Lindsay Lohan Explains Why Her Accent Changes Constantly (Exclusive)


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  • stacey melsam
    stacey melsam 29 minutes ago

    She kinda looks like Chris Jenner

  • Kev Jao
    Kev Jao 40 minutes ago

    Fresh lip injection

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S 7 hours ago

    I think it’s totally normal that your accent is influenced by the people around you. My mum whenever she’s around scouse people (Liverpoolian accent) she starts speaking in a scouse accent and don’t even realise she’s doing it. Once we were on a plane and the couple behind us had a scouse accent and then my mum started talking in that accent. It’s weird but we all do it.

  • daniela Merino
    daniela Merino 11 hours ago

    Is it because of her mental illness? :/

  • Alisha Davies
    Alisha Davies 22 hours ago

    She can’t even move her face .

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay Day ago


  • Aisling Gallagher

    Why is this like the episode of friends when Ross uses a British accent to teach his class

  • Jay Z
    Jay Z 2 days ago

    She looks older than her age but still beautiful. Atleast more beautiful than most above average American

  • Debe Ramirez
    Debe Ramirez 2 days ago

    Excited to see her back

  • Monique Marquez
    Monique Marquez 2 days ago

    I love Lindsay and I wish her the best

  • - taylor
    - taylor 2 days ago +1

    she looks sooo much like wendy williams now

  • Zainab Khan
    Zainab Khan 2 days ago

    Omg I live in Dubai wth I didn’t know she lived here

  • Hann
    Hann 2 days ago

    honestly I love her new show and she seems like such a down to earth person I love it she's matured so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • sassy wild
    sassy wild 2 days ago

    Leave her alone lol she’s more happy than you prolly

  • kumquatsilver
    kumquatsilver 2 days ago

    This is totally reasonable. You talk like the people around you.

  • Lmaoo Lol
    Lmaoo Lol 2 days ago

    She looks like the white version of Wendy Williams

  • marie kr
    marie kr 3 days ago

    OMG are they at serendipity or something!??!


    cause she’s a crackhead ?

  • Paola Quevedo
    Paola Quevedo 3 days ago

    What happened to her face? It's not cute

  • fat gay
    fat gay 3 days ago

    I travel abroad often and have picked up a slight English accent but it goes away as soon as my country bumkin ass comes home.

  • AbsolutMal
    AbsolutMal 3 days ago

    She’s nuts..

  • Kate Lorraine
    Kate Lorraine 3 days ago

    changing your accent is actually a normal thing, everyone does it lowkey - i do it all the time without even noticing 🤗😱

  • SoulSyer
    SoulSyer 3 days ago

    Black people know how to interview. That’s all imma say

  • Lee Shmurda
    Lee Shmurda 3 days ago

    Mk ultra mind programming .... Hello people

  • patricia aguilar
    patricia aguilar 3 days ago

    Good for Lindsey I didn't really care for her but I'm seeing how she's just trying to live her life.. hope she does well

  • Sophie 4622
    Sophie 4622 3 days ago

    Im still love about her anyway. She used to be so much controversy in the past but its great now she has comeback with a new life. Way to go, LILO!

  • -Amara
    -Amara 4 days ago

    that accent change must really come in handy when she tries to kidnap kids

  • uv joseph
    uv joseph 4 days ago

    Does your face go back to normal or do drugs change you permanently? If so then I'll miss her beauty

  • Liam Latham
    Liam Latham 4 days ago

    I’ll always be a Lindsay fan but she seems dead inside now

  • Taylyn Coen
    Taylyn Coen 4 days ago

    God she’s gotten so ugly

  • lillis Lillis
    lillis Lillis 4 days ago

    She loooks rouuuugh

  • Muhreeuh 713
    Muhreeuh 713 4 days ago

    I love Lindsay Lohan

  • Can We Hit 100 Subscribers Without Videos?

    All of these hypocrites talk about freedom of speech and sexuality, are over here barking cause she likes to switch her accent? It’s 2019 why tf does this bother you? Go worry about things that make a change in your life.

  • Lauren Xo
    Lauren Xo 4 days ago

    Kim Kardashian has left the chat

  • Nicolette Star
    Nicolette Star 4 days ago

    It could mean too that you could can learn languages easily.

  • D8089
    D8089 4 days ago

    I can relate. My accent changes depending on my environment. I don't do it on purpose but it just happens naturally. When I catch myself, I try to correct it but I have trouble doing so. My accents ranges from country, chicana, and American. Lol!

  • E Grey
    E Grey 4 days ago

    Stop making her “happen” again. She’s never going to happen!

  • Large Tony
    Large Tony 4 days ago

    It’s so nice to see everyone saying she’s “getting better”. Having a low rent reality show and trying to kidnap children off of the street is something I really strive for.

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 5 days ago

    Never forget you are from Long Island hunty

  • NYChick101
    NYChick101 5 days ago

    She use to be gorgeous, she’s still pretty but her face looks very odd

  • Nicholas Taylor
    Nicholas Taylor 5 days ago

    Even with makeup she looks rough. She looks 20 years older than she actually is. Shame, I always thought she was naturally pretty. Hope the parties were worth it

  • Megan Strick
    Megan Strick 5 days ago

    She looks ridiculous with those fillers.

  • adrieana inthirath
    adrieana inthirath 5 days ago

    looks n sounds like wendy williams

  • T D
    T D 5 days ago

    Well accents tend to change when you make them up as you go🤣🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Sue Brown
    Sue Brown 6 days ago

    What happened to her??? She was beautiful now she’s got all lips and botox

  • katie Gonzalez
    katie Gonzalez 6 days ago

    That's normal people adopt accents depending who they are around

  • F V
    F V 6 days ago


  • F V
    F V 6 days ago

    La ml

  • Barbara Von Traumer
    Barbara Von Traumer 6 days ago

    The show is actually bad ass.

  • YTfancol
    YTfancol 6 days ago

    Because she's a delusional drug addicted drunk.

  • Mia S
    Mia S 6 days ago +1

    I think it's lovely actually. And she looks beautiful and healthy.

  • Coco Pancakes
    Coco Pancakes 6 days ago

    All these Boss Bitches look the same are is just me ?

  • Rowan Six
    Rowan Six 6 days ago

    Can she explain why she was trying to take someone's kids on the street?? I feel like no one ever addressed that...???

  • Cristal Scott
    Cristal Scott 6 days ago

    Why dose she look botched?

  • Burcu B
    Burcu B 6 days ago

    Is she disgusted of this interview? Or is it her bad lip fillers? 2019 should be lip filler free.

  • Jessica Motley
    Jessica Motley 6 days ago

    Fire Crotch

  • johnnycashm0ney
    johnnycashm0ney 7 days ago

    She looks older than Betty White.

  • Shadow MB
    Shadow MB 7 days ago

    Lindsay is so pretty but what is she doing with her lips?!?.

  • Ivana Bobadilla
    Ivana Bobadilla 7 days ago

    She looks high asf

  • Kim KarTRASHian sToP mAkInG StUpiD pEople FamouS

    I’m more so questioning the cold sore situation going on on her lip 😒

  • Nicole M.
    Nicole M. 7 days ago

    I love her

  • Devea Goss
    Devea Goss 7 days ago

    Wow y'all are so mean in the comments. Let this woman live! She's obviously trying to pick her life up and grow her success again. YOU GO LINDSEY!

  • Jackie Sable
    Jackie Sable 7 days ago

    How come she dresses like a middle-aged business woman now

  • Lori Elkins
    Lori Elkins 7 days ago

    Fake accent.

  • Clare Havelock
    Clare Havelock 7 days ago

    I change accents dependant on where I'm living. The "baseline" is the same but there is a tweak. I think people just do this to adapt and fit in on a subconscious level?

  • Santana Shaw
    Santana Shaw 7 days ago

    Just leave Lohan ALONE! Let her live , let her be . The world has been so so cruel towards her it’s sad.
    I hope you have mega success Lindsay .
    Good luck .

  • Ryan V.
    Ryan V. 7 days ago +2

    I love the video of her interaction with the refugee lady, she smacked that fake accent right out of her 😂 she went back to valley girl. 😂

  • Sexy face
    Sexy face 7 days ago

    Awww man beautiful lil Lindsay😔

  • Candace George
    Candace George 7 days ago +1

    She looks wayyyy older than she really is and it’s pissing me off cus it’s making me feel like more time has passed and I’m old 🙄

  • sunny lango
    sunny lango 7 days ago

    Her accent changed towards the end

  • Jazzmin Maspero
    Jazzmin Maspero 7 days ago

    My accent changed when I lived overseas for a few years bc I had to be careful with my English, and I was learning a new language

  • Poo Pee
    Poo Pee 8 days ago

    My mom always told me drugs and alcohol age your face quick

  • Lifeisgood good
    Lifeisgood good 8 days ago

    I wonder why she lives in Dubai..such a terribly hot place

  • dead people
    dead people 8 days ago

    She’s a fake money hungry drug addict that can’t talk about her flaws because they make her look bad

  • hungrymouth
    hungrymouth 8 days ago +74

    Can we just stop for a moment talking about her face and just be glad she is doing much better these days? Give her break, yall can back off

  • Daniela N.
    Daniela N. 8 days ago

    My god her face is PINCHED

  • McKayla Medina
    McKayla Medina 8 days ago

    I can Relate. Some people can pick up on accents like crazy fast. If I hear a Australian or British or Spanish I pick it up quickly and sometimes accidentally with no thought to it have that accent. It’s not unheard of

  • Tara Trudeau
    Tara Trudeau 8 days ago

    She looks soooooo much better.

  • Unknown name
    Unknown name 8 days ago

    The interviewer is a savage for asking about her accents.🤣😂

  • Yiana
    Yiana 8 days ago

    She looks 45 yikes!

  • Flower Flower
    Flower Flower 8 days ago

    Why cant Americans without a passport understand that an accent changes quickly. My accent instantly changes when I used to visit my cousins in the south of Netherlands

  • Summer Dawn
    Summer Dawn 8 days ago +2

    She looks 40 now

  • Vivianita kitty Ramirez

    I’m happy for her. She just wants to make money and enjoy her life. She calmed down a lot.

    • Kneehighz X
      Kneehighz X 7 days ago

      Vivianita kitty Ramirez watch the video of what she did to that Muslim family. She’s a mess

  • Roger Jaén
    Roger Jaén 8 days ago +5

    People get so pissed about her accents lol 😂 let a girl live.

  • G M
    G M 8 days ago

    For someone with so much celebrity she looks so old for her age. It’s like she’s aged 30 years the last 10 years

  • black jack
    black jack 8 days ago +171

    Accents do change if you're living in a different country from the one you grew up in. It does comeback too as well.
    Like if you're multiligual!!!

    • black jack
      black jack Day ago

      +Marwa Aoua Wait so just because you change your accent you're automatically weak and unstable?

    • Olivia Cabrera
      Olivia Cabrera 2 days ago +1

      Yeah agreed. My bf was full southern accent then he moved to ct and has fully adapted our accents and his southern accent is almost unnoticeable now a year after he moved from Kentucky

    • frobros king
      frobros king 5 days ago

      +Marwa Aoua I've lived in differnt places my accent changed not completly. but the words you choose and pronounciation change a bit. I would suggest you look up psychology of it. People naturally and sub consciously mimic accents in native language to display bonding and empathy/understanding. Personally When I went home people thought I talked funny for a month or two. I didnt personally notice the difference but others did. Its not about speaking other languages it's about how you speak the same Language differently to differnt people.

    • Sunethra
      Sunethra 5 days ago +2

      +Marwa Aoua it depends on person. I'm from Canada. And lived in India for 6 years. My accent did change abit as I spoke two languages there. I also speak French. If you live for so long in a place certain words can be changed. Mine has abit. It's not a major change but people back home in Canada do notice a slight difference. It depends on person to person no need to get worked up for a small subject matter.

    • Marwa Aoua
      Marwa Aoua 5 days ago

      +frobros king i live in France and i'm not french and i speak 4 languages i change my language but never my accent ! It just shows how unstable people are and how weak their character is when they change their accents. Notice Lindsay here? Whenever the reporter pointed out her accent , she changed it back to normal. I don't know which dumb person speaks 4 languages at 19. Bisous

  • Dale Jacobson
    Dale Jacobson 8 days ago

    Ugh she is hideous! Please let Dubai keep her!

  • My Mononoki
    My Mononoki 8 days ago

    She's always been such a Psychopath to me like she can Snap at any moment

  • joann smith
    joann smith 8 days ago

    When she talks about your accent you go back to your actual accent lol

  • John Mendoza
    John Mendoza 8 days ago

    Omg a club really how old she again talk about growing old gracefully.She is still very pretty though but girl give it a rest.😊😄

  • Sam Galea
    Sam Galea 8 days ago

    Because she's a pretentious druggie who thinks she's accepted everywhere when us in the Mediterranean DO NOT WANT YOU.. Stay off the crack you look 50

  • Kayla Antalek
    Kayla Antalek 8 days ago

    Her lips look so gross if you really look at them.

  • Monica
    Monica 8 days ago +1

    I bet she’s more attractive than all of the haters in the comments.

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power 8 days ago

    Because the voices in her head tell her “ We can do whatever We want.” 👀

  • hello hello
    hello hello 8 days ago

    Cause she is phony

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez 8 days ago

    she looks all washed up from all tge drugs and alcohol...
    BOTH make you age soo fast...

  • Zariahn Brian
    Zariahn Brian 8 days ago

    Her accent changes constantly coz an Arab mom punch messed up her head

  • Richie Bustamante
    Richie Bustamante 8 days ago +1

    wow ! she's done so much promotion for her mtv show.. I see her on every show and interview..

  • Ruth Megu
    Ruth Megu 8 days ago

    She looks so old 😐 .

  • xxo ea
    xxo ea 8 days ago

    I love me some lilo but boiiii you faking them accents let’s be real