School Night Routine! *Rich Girl vs Normal Girl*

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Different types of girls have different school night routines. Especially when you compare a rich girl vs normal girl. Nights are crazy when you have to do homework, do chores and watch Netflix before bed. You can see and compare how these two girls get ready in the night before going to bed.
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  • April Urate
    April Urate 4 hours ago

    I sleep 10:30pm

  • Melissa Neuberger
    Melissa Neuberger 10 hours ago

    Can we meet cinnimons DAD?

  • Lizzy Playz
    Lizzy Playz 16 hours ago

    I kinda feel bad for cinnamon I feel like she only acts mean because she ha nobody that is really there for her because her dad is never there for her and also her mom and Ruhbarb doesn’t really seem to care for her she seems to only care about popularity

  • Fwareh Mjinga
    Fwareh Mjinga 18 hours ago

    The end tho 😂

  • Magical Unicorn
    Magical Unicorn 23 hours ago

    This is tootsie
    Тооtѕiе is eating 10 burgers
    And when tootsie is eating ten burgers
    Riya thinks shes a lil to fat
    And when riya thinks shes a lil to fat
    She tells her to workout
    And when she tells her to workout
    Tootsie doesnt care
    And when tootsie doesnt care
    She will weigh 160 lbs
    And when she weighs 160 lbs
    Tootsie starts working out every few hours
    And when tootsie starts working out every few hours
    She gets a six pack and gets skinny
    And when she gets a sickpack and gets skinny
    Riya is proud
    And when riya is proud
    She tells tootsie not to always eat junk food
    Never eat to many burgers! Always remember to eat twice or three times a day

  • gucci.quex123 Tioriwa

    Can I plz have a room tour pretty pretty plz

  • edgar Rodas
    edgar Rodas Day ago

    Why does cinnamon walk like that😂

  • Mildred Phiri
    Mildred Phiri Day ago

    Rich is coll

  • Anastasia Bubelich
    Anastasia Bubelich 2 days ago

    I am subscribing for Cineman

  • Tina Koussa
    Tina Koussa 2 days ago

    Sinamon shoul have like 3 maids

  • Angie Hernandez
    Angie Hernandez 2 days ago

    If your family talks Spanish
    If your Mexican Like
    If your family talks Spanish

  • Emelia Wallace
    Emelia Wallace 2 days ago

    Last digit of likes it which character you are

    1. Dan
    2. Riya
    3. Cinammon
    4. Ruhbarb
    5. Raja
    5. Agnes
    6. Chad
    7. Riyas mom
    8. Riyas dad
    9. Cinnamons dad

    And if 0 you are YOU cause you are perfect just the way you are!😃😃😃💞💞💞

    Edit. All of you are perfect just the way you are BTW 😃😃💞💞💞

  • Arianna Phillips
    Arianna Phillips 2 days ago

    I’m cinnamon 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Brooke Wiley
    Brooke Wiley 2 days ago

    I love your videos. I started watching your videos when I was 5

  • Angie Harney
    Angie Harney 2 days ago

    "Samosa with aloo" I laughed so hard

    By the way aloo means potato

  • lil Saucy Da Goat God

    man im just like cinnamon

  • Shamarcus Pinkins
    Shamarcus Pinkins 2 days ago


  • linhhue nguyen
    linhhue nguyen 3 days ago

    Yummy ice cream

  • mecar daral
    mecar daral 3 days ago +1

    my fav is Cinnamon and strawberry and tootsie im also cheer captain 👩🏽‍✈️ at my school and im the president in 4th grade
    and im the popular girl in school and i dont get dress codede living the life and i have a loui vitton wrong spelling but im mot triying to brag my life

  • yaneli zamudio
    yaneli zamudio 3 days ago +1


    • yaneli zamudio
      yaneli zamudio 2 days ago

      @Bella Gaming i mean i know its just that sorry

    • yaneli zamudio
      yaneli zamudio 2 days ago

      @Bella Gaming i kniw ita just its weird because i dont have asthma or anything.....

    • Bella Gaming
      Bella Gaming 3 days ago +1

      yaneli zamudio omg me to boi lol one time I went to PE class and I forgot my water bottle..

  • Ksielia Bohanny
    Ksielia Bohanny 3 days ago

    Love you guys

  • temmy zapien
    temmy zapien 3 days ago

    You guys should do a video dedicated to the cinnamons made

  • tavonga
    tavonga 3 days ago

    I. Love you. Gas

  • vicki mackenzie
    vicki mackenzie 3 days ago

    I hait sinimin l like ria

  • Nihad El mahroum
    Nihad El mahroum 3 days ago

    Dit doet me denken aan donya & daisy😂

  • Lucy Keen
    Lucy Keen 3 days ago

    My bully remands me of cinnamon

  • Ky Tabane
    Ky Tabane 4 days ago

    I have a question how do you make your house,s look diffrent

  • Amma Muhammed
    Amma Muhammed 4 days ago

    I go to bed by 4 or 5 am

  • Oli Marie
    Oli Marie 4 days ago +4

    you should make a video where cinnamon turns poor.

  • XxgalaxyqueenXx Williamson

    Where is Cinnamons mom?

  • Kani Kawaii gamer
    Kani Kawaii gamer 4 days ago

    No way I was watching and when tootsie said her grandma snores so loud it started to shake we had an earthquake and our house was shaking 😂

  • Puppy Penny
    Puppy Penny 4 days ago

    Love your videos ❤️💗💕

  • Vault 17
    Vault 17 4 days ago

    I know what samousas are

  • Tina Mowers
    Tina Mowers 4 days ago


  • beauna Koto
    beauna Koto 5 days ago +1

    Do you want Dan and Riya to make a video About cinnamon is mom

  • Rosee Roblox
    Rosee Roblox 5 days ago

    Omg I love Tootie’s folders

  • jalene Chetty
    jalene Chetty 5 days ago

    More of them

  • Daffodil Dreams
    Daffodil Dreams 6 days ago

    tootsie and ria are my favorite

  • Kylie HERE
    Kylie HERE 6 days ago

    8: 30

  • Elize Frianeza
    Elize Frianeza 6 days ago

    This is Rea

  • blah blah
    blah blah 6 days ago


  • Jordyn De La Rosa
    Jordyn De La Rosa 6 days ago +1

    At 8:15pm

  • Rianna Islam
    Rianna Islam 6 days ago

    Who’s house is that it’s so pretty

  • that lost girl
    that lost girl 6 days ago

    Sleep... What is sleep?

  • Shaulen Pascal
    Shaulen Pascal 6 days ago


  • Girl Hacks101
    Girl Hacks101 6 days ago

    Rhubarb sounds like marg Simpson

  • Saffy TT
    Saffy TT 6 days ago

    Where do you get the big house from . To film cinnamons
    Night routine

  • Jacqueline Ma
    Jacqueline Ma 7 days ago

    If she has so much LV bags then why does she use the same one every day?

  • Cinnamon cake
    Cinnamon cake 7 days ago

    guys u should make a vid where Cinnamon. spoils Riya and make her a cheerleader and rich

  • Anistonlooloo![ Coleman

    Love simin

  • Simron Oli
    Simron Oli 8 days ago

    Cinnamon is I think a gold digger, but not in real life, just in the school Vids👑

  • Dominique chambers
    Dominique chambers 8 days ago

    Um well weekdays 8 something on weekend I can go to bed whenever I want

  • Londona gabby Ashley


  • MIMIXD Hernandez
    MIMIXD Hernandez 8 days ago +1

    You know rhubarb is cinnamon maid too

  • Evitta Macapagal
    Evitta Macapagal 8 days ago

    I love riya and Dan and
    and rhubarb and strawberry
    and agnis

  • Michael Stubbs
    Michael Stubbs 8 days ago +4

    Hi can YOU please make when you guys go to the pool but with red hair gril PLEASE 😭

  • Rinengzuali nonoi
    Rinengzuali nonoi 8 days ago

    Can u jet a new house clean ner

  • GachaFreya GachaFreya

    You should do Rubab and agnis

  • Lisa Burns
    Lisa Burns 9 days ago

    Who’s night routine is better like cinnamon comment tootsie

  • Tiffany Cook
    Tiffany Cook 9 days ago

    Dan are you gay for real