Build Shower Tank


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  • 柴秀秋
    柴秀秋 2 days ago

  • Aftha girli
    Aftha girli 2 days ago

    You, you, and you stupit..

    SUNIL GUPTA 3 days ago

    very good video

  • Kevin Kpodo-Tay
    Kevin Kpodo-Tay 3 days ago


  • Shiva Awasthi
    Shiva Awasthi 3 days ago

    they both showering together XD

  • Ruba Rouf
    Ruba Rouf 3 days ago

    Make some type of bucket so u guys can carry more water at a time. 😊

  • Hirak Deka
    Hirak Deka 4 days ago


  • 王锄飞
    王锄飞 4 days ago


  • Alex Nqbor
    Alex Nqbor 4 days ago


  • Anthony Mcguire
    Anthony Mcguire 5 days ago

    Bro how many houses these dudes have?

  • ZA ZA
    ZA ZA 7 days ago

    I build stuff like that it's really awesome one time I built an underground tunnel so awesome just like you guys you guys this video are soooooooooooooooooooo I can't wait to watch your new amazing videos amazing by the way I'm Sloan it's just my sister signed into it no but I'm serious your videos are so amazing you guys post stuff like a very very deep tunnel please thank you your shower that you built was amazing I can't wait to build stuff like that when I'm older can you guys please give me a shout out because I never got a shout out before I love you guys you guys are the best almost the best TVclip actually you guys are the best TVcliprs

  • Bryan Bernal
    Bryan Bernal 8 days ago

    Don’t drop the soap 😂

  • Sillymillysanchez
    Sillymillysanchez 9 days ago

    If they were on naked and afraid they would be like what’s next

  • El Mundo De lá Viih
    El Mundo De lá Viih 10 days ago

    soh quem é br vai curtir esse comentario

  • samad Ajaz
    samad Ajaz 10 days ago

    bhai easahi video bhejte raha kro

  • كرار الملكي
    كرار الملكي 10 days ago

    شي مثير

  • Ace Lyn Flores
    Ace Lyn Flores 10 days ago

    WOW I'M SO IMPRESSED BY THE WAY THEY ARE WORKING TOGETHER!😢😿AND where I'm from (Philippines)there lots of homeless people so they had hands and hearts to work together!🤷🖑🖐and strength💪👭👬👫and friendship or working together!

  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian 11 days ago


  • Awais Khan Yousafzi
    Awais Khan Yousafzi 12 days ago


  • taak
    taak 13 days ago

    Why was the water boiled for the mud this time?

  • John Alvino
    John Alvino 13 days ago


  • Human
    Human 15 days ago


  • Gerald Soriano
    Gerald Soriano 15 days ago

    what did they put in the water? to make cement?

  • Super Karney
    Super Karney 17 days ago

    Like als je ook Nederlands bent

  • Tin Tin
    Tin Tin 18 days ago

    Amazing but actually I don't want to shower

  • Tanisha Ali
    Tanisha Ali 19 days ago

    How do you get fukin WiFi in the shit woods?

  • Arnisha Noor
    Arnisha Noor 20 days ago

    What’s that fizzy thing you added in the water? :)

  • S Mez
    S Mez 20 days ago +1

    Super cool

  • Indra Setiawan
    Indra Setiawan 20 days ago

    Mantap mhanx

  • sankgamerXX
    sankgamerXX 20 days ago


  • Barbara Stenz
    Barbara Stenz 21 day ago


  • Barbara Stenz
    Barbara Stenz 21 day ago

    BALANCE A+ A+ A+ A+

  • Barbara Stenz
    Barbara Stenz 21 day ago

    Climbing skills A+
    Not being scared A+
    Bulding skills A+

  • Word Wordsworth
    Word Wordsworth 21 day ago

    Guys How about a lookout TreeHouse ?

  • Hippo Master
    Hippo Master 21 day ago

    Where is this at???

  • Саша Мельник


  • Macen K
    Macen K 23 days ago

    Shower with your friend simulator

  • Ricardo Brito
    Ricardo Brito 24 days ago

    What is that thing that they put in the water ?

  • Frida Cat lover
    Frida Cat lover 24 days ago

    At least they don't have to stick like h**l

  • Joweswizz
    Joweswizz 24 days ago

    10:57 listen closely you can hear one of them say wait...

  • murad murad
    murad murad 26 days ago

    What is that stone he but in the water

  • German shepherd
    German shepherd 26 days ago

    You'd need a shower after you hump all that water to the shower.

  • Ant Nate Zay Bro goats


  • Shawn Paul
    Shawn Paul 26 days ago

    6:23 a look out tower lol 😂

  • Crazy Gi
    Crazy Gi 27 days ago

    Are you brothers?

  • Karen Santos
    Karen Santos 27 days ago

    Why do people dislike this ?

  • jasa nta
    jasa nta 27 days ago

    What is that stone like put in water??

  • Джамиля А
    Джамиля А 29 days ago

    Заливать воду так -это не дело,конечно же

  • Milena 07
    Milena 07 Month ago

    Can You show us how your day is?

  • I'm am The one
    I'm am The one Month ago

    At 8:11 beware headphone users

  • R7Gameplay _
    R7Gameplay _ Month ago

    Légua o video

  • Mary Gailey
    Mary Gailey Month ago

    Where's the soap

  • Marsel Music
    Marsel Music Month ago +1

    *sees normal building vid by PST*
    _"woah cool"_
    *sees **0:04** - **0:12*

    I really enjoy all this vids guys keep it up!

  • ClasiX Stars
    ClasiX Stars Month ago

    They find bamboo all the time?

  • ticrojin !
    ticrojin ! Month ago

    Where's your shampo

  • Jocelyn Leggett
    Jocelyn Leggett Month ago

    Honestly, how could ppl dislike vids like these. I love when they make pools and little houses. They must be really unhappy or they're city ppl and don't like Mother Nature.Thas tuff

  • สิทธิเดช cab


  • Леруня Леруньчик

    вы кутые

  • ProFB
    ProFB Month ago

    This is my favorite channel

  • Sabrina Kaminaga
    Sabrina Kaminaga Month ago

    They are really creative

  • Aplrel 55
    Aplrel 55 Month ago

    what are thoes tools that they are using

  • Jessica Chimezie
    Jessica Chimezie Month ago

    I heard one of them say wait that's amazing

  • LeRoi Rodriguez Jr.

    I love your videos. Keep it up fellas.

  • Giovana Placoná
    Giovana Placoná Month ago

    felinos ou caninos

  • Yuuk1
    Yuuk1 Month ago

    What did they use in 06:52?

  • ArghadipDasCEO ™
    ArghadipDasCEO ™ Month ago

    Which shampoo and conditioner do you use?

  • Mtbker
    Mtbker Month ago

    I’m watching two grown men taking a shower, what am I doing here?😂

  • Draxx Daito
    Draxx Daito Month ago


  • Night Bot
    Night Bot Month ago

    This the best duo since dr lupo and ninja.

  • Alcides Pereira
    Alcides Pereira Month ago

    Br ??

  • Юсуф Маткаримов


  • Virgie Esc
    Virgie Esc Month ago

    I am so touch I see their reaction there seems like tired

  • Yamil Medina A.R.G
    Yamil Medina A.R.G Month ago


  • lllSteph M lll
    lllSteph M lll Month ago

    One day that forest will become a town then into a city then into a state then into a country :OO wow

  • Jovial Njinyi
    Jovial Njinyi Month ago

    12:30 If you can’t wash my back like that... then I don’t want you😂😂

  • Donna Karakatsani
    Donna Karakatsani Month ago

    well now i mean there videos are awsome and they skip through stuff so they get help when they skip some parts from friends or family and then they use some other stuff when they skip but when they are in action they put away all the tools

  • kitty christen
    kitty christen Month ago

    When do they eat??

  • H B
    H B Month ago

    now these are men!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marina De Carlo
    Marina De Carlo Month ago

    what's that on 7:00?

  • Amanda Linda
    Amanda Linda Month ago

    Quem duvida que esses caras são engenheiros ?! São demais!

  • Noam de roo
    Noam de roo Month ago

    Love this channel

  • Dynel Matvia
    Dynel Matvia Month ago

    These guys should be on American Ninja warrior

  • jp tecson
    jp tecson Month ago +1

    Yestereday you build a 🦆 🏡 and 🏊‍♂️ 💩 🏊‍♀️ for 🐓 am i right

  • Blinded Doge
    Blinded Doge Month ago

    How do they have a camera and live like this

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes Month ago

    What are those rocks that made the water fizzy

  • meredith siew ching

    4.30 ?

  • PJsucker97 Alanbro
    PJsucker97 Alanbro Month ago


  • Jack Box
    Jack Box Month ago

    lol you have a very fogiving HOA

  • Lucas Bollinger
    Lucas Bollinger Month ago

    I heard u talk at 11.00

  • zomgseriosuly
    zomgseriosuly Month ago

    This is insanely remarkable. Next, I want a video of them showering together and making out

  • zomgseriosuly
    zomgseriosuly Month ago

    4:21 dude on the right is hot as fuck

  • zomgseriosuly
    zomgseriosuly Month ago

    OMG this may be their most creative, innovative and interestingly useful video yet

  • master25
    master25 Month ago

    what kind of stone they put in the water

  • Mouad Meziani
    Mouad Meziani Month ago

    Did you guys hear wait at 10:59

  • Jackmi Hoff
    Jackmi Hoff Month ago

    I could also be a deer stand with just the bamboo around the top

  • A volcano under snow