• Published on Nov 14, 2016
  • I face off in a drone race + make my own drone - Enjoy! :D
    This is a paid advertorial!
    ● Watch Dogs 2 is out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - 15/11/16 - ubi.li/yp2p2
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Comments • 547

  • Alexis Sparring
    Alexis Sparring 8 months ago

    Mavic air unboxing plz

  • xSoduz YT
    xSoduz YT Year ago

    I was watching drl then it got as far as this a dedsec drone race with phantoms 😦

  • viperkiller lol
    viperkiller lol Year ago


  • Dronzee Fpv
    Dronzee Fpv Year ago

    syma x5c defo racer drone

  • XTRapid Z
    XTRapid Z 2 years ago

    Ali a if only u where better

  • Omar Abohasan
    Omar Abohasan 2 years ago


  • Kaela  Durbin
    Kaela Durbin 2 years ago

    Ali we are learning about and building drones in science class thanks to this program called 4h that got a grant for us to build drones it's soooooo cool!!!!!

  • Dan E
    Dan E 2 years ago

    I liked it when u all said let's go at the same time

  • WeDoGames
    WeDoGames 2 years ago

    That provided laughs

  • Mirammeribrahim12 Ibrahim

    Ali A is the best nothing can stop you am I right

  • Harry Cartwright
    Harry Cartwright 2 years ago


  • Dat_Boi_A
    Dat_Boi_A 2 years ago

    I need 125353563366262a44424245252525 subs
    but wait did u even read the number if u did u would have noticed there is a letter in it
    sub to me please

  • M Herbert
    M Herbert 2 years ago

    Hey Ali, next you should do an RC car FPV race, they are easier to drive and SO MUCH FUN!

  • VGbros300 Gaming
    VGbros300 Gaming 2 years ago


  • KillaSnipz
    KillaSnipz 2 years ago

    Dude that was awesome man

  • Stoofer Genie
    Stoofer Genie 2 years ago +1

    This is so funny do more if u can Ali A

  • Akmal Vlog
    Akmal Vlog 2 years ago

    Mr slowwwgoman thoo hahahaha jk

    YOKAI_XD 2 years ago

    song at 0.53?ill leave a bf4 account in the reply if someone tells

  • Yeppiti Yep
    Yeppiti Yep 2 years ago

    Wow I loved that hacking bit that would be so cool as a game just itself. You have to fly drones through gates and you can hack other players and objects now that would be an amazing game, Ubisoft get on it.

  • EDM Gaming
    EDM Gaming 2 years ago +1

    Ali A is life :)

  • Jacob Proctor
    Jacob Proctor 2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure we all know that Ali a has had a hair transplant, poor guy

  • World Movies
    World Movies 2 years ago

    Nice ali

  • Paul BROWN
    Paul BROWN 2 years ago


  • NuclearNova
    NuclearNova 2 years ago +1

    I have a jumping sumo and they are sweet but the jumper breaks easily

  • Bigchum 46
    Bigchum 46 2 years ago


    DIZZEL 2 years ago

    play more of zombies in space land

  • Jacob Longman
    Jacob Longman 2 years ago

    cause this is so related to watchdogs

  • Sundee
    Sundee 2 years ago

    Cracking to meet you for this shoot. Def need to get you some practice if this happens again :P Cheers for the laughs through out the day.
    Keep it up and see ya around!

  • Turtle Ditch
    Turtle Ditch 2 years ago +4

    man that last race with the hacks was sooo fake it was sooo cringy

    • Turtle Ditch
      Turtle Ditch 2 years ago

      The Majestic Tiger yea of course but their reactions were fake and all planned

    • Yeppiti Yep
      Yeppiti Yep 2 years ago +1

      Turtle Ditch of course it was fake they aren't hackers they just pressed a button and it did it for them. duh

  • Prayoga Bayu L.S
    Prayoga Bayu L.S 2 years ago

    song name at 0.51 please..

  • EagleYante
    EagleYante 2 years ago

    whats up guys, i follow ALIA sinds his first video's and i wil say he is born for making video's! i wanna say one thing and that is his hair cut back in the day it was HORRIBLE i'm glad he made that CHANGE LOL!!

  • Faymousfay
    Faymousfay 2 years ago

    Classic x

  • Wyatt Graff
    Wyatt Graff 2 years ago

    All i want for christmas is a racing drone and a monitor

  • Mack King
    Mack King 2 years ago

    LMFAO people do anything to promote a game, sad.

    • Yeppiti Yep
      Yeppiti Yep 2 years ago

      Mack King they just wanted to have fun it wasn't a 'big thing' or anything

  • Vion Films
    Vion Films 2 years ago

    Looks fun

  • SecNinja Views
    SecNinja Views 2 years ago

    What type of racing drone was ali using

  • Justin Joens
    Justin Joens 2 years ago

    these guys did a pretty good job for their 5th day, despite aperance.
    also, they should of have been given more time to practice for such a course too.

    SHADOWKING1017 2 years ago

    i just watched this show lastnight lol

  • Perfect Cell
    Perfect Cell 2 years ago

    omg Slogoman

  • Vialist
    Vialist 2 years ago

    No drones were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Alpha On Base
    Alpha On Base 2 years ago

    your the best

  • Zer0w0
    Zer0w0 2 years ago


  • Joel The mole
    Joel The mole 2 years ago

    that's sick

    TUR MATRIX 2 years ago

    subscribe to my channel UnusualAcer s

  • Some Duck
    Some Duck 2 years ago

    I hope he does a walkthrough and free roam game play!

  • Qazwell
    Qazwell 2 years ago

    I'll be so happy if I can get 50 subs

  • RaZor SniPes
    RaZor SniPes 2 years ago

    watch my videos and subscribe I'm the nest ali a

  • Gail Gulvin
    Gail Gulvin 2 years ago +1

    do a setup tour

  • Nightgem779
    Nightgem779 2 years ago

    RIP drones

  • Catrina Ford
    Catrina Ford 2 years ago

    play some gta 5😂😂😂 on Xbox 369

  • King . Clipz
    King . Clipz 2 years ago

    The editing was done amazingly well
    Congrats to you

  • Claire Lynas
    Claire Lynas 2 years ago


  • aron Smith
    aron Smith 2 years ago

    over the years I've witnessed Ali a channel earn numerous subs and it's keeps growing forward just like that hairline

  • Cooper Maujean
    Cooper Maujean 2 years ago

    Ali the hacker is just an advertisement for watch dogs 2

  • AndyBiz10
    AndyBiz10 2 years ago +14

    LMAO funny how so many people are hating on Ali because he probably got paid, bunch of sorry jealous people lol. Congrats Ali, bigger and better!If it was up to some people you would still be in your parents room making only cod videos. Keep up the great work.

  • Damian Pelaez
    Damian Pelaez 2 years ago


  • JohnnyPOTCO
    JohnnyPOTCO 2 years ago

    make a rainbow six siege vid

  • Damian Pelaez
    Damian Pelaez 2 years ago


  • Damian Pelaez
    Damian Pelaez 2 years ago


  • RayWalKay
    RayWalKay 2 years ago +6

    Giveaway on my channel -Thank you guys!

  • Inferno EV
    Inferno EV 2 years ago +1

    Been watching your videos for years. They keep on getting better and better. Keep up the good work.

  • F2500 Games
    F2500 Games 2 years ago

    Is that nighscape

  • Raul
    Raul 2 years ago

    wait that's not the arena

  • Blobby Flobby
    Blobby Flobby 2 years ago

    you are as bent as my pet frog .l.

  • Devil Angel
    Devil Angel 2 years ago

    Man watchdogs2 gonna b lit this year GG

  • 4our K
    4our K 2 years ago

    I want watch dogs so bad

  • Elliott Plays
    Elliott Plays 2 years ago

    yo guys i recently RESTARTED my channel! If you would take a moment to head on over to my channel and subscribe! BUT only if your going to be active :D Thanks!

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 2 years ago

    God you guys are terrible lol

  • BlahHa King
    BlahHa King 2 years ago

    Your definitely need to play Revelations Ali-A

  • iZylos
    iZylos 2 years ago +1

    As a dji phantom owner seeing them crash those other drones made my soul take a small hit each time :(

    • Sundee
      Sundee 2 years ago

      +R00KIET The claim is they did, I'm not sure if any of them really tried it. Going on the skills when they arrived, I'd say they had tried and broke it very quickly :)

    • R00KIET
      R00KIET 2 years ago

      +Sundee i thinked they got the kit 4 days before?

    • Sundee
      Sundee 2 years ago +1

      I can say, as the pilot in the video, they didn't have much practise before hand, and all practise was line of sight not FPV which is very different. for the first time trying it, they all did a great job. A few days wiht them and easy be able to do it I recon.

    • Kassenoid
      Kassenoid 2 years ago

      They had like no experience. They obviously didn't train for 4 days straight and that's why they used those cheap, crappy drones...

    • iZylos
      iZylos 2 years ago

      R00KIET Nice

  • Mandy Greenwood
    Mandy Greenwood 2 years ago

    I love drones

  • VortexBoy 400
    VortexBoy 400 2 years ago


  • GiffyYT
    GiffyYT 2 years ago


  • Will Taylor
    Will Taylor 2 years ago

    Great video Ali

  • Chill Bill
    Chill Bill 2 years ago

    amazing put up a lying video continues to lie he been hacked then gets rewarded for his lies. His sell out and whoring his soul carries on.

  • Conrad Geary
    Conrad Geary 2 years ago

    who are the other two?

  • Luka Dakovic
    Luka Dakovic 2 years ago

    omg Slogoman

  • UnrealGamer30
    UnrealGamer30 2 years ago

    profiling: R8 Enthusiast.. made my day 😂

  • Shazyar Soran
    Shazyar Soran 2 years ago

    Please upload a gta v online gameplay

  • Ravi Mistry
    Ravi Mistry 2 years ago

    Do destiny

  • The GamingG33zer
    The GamingG33zer 2 years ago


  • Stephen Harris
    Stephen Harris 2 years ago

    this game is still going to flop no matter how much you promote it

  • David MH
    David MH 2 years ago

    Kurdish gamer army

  • gummyrice
    gummyrice 2 years ago

    Can you play mw2 or mw3?????

  • Forgotten
    Forgotten 2 years ago

    2:14 Ali_a rages

  • bad man456
    bad man456 2 years ago

    can u make a cod ghosts vid riot shield

  • memes.with.clout
    memes.with.clout 2 years ago

    ali a 1:26 holding his lean sprite

  • Vensaw XRated
    Vensaw XRated 2 years ago

    ALI!! play cod ghosts again

  • nbraun
    nbraun 2 years ago

    Really wish that subtle QR code was worth scanning. All it was to was to was a website.

  • Kristian Key
    Kristian Key 2 years ago

    That was sick man

  • Ronnoc Gamer
    Ronnoc Gamer 2 years ago

    I ain't grown in ages on TVclip any tips plz

  • I Got Supplies
    I Got Supplies 2 years ago

    I think a have seen that girl on xvideos

  • Day-V
    Day-V 2 years ago

    Please give me a shoutout in your next video.

  • Haribow Gaming
    Haribow Gaming 2 years ago

    Alia Slogoman won the lazer one you did not even pass it

  • Bassab 01
    Bassab 01 2 years ago

    that was sooooo sick!

  • Abdul Munam
    Abdul Munam 2 years ago

    At 5:34 of video cameraman got busted poor lad

  • TheReal_Team_RN
    TheReal_Team_RN 2 years ago +57

    Like = Kissed by your crush
    Subscribe to me = No school for life !

    • Prayoga Bayu L.S
      Prayoga Bayu L.S 2 years ago

      song name at 0.51 please :^

      JAMIE OCALLAGHAN 2 years ago

      Roman Siraj you have a really good channel can you subscribe back to me

      JAMIE OCALLAGHAN 2 years ago

      zEricS You have a really good channel I subscribed can you subscribe back

    • Roman Siraj
      Roman Siraj 2 years ago

      zEricS I just want a hot girl to kiss me is that so hard? is there anyone out there? I wanna grab her butt too

  • Koppnik
    Koppnik 2 years ago

    some1 should make a drone racing game for vr

  • Alex27Solano
    Alex27Solano 2 years ago

    That girl kind of sounds like Clare Siobhan. Has anyone heard of her?