We Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks... **THEY WORKED**

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
    There are so many life hacks in this world especially on Tik Tok.. Today we tested to see how many of them ACTUALLY worked!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  Month ago +7568

    like for life hacks. YAAAAY

  • Autistic.mum.of5
    Autistic.mum.of5 45 minutes ago

    That’s why I don’t ask for ice in my drinks, 1st it just waters it down 2nd you don’t get as much as the actual cup se size

  • Cringey Toni
    Cringey Toni 2 hours ago

    I Tried The Tattoo but it didnt work..

  • Henry Jones
    Henry Jones 2 hours ago


  • Henry Jones
    Henry Jones 2 hours ago


  • Kayden Hoori
    Kayden Hoori 3 hours ago

    show much ads

  • StormzBTW
    StormzBTW 3 hours ago

    If you know it’s not working why you doing it

  • Mystic Trickshots
    Mystic Trickshots 5 hours ago

    With the Starbucks life hack, the ice fills up most of the space in the cup so the small drink will fill all the little gaps and spaces

    ISA ISHAQ ISRAR 6 hours ago

    First he took white phone than he rubbed with past than it became black phone first tiktok

  • Jack Burney
    Jack Burney 6 hours ago

    The phone changes to white to black and the phone ain’t bent sketchy 🤦

  • Naomi Bills
    Naomi Bills 7 hours ago

    On the phone one the top was white at first then it was black

  • Zhiirou
    Zhiirou 8 hours ago

    You got pranked on number two because ice takes room in the cup

  • Jazmine Romero
    Jazmine Romero 9 hours ago


  • It'sMe
    It'sMe 10 hours ago +1


  • sarai Contreraa
    sarai Contreraa 10 hours ago

    6:06 The guy in the back looking like wtf u doing lmao😂

  • James L
    James L 11 hours ago

    The tattoo thing didn’t work for me

  • Stormy Virg
    Stormy Virg 11 hours ago

    I don’t like Starbucks! 🤢🤢

  • Wafaa Jamal
    Wafaa Jamal 11 hours ago +1

    You are the best yotuber

  • Chiheang Ing
    Chiheang Ing 11 hours ago

    Rug: all life hack then “they work”

    Me: 😶

  • Jordan S
    Jordan S 12 hours ago

    The reason why the ice won worked be cause the ice filled the cup up so ummmm

  • Chloe Dalia
    Chloe Dalia 13 hours ago

    If you look at the phone it was white before and was black after they put the toothpaste on it

  • Javion Gary-Flagg
    Javion Gary-Flagg 13 hours ago

    1:19 is any one going to say some thing about how they are two different phones

  • Connor Lamping
    Connor Lamping 13 hours ago

    The ice makes it go higher

  • mista_J
    mista_J 13 hours ago

    I want a thousand dollars omg

  • Rakan Abuissa
    Rakan Abuissa 13 hours ago

    Did my mans really just say numero two

  • Raf wears Glasses
    Raf wears Glasses 13 hours ago

    edited well

    the first phone was white and the other was black lamo:>

  • Katelin Georgiou
    Katelin Georgiou 13 hours ago

    There were 2 different phones on the TikTok

  • Jackaboy On A Skateboard

    Can you make the tattoo with water instead of perfume

  • Jesse Long
    Jesse Long 14 hours ago

    he did not clean his spot

  • Duckey Gamer
    Duckey Gamer 14 hours ago

    1:21 it’s a whole new phone tho and he could’ve edited it lol

  • Sheryl Torres
    Sheryl Torres 14 hours ago

    The last hack works

  • Matthew Gilstrap
    Matthew Gilstrap 15 hours ago

    The phone was white and then turned black

  • I hate Pokemon go
    I hate Pokemon go 15 hours ago

    How to mess up being a liar get a cracked white iPhone then when you wipe the toothpaste off it becomes a brand new black iphone

  • quick__sand830
    quick__sand830 17 hours ago

    Because the ice takes up all the space in the glass 😂😂

  • Mayo Petines
    Mayo Petines 17 hours ago

    The phone that you put a toothpase is iphone6 in the video then it change to iphone6 plus

  • Victorya Harmon
    Victorya Harmon 18 hours ago

    7:34 taco burger!!??

  • Kaia Washington
    Kaia Washington 18 hours ago

    On the toothpaste one the person got a different phone

  • trillix
    trillix 18 hours ago

    Just so you idiots are aware the first tik tok the phone was completely bent with the white home button and sides and then when the video cut out it is the black home button and black edges

  • Dragonet101 Dragonet102

    The ice is just filling the majority

  • Sketch Stories
    Sketch Stories 18 hours ago

    The ice takes up room in the cup sooo do you get what I am saying

  • Maximo Meghnagi
    Maximo Meghnagi 19 hours ago

    The Starbucks one isn’t real because the food Ice in the cup take up all the room so that’s why when you put the drink into the cup with ice it looks full.

  • Tiawania Bender
    Tiawania Bender 19 hours ago

    Pick me I need to pay for my house

  • Kian Bukowski
    Kian Bukowski 19 hours ago

    So did he just not notice that the phone changed color?

  • Project Zorgo
    Project Zorgo 20 hours ago

    I am your biggest fan plz heart this

  • Gamer_YT
    Gamer_YT 20 hours ago

    1:07 WHITE PHONE 1:17 black phone he edited it it was so clear

  • rblx.cooper
    rblx.cooper 20 hours ago +1

    hacks r kool 😂

  • Charlie Lennon
    Charlie Lennon 20 hours ago

    Just put your cracked phone into rice

  • Monsterr Gaming
    Monsterr Gaming 20 hours ago

    first part of vid lmfaooo the phone said ⚪️⚫️

  • David Urbina
    David Urbina 20 hours ago

    Well edited the first phone was white and the other one was black,I don’t know how did you believed that one

  • kiro mekhaiel
    kiro mekhaiel 21 hour ago

    1:20 the phone changed colors what

  • Vilniaus Meras
    Vilniaus Meras 21 hour ago

    Life hack nr.2 ice makes drink bigger
    Ice = water just pour water dumbass

  • Vilniaus Meras
    Vilniaus Meras 21 hour ago

    Life hack nr.1 toothpaste on the phone
    Rug - 5% worked
    Are you dumb toothpaste is for teeth not phones why you even believe it dumbass🤣🤣🤣

  • Vilniaus Meras
    Vilniaus Meras 22 hours ago


  • KiNg KeDz
    KiNg KeDz 22 hours ago

    I’ve melts and turn into water🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Liliane Berk
    Liliane Berk 23 hours ago

    Pls 1000 dollars

  • Swemx BTW
    Swemx BTW 23 hours ago

    Dude did you not see the phone change from white to black🥶

  • Aidan T.
    Aidan T. Day ago

    The person who did it switched the phone

  • Hosein Alshammari

    U guys know that the ICE takes place so it g’ets everywhere with no ICE

  • Mohamad Hazim Hanis5997

    Life Hack #1 clicibait

  • carmen xo
    carmen xo Day ago

    HAHAHAHA i’m so dead at the taco bell one