Build Shower Tank


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  • Bright Escandor
    Bright Escandor 14 hours ago

    Why do you have a phone while your life is like that :D.....Just Kidding

  • Patricia Francisco
    Patricia Francisco 18 hours ago


  • Tech With Acchu
    Tech With Acchu 20 hours ago

    what put in the water not a tank water small pond water please tell me

  • pontus laurell
    pontus laurell Day ago

    Cool idea, but why do you shower in dirty water. Defeats the purpuse of showering entirely..

  • Pixel Chibii
    Pixel Chibii Day ago

    If you think about it the mud probably has so much dry animal pee

  • Sabrina Villasanti


  • The Unknown, Watermelon - Slaying Wolf

    When you wake up feeling like let's build a shower tank

  • Lorenzo Paul
    Lorenzo Paul 2 days ago


  • Lee Rapley
    Lee Rapley 2 days ago

    you guys should do a over night stay at your village

  • Kitty Mittens
    Kitty Mittens 3 days ago

    This is the type of friendship I want to have, absolute understanding and teamwork without a word spoken

    JESUS IUTU 3 days ago

    200th like !!!

  • shubham anurag Tiwari


  • Chloe
    Chloe 4 days ago

    It's 2.11am. I dunno how I got here...

  • Coleman Bastrop
    Coleman Bastrop 5 days ago

    Does anyone know what rocks their putting in that water to make the water bubble like that? It can't just be hot rocks, cause it makes the water white.

  • panda is a bear right?

    How do you guys eat? Food

  • Freakin Moktan
    Freakin Moktan 5 days ago

    Hard work i love it

  • กูว่าแล้ว มึงต้องโดด


  • Sean Bermudez
    Sean Bermudez 6 days ago

    Ang gagaling nyo

  • Daniel Ametepee
    Daniel Ametepee 7 days ago

    What are you putting inside the water before missing the sun

  • Crazy White Tiger 47

    This is similar to minecraft

  • Anirudh Kuksal
    Anirudh Kuksal 8 days ago

    After bath they both will check from their secret wooden made iphone.. to see how many likes they have got....

  • Jievy Lance Jumawan
    Jievy Lance Jumawan 8 days ago

    Why do they boil the dirty water with red hot rocks? Ive been thinking bout this. 7:00

  • David Megaly
    David Megaly 9 days ago

    Build a water slide

  • Qondile King
    Qondile King 9 days ago

    don't drop the soap

  • antti F
    antti F 9 days ago

    a lot of work just to make a shower. isn't it just easier to just swim in the river/lake? anyways awesome job. looks like fun to make.

  • anas muhammad
    anas muhammad 9 days ago


  • mr commenter
    mr commenter 9 days ago +1

    Filipino here😃😄😃😄

  • mr commenter
    mr commenter 9 days ago +1

    Wow bro nice video

  • Blackbutterfly Breezy
    Blackbutterfly Breezy 10 days ago

    😈And what ass wipe didn't 'like' this video!?! Probably someone who's ancestors was taught by these same type of people on how to wash your stinkin ass!?!

  • Kenny Chong
    Kenny Chong 10 days ago

    Why didn’t they use mud to hold the pillers

  • Archelle Michelle
    Archelle Michelle 10 days ago

    amazing builders boys team ;)

  • fat biker eudra
    fat biker eudra 10 days ago

    mind power Accha hai

  • hfg hfg
    hfg hfg 10 days ago

    Shower with a dirty water

  • hfg hfg
    hfg hfg 10 days ago

    Next video build a ferriswheel lol

  • Jasm Kate
    Jasm Kate 10 days ago

    It's so amazing

  • Marwa Safi
    Marwa Safi 10 days ago


  • Flamingo
    Flamingo 10 days ago


  • Sunny Scott
    Sunny Scott 11 days ago

    You guys should get your own TV show, like instead of that shite bear grills living on the island with all the celebrities

  • Sid 95
    Sid 95 11 days ago

    hey what is in the mortar and how long did it take to build that

  • ZioSafta AR
    ZioSafta AR 11 days ago

    10:59 Whose voice is it

  • Samawade Haldoor
    Samawade Haldoor 11 days ago

    Are they too mach short men hahahaah

  • Thanh truyen truyền
    Thanh truyen truyền 11 days ago

    tao deo hiểu moi lan quan cao lam con me di bay

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper 11 days ago

    Hah Gay!!!

  • Kyla Lanzar
    Kyla Lanzar 11 days ago

    Gawapoha oy

  • Galaxy Gamers Fam
    Galaxy Gamers Fam 11 days ago +1

    Ok whose prepared to awnser where did they get a camera and internet from I mean wtf

  • Galaxy Gamers Fam
    Galaxy Gamers Fam 11 days ago +1

    Please make memes instead of making houses and stuff it really help in life bro

  • Dukinator T
    Dukinator T 11 days ago

    10:59 is that talking I hear?!

  • Method XII
    Method XII 11 days ago

    If these videos had slightly better camera work and narration they would be prime

  • Loretta Huff
    Loretta Huff 11 days ago

    You guys have did a good job

  • szurp hopkins
    szurp hopkins 11 days ago

    Where are they located to just be able to live like this?

  • Mayra Pinto
    Mayra Pinto 11 days ago

    q pobres

  • Kya Chandler
    Kya Chandler 11 days ago


  • Kya Chandler
    Kya Chandler 11 days ago


  • Laura Maria
    Laura Maria 12 days ago

    mais. que. legal

  • robert godfrey
    robert godfrey 12 days ago +1

    4:50 nahhhh i wouldn't trust someone to do that to me if I'm holding the tool

  • Patsy Catsy
    Patsy Catsy 12 days ago

    Walks out of the hut bent over, stands up and doesn't get any taller. Lol.

  • aldrin alonte
    aldrin alonte 12 days ago

    Hey boys if you ride a contes im shure you boys is win haha haha your the top1

  • จินดา อึม


  • yopperzone 0220
    yopperzone 0220 12 days ago

    If you were aloud I tool in a zombie opocolyps if I spelled it right what would it be mine would be these guys

  • yopperzone 0220
    yopperzone 0220 12 days ago

    If all these survival guys put there builds together they will have life made in the pirimitive life

  • Ngure Ndiritu
    Ngure Ndiritu 13 days ago

    There are crakcs in the house

  • Team Subscriber Subscriber

    Do they have computer made of dirt and a camera

    RIKITH REDDY 13 days ago


  • Mansion Samkala
    Mansion Samkala 13 days ago

    why you showering together?

  • Ikhsan Pramu
    Ikhsan Pramu 13 days ago

    they dont know tired

  • Pilar Benitez
    Pilar Benitez 13 days ago

    Soy la unica argentina aca😢

  • Srinu Badavath
    Srinu Badavath 14 days ago

    Super good idea

  • علاوي علاوي
    علاوي علاوي 14 days ago


  • aryosetyo GT
    aryosetyo GT 14 days ago

    Uuu very primitive

  • It's Novas
    It's Novas 14 days ago

    Anyone know what the rocks are that they put in the water that makes it bubble and what not? If so what do they do?

  • yannis gouras
    yannis gouras 14 days ago

    Have these guys heard of saws axes or shovels? Yes they had those in primitive times

  • Edwin Patricio Corona
    Edwin Patricio Corona 15 days ago

    Yo these guys are gonna get rich from

  • Artiko Fasino
    Artiko Fasino 15 days ago

    How do they get these camera,TVclip acc,Net,And net range in this fking forest

  • Millie Gamez
    Millie Gamez 15 days ago

    *a voice*

  • SnowPDB The Great
    SnowPDB The Great 15 days ago

    Great, builders. I need u for me house

  • My fortnite wins and fails

    make a lookout tower!

  • YESHUA 2.0 Sarilan
    YESHUA 2.0 Sarilan 15 days ago

    How they get a camera? ????

  • Moldy Muffin
    Moldy Muffin 15 days ago

    We could make a religion out of th-

  • Toronto416
    Toronto416 16 days ago

    It got weird when dude reached over and started to help a grown ass man take a shower! 😳

  • ashlie tanner
    ashlie tanner 16 days ago


  • Edgar coverzz
    Edgar coverzz 16 days ago

    When they gonna invent sunscreen?

  • Atomoshark
    Atomoshark 16 days ago

    Nice creation

  • yunicor landia
    yunicor landia 16 days ago


  • iMixMaSteR1
    iMixMaSteR1 16 days ago

    A little sus at the end showering together

  • Christ Julius
    Christ Julius 17 days ago

    All of my woodworks I am making with woodprix. Google and try it.

  • the wonderful Barbie world

    Intelligent mans

  • Roma Invincta
    Roma Invincta 17 days ago

    Man... I’ve been watching too many gay romances

  • CakeProDuckShins
    CakeProDuckShins 17 days ago

    Is it me or did these dudes get haircuts

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 17 days ago

    whats that stuff they lut in the water?

    MEH MEMEZ 2 18 days ago

    Bacon these people are genius

  • trinidad rass
    trinidad rass 18 days ago

    What's that white thing 7:15

  • Carol Andrade
    Carol Andrade 18 days ago

    Me encantan sus bideos son muy creatibos

  • kim Sokhom
    kim Sokhom 18 days ago


  • Birger Müller
    Birger Müller 18 days ago +1

    One day, when a strong sun eruption or a super vulcano will destroy the illusion of what we call civilization - then these guys and their knowledge will be in high demand. People who only learned how to operate a cell-phone will die in the billions.

  • primitive man
    primitive man 18 days ago

    Nice video

  • Kdawg vlogs
    Kdawg vlogs 18 days ago

    u are so talented

  • Marlen Vassallo
    Marlen Vassallo 18 days ago

    I bought plans from woodprix and I made it very fast.

  • A .G
    A .G 18 days ago +1

    CAr wood

  • Ekdct Vlad
    Ekdct Vlad 18 days ago

    ok now make soap from the paperplants..

  • YouTube5000
    YouTube5000 18 days ago +11

    Everything was cool except when the dudes started showering together. I was like hopefully they don’t go back in their little bunker and start a different kind of video.

    • Poke mo
      Poke mo Day ago

      TVclip5000 what

    • FBI
      FBI 12 days ago +5

      TVclip5000 ok stfu u dumb ass kid it’s how they live