Trevor Noah - Some Languages Are Scary

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • #TrevorNoah from the DailyShow on how some world languages can be pretty scary.
    Trevor Noah stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2015.
    #TrevorNoahJFL #TrevorNoahStandUp
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  • deineko
    deineko 6 hours ago

    Молодец! Spasibo :-)

  • J S
    J S 6 hours ago

    Fucking Brits and Americans thinking that Russian is scary 🤣🤣 the softest language ever

  • Tmara Cana
    Tmara Cana 7 hours ago

    Fuck u. From MIDDLE EAST

  • uknspace
    uknspace 11 hours ago

    Trevor Noah-Too much applause this could be shit, but thank you
    Me-😂😂😂😂😂 I doubt it, he just nailed it for the intro😂😂😂😂

  • tejaswini gangan
    tejaswini gangan 16 hours ago

    I totally loved this!! The reverse part superb! All of it! Amazing

  • Nerdy Indian
    Nerdy Indian 18 hours ago +1

    Ur insane😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mufid Harahap
    Mufid Harahap 23 hours ago

    stolen joke

  • Terrance Stegen
    Terrance Stegen Day ago +1

    This joke that pissed off Russell Peter like a crying baby

  • Raid Abouelfaraj
    Raid Abouelfaraj Day ago +1

    LI like Russian language 😉 respect from Morocco ✌

    • Raid Abouelfaraj
      Raid Abouelfaraj 5 hours ago

      @deineko you are a welcome any time. 😉

    • deineko
      deineko 6 hours ago +1

      I am Russian and I visited Morocco in April (Tangier, Marakkesh and Casablanca). Beautiful country, very nice and friendly people. Respect, guys!

  • elina's russo
    elina's russo Day ago +1

    Попизди мне тут

  • byun kim ghdz
    byun kim ghdz Day ago

    Ur so full of shit! Stop corrupting the language u didnt even talk with the real arabic! & tell u what caus e u couldnt & u can't -.-

  • aleks ushakov
    aleks ushakov 2 days ago

    пропаганда сука блядь нахой

    SAHIL ROHILLA 2 days ago

    *Putin has joined the chat*

  • Farid Murshidov
    Farid Murshidov 2 days ago

    Пиздец я орал с этой хуйни 😂😂😂

  • marie v
    marie v 3 days ago +1

    I actually think Russian is super sexy but ok that's probably just me 😄🥰💜

  • Can Gorken
    Can Gorken 3 days ago

    i dont understand why people scare of russia , out of moscow and petersburg its all about village in there , people trying to run away from russia , they not really strong as you guys are thinking lol

  • Andrei Donskikh
    Andrei Donskikh 3 days ago

    😂😂😂 just bRRRilliant!

  • Aiko K
    Aiko K 4 days ago


  • Ky Bui
    Ky Bui 5 days ago

    Amazing DJ

  • Daniel Arkhangel
    Daniel Arkhangel 5 days ago +2

    It was funny when he was talking about russian accent, that's cool that speaking about russians is so popular in USA and European countries. (Russians didn't shoot down MH-17, trust CNN more. )

  • Carbonitt
    Carbonitt 5 days ago

    Барак Обама стал комиком?

    • casus belli
      casus belli 8 hours ago

      А мне подумалось, Тимберлейк перезагорал

  • TheTripstraps
    TheTripstraps 6 days ago

    russians have big hearts. they always help you, share their last food. although soviet power took people to
    sineria to die,localmrussians. helped them
    and shared the last bread. respect, best people
    ever. and if you are an ahole, you
    get beaten up, deservedly so:)

  • Victor Choo
    Victor Choo 6 days ago

    Russel Peter's said the same thing bout Russian speaking backwards

  • A dumbass lesbian
    A dumbass lesbian 6 days ago

    1:05 I knew it

  • Madina Ashkey
    Madina Ashkey 6 days ago

    It's not languages and accents but stereotypes dictated by social media and policy

  • Vusal Mehraliyev
    Vusal Mehraliyev 6 days ago


  • malizole mnqwazi
    malizole mnqwazi 6 days ago


  • 1191Russ
    1191Russ 7 days ago +4

    The funniest thing, that we (russians) think the same about German language and find it the scariest language in the world. Lol.

  • your comment might not work so please

    Hey funny guy,why dont u do the DJ here.

  • your comment might not work so please


  • Farah Ain
    Farah Ain 8 days ago +3

    too sad that my Malaysian plane is mentioned here

  • MiteshB666
    MiteshB666 9 days ago

    @3:30 tap dat @$$

  • Денис Замараев

    Куда ты лезешь со своими шутками про смерть людей, ублюдок

  • Suraj Patel
    Suraj Patel 10 days ago

    I don't think everyone are afraid of Russians except Americans and it's puppets .

  • Rimsha Khalid
    Rimsha Khalid 10 days ago +3

    Personally I love Spanish and Korean and find them sexy especially when they speak English on top of that

  • Kukusha Abate
    Kukusha Abate 10 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂 very funny 💖💓💖💓💖

  • Alex Shimla
    Alex Shimla 11 days ago

    Hey Trevor stole this bit man.... The reverse Russian thing this is Russell Peter's......i've seen him with same content years before Trevor

  • Zaji
    Zaji 12 days ago

    Russian is kinda strange... a friend of mine knows Russian and somehow the insults sound very nice and cute - while normal. words sound like a threat.
    We were talking about about some sentences and what it meant in foreign languages and suddenly she bursted out smth at me. I was like: "Wow, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to - what did I do wrong?"
    "... is it said in Russian" she concluded.
    Me: "W-wait what? You were just translating my sentence now?"
    She: "Jup"
    I really thought she was mad at me for a few minutes and saw myself dead pushed down the stairs

  • Badara Sow
    Badara Sow 13 days ago +1

    Where are the Russian 🇷🇺 in the house 🏡? 😁

  • Анатолий Аралов

    Нормально, Vlad.

  • zero investment
    zero investment 14 days ago +2

    Russian joke's a copy from Russell Peter's one

  • Kenny Lee
    Kenny Lee 15 days ago +2

    Sounds like he copied from russell peters...

  • nasrin zmiro
    nasrin zmiro 15 days ago +1

    Interesting why people cheer when he says arabic is frightening...are you trevor performing to a gathering of antisimitic people or what?

  • The Warrior
    The Warrior 15 days ago

    Please don’t judge all arabs by their religion(they aren’t all muslims though). First of all the islam is built on peace but organizations like daach ( with the help of USA) make it seem like it’s built on war and terrorism. They are the most non muslims ... they just justifie their stupid actions by islam even though that doesn’t make sense they still do it.. to make people afraid of muslims. Thats so wrong but that’s not the case of 90% of muslims.

  • Jessica Joels
    Jessica Joels 16 days ago

    And the Spanish say good ebening

  • Chris Dean
    Chris Dean 16 days ago

    Avoid these card machines as the plan is to get rid of cash’ then they can control everyone by stopping credit so you cannot buy anything buy if they switch off your credit. Cash will see you through. You cannot trade credit, but can trade cash!!
    Wake up to the control state. Use cash as it’s king!.

  • Blue Wave
    Blue Wave 16 days ago +2

    i am Arabic and its not like that at all ..
    And most of idiot english people does not know how to pronounce letters Like ع or ق because of that they pronounce words like Iraq and Arab very wrong..
    the letter I and q and A is wrong because English and most European languages does not have letters like ع ق ح خ ض ط ظ ص.

  • România Frumoasă
    România Frumoasă 16 days ago

    Amazing man!!!

  • kidRetro \
    kidRetro \ 17 days ago

    benny does better comedy than you. go off boii (imma huge fan tho, no offense)

  • Nigger Boi
    Nigger Boi 17 days ago

    My best friend is Russian and he speaks perfect English but has a Russian accent so weird but dope

  • Mystmaxkinn
    Mystmaxkinn 17 days ago

    The blue-shirted healthy lady is laughing way too much at the Mother Russia Jokes.
    Must contact KGB.

  • Mahesh Panda
    Mahesh Panda 17 days ago +4

    4:22 I don't know why but this camera angle gives me anxiety

  • MoreThanEverything
    MoreThanEverything 19 days ago +1

    As a russian I can say that this is REELY FANNY

  • Der Willhelm
    Der Willhelm 20 days ago +1

    I find German Frightening and the German Accent Frightening

  • Игорь Евтушенко

    Сука, а ты не охуел ли?

  • C'est Taylor
    C'est Taylor 22 days ago

    Joke thief

  • Wolfpak23
    Wolfpak23 23 days ago

    As a german i like russians. If you have a russian friend it is the best friend you can imagine :D

  • Boudicca
    Boudicca 23 days ago

    What an exceptionally talented comedian & how nice to hear fantastic comic material that's not about women's body functions, drugs, or constant swearing. I wish him a long & successful career.

    RAFIK BENAMRA 23 days ago


    • Dr3adKnight
      Dr3adKnight 2 days ago

      Hahaha!! Plz stop wearing this idiot things on your head. God loves you and without them.

  • Belaidi Lynda
    Belaidi Lynda 23 days ago

    I need to say that your idea about arabic is a Real stereotype...unfortunately u represent the influence of the media and how it portrays Arabic lhmd we live as nrml as happy that any nation could be
    Ps :it doesn't change the fact that I am a big fan of trevor