Roger Goodell Has To Respond To NFL's Referee Issues

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
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Comments • 891

  • 64ohiostate
    64ohiostate 2 days ago

    Great topic. Refs are ruining the game. Obviously throwing games. But I'm about done with football because of people headhunting.

  • StevenSteven Steven
    StevenSteven Steven 14 days ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about Belichick lobbying the refs in the Cowboys game?? (Phantom tripping calls)

  • alex vwenz
    alex vwenz 20 days ago

    NFL refs are fucking garbage ass bums. You see it every single week.

  • Michael G
    Michael G 28 days ago

    What is the feedback from almost a month of football after this?

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez 28 days ago

    I love gene steratore give him al riverWRONG,s job

  • Yer Dunn BUD
    Yer Dunn BUD Month ago

    College Football doesn’t have a problem with their officials... but the NFL referees seem to be working for organized crime bosses...

  • Ephemis Priest
    Ephemis Priest Month ago

    Green Bay has benefited from the most penalty yards while having the sixth least yards against them. The only teams with less yards against them have played fewer games. Multiple opponents have had touchdowns taken from them and drives killed to help Green Bay.

  • Marc Boger
    Marc Boger Month ago

    I'm forced to watch the golf channel since football does not have rules that are enforced consistently. In both the NFL and college football the bad calls and no calls just ruin the game. Watching football is a waste of time especially in the last minute of the game when there is no call on a WR who just got raped. Refs are too scared to have a say in the outcome. Thanks, I feel better now

  • Luke Hewko
    Luke Hewko Month ago

    There was a moment in a game years ago that I can't remember where Tom Brady got hit very hard but was not definitive roughing the passer, Tom turns to the referee behind and appeals to him. 2 full seconds after the end of the play, the ref NODS at Tom almost to say "Yeah, I got you buddy!" and throws the flag. It was the most disgusting act of bias and favoritism I've ever seen in sports, and I've never seen a single other person talk about it.

  • James Parker
    James Parker Month ago

    NFL is rigged. All scripted. WWE

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings Month ago

    Alberto Riveron is a S T O O G E and a S E L L A H T!!

  • jonskowitz
    jonskowitz Month ago

    As deep as the NFLs pockets are it's shameful that they don't spend more than pennies on their officials.
    I don't understand the lack of a sky judge given the technology available.

  • O LR
    O LR Month ago

    NFL Is like Wrestling, refs are there to conduct the game, ie tuck rule and sooo many others

  • Jacob Rice
    Jacob Rice Month ago

    Not one single soul:

  • Boat Rockers
    Boat Rockers Month ago

    The referee crisis is manufactured. The refs are swaying games that profit the league financially. There can be no better proof of this than the Lions/Packers game on MNF a few weeks ago. Refs clearly threw flags in that game to favor Rodgers and the Pack.

  • Carbage Man
    Carbage Man Month ago

    The NFL's video review has always been astoundingly bad! The other leagues seem to have improved the officiating with it, and the NFL may have made it worse!

  • Gerald Wilfong
    Gerald Wilfong Month ago

    NFL is fix game I'm done watching the game it's so sad to miss. BS....

  • Christopher Church
    Christopher Church Month ago

    I don't see anything changing anytime soon

  • Obi1Classic
    Obi1Classic Month ago

    Would Goodell stepping in be amazing? Sure.
    Will he do it? Fuck no. You have a better chance betting on the Dolphins, Bengals, or Redskins winning the Super Bowl this year.

  • Michael Masi
    Michael Masi Month ago

    It's been said before, and it'll be said again: WE'RE HERE TO WATCH THE PLAYERS, NOT THE FUCKING REFS!

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Month ago

    the NFL is classified as "Sports Entertainment", thus allowing the owners to know the outcome as long as they dont gamble on it. the NFL is as real as the WWF or WWE

  • Max Steigauf
    Max Steigauf Month ago

    Well the reason there are so many penelties is bc of the cte shit its ridiculous

  • nick lamonica
    nick lamonica Month ago

    Clete blakemans a good ref 😂 one day before the MNF game where he fucked the lions

  • Vince C
    Vince C Month ago

    Ahem... Index card game 🙄

  • Mike Que
    Mike Que Month ago

    Can't wait for the XFL. Hope it's better. The refs and Goodell ruined the NFL for me

  • Doug Pearson
    Doug Pearson Month ago

    Dude nailed it! NFL refs are the worst!

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Month ago

    What a pathetic winer!

  • due whit
    due whit Month ago

    goddamn right its on purpose.

  • due whit
    due whit Month ago

    its simple. goodell's marketing plan is to dare you to change the channel...............(you cant look away?)

  • . . . 1or2there . . .

    this is the NOL: O = Oficiatng . . .

    AMERICA'S TEAM Month ago

    Fire these bastards. And they can start with al riverron

  • Scott Arivett
    Scott Arivett Month ago

    The way the Lions got jobbed in last week’s MNF game was the capper for me. If the NFL has issued a statement of any kind on it I haven’t been able to find it. The NCAA started suspending blatantly incompetent crews almost a decade ago (the conferences do it at their discretion) and the NFL problem is much much worse and they will not act on it in any way

  • The JD experiment
    The JD experiment Month ago

    Lets the fuckin guys play ball.

  • bob crandall
    bob crandall Month ago

    this all comes down to Roger Goodell it just that simple he in charge and reasonable for the ref not doing their jobs he needs to do something or what he normally dose nothing until it too late after last Monday night game it sickens me like the cowboys the lions also got rob by the refs

  • Tikka 300 WSM
    Tikka 300 WSM Month ago

    Goodwin for the 49ers got laid out and knocked out before the ball was thrown this week. Zero flags.

  • Charlie Marshall
    Charlie Marshall Month ago

    It happens in high school games too. I went to a high school game few weeks ago because my grandson was in the band and he wanted us to come hear him so we did. QB was running toward sideline so defender let him do it but then he cut back behind and picked up 10 to 15 more yards. Next time defender made sure he went out of bounds so he pushed him out went QB hit the ground ref pulls out flag calls personal foul and he gets the 15 anyway this happened 3 more times during the game. I understand player safety but you still have to let them play and make football plays otherwise you need to put flags around their waste or play 2 hand touch.

  • Nick Mac
    Nick Mac Month ago

    Fuck this weekend, the saints would have won the Super Bowl last year if it wasn’t for the worst non call I’ve seen in 40 years

  • p w
    p w Month ago

    Goodell has no back bone

  • vajleexi
    vajleexi Month ago

    Roger ain't gonna do jack-squat to fix some of the F-up penalty calls, because Roger is the fixer of these games himself. Asking Roger to fix it is like asking for it to rain doughnuts - IT AIN'T HAPPENING

  • Lance S
    Lance S Month ago +1

    Just need to get rid of football.
    The sport sucks because of ref's.
    When are people going to quit watching football?

  • M H
    M H Month ago

    It's a business. .....the out come must be controlled. In other words the fix is in.

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris Month ago +3

    "for entertainment purposes only" is printed on the back of every ticket which means the owners can dictate the outcome of games & it's all rigged | fixed🏉🇦🇺🐊🍻

  • Jake The Muss
    Jake The Muss Month ago

    The refs in many sports are getting worse nowadays, it's like they want the same limelight the players get.

  • Maximilion Pegasus
    Maximilion Pegasus Month ago

    Saints got screwed, chiefs got screwed, lions got screwed. Something needs to change.

  • nogaffin
    nogaffin Month ago +3

    The NFL is impossible to watch now with Ref's determining outcomes.

  • tj
    tj Month ago

    I called people that said NFL games were fixed crazy but after those trey flower calls iam not so sure anymore

  • Spurs nation
    Spurs nation Month ago

    Duh, I predicted this shit years ago!! The officials control the outcome of games not the players, the nfl sux and the officiating is awful, they need to let the players play, and throw less flags

  • ChevySilveRaider!
    ChevySilveRaider! Month ago

    Got to cover the spread $$

  • Jeff Vance
    Jeff Vance Month ago

    Superstar in the making. Loved him on the field might be better as TV personality.

  • Jeffrey Hillier
    Jeffrey Hillier Month ago

    officials are owned by the nfl and are told to do what they do control the game packers win tonight make that happen to the officials. you even kbow that

  • Jeffrey Hillier
    Jeffrey Hillier Month ago +2

    its rigged and has been for a long time and everyone knows it

  • GreenBayMike
    GreenBayMike Month ago

    I'm packers fan but nfl is a joke for awhile since 2006

  • hill monica
    hill monica Month ago

    The nfl is registered as an entertainment industry. It can do as it wishes with the refs. Goodell needs publicly beaten and fired then jailed. Many lives depend on this and its a mockery. Been going on for years, especially since billy coward was given a ring in 40. Refs need to be own entity and not controled by crime boos goodell, whom is krafts gay lover. 2020 SB. Cheaters over fudge packers. You saw it here first. Hope for shady to get run over by cement truck.

  • A. Wissner
    A. Wissner Month ago

    No joke I am actually working on a petition to keep the heat on pretty much blatant corrupt officiating from what I saw.

  • Able Sanchez
    Able Sanchez Month ago

    Goodell IS the problem! He must be removed!!!

  • Fawn Dyson
    Fawn Dyson Month ago

    Fine the refs man

  • joseph jenkins
    joseph jenkins Month ago +3

    The NFL is so freakin' crooked it's a farce.

  • tommy fasthorse
    tommy fasthorse Month ago

    Goodell:referees are humans too!

  • Stringfellow Hawk
    Stringfellow Hawk Month ago

    If you want to protest the referees, don't watch football games.

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason Month ago

    Respond, Crap, He needs to fire himself.