Victorian Era Couple Live Like It's The 19th Century | Extraordinary People | New York Post

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • On this episode of Extraordinary People, a quirky couple is obsessed with the Victorian era. Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman wear 1880s-inspired clothing, cook with a wood stove and live their everyday lives, in Port Townsend, Washington, as if it’s the 19th century. “I found a way to do a little bit of the time travel,” said Sarah, a writer. She and her librarian husband - who rides a penny-farthing bicycle around town - hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.
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Comments • 11 551

  • Ivetre Torres
    Ivetre Torres 56 seconds ago

    I love it!!❤

  • Angela Martin
    Angela Martin Hour ago

    I really really want to be friends with them. They seem so kind.

  • Dawn 1000
    Dawn 1000 2 hours ago

    “The Victorian Era was a very dynamic time.”
    Me: 😐🤔😑

  • Valued Wolf Cactus
    Valued Wolf Cactus 3 hours ago

    Do you fill your bread with plaster by paris?

  • Valued Wolf Cactus
    Valued Wolf Cactus 3 hours ago

    That fire heater on the floor is so dangerous

  • Theresa O’ Neil
    Theresa O’ Neil 3 hours ago

    why she rudolf tho

  • Mafer Cercas
    Mafer Cercas 7 hours ago

    Do they use smartphones?

  • angelie esmele
    angelie esmele 9 hours ago

    They’re amazing. I love them

  • Harper Ladd
    Harper Ladd 10 hours ago

    The caucacity

  • Mikey Atkins
    Mikey Atkins 16 hours ago

    When nerds marry....... pretty cool

  • Robert Aguilar
    Robert Aguilar 17 hours ago

    i wonder how the 19th century would of been like????🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Clark McLean
    Clark McLean 17 hours ago

    These people are weird asf

  • Grim Coldzz
    Grim Coldzz 17 hours ago

    Imagine being there kid, what a life style they seem genuinely happy and passionate about there life style

  • Glunkus
    Glunkus 17 hours ago

    i love these people

  • Mallory Connor
    Mallory Connor 19 hours ago

    I really love them

  • Darinka Cano
    Darinka Cano 20 hours ago

    I'm slowly buying things related to the 60s so when the time comes I'll just live in an environment from the last century :3

  • Kallisti Willard
    Kallisti Willard 20 hours ago

    This aint cute

  • Obie drier
    Obie drier 21 hour ago

    He really looks the part, her I'm confused

  • Delano Santiago
    Delano Santiago 22 hours ago

    *when the internet goes out for the weekend*

  • De St
    De St Day ago

    They did powder their noses in the 19th century, didn't they?

  • Meggie Meggie
    Meggie Meggie Day ago

    So do they have arsenic wallpaper?

  • Amy Hinkle
    Amy Hinkle Day ago +1

    Do you handwash your clothes too and not use pads or tampons

  • Sarah Evrard-Feyhl

    What's wrong with her nose???

  • respected mastermind

    I hope that they have a normal toilet tho

  • GoodishGamer
    GoodishGamer Day ago +1

    99% of people would see this couple and think they're seeing ghosts lol

  • clock o
    clock o Day ago +1

    I wonder what are the probabilities of you finding someone who you feel attracted to, get along to and who also wishes to live as a person from the victorian era

  • Onbe kend
    Onbe kend Day ago

    idk why but i love this!Its aestheticly pleasing 😌

  • DIYs and Fun
    DIYs and Fun Day ago +1

    Ok but why does she have to be rudolf

  • Vale 10988
    Vale 10988 Day ago

    😱😱😱 Genial!!! Yo siempre he amado la época victoriana y me parece hermoso el estilo de vida que ellos llevan

  • Bella’s Mom
    Bella’s Mom Day ago

    What about doing the laundry?

  • Valesĝok
    Valesĝok Day ago


  • Purple_ Cyndi
    Purple_ Cyndi Day ago

    What's up with her reddy nose 👃lol

  • Melanie Young
    Melanie Young Day ago


  • Katherine Anne
    Katherine Anne Day ago

    Cute, but then I remember Absolute History’s videos and how bad it actually was back then lol

  • T S
    T S Day ago

    2:11 she looks like the wicked witch in wizard of Oz on her bike

  • Uwu Torelio
    Uwu Torelio 2 days ago

    Theyre rlly Happy owo

  • Mariella Cusano
    Mariella Cusano 2 days ago

    I honestly would do this if I had money

  • Destini Lenard
    Destini Lenard 2 days ago +1

    As a black person this wouldn’t be fun

  • Bed
    Bed 2 days ago +1

    His conceal carry firearm is a flintlock black powder pistol

  • Opaul Elven
    Opaul Elven 2 days ago +3

    So they’re fancy Amish, but they’re having fun so idc

  • Vern Doll
    Vern Doll 2 days ago

    Why is her nose and next to her nose to red ??? 😲

  • Hey, that's pretty good!

    So she can’t vote right?

  • TheRustyPeppers
    TheRustyPeppers 2 days ago

    WTH is wrong with her nose?

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 2 days ago


  • Lily Farson
    Lily Farson 2 days ago

    This is so cute

  • Nayla Vitoria
    Nayla Vitoria 2 days ago +46

    I’d love go back to that Era, but then I remember I am black, so 💀

    • Sam Kunz
      Sam Kunz 8 hours ago

      If you were in England or The Northern United States, or France....Pretty much anywhere but The Deep South, you would be fine :-)

    • Kuru Adrastea
      Kuru Adrastea 20 hours ago

      rip lol

  • Josh Kettley
    Josh Kettley 3 days ago

    What are these two on like fr 🤔😂

  • qwerty 123456
    qwerty 123456 3 days ago

    Santa claus' wife??????

  • Tommy Berger
    Tommy Berger 3 days ago

    Yeah don’t do drugs kids

  • Jane Batterky
    Jane Batterky 3 days ago

    I'm wondering what modern tech they have. Do they have a fridge?

    • Karma Marie
      Karma Marie Day ago +1

      Jane Batterky No, according to the book she wrote about their lives, they use a wooden non electronic icebox to keep perishables in.

  • Cheri Dowers
    Cheri Dowers 3 days ago

    I want my living room like threes company

  • FlorenceB12
    FlorenceB12 3 days ago

    Love it!

  • your creepy emo cousin

    I want to spend the night at their house

  • Hellokeke
    Hellokeke 4 days ago

    they're so cute

  • Genesis Upshaw
    Genesis Upshaw 4 days ago

    I love this

  • tika a
    tika a 4 days ago +9

    Believe me, you dont want to live in the Victorian era...

  • Jun kurt Aquino
    Jun kurt Aquino 4 days ago +1

    I thinks thats cool compare to dressing up like in the 90's lol

  • Araki
    Araki 4 days ago

    I worked with Sarah a couple years ago through National History Day. She’s so incredibly kind, truly a joy to meet her.

  • Moist Tortillas
    Moist Tortillas 5 days ago

    No Phones!?


  • LuxKadafi
    LuxKadafi 5 days ago

    Whats up Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer LOL