Moving On

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
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  • Rose Lavender
    Rose Lavender 21 hour ago

    Oof @ having the person who inaccurately protrayed people with ASPD on shane's channel to literally millions

  • Kayleigh Arte
    Kayleigh Arte 2 days ago +1

    Don't worry Illy you will get thrue it :)
    We support you alot

  • Aaron Yui
    Aaron Yui 2 days ago

    I can pull up on dude and go DODODODO on his goofy ass...

  • camille zapata
    camille zapata 3 days ago

    What if it’s your family. Like a parent how do you leave.

  • mitsu draws
    mitsu draws 3 days ago

    Thank you ;; I needed this
    It’s been two years since I got out of the toxic relationship but I’m still struggling
    All these points are really relatable
    Obviously the abuser isn’t in my life anymore but it keeps replaying
    I’ll keep all the things discussed in this video in mind

  • Kylie Sullivan
    Kylie Sullivan 4 days ago

    My best friend emotionally and physically abused me over seven years. I fall into the same habits of trying to explain myself all the time, I cower in fear of being hit, hide my food, stop eating or refusing to and I hide in my closet and cry still. I am in recovery but it is hard to make new friends after ending a friendship that lasted from elementary to middle school but I have a small friend group now. People usually never belive me because I'm a girl and she was to and most people don't think of an abuser as a girl. I have very extreme social anxiety after it all.

  • Cindy Puentes
    Cindy Puentes 4 days ago

    Thank you for uploading this. Personally this has helped me a lot.

  • FrisktheToxicWolf hi

    Who's here for the chaos and how to get rid of it?!

  • OtomeGirl~
    OtomeGirl~ 5 days ago

    Literally why I don't date even tho I want to or feel lonely asf for a 23 year old lol

  • Ghyu Yhhiiu
    Ghyu Yhhiiu 5 days ago

    Where is the panty storie?

  • Nerdy Animator
    Nerdy Animator 6 days ago

    There’s a guy who the first day i met him he put his arm around me, and to this day he still runs up to me and hugs me...I’m too awkward to tell him i hate hugs and all forms of physical contact and idk how bcs i don’t want to make it awkward he’s in a school production with me.

  • ChicPheonix_54
    ChicPheonix_54 6 days ago

    My friend Brooklyn likes to hit me and every time I do something she doesnt like, she pulls my hair... and a few times she's pulled me to the GROUND she's told me that she'd never do it again but she STILL does it..... she's dragged me around by my hair as well....... she's also physically hurt me as well.

    Is she a bad friend...?

  • dot0nion
    dot0nion 6 days ago

    Perhaps a rather uneasy thought, though has crossed my mind - I wonder if Harris watches your channel.

  • Lucas Van Caeneghem
    Lucas Van Caeneghem 6 days ago

    You're an idiot for letting it happen in the first place and not even trying to solve it untill it was too late.

  • Vivian Mendez
    Vivian Mendez 7 days ago

    I was reflecting on my relationship with my dad and I realized that he is a toxic person and I should limit my contact with him. He used to abuse me physical, emotional and psychological when I was a child. I tried to earn his affections but I never did since he prefers women over my siblings. The moment my mom divorced him I was sad but later I was glad since we got away from him. Since then he didn't contact me or my siblings since he was on drugs, alcohol and women. He doesn't do it anymore.

  • l Esposito
    l Esposito 8 days ago

    She should press charges if the statute of limitations isn't up

  • Composerily's songs from sounds

    I cant ever leave

  • Sytreon
    Sytreon 8 days ago

    Is there any way of getting over the fear that you might become like your abuser? Or making sure you don't?

  • Sytreon
    Sytreon 8 days ago

    I was emotionally abused by my best friend who I had a crush on, who kept me in a web of letting me close enough to hope and phantasise, but always reminded me that we were just friends so I ended up in an incredibly confused state lovewise. I am so lucky for meeting my boyfriend, because that's what got me out of it, partly probably because my best friend realised he'd lose the power he had over me, so the contact just became less and less very quickly.
    The worst thing I think I carried with me is the way I walk around public and look at other people that I find attractive, because with my best friend, it was like I had something, but still had to be on the lookout for somebody else. So now if I notice I find someone attractive but I'm in a relationship, I feel like saying "my bad experience trained me to do that" always feels like an excuse for not being able to work on myself and be faithfull, and I end up blaming myself.

  • Mlp Life
    Mlp Life 10 days ago

    I was abused by a teenager fucking guy when I was young
    And he got away with it

  • The Internet Police
    The Internet Police 10 days ago

    Haris's cheeks: **exists**
    Me: Slap slap slap! Clap clap clap! Slap slap slap! Clap clap clap!

  • klo bow
    klo bow 12 days ago

    I’m young my best friend is sending pictures to her boyfriend it went from 1 pic a week to every day and when she got the guts to confront him he siad its ok

  • Dan Guy Random
    Dan Guy Random 13 days ago

    And that's how we got a free therapy session.

  • SmolAndrogChild
    SmolAndrogChild 13 days ago +2

    So I was molested as a child constantly for about a month. I grew up afraid and unsure of how love or relationships worked. I was an outcast because I trusted no one. But by the time I met my soon-to-be-boyfriend in high school, I finally respected myself and told him EVERYTHING and how I felt about it. He didn't kiss me until we were a month in. :) We are almost five years strong now, living together, and having a fantastic time. Thought you all might like to hear a happy ending.

  • Yvung Queen
    Yvung Queen 14 days ago

    You are a strong women💕

  • Mer Agic
    Mer Agic 14 days ago +1

    Maybe I Met you At Superstore??

  • DrDJDog
    DrDJDog 14 days ago

    Hey, Illy, what if you go to school with them (it’s not romantic just a toxic relationship) and there’s no way to avoid them

  • 111333meta
    111333meta 16 days ago +1

    One day bc of illy ill finally finish an animation channel and talk about my scizophrenia and how to deal with being a mentally draining narcicistic “nice guy” thank you for sharing your story illy you saved me before i crossed into the dark end. This channels community is verry good. Any support talk is appreciated tbh i kinda need a bit or something.

    • 111333meta
      111333meta 16 days ago

      Also im not plugging here bc its not perminant this is just a watch account and when i make content i refuse to monotize unless i can help people actually...

  • Cael Byrne
    Cael Byrne 18 days ago

    I am not saying that you have to take action on this at all, I understand if you feel it unnecessary, but if you ever want to press charges, Anthomnia is the person to talk to about your past situation. He’s already taken action on 2 other pedophelic cases, and he is very well known to the police and fbi. Of course, it’s terrible what you’ve been through and I’m glad that you were able to move past it. Just thought I should offer help/closure

  • PsychoRuvik
    PsychoRuvik 19 days ago

    Sad boy hours 😔🤜

  • devyn coleman
    devyn coleman 19 days ago

    illy your a woman how to not look creppy

  • *disabled soul*
    *disabled soul* 20 days ago

    I don't know what qualifies as abuse, but I'm pretty sure it's happening to me. It is hard to tell though since a lot of this is constantly just written off as "normal parenting".

  • Yarav 153
    Yarav 153 20 days ago

    But what should I do if the person is saying that if I will leave them, they’ll kill themself?

  • Itz Neomiaplays
    Itz Neomiaplays 21 day ago

    My friend Name was emotionally abusing me and my friends, until we had had enough. We trusted her, just for her to yell at us and use are past mistakes to turn everyone against us.

  • titoap2009
    titoap2009 23 days ago

    On my b day

  • kimid
    kimid 23 days ago

    would you count as if not a hit but if some one got made and thumped you on the head

    • kimid
      kimid 23 days ago

      or shouting

  • shiru monsuki
    shiru monsuki 24 days ago

    Your soooo pretty!!😱😍

  • Matt Slagle
    Matt Slagle 25 days ago

    i suffered abuse form my step dad and this really helps my with everything. i am 12 now and i knew him form when i was 2 till i was 10. i suffer from ptsd but i am starting to controll it.

  • Milk and Mocha uwu
    Milk and Mocha uwu 25 days ago +1

    I had a friend and we were best friends. But she was a toxic friend. I didn't realize because i was 12 and naive. First she told me that she always was the odd one out at school. And she was really nice to me, so we just became friends. We were best friends for a year, until she slowly started to show her toxic side. She told me that i was not popular enough to hang out with her. And she also said i was nothing without her. Thats how she manipulated me. I didn't have other friends,she was my only friend. I hated being lonely, so i always stayed with her. She always had a reason to pull me down, i had to do everything she wanted to do, and i had to like everything she liked. When she had a problem, she always told me them. Of course i listened to her and tried to help her. But all she said was: You want to help me!? I don't want such a loser to help me. And you're not supposed to! When i had problems and tried to get some help, she said: Your problems are not as big as mine, and do you really think i would care about your stupid problems?
    I was in this toxic friendship for 2 years. I told her that the way she treated me was not okay. But she simply said: Oh,if you dont want to be friends anymore, you can go, i dont give a fuck. But remember that i'm your only friend! Of course i could have just gone, but i didn't want to be alone.
    Last year i found another friend. We're best friends now.
    And since that day, my old friend tries her absolute best..Every single day, to make me jealous and act like she's popular and showing her friends into my face. She wasn't worth my time. I liked her a lot, but i was *nothing* in her eyes.

  • Alpesh Burnheart
    Alpesh Burnheart 26 days ago

    Wow you’re so pretty!!!!

  • Get In The Oven
    Get In The Oven 27 days ago

    Me watching video: Those glasses are quite large and round

  • Seso Moral
    Seso Moral 27 days ago


  • Dustin Boyd
    Dustin Boyd 27 days ago

    YT algo: cute girl in glasses talking about abuse

  • lets go gaming & vlogs

    This is a true survivor

  • Frxitloxp
    Frxitloxp 28 days ago

    Why do people dislike stuff like this

  • Jorge Belloso
    Jorge Belloso 28 days ago +4

    When your dad beats you but still gives you v-bucks **starts default dancing**

  • Crystal Wells
    Crystal Wells 28 days ago

    15:49 - I hear ya Katie, thank you - I'm starting to open my mind up to it. :'(

  • Newbie - Animate RBLX
    Newbie - Animate RBLX 28 days ago

    5:56 the face when u found out u lost ur mum

  • Allen A
    Allen A 28 days ago

    Lol Illy is so cute I just want to hug her

  • the jabberwocky of the east

    Oh no she snapped im going to die whyyyyyy

  • Megan
    Megan 28 days ago

    After coming out of multiple terrible relationships, I finally thought I was ready for a relationship. And now im with this amazing guy. And at first, i was acting the way i had been in my past relationships. Very guarded, and all around just afraid of nothing. He was patient though. He knew what I had gone through and he spent many sleepless nights hearing about things i put up with in the past. Im not completely over everything, but now im finally learning to love myself, and Im learning how to be loved. It really gets better yall

  • Protomanbeawsome
    Protomanbeawsome 29 days ago

    My ex partner was raped and now is currently dating the rapist, I had a close association with both of them, and while I’m not suffering from abuse this was traumatic and I think about it nearly everyday, any advice for overcoming this?

  • Bluelight Addict
    Bluelight Addict 29 days ago

    Holy shit...a lot of the things reminded me of my relationship with my parents...

  • anime_maniac 26
    anime_maniac 26 29 days ago

    i was in toxic relationship with an older girl online. She confessed her feelings to me, but i told her that i didn't feel the same, but we could be friends. she started to guilt trip me and threatend to hurt herself. i stopped talking to her, but i hope that she is fine.

  • Peyton Vari
    Peyton Vari 29 days ago +1

    I went through something a lot like what you did where I was trapped and it was awful. It ended in a year but I’m still trying to get over it

  • Murielle Davilmar
    Murielle Davilmar 29 days ago

    Hey what if you are a kid.Where do you go!!!!!?????

  • Peter XYZ
    Peter XYZ 29 days ago


  • Izuku Msp
    Izuku Msp Month ago +1

    I went through verbals abuse with my mom who drank all the time I know live with my grandparents I still have nightmares she would just make my depression and anxiety worse I go a thermostat and a concler I had a friend my girlfriend who would beet me physically and verbally abuse me

    • Izuku Msp
      Izuku Msp Month ago

      I kept going back to both of them but now I don’t speak to wthier

  • skery
    skery Month ago

    both of my parents have severe anger issues and ptsd and my dad always curses out my mom
    my sister doesn't talk to my dad and that gives him stress
    my mom screams over little things and i don't know if my brother is even alive right now, he started doing drugs and now he's in a different country
    and my grandparents are homophobic and very gender-biased and think i'm gonna be a housewife that slaves away to her husband but i like girls
    everybody thinks im weird and send me to school psychologists and guidance counselors and i just want to be left alone
    plus all my cousins hate me and my friends are all bipolar and can laugh with me all of a sudden and if i do something they go 'ugh! shut the fuck up! go away!'
    and idk im not trying to get pity but i want help. like advice. i have a fear of talking to people. im not even trying to be quirky and i fucking hate talking to people and shaking their hand and smiling and fucking entertaining them with my jokes and im fat and ugly ffs.

  • Tatum E
    Tatum E Month ago

    dude it’s so crazy seeing everyone’s stories! ur such an inspiration!!

  • K'mya Mccaster
    K'mya Mccaster Month ago

    It was a relationship with me but it was traumatizing and i still am scarred from it even today, but 5 years ago i was removed from my mom (she was in a bad relationship) and sent to live with my dad. He was narcissistic and had anger issues. I was 9 and afraid of him and my 6 year old brother was too. He would get mad because we would act weird since we were scared and he would lash out. he didn’t sexually abuse me but he did physically and mentally. It lasted 7 months until one night after christmas, i missed my mom and ran away. I was picked up by an officer and was safety taken to my grandparents. But since people would believe a 30 year old before they believe a nine year old, it was proven false and my dad got away with it. I still have to see him and he’s brains washed everyone to think it never happened. But i still remember it clearly. Now i’ve had help and i’m still trying to overcome it, but it’s hard.

  • Brayden Praska
    Brayden Praska Month ago

    Can I ask you something

  • Affen Tat
    Affen Tat Month ago +1

    Thank you so much Illy for this video and the links, it's really helpfull!
    The time I broke up with my abuser, I didn't really had many friends nearby, but I always found comfort in music. If you're stuck in an awful situation and need some confidence boost, check out the playlist I listened to every day before and after my breakup. No matter how hard it seems, there is always a way out, and you can do it too!

  • Bianca cat animation Lps


  • Giuliana Trotta
    Giuliana Trotta Month ago +1

    i just dodged a bullet with my relationship. My, now ex (who i only knew on Instagram), was very pushy from the start about us spending our whole lives together. I thought they were just being cute and cheesy so I brushed it off, but they wouldnt stop bringing it up. They were also very depressed and suicidal and they would constantly try to get me to help them when they were having a depressive episode. It was lots of weight on my shoulders of 'what if i accidentally offend them' and 'what if i try to make a joke and they dont find it funny?' it was too much for me to handle, but i though it was insensitive of me to leave them. But today I left my phone for 30 mins and when i came back, they got so mad at me for 'ignoring them for a half hour'. and they kept on saying 'You dont care about me! You left me alone for a half hour!' I thought *uh uh. thats the last straw* and I broke up with them.

    • Giuliana Trotta
      Giuliana Trotta Month ago

      also keep in mind that they were 16 and im 15, so for them to think about spending the rest of our lives together is very weird and kind of wrong

  • Gacha Wolf668
    Gacha Wolf668 Month ago +3

    My ex made me feel like this all the time your one of the people I watch to feel better about this

  • Content Content
    Content Content Month ago

    My dad beats me :(.

  • heronator
    heronator Month ago

    Came to this channel from Girlfriend Reviews. Immediate sub! These videos have such a good balance of casualness, humor, vulnerability, and informativity!

  • Hannah Albert
    Hannah Albert Month ago

    I had a bad relationship with my ex somewhat similar to yours but she’s a year younger than me I kept leaving and she always found a way back to me I was 12 when it started and she just stopped texting me (for now) around February of this year and even though I’ve blocked her I hope she doesn’t make any more accounts to stalk me like she has in the past. Your story has helped me so much keep doing what your doing

  • NekoJonez
    NekoJonez Month ago +4

    I am so happy with my current girlfriend. To avoid abuse, we one... have a few "rules", but they all come down too, if there is something that one of us does that he oher one doesnt like.. like hugging, talking about certain topics, doing certain things... we talk about it. We give each other feedback. Also, I just hate it whe people force themselves to do something.
    Also, I never want her to fee that she cant see her family or friends. When I invite her to something, I always ask if somebody wants to join or if she wants to spend time with the two of us.
    We find being open, honest with our feelings quite important. Even if we hurt each other, respect should come first. We take our time with everything. We had been both in toxic realationships in the past and we want to avoid living through that whole mess again.

  • Molly zendez
    Molly zendez Month ago +1

    Honestly, im still trying to get over my past friend. She was more than a friend to me, i loved her so much and i still do sorta...and i shouldnt, she was really mean and made me cut myself and hurt myself, she brought be down so much and when i talked to her about it she just didnt care, she was just super toxic but i dont know how to give her up, she got me so attached and all my friends still talk to her and its so hard i miss her so much, idk how to break it off

  • Rona Ronis
    Rona Ronis Month ago


  • Marshmellow Unicorn
    Marshmellow Unicorn Month ago +6

    To everyone in the comments saying that they have abused...I am truly soo sorry that you have to go through that. No one deserves to be abused in any way shape or form. Stay strong and stay safe. ❤👍

  • PolarBro
    PolarBro Month ago

    Is this a feminist thing?

  • KD 004
    KD 004 Month ago

    This was useful (I hope this never happens to me...)

  • Jazzy Wolf
    Jazzy Wolf Month ago

    My sister abuses me. Verbally, and physically. Literally the only one who can help me, and protect me is my brother. If my sister is like abusing me, he always storms in my room, sees me crying while my sister is there, screaming at me, and calling me a baby. Once she hurt my nose, so bad, that it started bleeding very bad. But she made me hide the tissue, so she wouldn’t get in trouble. She always says sorry, but you’re being a baby. I never answer, because I know it isn’t okay. Then since I just don’t speak, she starts at it again. Like the other day, I was messing around, and opened a water bottle that would make a sign like, “I’m gonna spill this on you” she knew I was joking. But she immediately pushed the water and got it all over me, I was all wet, and we were about to go in a mall. Yep. A mall. And if I just talk back to her, like if she says something mean to me, and I come up with a comeback, she like either tries to push me down the stairs, or when I go back to my room she comes in and hits me. In stores if she’s in a bad mood, she just bumps in to me, or trips me. And says “oops.. my bad” always on purpose. I just.. can’t handle her. My brother also when he’s like.. defending me, she just gets him in trouble, and I feel so bad. It’s not fair. Once my mom didn’t even care so much she just said, call your dad or call the police. Because my brother was defending me, and called her like an un-kind word. My sister is an idiot. I love my brother. He’s the only one in the world who protects me. Wow. I can’t even protect myself, it’s so hard.

  • Fancy Devil
    Fancy Devil Month ago

    Thanks. This helped me get out of a very toxic relationship with a friend who was constantly putting me down in any way possible. We need more good people in this world. :)

  • Memes
    Memes Month ago

    My daddy keeps yeeting me to his basement

  • Alexis Robinson
    Alexis Robinson Month ago

    I wish I had gotten to see your videos when I was 13, I was in a similar situation to you expect he went to my school, he really manipulated me and made me feel like everything was my fault. I wasted 3 years of my life on him. I've always felt very shameful to so it is nice to see someone talking about it openly I don't feel so alone anymore because of your videos❤️.

  • The tEa
    The tEa Month ago

    0:57, if i’m correct, she’s the same person in shane dawson’s series, she said she was a “psychologist” but now she’s describing herself as as family and married therapist.... Idk just thought that was odd

  • Bob Coffee Filter
    Bob Coffee Filter Month ago

    You look like a baby next to the other girl.
    *_But me too though_*

  • Lps Rainbows
    Lps Rainbows Month ago

    Thank you for this video. This will help so many people now and in the future.

  • Corey Palmer
    Corey Palmer Month ago

    Can she become more diverse? Always about the abuse...-_-

  • minitumen
    minitumen Month ago

    This is a great, important video. But Theres one issue that is not talked about enough but is very important: what can I do to not BECOME the victimizer. To not fall in the traps of our own mind and end up justifying treating the partner badly.

  • MittyHam0
    MittyHam0 Month ago

    I hate how heartless people can be 😭 none of this would happen if there weren't assholes in the world

  • Zahvay Imran
    Zahvay Imran Month ago

    ur so beautiful😁😁😁

  • Lex Brown
    Lex Brown Month ago

    Wow, the chubby, gay, "quirky", artist, who is most certainly not like other girls definitely has an actual mental illness and is not putting on the mask to fit in and for sure wasnt just harrassed online, since cyberbullying is absolutely a thing. 😑

    • Lex Brown
      Lex Brown Month ago

      +Miss Vivian Hey bud if you dont like what im saying, theres this neat little thing called a power button that can make all of the "cyberbullies" go away imagine that

    • Miss Vivian
      Miss Vivian Month ago

      She has never said she's gay. She's said she questioned her sexuality in 8th grade (13-14 years old)

  • ginger 123
    ginger 123 Month ago

    It really sucks because my ex boyfriend was so sneaky, he would push my boundaries a lot. He was very self deprecating and made me feel like i was responsible for him. I was never enough, i never did enough. I would do things he liked but he wouldnt in return and make me feel like crap for even trying. But he would imminently go to the sweet things and try to make me feel better. I was asleep once and he tried to do something to me i woke up and freaked out. He cheated on me, after that when we were still together but i was about to end it. He threatened to kill himself blamed me, threatened me physical. after we ended things he counties to harass me. My nana passed and he brought her up telling me i can go to hell with her, threatening me. He told me know one would ever love me, called me a useless whore. Theres still things im having trouble figuring out that cause a lot of shame that are very confusing. Things im sure he did to shame me into staying with him, things he knew would affect me. I have a really hard time opening up face to face with someone about including my therapist.

  • Opalcloud
    Opalcloud Month ago +2

    This needs so much more attention. It’s such an important topic and I feel that not enough people are watching this.

  • Think Yazzy
    Think Yazzy Month ago

    I love your four head

  • hamnerheads
    hamnerheads Month ago

    hey so, i reaaaaallllyyy don’t feel comfortable around my mom, she does stuff like call me out and shame me on lies or gets just as mad if i tell truth, but if i catch her on a lie she may apologize but guilts me for finding the truth (one example, she had lied about a console, saying she played it all the time, i did a simple check on a public activity log on said console, politely confronted her, she got defensive and yelled at me and guilted me. same thing happened a month or so later, but she apologized,,, and them immediately guilted me saying “ever since i had moved out with my dad she’s felt abandoned” and “i just like to have memories of the console” and “it’s pretty malicious that you went out of your way to confront me”. she wouldn’t even let me have the games i bought,,,,) i always feel like i’m walking on eggshells with her, the only thing is, everyone i talk to says “she’s you mother, you can’t just cut her out”. and it’s not like i don’t want to, i just can’t hang out with her and feel good after,,,,
    does anyone have advice for this?

  • FTJ05
    FTJ05 Month ago

    fEmInIsT reeeeeeeeeeeee

    jk lol

  • Adyson Marchant
    Adyson Marchant Month ago

    I don't understand people that *like* to watch other people suffer

  • twenty øne ducklings

    I was in a toxic friendship from grade 1 to grade 5. I never realized it until later on.
    It was horrible. She was very manipulative and forceful towards me. She would play with my feelings and make me cry all the time.
    There was always something new everyday that she would do to make me feel hurt.
    She was attached to me and wouldn’t let go. She was *obsessed* with me so much that she wouldn’t let me hang out with my other friends. Ever.
    This may sound fine, but trust me. There were way worse things that she did to purposely hurt me emotionally.
    She still goes to my school, and I often see her in the hallway. I hope she has learned her lesson and that no one else goes through what I went to.

  • Adyson Marchant
    Adyson Marchant Month ago

    My brother isn't neccessary an abuser but he gets mad and he yells at me telling me I'm a disappointment, he knows i support gay people and he is a homophobe and it gets me so mad 😡

  • shibe!
    shibe! Month ago +3

    I know this is a dark video but you’re really pretty

  • methecat
    methecat Month ago

    Somebody better tell Anastasia Grey this bc that is literally her.

  • Abigail Jarvis
    Abigail Jarvis Month ago

    My abuser made me feel like a thing, a soulless object, a collection of body parts who's actual personality wants and desires amounted to very little. I struggled with so much self doubt and feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness for a long time. I felt like I was dead and I longed for the release of death.
    Now i'm 25 and i'm glad i'm alive. I found new meaning in my life with friends who support me and things that give me purpose and meaning. I know i'm not a thing. I'm a person and i'm mine, no one else's. I still have nightmares. I still have bad days, but I don't want to die anymore. I don't long for my life to end anymore. I see beauty in life again and I enjoy nature walks and painting and writing, just being alive and being a part of life. Whoever reads this, you are a person. You are alive. Life is within and about you. It's there waiting for you to remember your a part of it.

  • Samanta A
    Samanta A Month ago

    Her hair looks so greasy 😷😷😷😖😖😖