The Biggest LIES You Were Taught in School!

  • Published on Oct 24, 2018
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Comments • 1 951

  • James Ash4YT
    James Ash4YT 9 hours ago

    School taught me nothing I actually learned how to read and write from the internet I learned most things from the internet and computers then school the only thing that happens at my school is kids trying to be in gangs fights etc

  • genevieve sombese
    genevieve sombese 17 hours ago

    Stop messing with our lives plss.....

  • Plamen Garvanski
    Plamen Garvanski 17 hours ago

    Im in school and now I give up on what my teachers are teaching me XD

  • Emo-Jay YT
    Emo-Jay YT Day ago

    Hey michael, V-Sauce here. Here are the biggest lies you were told in school.

  • Marshall Xeno
    Marshall Xeno 2 days ago

    There aren't just 3 states of matter. Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma, and I forget the 5th.

  • Harvey Of the Heath
    Harvey Of the Heath 2 days ago

    1 lie I told myself:
    My future can me brighter than your teeth

  • Servant Doyle
    Servant Doyle 3 days ago

    "Learning is fun" they say...
    Then explain why I have seen the horrors of equations in Desmos?

  • DJJA 102
    DJJA 102 4 days ago +1

    Top 10 lies on school
    1 - Your habits now will affect you later in life (10yrs later my habits aren't doing anything to me)
    2 - That Christopher Columbus was a good guy - Video
    3 - That chameleons change colours to hide from you - Video
    4 - Violence isn't the answer (ww1, ww2, iraq)
    5 - That you wont have a calculators in the real world (I GOT A PHONE DUMMY)
    6 - How you do on this test will affect your whole grade (it affected 5% of my grade)
    7 - Learnings fun -Video
    8 - Always have a growth mindset (so Im supposed to want to learn about how a wolf eats a bunny?)
    9 - Make sure you always type proper sentences (hey how r u doin, im doing gr8 rn)
    10 - THIS WILL HELP YOU IN THE FUTURE!! (Oh please, when will I have to pull out my calculator that "I dont have" and do trigonometry?)
    Any other suggestions?

  • Amanda Shea 81
    Amanda Shea 81 5 days ago

    At resses I said it was not fair, My mom _? Who the heck told you that life was FAIR

  • Lathifah Ludmilla Khairanita

    Is my teacher the only one who does this? :

    Student : whats gonna on the exam?
    Teacher : OK LISTEN UP!
    student :
    Teacher : on this exam, theres gonna be { insert something here }
    Student : thanks ! 😎

  • i am Howlpaw
    i am Howlpaw 8 days ago +1

    I was told orange and yellow made red!

  • Deutschdude100
    Deutschdude100 8 days ago

    Lol I'm pretty sure ending a sentence with a "proposition" might be illegal, it just depends what you're getting at.

  • Evan Arnick
    Evan Arnick 9 days ago

    0:50 I always suspected the people "realizing" that had something to do with drugs that night!

    IM A STRANGER 9 days ago +2

    School is severly outdated.

  • Michelle Warns
    Michelle Warns 9 days ago

    I know that alcohol can't kill your brain cells, so how is it able to make the hole in my Broka Area bigger? 🤔

  • ela elouise
    ela elouise 9 days ago

    Watching his videos makes my day! And I love this video I was literally stressing about so much stuff and now I’m not at much ♥️♥️♥️

  • Count Chronix
    Count Chronix 10 days ago

    Thank you for telling us the truth, mister Baldi

  • Eltodofull
    Eltodofull 10 days ago

    Columbus DID discover America, the continent. But not UNITED STATES.

  • Eric Lensher
    Eric Lensher 11 days ago

    Yea,specially math...

  • Deathpie24 Goop26
    Deathpie24 Goop26 12 days ago

    The mitochondria is still the powerhouse of the cell right? *Right* ?

  • AloneWolf 101
    AloneWolf 101 12 days ago

    0:21 BALDI IS THAT YOU!!!!

  • Jt Peters
    Jt Peters 13 days ago

    Just got a new phone

  • Cheyenne Herren
    Cheyenne Herren 13 days ago

    You spelled color wrong

  • Marcelo G
    Marcelo G 13 days ago

    I rewound and rewound a few times to make sure I heard you correctly and you said “you can’t end a sentence with a proposition”. I thought it was “preposition”.

  • Elijahs Voicemail
    Elijahs Voicemail 14 days ago

    All of this I would consider Teacher Bullsh*t. One of teachers keep saying that I’ll get a Demerit(not good) and it has never happened. I actually want one from the amount of times she’s said that.

  • Reaper Redni9e
    Reaper Redni9e 14 days ago

    Common core is the worst

  • I Are Random Potato
    I Are Random Potato 15 days ago

    "You can only use apostrophes when writing speech"
    What I was taught.

  • see you
    see you 15 days ago

    My teacher said that the colombus thing was not in thier district so they were not allowed to tell us the truth.

  • Sally Purple
    Sally Purple 16 days ago +2

    This video made me learn more school stuff instead of if I was at school
    Edit: Thanks to whoever the two people are that liked my comment!

  • Steve Robby
    Steve Robby 16 days ago +1

    Teachers can't fool me now 😁

  • Rosalinda Villegad
    Rosalinda Villegad 16 days ago

    i might kill myself my dad died 2 hours ago and i cant live without him

  • Toxiden
    Toxiden 17 days ago +1

    “Yea I’m stuck in an elevator, only way to get out is to find the circumference of this elevator and then calculate the mass of the sun”

  • naomi tay
    naomi tay 17 days ago

    i wanna answer that how u discofer palace that was alreally belong to peole

  • Patrick Connors
    Patrick Connors 18 days ago +1

    I before E, except after C,
    Or when sounding like A,
    As in 'neighbor' or 'weigh,'
    Or when said separately,
    Like in 'society.'
    There's about ten exceptions,
    So don't be a fool,
    And don't waste your time.
    It's a really dumb rule.

    • Paul O'Neal
      Paul O'Neal 13 days ago

      The “i” before “e” except after “c” Challenge. The claim states, “There are 923 words that break the 'i' before 'e' rule. Only 44 words actually follow that rule.”

  • Dragnmastralex
    Dragnmastralex 18 days ago

    Columbus was a great man. he landed, befriended natives, the natives where being attacked and eaten by a group of cannibals on an island off the shore who would come ashore and steal the main landers children to eat and do other things to. Columbus and his men that were still loyal (because many did mutiny because being lost at sea for so long and just went home) took it upon themselves to save the locals from these man eaters, mainly so they themselves too wouldn't be on the menu... SO they invaded the island and WIPED OUT THE ENTIRE TRIBE. this is how he got the rep as a murderer.
    he was sold his slaves that he had BY THE NATIVES that enslaved enemy tribes at the time. he didn't just round up slaves himself, its important to note that slavery was NORMAL back then everyone and their grandma had a slave, didn't make it right but it doesn't mean that everyone you liked was innocent of the act and everyone you hated was guilty of it.
    Columbus didn't discover America but he did discover the shortest trade route by ocean and a new area to slave trade. Not that great of an idea now but back then that was like discovering a car had a reverse gear so you didn't have to drive around the block to go backwards.
    So stop spreading hate lies about Columbus he didn't kill people for his own good he did it for the natives he befriended as they were being literally EATEN ALIVE.

  • Anthony Ferguson
    Anthony Ferguson 18 days ago


  • Omar Guerrero
    Omar Guerrero 19 days ago

    U had to mention slavery?!?

  • Bonnie Locey
    Bonnie Locey 20 days ago

    My science teacher does a think where we had big Chapter tests. We do a thing where we do a big game before the day we take the test. We do the questions that are ON THE TEST!! We do the same in reading class.

  • Hudson Walker
    Hudson Walker 20 days ago

    you kinda look like baldy

  • Alice McCord
    Alice McCord 21 day ago

    Human trafficking is slavery now days

  • AntDeGamer :D
    AntDeGamer :D 21 day ago

    Our teacher tell us not to put and at the brggining but why books do it for example it ends a sentence and then start a sentence with and

  • Sir issac Rollingcat

    "soda stunts growth"
    also wth schools allow pencils but disallow plastic butter knives that aren't even sharp

  • Tyler Chan
    Tyler Chan 22 days ago +1

    My teacher never really did these but she did sometimes

  • phoenix knight
    phoenix knight 22 days ago

    When I post this, I’m still in high school

  • Snogwritts
    Snogwritts 22 days ago +1

    Wow, the school system is so outdated that even the subject material has outdated information.

  • Rishab Ashok
    Rishab Ashok 23 days ago +2

    Learning is not fun unless Matthew Santoro is your teacher

  • Nicole Newsome
    Nicole Newsome 25 days ago

    "How about if you fail gym you're never getting into college".

  • twingamers08
    twingamers08 26 days ago

    "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you." Huh? So its now impossible to hurt someone with a dictionary?

  • twingamers08
    twingamers08 26 days ago

    I get really annoyed when teachers say the sun is the biggest known thing, here's a message for all those science teachers: IT'S DAMN NOT.

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 26 days ago

    The biggest lie in school..God

  • Errin Rowland
    Errin Rowland 26 days ago +2

    Why aren't you a dad.
    You would be great.

  • George Polihronis
    George Polihronis 26 days ago

    Your phone is a calculator

  • Death's Playhouse
    Death's Playhouse 27 days ago

    In math class when I was in 7th grade, my ELA teacher spelled pterodactyl wrong. I pointed it out and read more,

    She said: "go to the office now."

  • Nick Dzubinski
    Nick Dzubinski 28 days ago

    We learned about the 14th amendment 😂

    THE POPPER Month ago +1

    The biggest lie school told me

    School rocks

  • sithis25 jr
    sithis25 jr Month ago

    To the everyone is a winner one. From one of my favorite shows. "The difference between a Master and a novice. Is the Master has failed more times then, the novice has tried."

  • HeavyDemir
    HeavyDemir Month ago

    Du ska få en dag i måra som rein og ubrukt står
    med blanke ark og farjestifter tel,
    og da kæin du rette oppatt æille feil i frå i går
    og da får du det så godt i mårå kvell

  • G'day
    G'day Month ago

    Schools indoctrinate children to put them in a certain mindset making them think that a college degree will get them far in life which is basically a piece of paper that says "I'm not an idiot"

  • Danny Reissner
    Danny Reissner Month ago

    Some stuff at school is to easy and I’m just bored

  • justin doesvlogs
    justin doesvlogs Month ago

    I know the first one

  • xander Z
    xander Z Month ago

    What about the shape of the earth, the existence of space , planets ?

  • Zoe Fry
    Zoe Fry Month ago

    My third grade teacher used cursive as a punishment and my fifth grade teacher made us copy whole pages out of a dictionary

  • Floofy Chill
    Floofy Chill Month ago +1

    Like 80% of the what I learn is from the internet

  • Gacha Kora and Sofia

    #7. my teacher excepts when she miss-spells or gets something wrong so 😁

  • I Am Root
    I Am Root Month ago

    My US History teachers tried making the US out to be so great. Then I had a short class on government and our teacher there showed us documentation about things the US and France did during WWII that they don't teach in schools, like the French enslaving the Vietnamese to slash rubber trees for Michelin Tires, the US bombing Germany's only railroad that supplied over 80% of the country (which means mostly civilians, and the people in the camps, many of them died of starvation and then plaid off as being gasses when Zyclon-B doesn't cause starvation) and dropping napalm bombs on unoccupied cities (this violates Laws of War that the US agreed to, the railroad also supplier medical and attacking medical stations, supplies and personel also violates LOW).

  • Stormy Cat
    Stormy Cat Month ago

    Actually there was a lie within this video..

  • Primo 140
    Primo 140 Month ago

    Blink blink

  • Primo 140
    Primo 140 Month ago

    You are my man

  • Eric Mont
    Eric Mont Month ago

    Columbus rape alots of little girls and we celebrate a holiday of him only in American😢

  • The Whimsical World of the Wonderful Worthywood

    In school, I was told that I mattered and people cared about me. That was the biggest lie of them all

  • cuz vs cousin
    cuz vs cousin Month ago

    Lief Erickson descovered America 500 years before columbus was even born

  • Cassidy Stacy
    Cassidy Stacy Month ago

    Well in some credit to teachers they don’t know what’s on and S.A.T test

  • Alysia L
    Alysia L Month ago

    I’m very impressed at how well you research your info! You know about Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (also known as wet brain syndrome). I have a friend who’s father was in the vets home & he had this syndrome. In college I had to write a paper about a disease & I wrote it about this Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. When I wrote my paper it was only known as Korsakoff syndrome. Wernicke was added later. I find it weird that the name added as an after thought
    gets their name first
    You’re AWESOME 😎
    Oh yeah and the biggest lie I was taught in school is Columbus! He was evil & killed so many people! In college I learned the truth and it pissed me off so bad!
    I’m listening to Joe Rogan & Neil DeGrasse Tyson on my tablet whilst I write this comment on my phone & Neil says we all know Columbus is a dick! LoL That’s just so randomly ironic! He’s bouncing from subject to subject & he shocked me with his Columbus comment as I’m typing the name.
    Weird! Freaky! Strange!

  • Shane Yazzie
    Shane Yazzie Month ago

    I already knew that that Christopher Columbus was a terrible man.

  • Cute dog 101
    Cute dog 101 Month ago

    To be honest I hate school

  • Serious Spike Sam
    Serious Spike Sam Month ago

    "Boobs are cool, but stay in school."
    No wait, that was Lost Pause.

  • The dinosaur Puppet

    Your funny and cool

  • Dapperawsomekid123 Gaming and more

    The biggest lie I was told was my depression would get better.

  • GGC Roddy
    GGC Roddy Month ago

    It hapined to me in 1st grad it was the right anser i hate that little b### 2nd grad is now home school

  • Cody Thomas
    Cody Thomas Month ago

    And another like deserved

  • EraticRetard The Noob

    The biggest lie that school gave me was that I will do something with my life.

  • marko BFF
    marko BFF Month ago +1

    Well if I'm a winner,give me my trophy

  • 2- D
    2- D Month ago +5

    1:34 he also invaded and took captive india!

  • optimus prime 1000 g1

    I saw braxton in a picture

  • red demon
    red demon Month ago

    Matt you make it fun to learn

  • AUDREEL Sparks
    AUDREEL Sparks Month ago

    Leif ... Name was the first to come to America

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme Month ago

    Is anyone gonna say anything about the smile at the end?

    RIP_ AYOUB Month ago +2

    When my teacher mis spelled I told him and he said thanks for telling me

  • epic sword mewz
    epic sword mewz Month ago

    Learning is fun. You don't learn in school. The cram information into our brains for us to forget right after the exam

  • Aqua FiggyToad
    Aqua FiggyToad Month ago

    I have a chameleon I would know

  • Sajad Rezaei
    Sajad Rezaei Month ago +1

    Show this too your parent i dare you

  • 123456789 11
    123456789 11 Month ago

    Abcs aren't in any order

  • Melissa Graham
    Melissa Graham Month ago

    The Bahamas is in America, Matt... The continent is called America also...

  • Luke Watkins
    Luke Watkins Month ago

    i have never watched you in my entire life but starting today i subscribed.

  • Jessica Snow
    Jessica Snow Month ago

    Biggest lie in was taught in school was "no child left behind".

  • Brandon Jamie
    Brandon Jamie Month ago

    I knew Columbus was a bitch

  • bloodshot 124
    bloodshot 124 Month ago

    u r better than my teacher

  • Pheonix Z
    Pheonix Z Month ago

    Number 1: *School* *Itself*

  • Mudkip playz
    Mudkip playz Month ago

    My teacher told me that Columbus is a lier

  • Scottie Lavery
    Scottie Lavery Month ago

    This video cures my depression