Victorian Era Couple Live Like It's The 19th Century | Extraordinary People | New York Post

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • On this episode of Extraordinary People, a quirky couple is obsessed with the Victorian era. Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman wear 1880s-inspired clothing, cook with a wood stove and live their everyday lives, in Port Townsend, Washington, as if it’s the 19th century. “I found a way to do a little bit of the time travel,” said Sarah, a writer. She and her librarian husband - who rides a penny-farthing bicycle around town - hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.
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Comments • 14 635

  • 8534964
    8534964 13 hours ago

    Her nose is so red does she do victorian coke all day?

  • Sam Sonite
    Sam Sonite 14 hours ago

    Someone should tell her that they had face-powder in the 1800s...

  • mrmunzerelli
    mrmunzerelli 15 hours ago

    Santa should put her at the front of his Sleigh...

  • Nole
    Nole 18 hours ago

    remember that guy who's living in the 40's?

  • Ginna L
    Ginna L 18 hours ago

    What a beautiful couple, they are living their dream! So beautiful

  • Conner Sweeney
    Conner Sweeney 18 hours ago

    I mean technically they can still drive a diesel car because the first diesel engine was invented in the 1890's. (Going off the fact that they are ok with using electricity for their house)

  • Mary W
    Mary W 19 hours ago

    Get some make up

  • gideon berklou
    gideon berklou Day ago


  • H X
    H X Day ago


  • Fresh Prince Of Africa

    Ok boomers

  • T J
    T J Day ago

    They better treat all medical experiences authentically too

  • Le Monde de ShilA
    Le Monde de ShilA 2 days ago

    Woooooow all amazing 👌👌👌

  • Jason Alfaro
    Jason Alfaro 2 days ago

    They obviously don't use condoms. Hahaha.

  • rahul kumar singh
    rahul kumar singh 2 days ago

    Where is your slaves?

  • EhrgeizVR
    EhrgeizVR 2 days ago

    2:40 sorry lady you're an idiot if you believe that... Just because you enjoy something more doesn't make it easier or better. Controling an electric stove is easier than a wooden one? No...

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 2 days ago

    I think it's awesome. Most of us dream about this. They're actually doing it. Today's technology does nothing but corrupt your brain.

  • Jodieneil Brazil
    Jodieneil Brazil 2 days ago


  • Nicole Fritz-Lascola
    Nicole Fritz-Lascola 2 days ago +2

    I’m curious if she wears the cloth belt when she’s on her monthly thing since they want to live in the past. Wonder how that works for her.

  • Rob Dunkes sr
    Rob Dunkes sr 2 days ago

    Harpers Ferry West VA, they do this year round. I stayed in a hotel at the the top of the town and it was exactly as it was in the mid 1800's. No TV and no phone. Best night of sleep I ever had

  • Ivy Mulhern
    Ivy Mulhern 3 days ago

    Ok I have a theory. So my theory is that the reason so many people are right handed is because in the Victorian era, teaching kids how to write was hard if they were left handed (smudging) so they killed off any children that were left handed. So that’s why most are right handed.

  • chrisoffthewall
    chrisoffthewall 3 days ago

    Mental disorders are fun.

  • Lavinia Conde
    Lavinia Conde 3 days ago

    I wanna live in Queen Juanna of Spain time.

    GIF CANCEL 3 days ago

    Okay kids. Let's see how long this phase lasts.

  • OhWhat World
    OhWhat World 3 days ago

    The guy is hot

  • Kati Barrett
    Kati Barrett 3 days ago

    Why is her nose so red? Does she add make-up to it, or is it perennially cold?

  • Big Shayne
    Big Shayne 3 days ago

    There doing what the love with confidence and style...cant hate on that

  • Melissa Anm
    Melissa Anm 3 days ago

    Lady looks messed up honestly...

  • Angelina Lennon
    Angelina Lennon 3 days ago

    i would love to live this way, but the expenses of collecting these very vintage things is just a lot

  • Zoe Rae
    Zoe Rae 3 days ago

    I wanna see the outside of their house

  • When Death Declares War

    They must save heaps on power.

  • pau 666
    pau 666 3 days ago +1

    I find it extremely amazing when grown ups conserve that bit of themselves from when they were younger and continue to let it live with them. When I was little I always wanted to go to Hogwarts (silly right?) and now I’m 22 and my house is filled with decorations that make me feel like I’m in hp! It may be silly but they’re happy and if everyone was like that the world would be a different place

  • Daniel Bonham
    Daniel Bonham 3 days ago

    She has the teeth of someone from Victorian era...

    KAI MARTIN 3 days ago

    Any white person living in a era before 1970 is a racist.

  • Argeny Sandoval
    Argeny Sandoval 3 days ago

    She is definetely pursuing her dream... But the clown is just getting his life flushed away for just some piece of hairy p#$$y

  • Argeny Sandoval
    Argeny Sandoval 3 days ago

    What is wrong with her nose! Looks like she drank the whole licor store

  • Ryan 123
    Ryan 123 3 days ago

    Common misconception, handkerchiefs actually weren’t invented till the 20th Century. Back in the 19th century all they had to blow their noses with was 80 grit sandpaper

  • Thatguybrad
    Thatguybrad 4 days ago

    So when you get sick, (pneumonia, syphilis, cancer.. etc) do you just.... die?

  • Herman Schmidt
    Herman Schmidt 4 days ago

    A librarian doesn't say heighth they say height...

  • Ty Davis
    Ty Davis 4 days ago

    So every female from the 1800's looked like Rudolph?

  • Terrell Hathaway
    Terrell Hathaway 4 days ago

    Okay glad you’re living your best lives but it just seems like you’re regressing rather than progressing here. Do you I suppose.

  • Miles Puchner
    Miles Puchner 4 days ago

    hes legit married to a rabbit

  • Lilly Flower
    Lilly Flower 4 days ago

    They are hipsters this will last like until vintage trends are over.

    But it’s cool though

  • Paul Cowell
    Paul Cowell 4 days ago

    They look fantastic...all the best to them...

  • jenga master
    jenga master 4 days ago

    Why is her nose so red

  • Guitaro
    Guitaro 4 days ago

    The question is, where did they work to buy all that expensive stuff???

  • Henry Mwawasi
    Henry Mwawasi 4 days ago

    I think it's wonderful that they want to be as authentic as a Victorian couple. but if they intend on having kids, I fully expect one of their kids to die before the age of one . and expect the husband to die before he's 50

  • Enjoy Life
    Enjoy Life 4 days ago

    Why is her nose red

  • IceCream Samuel
    IceCream Samuel 4 days ago

    wish you all find true love like this, and if you ain't find it get, be happy and encourage for those who yes did it, like this lovely couple

  • Cufflinkend
    Cufflinkend 4 days ago

    When you find your soul mate

  • Anxiety Celery
    Anxiety Celery 4 days ago

    «An everyone sees you» yeah, I bet they love that.

  • I like apples I like apples

    They really took fit back. Hope they didn’t take it to back and kept that insurance card.

  • User Name
    User Name 4 days ago

    They are definitely eccentric, and I love it. They seem like kind, beautiful people, two perfect peas in a pod. Awesome

  • cHI HUE cHAN
    cHI HUE cHAN 4 days ago

    Like her hair~ has an ashy tone to it

  • Dan DC
    Dan DC 4 days ago

    Those guys are really enjoying the life in a so fun way

  • caviar guitar
    caviar guitar 4 days ago +1

    no one:
    my parents:

  • Jamie Grandel
    Jamie Grandel 4 days ago

    Rumours are her nose is red from all the coke...

  • Evil Dwarf
    Evil Dwarf 4 days ago

    I give up. What did he smack her in the nose with?

  • Afonso Pires lima
    Afonso Pires lima 5 days ago

    Harry potter and the secret world without internet

  • Michael Neumann
    Michael Neumann 5 days ago

    Why just why

  • Annika Cole
    Annika Cole 5 days ago

    How did you get off the tall bike???? Like do you just ride it forever????