Supply and Demand Practice

  • Published on Sep 13, 2017
  • If you need to practice supply and demand you came to the right place. In this videos I give a quick three minute overview of a competitive market and then give you eight practice questions. Your job is to figure how out how the demand, supply, price, and quantity will change. Be sure to pause the video and write down your answers then watch me explain the answers. Thank you for watching. Please let me know if this was helpful and leave a comment. Also, please subscribe. Thanks again. You rock!
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    What happens if the market ignores the demand for a product. Let's say no one wants to take the risk to produce something because the risk is too high because it is illegal to produce.

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    Great video! could you make a video about related, substitutes and complement goods when there is a shift of Supply or Demand?
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    Good day I need help with this question urgentThe demand function for product X is: Qd = 600 - 20Px + 0.02Y - 5Pr
    The supply function is: Qs = -300 + 10Px
    Qd = the quantity of X demanded
    Qs = the quantity of X supplied
    Px = the price of product X
    Y = the average consumer income
    Pr = the price of the related product R 1.1 Is product X a normal or an inferior good? Explain. 1.2 Are products X and R substitutes or complements? Explain. 1.3 If Y = R35 000 and Pr = R20, draw the precise demand curve for product X. 1.4 What are the equilibrium price and quantity? (Hint: use the information from Question 1.3 as well. 1.5 What happens to the equilibrium price and quantity if other aspects remain the same as in Question 1.4, but the price of product R rises to R23? 1.6. What happens to the equilibrium price and quantity if other aspects remain the same as in Question 1.4, but income increases to R38 000? 1.7 What are the equilibrium price and quantity if other aspects remain the same; the income and the price of the related product are at their original levels; and the supply curve shifts to Qs = -360 + 10Px?

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