Portugal vs Netherlands 2019 - RONALDO vs Van Dijk FINAL ( English Commentary ) HD

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • 30 000 Likes For Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo and Virgil van Dijk ?
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    Portugal vs Netherlands 1-0 - All Goals and Highlights ( English Commentary ) Final HD
    Portugal vs Netherlands live stream: how to watch today's 2019 Nations League final from anywhere. With both teams having run out as 3-1 victors in their respective semi-finals matches, Portugal are set to face the Netherlands in the inaugural UEFA Nations League final on Sunday night. Can Ronaldo add a new honour to his CV or will Ronald Koeman's young side upset the party in Porto? Portugal and Netherlands face off in Porto on Sunday for the right to get their hands on the inaugural UEFA Nations League trophy. MESSI OR RONALDO? Portugal vs Netherlands LIVE: Commentary stream, latest score from Uefa Nations League Final. Portugal vs Holland LIVE score: TV channel, team news and live stream - UEFA Nations League. Portugal are taking on the Netherlands in the first-ever final of the UEFA Nations League at the Estadio do Dragao in Porto.
    Portugal vs Netherlands LIVE. Uefa Nations League Final 2019. Venue: Estádio do Dragão, Porto. Kick-off time: 7-45pm BST. Portugal and Netherlands meet in the first ever Uefa Nations League Final tonight. Portugal vs Netherlands live on talkSPORT: Free commentary stream and team news for Nations League final. Portugal and the Netherlands face off in Porto today looking to claim glory in the inaugural Nations League final. Portugal vs Netherlands: Can the Selecao bag another major title? Portugal saw off Switzerland in the semi-finals thanks to a stunning hat-trick from their talismanic captain Cristiano Ronaldo. The first-ever Uefa Nations League final will see Portugal take on the Netherlands at the Estadio do Dragao on Sunday night. Just when it seemed Fernando Santos’ side were heading for extra-time in their semi-final clash with Switzerland, goal king Cristiano Ronaldo did what he does best, bagging a late brace to add to his first half strike, for a 3-1 win.
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    LIUBCHENKO  6 months ago +43

    30 000 Likes For *Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo and Virgil van Dijk* ? 👍⚽
    What do you think *WHO WILL WIN in the National League Final 2019* ? 🔥

    • Me have tacos
      Me have tacos 6 months ago

      Hey Netherlands arnt playing Ronaldo they are playing Portugal. And its the same Portugal

    • Nazare Soares
      Nazare Soares 6 months ago


  • Smart learning classes
    Smart learning classes 3 months ago +1

    Ronaldo Best player

  • Jagadeesh N
    Jagadeesh N 3 months ago


  • Alguem no mundo
    Alguem no mundo 4 months ago

    Pitada da Célia

  • Romlee Matkaree
    Romlee Matkaree 5 months ago

    Ronaldo the best for van Dijk

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad 5 months ago

    Ronaldo best

  • Luum Sahle
    Luum Sahle 5 months ago


  • Duangamang Gonmei
    Duangamang Gonmei 5 months ago

    cr7 legend

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 6 months ago +1

    Next time if you don't upload live matches just forget about it or the just live the issue of uploading.

    SANTHI RANI 6 months ago

    Hatrick hero

  • HYZAM rd
    HYZAM rd 6 months ago

    From where you get these highlight vedios

  • Lexi Daus
    Lexi Daus 6 months ago

    Ronaldo's the best

  • baloch vynz
    baloch vynz 6 months ago


  • Matt g
    Matt g 6 months ago +1

    Glorified friendly competition. Please.

  • Felisberto Soares
    Felisberto Soares 6 months ago

    Cr7 is better than all players

  • muhammed TK
    muhammed TK 6 months ago

    I love ronaldo💖💖💖💖

  • André Pereira
    André Pereira 6 months ago +1

    Ronaldo sempre!!🇵🇹❤️

    INDO CHANNEL 6 months ago

    You know kontol?

  • Raktim rai mukarung
    Raktim rai mukarung 6 months ago


    RAVI SINGH 6 months ago +2

    Van dijk pocketed Ronaldo..

  • sanu dey
    sanu dey 6 months ago

    love u cr7

  • Terlan Ceferov
    Terlan Ceferov 6 months ago


  • yash jalan
    yash jalan 6 months ago

    1. Unnecessary tournament
    2. Overall a poor final match
    3.cr7 doesnt need to prove anything to any1 as this trophy will not add any credibility to him

    • Mihai Avr
      Mihai Avr 6 months ago

      I went to sleep the second half , the only good football this year was in Champions League , players are too tired to play these bullshit extra competitions

      NRG DIOGOBARBOSA 6 months ago

      Why its a poor match assole ??

      Portugal have Patrício Bernardo Silva. Ronaldo Bruno Fernandes Ruben dias so Much good players and netherlands to so dont cry because YouR team isnt in the final

  • Scutaru Pivici
    Scutaru Pivici 6 months ago

    Hai Portugalia

  • Dsgff Fff
    Dsgff Fff 6 months ago +1

    Love you Ronaldo

  • lemlem Mesfin
    lemlem Mesfin 6 months ago +1

    cr7 the king

  • lemlem Mesfin
    lemlem Mesfin 6 months ago +1

    cr7 the king

  • marco goncalves
    marco goncalves 6 months ago +7

    Minimize Portugals win , but yet England continue doing what they do best , lose games ! Had England won these commentators would be going bananas.

  • Rajan Mahinali
    Rajan Mahinali 6 months ago +1

    Ranaldo is best in world

  • Eliud Tecelab
    Eliud Tecelab 6 months ago

    good game

  • val farias
    val farias 6 months ago

    Thank you Ronaldo and team for another top trophy for a small nation

  • Mark Bilby
    Mark Bilby 6 months ago

    Ronaldo is 100% Gay. Who’s this Scottish idiot talking ????

  • Kental Manis
    Kental Manis 6 months ago +2

    Channel sampah

  • ash unknown
    ash unknown 6 months ago

    People talking abt messi n ronaldo as world best ever ???? Lol noth of idiots never won single world cup n never perform in world stage grandest of all WORLD CUP. Example johann cryff is also great player in europe but never won world cup still best. But greatest of all time?? Lol cristinao zero world cups can't polish pele boots

    • ash unknown
      ash unknown 6 months ago

      @PyroPlaysCTF all era are the same dude as long in world cup .football is football .. portugal has eusubio last time he only man made portugal in world stage least semis in 1966 the best ever Ronaldo with all modern traning rubbish rules nw million miliion of money n salary zero world cup dude. Pele era not much salary for a player they all just played football cause the love it not for career nt for fame not for anythjng just smile n love playing the game. Pele is greatest cause he is very humble if messi or c.ronaldo score 1000 plus goals n scored in final n least they should win world cup .m messi other hand zero internation cup my opinion still same rubbish no standard in world stage .. comapre to muller n rossi n pele n charlton you know why they all bring n wom world cup as key man star player.. many footballers won even reserve player never single game n say my country won world cup i was in team but never playes single match in world stage still my opiniom would be your are world champion you got it but dk nt much name only legend n only footballer you plays big part n show he is best in WoRLD Cup n won the big gold cup consider world best ever we can debate with likes of maradona n pele if nt stop this ridiclous both never won world cup just a hype . Look kyliian mpdeppe of france n psg won world cup he insipire france to world cup he can be consider as one of the best along with maradona n pele. No one beats pele n maradona . Pele won 3 world cup n all wold cup he is key man n best player without playing for rich europeans clubs. He stayed in brazil to produce brazllian flair n he has playes in europe n won world cup n played i n santos won european club without $$$$ pure classs n legend in game . Sme can say oh his goals nt 1000 plus cause friendly i dun care he is best without firiendlies is still counted as goals even nw c ronaldo score an interantional goals still counted .. back in day even friendliess in club football consider competitive match ..pele is greateat no match cristiano ronaldo no zero messi nop zero .. may be who best over ronaldo n messi both are rubbish for me just facebook n twiiter social media darlings. Ronaldo for me i do nt enjoy his games n messi ok he can dribble n score.. messi least win copa americs my opinion is still nt best ever he n ronaldo can win euros n copa 100 times still would not be greatest of all time ... Greatest of all time has to win world cup which is greatest of alll cups in world football n world of sports history!!! Call your goat buy you cant do goat in world cup what thr point!! Football is team play one indivuadual player can make look maradona n look pele though brazil has great team but no excuse if portugal can win euros n people boast he wom nw euro natiom callimg 2 why ronaldo has never score a fucking goal in knock out stage in a crucial match in world cup when whole nation was behind him so nop messi went final least in world stage can say in world stage messi doen smething but zero compare PELE. Stefano alfredo score many goals but a legend but na greated zero world cup!!!!

    • ash unknown
      ash unknown 6 months ago

      @NRG DIOGOBARBOSA portugesta 0 world cup so european no world cup with rich man ronaldo n brazil poor 5 world cup thats football.. brazil do nt scared to lose n do nt play for one player they all win in world cup !!

      NRG DIOGOBARBOSA 6 months ago

      ash unknown não chora brazuca de merda ainda temos vosso ouro

    • PyroPlaysCTF
      PyroPlaysCTF 6 months ago

      Pele lived in an era where football easn’t anywhere near advanced like today, it would be outright impossible for him to even carry any team all the way once

  • Saul Jobe
    Saul Jobe 6 months ago +1

    Bravo Ronaldo

  • Arafat Seazon
    Arafat Seazon 6 months ago +7

    Congratulations Portugal 🇵🇹 football team 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • David Carvalho
    David Carvalho 6 months ago +4

    Portugal actually did a good game

    • Larkin Scq
      Larkin Scq 6 months ago +2

      @ash unknown ahahaha, by the way, what is your country?

    • ash unknown
      ash unknown 6 months ago

      Still 0 world cup with ronaldo in ha ha ha

  • Luis Castro
    Luis Castro 6 months ago

    What a twat... the commentator

  • Gregorio Yucra
    Gregorio Yucra 6 months ago +3


  • Ali Ghulami
    Ali Ghulami 6 months ago +1

    Ronaldo 💪💪💪❤❤❤

  • Natielle Silva
    Natielle Silva 6 months ago

    Quem for Brasileiro da like adoro peitinhos kkk

  • BelowMyself
    BelowMyself 6 months ago +5


    ZANER RONALDO 6 months ago +9


  • Noe AV
    Noe AV 6 months ago +18

    CR7 is best player in the world

    ZANER RONALDO 6 months ago +8


  • RFV7HD Productions
    RFV7HD Productions 6 months ago +8

    Ronaldo is goat 😍

    THANAPHON SINGSUKHUM 6 months ago +7

    VVD best defender vs Best player all time

    • FøXx
      FøXx 6 months ago

      @ash unknown The difference is: Messi arrived to a world cup final.

      PROBENIC COMPS 6 months ago

      ash unknown
      LoL maybecuz there team isn’t the same as Brazil back then or Argentina back den I mean they had figo and costa and more imagine them playing with CR7 in Portugal

    • ash unknown
      ash unknown 6 months ago

      @PROBENIC COMPS not even cristiano ronaldo and messi never perform in world stage zero world cup

      PROBENIC COMPS 6 months ago

      LoL he’s not the best player of all time but yes he’s the best Striker of all time

  • Christian Blango
    Christian Blango 6 months ago +11

    Ronaldo the best ever.

  • Zayn Goltz
    Zayn Goltz 6 months ago


  • Sixtus Kamir
    Sixtus Kamir 6 months ago +6

    So fast

  • Elsa Nascimento
    Elsa Nascimento 6 months ago


  • Shahame malenga
    Shahame malenga 6 months ago

    Fundi wa mpira Cr7

  • Tiny bell -Fortnite
    Tiny bell -Fortnite 6 months ago +28

    Ronaldo is the best soccer player siiiiii

    • ash unknown
      ash unknown 6 months ago

      Zero world cup n messi too

    • ash unknown
      ash unknown 6 months ago

      Zero world cup dude hahah messi. too shit zero

    • king of Wolf's
      king of Wolf's 6 months ago +2

      No He is not

    • Simon Lin
      Simon Lin 6 months ago +2

      It’s suuuuuuu

    • Kodai Ichikawa
      Kodai Ichikawa 6 months ago +2

      Tiny bell -Fortnite I don’t like people saying soccer it’s football

  • ash unknown
    ash unknown 6 months ago

    Haha portugal won euro nation cuo in their own soil they can't win single world cup with c.ronaldo hahahahahaha .. netherland is youth team mostly but. They camw in final much respect but it's why in libson lol uefa fixed it lol. .. put a stadium where their national team nt competitive lol put in ukraine or lithuhnia or even hungry or maybe madrid who already exit rdy

    • domi ferbar
      domi ferbar 6 months ago

      Don't cry because your country will ever win anything

    • chakhu rongmei
      chakhu rongmei 6 months ago

      Haha lol... haha lol... Wtf..

    • Amine Kounaizi
      Amine Kounaizi 6 months ago +1

      Messi can't win a Copa America with Argentina 😂😂

    • Amine Kounaizi
      Amine Kounaizi 6 months ago +1

      You are a little kid 😂

    • random jäbä
      random jäbä 6 months ago

      What about Messi and argentina

  • Rush Hour
    Rush Hour 6 months ago

    The referee is a cheating twat! You can tell he didn’t want Portugal to win! Alberto Undiano Mallenco! F YOU!

  • ash unknown
    ash unknown 6 months ago

    Hahah bye bye c.ronaldo zero world cups it's still stands

    • Horane Simms
      Horane Simms 6 months ago

      Ash unknown Ronaldo is a better athlete than messi maybe messi can play the next world cup but ronaldo can play the next 2 editions of the WC

    • ash unknown
      ash unknown 6 months ago

      @Horane Simms haha both never won world cups . Ronaldo is shit still stand no world cup .. as for messi he still can play next world cup .m ronaldo old rdy bye

    • chakhu rongmei
      chakhu rongmei 6 months ago

      I can see he or she or maybe gay is frustrated.

    • Horane Simms
      Horane Simms 6 months ago +1

      When he was dreaming last night

    • Da Great Nordafrikaner
      Da Great Nordafrikaner 6 months ago

      Yeah Messi won 3 world cups

  • Ghghgh Bbhh
    Ghghgh Bbhh 6 months ago +21

    Portugal Win yayayay
    They deserve It Ronaldo deserves it!
    Very happy for him and his country

  • Valentine Pidrice
    Valentine Pidrice 6 months ago +2

    Another trophy for legendary Ronaldo

    • FøXx
      FøXx 6 months ago

      @LusiToons What is "Uefa Nation League?

    • ash unknown
      ash unknown 6 months ago +1

      But zero world cups