenge YMG 29 days ago

    This all sounds like my dad

  • Fragile Turn
    Fragile Turn Month ago

    This is something I can’t do. :,(

  • Marcelo llorando
    Marcelo llorando Month ago

    I already watched it!

  • uncle lover 1978
    uncle lover 1978 Month ago

    What r u going to gain from it.

  • CoffeeToon Animations
    CoffeeToon Animations Month ago +1

    Illysa, I'm sorry this happened to you, I'm glad you got through it, and moved on from it.

  • Sophia E
    Sophia E Month ago

    I just realized a few days ago that I may have had Stockholm syndrome. I’ve gotten over it though.

  • Bleta Ymeri
    Bleta Ymeri Month ago

    What if it's someone that you love do bad things to your other person that you love, or a family,if one of the parents hurts the other parent and leaves scars on the kids,they change,emotions,or behavior,and you don't want to let you children without a mother/father,and goes ok,then awful. Can you tell me what to do?

  • Alexander Boyles
    Alexander Boyles Month ago

    You are so beautiful and don't let anyone say anything about that

  • Super Greyflash
    Super Greyflash Month ago +2

    I just want to give you a cookie and a hug

  • YelloJello
    YelloJello Month ago

    i was like OMG thats the girl from the shane dawson video

  • Karl Holde
    Karl Holde Month ago

    Sorry, I still have a hard time trusting Kati, after the whole "psychopaths have no soul" deal.

  • SamurinHaf
    SamurinHaf Month ago

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  • John Mint
    John Mint Month ago

    Dear illy
    I’m not taking sides but I’m stating the facts
    First you weren’t a child when it started. You were a teenager and so was Harris. So it wasn’t pedophila. Yet the age of consent is 16 in North Carolina and 18 in California (if you can tell me what age were you when he started asking you for nudes that would be a big help).
    When you showed the texts on what Harris had said it has showed that you were yelling at him calling him “thick skulled”. Now of course it also showed some evidence that Harris was doing this to you. Yet it looked like you had dominance (if you could share him talking like that then it could change my mind)

    Conclusion: it was both of you but I’m glad you got out of it

  • Moldy Cheese
    Moldy Cheese 2 months ago

    Illy when is your birthday????

  • BombKing_x
    BombKing_x 2 months ago

    you are beautiful.

  • Weekid gachatuber
    Weekid gachatuber 2 months ago

    Wow Ily you’ve improved so much. Your animation is so smooth an realistic
    Jokes aside: Thanks Ily for answering these questions thanks for making this vid

  • Toast BDN
    Toast BDN 2 months ago

    Dang your beautiful

  • Josiah Gutierrez
    Josiah Gutierrez 2 months ago


    CHRISTIAN YODICE 2 months ago +1

    I have a story and I don’t know we’re to share it well for starters my grandma is a very emotionally abusing person she brain wash my dad into leveling my mom and taking half the money from my mom and giving it to my grandma from there on out I was bullied by adults having there kids attack me emotionally and make me feel like shit because I was in a unstable home at the time and my grandma she tried to make my mom seem evil like she was the bad one but I didn’t buy any of that bs because my dad abused my mom when he got mad and he always started it I wasn’t having any of that and completely ignored the accusations that my mom did all this because my mom was the one who worked 3 jobs to support me and my brother and she wasn’t the one that went through hell for those years during the separation of my parents well I guess the moral of the story is to know who cars for you and be careful on who you trust because this has left me with the inability to be around adults without feeling antsy and Focusing on that person who looks the most suspicious so they can’t try anything and that’s what I thought was normal because of this well be careful and stay safe out there

  • Xxflower Xx
    Xxflower Xx 2 months ago

    I once got told by my own mother she wanted to kill me.

  • Shannyn
    Shannyn 2 months ago

    Thank you for making this video. Its going to help so many people. It already has.
    Also, I’ve never seen Katie swear so much and I love it lol.

  • undertaker the reaper
    undertaker the reaper 2 months ago

    My dad has giving me depression, chronic anxiety, insomnia, alittle ptsd,GAD,and haphephobia (fear of being touched)

  • Yuri Akira
    Yuri Akira 2 months ago

    Hello illy thank you for this advice i am a 10\11 and at age 4 i was raped by my brother and i am still scared but this advice helped me a little thanks to you guy's i am a little better :)

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 2 months ago

    Seriously who are the 291 people who downvoted this?

  • S animation
    S animation 2 months ago

    Hey Illy, you should really do a song, like somthingelseYT, Jaiden animation, Theood1sout and Alex Clark
    Good luck.

  • leslies lemons
    leslies lemons 2 months ago

    Im soooo proud of you boo boo

  • AJ Vanity
    AJ Vanity 2 months ago

    “He’s not always like that.” Was on repeat coming out of my mouth from like 13-17 with two different guys almost back to back with each other.

  • 西施小狗Ling Ling
    西施小狗Ling Ling 2 months ago

    oh sheet...l

  • Heno Heno
    Heno Heno 2 months ago

    you were 12. and dumb. let's face it , that's it. it wasn't a "relationship" you were A CHILD, AND STILL ARE. GO PLAY WITH TOYS NOT LOOK AT BOYS FFS XD kids these days jesus christ, overpopulation is really bad. i just want to take half of you out back and put you down.

    • Julya Flyer
      Julya Flyer 2 months ago

      What the actual heck? Are you ok? Your comment is litterally ridiculous. It's just so... Ridiculous.
      I can't help but laugh😂

  • dtina2019
    dtina2019 2 months ago


  • Undecisive Angel
    Undecisive Angel 3 months ago

    I found your channel because of your "how I left" video. It gained so much traction it didn't leave my recommended videos. Having been through all forms of abuse, I strayed for a long time.
    In watching it I felt bad for you in the situation and it reminded me of what I've been through (ptsd) I appreciate you sharing your story and giving your own advice and finding a therapist to help you help others

  • Renee Brady
    Renee Brady 3 months ago

    Such an important conversation, this is what should be on trending

  • Khuluud Yasin
    Khuluud Yasin 3 months ago

    My Father,mother,and older brother are all toxic. My brother physically beats me up and my family justifies it by saying “ he’s ur brother” I can’t wait for college and never go back to them.

  • normandy293
    normandy293 3 months ago

    my question is: how did she ever get into a relationship?

    GHOSTPER GAMING 3 months ago

    Omg your so cute 😆

  • Gnome Queen
    Gnome Queen 3 months ago

    280 people are horrid

  • Darius DarkShadow
    Darius DarkShadow 3 months ago

    Look, I want to have sympathy, I really do, but it’s not completely Harris’s fault. There are plenty of preventive measures you could have taken
    1. You could have blocked him. In your video, you state that he could have swatted you because he knew your home address. If you told him your home address, that’s definitely on you. No questions asked. But if you don’t want to block him, you couuuuld contact the authorities for him threatening to harm himself. You know the general location where he lives and it’s a completely valid 911 call. It’s not completely your fault, but it’s not all on him. You are to blame for not doing these preventable measures.

    • Darius DarkShadow
      Darius DarkShadow 2 months ago

      Ginger Luigi With No Moustache not really..? One button and Harris is gone. It’s called the block button

    • Ginger Luigi With No Moustache
      Ginger Luigi With No Moustache 2 months ago +1

      Darius DarkShadow she was 13, all blame is on him. This is like saying you have to dress a certain way so people aren’t attracted to you. All blame on the predators

    • KingCreeper1026
      KingCreeper1026 3 months ago +1

      When Haris first met Illy online, ILLY WAS 13. She’d been taught about “stranger danger” and everything, but was completely unprepared for finding such a person on ArtSpots of all places. From there Haris groomed and manipulated her into staying in that relationship. If someone’s emotionally abusing you and threatening to harm you or, even more insidiously, themselves, it’s far easier said than done to think rationally about the situation.

  • John F. Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy 3 months ago +1

    it's tragic how the fundamentals of healthy human relationships are not taught in schools. We could be spared so much pain.

    • KingCreeper1026
      KingCreeper1026 3 months ago

      I was actually taught in school about healthy/unhealthy relationships in 2015-2016. I’m from the UK though, idk about the United States (or whatever country you live in). I agree, children should be taught about maintaining healthy relationships in schools.

  • Broken Wings
    Broken Wings 3 months ago +1

    I was in a whole lot of uncomfortable/bad relationships with any of my elementary “friends”. I couldn’t tell my parents and I was hurting so bad but I’m moving on thanks to my close friends.

  • Neko Atsume
    Neko Atsume 3 months ago

    At what point is it ok to get therapy? I dont feel depressed or really anxious but I have problems that i cant confront anyone about. Is it ok to seek therapy?

    • KingCreeper1026
      KingCreeper1026 3 months ago

      There is nothing wrong with getting therapy and it’s ok at any time.

  • Sarah Rebekah Nichols
    Sarah Rebekah Nichols 3 months ago +1

    The proper term is "Get through it". There is a difference between that and "Getting over it". I learned this from my psychiatrist.